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Deliver My Soul

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



  • December 3, 2013
    3:00 PM


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as for prayer her father in heaven I ask that you would be here more than that to be with those that hear this message wherever they are she would use your truth to make a difference I asked for the gift of your spiritual work and speak through me in the name of Jesus amen I like to turn your Bibles to Ezekiel Ezekiel chapter three the title of this message is delivered my soul and that I'll get right to the point of this passage and get right to the point Ezekiel chapter three looking at verse eighteen I'll begin reading will be here for a while so you can keep turning them may get terrible we read it when I say to the wicked you will surely die and you get him no warning nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way to save his life that same wicked man will die in his iniquity but his blog I will require at your hand yet if you warn the wicked and he does not turn from his wickedness nor from his wicked way she will die in his inequity that you have delivered your soul again when a righteous man returns from his righteousness and commits inequities I last saw been blocked before him he will die because you did not give him warning he will die to sin and his righteousness which is done will not be remembered by his blood I will require at your hand nevertheless if you mourn the righteous man but the righteous man should not sin doesn't sound you shall surely live because he took warning and you also have delivered your soul it's clear in this passage that for me to deliver my soul I need to give warnings to people both righteous and unrighteous to those that will take heed to those that will pay no attention I must give the warning her I will be held accountable I know many of my friends listen to sermons and audio Versar people who are also administering it to you I speak these words as I read them to myself and Leslie give people warning we are partially accountable they are accountable for what they've done but were accountable for not having warned them against their danger this year two thousand thirteen I've been speaking a number times about a precious book the social not been preaching from the chapter Isaiah fifty eight Isaiah fifty eight chapter full of precious promises promises of God 's continual guidance of his saving health and turning darkness to light promises the most precious base rate and speaking those messages this year I have usually started somewhere around first two or three years six Isaiah fifty eight begins in verse one with that phrase cry aloud spare not lift up your voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions and the house of Israel their iniquities in other words before God calls us to join him in ministry to those who are poor and needy he calls us to turn away from our sins before he invites us to labor within invites as ceased being his enemy turned the second Chronicles chapter thirty six second Chronicles thirty six in verse fifteen and the Lord God of their fathers sent warnings to them that is the ten tribes by his messengers rising up early and sending them because he had compassion on his people and on his dwelling place why don't send messengers why did he send the profits what he warned them about their sins it was because he had compassion on them compassion leads us to give warning and when we don't give fair warning it shows a lack of compassion in us verse sixteen but they mock the messengers of God they despised his words they scoffed at his profits until the wrath of the Lord arose against his people till there was no remedy recently preached against the idea that God has no right and here is a verse that speaks about around the rises and tell there is no solution don't make light of the messengers of God don't despise his words you know his compassion is despised his testimonies are mocked and when we mocked his warnings were made and make light of his testimonies what were despising is his compassion and we despise his compassion what remedy is there for us since it's his compassion that leaves us to repentance turn up to Proverbs twenty nine Proverbs twenty nine verse one to save some time and better read it to you now she is often reviewed and hardens his neck will suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy did you hear brethren sisters did you hear it when we read in Ezekiel that when a righteous man returns from his iniquity that God may lay a stone in blocking his way he may die in a righteous man may die as a wicked man unless he gets fair warning we read here is that it's not just any righteous man turn wickedness is suddenly destroyed but it is that man who being an awesome review hardens his neck frequently though for these men that often reviewed this comic from their own reading and what they need is an appeal from someone else from a human to give them a warning to turn from the wickedness don't think the spirit has been telling them that you know like I know that sometimes we need more than the spirit we need the spirit speaking to us through a human that will call us to our knees and show us our need in acts chapter eighteen you know what happened happened at pewter this is the Paul and Silas and Timothy in fact the three of them were compelled by the Spirit and he testified the Jews there that Jesus is the Christ that's asked eighteen five but let's go on to verse six X eighteen verse six but when they opposed to men blasphemed he shook his garments and said to them your blood be upon your heads I am clean from now on I will go to the Gentiles I don't want anyone's blood to be on my hands and I'm willing to go to whoever is willing to listen to the gospel message and to take instruction and I say to you those of you who are in God 's work don't hesitate to take the message to those who will listen to warn those whoever they are we need warning and if they will not listen if they will oppose that good work still deliver your soul say like Paul I including capers to verse one give you a brief moment to turn their Hebrews chapter to repair read the first few verses therefore we must get the more earnest heed to the things which we have heard lest we drift away for if the words spoken through angels proved steadfast and every transgression and disobedience received a just reward how will we escape if we neglect so great salvation which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord and was confirmed to us by those who heard him we can't afford to we can't afford to forget that each transgression does receive the due reward we need to give earnest heed to the things we've heard lest we let them drift away because of because they are not moving and if they are drifting away were the ones that are drifting Ezekiel fourteen turning back to that very book we began with her maybe you can just listen to what is there to quote you from verses fourteen twenty Ezekiel fourteen working for me even if these three men know what Daniel and Job work and yet that is the life even if these three men knowing that young children in the land they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness says the Lord God even though Noah Daniel Joe Horgan and as I live says the Lord God they would deliver neither son nor daughter they would deliver only themselves by their righteousness when I say deliver my soul I see that the way to know what deliver his soul is by getting a warning the way that Daniel delivered his solace by being steadfast under the most terrible pressure the Job deliver his soul is maintaining his integrity when everyone he knew encouraged him to go their own way I want to deliver my soul I want you to deliver yours and there's no way we can deliver the soul of anyone else Ezekiel thirty three if you turn Ezekiel your close their Ezekiel thirty three and verse five speaking of a man says he heard the sound of the trumpet but you did not take warning his blood will be upon himself that he even takes warning will save his life nevertheless if you warn the wicked turn from his way and he does not turn from his way he will die in his iniquity that you have delivered your soul of his first five in verse nine you can deliver your soul by warning the man who needs to hear it Isaiah forty nine verse four then I said I have labored in vain this is the prophet Isaiah feeling like his labor had been useless he says I spent you are not the known vein yet surely my just reward is with the Lord and my work with my God in other words I say I realized that whether people listen or not it is the right thing to give them the morning they need to hear and God will reward those who faithfully give his warning message if I'm speaking to you honestly from my heart I feel like I've wasted so much time and I want to make that time right I confess and in my closet I repent that here I confess to you so you can repent it is wrong to waste our time wrong to waste our thoughts is every moment were valued and rightly employed there would be time for everything that needs to be done for ourselves and for the world and read you one more verse one more passage than talk about specific signs specific sins that we should turn away from S thirteen versus forty five but when the Jews saw the multitudes they were filled with envy and contradicting a blaspheming they opposed the things spoken by Paul but then when Paul and Barnabas group bold they said it was necessary that the word of God should be spoken to you first but since you reject it and judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life behold we turn to the Gentiles when you give a man of warning when you give a church warning when you tell them the truth they should humble themselves and listen and consider whether it is true they should study they don't need to respond to you at the moment that they need to consider and find out what is right but if they oppose that truth if they speak evil of the what is wrong they may not like it and you just them but according that asked thirteen they have judged themselves and they judge themselves unworthy of everlasting life now the last few weeks I've spoken about the holiness of the sound I find it a continual struggle to keep that they holy as it is but it's a sense of this regardless have it's a sin to be a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God I've written an article one time about the danger of boardgames I limit myself now to only a few the year because I found myself addicted to them I found myself not Libyan a lover a pleasure to lovers of pleasures more than a lover of God and that is wrong wrong to be a lover of pleasure more than lover of God and their artifact board games that have been condensed because they create a lot of pleasure they increase the love of pleasure and they often lead to gaming and gambling repentant your lover are more than a lover of God if that is shown when you look forward to what you enjoy how you spend your time it is a sin the surgery Valley more than you serve your Savior when the Bible speaks about those whose belly is their God speaking of the class you fit into that class is your life show that you enjoying more we use that you think more about what you're going after visit shall by the way that you live that you care more about your food than you do about her repast if you buy candy and sweets when you know you should be not be buying nourishing food review would be embarrassed to have Jesus inspection approach you are really have to view each snacks or drinks sodas or otherwise shown little respect for your body Temple if you know those things to be wrong repent if you do that it is idolatry to seek more familiarity with the news than with inspired truth my wife and I been reading the first line of the testimonies in our family devotions we spoken there we read about things that take the nature of an item maybe you know the things that have taken the place in your life of Bible study repent if you find yourself keep that the testimonies if you're your editor if you just like reading an account of their rebukes if you're despising as we read earlier if you're despising the compassion of God repented you read novels or even triple like love stories that you think have good morals get rid of them and asked forgiveness for how you treat and got councils with disrespect fill your mind with the best things repented you show more love and concern for your pets than you do for your neighbors to read to you from the book at someone page one sixty eight a bit of inspired concepts I'm quoting someone who hath not children of their own should educate themselves to love and care for the children of others they may not be called to go to a foreign field of labor but they may be called to work in the variable locality in which they live in place of getting so much attention to pass lavishing affection upon animals that don't speak let them exercise their talents upon human beings who have a happen to win in a hell to show let them give their attention to little children whose characters they may mold and fashion after the divine similitude the work of saving the homeless and the fatherless is everyone's business repent if you avoid serious Bible study an account of an excuse such as this you have too little time or too much to do or you don't get the rep get anything out of your Bible study repents if you harbor grudges against family members or church members for things they have repent if you have let your prayer life slide and happy irregular and the way that you speak to God I mean that your devotion is slipping repairs if you occasionally using photography or visit adult websites are a few masturbate repent if you are cherishing for good in love that has love for someone of your own gender were talking about romantic or sexual love repentance if you have ever been in love letters from Mary personal for an unbeliever of her person that is too young I'm saying repented things I know are wrong if you don't know their own consider studying the testimonies yourselves discover what God is sad to read his opinion study your Bible repent if you watch entertainment that uses that language or includes violence or features romantic relationships that are applied to be sexual but outside of marriage repent if you watch anything you know would displease your angel and I've come across families now that what will these old television old movies that are so violent don't use such language yet even they are either good guys kill the bad guys and even in those the good guys get the ladies without bearing the Jew realize that the devil has saw the number reality of this nation and the wicked way you started with things that should have shocked us and now we find them harmless because they're not as shocking as what others listen to if you haven't written it well you have something to do and if you have written well you should repent and that will you are giving God 's wealth to those who are his enemies merely because they are your children repent to you in dollars and the child allowing him to waste his life and yours will avoid in useful work repent for that kind of indulgence ice would you like repenting of wasting precious time I'm trying to use every moment now repent if you do the same if you waste precious time so that a perfectly good days he's only a few hours worth of productivity what I'm saying is turned away from the sins and indulgences with which you have become comfortable take time in your closet or in the force behind your home find a private place and make a change but I've tried to do was deliver my soul I know people who need to hear these warnings and I suppose there are many like them I want you to do for yours we review the things we said today there are many we started out by reverses those verses were clear they sat to the wicked man may change if he receives a fair warning it's not like that I assume that he will discontinue while going the wrong way he deserves a warning you should get one and if I don't get it not only will he continue on his sanity lost I'm held accountable and that's a fearful idea I want to deliver my soul I can deliver my soul by taking warning I can deliver my soul like giving the kind of compassionate God gifts and if we find ourselves mocking that compassion because it irritates us we should take morning that way I know a man right now who is left our local church plant in Arkadelphia because he was irritated by the things he found in the testimonies concluding that those are not inspired is there any gospel or good news in this message there is it when the compassion to give warnings if there was hope in the warnings it's God 's mercies that fail not that are new enough every morning to warn us of our danger and if God did not love as he would not interfere with the sins in our life so turned away from the Stines and if you know someone who has sinned their life half the compassion of God and give them the warning they need to find a way to do it Galatians six first one gives you ideas about how to go about it it isn't so just confronting them in their phase and saying to them angrily that they are in danger Rachel is getting yourself off the hook now if you and I would get her sums up the government have to find a way to do it right let's do it let's try aloud spare not let it not be said of us that we let people go to ruin because we did not care to try to make a claim to them where they were in danger again I'm trying to deliver my soul and wants you to deliver yours and let's start us for prayer no less Neil our father in heaven I asked for those who are hearing this those who maybe cannot kneel because they're driving or doing something else that you would accepts humility in our heart that you would forgive us for how we've ignored your counselor despised and teaches them deliver our souls and how to speak plainly enough that people will see their danger I thank you for your haircut asked that Spirit will drive every reasonable morning home to those who need to hear how these gifts in the name of Jesus and the media was brought audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more assertive in www. auditors .org


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