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Weapons of Our Faith

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 9, 2007
    7:00 PM
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heavenly father I have been your sneering bowl when the tabernacle with us tonight all old father prepare your people for what they are about to hear father in many if not all will be shown challenge us tonight is not prayer in Jesus name amen and will start tonight 's messages and solicitor exercise I want to start tonight 's message for the poor that some of you have heard before but I will read it again because it sets out the importance of tonight 's message the Council Council teaches page two fifty five degrees on a certain adjacent the celebrated their are rather celebrated I was dining with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the archbishop said to him praying only why is it that you will not affect your audience is so powerful the mice began off things imaginary while we ministers affect our audiences so little by speaking of things we haven't gotten a reply with the submissions your grace permit me to say that the reason this plan it lies in the power of enthusiasm we understate spinoff things imaginary as if they were radio while you end up hoping speak of pain radio as if they were imaginary but I want you to know tonight that you will be challenged in a given example how do you have an invisible friend now you well for raising your hands are only raising our hands because we didn't we didn't do something together the other you who have not razor has have thought I have just come into a place of crazy people but beloved we learned that if we are Christians if we profess to believe in Jesus Christ then we have an invisible frame amen she is low I want when you are ways which means that he is with us even when not I remember being out search once and I was praying the Lord I want to see you on the pulpit with me when I preach I remember I was visiting insertion of us pray this prayer and say Lord I just want you to show me your glory so when you're braced I want to be with me to view me with your power as I speak what I remember going to the church that morning as I walked in I was handed a bulletin and I did not look at the bulletin I went outside my scene and I was praying the Lord shall be present in a supernatural way about agonizing this prayer and feeling the Spirit of God with me I decided that in the bulletin to see what your service was and when I'm not at the front of the bulletin my mouth dropped open it was a picture of a pastor at the pumping racing season is was standing next to him when one of the less older than the other hand exhibit and Linda had been you know you know things are going to my grandma al-Assad was in and out of the oven while trying to say to you is that in a very real sense Jesus is present when a man as so tonight 's message of love and will require you to muster all the timeline and you can possibly Muslim that's watching the second set he become as little what you shall in no wise enter the kingdom of heaven because beloved the children beneath the word of God amen we are told in Ephesians chapter six and verse twelve we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high places how did you believe there and if you have an invisible enemy how do you really believe that bin Laden we are in a supernatural conflict and by the way that the that that the message the name of the supernatural warfare we are in a supernatural warfare against super natural enemies and we are told in size of fines written February seventeenth nineteen fourteen we are told we do not understand us we showed the great conflict going on between invisible agency the controversy between the model and disloyal angels over every man the evil Angel strong this is not all may then be in conflict this is not all men make battle we've got more than human beings in the room tonight but other limits on you how serious is warfare is this warfare is so serious that they are angels who will house the words come out of my mouth will take calls wired and Shiites it suits you to rearrange them before they get to your years and if they can't do that they will be standing in front of you it's about the value wires from entering into yarn heart we are talking about supernatural warfare this is no name believe that so that if we are dealing with supernatural forces if we are dealing with a supernatural flow the Bible tells us in the same chapter Ephesians six if you return there with me seasons chapter six the Bible says in verse ten finally my brother be strong in the morning and the power of his might put on the whole armor of God that he may be able to stand against the lot while you're on the devil did you know that the devil has weapons that's why Isaiah fifty four verse seventeen the Bible says no what then why formed against us shall prosper none of you many think of physical weapon by the Bible is speaking of spiritual weapon because the double have the power to manufacture spiritualizing second Corinthians chapter two verse eleven the Bible says that we should not be in the RAND on the damn fools want the advice he met a nasty habit of using that saw the weapon formed against us our property doesn't know the verse has no weapon formed against me shall prosper how is identity so if you don't even know what the weapons are if we are ignorant of his devices beloved how are we going to stand against those devices if we don't even know what they are so on the need you tonight to put on your child know that means underneath you tonight just to get the mind of a child divinity like a child not an English mother about it but by faith a net I want to share with you tonight the weapons of the enemy and as I said is whether he will say we got a kid of your preaching but beloved let me remind you that this is no make-believe conflict saw you ready the devil 's weapon number one the devil has eyeglasses and a person here we go eyeglasses eleven blood eyeglasses help you to do eyeglasses help you not only to see but supposedly the same lot batter the devil have eyeglasses but have you ever been tempted to look on the other side of the graph and say no and it sure looks better over there anyone you you save another use I went in the Bible listen you remember that in the book of Genesis time there with me Genesis chapter two or other Genesis chapter three Satan comes to Eve in the garden and the Bible says they are inverse off for the second son of the woman he shall not surely die through the stroke forgotten is now an Italian agent thereof thank you I want your eyes shall be want all band and you shall be as gods knowing good and evil now question for you when you first look at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil demonstrating a good for food no why not because God said that surely wasn't not want good for flow so it had no desire for the history she hadn't done them no reason to decide that are subsequently financially as he says is the same thing about funding literature is not beautiful I think that will heed your not feeling right now to try on my handy dandy superduper help you to see better eyeglasses and I watch what he says in verse six and when the woman what saw that the tree was one good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes penetrate the business side yard to make one wise she took of the fruit and dignity the author husband and he didn't benevolently tell you something my sad to this honorable to you you now know that you are wearing the Devils I got anybody ever warned them of our diocese this is no manganese conflict some of you think am making this up our heart page three nineteen if you permit the devil to see what shall you that your troubles are most previous the source troubles that any mortal ever born he will place even magnifying glasses before our eyes and present everything to you in an exaggerated form to overwhelm you with discouragement anybody ever wore the double eyeglasses anybody ever looked at you know glasses make things look bigger have a look at a problem that you have anything that this is bigger than all you want to magnify your problem to the place where where the weather delegates all the glory in fact beloved the devil shotput these glasses on Jesus when he took him onto them out and did what Sony and all the glory of the kingdom but Jesus did not allow himself to look through those glasses beloved we are talking about super natural warfare on a new believer never have eyeglasses yet another because you bought one of before out we've all wanted before a name beloved not only does the job my glasses on my view turned in the needless season shop this is an verse twelve Ephesians chapter six verse twelve the Bible tells us and you know beloved praise God the next time that your eyes tell you that sin is the desirable of you can now recognize how I must have are the devils I live in the heart help me to take these things also I can see clearly and then amen Ephesians chapter six and breast well known is what it says for we wrestle not against flesh and blood rather for a sixteen ounce on above all taking the shield of faith wherewith he saw the envelope once all the fiery darts of the wiki now darts again over the darts I think that's that's that's I want to give you the Greek it is where the great docs is battles which means missiles did you know the devil had missiles the kids out there old couldn't do I have any kids up do I have any children in the audience 's inability to play loudly chosen in the audience and then please bid you work with me a minute the devil has muscles but not in the Bible childless he saw the question is what the what are these muscles let me give you a couple of them accessible all there is a firebomb I'm walking around the somewhere minding your business when all of a sudden the flair of the left hemisphere sounds hot it's anybody ever had it's very not another but here's the problem we ought we walk around all day being along the piece is bothered that was not bombed because we are not a verifiable instead of them when we recognize in the dark honestly can say God I checked the thought bomb and a hemispheric knock it down before dusk advantage nineties they thought it was for thousands of years Satan has been experimenting upon the properties of the human mind and he has learned to know when well by his son a workings of these last days he is linking the human mind of his own in doing it with his saw medical ministry page one twelve one other the devil has power to interview his thoughts into your more and how to do it he does it through the media amen another he has a thousand ways to do it but what happens but is that when we become aware of his devices now as we walk around ice and an sense that bomb going off we can recognize this is the thought bomb help you know not only does he have the thought bomb fuse out the field blown SPE your weight of the morning you cranky you not sure why it's like a film about a just cause and are announced and all of a sudden your morning is on the upper is because the bombs fly me finally came in and detonated and you didn't even realize you don't understand that those feelings of anger almost they boast the other on Priceline are part of the devil 's arsenal the field what about the sleep but you know the one that goes off in search of about a dozen Atlanta your way to get a rise out of spread across the NSS and that when we find afraid insights and is aware of the enemy supreme in us from hearing the very words noonday you heard me say before it is not twins and is that why you're out those doors you're on your eyes are bright scientists on as you walk in so I is not but anybody ever take the Bible at home the signal in one arena chapter at him remembers waking up do you think that's glimpse of when you got out of train and I cannot make it past the couple the second that's not a waste of money we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high placing limits on your bog iron pin the iron pan Jeremiah seventeen one tells us that the sins of Judah are written with a pin off buying it on the tables on their hearts and obviously some loving God never write sin up on the table on our hearts Gosselin puts in billions that God will send in a book but he doesn't bite on our hearts because he's trying to walk clients on lots but when you said the data will take that I had Brandon on your are so announced one evening there is hanging on your living room and I will send you spot something that she would than twenty years ago pops up in your mind and on with the Nissan reminisced on the that are in pen again and the increase in even deeper another limits on you that's why the devil knows when to say it all living in my own mistakes and that is because please is having a field day with that iron pin because he knows if and when ever give their life to Christ it will need that much harder for them to maintain pure fonts because of all the games that is on their hearts and then beloved there is sonic warfare did you know that the devil has sonic warfare have you ever been in the supermarket minding your own business and then that song comes on you know the one of the one that's usually doing a soft feel that if they are not a side of a lot of what's going on sonic warfare on these thoughts and feelings and emotions began to rise loving on anybody you'd be impossible now you see beloved we wrestle not against flesh and blood we wrestle against spiritual wickedness in high places what about nerve gas my know and nerve gases you know anybody where meeting gets on your nerves are gas beloved to their attention the devil does why she loves salsa everything should get on my nerves in our mother everything is on your heart and love and that is an antichrist Barry were talking to about supernatural washing and then all the devils booby-trapped diesel electrical contracts you know you may be in your house women this is a popular booby-trapped for you maybe you walk into the bathroom and the bathroom is not the way that you think it should be after a man uses it and all of a sudden you feel the great controversy about that does take place all over you and you are just happy to hear the fan five you walk into the bathroom and you begin to tremble because no one else can understand that you are booby-trapped that something that offends you are and B track and the devil knows the love and let me tell you when I'm not against flesh and blood we are wrestling against spiritual wickedness in high places there is the abyss unit of this is that this is something that separates two objects so that they can't cross over and sometimes another many of our young people at all even all the people get to the place where they think they have gone solve far from God that he can't love the minimal the downside you've gone too far you cross over the youngest there is no abyss when it comes to love Jesus Christ then we had this idea does not matter what you gone if you repent there is always a short bridge that but the devil uses of this and that people even to the brink of suicide he uses this on children's naughty talk to us you went too far now go hang that's like all the angels who want to come back in elementary veteran I cannot know you've gone too far you may as well join me in the regarding mother were dealing with supernatural warfare I want to tell you beloved second Corinthians ten first three fourths says for though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the first or the weapons on how our warfare are not carnal either I evening but having not only does the job without weapons but God has weapons for use people to a N/A you save money these days of supernatural fault as we seems to put these things doesn't actually begin to realize that we are dealing with a supernatural enemy we understand that we must now also get connected with one who himself has want super natural and other when we get connected to a supernatural Jesus Christ he says not that some supernatural weapons for you to use against his supernatural flow so he interested in finding out with the supernatural and the mythical fine for you Matthew chapter two and verse one Nokia Chapter two and verse one the Bible tells us that when Cephas was born he received three kids I like to call them whether that be through the Bible says and when verse eleven and when they were come into the house they saw the young Child with Mary his mother and fell down and worshiped him and when it opened their treasures they presented up to him yes what were the gifts goals what else Franken says and Mara debonair first-inning weapons and what is called for present in the Scripture goals represents say that the trying of your faith being much more precious than one goals that parish of beloved say is the various prostaglandin that God has given us the fight against the enemy you will know what faith means you will notice faith is knowing without knowing a man saying is seeing without free something out in order for me to access any other supernatural weapon of Don Imus first but that's the goal a minute this is how Jesus overcame himself these three weapons whether three wonder that Jesus was given as a symbol to explain to describe how you will overcome a beloved we are told that we overcome by buffet of season so anybody need gold power but it doesn't stop there because Dennis says he was given frankincense frankincense wasn't represent and represents prior to the prayers of the saints prayer is our next love and beloved in our school way communication system with Don I thought about it as we exercise faith and how do we begin to use our prayer you know the dog will come and do everything he can do things around the sound we took cost less than all of anything we overcome one by having the faith of Christ so by having a continual communion with Jesus and that's what the devil doesn't want us to pray amen because he knows beloved that if we begin to use frankincense power we will begin to gain the victory over him can anybody use some frankincense power but then a lot of this is what I love this car I like to call it in our power what was margins for the Scripture and what he was used to and bond they get so I did call the smart deck power you an elegant parties so long when you're driving in the car and that person cuts you won't and you got up this morning and create father gave me murmured Tom you know what happened no response why because your wife yet your dad died powered gadgets South and then they are making me work through this but Jesus was anointed when you are even before you strive to realize when the world saw just came to him in the garden that expected to find a living man but Jesus was already dead when he tried to three when they can him someone discovered that now what have nothing you that when you spin of one of them then what happens I think Jesus was being on a he wasn't at on arrival they can even send another do you when I need more power yes indeed but not we need to be having too many near death experience who suffered on behalf of gold power we have Frank and since power we have more power and advice on that in the nastiness of the ready honey you would like to fly on a power to fly Isaiah forty first thirty leave you with any of Isaiah forty thirty one today that way upon the large sounds a lot we know their strength I somehow went a lot when my Eagles but now that you have anti- gravitational hour you don't get it when the devil comes with that when that gravitational pull of same and before you want to solve all of all the navigation comes news that God grant me those supernatural beings help me to rise above his temptation anybody want to form the government in order to get the wings you not have the faith of a one now please don't let me see you leaving here to be doing something like this that's not what I'm talking about a talking about the money having a childlike faith in the word of God sometimes and I can make you live eleven when Jesus walked upon water it was to show that he was giving us power over nature so that we can walk upon the waters allow you so now he says I give you supernatural when I mentioned the vision can't give you think God grant me the claims help me to fly and when when something of value should be getting that income on your thing this person does not have supernatural wings itemizing about this temptation childlike faith but it's almost like living in a comic book but better nobody in his message you agree to think I'm crazy or as a meeting of seasons that are really nosy and here's another webmaster share with again for those of you who are not here in ninety three and verse eleven John the Baptist says I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance but he that cometh after me is mightier than I whose sins are not worthy to bear he shall baptize you with lots the Holy Ghost and with fire did not like the right here a real big when I said I wanted I wanted ready I want you to say so were named off are you ready one zero three but not until you understand what it means when God says I want to give you power to frame on the same eleven the Bible says that Laodicea is either long or and I and many of our young people are cool she then got home was she would be cool you the devil wants you to be called by Jesus is not my son I want to a friend on I want to become like a human arch of my love slave on another when you land on the devil can't come close because he cannot stand in the presence of God 's fine so anybody want the ability to frame a thesis is just a bonus and say to yourself to need help yourself and I will give you power to frame on a benevolently there's nothing more exciting than the Christine was on fire the well ceased to any criticism doesn't like regular old human beings we need some supernatural Christians who are just covered and founder and then the love there is the power when asking anybody interested in having power to become invisible now you go to far past set also universe Colossians three since chapter three if you would then be risen with Christ see also the above verse one where crisis on the right hand of God set your fences on things above not on things of the earth for you our dad and your life and as well him and and you still don't get the one that will come looking for you he does not see you he cannot find you because you are invisible because you are a try Sabine interested in becoming invisible will beloved let me tell you we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places and when we understand of another we will begin to see how Christianity as something that is supernatural the double-blind rational while getting involved we can't find him why because he's been in pain from beloved there's a shield of Greece the Bible tells us the angel of the Lord and Captain Ron about them that fear him and delivered them that's a shield about anybody interested in having a shield around you beloved do you realize I like to imagine that as I am praying they don't like this little prayer things she must prayer think she so you pry a little and then when you walk on the street that day and you think you should also do some of the stars Leninist architecture rightfully are shielded by the amount missionary button on it for all minutes this morning amazing Grace is thirty three ninety in this corrupt case small supply of the grace of God that in many instances their defense is broken down by the firm 's all songs and fierce temptations Satan cat the Silva Christ shall preserve all unconquered by the temptations on the enemy those surrounded with the most corrupting influence anybody interesting and walking around with your CEO of drinks another with such an arsenal like face why are we walking around getting beaten to death could it be because we on the stage speak of things imaginary as if they were real while you in the pulpit and in the churches speak of things real as if they were one and that I had a look at the top it off own initiative with you one more weapon and then equivocal to the ultimate question of what it is a holiness on something through but he has one weapon that you really need to learn how to use the stones of fire you know Roland 's thirteen are rather Romans twelve tells us do not be overcome of evil but overcome evil with one with good access by so doing you will see lots calls I want cider upon your enemies have found that me tell you what this means to the cause of five-year are not based to throw out your enemy so you can enter them those calls I represent the calls of love they are the styles of love so if someone does something you can do is let me initially seventy checkout was born on the need to give them off here you so I think your retirement good for a while able anybody needs installed as salmon of it when God begins to layout these bargains for us and when he begins to the brain our minds remember when he brings us into his school I begins to train us to fight the fight of faith and now he's thing about these weapons as well you can use against the enemy than other white in the world would we want to stay away from what he is doing everything that he can equip us to fight the fight of faith now are you ready for the ultimate weapon here goes beloved second Peter rather first hear a chapter for an verse one when you get there please say that the Bible says forasmuch then as Christ has suffered for us in the flesh arm yourselves likewise without saying that while mine the Bible tells us that the mind of Christ is a weapon and another it is the ultimate weapon because the Bible tells us what it means to thought that this one mind being Angel which was also an old Christ Jesus now I have to unpack this word it is not okay because very often we say let this mind be in you having you do and we understand let me such a question is how do I get the one the mind of Christ are you ready to find the answer the Bible tells us that I be whole being leave the I want change not if we want to behold and become changed into mechanisms of Christ what must we'd be beholding Christ's if we want the life of Christ to become our reality an artist then we must be beholding his life now let me tell you how do we do not want to read to you a powerful powerful statement and would be well for us to stay I thought all sorry about the pass out because you know what's coming next it would be well to spend a thoughtful our each day and contemplation on the life of Christ we should take it point by point and let the imagination grasp each scene especially the closing lines anybody ever heard of STD 's spiritual television you know I never heard of it is amazing that you never heard of it and all that you have it it's incredible a lot of you have an STD but you know what it is anybody have an imagination all their wishes and goals through the life of Christ praying allowing our watch imagination to grasp each strain of Christ lives by the devil told you that imagination was evil my father through either that or the devil has captured your imagination by watching all the other stuff on TV so now when you go to pray and Shauna seems he does want to see what he went to see them on the process on the thing is what is on the disabled love it we are being told that if we want the mind of Christ we've got them the life of Christ in God W Hall his life and some beautiful beloved because of what happened when we begin to be hauled a life of Christ is that we begin to learn how to live a life how can we met his life as we don't behold the antiserum is some amazing beloved art of one one evening I was twenty little annoyed in a note on what to get a closer and closer to you I want to see you and get to know you harmonize their prey and I remember the Lord saved me once phrased and I think that this phrase I said Lord what is this about and here's what he said to me thirty three and a half years in addition I was on my face is one of these similar and is Saturday ten thirty three and a half years and one day and the second time you said my mom everything anything that was quite pregnant and that in that statement and I said no way Lord not that cannot be possible and I got up I went over to my Bible and I started flipping from Matthew Martin Wilkins on and while I found I could not believe wondering the life of Christ thirty three and a half years is a pattern by which you and I are to live our lives at three day seminar please tell me what you mean any submissive when you'll gather the morning watch the first thing you need to know what the first image which started off on I need to be born again yeah and amazingly enough when I am born again guess what God gave me three against the will gold frankincense and one and more so I get up in a morning and I began to see Christ Mike and twenty three I and counting to be born again not give me the ball the findings of the market and large that's me my son I want to know that habit is to try to get you this morning have a genocidal life you want before you you majority want in your Christian walk so be careful once I think I read an account made from the area this way of coming in the morning anybody read this news Herod would but then beloved docility trust me I will take care of you and so we go we walked a lot of price in the morning we get past and it's interesting because I went but when we begin to think of the life of Christ and think of how you grew up with a child I began to ask the Lord help me to live the kind of life your name as a child you think about it I can move like the man Jesus Christ if I had not moved firstly it's time Jesus Christ when China bear the Cross oh oh and we just get the Bohol resident life China want like him and we has to get everything else quite interesting that at the age of twelve Jesus discovered what his mission was every morning before we get anything out of the reason why we should know what our mission he the normal student wasn't always this is what I want to do today and if it is our own when we will see everything that I found another we got all the way down to price and low price while I am from and informally begun working as father son of a carpenter than we ought to pray Lord help me of my body my day to work diligently in my job as your work as a carpenter you see when they being the one life of crime and sent another beautifully and starting the Bible says he was back every morning I need to be praying the baptize me with your steering that is beautiful because the Bible says that a flight attendant said this is my beloved son it will not well please and if you are interested in hearing that voice spoken over you on a daily basis this is my daughter it will not well pleased and then beloved he will send a heavenly Dove who he will send a heavenly dove on your sold it to walk with you throughout the day anybody knew that heavenly the but you know what happens he got into the wilderness and he is ten to three times and you will not realize is that throughout the day the devil is going to try and attempt units are installed into bread saying that which is unlawful for you to partake of and sanctify make it all right and you say no not that I do that and is okay while violence you allow about you just saw your sound down because uniting the fall sometime anyway are sometimes it is sin and God will forgive you later and using the Lebanon mother do that and your family you know when that if you just put your knowledge I know it's wanting to bow down and do this on the one time and then I'll give you everything you want to you you overcome all those by the weapons that Christ has given you a name and they know the Bible says the Bible says that Jesus return in the power of the spirit can you imagine you to spend your morning prayer and now you get out and you walk into your kitchen and your wife looks at you like he has returned in the power of the Spirit is largely autonomous autoerotic I've been leaving what I end up as you go about yard a whole day now is about turning water into wine why that was his first miracle changing things on Monday you going out and endorsing someone you going out and giving allowed to somewhat all that is considered turning water into wine making the gospel sleep for those who partake of in a net that's what got us cogito is on Yugoslavia Dan you know at some point in the day you've got to come outside and rest a while so sometime today you come down to take a break you go and you talk to Jesus again and then it's back onto the Warfield and Yugoslav today and now went down to the evening time about it and what time is it in the life of Christ even talk about it it is a time for the last supper and not getting it's time for the evening meal the highest bonus time to gather the family around like Jesus gathered his disciples around this time another to love one another over that at this time the watches of his feet and are heading on down to thank you handwriting on that Los Angeles is time to make sure that everything is done with anybody and you don't have any juices in your family better than it eventually betray Jesus amen and then another after you you know get all the kids in bed and then you say goodbye they denied to everybody it's time for you to goal unknown the car has you want anything to its target of Oregon because you know that tomorrow is going to be an incredible day and healing me everything up I want to stand up in light of the conflict and the Charles you will need for the next day a man and another then you get up and you are ready to be nailed to the cross and you know what I happen between the time that you get out and the time that you go to bed inability to be going even be trying to get you down from the drop he will try to do everything is powered so that you do not go to sleep without first honoring King so you just got a book in the evening prayer and the phone rings I had a phone call that you wish you didn't get and you hear the Devils forcing calm down from the cross men argue that I think that is really what he said to you of another by God 's grace you can see I will not come down from this love is going to hold me up here in a evident as you laid down today see you later him and begins to come over you and your eyes begin to close what are you thinking of you thinking about Jesus on the cross as his eyes began to close and what you pray before you go to that father into thy hands I commit my the other devil cannot penetrate the life of Christ see if you live the life of Christ that's the greatest letter we have a few many of life there's no way to double children because Christ lives in RSA that at all we've got to do is walk in love and doesn't end there because the Bible tells us that Herod is not how soldiers around your bedside in the morning now sorry he doesn't get out until the Roman soldiers are they around today clock goes off and one of them quietly picks up your head hits the it anybody ever had a moment soldier by your bedside since he told you so that you have enough time to train keep in sleep don't break the Roman see you another another because the Bible says that the father sent an angel from heaven and that Angel call him away Angel Saint-Saens and I thought that all my father deep and loving every morning if you would listen carefully enough Jesus will send his angel and saisons I'm wanting you get up we got to talk to me when you get up until when the window when the business of life begins to come in when when the phone starts ringing and when all these things start happening you know what you can say you can say times Nina will have about making this up tags may not for I had not yet I send you for the seedling when we begin to understand the life of Christ the power of Christ the weapons of Christ he is also a must that we don't see how in the world cannot turn my back on but utterly futile that anybody ever heard of a download you are downloading another Jesus goes as far as the sameness and when you are praying through my life don't just ask to do the things I did ask to download my thoughts as my feelings so that they become your own thoughts and feelings so I went when you see me down across as the Holy Spirit what was Jesus thinking and feeling as he was on the cross and then you say though I download those thoughts and feelings into my mind so now what do I have going on my mind in the morning the mind of Christ and on in my mind is beginning to be changed by the holding practical this is not beloved do you know that in the last days the final test will be a test of our reflex you see beloved when when when when that file types is called upon God 's people and the enemy down is an artist voices and his obvious Microsoft bombs failed all three bombs on helping everything that I made and more the test will be as well more power and another that they will not be about our knowledge of food in these days because I'm not available in these days if not countless when somebody sleeps in your depression and infinity pools and feelings do you have an advantage nature in on him again any tips on a little hammer is anything I want out reflect and I will be placed on our way is called off how someone does something we retaliate immediately when the minimum mass based on the people who passed us on related the government to our future and it will be seen that they reflect me if that's a word thinking I now understand they have solved the town among them that now when temptation and prices is simply reflex for them to respond like to overall or another we have a tremendous battle ahead will a tremendous wash and an crisis I will when you are every pain you need another hobby if you want to be equally tonight you want to be in our tonight but I think Jesus is knocking at the door and he's saying if you will write me I will do things in your life that will sound the enemy is seventy five he is spoken to us tonight will find we are in need of your power end of your dream we are in need of your mind and your life on it we are in need of your spirit father we have been parted by the beginning and now the hottest people and NBC the reality of the conflict before grants us everything we need that we may be able to stand and having done all stand we may be found worthy not become ourselves but because of the because is acting like he was in Jesus name he had


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