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Overcoming Fantasy or Reality?

Dennis Priebe



  • March 23, 2007
    7:00 PM
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good evening VH1 beautiful day is in the couldn't ask for any better and we need this is the closable month of meetings around the Loma Linda area I can't think of a better place to close our time this area before we go on you know I brag on you around the country quite a bit people seriously wonder what was happening to the generation is growing up I tell them there's a little so you'll be you might hear somebody and mention what I've said the United States standard railroad gauge that's the distance between the rails is four feet eight and a half inches I was not an unusual number for the eight and a half inches wide they come up with that distance as a gauge for the railroad well that's the way they build them in England and the first US railroads were built by English expatriates question absolved right or now wanted English people build the rails exactly at that strange distance because the first rail lines in England were built by the same people who built the pre- railroad tramways and that's the gauge they used to build lighted that use that gauge because the people who designed and built the tramways use the same jigs and tools that they use for building wagon which used that saying wheel spacing well why did the wagons come to use that very on wheels facing when they tried to use any other spacing the wagons were prone to breaking down on some of the old long-distance roads because the raising of the old wheel Roth in those rows are no one wanted all the rest of the donated who built those old rutted roads that they had a adapt all of their tools to both long distance roads in Europe were built by Imperial Rome for the benefit of their legions in those roads have been used for centuries they were the great road builders and those initial rats which everyone had to match for fear of destroying their wagons were first made by Roman war chariots as they traveled to make sure that the Roman Empire held together in one piece since the chariots were all made to certain specifications by Imperial Rome they were all alike in the matter of wheel spacing so we have the answer to our question but there's still another one is that why did the Romans choose that wheel spacing the United States standard railroad gauge of four feet eight and a half inches derives now from the military specification for an Imperial Roman army war chariot and you know what the reason they design their war chariots at that exact spacing was it was just wide enough to accommodate the rear ends of two warhorses so the next time you take a nice little trip on the train looking down those rails you can thank the rear end of warhorses for your journey why do we do what we do because we've always done that way we've always done it that way past experience has a tremendous effect on present behavior and present that through the way of man is the way it is without a doubt now being most pervasive and universal experience of every one of us has been that of sending from our first memory we can remember things we did wrong when we took something we should when we set up something we shouldn't do that memory is deep within us and so from our first memory we have send sometimes constantly sometimes intermittently and even after being born again when you continue to sin and we need to confess and repent over and over again so the question is how can there be any other reality than that just like those old wheel ruts that we had to adapt everything to do we not have to adapt our present thinking our theology and our hopes for the reality that sin is just about as at present with us as eating or breathing or sleeping it's a reality we cannot escape from it seems and could this be why any talk of living without sending seems to be the ultimate fantasy the ultimate impossibility you ask your neighbor you ask your friend you ask yourself and every one of us is in the pattern and has have been all of our lives of sending and retention now we do read that our Savior was tempted in all points like as we are and we even read that the son of God become Son of Man was without sin and we believe that but then we ask the talking that connect with us and so we have a terrible time trying to understand how Jesus couldn't we can so we decided Jesus different reasons in God or he had a better nature than we do better equipment or yet up your mind then I do and so we come up with reasons that Jesus could and we can do before we go any farther we need to identify precisely what this thing called sin is in response to the age-old question what is Santa good after this will reply soon is the transgression of the law end of discussion and certainly when we break God 's tenth amendment law we stand with you know there are other nuances to send as well if you find in the Bible is one in Proverbs chapter ten verse nineteen that says where words abound sin will not be wanting talking too much his sin while while you are in the book of Proverbs look at chapter fourteen Proverbs chapter fourteen verse twenty one feet at the slide of his neighbor Senate of you look down on your neighbor is that I look at him her what are the way they dress the way they act their personality either the slides of his neighbor sin over the chapter twenty four Proverbs tells us a lot about improper behavior Proverbs chapter twenty four verse nine the thought of foolishness is sin and we done some foolish thinking now and then the final foolish thinking about stuff that is irrelevant I'm not important but just verbal pleasing to the New Testament with me Romans chapter fourteen verse twenty three Romans fourteen twenty three the last phrase summarizes the point whatsoever is not of faith is sin if you do it for any other reason than believing that Jesus Christ is the Lord and master of your life you do it for selfish reasons even if it's a good thing whatsoever is not of faith is sin itself produced for selfish motives James James chapter four verse seventeen therefore to him that know what to do good and do with it not to him it is sin doing a lot of things that we should do it we just don't do it because were either too lazy or too ashamed or don't have enough time or whatever the reason might be we know what is right we know we should help that person that is in need and we know their needs but we ignore therefore to him the note to be good and do with it knock to him it is sin these businesses then open up a whole new more ask don't they more than just breaking one of the ten Commandments in their superficial way when we speak of sin we are in mortal combat with the most deadly fall in the universe with all kinds of ways to move us into his plan God standard for his people is high David there are differences between big and little since I doubt there are God 's plan seems impossible because of all of these things and therefore we are drawn to a gospel which assures us that God understands that we can't do anything really but sin and he will accept us as long as we want to serve him while we don't really carry it out in that gospel gives us an assurance that salvation is possible as long as we want to open then we go to the book of Revelation spells out another kind of sin in that last church of which we are apart what is its name Laodicea and it is lukewarm just lukewarm complacent apathetic not doing anything content with the status quo happy with a little bit of progress that we've made almost impossible to convince a Laodicea that the study he or she needs to make any changes because it is okay it's not so bad after all and the biggest problem of the Laodicean Adventist 's pride pride looking at myself and say I'm better than someone else is that intellectual acceptance of truth without an experience that goes along with it pride of learning especially in a place like this in which you struggle to learn is very strong among us pride of learning pride of learning Friday even in our strong Seventh-day Adventist church pride in a lot of things from maybe we can even look at the problems that we have in our institutions and our lifestyle because were proud of the status quo at least accepting up you know I think if the sin problem that the church was good his highest priority to there a lot of problems here but the greatest problem confronting our church today is not budgets or better programs or better activities but it is the problem of getting sin out of our lives once and for all that's the biggest problem we have in that problem could be solved we saw all the other problems but it seems impossible how can it be our greatest problem is not Daniel eight fourteen our greatest problem is not whether there's a sanctuary in heaven our greatest problem is sin in our lives that pulls us down from our great hopes and ideals in our doctrinal truth and even we know the truth and we are the RAM sin as a hypnotic power it presents itself in the most alluring tempting forms Satan is many ways to attract our minds and you know what they lay temptations to sin are a far more dangerous thing than the temptation Satan will throw at us at the end of time many you are waiting for the blistering time of persecution to come upon us to take our stand for the truth are being daily beset with just a little nagging temptations and falling rather regularly while waiting that great day in which we will stand for the Lord and we will be we would be willing to die rather than to deny him we're yielding to all kinds of pressure suddenly apply to us and we sin without even knowing they can look with me at another text Luke chapter twenty two Luke chapter twenty two you know the story well verse thirty one good old Peter twenty two thirty one and the Lord said to Simon Simon behold Satan hath desired to have you that he may sift you as wheat is a glaring persecution sifting the sifting process Satan wants to just draw you into his track only little gentle devious pressures to deny what he knew to be right if attacked directly when Peter had a problem what happened when Jesus was in the garden he took his star Eddie was ready to take care of business and he only got purple for guys here he wasn't aiming for a year that was Peter but while mingling rather carelessly with the crowd in the court of Caiaphas Peter let go his garden all of a sudden a simple little statement you know him your part in March and all of a sudden peters guard was down and he was slipping in the whole process pure pressure was too much for him and I submit the peer pressure is our single greatest problem here pressure those around us he was willing to ignore prison and therefore the Lord but not the subtle suggestion of a young lady the servants who said you looked like one of the then everything was gone and he couldn't stand up forth Satan is very crafty he does not usually attack has had all he comes in from the side or from behind this quite often now well-meaning friends well-meaning friends become Satan 's best allies to cause us to lose our focus and to slip away from what we know to be right when they suggest to us the things that constant compromise with prevailing fads what's going on around us the current in thing to do again used by Satan you know what more dangerous even in persecution even then here pressure is the influence and pressure of false teachers perhaps the strongest pressure being applied to sincere activists today is coming from our respected teachers the ones we have learned from and been blessed by who are shifting our attention gradually away from the one problem that faces us as a church and as individuals that of overcoming sin to many other interesting topics how we should run the church what programs we should use should we ordain women interesting topic all kinds of topics that are interesting and fun to discuss and come to grips with is there a future interpretation to Revelation prophecies all kinds of things to divert us from the one needful thing sin in our lives receiving the Holy Spirit in total control the danger is very real and I don't think it's coincidental that these messages in these issues are coming from a different gospel that has ever been seen in Adventism is coming from outside Adventism into Adventism I don't think that's a coincidence going to do another Bible text Matthew chapter eighteen Matthew eighteen the story of a servant would a multimillion dollar debt to the King verse twenty six the servant therefore fell down and worshiped him saying Lord have patience with me and I will pay the all all that was smart wasn't limited into lifetime to pay off that debt yet no concept of the magnitude of his death November twenty seven then the lord of that servant was moved with compassion and lose them and forgave him the debt what a picture of the Lord 's amazing grace we have absolutely no way of paying off the mistakes of the past he forgives completely the death and that's what happened right here I wish the story ended right there don't you unfortunately it doesn't after being forgiven this multimillion dollar debt in our terms he goes out of bounds outlines a fellow servant who owed him a little bit it was something it was a few days pay verse twenty eight the same servant went out and found one of his fellow servants which showed an hundred pence and he laid hands on him and took him by the throat saying paid me that I'll always and you know this guilt treat a fellow servant you read the story he falls down just like the other servant bid before his Lord and he has the same words please forgive me same language everything is the same the new remember his own words then you remember what happened just a little while earlier and the lessons of this parable are very very clear in their very vivid the first servant had no comprehension of the enormity of his death no comprehension at all and when he was forgiven he had no adequate realization of how much she had been given at how gracious his Lord was to him yet no understanding about either his heart was not touched or humiliated or drawn by the love of the Lord he was still self oriented in his heart the new birth it never happened in this man if you never been baptized he came up from the water just the same as he went down into the water he hadn't been changed by this experience he never rose to walk in newness of life oh yes there might've been a superficial ecstasy I've been forgiven I am bringing I'm not going to jail I've been saying and on he went to do would be good the ecstasy didn't translate into a personal change of heart are we also in danger of following a false gospel that promises forgiveness without Reformation that for the Christian gospel is all about today forgiveness yes the Lord forgives all your sins all you know you'll reform partly but never completely not on this earth forgiveness without Reformation that allows to send to continue in the born again experience yes you just have to accept it that mistake emotional excitement for real Christianity all of us are familiar with the Willow Creek community Church in South Barrington Illinois and that was the role model for many other churches that have been spawned since that time more than a few activists have been drawn to this kind of thinking this way of seeker friendly churches and Adventist review editorial and in nineteen ninety seven reported that Adventists both pastors and laypeople make up one of the largest groups at Willow Creek 's half-dozen annual seminars well that's been replaced by other churches and other seminars in the past years but is still going strong and were still very interested such forms of worship is contemporary music and theatrical drama with a spiritual tone designed to make people feel at ease are now viewed by some happiness as being indispensable especially in saving this generation the generation that is coming up the new generation of Seventh-day Adventists GA Prichard wrote a book called Willow Creek seeker services and he is not a Seventh-day Adventist he makes some very interesting comments in his book printer high schools that's the main pastor then and his staff approach the various aspects of culture as merely pragmatic tools to further the communication of the gospel in other words music and all the things of society are neutral instruments which can be harnessed for sacred purposes tried that approach didn't be used something that was familiar to the people and he said it was a feast of the Lord it is not trying to deny the Lord is not trying to go into idolatry he was using a symbol that was part of their culture to draw attention to go to worship of God symbols familiar to culture again being used today speaking Willow Creek Richard states as kindly as we can although their intentions are good the methods have dented the war the content of the Christian gospel and that he gets specific Pritchard writes of how despite the clear teachings of Jesus Willow Creek 's official divorce policy allows individuals to divorce their spouses their spouses unwilling to be a viable marriage partner is not an interesting one unwilling to be a viable marriage partner he recounts a survey taken among Willow Creek attenders which reported that while ninety one percent playing their highest value was having a deep personal relationship to God ninety one percent we want a relationship with God twenty five percent of the singles thirty eight percent of single parents and forty one percent of divorced individuals admitted having illicit sexual relationships in the last six months same survey thirty three percent had lied eighteen percent of stolen twenty seven percent of the men have viewed pornography and twelve percent of married persons had committed adultery after announced the results of the survey to the Willow Creek congregation at according to height according to procure titles did not call the congregation to repent for their rebellion against a holy God Richard Wright titles did not teach about God 's moral law or warned his listeners to examine themselves to see if they were truly in the faith this is a subtle process of emphasizing the truth of God 's loving compassion and willingness to forgive which has distorted the truth about God 's holiness that's the problem there is no problem in the wanting to draw men and women for the love of Jesus Christ but there is a problem when you draw people to Jesus without knowing who he really is the holy one of Israel holiness Ellen White said it this way and selected messages volume two pages eighteen and nineteen there is a desire to pattern after other churches inspiration is wise is not Holy Spirit knows the young ministers seek to be original and introduce new ideas and new plans for labor the sinners entreated to believe in Christ and accept them without regard to his past life of sin and rebellion the heart is not broken there it is right there everything is good up to that point the drawing but the heart is not broken there is no conversion of souls the supposed converted ones have not fallen upon the rock Christ Jesus that through the transformation takes place in nowhere else humility and confession I think we need to remember that when great Bible revivals occurred when great revivals occurred in history great changes took place in the life of church members of the same time true revival brings change in the line the Holy Spirit does not ever bring revival with Reformation never and we must never never lose sight of that this is no time to plan congregations in which the beautiful people can safely worship with their worldly ways in fact without having to address them and deal with them bypassing the need for repentance and you know in some of our church papers we have found interesting things along the way little efforts to disparage the standards of obedience life means Sabbath keepers and mean vegetarians you become that something happens to your personality and you go negative one tragic statement there is no right way to worship God and the only wrong way to worship his anyway the Boers or shows little or thought or preparation don't think Keynes offering took a little forethought July branch Michael Lamb that would make me humiliated I would have to depend on someone time for me I don't need anybody dying for me it took for the and I doubt that the worship of the golden calf of Mount Sinai was more just the great divide in contemporary Adventism is not between generations as some would like to see it it is between those wishing to follow God 's written counsel to its fullest extent and those wishing to allude to live outside counsel that's the device today Ellen White was shown envision a council estate with his angels discuss an evil angels discussing how best to destroy the Seventh-day Adventist church we will they said leading them to conclude that the requirements of Christ are less strict than they once believe and that my conformity to the world they will exert a greater influence with world hasn't been successful in that life testimony administers four seventy four by conformity to the world we will have a greater influence with world things I came across these things that we need to be repentance up in review article forgive us for talking to ourselves being absorbed and activists try him for his while a dying world wanders off into oblivion forgive us for not understanding that it is not what goes into the mouth of the files the person but what comes out of the mouth forgive us for suggesting that all movement to music is evil when in fact some can build community health and innocent joy forgive us for turning countless people away from you through willful insistence on per referral matters of personal taste I was at cover a broad category forgive us for doing all of these horrible things I came across a very interesting study in ministry magazine couple years back about tithing in Australia very well done and here are some of their conclusions approximately fifty nine percent of side comes from the over fifty group who earn about thirty four percent of the total income realized by church members as a whole or I the youngest member on the executive committee doing this study said my age group is not getting five they continued the younger of high payer is the less likely he or she is to return five among the younger groups while many still tied they frequently do not type the full ten percent so number one in their conclusions is that younger after this are not faithful type errors or whatever reason they continue this at all kinds of graphs lately reading the paper found that high is often diverted to places like a church budget and various offerings for the church from thirty two percent of the individual survey diverted their ties to that place they found that twenty five percent diverted that the Sabbath school offerings for missions they found nineteen percent diverted their type the address and to Red Cross all kinds of good places to put your donations of time type number two being diverted to improper destinations not sanctioned by the word of God but it seems good it seems logical sixty two percent of the under fifty group said I think I should tie but I need to get into the habit of typing regularly so that their conclusion is that young Tigers need a stronger motivation to talk it into the half get regular wealth three basic conclusions from a very thorough thorough study of tithing trends in Australia courses like that here right but you know what in this great article on nice survey with good statistics to back it up not one word about why this was happening what were the causes of this decline in returning at a faithful time not one word about spiritual decline in personal lives not one word about an evangelical gospel which said tithing is a salvation issue anyway don't worry about it's an option not one word about liberalism or anything else no reasons for this yes this is the way it is and will have to try to fix it you were pretty good at our surveys were not so good at figuring out why things go wrong and what needs to be corrected now the hard part of my presentation tonight I like to lay down general principles and let you make specific applications of those general principles I prefer not to get into specifics I'd like to lay down the principle and let you think about how you will apply that principle that once in a while once in a while we need to get specific and tonight 's finale can we be saved while knowingly sinning against God and not recanting and then what are those sins which we are participating in which will cost us our relationship with God if we do not leave them confess them and surrender them can we be saved while making a steady diet of watching just about everything or a fair share of what Hollywood wants us to see knowing that what is produced there is produced by people who have little or no regard for God certainly not for religion and not for standards of morality morality is you get as good as you can get and what it was stronger wins is a sin in your mind with that while that might not while that's reaches through to your subconscious mind and by beholding you do become changed not even knowing how the change takes place can we be saying in a saving relationship with the Lord while making that our God can we be in a saving relationship with the Lord Weiler listening to music that is produced by those who not only ignore God but hey polar heart and are doing everything they can turn around the lifestyles and values than the morality of every young person they can find in UBC saving relationship with the Lord while participating in that hatred of God and then there is the sad Sabbath is a holy day or is it a holiday we look forward to that day all the pressures of the week are done and now we can get out and cut him let loose and just have fun and do the things that we enjoy doing and just do whatever feels good or is it truly a holy day in which we honor God stay close to him commune with him and due in July the things that he has provided for us or we simply asking the question what is fun to do today can I do something different today I'm bored I want to try something better is Sabbath keeping really relevant among us today key question and then there's withholding five right talk about that the Bible says if you keep your tieback you wrong can you be a saving relationship while robbing God is that possible then perhaps the biggest the hugest problem of our society today is pornography and I mean that you just came across some interesting things that just lose my mind it's a huge business and of course like most businesses they don't care too much about the end result they care about the money along the way in the United States and these figures are surpassed now an estimated ten billion dollars per year is May that's more than Hollywood's movies that's more than the rock music industry is about equivalent to total US foreign aid observers suggest that this is a one thousand times increase over the past thirty years that means that there is about one thousand desktop times as much pornography around us than there was in the nineteen seventies one thousand times more and of course you know what is made a quantum jump don't you of course is the Internet it's moved into new realms that it never even been able to tap before and this figure is old as well but at the figure that I have is there are three hundred thousand sources of pornography at the click of a mouse and they suggest that this industry will grow by five hundred percent per year because of the demand for research suggests that sixty percent of all web use is sex-related sixty percent so you're not using your portion guess where the percentage of going this I believe is one of the most huge temptations today throughout the world and very real in the Christian world and very real in our it's killing us it's killing us and then there's dressing when we choose the clothes we wear why do we choose them it is because someone says that if we don't we will be out of style and no one will look at us at all or appreciate us and they will laugh at us what are the reasons for choosing our dress style let's be honest here others nothing wrong with being in fashion if fashion is modest and careful and right but fill the question is you buy a new dress or a new suit because last year is out of style already why do we choose that Ellen White did make a comment once that the idolatry of fashion is doing more to destroy faith in Adventism than just about any of the single thing those are just a few of the obvious sense and then there are the less obvious sense the sins of the spirit costs isn't it so easy for all of us good people just a pass on a little tidbit about someone we hear it how can we help telling her best friend about we do it with the best of motives one just this is what I understand and we we need to talk about it and we haven't check to see that's true we don't know that we just heard and we pass it on and somebody is destroyed by murder by slow degrees and then there's just plain old inpatients when something doesn't go right and her spirit rises up and were unhappy because there stopped that activity that plan that project and our spirit rises in impatience resentment resentment because we didn't get a fair break somebody else thought we should've gotten we are angry because somebody did something right alongside of that is in the they had a better than we have it isn't there I've worked hard and then they get their grades easy guide to study twice three times as hard all kinds of in the they had money I don't all it goes on and on discouragement may be because of all the above factors and we feel self-pity for the return things are right it isn't fair I missed reading for me and then there's another factor that sometimes gets into the mix and that's control some of us try to control the behavior of others not just suggest not just persuade but if we have any leverage over them if they are part of our household for instance or if they are in any way connected to us that we can we control their behavior and their thoughts and their attitudes there is a control problem among us as well and there's a critical spirit but always gone wrong look at the problems of the school of the problems of the church look at the problems in the pastors look at the problems here look at the problems there and we spent all of our time in negative diatribes against the things that are wrong in the church and there are plenty of things to talk her spirit becomes again restate we strike out in all kinds of ways well that's just a sampling I could go on but I'm not going to we need to get specific can we be saved while practicing these and other known sins and not confessing and repenting and forsaking can we walk in a relationship in which the Holy Spirit is controlling our lives while these or other things that Satan is drawing us to take control of our mind we need to get serious about this we need to address fears what elder Pearson said a number of years ago Jesus Christ the angel declares pain to save his people from their sins not in their sins this is an important truth God 's people must never lose sight of we can be safe from the stand but never in sin salvation as hours when he is out of sin and keeps us out of sin there is no other way the apostle Paul emphasizes the need for continual victory over sin in the life of a child of God put away lying he wrote the believers in Ephesus speak every man truth he urges was in that stole steal no more let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor evil speaking be put away from you and these words Paul stresses the need for victorious living overcoming sin unruly tongues must be paying the evil minds must be clans unfeigned passions must be subdued crowd selfish hearts are to be broken on the rock Christ Jesus ours is not a personality problem it is a character problem was get off that is the way I have and that's just the way it have to be this way my parents were in this is to take me for what I am being Christ and the angel assures us save us from our sins those Seventh-day Adventist weaknesses can and must be vanished vanquished through the Lord Jesus Christ thank God for the precious promises are all sufficient Savior is given us that he can and will save us from our sin splits look at one first Corinthians chapter ten thirteen about my favorite first Corinthians chapter ten verse thirteen there is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able do you realize that every temptation that comes view has been pretty monitored by God himself he will not allow Satan to come at you with something that is too big for you to handle and then it says will with the temptation also make a way to escape if you may be able to bear God provides a way of escape he does and are searched are searched even a desperate shirt research should be to find those ways of escape find them whether it's why a memorization or prayer or song or whatever it takes to move our minds away from the temptation of the moment a way to escape that she maybe able to bear and know after this to accept Ellen White as an inspired messenger can ever doubt her playing unequivocal statements about living like Jesus in that classic book desire of ages you're just a few samples page twenty four is life testifies that it is possible for us also to obey the law of God page one twenty three not even by a thought video the temptation so it may be with us talk about amazing statements page three eleven there is no excuse for sending as the Son of Man was perfect in his life so his followers are to be perfect in their life page six sixty eight as Christ lived the law and humanity so we may do it we will take hold of the strong core strength he is not bound by our strength taking hold of him page eight twenty seven in their human weakness they are enabled to do the deeds of omnipotence I want that I want to know how to do the deeds of omnipotence with promises like these let us not allow bad news bearers come to us with the thought that you can overcome it's impossible look at your lousy late nature look at your track record the good news is Jesus is stronger than all of that was not the bad news Bears it can overcome yellow overlord and you'll get them in any way and then when we do and we get to heaven our mission is to give people a living representation of what Christ is all about in our lives God is not ask us to do it's impossible so he has made ways possible that we don't even dream of the temptation is the past all the statements office idealistic no they just can't work it's a fantasy it can depend on them but if we take God 's word we can rise to the thrilling heights of God 's power in our feeble lie and see what God can do a Christlike life can be out I believe that era couple of other statements from the same inspired source ministry of healing one eighty is light declares that humanity combined with divinity doth not commit sin so then what commit sin in our life separate from divinity the Holy Spirit not sure we can send them selected messages volume one to twenty six by living a sinless life he testified that every son and daughter of Adam can resist the temptations of the one who first brought sin into our world every son and daughter but you ask me testimonies volume one one forty four we can overcome yes only entirely Jesus died to make a way of escape for us that we might overcome every evil temper every sin every temptation not much left is there covers it all acts of the apostles five thirty one the Savior showed that through cooperation with divinity human beings made in this line attain the perfection of character this is God 's assurance to us that we too may obtain complete victory fantasy or reality thank God we have exceeding great and precious promises these are promises there are commands these are promises of what God can do for us the promises that we surrender ourselves daily totally to God 's will he will transform us by his Holy Spirit he will do that that's the promise just as Jesus was born of the Holy Spirit and every word that came out of his mouth was blessed by the Holy Spirit every one of us can have that same experience that the gospel anything short of that is a false gospel to recognize when we hear every evil tendency every habit can be overcome turn to the book of Titus with me Titus chapter two verses eleven to fourteen five is to verse eleven for the grace of God that bring us salvation that's our start don't start anywhere else don't start by by lifting yourself up by your bootstraps I'm adequate is inadequate that for the grace of God that bring us salvation hath appeared to all men teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly nuts we should live soberly righteously and godly in this book present world looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us why that he might redeem us from all iniquity and purify unto himself a peculiar people zealous of good works would we hazard a guess that a purified people truly is a peculiar people in this world today that's what peculiar is all about address styles here not talking about homes that we live in talking about purify purified people a peculiar people in this day and age where sin abounds with more about grace grace grace is stronger than your sin grace is stronger can you be more than conquerors through him that loved us it's another promise right all these are promises every single one of them Ellen White God has made it possible for us to be over comers every day and he will get muted grace that we may be conquerors review March twenty six eighteen eighty nine it will just submit our mice to him so my friends let us reject our past experience of fraud aside our past experience of sending and repenting and setting and repenting let us put that aside as a marker for the future list not get into those wheel ruts of the old Roman warhorses that plagued us all our lives let us reject that as a norm for the future let us make news facing for our lives new tools new methods new ways of approaching life every day not the way we done it not the way we seem to the old saw that the only way it could be done Revelation let's finish it up Revelation chapter three percent Revelation three ten because thou hast kept the word of my patients by also will keep me from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world tried in the dwell upon the year who is going to do the keeping female that's the promise I will keep the from your all our invasion from the world 's hour of temptation it we believe that no one can take our crown no one will be able to steal eternal life from us that was trying to do that some of our friends are trying to do that don't let them don't let them take that away don't let any grudge that you bear toward someone else in the school in the church in the your family cost you eternal life it is worth it yes they may have wronged you yes you got the short end of the stick yes I said things that were untrue about you but don't walk out of heaven because of that don't walk out of eternal life because somebody hurt you it's not worth it it's worth you finish up with early writings page two ninety five we are homeward bound the new Jerusalem is our place of rest again I looked and saw the earth purified there was not a single sign of the curse God 's entire universe was clean and the great controversy was forever and wherever we looked everything upon which the eye rested was beautiful and holy in all the redeemed host old and young great and small casts their glittering crowns of the feet of their Redeemer and prostrated themselves in adoration before him and worshiped him that limits forever and ever the beautiful newer with all its glory was the eternal inheritance of the sex that's what it's about and nothing else matters no problems were facing in this life matter no pressures were facing matter our focus has to be on I can't let that slip out of my grasp were talking about eternal dear were talking about a life way beyond anything we can imagine when the universe is clean pure clean what a shame if we would find out find it hard to live in that universe what a shame we would have to run behind every tree to do the things we like the high from the eye of God God would want us in that and we wouldn't either that's why some can't be there and would not enjoy at all so let us give our minds focused right now on what that life is like today so that I can walk into heaven without culture shock that I can walk into heaven thinking the same things doing the same thing saying the same things that I been saying right here on earth in doing don't let anyone take your crown it's way too expensive throw it away for what this world of would you deal with me father in heaven we come to you on this Friday night beginning another Sabbath day and Lord we want to keep the Sabbath day holy not because were earning our way to heaven not because were achieving something but because you are holy and were tired of being unholy old Lord help us help us to learn how to live holy lives life like Jesus lived which are the most enjoyable life in the world and yet our holy may receive the beauty and the pleasure and the joy that we can have what everything in your hands and trust your word and walk away from the sins which we know are breaking our connection with you may we have the courage tonight Lord walk away if there are sins in our lives that are breaking on that connection so Lord on the Sabbath day may we rejoice they we worship your name and may we come one step closer to walking in the new earth because of the Sabbath day I pray in Jesus name amen


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