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25-Too Many Members

Kameron DeVasher


Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church



  • November 16, 2013
    11:00 AM


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as we conclude this set a meeting of one here with your message and I both to many member but before we get started with were there I was bothering thank you so so very much for the Sabbath day and now as we come the final message in this series of meetings I ask that you would give us spiritual insight to see what you want from us help us to be the people you want us to be the goal you will still lord help us to not be merely numbers but Lord help us to see what you have in store for us we pray in Jesus name amen force that very question as Bennett is God truly love that I feel that as we study the word of God in effect the more you study the word of God that answer becomes more and more not just a law probably or possibly but a definitive yes in fact and exclamatory absolutely one hundred percent yes God is love he created us in the first place he sent his son to die for us when we finnan fell short of his glory you gave us the plan of redemption he's given us a work to do he gives us so many abundant goodness is in goodness and graces and we are so thankful Lord for that that he is a God of love now what I wanted to for just a few moments here is to recap what love actually is and now that we see that God is love what would it be like if we would be people of love as well what would that actually look like in the life let's go to first Corinthians chapter thirteen page eleven zero seven interview Bible first Corinthians chapter thirteen this is more commonly referred to as the love chapter in Boston Paul writes about the importance of love and he gives is an interesting definition of love first gripping chapter thirteen was a start with verse one is as though I speak with the tongue of men and of angels but have not love I become sounding brass or collating symbol and though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge and all I have all faith that I could remove mountains but have not love I am what nothing in the loudest all my goods to feed the poor and the lab of my body to be burned but have not love it profits me nothing to get he thought that the spirit of prophecy understanding the truth of God for all of these things we've covered in these meetings and if at the end of that we don't have love accounts for nothing or the possible that he goes on to explain what love is love suffers long and is kind is not in the butt does not parade itself is not puffed up does not behave rudely does not see in your snarky what does love not seek its own it's not about itself but it's serving on thirds right again notice what center it it is not in the know what is in the poisoning in the something to want something for yourself to want something for yourself does not parade itself doesn't show off topic about itself right is not puffed up like arrogant have a big head full of pride love does not do those things does not behave rudely it simply does not see its own love seeks for others and love always manifest and not just a mere sympathy and not just a mere affection but it actually put into motion it's evidence by deeds John chapter three perhaps the most well-known passage in all of Scripture explains God 's love for us eight ten twenty seven John chapter three verse sixteen Jesus here says for God so loved the world that he wants a seat look to the opposite of love is to take it and leave it for raises up with puffed up it seeks its own but love does not seek its own it thinks for others and God so loved the world that he gave only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life God loves so much that he gave it back to Ephesians chapter five verse twenty five the total type of ever twenty five the apostle Paul explains that husbands should love their wives even as Christ loved the church and how did Christ loved the church by giving himself for others love your wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her with little book of Philippians chapter two in the light of the love of Jesus Christ as the Council of the apostle Paul in Philippians chapter to start on page eleven twenty nine actually flipping chapter two there is therefore first one would be instructed to in verse one page eleven twenty nine therefore if there is a consolation in Christ any comfort of love if any fellowship of the Spirit of any affectionate mercy fulfill my joy by being like-minded having the same love being of one accord of one nine so we receive the love of God we should have the same love demonstrated in our life and what of that look like first three let how much nothing be done through what selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself verse four let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also for the interests of all look so if God loved us and he gives himself for us then we we respond to that love if we align ourselves we connect ourselves with Jesus Christ then that same love should be seen and evidenced in our lives each of Bush should look not only Barcelo also for others Matthew Jackson page nine forty new pew Bible Matthew chapter seven Jesus speaks in these words it's a principal is known as the Golden rule Matthew chapter seven verse twelve therefore it is salvation here of this part of the sermon on the nineties is therefore whatever you want men to do to you do also to them what this is the law and the properties that everything in the Old Testament all Scripture the whole purpose of everything is summed up in this whatever you would like to have you you do for others whatever you would like yourself do instead for someone else we know that that's what this is called the Golden rule the golden rule the simplest most of Saint in fact if the simplest and the condensation of all Scripture in one sentence whatever you have been getting you do unto others very simple that would look to fill in the blanks in contrast of course to lose the first selfishness God intends his people to be governed by love the opposite of love is not hate the opposite of love is self self-centered self-seeking self-aggrandizing self focus but of course Jesus Christ is the author that he is focused on others about the logo will be gay who loved us and gave himself forth easy the two governments being contracted to God 's government which is love and Satan 's which is selfishness self-seeking love and is the principal not a feeling not a flight of fancy not a mere affection love is the deep-seated principle of giving your self for others love is the principle of giving your self for others not speaking of his golden rule this summation of all Scripture it is one principle the great principle to great working operating principle of life in God 's government is this left the self-sacrificing given for others love sometimes I feel we had two small about understanding of what Jesus meant with you on to others as you have been doing to you as we think of trifling small things like him to be away which are unimportant but are just small-scale and open the door for someone on the Cinema corner on the lookout for the little inches of that's excellent that's excellent but one of my favorite passages from a little book biology whitecoat thoughts for the amount of blessing a little commentary on the sermon on the Mount Jesus gave in Matthew five six is the little booklet of about a blessing speaking of this golden rule principle of putting others first notice what she says there is yet a deeper significance to the golden rule everyone who has been made a steward of the manifold grace of God you've ensure Austin with the deep riches of God 's love and his grace if you have received from God everyone who is the latest door to the manifold grace of God is called upon to what that next word in part to souls in ignorance and darkness even as working in their place he would desire them to impart to him and so now let's say we can't do this series of meetings the villagers were very long time you've grown up not only to the Lord Jesus Christ he studied his word you see his character more clearly you more love them every day we should be the walk of the Christian all the time growing in Christ getting closer to him seeking the space studying his word and as you do you become get a clearer conception of his character you have a clear understanding of deeper appreciation for his love you have a more firm foundation for your faith you have a doctrinal root in solid rock and now that you have been a steward of these things the Lord has entrusted this to you you been you receiving these blessings now you have a responsibility to give that same blessing to others who are not where you are and so I would have to question your healthy people in this room not just from his most recent campaign but even sometime in your life even through his personal set of Bible studies or a public evangelism campaign have come into this church even as a visitor or member how many of you here because someone you'd privately or publicly a load and test someone shared with you the truth of God 's word and you have come into this thing at some point that it happened for most everyone now don't you think that where were you before you knew things like the beautiful truth of the second coming of the great controversy in the God has a plan for the remedy for this universe that sin will be no more and and Sunday Jesus is coming again soon because it's the Sabbath rest that gives the truth about his role in the sanctuary new prophetic guidance is the word of God if all of these tremendous blessings where were you before you knew that does not ask out loud at that point on the we have a testimony from four Christ and after right but only if thinking it might where were you not just geographically and I don't want about what was in Indiana I'm a massive upset right spiritually where were you before you have the light of this truth at some point you didn't know what you know now you are in darkness then imagine if you like that never you'd never been introduced to the truth from that point where would your life and gone without truth in love of Jesus Christ where would you be now if you haven't had someone to talk to you and leaves you to Jesus through his work now understand that that person you were is the person many people still are in the world they don't know ignorance is not saying that they are stupid or unfit will they just have never had the opportunity to learn and apparently the deeper significance of the Golden rule is not as merely opening the doors for people are sending thank you cards are doing the nice little thing but on the big issues of life the big understanding the doctrinal truths that you now possess you have a responsibility to give those others not to merely come into the church as a member of the friends to go out and be a missionary for someone else this is the burden of our study today we get some biblical examples I believe there's a typo in his next one if you look for Mark Knight Senior to be here all day long but Mark chapter five record something very significant our study today Mark chapter five this was red for our Scripture reading Mark chapter five Jesus had an interesting encounter with all of Jesus encounters are interesting or marked up at five in verse eighteen records and when he got into the boat by the minute page nine seventy two in your pew Bible Mark five eighteen and when he got into the boat he would been demon possessed as you might be with him however Jesus did not permit him is that odd evil always want to come to Jesus Vineyard uses the same go away but is because he liked the man knows because the man is weird and he's good what about his issue is that the man is an issue is the role that he has put at Manteno I converse in nineteen however Jesus did not permit him but said to him go home to your friend and tell them the great things the Lord has done for you and how he has and has had compassion on you Jesus said to be fine for you to come with me but you have a work to do here I want you to not get on the boat I want you to stay here I want to go home and specifically tell whom your friends why we tell them to go tell his friends think about the logic of they need to know right but also does he have influence with them this and his people would never met Jesus who certainly did know his disciples they were strangers because of the EU have an influence with these people but none of us knew you already have an end they listened you the respect effective public alike and more nothing not even possess in and now you can be a living testimony your billboard your walking advertisement for what Jesus Christ can do you were there and now you're here now I need you to go back there and don't join them but leave amounts you go home tell your friends and tell them the great things the Lord has done for you and how is that compassionate consumers twenty to cozy loves Jesus he keeps his commandments right verse twenty and he departed and began to proclaim in the Coppola all that Jesus did on Brand and all marveled he sent them out and up he was given join Jesus Christ but he's admitted no don't just really join me and stick with me you will be a missionary he wanted something more friend than mere membership in the body of Christ he wanted to missionary put to work right away John chapter four in another example of the right of your Bible John chapter four page ten twenty eight in your pew Bible Jesus as an encounter with another person who has had a rough background a difficult life was in darkness and Jesus shared with her the light of truth John chapter four and will start in verse twenty eight this is the encounter with the woman at the well after Jesus tells her all the things about her and really reveals himself to work we see the response first twenty the woman then left her water pot went her way into the city and said the men come see a man who told me all the things I ever did could this mean that Christ should you leave the trailers that you got to meet this guy think there's a good chance it's quite possible that I just met the Messiah you need to come find out for yourself and then they went out of the city and Kane to him they came in response to her word now get done verse thirty nine and many of the Samaritans of that city believed in him because of what of the word of a woman who testified he told me all that I ever did many people believe because of her they believe in him but it wasn't because of them is a clear of quickly put their faith in him they believe in a but the reason that they are even introduced to them at all is because she went home and wouldn't shut her mouth you got to meet this guy is why she starts out his or her testimony she testified testimony at one of her right this man came until the end of the board little embarrassing but I love that you could start public lovable and fully automatic average it is quite possible you decry thank you go meet him and him and him and it says that many nuts am not a few not a couple not just to agree button then the other people of that town believed in it specifically says why they believe they believed in him in verse thirty nine and many of the Samaritans of that city believed in him because of the word of the woman who testified my question is what if she went home and shut her mouth she had a role to play Siena Park Place your family and friends and coworkers and neighbors in love with him she could reach in the first response that it converted Christian is to go find someone else to bring the cheese the first impulse of average person born into the kingdom of God to be a missionary find somebody else to give you really like this illustration go to John chapter one this example does a few pages back know if I would ask you what you know about the apostle John you could probably tell me a few things he was very close to Jesus he was at it was near proximity some of the greatest things that Jesus did he would notice the beloved he was later on the island Patmos and you begin John the revel later writing you can tell me if I ask you five things for example about the apostle Peter you could probably do that by his you know about and what his life is like well you know he was always loud talking any of you was the one who walked the water it is also undergoing the water he was the one who is no Jesus said I told up of the rock being built conversation with them and then right after that he Satan to be behind the altar it is a very united cry to get you got a lot about Peter and Peter John James you probably than several apostles you know more than others but I'm guessing at last becoming five things about Andrew you couldn't do it nice of them were women with not heard the name he was one of the twelve day committee to back he has the name and adventure and use among the disciples but if you study Scripture you find something interesting emerge about and John chapter one look at verse forty you're the very beginning of Jesus ministry the transition from John the Baptist and his disciples doubted Jesus he starts gathering his own followers John's ministry starts to decrease Jesus is start to increase we find in verse forty one of the two who heard John speak and followed him was Andrew and what is a sampler Simon Peter 's brother so with one fact we know about Andrew P Simon Peter 's brother almost every single reference to Andrew and all the Scripture is not as Andrew and Andrew Simon Peter 's brother basically had a thought leader and enter the Bible introduces the perfect equivalent numbers forty again whether two or John Wood and followed with John speak about him was Andrew Simon Frieda 's brother the first found his own brother Simon and said to him we have found the Messiah which is translated the Christ Christ and he brought him to Jesus how did Peter come to Jesus through his brother Andrew now we don't know much about it but we do know that he won at least one person and that was his brother and we know a lot about his brother Simon Peter comes to Jesus through the ministry to the influence of his brother Andrew Fekete goes on on site and brought them Jesus been when Jesus looked at anything you are Simon the son of Jonah you shall be called Cephas which is translated stone so he sees Peter coming up on to do great things with you here and as repetitive back background at all transition to the attention on Peter but he wouldn't be there if it wasn't for Andrew thousand John chapter six is another example the only bilingual to look at the only three substances defined outside of a mere list where Andrew is referenced at all in the ministry of Jesus the first one what he believed and brought his brother and everything switches to his brother Heidi says Andrew Simon Peter 's brother now go to John chapter six and will see another encounter with Andrew page ten thirty one jobs over six hundred versus eight and nine this year was this is the feeding of five thousand when they had no clue they tend to want to do where three by Brent asked if it was too expensive what we interview the verse eight one of his disciples Andrew with the column Simon Peter 's brother is like yours everyone be reminded who is this guy all at Simon 's brother right now Andrew Simon Peter 's brother said to him there is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two small fish what are they among so many who brought the boy Jesus was injured Simon Peter 's brother Jesus said they could be both a down and he starts to do the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand euros of the other ones I don't know what it is in the way of week but we don't have enough money Judith and Simon Peter 's brother Andrew as well there is this boy in Jesus and now we can work with you bring someone to Jesus John Chapter twelve the last time that Andrew is mentioned in the Gospel record in any substantive way John Chapter twelve later in the ministry of Jesus is is 's fame is growing if you will risk his reputation popularity this is Jesus of course and now it says in verse twenty that there were certain Greeks among those two came up to worship at the feast then they came to fill up who was from the Theta Elliott asked him saying sir we wish to what the Jesus so what should Philip know take them to Jesus right but you could almost doesn't want her values or Greeks and if the big crossovers a very Jewish they are in use are W McCall watches again there are these Greeks who wish to see Jesus saves her we went to see Jesus verse twenty two Philip came and told Andrew and in turn Andrew and Philip told Jesus Philip wasn't sure what to do as we goes and you and your wash immediately for the last time I did note after the Jesus when in doubt just lean on Jesus and Jesus will know what to do with the I don't know how to deal with Greeks Otto it was go to Jesus I don't know what to do at this situation out of this go to Jesus Simon Peter you want to come with me with me Jesus apparently Andrew the only real skill is taken people Jesus what a as you have we have no record of them walked on water doing it recklessly just slowly behind-the-scenes you just Simon Peter 's brother but everyone he meets him in an industrial to do I don't know let's go see Jesus when in doubt lead people to Jesus we need a church full of Simon Peter 's brother turn the page at you with the model ministry this is what Jesus wanted to see out of his disciples die again Peter ends up with very outspoken the Lord did great things for them but I think more than great ability the Lord is looking for availability people will just do we asked them to do page nine sixty eight Mark chapter one and verse seventeen Jesus said again both as October sixteenth and as he walked by the Sea of Galilee he saw Simon and Andrew noticed Andrew what his brother such as Simon and Andrew with Simon and Andrew you know his brother 's death he amended the fee for they were fishermen then Jesus said to them follow me and I will have you watched me when people believe that course not he says follow me and I will make what you fishers of men we formally called as I got here with me now after me and I will make you what would they knew going into it that Jesus was training them to be soul winners that's what they were going to follow me and this is what I'm going to do it you would think Levon they follow Jesus but that was Jesus our objective with his disciples was not just to his ever wonder why does it seem weird to you just have a cadre of people to wander around with you why did Jesus have a crew in all a bunch of people who just cannot hang out around with them again why it would make a getaway or maybe the assistance we have to do miracles the what was the purpose of Jesus having disciples in the first place what this shows them and teach them and train them to me ministers or him right the purpose of having to fight both of the bank to go read each other people follow me and I will make you fishers of men I will make you fishers of men Luke chapter nine page ten zero two Luke chapter nine we see this development Jesus ministry Luke chapter nine verse one then he called his twelve disciples together and get them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases verse two he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick notice that these are all things that Jesus at that point had been doing now is that you are with me and you think well I didn't think Jesus gave them that power until the great commission after Jesus was all done in a Jesus name training and practice while he was still there with them so they come back to report that he was good to be there mentor their guide and how to reach people is that of any power authority to do these things that you go to the ministry that I've been doing in my name so we put that many sent them out a given instructions on how to go but even during the three and half years he wasn't just saying well you do stick with me and then when I leave and you start working during his own ministry Jesus put them to work put into practice the things that each on the he was a good mentor they were his apprentice ministers event is over one more page now Luke chapter ten and verse one after these things the Lord appointed seventy others also and send them to buy through before his face into every city in Playford he himself was about to go you said them the harvest truly is what bugaboo a birds are the one of the training them to be laborers if it is a great harvest field and the laborers are few elegant island I love argue that the you send them on ahead you work where I'm about to go in epiphany problems all come along and help and guide all trained you when you start putting your faith into practice what you receive from me I want you to go and start giving to others this was their ministry and he said to them the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few notice what he says therefore pray the Lord of the harvest send out laborers into his arm but even if they board the work is so great let's just pray that the Holy Spirit doesn't work now there anything wrong with that Lord is and always of course not but what we should be doing is asking the Lord to send off all of the Holy Spirit instead of sending the Holy Spirit instead of us I think there's plenty of people will love to watch God raise up a church wedding sold to put on a crusade and watch the Lord work but that's not how the Lord work the Lord works through the Cincinnati trains of you quits than he sends them out because the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few and I praise the Lord he didn't think the harvest is great the laborers refuse to pray that the Lord pray to the Lord of the harvest will be less right within the awful the harvest is great so pray to the Lord that those people who are interested in coming to Jesus Loki turned off that interest and got a cool their jets for a little while because we only have so many workers as quickly and obviously if there's few laborers the great harvest what we want to do is instead of decrease the harvest one would increase the labor we need more hands on deck we send out twelve even though seventy others the harvest is great we need more and more accepted one in the end of Jesus ministry he goes back to the very same thing he started at the beginning of his ministry you will be my witnesses accept the one just before he's ascended into heaven he says it will start with Persephone said them it is not for you to know the times or seasons which the father has put in his own authority but you shall receive what power when the Holy Spirit is come upon you and you shall be witnesses when the Holy Spirit comes upon someone comes in someone's life the true evidence of the Holy Spirit in your life is not speaking in tongues or ceiling or having the gift of prophecy anything a true evidence of the Holy Spirit in someone's life is being a witness for Jesus so when the Holy Spirit comes on you you will receive power and you will be my witnesses you be witnesses to me in Jerusalem and of course think about it from their perspective these are all Jewish men right where the first place they're supposed to work in their home city Jerusalem then Judea and Samaria and then two begins of the world 's Edward and arrange the world will start right here at home and go from there now let's go to our fill in the blanks here one underline this one underscored importance of this in God 's plan for mission work starts in your own hometown then works its way out and this is been the plan all along any newcomer think the dealer does that's the one of the well go back home go back home go back home to the disciples even he says start here in Jerusalem then go to Judea and Samaria and into the into the earth mission work according to Christ starts friends family your co- laborers in neighbors your all different people whatever your sphere of influence already is that little space defined as your life that's where mission work starts first effort is loaded of the nano layer but that's where it starts to believe is Mark Finley is that this urine not to be a missionary where you are until you're a missionary where you are somehow the devil is put into our mind and mission work is far away rightly thought that raising money for the missionaries automatically are thinking of a jungle or a desert or someplace the ethical biplane or by boat or by train or by Mueller to give you a warrior 's far car park on our way and that's where mission work at Sun mission work happens there could this mission work all over the world but true missionary endeavors start right here at home want to be clear about that again why I think about this why would the Lord send you somewhere you aren't into something you're not building already now right I think would be very awkward if I got a call from you know some foreign place maybe Google go to Asia or South America or some other part of the world is that we need you to come here and be a surgeon as well as be the callable or living in an airplane window I've never practiced surgery one moment in my lot so what the world as well I'm far away that makes me is urgent please one major surgeries you practice doing surgery right and interview skills are needed to ask you to go somewhere else why in the world of the Lord take you around the world to do something you're not doing right here at home no problem with foreign mission work if you want to go practice but I'm telling you don't for a moment get anesthetized you think that five years ago I spent a week in the jungle so I'm I'm done my mission with minimum mission work friends start home right here notice that when someone says that mission trip I guarantee that every one of us likely think of a travel to a foreign land and basically our view of missionary is someone who goes away most likely the mission trip God has in mind for you isn't to Mongolia into the mire it isn't Olivia it to the laundromat it isn't the Kenya Institute Kmart how they got to go by all the lost a lot lot lot like Lord we do a mission work in Brazil are finally had the opportunity to go into mission I would love to be measured there are people right here you already know were all trying to get on the boat Jesus is not a stale visit the mission field and we should open our eyes to the harvest truly right the greatest need in the seven that his church is not people willing to go across the ocean the people willing to go across the street not people willing to go around the world the people willing go around the block just start doing something is what we need we need Simon Peter 's brother got plenty of centimeters I would have Mark Finley David your name all the big name to breach a large garden they go into a book praise the Lord for what they're doing the Lord and Simon Peter 's meaning Simon Peter 's brother 's stay-at-home go to the grocery store to go to the bank at this family reunion start using whatever influence you have not in the noxious headbutting an awful way right but in a Christlike way start leaving people to Jesus this is the greatest need of the church today because the title too many members I think the seven that Mister Cuban on proud of our growth is greater than eighteen million members is not twenty five million visiting on the Sabbath is the Sabbath morning all around the world of the twenty five million people are sitting him them assertive many of them are members but how many of them are missionary think about this we have sold many members of its grapes we don't want mere membership we want mere missionary when you come in the sometimes tricky talk about Sabbath is stated that the sanctuary the second coming Scripture the spirit of prophecy on and on and on about all the wonderful beautiful truth and I believe her Doctor Drew but we must not lose the sight of the fact that all of these wonderful truths are blessings that God and now that we have been blessed we are to the same proportion responsible for blessing someone else that was the purpose of God 's people in the very beginning when God shall have a people you are blessed to be a blessing he never once that I wanted to have a people I can distill my blessings on you just you know enjoy live it up in an God blesses so that we will bless others we have far too many numbers and not nearly enough missionary in Matthew chapter twenty four Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus looks forward page nine sixty new pew Bible Jesus looks forward to the day just before his coming when mission work will be accomplished is not a pipe dream is not a fairytale if God has a work to do he wants the complete of the want to complete it in you that the chapter twenty four verse fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom might be breached notice that none of it says it will be great someone is going to work for Jesus the question is not willing happen the question is will it be you and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations and then the what will be in book a lot about you but I'm ready to begin to come undone here that's enough oxygen of violence and crime a unit of sorrow instead Arctic I love it I love life but I'm ready to have that greater like that he wants to offer when Jesus comes again but apparently one of the precursors to Jesus coming again is telling people about Jesus we got plenty of members how many missionaries on their relationship twelve what you noticed this one for those of you might be struggling with temptation are struggling with some distraction something the devil is optically putting in your way to think that he's trying to stop your broken price and noticed one of the most effective ways beat Satan Revelation chapter twelve the habit of victory over temptation of Revelation chapter twelve in verse eleven and they overcame him by the blood of lamb and by the way word of their estimate with the testimony your story from your mouth from your perspective you want to overcome Satan start working with his living as a mother still friends one of the best things you can do to preserve your soul is look to save someone else's they overcame him by the blood of the land and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death that self sacrificing self-denying worker that Jesus Christ was he looking to replicate in his people this is what Christ wants to see is Christ likeness rep we do not describe believers of Christ fulfill her people who will be like Jesus and their very lives of course what was Jesus like all needed a new was look to seek and to save and that was lost Revelation chapter fourteen gives a description verse six of the name written that messengers and what is it they are doing then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship him who made the heaven the earth the sea and the springs of water notice what these people in God 's last they run a church are doing their preaching the everlasting gospel in the context of the hour of his judgment saying you want to get right with the Lord worship him who created a call back to his command basically people are out there notice how this thing it and they didn't say with a timid voice or quivering voice a whisper so they said in a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment has come this is the mission of the seven data searches the mandate the crisis left with us to give the everlasting gospel in counts in the present truth of Bible prophecy this is what we're supposed to do and now that we are the benefactors of that race now that we've had that bestowed upon us we have a responsibility to share that with someone else we are called to be the three angels messengers second Peter chapter three I know many of us are looking for the coming of the Lord I know I certainly am but apparently there's a rhetorical question we should be asking ourselves as we see day of Christ approaching second Peter chapter three starting with verse ten notices says unequivocally without any shaking without any hesitation but the day of the Lord with that next word will come as a thief in the night in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise and the elements will melt with fervent heat but the earth and the works there and it will be burned up the building will will will therefore since all these things will be dissolved when we should be asking ourselves what manner of persons ought you to be in holy conduct in God 's looking for and with that next word hastening the coming of the day of God because of which the heavens will be dissolving on fire and element will melt fervid sequestration to ask yourselves is not how much survivor how to hang on her how I how I had what the question is better how can I win someone else how is my personal conduct what is my behavior like how is Mike Christ likeness in my disclaiming the grace of God or my asking Lord turned me from merely a member into a missionary is this the fall of art I hope it is the go to fill the blank means the banish the thought that your church as a message for your friends family neighbors and coworkers they need to hear pleas of a well met this is great I wonder how my church will tell them and you are the Church of Jesus Christ your church doesn't have a message they need here you have a message this is the great paradigm shift that needs to occur inside of the glass they rented people is not what I hope we get the message straighten up the message is fine what were looking for now as messengers we have a message that where the missionaries we got plenty of networks aware of those order to minister to others right we have to many members and not enough missionaries now I'm not asking you to drop your membership at I'm asking you to come challenging you to increase your missionary zeal as a Lord give me something now we're going to have fun with another demand to maintain campaign coming up next July it's got to be happening again between now and then I won in a challenge with the thought find someone in your life someone you work with them when you know someone you you have an influence with that I will never see in my lifetime but you know that you are the kind would be Jesus wants to work to reach that person I'm when you think about it pray about it between now and then start working to leave them to Jesus given literature invite the charge bring the meeting give them some sort of rep help them out offer to give them Bibles that you know how many vital please don't start because people don't ask you're guaranteed not to have a Bible Summit Bible study facility never talk about it but yeah they might reject you but I'd rather do I rather failed Tryon right than to guarantee failure by not even opening a mouse right we need more missionaries not too many members need more missionaries for the challenges before these next needs of our meetings are series of meetings is coming to a close right now the frenzy your campaign starting today that make sense these public meetings are coming to a close but you have a personal ministry to do another I don't know how I would give a Bible study got a whole rock of literature out there but what I don't just bring the CD bring the DVD bring the resources offered about do whatever to start what you've got and see what the Lord doesn't like Simon Peter 's brother Andrew bring a little adhesive I don't know what this can do let Jesus blessed but let Jesus work through you as it made sense today praise the Lord that were missing a closing song while we do that I don't just be a hollow thing I want you to be seriously strategizing in your mind how can I read some cool to the Lord had me to reach common to get their usable tracks are usually what should I do that morning using the more than a member make me truly Commissioner you would want to live audio there is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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