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18-The Antichrist's Accomplice

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 8, 2013
    7:00 PM


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please take a working number eighteen be antichrist 's accomplice of course an accomplice is someone who helps a bad guy right drives to get away a car something the accomplice is the friend when the helper the assistant to the bad guy criminal and that's exactly what were going to discover tonight we spent a good amount of time and Daniel looking very clearly at this sequence of world events from Babylon Beta version grease and enrollment in multiple phases recall that yes Rome start up of Imperial Rome all one solid iron Empire vision moves divides independent and Daniel to its toes and Daniel seven it's boring but recommends to divide independent smaller kingdoms but still divided Rome then you have this cool little more for the antichrist power and for one thousand two hundred and sixty years from five thirty eight eighty to seventeen ninety eight eighty at its time of influence and is basically a reign of terror was commonly known out the dark ages where it was in control of that territory of Rome persecuting saints think to change the times of law all the different things it describes but then after seventeen ninety eight did you see this judgment seen it happen like this on Daniel chapter seven where the court was seated in the books were opened the ancient of days took his seat and we saw from Daniel chapter eight that would occur in the year eighteen forty four that would begin you put Daniel eight Daniel nine together and you have this great longest time property the Bible to culminate their with the beginning of Christ's most holy place ministry work but then you go back and you find that the little horn will have one last gasp of breath in one one last stand if you will do him this time because the little horn is going to continue to exist until it destroyed by what event the second coming of Jesus void by the brightness of his coming second Thessalonians chapter two says and that's exactly what we thought and the chronology of Daniel chapter seven one oh issue tonight it is not just basically were to continue the Bible continues to get more and more detail as we closer and closer to begin the time just like in Daniel chapter two you just saw the two phases of Rome no spiritual power mention whatsoever of the dance at the seven comes along and expands that understanding easy authors for phrases that can be subdivided even more what were the fine now is that during this last phase of the Lord that he doesn't work alone that the antichrist has been a cop 's estimates message the antichrists accomplished before we dive into that study was begin her career heavily father thank you so much for being a God who reveals your truth to us reveals your word and what we want to understand it so we asked the same Holy Spirit who inspired these holy men of old to write down these passages we will read that same Holy Spirit would now ripen in our minds clearly in language we can understand in more than just online sport inscribe it on the fleshy tables of our heart so we know you know about you but we can learn to love you and put our trust in you and look forward to soon come we prayed in Jesus name amen now let's go to Revelation chapter thirteen we have not done much with the book of Revelation yet but now working to transition their Revelation chapter thirteen and you might think why are we going to dive right in the middle of the book Revelation chapter thirteen welcomes that's where we are and I want to demonstrate that to you from the Bible itself Revelation chapter thirteen the sea exactly where we are and that in the timeline I just throughout your goodness see Revelation pics thirteen picks up right where we were talking a revolution of the thirteen end verse one I stood on the sand of the sea of this is of course not Daniel writing who's the author of the book of Revelation John a then I stood on the sand of the sea sounds very familiar looking out of the seat and I saw a beast rise up out of the sea now that sounds very similar to what you got Daniel experiencing standing looking out of the sea but instead of seeing ABC saw four beats to write a sequence of bees the line of they are a leopard in this terrible dragon like geeks right theories even if those in the scene I saw a beast rising up from the sea having seven heads and ten horns and on his horns ten crowns and on his heads a blasphemous name now the beast which I saw was like a leopard his feet were like the freedom of bear and his mouth like the mouth of a lion the dragon gave him his power is thrown and great authority let's break down what we see here John steady on the sand of the sea looking stand looking out over the seat he sees a beast rising up and he describes it all the different attributes it has again back in verse one it describes and having seven heads and ten horns and on his head ten crowns and on his heads blasphemous name then verse two gives you a more detailed the beast was like a leopard so that his body was like a leopard but it wasn't just a left this is being like the feet of a what Blair and his mouth would like to know life is like as the melt phase of a lion the body of a leopard it got there the AR feet you know that could be the next use that it could be that the beast with bare feet right now the vehicle upright the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority that now impaired that he will leave your fingers revelation thirteen can be home-based for us tonight okay we're going back and forth to Daniel and Revelation because Daniel and Revelation do that they overlap they compliment each other beautifully I believe is not an accident I believe the Lord put that in the Scripture so that we would see clearly is leaving Daniel chapter seven notice the similarities we see the similarity will you see the differences and then see how they resolved beautifully Daniel chapter seven starting with verse two Daniel spoke saying I saw in my vision by night and behold the four winds of heaven were stirring up the great what see and four great beasts came up from the sea each different from the other the first was like a lion and Eagle 's wings I want those wings were blocked off and it was looking up from the earth the biggest and own two feet like a man in a man's heart was given to it and suddenly on another beast secondly to bear it raised up on one side had three ribs is now between the teeth and they sent us to devour might arise devour much flesh it out doing this I looked and there was another like a leopard which had on his back for wings of a bird of babies also had four heads and dominion was given to you starting to see some similarity is right and some differences but tobacco worksheet up first of all John and Daniel are both watching beasts this is your film of blank beasts rise from what seat by the way that you can also see reference to this revelation chapter seventeen there's a woman who is writing on the many waters okay over many water seek this idea of this recent power these beasts floral or singular in John's case are coming up out of the sea but there's a big difference John sees one of these comprised of various parts of Daniels for the review notice the parts represented in the book of revelation on this one Beasley John sees are just happen to be the exact same types of animals that we saw in Daniel 's beasts just each one was one animal in John's if one animal is comprised of all of Daniels animals parts that make sense to some what'll you notice yet again look at the beast of Daniel seven riddled short here the first thing you see the line and by the way that doesn't mention how many heads that has you just assume it's a normal life right you don't give to it extra head right I don't if I said it my wife that has our dog battle think really how many of that right she would look at me weird and we have to have a long talk or something but you look at you talk about an animal in you assume it has all the normal parts and less otherwise stated right simple principle the event and what so the lion he sees in it does mention having any extra heads used to have how many heads one make the same thing with the bear there is nothing to talk about it was lopsided you know that about it but it doesn't mention anything about heads it has one had the leopard however it does mention some you have four it has four cents this is terrible please becomes not it also has one head but it also has ten horns then you foresee the little boy that speaks pompous words that's the sequence of events in Daniel chapter seven now in general in Revelation thirteen compare that John sees a single beast but it's comprised of a leopard spotting with the Bears feeds an alliance now I want you to notice this how would layout John McDaniel sees lion that was walked out lion fair leopard beast terrible beats right shot on another hand sees a beast with a leopard body with the feet of a bear in the mouth of a lion he notices lien there leopard beast to render the other way these leopard bear lion is rerecorded second fumble that much but you get the idea that they are looking at the exact same sequence of events just from two different perspectives Daniel was living in the time of which of those four beasts the lion of Babylon right into everything else is coming up there wasn't another one yet is still future it's another kingdom to come in after that would be another kingdom and then there'd be that fourth kingdom so he is looking at it from perspective of future history if you can say such a thing things yet to have occurred and he is Babylon Meetup version grease roll but what Empire is John living in Rome including the Roman Empire you think it would be to come you see the compile Asian all the beef and have been fulfilled in fact it even go down to the what's the if you add up all the heads and horns from Daniel chapters seven and one for the line one for the bear or leopard in the terrible beast you all of a sudden you have seven heads and on that terrible beast it had ten horns then you go back of course Revelation thirteen this singular beast just happened to have seven heads and ten boards makes it very clear that what Daniel saw unfolded in the future John sees the identical thing just from the opposite perspective all compiled now as a fulfillment of the pond which is living right does that make sense a good good good if you said no word that's the trouble for the rest the night invited with so there's now what Daniel had what we go through Daniel to Daniel seven Daniel Akin Daniel nine John comes along to see that all in one pile so he's not going to be reviewing what happened with Babylon new version agrees and even Imperial Rome is any focusing on that in the time section where Daniel had been focused on right and the more explanation was given there is where John takes the baton up and goes from there now let's see if there's more evidence that the little horn power that culminates Mayor Daniels innovative is exactly what John is talking about see there's a seamless transition back to the book of Revelation chapter thirteen Revelation chapter thirteen again affinity home base for us tonight to keep a pen and it finger their relationship with thirteen and really good on a verse five he was given a mouth speaking great things and what blasphemies and he was given authority to continue for forty two months I think that Daniel chapter seven sees a little more it only has two human attributes back to attributes of any kind into qualities characteristics what would those two things eyes and a will was he doing with a mouth speaking pompous words boastful words and of course it was given a time time after time or one thousand two hundred and sixty years rule now we go back to revelations at the thirteen verse five and he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and he was given authority to continue for forty two months and lo and behold wouldn't you know it but forty two months prophetic is identical to time times and half a time prophetic they both in reality equal one thousand two hundred and sixty years it is patently clear from Scripture that the antichrist power that Danny was looking so far in the future to John is saying I'm living in a time of Imperial Rome and that's the next thing coming like this culmination beast the PCs is exactly where Daniel had seen this whole sequence leading up to or both focus now on the little horn power of what was Daniel seven and eight is now Revelation thirteen okay this is the same power the antichrist power that was looked looking back in Danny we saw and now we see again the book of Revelation in fact with no back to Daniel chapter seventy can really flip back and forth Daniel chapter seven chapter seven verse twenty five it describes the activities of this little one power you shall speak pompous words against now against whom was I felt when the little one was speaking great things is that just like the greatest on the earth and the greatest that ever been on the greatest kingdom the greatest warrior W think I will be like God by the way who is the one who originally started this whole wanting to be like God business Lucifer so whenever we find the dragon gave him his authority into this is the same character the same mindset the same thinking is infusing this earthly power as his heavenly counterpart if you will be antichrist is simply Satan 's representative on the earth where Jesus Christ is God the father 's representative on the earth one demonstrates the character of Christ that any one is Christ the very son of God okay I can readily identify the seven verse twenty five and he shall speak pompous words against the most high and what else shall be view shall persecute you the saints of the most high shall intend to change times and law than estate shall be given into his hand for a time times and half a time let's go back and see this down Revelation chapter thirteen again relationship and thirteen verse six then he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God to blaspheme his name tabernacle and those who dwell in heaven and it was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them and authority was given him over every tribe Tom and nation saying the power that is being spoken about in both places now back to Daniel Chapter seven I noticed little annoying when you flip back and forth but I want you to see the puppies to come together like a zipper they come together as one Daniel chapter 's seventy Chapter seven verse ten because he recalled a little more and has Rome Howard has several courses started just one singular Empire Imperial Rome it divides independent kingdom divided Rome and out of that comes this little more than we can talk about downloading think the change the laws that persecute the saints the most high on another one thousand two hundred sixty years and of course something happens in heaven this sanctuary is Clinton's right the day of atonement 's day of judgment occurs during a chapter seven notice what happens here verse twenty one I was watching in the same horn was making war against the saints and prevailing against them until the ancient of days came and a judgment was made in favor of the saints of the most high and the time came for the Saints to the kingdom and will go back in fact verse ten on startup person after Jesus items are dispersed and the picture of the throne room judgment scene in heaven readily Daniel seven percent a fiery stream became an issue for before him a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the court was seated in the books were opened a the very next thing he sees verse eleven I want then because of the sound of what pompous words which the little horn was speaking I watched till the beast was slain and its body destroyed and given to the burning flames so you notice a very clear sequence Imperial Rome divided Rome little more for one thousand two hundred sixty years then this heavenly judgment and then he's got to speak similar there is the final phase during and after this judgment when will run all the landfill destroyed with the brightness of his coming to his body given the points of the beast of Rome finally destroyed now let's see if we see that in Daniel that's all we know by the way is apparently as good a speaker 's mouth again about what what what we find in Revelation is not only repeating the same thing now enlarging of this particular section that during this time after seventeen ninety eight after he is time of unpleasant habit on the other persecution that the revived antichrist power has an accomplice someone's been help them out is not mentioned in the book of Daniel was made explicitly clear in the book of Revelation so back Revelation thirteen our home base for the night since your relationship with thirteen again will disturb the first one to give the context that I stood on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns on his horns ten crowns and on his heads a blasphemous name again were speaking is making reference to be antichrist power that would think you back to Daniel and bring you up to speed now first two movies which I felt like a leopard his feet were like a fever bared his mouth was like the mouth of the drag outline the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority and then verse three says and I saw one of his heads as if it had been what mortally wounded so fairly strong last focus on the big but I had a time it was run off it received a mortal wound will kind of wound is a mortal wound one that will tell you this to death right the deadly wound one of its ever street I felt him had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was what the other unallotted characters the Bible who receive a deadly will alone that kills you and then it's healed come back to management is an interesting parallel envoy to the world like that in all the world marveled and followed the beast so they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast and they worshiped the beast saying cool is like the beast who is able to make war with the beast so we see in Revelation chapter thirteen are repeating were to go to the next item or worksheet no a repeating of what we saw in Daniel chapter seven but just as we saw Daniel dismisses talk two seven eight nine you see the same basic framework but you would expand human large and you give more detail on the more pertinent in time events and you don't ever get more detail that Babylon be Persia Greece it really helped advocate enrollment starts getting more and more extensive in its interpretation and closer and closer you get to the end for this type of judgment and the return of Jesus he gets more and more explicit until revelation comes long takes the baton of this I got it from here except the same place it left off and everything in revelation chapter thirteen at least the first ten verses of Revelation chapter thirteen speaks of the same thing that Daniel would seem that it's focusing on this time of its after its mortal wound has been healed Daniel only makes a slight reference to it saying after the judgment I looked and there were still pompous words coming out of his mouth after it's time was up it was speaking again Revelation takes that in for I will reference it expands on the bus we find the antichrist accomplice starting in verse eleven says here then I saw what to say next on the other piece that web-based spoof are consistently above the books of Daniel and Revelation always refers to an earthly power and nation or kingdom some sort of empire right and now receive another one this was not mentioned in Daniel Leslie visits a little on power button now we find another piece first eleven then I saw another beast coming up out of the where I thought all the beast and out of the city where does this would come from your pay so little bit different comes from a different place and he had two horns like a lamb and spoke like a dragon of this is a very interesting passage very interesting pass now but let's break down what we just read in fact goes on to say what he says it arises from the earth enough to see that what's the big deal about that what everything we seems upon both Daniel and Revelation all the sequence of powers from Babylon media Persia Greece Rome and the provider of all it's coming out of the same source that seat revelation fix right back up on the Revelation thirteen I was then examined to sort out out of the scene outcomes this beast is the beast from the sea is the first thing you see which is the Antichrist our event on the other piece comes up it is not from the the beast from the earth the beef and avoid what difference does it make the Bible handling of tells us what ACC represents lookover revelation chapter seventeen just for chapters to the right relationship or seventeen and NEC a reference to this antichrist power notably at Revelation chapter seventeen if this ends your woman this harlot as the Scripture calls that the Babylon but notice the description here in verse one of Revelation seventeen then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and talked with me saying to me I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many what waters in the same entity against the police many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and inhabited the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication so we carried me away in the Spirit in the wilderness and I saw a woman and of course is Bible prophecy of a woman always represents the church thank you sitting on a scarlet beast which was full of names of blasphemy having seven heads and ten horns have ever seen this beast comes out of the speed with seven heads and ten one yes if the antichrist power once again I going repeating things this is a method of instruction you see in Daniel we take one idea in any repeated give more detail repeat do more to get the same methods happens in the book of Revelation same thing again for sport the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations of the filters of her fornication and honor for it was the name written mystery Babylon the great but mother of parliaments by the way what does it tell us about her daughters they are harlots as well right the abominations of the earth fascinating when Apple message about this the focus is more but if you notice here this woman is apparently the mother of many children who are also harlots and she's committed fornication with the kings of the earth you have a woman who is apparently unfaithful has had children and they come off like a chip off the old block and their harlots as well right from the fornication interesting intimacy another woman Revelation was also with child but a whole different character will get to that later number six again I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints and with the martyrs of Jesus the blood of the martyrs of Jesus and when I saw her on marbled with great amazement no white or bring it here what a another reference to the same power but also skip down verse fifteen it includes a helpful little interpretive passage it tells us what the waters the sea means that he said to me the waters which you saw with the harlot sits are peoples multitudes nations and talk and apparently the waters are multitudes nations peoples however the earth is not most basic earth science class and earth is not water so one comes about a water over and over at a water out of the water on the water but one other thing that the very done is another one that comes up from the earth interesting enough earth is reference also Revelation chapter twelve go back there Bush and chapter twelve we see this other woman who has a child that this is the pure woman not an unfaithful harlot woman but this one apparently is happened is bearing the very child of God the faithful relationship bring forth this child is as verse five she bore a male child that C in your Bible most likely is Jesus Christ who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron and her child was caught up to God and his throne then the woman fled into the wilderness where she has a place prepared for by God that she should flee their sheet that they should feed her there forget fellow one thousand two hundred and sixty days or one thousand two hundred sixty years a good versus thirteen now and on every piece of same history now and the dragon saw that even tacitly or the pursuit and persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child this is the pure woman that your church who gave birth of Jesus Christ but the woman was given to writing wings of an eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to replace or she is nourished for a time times and half a time same prophecy over again from the presence of the circuit know what her fifteenth so the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman that he my coffee to be carried away by the flood but the earth helped the woman so he spews water nations leaves the bigger but the woman at the place of escape in a whole different place called the earth and the earth helps the woman sometime during this time times Netherlands twelve one thousand two hundred sixty years begin proceedings of the serpent spewed water out of his mouth like a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood of the earth helped the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood the Dragon has viewed out of its mouth from yesterday something from the time between five to the eight eighty seventeen ninety eight indeed the church was persecuted by this antichrist power but was there a place of escape but they fled to yes it was not inhabited it was not from the old world is not from August people 's nation tribe language and the yes there was I landed a wilderness place at relatively desolate place compared to chaos that was going on over the other place where during that time a land of refuge was set up during at one thousand two hundred and sixty years interesting and now we go back relationship with thirteen and apparently this beast comes out of a desire verse eleven again then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth so there's a beast a nation in Empire Kingdom that comes out of this earth the earth to which these persecuted folks flat during the dark ages to come away and apparently a beast rises from the sports a nation a great kingdom person leavening and I saw another beast coming up out of the earth and he tells us his characters he had two horns like a what Landau 's connector worksheet to ones like a lamb but speaks like a dragon in Revelation a Dragon all ways represents the Satan the devil always the power behind the Dragon powers always Satan you can see this revelation chapter twelve verse nine we saw that earlier whenever the dragon was cast out it tells us that serpent of old called the devil and Satan very clear you see the same thing again in Revelation chapter twenty we saw that the other night Jesus returns the only thing that is left is the Dragon who the bucket Revelation twenty with the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years of the great chain repeatedly it's clear that the dragons represent Satan but the word land is also used frequently in the book Revelation in fact you twenty eight times in the book Revelation twenty eight times you find land in the book of Revelation over and over and over and each and every one of those times it refers to not Satan or the Devil but refers to Jesus Christ like the Lamb who was slain the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world the land yet here is this piece this entire kingdom nation that comes up out of this place of safety but the church fled during the time of persecution and divided Europe and out of this earth comes this great nation and it has inside of it these two competing first of all has two horns which horns always represent two kingdoms of the greater King right to kingdoms in those kingdoms are like what a layout please please please disabuse your mind if you've ever thought of the lamb like beast the web-based is not like a lamb the two horns are like a lamb but it speaks from its body speaks like a dragon when an interesting thing here in Revelation chapter thirteen we see this in verse eleven this beast that comes up from the earth and all those times that lands references are taught by Jesus Christ all this on the Dragon is represented talk about Satan and in one nation one our you have qualities or attributes that are lamb like but you have a voice to speak like the Dragon Christ likeness in these two warns but when it speaks what it actually does it does like the devil the this is an interesting beast of course again back are working in property horns represent a single powers various kingdoms resulted in a chapter seven it has ten horns Daniel chapter eight we start again with these horns in fact we seem one and integrated specifically mentioned to be recalled around it was charging from the East to the north and south of the West it had two horns on it and one was greater than the other in the study but it was one beast with two more using the same imagery used down revelation we've had this piece from the earth it has two horns but those two words are like a lamb now you would think how is it possible that this one because I'm guessing you're already putting the pieces together and I just assumed some wisdom in this room a figure stylist Bill yes yes it but there's only one power on the planet that can even come close to representing what we've seen in Revelation chapter thirteen that during the time of papal persecution in divided world of Rome which is divided Europe of that time there was a place of safety harbor in the wilderness and a whole other place part of the planet and earthly place that helps the woman and gives her refuge and feeds are in this wilderness during the one thousand two hundred sixty years and out of that place rises up a great nation what they shouldn't we talk about friends in other states of America where it right now no doubt about it now how is it possible however this great nation can have two kingdom the limited how is it possible will let's figure this out from the Bible is figured out from the Bible first of all Christ recognized to concurrent yet separate kingdoms always always two kingdoms Mark chapter twelve with the back to the Scripture the March up to twelve ago to page on nine eight two in your pew Bible March after twelve page ninety two ago start with first thirteen then they sent him to some of the Pharisees and the Rhodians to catch him in his words Jesus always trying to be put in a corner and trapped in stock and make them fall over himself before the answers brilliantly every time verse fourteen when they come they said to him teacher we know that you are true it we know that you are true and you care about no one for you do not regard the person of men to teach the way of God in truth at least they don't care about anyone that needs doesn't show favoritism or partiality you don't play favorites you're going to tell us the truth the matter what it is be careful when someone comes up to use the all you're doing so great everything is wonderful wonderful wonderful prisoner about the labor hammered right so good to see a bunny hey can I borrow your brothers right hey good to hear can you point out stop they come to Jesus and what we know that your children you know you and your doctor to show favor able you to your straight shooter to Jesus knows values we want them is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not simple question do they tax the season shall we pay showing up but he knowing their hypocrisy said to them why do you test me bring it in areas that I may see and I love how Jesus all please make them answer their own question brilliant white he justly bring it in areas that I may see it so they brought it and he said to them whose image and inscription is this your eyes right to look at the visit they said to him Caesar's and Jesus answered and said to them render to Caesar the things that are Caesar and to God the things that are God 's Jesus makes it very clear there are Caesar things that are simple governmental things one of them is taxes by the way Jesus himself illegal Romans thirteen friends pay your taxes I was exquisitely clear United you can vote to get different tech structuring and whatever you want but she does is look into Caesar's money thinking he asked for this much back together to in the same way with God a thing to the escort and you give those in but he recognizes there are two kings Caesar and God does two kingdoms the civil authority and the religious authority this makes it existing at the same time independent of one another that side-by-side and they were try to trap in which one should we should be before Caesar or forgotten if I got all yardages they both exist in the same place at the same time to give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God recent was go to Romans thirteen in reference to it go to the right Romans chapter thirteen starting the first one he apostle Paul is a Big Ten zero nine five one zero nine five ten ninety five Romans chapter thirteen a notice of the apostle Paul speaks about our duty as Christians to the civil authorities is that they know you're in Christ who disregard every other law that an he understands the law of the Lord is a law of the land let every soul be subject to the governing authorities there is no authority except from God and the authority exists are appointed by God not a lapdog originally was go back in the Garden of Eden that God wanted to be all separate form of government and then there's got no his ideal form of government is called a theocracy where God is the head of the church and the state but friends we don't live in a theocracy now so thus we have frail mortal Son of Man type people run here and they got their own civil government because you have believers and nonbelievers get this and that and Lord is not of course is will on music okay so you allow the establishment of earthly governments but of the same time you have an obligation to be a citizen of heaven every Christian has dual citizenship uses of the nation of the earth and the nation of heaven the kingdom of heaven Paul articulates that as people who had to citizens in Paul wanted that for your citizenship is another link of this Romans chapter thirteen how to live your honor let every soul be subject to the governing authorities for there is no authority except from God and the authorities exists are appointed by God therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God and those reasons will bring judgment on themselves for rulers are not a terror to good works but to evil of course there are people who abuse their power and there are bad for the government sure but the Lord allows this society to exist and run itself as it sees fit and of course the ideal is that they would do good things they would be in your best interest they would be hunting you down to be protecting us to think please is there I hope you miss the point of them to be in existence they are rulers of verse three for rulers are not fair to good works but evil be unafraid of the authority eleven answer to what is what good you want to be not afraid of the police keep the law that was what was due what is good and you will have praise from the same I don't know if often the police officer pulls you over just rewards you for doing well right now how often the praise you but do not get in trouble for a given notice by the way that you feel different when you pass a police officer depending on what speed you're going I wanted I wanted for that one you others give you my own personal testimony okay it when you fly by a cop and you notice that your speedometer is somewhere in the realm of let's just say past the speed limit that all of a sudden you have different physical reactions in sensitive sweaty search which in looking around the policy but if you go and say five ten miles an hour under the speed limit hello there Mister good to see you doing Acer for goodness suit brought some real in your fine right same month but the difference is whether your abiding the law is not right that is his ballpark they supplement what they were speeding perhaps I don't know if they had chariots even if that day but it says here verse four for he is God 's minister to you for good but if you do evil B what we've write for he does not bear the sword in vain for he is God 's minister and avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil you know they've got a sort of their values it civil authorities speak in-laws in an accident and they follow through with them they execute those laws the Lord says a this is the is is what is on their you have an obligation as far as really possible into it contradicts the law of God love the Lord be great with modeling and very clear goes on therefore you must be subject not only because of rapid also for conscience sake for because of this you also pay taxes for they are God 's ministers attending continually do this very thing now as good citizens we can vote about what we want the tax money be spent on it we wanted power that's all part of being good citizenry but when the government speaks domestic unless it violates the law of God be subject very simple render therefore to all their genuine notice is almost as though he picked up what Jesus was saying render therefore to all their due taxes to whom taxes are due custom through customs or new fear to whom fear and honor to whom honor very clear Philippians chapter three of course though St. Paul now going to the right Philippians chapter two paintball says an Army chapter three and sorry inverse zero three page eleven thirty one in your pew Bible says of Christians for our citizenship wire is in heaven from which we also wait for the Savior is wait eagerly await a Savior the Lord Jesus Christ so apparently according to Paul's mind we are subject to the early authorities here but our citizenship is in heaven very clear we have an obligation upon the law of the Lord 's Christians and also the law of the land as good citizens to kingdoms independence but operating concurrently same time same place by the well by the way go to John chapter eighteen we say something fascinating the only way that the Jewish leaders had to execute Jesus was to bring together the power of the church the influence of the church with the power of the state in fact fascinating study in both of the last events last trial of Christlike right those hours the data have as a leading up to his execution it would go the Roman towers were speaking the religious power saying what laws he broken as it always is to destroy the temple and let you that your deal the cruelty he blasphemed God the question is did he pay his taxes tell me a Roman lobby broken we'll talk about the death sentence what you're doing in spiritual things and this is a earthly court and repeatedly the earthly governors the officials the office the government officials who were not spiritual the Romans would turn back to the Jewish leaders say that your law not ours in all her eyes he's done nothing to deserve that but in fact they tried to get enough they said here take another one we don't want to execute in but if you notice what happened to go back and study closely the Jewish leaders said yes but if you don't execute what we want with you will let it be known that you are no friend of Caesar's and we will be a political problem for you and to avoid a political problem the civil power caved to the will of the religious power the church and state came together the church had no army had no officials could do nothing is bound not to execute the you employ the mighty arm of the state to kill Jesus John chapter eighteen which is starting the twenty eighth and notice of Jesus even in this moment recognizes the two kingdoms should coexist in a peaceful harmony verse twenty eight of John chapter eighteen then they let Jesus from Caiaphas to the predatory and then it was early morning but they themselves not going to pray for him lest they should be defiled but that they might eat the Passover the things that they thought were big deal they want to follow Jesus to his Gentile court because it might defile the money couldn't celebrate the Passover and the Passover was pointing Jesus the life lesson by the way sin dulls your sense of irony K the idea of you try to take out the speck in your neighbor 's I be guilty belong in your oh nine the point in your oh nine sequences of notes on hope without all the time he deftly seen examples of Google behind someone's back and talk about what gossip they are and you don't even realize I'm doing the same thing right here these guys are leaving the Passover lamb himself to his executioner they want as they gleefully keep the Passover right and you could happily be like that because of sin sin isn't logical it doesn't make sense it makes you crazy friends don't make sense soon as not that of another sermon sin is not spoken going personally not highly then went after them instead what accusation do you bring against this man answered and said to him if you are not an evil doer would we have not delivered him up to you I love that if I just felt that the railroad that Dylan knew what when carefully then Pilate said to them you take him in judge them according to what your law you have your own little court your religious court don't bring it to the civil courts therefore the Jews said to him it is not lawful for us to put anyone to death because they trust me if we could we would we don't have that power only you have the power to do that we need to appeal to you to enforce your power on our behalf church and state coming together personally to the saying of Jesus might be fulfilled which he spoke sex signifying by what death he would die first thirty three the pilot into the predatory and again called Jesus and said to him are you the King of the Jews Jesus answered them are you speaking for yourself about the assorted others tell you this concerning the call Mister Jesus has as an interesting question that you are you come up without a new owner someone at you to say that Pilate answered in my view your own nation that is two different nations your own nation and the chief priests have the liberty to me what have you done in notice with Jesus Jesus answered my kingdom is not of this world was Jesus saying that he was a king yes but of this world no butt of the spiritual kingdom the king of the Jews right my kingdom is not of this world if my kingdom were of this world if I were just another game like you know Caesar my servants would do what fight trust me what you do now would be caused but that's not how my kingdom for this my servants would fight so that I should not be delivered to the Jews but now my kingdom is not here Pilate therefore said to him are you a king then Jesus answered you say rightly that I am a king for this cause I was born and for this cause I was I have come into the world that I should bear witness to the truth everyone in years of the truth hears my voice and then he goes on positive what is true he knows Jesus doing here he's having a little evangelist campaign right oh personal ministry time he's trying to win even harlot and powerful to you can tell this is brilliant you must be from what is true in many of service he went out against the Jews said them I find what no fault in him at all Roman law he has done nothing wrong in fact I like him way better than I like you should be on but first thirty nine you have a custom that I should release him and see what Passover you therefore want me to receive the King of the Jews that is like your own King is standing here folks he's your king he wanted that they cried out against thing up this man but Barabas apparatus with Rob clearly throughout Jesus ministry he recognize the ideal and it offers a test to it the only earth there should be a simple power loss of land and a spiritual power the law of the Lord this beast from the earth will have those two kingdoms both of them lamb like both of them Christ like both of them good they serve their purpose and when they're doing their job what if I waited especially the this this great nation the superpower the world has of the government with no king in a church with no pope complete freedom of conscience in both areas and that is Christlike as he never coerces he never pushes he never regulates like that you last week in which once and these two kingdoms they would operate simultaneously on the earth are Christ like but somehow the same beast built always beautiful to kings and the two kingdoms operate will still speak like a dragon in one act laws it will execute ideas that come from the very mind of Satan self by way let's go to counterfeit Christ area here are the one billion dollars a fascinating in a lifetime but through all of the text individually put them there so you can later on look them up as you go along with Satan 's highest famously lardy studied is to be like home the most high to be like God in worship with Isaiah forty as God 's representative on earth by Jesus Christ Satan 's representative on earth is the antichrist now did you know that Satan through his antichrist power the antichrist counterfeits Jesus Christ to achieve what system it again if you don't shop at the high workers they knew nothing went right it has to be priced like the something that uses what is printed Jesus Christ Ministry of redemption his mission here on earth it began when he came up out of where the water direct quote Mark chapter one it lasted for how long how long was Jesus earthly ministry for a half years you could divided into forty two months or time funds at the time one thousand two hundred and sixty days of Jesus ministry by Lincoln talk is in John chapter to talk about the first Passover and the second Passover in John chapter nineteen you have the third Passover where Jesus is the Passover lamb time time for fun went out at Passover what happened to Jesus he received a deadly wound he was killed but shortly thereafter what happened to Jesus that deadly wound was healed Jesus after his wound is healed employs another power to work on his behalf on the earth of the Holy Spirit rightly said if I go away it's expedient that I go that I may send a helper to you it spirit of truth the Holy Spirit will be poured out right to Jesus leaves and he sends out the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit comes now they get marvelously they tell people that can find what an odd thing was that the Holy Spirit right the Holy Spirit drives them to worship Jesus to represent Jesus Holy Spirit 's job is not to receive worship but to facilitate the worship of Jesus right and by the way he's promised that after he is crucified and resurrected you will draw all people to himself instead we would feel them Jesus Christ has that ministry now watch the parallels between antichrist fastening his ministry of the difficult ministry his work is anti- ministry of you will of deception courses Jesus is the redemption is the perception but it begins when he according Revelation thirteen one comes up out of the water it lasts for three and a half not literal years put prophetic years receives a deadly wound at the end of that time times and half upon one thousand two hundred sixty years seventeen ninety eight but he thought he was done papers within the book Revelation thirteen three makes reference to the deadly wound being healed and just like Jesus Christ after his deadly wound was healed another power represents him on the earth this time is not the Holy Spirit but what the Bible would later refer to as the false prophet this beast from the earth employs the power of a nation with the land like qualities horns to work on his behalf to colors the world it promises to draw people to himself after his deadly wound was healed the same thing about revelation chapter thirteen as we close what will this piece from the earth who starts off with these lamb like warrants is two kingdoms concurrently governing in their given spears one of the religious world was civil world watch what happens Revelation chapter thirteen will start with verse eleven again as we summarize what this nation this great nation will according to prophecy you on behalf of the beast the beast coming up out of the earth he had to want like a land spoke like a dragon and he exercises all the authority of the first beast in his presence and causes the earth and those who dwell in it to do what to worship the first beast which is the Antichrist the bees from the sea whose deadly wound was healed the purpose of this piece from the earth rising up isn't about to give aid and help facilitate the worship of that first beast from the sea and how does he do it first thirteen he performs great signs so that even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men verse fourteen thousand clues when it is a good power bat power and he what that word perceives as the great deceiver all throughout Bible prophecy Satan himself right at your serpent of old called into rebel devil and Satan who deceives the whole world of course he gives his authority and power to the beast from the sea the Antichrist and after his deadly wound the Antichrist has another power work for him to draw people back to him and his works by the same methodology deception deception Jesus wants redemption Satan wants deception verse fourteen again and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by both sides which is granted with the side of the beast telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the bees that were to come back by winnable another lesson coming very soon read about the Mark of the beast but I want you to see who the crafter the craftsmen of this mark of the beast is this image to the beast goes on he was granted on start telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword and live notice this beast of the earth is not having people worship it it is trying to get people who worship the beast from the sea and by worshiping me from the scene you really worshiping the one who gave it authority which is the Dragon Dragon bistro C beasts of the earth to chain a hierarchy by the way if you notice here there's three hours if you would a father the son counterfeit Holy Spirit to counterfeit Trinity Satan is established fastening the one verse fifteen he was granted power to give rest to the image of the beast that the image of the beast so this thing is that this whole purpose this leader this beast of the earth makes this image and the image is supposed to be and not this image but it's an all cash to the first beats right in his power to this image is not just an empty symbol it can act it can enforce its decrees he was granted power to give breath to the image of the beast that the image of the beast should both speak and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be what that is he starts with deception and if that doesn't do to you by deception he's got to go to all out oppression force coercion you notice is the Satan doesn't mind if you worship in under false pretenses memory comes to Jesus look we all know it's fake about how to do it anyway Jesus is very different he wants the whole world drawn to him but he will not take one person forced to have the difference 's character is or sixteen he causes all before we get to the definitely starts ratcheting it up and tightening the will be called with all both small and great rich and form for free and slave to receive a mark on the right-hander on the warheads and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast with a number of his name now again were to have an entire message on the mark the beast is coming up but I want you to notice this as we conclude here what we learned about the antichrist accomplice the Antichrist accomplice first of all it rises geographically from a relatively uninhabited land a different location than the nations of Europe out of which the new Babylon media Persia Greece Rome and that whole area over there from the old world this was from the New World if you will notice that it rises to prominence chronologically during the time the antichrist received a deadly will which was in seventeen ninety eight was right about that time United States America was coming into existence as a nation it would be ruled concurrently by two separate Christlike kingdoms a church without hope in the state without a king would be a superpower with global influence so they could cause the whole world to do whatever it sets out to do it eventually will cause the earth and those who dwell in it to worship a revived Roman Catholic papacy friends I want you to see this directly from God 's word first of all and yes it did it makes sense tonight was a clear praise the Lord I want you to see that the Bible is trustworthy the books of Daniel and Revelation are relevant to the time in which were living we are living in this time was not like we have to scan the future site I wonder when that will happen with friends when it this is the time in which were living the hour of his judgment has come and define him in Bible prophecy has told has told them to us are beginning to unfold in front arrives now I want to be clear I praise the Lord for those two Christlike kingdoms that operate I praise the Lord for freedom to worship and assemble as our conscience dictates that the godly principle the same thing as July praise the Lord we don't have a military dictatorship we don't have the things at other places that this is what met but we also why we praise the Lord for those two concurrent Christlike kingdom we also must be aware that this same piece is going to speak like the Dragon if we had any trust in God 's word it is crystal clear the sequence of events that is beginning to unfold and I said and that's a scary and terrifying but it's true but the good thing is we have a Jesus who says greater is even is in you than he that is in the world friends we should not look at this as a revelation of the subversive scary things is just like revelation rep chapter one verse one says this is the revelation of and whatever his people are on trial he's right there when you understand that Jesus is right here with you and were meant to go through this thing not by our own strength enough by own creativity and of preparation millions of events is not the data hologram and attendance preparation is to get a relationship with Jesus Christ is fireproof is indestructible but no matter what happens that faith remains the same and asparagus for WordPress heavenly father I want to thank you so much like for your word being so crystal clear help us to understand and help us to see unfolding not just on the pages of Scripture but also on the pages of the headlines around us we see it in our world all the things that prophecy event in history now shown of this leading up to exactly where we are in the reef thank you for the freedoms of this great country we praise the Lord we can assemble here free of harassment we can speak the things of God with no persecution and let me ask you extend those times that the message of God make it out we know there's a time coming I believe his feelings on this rapidly when the Bible prophecies the revelation thirteen onward are going to be fulfilled I believe in our lifetime sort out asking prepares for those days but not militarily but spiritually help us to be connected to Jesus so that come what may go to heaven all earlier will be the only one of the above so keep an eye is a a this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. audio source .org


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