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16-The Bible's Longest Prophecy

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 5, 2013
    7:00 PM


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working the sixtieth UN the Bible alone is prophecy hopefully then translated the world longest sermon but we looking world the Bible longest prophecy returning it back to the prophetic books and before we with previous meetings without you look at the sanctuary its structure and its services and we noted that all of the things the sanctuary outlined in type either have been or are being fulfilled by Jesus Christ right now the lab of course represents Jesus when he came to this earth as a human being to bear our sins to live the life we should have lived and died a death we should have lived that should have died on the cross then that shed blood of course was transferred by a priest in the type and of course Jesus went to heaven to be appraised and took it into the heavenly court where we can't go by faith we put our trust in him and he's our intercessor the court got and then there was that most holy place ministry that day of atonement experience it was typified in the Old Testament and I believe Jesus is currently doing now nowhere do we come up with that in Scripture that Jesus who was once the land then was the priest is now acting in the position of a high priest in the most holy place how do we find that in the Scripture and is that what the Scripture truly teaches left over to look at tonight in the Bible 's longest prophecy but before we get started we always need to begin my father thank you so much for you have promised to give wisdom where we lack in knowledge and understanding the habit by now Lord we ask tonight for that promise to be made true in our presence that you would speak to us clearly from your word and help there not only be listening the Lord help in the understanding we want to know you more so teaches tonight directly from your work refrain Jesus let's go to ask chapter two page two seventy two in your pew Bible asked chapter of acts chapter seventeen the page ten seventy two act seventeen in your pew Bible the first book after the four Gospels making it the fifth book in the New Testament act seventeen verse thirty one nine oh when Jesus came he explained that now is the judgment of this world be further explained what he meant now the ruler of this world will be cast out when Jesus died on the cross there was a judgment of the war of this world in the sense that its ruler was cast out a second time like he had been in heaven books over and over what you find in the Scriptures are people who are living and writing after Jesus died on the cross after Calvary still looking forward to a day of judgment apparently there is a day of judgment it is not just back across where Satan was cast up but forward in the future accept the seventeenth verse thirty one is one of those passages that is because he has appointed a day on which he what's the next word will judge the world in righteousness by home by the man whom he has ordained that is Jesus Christ he is given as assurance of this to all by raising him from the dead so the fact that Jesus is risen from the dead according to this author is evidence enough to believe that he has gone to do at work and that the work will include a day of judgment in the future again very clearly he has appointed a day in which he will judge us go back to Ecclesiastes now page six seventy four would be all over the Bible of the beginning here and there were several down in the book of Daniel but preludes of that it could yes these chapter twelve page six forty seven in your pew Bible records this is an Old Testament passage we see how it works though seamlessly with the New Testament testimony Ecclesiastes chapter twelve verse fourteen the very last thing it says Lévesque was used back the thirteenth the very last words of Ecclesiastes twelve at the entire book says let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter everything in the book of Ecclesiastes leave that to these two verses of these is pretty important first let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter fear God and keep his commandments for this is man's all really everything that you do and what is the Internet of love the Lord respect and honor him and keep his commandments which again is replete ubiquitous in Scripture if you love me keep my commandments this is the whole duty of man very clearly fear God and keep his commands for this is menthol for first fourteen God will bring every work into what judgment including every secret thing whether good or evil is not just the judgment of this world can conduct where they can see your actions you know if you were to go before judge for doing the crime rate of the big or small whatever it is they have to have some sort of evidence right external that dozens of an outward manifestation of your criminal behavior you had to been clocked with a writer that it actually caught doing a thing but there is stuff that's going on on the inside of us that I can see you no earthly court judge you on but apparently God 's judgment is deeper than mere externals apparently he goes into every secret thing in verse fourteen God will bring every work into judgment including every secret thing that no one else could possibly seen whether good or evil so he looks forward to this future work in the legal back New Testament New Testament Romans chapter two page ten eighty six nuclear Bible it seems that the apostle Paul in perfect harmony with the author of Ecclesiastes there looks still forward and again this was after Jesus died on the cross he's still looking forward to this day of judgment that was spoken of in the Old Testament Romans chapter two in verse sixteen in the day and whatever he is doing here talk about because includes a sentence in the day when God will judge the Guinness future tense for the judgment even after Christ that died on the cross in the day when God will judge the what secrets of men by whom describes according to my gospel according to the gospel that Paul preaches this is the Polaroid Romans Paul's gospel was not just what Jesus did on the cross but also included the judgment Jesus would do in the future okay that clear according to my gospel he says there is this day coming the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ so there is a judgment conducted by God Jesus Christ will be the club with the eggs executor of that judgment it will be in the future and you'll be judging the secretly this harmonizes beautifully with Ecclesiastes in fact look at Revelation chapter twenty two when Jesus comes again this page ten ninety in your pew Bible very last page of the Bible preachers eleven ninety is the okay typo there but without you found the very last page the Bible relationship and twenty two verses eleven and twelve Jesus says definitively behold I am coming how quickly and my reward is what Ellen is asking that you set on coming quickly and when I do my reward will be with me has the Lord when he returns already determined what the reward will be yes he's coming sorry bringing the report he doesn't say behold I am coming quickly to determine your reward apparently when he returns he's coming to dole out the reward the punishment that whatever the good or bad thing that you cup and when we seen this over and over Matthew chapter but it's Matthew chapter twenty five Jesus is speaking of his own return is when the Son of Man comes he will divide the left of the right the sheep and goats started than determine he says in my reward is with me to give to every man according to his what has the Lord already judged our works before he returns to the earth yes so notice the sequence of the gospel seems to point out that even after Jesus died on the cross the authors were looking forward to a judgment by Jesus it would bring every secret work into judgment so apparently there's a judgment that occurred after the cross but happens before he returns a there's a judgment after the cross and before he returns after the cross it was the future when he returns it's all done so somewhere in the middle which by the way happens to be the time in which we living were in some way are we not somewhere between the first and second coming of Jesus we can argue that where along a spectrum yarn I believe I will make a pretty clear as well but clearly we are in this talk and between the first coming in for the second coming when Jesus is judging the world currently that's what he's doing so let's see this played out in proper sequence it was actually lined up in that sequence Daniel chapter seven and we covered Daniel chapter seven before three page eight sixty four UK Bible Daniel chapter seven soldiers review the highlights because I know it's been a few nights as we look to prophecy but I want to review the same sequence of events was patently clear in your mind under Chapter seven in verse three Daniel has the stream and he says and for great what beasts came up from where the each different from the other and of course the Denver seventeen what is the interpretation thing those great beasts which are floor are or what things withdraw arise out of your day so here we have these four great things and we understand from Daniel to already that were talked about four consecutive contiguous kingdoms Babylon then the diversion and grease was the fourth one role same sequence data to same sequence data set in fact let's go through here now and see it step by step in Daniel chapter seven because didn't find what did Daniel know that there were four kingdoms already before you begin in the tradition of interceptor seven addendum chapter to make that clear right with the image in the head of gold just not very clear about wanting to burn the throat so that's the basic but Daniel chapter seven makes it more explicitly clear the first four member this note the first was like a lion it had Eagles wings I want those wings were plucked off and this was lifted up from the earth and mix them up to be like a man in a man's heart was given to it very clear that the representation of Babylon now universe five breakdown verse by verse and suddenly another beast the second like a bear it was raised up on one side it had three ribs in its mouth between its teeth and they sent us to arise devour much flesh so the kingdom immediately after Babylon was the Persian Nelly November six after this I looked and there was another like a leopard which had on its back for wings of a bird and beast also had four heads and dominion was given to it this again is a reference as it wasn't in chapter two to grace Avalon Beta version grace now over seven the fourth beast now before we get there let's remember what we saw Daniel to Daniel to had at one media Persia Greece Rome Rome had to phases to stages of existence right first it was just the legs of iron one single thing one single material but then it towards the feet and toes it does what divides in his next between iron and clay right so you have two faces you have that Imperial Rome with one singular into the end and you have divided Rome that divides politically to ten section the arty knew about that were to see that reflected their new chapter seven but working to get more detail about the time of the toes which was Daniel 's big interesting verse seven after this I saw the night visions and behold a fourth beast dreadful and terrible exceedingly strong it had a huge iron teeth there is a direct tie back to Daniel to it was devouring breaking in pieces and trampling the residue with its feet it was different from all the other beasts that were before it and it had ten more three Stephen leaf even within forms verse eight all that by the way up to thirty seven in everything he learned in a chapter to verse eight is new information for Dan at seven I was considering the horns and there was what another more introduces a new character in new kingdom amongst the other ten others considering the point that there was another one a little one coming up among them before whom three of the first ones were plucked up by the roots and bear in this one would be I like the iPhone man and a mouth speaking pompous words okay CC Alameda Persia Greece Rome and now you have rolled in now at least three different phases Imperial Rome then divided Rome political realm and you have spiritual role make the other one for Missy from the interpretation that the antichrist power now what's the next thing he fees in verse nine I watched till Corollas were put in place in ancient of days was seated his garment was white as snow in the hair of his head was white with was like pure wool his throne with the fiery flame its wheels of burning fire a fiery stream issued and came forth from before him and thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand and ten thousand stood before him and this is crucial to see vocalist was seated court was seated in the books were opened this is a scene in a courtroom scene or scenes of judgment a very clear from the chronology from the sequence where it happens that one meter bridge agrees Roman Imperial Rome divided and during the time of the little Lord of Rome within this transpires this courtroom scene takes place in a now we go on to verse eleven I watched then so we still in chronological sequence divided Rome Lord judgment seat in heaven and the next thing you see it is a little horn doing something else again I watched men because of the sound of the pompous words with the horn was speaking so there's a judgment in heaven and the next thing you see that there's a little more to get a so we have the Lord before the judgment the judgment in the title phase of the little horn spouting off once again to get to the rest of the tension and then when we see goes on I watched till its body so the beast was slain the courses still be stability beast has been mentioned as robust as the fourth and final stage no and its body destroyed and given to the burning flame by the way how is this little horn antichrist power of Rome what destroys it burning flame leave your finger right there and Daniel chapter seven and go back the second Thessalonians in the New Testament second Thessalonians page eleven thirty eight second Thessalonians page eleven thirty eight ago Chapter want to start and notice how this is so clearly harmonizes with the apostle Paul counseled about the antichrist power in chapter two of second Thessalonians Verdi start with verse one now brethren concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ are gathering to him so again what is his topic the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ we ask you not to be soon shaken in mind are troubled neither by spirit or by word or by letter as if from us as though the David Christ to come were not living in the time to do nothing right now it has not already happened is not imminent what it is a difficult it would let no one deceive you by any means but that day will not come unless the falling away comes first and the man of sin is revealed the son of perdition who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped that he sits as God of the temple of God showing himself that he is God there's been a be a great bunch of apostasy but it is apostasy to be feminine pastas the summit in poser imposter and of course he goes on to explain verse I do not remember that I was was used was still with you I told you these things and now you know what is restraining this seems to be a reference to Imperial Rome for this at the time that Paul is living is he living in a time of Rome just on the first phase of it not that final phase and now you know it is restraining that he maybe be revealed in his own time to apparently there was a time when the antichrist power to be revealed and all things not well but it's already churning but there's a time when it will be fully manifest is looking forward to it for the mystery of lawlessness is already at work only he will now restrains will do so until he is taken away and noticed this oversight and when the lawlessness law lesson one will be revealed in reference to this little horn antichrist whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with what rightness of his house with little more empowered Antichrist power be destroyed according to possible by the coming of the Lord apparently it's going to exist if it is already in the world now but there's a secular how does the civil power restraining its full maturity and development but when that's removed and is fully revealed apparently there's a time for it to be revealed it will continue until Jesus returns which is exactly what Daniel shows and again verse eight and the law will be revealed whom the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming back again kept seven I wanted to point out how Daniels chronology of events starting you can even start with the fourth empire of pure Rome been divided into ten kingdoms roam then the other spiritual kingdom the little horn power would come up then there would be a judgment heaven the little horn would say some stuff one last time and then be destroyed with fire is the exact same sequence but all outlines and second Thessalonians about the same power because they're talking about the same things of course they harmonized of course they make sense together and of course the last thing in Daniel chapter seven verse thirteen I was watching in the night visions and behold one like the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven if he thought here comes the return of Jesus will not point he came to where the ancient of days of Jesus comes into this judgment right where the king and the ancient of days is opening the books and records seated and they brought him near before him and to him was given dominion and glory and a what kingdom is Jesus going to receive a kingdom after the judgment yes it but the judgment comes first then comes the kingdom might want to get busy with patently clear judgment first then the kingdom density and was given a Kenyan glory in it I have been in a glory to kingdom that all peoples nations and languages should serve him as the meaning is ever many which shall not pass away and his kingdom one which shall not be destroyed so patently clear there is a sequence that concludes with Christ's return and is establishing the kingdom but who constitutes the citizenship of that kingdom has been determined that judgment beforehand as the judgment comes first so when he returns to set up the kingdom he can dole out the rewards within because it's already been determined let's continue on in the interpretation page eight sixty five appearing of chapter seven in the interpretation follows the start of verse twenty three speaking the interpretation of the fourth beast pussy said the fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom on the earth which shall be different from all other kingdoms it shall devour the whole earth trampling and breaking in pieces so you talk about the sport be the notice he goes right through the use phases of it the ten horns are ten kings which shall arise from this kingdom symposium the time when it's just the kingdom itself then you have a time when the ten ones come out from this kingdom and another shall rise after them see that the kingdom and the divided in the tinhorn 's kingdom and in the phase of the kingdom with a little hornet and shall subdue three kings he shall speak pompous words against the most high shall persecute the saints of the most high shall intend to change times of law then the same shall be given into his hand and noticed that just like all at a certain point in time for a time times and half a time but what is the conclusion after the time times and half a time which we've already study began in five thirty eight A.D. when the secular power the civil power of Rome and overrule through the religious power prone to the Bishop of Rome to run the Roman Empire in five thirty eight eighty until seventeen ninety eight A.D. when the papacy was under attack by the French Revolution general birthday walked into the Holy See takes a poke literally from the throne taken in exile he dies in France basically completely wiping feet out from under the papacy 's powers exactly one thousand two hundred and sixty years later after they were given civil power of civil power was taken away now notice this at the time times and have fun but the court shall be stated so we would expect to see this courtroom judgment seems sometime after seventeen ninety eight after this time times and half a time the court shall be seated and they shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it forever then the kingdom and dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms of the eleven shall be given to the people of the Saints of the most high his kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and all dominions shall serve and obey him so repeatedly we see the same sequence that there's been a be Imperial Rome divided into ten parts Rome the little word antichrist papal power Rome who will have a time times and half a time it was one thousand two hundred sixty years of rule that will be followed by a judgment in heaven and then only after that judgment is completed this Christ return to have his kingdom established to bring his reward with him then in chapter seven what did Daniel chapter to think of this by the way verse twenty eight this is the end of the account as for me Daniel my thoughts greatly troubled me in my countenance changed I kept the matter in my heart there's a couple things I won't even notice the the Daniel chapters two and seven before we get into Daniel chapter eight both Daniel Sue and Daniel seven though they use different symbols one uses the image the sequential parts of statute the other uses beasts okay coming up in the order but both have some very striking similarities I than both outlined four kingdoms the last one having multiple phases to its they both start with Babylon and in with Jesus second coming in setting up his eternal kingdom rights of the above book in the same way same timeframe that were dealing with so it covers the same territory just uses different language to explain it and in Daniel chapter seven it adds to things in Daniel chapter two did not talk about one at this little horn power after the ten horns of Rome after school on power and secondly it adds this judgment scene in heaven but it concludes with Jesus returned in setting up his kingdom just as Daniel to do so it gives additional information on file the divided phase of Rome namely that it would be the antichrist power and that its power would be taken away by the judgment of God it would be a limited thing this is important sequence to keep as we go to Daniel chapter eight because you find in chapter eight though it has some similarities it has been pretty important differences from the previous two prophetic chapters let's go to Daniel chapter eight then in chapter eight will just start with verse one awaiting familiar with the prophecy in the third year of the reign of King Bell Shatzer so noticed this is not Nebuchadnezzar on the throne and that was the same thing by the way for Daniel chapter seven Daniel didn't receive any visions directly with the recorded at least during the time of Nebuchadnezzar but so is Bell shelter gets on the throne agenda chapter seven of the first year belt to other than long been in the third year of the catheter after eight a vision appeared to me to meet annual but not anybody else in the directly after the one that had appeared to me the first time so which one is he talking about Daniel chapter seven was his very first vision right now two years later now yet another one I saw in the nation and it so happened while I was looking bit I was at the Shushan The Citadel which is in the province of the woman I saw the in the vision that I was by the river who live then I lifted my eyes and saw there standing beside the river was around which had to hold and the two horns were high but one was higher than the other and the higher one came up last a Phillies ease visa getting started releasing Scotland beats the right and you are he had the first vision and interpreted the other one easy and he's probably expecting okay receive frequency or but notice that this one does not start with bowel this one does not start with Babylon it starts with Medo Persian how do we know its papers while forget of interpretation which by the way gives the hoping ways says that one that you purchased but will be given to you before we get there at dentist for two the representation of Medo Persia with the chest and arms right you have two parts the arms there one is more dominant the other in my case it's my left hand for the recipe is probably right hand but whatever anyway in this Daniel chapter seven vision the reference for the representation for Medo Persia was a bear but what was the bear all about it was raised up on one side right at it was lopsided to have a strong side of the weeks that and here in Daniel chapter eight he starts off the vision not with the represent vision of Babylon but with the representation of the kingdom that has to want or to stop kingdoms in it one being stronger than the other in fact they leave the stronger one comes up last interestingly Google Google could Daniel Daniel lives through the transition from Babylon to me to Persia he does in the first two games of Medo Persia are means but the Persians in the up in the long run being a much stronger kingdom far away the stronger empire and as soon as Cyrus gets on the throne if Persians ruling Medo Persia from then on out in fact it drops the medial part part part afterwards and just becomes the Persian Empire it starts off with this combination of media Persia and the need to get on the phone first but once the Persians take off what they does go in going go until the time comes when it's just referred to as version three now that's what he opens January the first of her first porn star Daniel eight I saw the ramp pushing westward northward and southward so it must be coming from the east of East Pershing West North and South so that no animal could withstand him nor was there any bacon delivered from the fans but he did according to his will and became what that word great first-line and as I was considered includes watching this thing thinking about it suddenly a male goat came from nowhere now the other was coming from the East this was coming from the West there apparently on a collision course it describes the next one across the surface of the whole earth without touching the ground by the way of your computer going across the surface of the earth but Brown what are you doing flying right without touching the ground and the goat had a notable one between his eyes in Daniel chapter seven just like we had a lopsided bear represent me to Persia and here we have a ram which you warns represent me to present also we had a flying creature that remember the leopard beast with the wings and local is whole thing was it was flying these here we have a flying beast again coming directly acts on a collision course with the previous piece which represents me person now verse six the then he came to the random had two horns which I have seen standing before the river and ran at him with the area 's power and I saw him confounding the RAM he was moving with rage against the others are confronting the ramp is within the range against the attacker ran and broke his to warn there was no power in the RAND withstand him but he cast them down to the ground and trampled him and there was no one that could deliver the RAM from his soul in the rent money when the goat comes in he's not plan around is not making deals and treaties he's coming in quickly hard and fast destroy the and shot levels the RAM takes office warned tramples the rest of the hoping is done and take the right and none of this therefore the male Grove goat grew notices important very what noticed you to see if an establishment of a sequence you have the first one became great the next one becomes very great keep that in mind for Satan therefore the mail program very great but when he becomes strong the large one was broken and his place in place of it for notable ones came up with the interesting thing this apparently no beast comes in here and smack this one but the notable horn that first came breaks and in its place up spring up for other boards of course after battle of the version attribute of Persia comes Greece and that notable horn who so quickly in just massively spread Greek power around the world are than the known world was Alexander the great edit a very young age after you conquer the known world he dives not embattled but definitive teen dies and is dying back this up with history no problem at all he turns over his kingdom to his four generals basically saying me the strongest went well the problem with that is they didn't start think they stop fighting their enemies a sort of fighting each other right basically his death his deathbed wish Internet being the final limits of his kingdom they started fighting each other now we continue on and out of one of them came a month the next thing a little horn verse nine let's make sure altogether and out of one of them came a white little more which grew exceedingly great a so we have that one another that wants I'm not that one we have need of urgent grace and what power we expect to see next role and this time he references it the whole thing as this morn more now I believe he's emphasizing something by referring to it a little more regarding the little one before and first night out of one of them came a little one which grew exceedingly great sonatas we have a very clear sequence of great very great and now we have exceedingly great which grew exceedingly towards the south east and towards the glorious land and it grew up to the host of heaven now notice it's going not just horizontally on the earth but it has a spiritual component to the host of heaven in a cast down some of the hostess of a start ground and trampled on them she even exalted himself as high as the Prince of the host course is Jesus Christ seeming to fulfill exactly what second Thessalonians talk about there's one coming you will sit in the temple of God and make himself God Daniel C this means is unfounded he can believe it and by him the daily again sacrifices in addition here were taken away in the place of his sanctuary was cast down interesting it makes reference to the sanctuary is little more is going to war against because of transgression army was given over to the horn to oppose the Daley and sacrifices in addition they are but any half-truths to the ground he did all this and prosper then I heard a holy one speaking and another holy one said that certain one who is speaking how long will the vision the concerning the daily daily sacrifices and the transcript transgression of desolation the giving of both the sanctuary is a reference the sanctuary and the host to be trampled underfoot and he said to me for two thousand three hundred days then the sanctuary shall be Clinton's now as we saw in our study the other night there was only one day of the year when the Saint you are yourself but Clinton cleans out right if the day of atonement when the high priest were going to the most holy place and you have this special family yes it would be a daily sacrifice of the regular animal like a lamb right RAM but there'd also be a goats involved in the service yes one for the Lord and one is the scapegoats you have a daily and you have the yearly and you have two animals of all of land around the end of the interestingly enough what are the two animals used in this prophecy ran an adult nothing is Daniel chapter seven the animals involved were all while they're fairly ferocious creditors right now the lion in the bear in a leopard in this terrible nondescript dragons beef thing out of them would be clean to eat and certainly would be clean used for sacrifice but in Daniel chapter eight feces around which would be used particularly be used in the daily service many see the goats the goat is used in the yearly service and he makes reference to the century several times and specifically the closing of the sanctuary seems to be looking forward to this judgment now this judgment had been introduced in Daniel chapter seven and now in Daniel chapter eight it seems to become more and more the focus of your call in Daniel chapter seven when Rome was introduced it was the horse and inhibits it was iron legs and invited within those standards after seven it starts as the entire and they get divided to ten with a beast you know it ten horns and it has the Lord and the Lord is the one who makes war against the saints and all these terrible things here in Daniel chapter a it talks about Rome in its entirety as a little more focusing on the spiritual aspect to try trampled beat the Saints of God and bring download his sanctuary interest so let's go to our working out now the code that we had under the interpretation yet very but this will be important when something is done without human hands well the fact you what let's just do this is his duty interpretation was in the University Wiley Daniel did not understand what you think are scripting that happened when I Daniel had seen the vision it was seeking the meaning so we didn't understand he was trying to think about it seeking it out suddenly there stood before me one having the appearance of a man I heard a man's voice between the base of the line who call instead Gabriel make this man understand the vision who is this man standing there with Daniel Gabriel Gabriel was sent to give this man is understanding so he came near where I stood and when he came I was afraid and fell on my face but he said to me understand Son of Man that the vision refers to the time of what so the purpose of this vision is not to talk about the time of the present like Babylon or even in your present like me to Persia and Greece all that sets the table for the time of the what and he said this vision the whole purpose is concerning the time of the in which is exactly when you expect the sanctuary to be Glenn Wright this vision refers to the time of the end now Sony says that the common down to Daniel 's been pretty freaked out first eighteen now as he was speaking with me I was in a deep sleep with my face to the ground but he touched me and stood me up right and he said look I am making known to you what shall happen in the latter time of the indignation for the appointed time began shall be no Daniel chapter seven there is already an appointed time for the little horn to do its thing to have its powered habits time of influence reign of terror what is said to be at the appointed time begin to shall be verse twenty he starts breaking down the vision for you so much most distinctly quickly than I did but verse twenty the ram which you saw having to do once they are the kings of what medium version I lay member he still living in the town of Babylon they didn't let the sinking from it is that I live in exiting the condoms can become a nation of the Medes and Persians media Persia that's what's going on next letter on around here talk about O king live reveries like trust me is not that is like I know I can separate students at seven I know right he names a new version verse twenty one and a male goat is the kingdom of what great he is living in Babylon and he needs me to version and grace before they happen the large one that is between his eyes is the first king which is Alexander the great okay weekly and civil Zocor and the broken horn and the four that's that as for the broken one of the for the Stebbins place working to ensure right out of that nation but not with this power and in the latter time of their kingdom when the transgression of reach their fullest eighteen shall arrive I know transition into Rome is specifically looking at papal Rome and again at these the is a dangerous rate fierce features who understands sinister schemes this power shall be mighty but not by his own power will does little to sinister scheming thing have his own power to execute his will know you'll be strong but on the back of other people 's power right so it's good to be a church entity but it's good to use the states of those other nations around it to be its enforcers he shall destroy fearfully and shall prosper and thrive and shall destroy the mighty people and also the holy people through his cunning he shall cause the seat to prosper under his rule and he shall exalt himself in his where heart and this is very much like Satan 's representative on the earth right that's exactly what Satan did this what Paul says in second Thessalonians what if the price will do will try to think of himself as God shall exalt himself in his heart he destroyed shall destroy many in their prosperity he shall even rise against the Prince of princes which is Jesus Christ himself but he shall be broken now this is key what is going to finally bring this little horn power it just says he shall be broken without what human hands without an felicity but if you get to be a war conversely wore a military power that comes in and finally ends this character no we party started from Daniel chapter seven and second Thessalonians chapter two what finally destroys the little one power Christ coming right by the way anytime you see without human hands it's always a reference to something in heaven always for the keeper chapter eight versus wanted to we looked at it we don't have time to look at it now be looking up later he's at the point of what we are saying is this is the we do have such a high priest who serves at the at the true tabernacle the one the Lord erected and not man right without human hands the Lords it up to the heavenly sanctuary heavenly tabernacle would you deserve that and we know that we couldn't and didn't make it it was made without human hands is using thing in Daniel chapter two number how was the stone cut out it was going to come in and smashed the statue without human hands it even comes from heavens is not from Missouri son of Mister and apparently the destruction of this little one power will be the same as that stone was cut out without human hands is not to be another earthly power that does this thing it could be a supernatural power namely the Lord himself now the sanctuary emphasis we've already talked about this we don't really need to repeat that but notice against Daniel chapter eight verse eleven the place of his sanctuary was cast down verse thirteen how long will division be concerning the daily sacrifices in the transgression of desolation beginning about the sanctuary and the host be trampled underfoot verse fourteen two thousand three hundred days then that sanctuary shall be Clinton's and again we see this that everything in this sanctuary points forward to Christ in his ministry in some aspect the Lamb priest going into the place you can see like heaven ministering our behalf and finally going into the most holy place to cleanse the sanctuary every step is a ministry that Jesus has already come and live in the camp and lived a sinless life right yes he has already sacrificed himself on the cross is not as our substitute yes well basically that he is arisen into heaven amen Inc. he is the priest that all the types pointed to in his as yet have something better to offer namely his own blood we take his blood but he offered any offers the before the Lord he ever lives to make intercession for us that means that if every type is been fulfilled in Christ that is one last one will all be fulfilled in Christ so now that most holy place work of David Tallman of the day of judgment would be fulfilled in Christ I believe that's what the gospel right I mean that the Bible authors were pointing to is that there is a day coming when the Lord will judge by his man Jesus Christ every secret thing and when Jesus returns when he's done with that he says my reward is with me so that varies clear sequence in Daniel two Daniel seven and now we seen in Daniel chapter eight Daniel chapter eight of course does not emphasize battle infected and you mentioned that one skins Pasadena Persia Greece and really the highlight tape I mean Imperial Roman divided Rome it centers right on the papal aspect of Rome and specifically the counter that the heavenly judgments the cleansing of the sanctuary level in his power and of course we saw the scapegoat represents Satan altogether the bad thing will interest power now Daniel chapter eight in his in a way that is dissatisfying to the reader Jim if if all we had was Daniel chapters one through eight we would be sincerely upper Creek for interpreting the end of chapter eight because watch what happens to those we've added one more element now we've got this twenty three hundred days then shall the sanctuary because so we have a time frame to look forward to the beginning of this day of atonement verse twenty six many the inter- rotation starts to talk about that twenty three hundred a prophecy and the vision of the evening and morning which was told is true is the Lord to tell a falsehood course not even in twenty that thing about the evening the morning for twenty three hundred days until the things was cleansed and what about that that's true to okay now tell me would win the car but now look at the next thing therefore seal division Fort refers to many days in the future that thing about the twenty three hundred days to happen when does it start when can I start countdown like that is like no wonder my just roll it up seal it up don't work it for a long time in the future the problem with Daniel 's response by the way to this interpretation and I Daniel what fainted you brought me all the way here to limited to be this great judgment day this day of atonement the real thing when Jesus to begin that work in heaven and I know to begin with some twenty three hundred eight something but when does it start selling the latest and you leave me here I Daniel fainted and was sick for days afterwards I arose and went about the king 's business picked himself up with better leg of the ghetto back to work I was astonished by the vision this is key but no one what Dave's epic immediately and he's not even visit the heartbeats of miserable values like them no problem on the version reason Rome by the thinking of Jesus comes no problem then in chapter seven it's very worrisome is that this will horde power it is critical after the priest that the saints of the most high and if the win for a certain amount of time but in the end he's sick about it but you notice it starts with the starting point where he has been in his with Jesus coming it recently are I guess Lord noticed that there's two things are different but this was very important number one it doesn't begin with Avalon will come back tomorrow and say why but it's probably not the reason you've heard if you've heard any reason is probably wrong about that doesn't begin with Babylon and more importantly it doesn't end with Jesus coming it just holds out on this sanctuary being cleansed in the twenty three hundred days it has no idea when those begin any half with a start I'm so confused about any sense of feeling up if true don't worry about this for a long time from now roll it up see what you're done and Daniel things and he admits at the end of this unlike he has done within a two or seven that no one under the Daniel chapter eight is not in the cleanly it is very frustrating manner system nights I'm going to give you just a tiny tiny tiny tiny taste of what it must've been like to be Daniel I'm not going to tell you when the twenty three hundred days commences or when it ends a window day of judgment begins in heaven and that's will be like to be Daniel you can put yourself in issues for just a little bit course we had had a chapter nine it will look at tomorrow night with you have at this point in going to be clear the Lord says is true what we see here is a recapitulation recovering the same ground as the previous properties and it brings us arrive at this twenty three hundred days when the things where we cleanse it leaves us hanging Daniel didn't understand it and right now you may not understand it but when we come back tomorrow night or go to understand the make sense okay I know that some heavier stuff and were getting deeper but it starts on a basic framework images add more detail in more detail every every time as a nice presentation been clear least clear enough to get you confused right to left the goal is to clarify all the way through your just as confused as Daniel so will come back tomorrow night and get the clarity from but before we go for WordPress father in heaven thank you so much for your word think it is challenging think it is not just so cut-and-paste there was no thought involved whatsoever Lord you want us to think you say and let us reason together so what we want to know what your word says as we come back tomorrow night will give us the understanding that Daniel laughed when he received his vision and help us to see for ourselves that your word is true it is trustworthy that we have a high priest rose right now cleansing the heavenly sanctuary of sin would help each one of us are faith in him separate ourselves this world and the next trading is a media was brought in by audio errors in a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more and he would like to know more about our universe as Moore asserted in www. audio tours .org


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