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24-Burying the Dead

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 15, 2013
    7:00 PM


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message number twenty four in our theories and twenty five is entitled burying the dead now I understand that doesn't sound right off the bat like the most positive topic you would get right to the end of the talk about burying the dead but this is a very important topic one was spoken a lot in Scriptures these view baby focus of Jesus ministry as we want to understand what it means to bury the dead and better yet to find out how we can be a part of that burial ourselves okay so before we get started within nights presentation let's please us the Lord blessing as we begin heavenly father thank you so much for a another day of life but we don't want to take that for granted which is not entitled to us were not owed it it's a gift from you every day to get it we thank you for this day we thank you in particular now for this time of fellowship in this time of study we thank you for your word and most importantly we thank you for Jesus Christ gives is even the opportunity for a future life to come Lord help us do not treat that any kind of dishonorable disrespectfully but help us to treasure it help us to build upon this as we walked closer and closer to Jesus all the time bless our study tonight we pray it in Jesus thing now bearing the data is about baptism I'll be very clear this is what our topic is for tonight and what would you do this study as you take any worksheet number twenty four you see where they go right down through a series of questions about baptism is it required little is it for what should happen what does it all mean all of these things were discovered basically go down and see what the Bible teaches about baptism and his significance in the Christian life okay so it is start off with probably the most pertinent question that most people ask about baptism is baptism required for salvation in baptism a prerequisite is a requirement for salvation with the book of Matthew chapter twenty eight first book of the New Testament Matthew chapter twenty eight page nine sixty seven in your pew Bible Matthew chapter twenty eight Jesus final words recorded in the Gospel of Matthew after his death burial and resurrection after you spend his time with them he gives them what's known as the great commission starts with verse eighteen of Matthew chapter twenty eight and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth so notice he's not speaking from now I just grew up and now through the night in a note you think now all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me so verse nineteen go therefore and make disciples of all nations and what the next phase of the new and baptizing them in the name of the son of the father and son and of the Holy Spirit in verse twenty also doing what teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you below I'm with you always even to the end of the age so their job was now the Jesus is going away is that you will continue to all nations and you will baptize disciples he will make disciples which in part includes baptizing them and teaching them all things a this concept of baptism and teaching is important but again were looking at is baptism required well first of all apparently is pretty important as Jesus is go make disciples of the very first thing you do with them is baptized a go make disciples and baptized this is part of the great commission it was a command of the Lord now is the John he going to write John chapter three ten twenty seven and your pew Bible John chapter three hear the interview with Nicodemus was a start with one to Google contacts if you're not familiar with the story Nicodemus was a Pharisee and he was interested in Jesus but he was a little bit ashamed to come in the daylight and talk to Jesus so we have this midnight interview that he requested Jesus chapter three verse one there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus a ruler of the Jews this man came to Jesus by night and said to him Rabbi which of course needs teacher we know that you are a teacher come from God for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him now he's the notice it says he's the fairest the leader of the Jews and he says he called the Rabbi and teacher instead we all that you are a teacher come from God he seems to be speaking on behalf of the Pharisees and the leadership of Israel yet he's coming at night for a private interview for Jesus loses a lot for little bit in love as Jesus answer comes right to the heart Jesus answered and said to have most assuredly I say to you unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God so noticed is that I'm not here just for interesting dialogue and for unique teachings on not just another rabbi he said I'm talking about a total change unless one is born again Nicodemus said to him how can a man be born when he is old can he enter a second time into his mother 's womb and be born so we tried to play on the physical hour you think we shrink down to come back to be debated to go back to that of other than the come right back out is that what you're talking that you of course that's not what you Jesus answered verse five Jesus answered most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of what water and the spirit he had not into the kingdom of God not being born of the water is a reference to what baptism Jesus himself that unless one is born of the water dispute he cannot insert the kingdom of God seems pretty young direct reports on the nose with the answer is baptism essential is that a requirement it was a command of Jesus to go make disciples and baptize them he tells Nicodemus and lesser born of the water and of the spirit you cannot enter the kingdom of God was kept with one more look of it another gospel account Mark chapter sixteen Mark chapter sixteen eighty page nine eighty eight starting with verse fifteen this is Mark 's account of the great commission is as anything other than go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and followed up he who believes and is what baptized will be what they are this seems pretty forthright and you does not believe will be what and then so it seems would Jesus made a part of his great commission told Nicodemus that you must be born of the water and he says here he who believes and is baptized will be saved it seems that baptism is essential for salvation and you keep thinking the women women with ever the case in Scripture where someone is assured that they will be saved but they did not get baptized yes of course let's go to Luke chapter twenty three you might already be thinking of this is going to write a few pages Luke chapter twenty three page ten twenty three in your pew Bible Luke chapter twenty three starting with verse forty two Air Force Jesus was crucified alone there were two themes on crosses on either side of them one apparently was ridiculing impartially and the other one notice that this was truly the son of God and laid his faith in Jesus Christ to the very last moment of his life says in verse forty two then he said to Jesus Lord remember me when you come into your king and what you said to Nicodemus in less one is born of water and of the Spirit he cannot see the kingdom of God and this man is literally on the cross Jesus Lord remember wheat when you come into your kingdom is Jesus turns that I wanted but you haven't got start it's the water that gets you in what Jesus and Jesus said to him assuredly I say to you today and again we got a remember that that is a difficult little there number I say to you today you will be with me in paradise definitive not like well I hope here's hoping for I really wish you could but you can't you said you will be with me in paradise the same Jesus who said you must be born again said he will be with me in paradise now how does that result let's go to our working here notice the differences but these on the cross which of course he died upon the cross he does not come down a lot on that cross they make sure that the purpose there is to inflict death and it doesn't hurt the thief on the cross and died before he had an opportunity to be baptized thus we see here just that simple illustration alone the premise here on the second film of blank the act of baptism does not say it is not baptism that saves Jesus saves and salvation is through faith in Christ alone the act of baptism does not save salvation is through faith in Christ alone in fact I want to illustrate this from one of the passages we just looked at the back if you would than Mark chapter sixteen of me show you the same concept is Mark chapter sixteen again marks account of the great commission page nine eighty eight starting the verse fifteen marks account of the great commission and he said to them go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and no notice very carefully versus sixteen what it says and what it doesn't say he who believes and is baptized will be saved it makes it sound just when it first you have to both believe and be baptized in order to be saved but the notice with the next path says as he continued by he who does not believe will be condemned notice what is the active agent of salvation is that the baptism in water no it's the bully that will be to the baptism in water but you believe and as a result are baptized you believe in was the book I have every confidence that Jesus Christ somehow miraculously brought it down from the cross instead now if you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ repent and be baptized the witness said audit and the baptism of the part of it on the side of the suit of the bridge too far was not but he didn't have an opportunity in Jesus and present you will be with me in my father and compared so again look at carefully he believes and is baptized will be saved but is not the baptism that does the saving but he who does not believe will be condemned a we can see this concept very clearly articulated in the Gospels Francis John chapter three later on in that same interview with Nicodemus Jesus has these words John chapter three noting that belief this faith relationship in Jesus Christ is the active agent in salvation not the ritual of the water baptism being activated John chapter three verse thirty six this time he'll blow leaves in the son has what everlasting life and he who does not believe the son shall not see life but the wrath of God abides on him notice in this one is no mention of baptism that mean Jesus is all done with baptism no bullets the active agent of salvation believed on the Lord Jesus Christ in fact there's a passage of Scripture that literally says that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved but John fourteen was continued to the right if we truly do do you believe Jesus if we truly do love Jesus and our trust in him and become analysis to do something will we do it yes a John chapter fourteen verse fifteen Jesus says it so simply and so sublimely if you need keep my commandments so if we believe in Jesus and we love Jesus Bennett Jesus asked us to be baptized as an evidence of that love were not going to say well know anything if we truly love you three free to believe in him if he asks that you will do it no problem though again is not the water jugs anything miraculous or magical or salvific it is not the thing that does the saving if the faith in Jesus Christ of friends faith always has expression right faith always has expression demonstrated it's not just beer he is practical application and Jesus gives us a way to express that faith believe and be baptized again the baptism doesn't do the saving but the belief will always manifest itself in outward demonstration of being evidence of our faith first John chapter five in verse three moving farther to the right first John chapter five and verse three I don't know how you get a language could be any plainer than right here chapter five in verse three for this is the love of God that we keep is what men this is the love of God that we keep his commands if you love me keep my commandments this is how you know that you truly love Jesus it is not just mere theory it is not just an idea is not the what it's actually like application if you love me keep my command and then he goes on to say a and his commandments are not burdensome all you know I would get baptized witnesses saw no why would keep the Sabbath but is itself or I would stay why wife I would not steal or I would stop killing but will my commitments on important unlike forcing something bad on you there's an expression of your faith if you love me keep my commandments which is that so so he goes this is love this is the love of God if we keep its minutes and his commandments are not burdensome so the question is is baptism required for salvation yes because if you love me you will keep his men notice up about highs being that does the saving but it is an expression of a saving faith and if that faith is genuine it will result in obedience a recently clear connection right now let's move on now how to be baptized out of a bathtub Ephesians chapter four is a visible lot of different beliefs about this there's a holdup bunch of different ways be baptized and different churches practice different things page ten twenty six as we were headed well eleven twenty six typo there sorry my notes eleven twenty six Ephesians chapter four is a wellness church doesn't be discharged of it this way it really doesn't matter as long as there's some water involved I guess a look at the Bible says about this very clear vision Chapter four will start with verse four there is one body and one Spirit just as you were called in one hope of your calling one Lord one faith one what baptism one father Paul who is above all and through all and give you all fill in the same way that there is one body one spirit one Lord one faith one God one father there is one baptism apparently there's not like if you could baptize you do whatever you think feels good you or whatever your church tradition is apparently there is one and good thing the Bible doesn't leave us in the dark in the dark as to what that one in tail a makes it very clear what is that one baptism while we see a consistent picture throughout Scripture of what baptism actually entails fill in the blank there the Greek word that we get our modern-day baptism from is very similar Baptiste though it literally means to be completely put in water not just tap water put on a so it needs to go in water not to have water on it you go in the water the water to go on you okay you will go in not the water goes on aggravated while some people poor some people can't interview different things what's the actual biblical onset the word itself gives away the methodology the method of baptism of the Bible the one baptism Bible ever describes is you going in to the water and of course coming back out of the water in a state of the ego and in and you come back out right but you go in to see this over and over John chapter three was get some biblical backup for this for the statement John chapter three page ten twenty seven and your pew Bible John chapter three verse twenty three soon as Jesus was done with the interview with Nicodemus it describes mission of John the Baptist and why he chose where he chose a visit that John was also baptizing in a non- near Salem because why did you choose that location because there was much water there looking at a baptizing people apparently you need much water you don't eat what you just take a flask around like this to annoy people to water or people are spritzed the respray the merger of the interest will need water water and the flight shows that placement John also was baptizing in on their silent because there was much water there and they came and were baptized it came and were baptized Matthew chapter three Jesus was one of those messy chapter three page ten nine thirty seven Jesus was one of those who came to John the Baptist for baptism of course John the Baptist in the Baptist wasn't his last name his name was John Wright but he was known for that one particular right at one particular ceremony would baptize people that was he was called to do industry the moniker John the Baptist John chapter three of the message and start back to chapter three starting with verse thirteen then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him now it's interesting what happens here verse forty and John tried to prevent him or just prevent me to stop in at the weird thing I don't know that the Jennifer taling about the noted about this is not for you when Jesus comes I'd like to get baptized I think what what what baptism is not for you because what was the purpose of baptism for repentance for confession dear guilty conscience like the sparkling with the Lord Jesus likely with the Lord right to the clean site no need to arrange anything that any blot out nothing to start over from Jesus government becomes another that he requested the notice of interesting dialogue again restricting that Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan to be baptized by him and John tried to prevent him saying I need to be baptized by you and are you coming to me obviously friends let's be clear Jesus did not need baptism for personal confession and repentance of sin Jesus though tempted in all points was without sin clear about that it is what John is these I wallow you Jesus has a different picture money says but Jesus answered and said to him permit it to be so now for the it is fitting to fulfill all righteousness it needs to be fulfilled I need to do this and of course I believe it Jesus understood the prophecies of the Bible but there was a time for his public ministry to start notices that are made to be so now I'm on a schedule here I need to get started and of course we studied review recalled Daniel chapter nine those four hundred and ninety years and exactly the right time in A.D. twenty seven the anointing of the most holy that is Jesus himself would occur Jesus looks at the schedule eases your you're right on time or at the water 's fine for my ministry began I need to be baptized by you and Jonathan let us stop in Jesus but yes yes yes it have to go forward it would interesting to me Jesus closest companions and both followers when they don't understand the mission of Jesus would try to divert him he's like a mother on my schedule is funded by baptism Rado watch my public ministry in John's life no a beginning of his ministry Jesus is headed to offered his life as a sacrifice in Peter says no I rebuke you you won't go these days give me behind me Satan is Jesus understand my time has told in here do that I have to you understand what you're talking about is not a remission of sin is to start my public ministry is about the limit property let it be so now and praise the Lord John relented Jesus won that argument was Jesus with every finicky allowed him unnoticed for sixteen when he had been baptized Jesus came up immediately from where from the water if you comes up from the water that must be the must of been down it and low-water because there was much water there Jesus comes in the neck out in the river not near the river he puts it in the water and he comes back up out of the water that's how Jesus will baptize into the Bible says there's one baptism and however Jesus is baptized that we should need that notice is that when you come up when he had been baptized Jesus came up immediately from the water behold the heavens were opened and when he saw the sun appeared of God sitting like a dog and alighting upon and suddenly a voice came from heaven saying this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased with how is Jesus baptized by going down in the water and coming back out through the gospel of Mark Mark chapter one page nine sixty eight Mark chapter one you see the same thing again it came to pass in those days the Jesus that came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized by John where was he baptized near the Jordan River by the Jordan River note in the Jordan River in the coming up from the water so he went in the Jordan River and came up from the water he saw the heavens parting the Spirit is sitting upon it like a dove so good gospel record is insisted that Jesus didn't just go to John for baptism but he went into the river went down in and then came back out acts chapter eight obviously the leaders of the New Testament church once Jesus left recognize this form of baptism as the one baptism the good that the Lord endorse which of course his own personal example is a pretty strong endorsement and here we have the early Christian leaders following suit acts chapter eight the fascinating actually up a fascinating story here of the conversion of an individual and what I can read the whole thing through but I would right now we come back to it but notice it verse thirty eight so he that is this Ethiopian unit which were to get to know a little bit later in the NRA message night but for right now she commended the chariot to stand still in both Philip and the unit don't notice the language went down what things do where the river into the water and he baptized so apparently this one baptism requires boats to go down in and then become baptized to go down in a baptized and now those were thirty nine now when they came up out of the water spirit Lord Pottsville of a waste of the eunuch saw him no more and he went on his way rejoicing normalized when will that happen to me when I baptize someone who will both come up smiled often I disappear but apparently the Lord is done before I be really awesome Philip Lord Lord this is not to his next assignment they both go down into the water and baptized in the come back up out of the water so again baptism always always is down in and then comes back out with the water that the next question who should be back who's good at that and sixty seven message twenty eight this one I want to take a little bit of time on a make sure we see it clearly again the great commission page nine sixty seven Matthew chapter twenty eight who should be that again verse eighteen and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and earth go therefore and make disciples of all nations now before we go any farther what is a disciple of follower right not necessarily of Jesus even though of course that's what Jesus is asking but did John have disciples yes it will do followed after him and learn from them and got followed this instruction policy keep a disciple to someone who has learned at the feet of someone else or an apprentice she would face a follower so it's not a mere acquaintance implies the disciple is someone who walks after someone who follows in the footsteps of the leaves along the same line who accepts their teachings that's what a disciple is not someone who's just been briefly introduce for instance there were plenty of people who saw Jesus do a particular work of ministry on Sunday but did that make them a disciple because they met Jesus we encountered the title is one who had followed him step by step by step at asking questions had listened and had learned his teaching and taking apart his doctrine and try to follow what you got the disciples grew the follower of Jesus not just an acquaintance of Jesus the implication here that the Chapter twenty eight go therefore and make disciples and then who should you baptize them apparently your disciple and then you get baptized baptism is not the first step in following Jesus should think it is not like I just met Jesus day when I get baptized and then I'll decide quality baptism is a commitment to all walk you already have but then it grows from their notices also baptizing them in a father and of the son of the Holy Spirit and with that next verb with the next greatest word teaching them to observe just enough to get by without it just tell him my name and Taliban I love you and that's it than enough apparently this is the process of instruction that includes teaching all things that Jesus did that how much has Jesus commanded that's a pretty big for any and includes all the Scripture right and he started from the very beginning he was Jesus informed citizenry to me this is this is a huge thing that Jesus says teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and low I'm with you always even to begin the age of the place August be very honest it makes me nervous when people had no particular walk with Christ at all here one message here what a sermon like all in his appeal for baptism I will make this even you don't know when you're committing to writing you the first on the net my wife I really like their right I was intrigued enough wanted to learn more but you know what I didn't want to do get married yet she still might be crazy if I need to learn system now I'm interested I want to learn more of the following follow-up but at some point you have I learned everything about my wife yet no everyday something new comes up in suitable for all right were learning right but I know in the to make a solid commitment to whatever comes next I'm willing to stay with she did think so there's a there's a process language here you become a disciple you follow after Jesus enough to say you know what I don't know everything yet but I know that whatever comes next I trust it because I already have a working walking talking breathing relationship with Jesus Christ that makes me nervous when people say I've never heard that it would give the but I'm ready to baptize no you're not because you need to have something bigger that your faith is grounded on than just an emotional high or interesting acquaintance or one message from some path you need to be in the wording of the state now I understand who Jesus is I want to walk and talk and learn more but I know for certain that I'm not getting off the boat now that I'm staying with Jesus no matter the Jesus at all authorities bit of heaven and earth has been given to me therefore go and make disciples in August brought my own little pet peeve we can talk like people now it is twenty four times in the right if not okay this is a word that goes around the Christian today this is your disciple of Jesus Christ because you have been discipled the reward of disciple is discipline okay and I know that doesn't sound like a popular word because it sounds like lighting to correct something yes some changes need to be made is discipline you know we don't come into Jesus Christ as a free finish perfect work and would just ignore whatever he has to what the disciples when they started off they were not the finished product yet but the Lord had to work with them and work with them and reshape it and correct them and sometimes rebuke the other times encourage them to grow them up into Christ's so that when they were standing on their own two feet they were new men they were new people if not just like a disciple is someone who is willing to submit the discipline of Jesus Christ and his work is in Florida I don't want to find out if I fit the Bible and if not what the Bible correct to fit me the Lord whatever these teachings are I love you enough that I want to obey Jesus if you love me keep my commands when Jesus has all authority has been given to me in heaven on earth you think I'm the one with authority not you forcibly commands his disciples therefore you go if I have the authority to send you and your job is to make disciples teach them things even if they are things they don't already believe it away why would you teach someone something they already knew if I go to class and all the newest I learned before I didn't get my money 's worth it was a fabulous educational fad a while back that I took a few of my hopefully in a Christlike loving kind way that I will took a few my teachers the task with even in college that they would come to class like look you know were all just learning so on does the learner just like you but will slow down the page a lot of money you better know more than me right I'm coming you could I don't tell stuff right when we come to the word of God blockages they like our other theory your peer you got your opinion about my opinion let's come with a copper might as well we say I'm wrong and you're right I need to be disciplined to become more like Jesus the Jesus and his disciples go therefore and make disciples in his discipline people teach them all thing and baptized them in the name of the father of the son of the Holy Spirit with your film of a blanket in the great commission on clear about this teaching is a prerequisite the baptism you need to know enough to commit with your understanding hopefully as we study this great controversy God doesn't want to do anything by force if wanted anything by manipulation or deceit or trickery he wants you to know and choose you this day whom you will serve he doesn't want I don't want to just sing a song or just have an emotional Bureau or just do something nearly like that in twist your arm even though you'll realize being twisted into making a decision for Jesus Christ I will even know the truth from God 's word for yourself and with a clear mind and the level had say yes I want to follow Jesus teaching is a prerequisite that the the disciple is someone who having learned of Jesus and his message of truth surrenders his life to him and show that surrender by being baptized they notice the sequence the disciples someone who has learned something know what they're doing makes the choice to surrender their life and that surrender is demonstrated or is shown through the ceremony the rite of baptism baptism is simply the outward sign of an inward commitment right baptism is not the thing that saves you only Jesus saves you but if you are in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ you have obeyed his word and he committed to get baptized you will get out of because that's what you know when you love Jesus as you keep me again a disciple is somewhat after having learned about Jesus and his message of truth surrenders his life to him and shows that surrender by being baptized so it is imperative that Mister Lutz if you don't know Christ and his commands you're not ready to surrender and be baptized just to tell you that I don't want to bring to service a very don't get baptized but I want you to know that you need to know knowing is important to the Lord it doesn't rely on tricks and he doesn't rely on coercion he wants you to have information to make a decision for yourself if you don't know Christ this commitment is not ready to buy one accept rate with a back to the acts chapter eight account status of the return to earlier acts chapter eight centimeters twenty six this is backing up early in the story that we've seen the baptism devoted to go what led up to this baptism this is an illustration of the great commission asked twenty five after eight verse twenty six page ten sixty now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip saying arise and go towards the south along the road which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza this is desert so the Lord speaks to them instead of get up and go so Philip being a good faithful disciple obeys his master to get the bingo so verse twenty seven he arose and went and behold a man of Ethiopia a unit of great authority under Candace the queen of the EV LPNs who had charge of all her treasury and had come to Jerusalem to worship was returning of it so he sold the spirit Lord comes up on a visit I need you to go here notice he doesn't say who you will find there what you can do just as getup and go and trust me and he led I love the Lord that if I love it I'll keep his commandments so he commenced need also to get the Windows beautiful expression of faith and where do they go with the desert over that I get to go to the desert okay it is a why would visit for me I wanted to take what have to we there yet all was as walk that way so when just do it so if something goes and behold lo and behold he runs in the unit is madness great leader is that a great authority of the treasury of each of of Ethiopia the divine appointment the Lord brought in there for this purpose again is as number twenty eight was returning returning from Jerusalem because he gone there to worship apparently he was interested he was a worshiper of the true God yet he had not been a convert yet and sitting in his chariot he was reading what was he reading Isaiah the prophet studying the Scriptures having a little Bible study was reading Isaiah the prophet then the Spirit said to Philip I love how they had this relationship is good like okay get up and go beneath the unit is that the content attempt a book to three is at a no asking this question going here and overtake his chariot I assume the chariot is sitting still is reading I don't know how monkey would be revealed but or if you can run ahead but maybe it was moving and he can run faster because it'll catch up with it it will get Gaylord so Philip read to him I love how he got into the just rollover takes on Iran's Philip ran to him and heard him reading the prophet Isaiah so he's reading it out loud and look at his question VF field understand what you're reading you know you get to get a lot more Bible studies we asked people if they want to study the Bible but you're guaranteed not to have a Bible study if you don't invite the opportunity right here you said you understand what you read if you see someone reading the Bible Sunday hate you want to study that what you understand your reading writing up a nice Bible study Philip is the same thing you understand what you're reading and notices answered verse thirty one he said how can I unless someone guides me for a while how fortuitous is this here I and he asked Philip to come up and sit with him the place of the Scripture which you read was this important Isaiah chapter fifty three a prophecy of the Messiah the coming Savior Jesus Christ course at this point has already come and has been slain he you would live sheep to the slaughter and as the land affords shearers is silent so he opened not his mouth in his humiliation his justice was taken away and who will declare his generation or his life is taken on the earth and that is the question of the unit at the unit answered Philip instead I ask you of home does the prophet say this of himself or some other man is just his own personal diary this is what could happen in my lifetime to meet or is this for someone who's become some other man then her thirty five Philip opened his mouth and beginning at this Scripture notice is not limited to the Scripture he doesn't just answer this question that uses this as a springboard for much more intense Bible study beginning at this Scripture preached what Jesus to have of course the centerpiece of every Bible study must be Jesus Christ preached Jesus to now as they went down the road they came to salt water and again etc. see here is water what hinders me from being baptized notice now that he understands what the Scriptures teaching and who Jesus really is in the ministry of Jesus Christ now he has the desire to get baptized now I think of it because now I understand what hinders me from being baptized and in verse thirty seven then Philip said if you want believe with all your heart you may notice beliefs is the prerequisite for baptism but that belief has always manifested in baptism if you believe that all your heart you many incidents that I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God so immediately verse thirty eight the editor since Dylan both Philip and the unit went down into the water and he baptized now you understand the Scriptures you haven't a clear understanding of Jesus and his ministry and you want to commit to that then we get back very clear sequence of events by the way this is how this is Jesus method of comparing people to accept him if on the same thing Luke chapter twenty four Jesus after his resurrection walks along the road to Emmaus with a couple confuse disciples and Jesus and it records and beginning at Moses and all the prophets he expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself Jesus had to say hi and Jesus and levies item authorities that highlight me show you from the word of God who I am this is the method of preparation for baptism is a scriptural understanding of the Jesus and history same thing in Nehemiah chapter eight Ezra the priest brought the law before the assembly of men and women and all who could hear with understand now I like to bring up this passage because it is talking about three genders there's men and women in the lives of other people who can understand as though many women can't understand right of course let's not find out that I get off oftentimes what age are you allowed to be baptized in the Bible doesn't give a at this age of eighty that ties but the one litmus test it has any faith commitment is the ability to do what understand if you're going mad a grown woman or old enough to understand that's when he so big prerequisite the baptism is understanding Jesus Christ from the word of God so that you can make a knowledgeable well informed commitment well-informed know why that is why this particular right the Old Testament sinners would place their sins upon the sacrificial lamb we talk about that this sanctuary sacrifices system of sacrifices was Jesus came to be that sacrificial lamb we no longer kill animals in our place but instead spiritually join with Jesus in his death and resurrection Jesus of course the Bible calls them the Lamb of God the fulfillment of all those other Shadowlands if you will the typical Lanza pointed to the real thing of Jesus so we still can't know that Jesus is coming actually been the real thing who live in that we don't continue to take the lands in place are implemented because the real thing is Jesus Christ is actually shed his blood but we still live a connect ourselves to him in this ceremony called baptism and we place ourselves in his hand in this process called baptism ceremoniously Romans chapter six explains it so beautifully page ten eighty nine Romans chapter six verses three and four it says or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into is what death the act of baptism joins you by faith into the death that Jesus died on your behalf a it's the joining by faith together with Jesus in the thing he literally did now we spiritually connect ourselves to it do you not know that as many of us were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death therefore we were what's the next work Barry with him through baptism into death that just as Christ was raised from the body of the dead by the glory of the father even so we also should walk in newness of life sildenafil the blank is very important to understand why did Jesus Jew by the Lord choose this particular right it seems a little arbitrary if you love the Lord go jump in the water and come back out and try to be facetious or trifling alike but a lot of people look at us like wool why is walking faith commitment keeping relationship with God why would have to be manifested by a demonstrated by going down into the water and coming back up what on earth does that prove all explains it into spiritual identifying of yourself with the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ baptism again here to fill the blank is a reenactment of the death burial and resurrection of Jesus you'll notice that you get to do the same thing that Jesus went to went through except physically dying he did we'd simply replicated in a ceremony when you get baptized the last thing you do is you take your last breath right and then you quit breathing if you don't quit breathing it's good to be a very awful baptism experience when you're under the water you do not bring a Jesus would breathe his last legal win and you're buried and then you come back into the newness of life like Jesus called being born again you're getting you starting all over it the transition from that was the old life that has passed away and not everything on this is a new creature if that transition point is from death to life that old man in the watery grave which is why we refer to as the watery grave and the new man in Christ is coming for again is nothing magical about the water that doesn't but if the faces of Lord I'm ready to die that old life and live a new life and you a disciple is sponsored and I got it one of the biggest problems in the church is that we too often bury people alive we too often bury people while they're still living that old life of sin the growth of the form but they haven't really thought and they come back up just a wet version of the same thing they were as white as his final burying the dead that's who baptisms for people who are ready to spiritually oh like an walk fresh in newness of life and a commitment to Jesus Christ one of the biggest problems in the church is that we too often very people alive courses leads to the great irony of redemption is simply this in order to live you must first do what the Romans chapter eight verses twelve and thirteen therefore brethren we are debtors not the flesh to live according to the flesh for if you live according to flash you will what I but if by the Spirit noticed not in the actual body but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body you will live Jesus is who ever wants to say life will lose it but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it one of the great ironies of the Christian life at least apparent irony is that in order live you have to die Jesus says if anyone would come after me let him do what this guy himself take up his cross and follow me in a new life in Christ starts with the death of the old life of self it's a transition point in thing Lord I'm done with that and I'm ready to start this baptism is not like a tweaking or alteration or improvement of the old life is death to the one in new and other bank use of its symbol of death that brings forth new life and let me finish with this one concept but first reviews chapter twelve would prescriptive chapter twelve I hear people talk about I want to get baptized because I love the Lord and I want to get baptized because I want to go to heaven I want to be baptized into Jesus but I don't want to join the church year that's sometimes right I want to be baptized into Jesus but I don't want to join the church I wanted to spiritual but not religious I don't believe in organized religion I don't think I just want to have a relationship with Jesus apart from the church was a theological problem with that because the church is the body of Jesus Christ is a view to join me on the ring you in the Fellowship with the others who done the same thing and collectively you are the body of Christ first reviews chapter twelve starting verse twelve for the body is what one and has many members but all the members of that one body being many are one body so also is known Christ for by one Spirit we were all baptized into what one body and he just told us what that body is the body of the church for by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body whether Jews or Greeks whether slaves or free and have all been made to drink into made to drink in one spirit for if in fact the body is born in fact the body is not one member but many the inverse eighteen now you are the lot the body of Christ and members individually collectively the body of Christ you'd join you become a part of when you get baptized into Christ is not the spiritual theory you cloudy nebulas vague main idea it's a literal tangible group of people that say we are the body of Christ Jesus if you want to join me you enjoy my body connected me you could ever become part of the church there is no baptism into Jesus apart from his body John chapter eleven why do we have white or red to get baptized in the body people have a relationship with Jesus and go my marry way Atlanta deal with you people some might say John eleven forty four notices I think this is so cool you know Jesus has the power to raise the dead so when it gets to chapter eleven will look at verse thirty eight for example Jesus comes to the tomb of love this Jesus is about the command life into a dead man's body any copies of Jesus Menzies again groaning in himself came to the tomb it was a cave and a stone lay against it and Jesus said take away the stone he asked other people to do that could Jesus have done this by himself yes but he has people do it why was gone look at verse forty four to of course verse twenty three commands with a loud voice Lazarus come forth and in verse twenty four and he who had died came out bound hand and foot with grave clothes on and that he doesn't come bounding out of the two right jumping enjoyed virtually what does conditionally competitive yet he's alive but he's also what the hell is that this great dramatic engines were all so that becomes a minute and put it on its users can race among the dead could you also get rid of those great clothes while you that it within surely Jesus Guzman unwraps them right there is forty four and easily document bound hand and foot with grave clothes and his face was wrapped in a cloth she is said to them lose them and let them know when Jesus brings a dead person to life he always brings them in connection with other people your walk with Christ is never alone because you are part of the body of Christ and apparently it's good for us to deal with each other the Lord wants us to help each other after the Lord in everything that's required by himself but instead Hebrew interconnection with other believers grow and be edified and help each other out he said looking to brand of think of baptism as a kid death to life right use Lazard as a metaphor is brand-new living again but he still bound up in some old stuff right Jesus put them in connection with other people now you help him grow stronger in his you help him freedom to say Liu loosen and set them free this is what the purpose of the church is to do to take those to make disciples to baptize them and wants the baptize continue to grow and teach them and set them free and let them up and build them into disciple makers as well is what I deliver to come to our last message tomorrow relationship at twelve in verse seventeen again if you love me keep my commandments Jesus says that if you wanted died to self live a new life in Jesus Christ to become part of his body owner you should be looking for the body but keeps his commitments Revelation chapter twelve hundred seventy the dragon was enraged with the woman that is the church the body of Christ and went to make war with the rest of her offspring who were the rest of her offspring those who keep the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ friends on the make a very clear appeal to and I want you to know from the outset that it does not hurt my feelings one way or the other whether you respond or not what I'm asking for is simply a public demonstration of a personal hopefully this is a big spot Lemieux will have a try to twist your arm I haven't made threats of these publicly by many threads organizing one song and I want to make an appeal to T one response that's between you and the Lord our weekly about this but what I would ask for is two things number one I know there are people here already nine or express their faith done unless you tell me you publicly expressed that the Lord number one if you are ready to get baptized if you've had a walk with Jesus Christ you've never been baptized or console and you walk away from Jesus Christ and you need to be baptized again right you need to start fresh with the Lord Jesus Christ not just you know I had a bad day but literally I was out of the church away from God and I need to start all over again number one I need to be baptized I'm writing you baptized or number two I'm ready to get ready to be baptized like I will everything yet but I like what I think and I want to learn more so that I can make better informed decision about that lightheaded I'm not there yet but I'm ready to get ready you understand them ask for with one group of people it says I am ready to get baptized I'm ready to go another group says I'm not ready yet but I'm ready to get ready I know where I need to go and I want to study more I want to know Jesus better so that when I make that commitment I'll be doing it of my own clear choice does everyone understand what I'm asking for night a good so what to do now is seeing a simple song is not to be a prolonged appeal and not all people out of the point fingers with the Holy Spirit moves but I've never had that great yet but when I like it is take out your hymnal and say number him him number two eighty seven number two eighty seven I like the offhandedly thing this song and if the Spirit of God moved upon your heart to come down front and say Lord either I'm ready to get baptized or unready to get ready I want you to come down from the number two eighty seven softly and tenderly Jesus is calling for your salt Lee at the season is installed in all I will listen Lord and the high school modeling is in law and why will you than Lord and all will go you and will in the and he needs a is on holiday although in will and why is he in us the movie is Lord and God eyes as he is no cc will and will and all will you in a will is and he is all he will Moore will one was then you would see him go online and will you have raw as you move on me will you as you he is he a lawyer he is Lord and the all and all him he is a is the reason is all of the below is an will you have the father I just want to thank you so you not only created but you often centered on food drive or so that though we have said we can still call in Lord I thank you for all the commitments that have been made and I especially want to thank you for those who publicly affirm their walk with you and want to make that deeper commitment to either be baptized or to study for baptism the ready to get ready Lord we want to thank you for this and I want to ask a special prayer of dedication for these people I know but they are precious in your site and I know they're going to be facing difficulties that had because Satan is not happy when people walk towards Jesus but we know the greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world as we only ask for divine protection continued guidance step-by-step growth in Jesus until each one of us reflects fully the image of God what I also know there are those who did not come forward and I don't know exactly who they are but you do and you know it or walk is what I would continue to knock on the parts store send your Holy Spirit to answer any questions soften any obstacle to what ever to smooth the way so that decision for the right can be made not just for a day or for the moment for this series the Lord for the rest of eternity there may be an everlasting commitment to Jesus Christ let that commitment be ours as well for those of already committed let this be a recommitment to the we continue to grow in Christ until we see him come again soon and very soon it is my prayer that we see in our lifetime but Lord it's also my prayer that when he returns not one will be a Lord hear our prayer and through hunting you will receive me as an a this media was brought in by audio nurse or a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. audio source .org


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