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God On Trial

Dennis Priebe



  • March 24, 2007
    10:00 AM
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greatest trial in history was brewing the most majestic being that God ever created was filing suit against his creator God Lucifer son of the morning was becoming filled with pride because of the beauty the intelligence and the power that he had been given by the creator Lucifer remember was the five-star general of the heavenly universe this morning we're going to let inspiration pull back the curtains for just a few moments as to events that happened long before we came on the scene even before this earth was created right to start with early writings page one forty five when God said to his son let us make man in our image Satan was jealous of Christ he wished to be consulted regarding the formation of man and because he was not he was filled with envy jealousy and hatred you know that you and I are the cause of the whole problem God decided to creat create us in his own image apparently a special unique race we don't know and Satan said I want to be on the planning session I deserve to be in that Council of three so the whole thing began this statement is from review and Herald September seven eighteen ninety seven the complain of the supposed defects in the management of heavenly things and sought to fill the minds of the Angels with his disaffection thus the seeds of alienation were planted afterward to be drawn out and presented before the heavenly courts as originating not with Satan but with the Angels notice what happened here the and so a little seed the question why did not do it this way couldn't not done better that way the options are better on this side and then he came back and said why just think the Angels we say very carefully done in secret he whispered his disaffection to the Angels a word here in the word there opened the way for a long list of supposition sometimes today we have many questions don't wait about the way the universe is run how God is handling things what will happen at the end of time and all the things the mysteries we have a long list to there were long lists up there be patient with your questions they will get answered a bit too eager God will take care of the questions the Angels work patient some of them in his artful way the drill expressions of doubt from them then when he was interviewed he accused those who get agitated you laid all the disaffection of the ones he had led all their other ones that are doubting let's look at this angel that one over there that one they are the ones that have questions is not meeting the Lord saw you Satan was making of his powers and he set before him truth in contrast with falsehood time and time again during the controversy Satan was ready to be convinced ready to admit that he was wrong catch that very carefully almost time after time Satan was ready to say yes I made a mistake I can reevaluate remembering a bit at this point it is not rebellion yet it is question and God honors questions of their honest questions it is not value question that you don't have a good answer for God was willing to let Satan say I miss John all rethink my position time and time again Satan was ready to say I made a mistake but those who yet deceived were also ready to accuse him of leaving their you brought us all this way and now you'll walk away and leave us hanging what should he do submit to God or continue in the course of deception Satan Lucifer then had a major problem on his sense yet so the seeds of doubt he had gotten the Angels the question now substantial number of them were depending on him and he was ready to say hey I made a mistake maybe I can go back and all of a sudden ones that wear you misleading or say that you got us this far now what he had a dilemma on his hands one other thing this shows that this whole thing from a fair amount of time we have no idea how long this was not done quickly enough from the Bible record very brief it seems like all this happened like that fair amount of time to go through all of this process of evaluation and answering questions God does not do things hastily either then or now well to curb this brewing palace to the father called an assembly of all the heavenly host and he explained that the son had from all eternity then one with him omniscient omnipresent and omnipotent even that was a question with the Angels and the father had to settle that question at this great assembly again Lucifer was almost convinced an almost surrendered to I will close with and then for no earth like this even existed like you and I know over the thin controlled by plague and and and and and anger and murder and war how close it came the desert never would've come to this if you would adjust it on his knees at that time but his pride prevented them and so then he assembled his own meeting after the father 's meeting he assembled his own meeting and he described how unjust it was for God to bar him from this special counsel of three that he wanted to be part of the now were looking at story of redemption page fourteen as one agree he related the preference God had given Jesus to the neglect of himself Jesus gets to sit in the Council and he does the same work I do and exclude me from their counsel Lucifer declared that he would take the throne of God by force combat for the rebellion began at that point and with this threatening news the Angels rushed to the father to tell him of what was happening is that the father course didn't know what the Angels were helping out here story of redemption page seventeen they found the father in conference with his beloved son to determine the means by which for the best good of the loyal angels the assumed authority of Satan could be forever put down the great God couldn't want to hurl the arch deceiver from heaven but this was not his purpose he would give the rebellious an equal chance to measure strength and my with his own son and his loyal angels in this battle every angel would choose his own side to be made manifest to all all the heavenly host were summoned to appear before the father to have each case to determine the angel would have to make a decision one by one not by General vote one by one Satan unblushing Lee made known his dissatisfaction that Christ should be preferred before him he stood up proudly and urge that he should be equal with God and should be taken at a conference with the father and understand his purposes then Satan exultantly pointed to his sympathizers comprising nearly one half of all the Angels and explain these are with me will you expel these also and make such a void in heaven he then declared that he was prepared to resist the authority of Christ and to defend his place in heaven by horse of my again notice it was almost half of the third were cast out some angel change the minds of God allows that with information it allows us to rethink and it is not sin to rethink based on lack of information when new information comes to so now we come to the very first that the Bible there is nothing about this in the Bible so here we come to Isaiah chapter fourteen where it begins to introduce this picture to us from Scripture that you know this little phrase well chapter fourteen of Isaiah verse thirteen for thou hast said in my heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the stars of God I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation and the size of the North I will ascend above the heights of the clouds I will be like the most high all that were die it breeds raised is and that you what a sin is all about that one little word I will do what I want to do no matter what it costs and then we come to the next little vignette in the Bible in Revelation chapter twelve of the next act in this drama the most tragic three versus I have ever read in Scripture Revelation chapter twelve verses seven to nine unbelievable words and there was war in heaven I can't fathom I don't even know what title war it was I have no idea what that means war in heaven I know what war on earth is like it wasn't like that I've got a question right there to assess it as I see my guardian angel what is war in heaven all about tragic words in heaven where God dwells Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan which is even the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him now what happened right after that is very significant since it reveals the character of Lucifer and the character of Christ and we are going to go back again to early writings one forty six after Satan and those who fell with them were shot out of heaven and he realized it yet forever lost all its purity and glory he written and dead and wish to be reinstated in heaven he was willing to take his proper place or in any position that might be assigned there any possession but no heaven must not be placed in jeopardy all heaven might be marched through the be taken back for sin originated with him and the seeds of rebellion were within him both he and his followers wept and implored to be taken back into the favor of God look at that we've got repentance here we have gotten weeping we have gotten flooring we have those percent I'll take any position I blew it I'm sorry please take me back story redemption twenty five to twenty seven a little more Satan trembled as he viewed his work where is the visit not all a horrible dream is a shot out of heaven the lossy of sustained of all the privileges of heaven seem too much to be born he wish to regain the use is mighty frame shook as with the Tempest an angel from heaven was passing the cauldron and entreated an interview with Christ this was rather thin he then related to the son of God that he repented of his rebellion and wished again the favor of God he was willing to take the place got it previously assigned them to be under his wife's command Christ wept at Satan 's wool but told him that the seeds of rebellion were still within him you see that's where no angel could see what was inside that's where we can see what's inside that's where the only one who is omniscient can see inside the mind to know if there is genuine repentance or spill rebellion inside and here is where the Angel will one day trust God 's knowledge of what he saw and even then they didn't see it clearly feel the cross remember even then when safe and became fully convinced that there was no possibility of his being reinstated in the favor of God he manifested his malice with increased hatred and diary VMA and that's the picture now my friends there is a huge difference between outward repentance even with weeping and genuine surrender to God Lucifer the Angels wrapped fatefully that but did you notice what Lucifer wanted he wanted the privileges of heaven he wanted the privilege of the privileges of heaven now he saw were so much beyond anything he would ever have the rest of his life but all of a sudden it just melted his confidence is that I got to get it back I was the leader of the angelic host and now look at me the privileges of heaven without the character of heaven it just doesn't work Lucifer was sorry yes because he lost his future Lucifer was sorry because he lost his power Lucifer was sorry because now he was doomed to a very difficult existence but he wasn't truly repentant or else he would've clearly showed that he was willing to surrender every thing in his heart to Jesus Christ and then why did Lucifer next focus on you and me well not you and me but our parents why do you focus on Adam of the story of redemption twenty seven feet Lucifer knew something about God God is merciful God cares if God would make some provision whereby they adamantly might be part you got to do something like that then himself and all the fallen angels would be in a fair way to share with them of God 's mercy that God is come up with a plan to help them get out of sin city government have to take us back to so I can get them to sin I got a chance to go back on their terms key point right here everything about the great controversy and Satan is about his wanting to get back into its place of authority in heaven even today don't kid yourself that is not planning to go to hell Satan is planning to go back to heaven even today even after the cross believe it or not he is still planning to reinstate himself and his position even above the position of God and that is the key to understanding everything that happens during the six thousand years of this Earth 's history Satan 's desire to get back to his position and so with malice he anticipates the creation of Adam and Eve and their deception and their seduction into sin Young Paulson said something very appropriate here are general conference presidency said in God 's final and ultimate answer to the sin problem there are issues to be taken into account that are wider and larger than my personal salvation for the larger picture namely for the internal security of all creation God will also have provided a far-reaching answer that deals with the roots as well as the consequences of rebellion believe it or not it's not about you and me in limited about of Christ and the cross is not primarily about you and me it is about whether this universal exists whether God will be able to take care of the creation that he is made Ellen White put it this way and education one ninety the student I hope where all students the students should gain the knowledge of Scripture 's grand central pain we might be foggy on some points on Scripture some details of prophecy but we need to know Scripture 's grand central theme of God 's original purpose for the world of the rise of the great controversy out of the work of redemption fee the student should understand the nature of the two principles that are contending for supremacy and should learn to trace their working through the records of history and prophecy to the great consummation agency how this controversy enters into every phase of human experience how in every act of life he himself reveals the one or the other of the two antagonistic motives do you realize that that every word you speak every thought you think is demonstrating one or the other of the two antagonistic motives there are no neutral thoughts there is no neutral ground you are there expressing love her selfishness one or the other there are no other options in this world and how whether he will or not he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy you will be ground every choice we make every day is a decision about which side of the controversy whereon and we make wrong decisions when you get them right away right away all right Bob is on trial will his universe survive who will win for more than six thousand years he has been facing the accusations in the whole unit versus wanting to see how the whole drama will turn out will love which is the foundation of God 's government be stronger than pride self exaltation and selfishness that's it that's what it's all about love or selfishness which way will the universe go which way will win in Romans three four from today's English version you must win your case when you are being tried that means God you must win your case when you are being try again a little window from testimonies volume five page four seventy four Satan has an accurate knowledge of the sins which he has tempted down that's us to commence the present season the most exaggerated like the Clarion will God banish me and my angels from his presence and yet reward those who been guilty of the same sins that all cats not do this oh Lord injustice light from will not stand in righteousness and judgment Justice demands that says be pronounced against them he gets the argument I sent you I know I sent a look at all them that Senator take them back and seek me out that's not just in the Angels in the bond world will recognize that God can't do that your way will not work that's what he is saying right here so speaking cosmically my friends there is something far more important than your salvation are mine that's way down the list in terms of importance the new international version sets or the issue clearly in Romans three four so that you may be proved right in your words and prevail in your judging CD is making decisions will he prevail will he be proved right greater profits CPA the plan of salvation had a broader and deeper purpose than the salvation of man it was not for this alone the Christ came to this earth it was not merely the inhabitants of this little world might regard the long gone it should be regarded but it was to vindicate the character of God before the universe the act of Christ and I for the salvation of man would not only make heaven accessible to men but before the University would justify God and his son in their dealing with the rebellion of Satan what it's all about Satan wants to get back and God have to show the universe why he can't come back if the universe is going to survive and that's what the incarnation is all about and that's what the death of Christ is all about oh yes praise the Lord we get saved in the bargain only less than Satan is pleased for restoration be silenced once and forever so how would God vindicate his character you know education two sixty three across the frosts is a revelation to our goal senses we probably are we clear on that but our senses are really doled by six thousand years of sand were not the sophisticated bright intelligent people that we claim and think we are were pretty dull the cross is a revelation to our goal senses of the pain that from its very inception sin has brought to the heart of God every departure from the right every beat of cruelty every failure of humanity to reach is ideal brings grief to him across is God 's way of solving this great problem turn with me to John chapter twelve John twelve verse thirty one Jesus probably some of his most important words to his disciples John twelve thirty one now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be cast out was that he was cast out four thousand years ago that casting out was only like exile of your exiles a ruler of a country walks off to another country for safety only to wait for the day when he can come back in power it's happened many times that's all that the first casting out was he was cast out of heaven as an exile he couldn't live there that's almost but he did not lose the great controversy then this is the judgment time now shall the prince of this world be cast out and die if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men I will add the word all created beings to me that swept across lots it was the casting down of Satan from the minds of the loyalties of created beings that salary would lose not biophysical casting out of the environment of heaven this is what it's all about look up with me Luke chapter ten Luke chapter ten verse eighteen and he said under them I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven once again that is not four thousand years ago that is now as the disciples were casting out devils Satan is falling from his power from his authority from his credibility from the loyalty of the minds of those we created that's the real point is what has to happen all right although by crucifying the son of God Satan has signed his death warrant yet obtruded himself from the affections of God 's created beings and again I'm quoting yet Satan was not then destroy the Angels did not even then understand all that was involved in the great controversy this is a complicated affair is there for a thousand years of human history there is Jesus incarnation there is the cross and the Angels got most of it they see that there is malice on-site art and love on God 's part but even then they don't understand everything the principles at stake were to be more fully revealed and for the sake of man Satan 's existence must be continued mad as well as angels must see the contrast between the Prince of life in the Prince of darkness man must choose him he will serve that's from desire pages seven sixty one the atonement finished at the cross I don't think so it was it should've been all over two thousand years ago it was all finished up across the death of Christ was finished the sacrifice was finished but the one meant process was not clearly defined even then something yet had to be clearly seen and so we come right down to our time throughout the Bible God makes it very clear that nothing is more important in all the universe than to have his reputation cleared and his name honor that's exactly what we read in Revelation chapter seven Jesus will not return the great controversy will not end until God has the people who make guarding the name of God and his character the most important purpose of their lives let's take a look Revelation chapters seven verse one after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth holding the four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow on the earth nor on the sea or on any tree if there is one verse in Scripture which describes us today right here in the year two thousand seven this is a and I saw another angel ascending from the east having the seal of the living God and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given earlier than the sea saying hurt not the earth neither the sea nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God in therefore hence why is God holding back his last day wins of terror and destruction costs people are ready hold back the east winds of human madness why God 's people haven't caught on yet as to the purpose of the gospel hold back the West winds of satanic fury that he wants to bring the visitor until God 's people are ready to carry out the last assignment that he has for them hold the wins until God 's people are sealable ready to be sealed hold the winds until God laugh people are ready with his final message or this Earth 's population hold them back because God 's people need to prepare down here we live in the days of the held wins that's where we are and God is telling the universe when he writes his name in the four heads of those whom he has chosen he is saying listen to them you can trust what they say I can give them my seal of approval the quality goes in before my name goes on the more wonderful than you have heavenly father right views personal name in your and my four head bypass signature goddess a here are people who let the Holy Spirit do is full were in their lives people who will reflect my glory perfectly I am no longer embarrassed by them I no longer have to explain their glitches they are what my gospel says they can be and they have my seal of approval now what is the seal that makes things so angry Marinol two hundred just as soon as the people of God are sealed and therefore heads is not any Steeler market can be seen by the settling into the truth both intellectually we need to know what this is all about and explain and spiritually so they cannot be moved we need much more than intellectual knowledge we need spiritual commitments so we can't be moved just as soon as God 's people are sealed and ready for the shaking it will come as soon as we are ready to be sealed it's all over it's not about the poll it's not about the Christian Coalition it's about you and may God 's people sealable or unsalable that's what it's all about this is the time when the angels and all the unfallen beings are judging whether God is fair in his judgments that's really what it's all about about the men and women that he is ceiling is the really cannot trust them is that the right decision he's making is not putting too much on the line can you really put his seal and therefore is he will feel them through gospel of unlimited grace not limited rates but unlimited grace with power beyond dream tool all inherited and all cultivated tendencies the evil believe it or not all right now to prevent his ceiling and Satan knows this is what he got a prevent you got the world in his hands he can shake leaders begin J politics but he can stop this movement once it gets underway as we got to stop ahead of the to prevent the ceiling Satan has some Gospels of his own that he offers to us yes Gospels the log will let alone the law but as a result the law so high that no human being could ever hope to keep it holy it is invented it is POR it is righteous but of course no human being can do that but you don't have to worry about that you don't have to do that because Jesus did it for you and you just accept what he did the capital law no one you can will good law see or another one you can't keep the Commandments because you were born a sinner everything you do is send you live in sinful flesh you will always be falling short even by nature if not by choices but don't worry as long as you're sorry for it sorry for those things that's all the Lord requires God looks at Jesus record in the judgment obligors okay another one you shouldn't try to keep the Commandments because if you do you are a legalist the main thing to do is to have a relationship with Jesus of course we all recognize some truth in these Gospels their truth there but when you are told that it is either impossible or unnecessary to overcome sin you need to remind yourself that somebody else is manufacturing Gospels here besides God John all through the second book why about and now how far out about when are we coming Satan hates the everlasting gospel because the purpose of the gospel is to reproduce the character of Jesus that drive Satan furious people like that no way he is furious when people see through his Gospel which is really the new legalism when a man and a woman believes that they can be saved by believing in a legal adjustment on the books of heaven without a character adjustment in their hearts and calling that righteousness by faith then that is the ultimate legalism book adjustment without character adjust can anyone imagine what it will be like when men and women wake up in the second resurrection screaming at their pastors and teachers you told me that Grace covered my sins and that character didn't count you told me that my assurance of salvation was believing in Jesus that he died for me and I cannot add anything to him to what he has done for me and look where we are you told me that faith plus nothing was the way to avoid legalism you told me that any attempt at obedience of faith would be legalism and now look where we are you even told me that Ellen White had no theological authority and look where we are I'd hate to be on the receiving end of those charges and they will be made they will be met the good news is that Jesus Christ changes people so that they can be sealed with his seal this saving faith is the same kind of faith that kept Jesus from sending let us not be distracted with limited gospels drawn straight out about a length limit not a holy one of Israel all heaven is waiting to see that kind of person in these days before the wind blows before this world becomes a madhouse now this is going to happen their credit needs to be an attitude adjustment on our part I read about that in ministry of healing for seventy six the Lord has no place in his work for those who ever greater desire to win the crown than to bear the cross he wants men who are more intent upon doing their duty that upon receiving their reward men who are more solicitous for principal event or promotion we need an attitude adjustment are we in this business of Christianity to get to heaven no better not be that selfishness that I that the problem of Lucifer do we have a greater desire to win the crown and they are the crops Ellen White describes the popular gospel is merely a way of escape from suffering rather than as a deliverance from sin price object lesson forty seven loser very remember what it was still still today to be reinstated to the privileges of heaven without the character of which do we want the character of heaven even if there would be no heaven would we live the character of heaven that's the are we looking at heaven as escape from the difficult world are as freedom from the problems we have caused ourselves are we like a prisoner looking out into a beautiful park or the family is playing in all the prisoner can think of is how much he wants to be out there in the park with them and his family wants a little more than that his family wants prisoner to see what caused them to get a prison in the first place so they can be happy when he gets to the park all the stuff that has caused him all this grief all down these years yes we do we do need to be thinking about our characters yes but we need to get more attention in the gospel in the light of how our will be vindicated by name not a holiday the focus needs to change why we do what we do I think I would change most of the answers we give those difficult questions should I do this should I go there should I listen to this should I participate in this it's not about whether God will forgive us he will forgive us but are we helping his cause are we moving us toward the close available things are we becoming sealable so that he will win I think we have to ask a different question we focus too much on our own happiness and even our own salvation we need to seek broader long-range principles here the great controversy between Christ and Satan with those of us who are living in these last days on centers they we are the demonstration generation for all the universe and they have never seen a generation that will be like this whatever and I asked the question will Jeremiah chapter fifty first twenty ever be fulfilled its tucked waiter the Old Testament hardly ever notice Jeremiah chapter fifty first twenty in those days and at that time said the Lord the iniquity of Israel shall be sought for and there shall be none zero and the sins of Judah and they shall not be found I want to see that day God wants us a lot more than I do this incredible statement education to sixty four in order to destroy sin and its results God gave his best beloved and he has put it in our our through cooperation with him to bring the scene of misery to an wide it's in our power when it happens but it happened a hundred years ago could have a hundred years from now is in our power to bring the scene of misery to an end incredible promise a revelation of how important we are to God 's plan Satan knows how much is riding on this Satan knows how much on the last generation counts I found this amazing pinions in the Spalding began collection page two while the places are falling the scapegoat is being led away he makes a mighty struggle to escape but he is held fast by the hand that leads him this is Satan trying to get one of us to sin after the close of probation that's his mighty struggle to escape at the only male escape he knows that if he should affect his escape getting one of .co people to sin Israel would lose their lives in Israel not just you and me all the faithful ones of all time because God would lose the great controversy and Satan would win he's planning to get back into I saw that it would take time to lead away the scapegoat into the land of forgetfulness after the sins were put on his head and take a little time to prove who's right and wrong all right it is quickly one final chapter in the story the wicked are brought to life saving the vast multitude Satan recovers from his hopelessness of a thousand years alone at the critical moment high above the city God 's throne is lifted up panoramic view of past in detail Satan 's rebellion and our place in that rebellion each one will see his or her own position and what we've said and done and the whole process Lucifer and his Angel will be an all-in-one will see that every effort of God was resisted that they made horrible choices along the way she was in rebellion at the end of the thousand years after the great white throne judgment I don't think one person will choose to change sides all yes some will want the privileges of heaven but they will not want the environment the character the purity of heaven they couldn't endure the heaven would be held to them and finally Satan himself bows down and confesses the justice of his sentence Marinol three forty five he confesses the justice of his sentence in full view of the evidence is that God 's ways right in my way doesn't work God has given them all the talented humans he could have the wise the brilliant and got to the dregs of the year the uneducated the simple the playing and with these leftover scraps of humanity overcomes all the hosts of evil and the universal see it very clearly and Paul said it so well I chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise God chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty and base things of the world and things which are despised hath God chosen and things which are not to bring to naught things that are in Ellen White at Satan sees that his voluntary rebellion has unfitted him for heaven and Philippians two will finally be fulfilled that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord that's the end of the story for over seven thousand years Satan has been plugged into a life-support system but he didn't deserve had no right finally he realizes that God is right and he has been wrong memory mouth will be stopped we are told in all the host of heaven will be speechless since utter extermination which in the beginning would've brought fear to angels and dishonor to God will now vindicate his love and establishes on or before the universe they guided by seventy one and just in case we've forgotten how is this all going to be accomplished the honor of God the honor of Christ is involved in the perfection of the character of his people that's how the honor of God Christ must stand complete in the perfection of the character of his chosen people your character is his glory revealed and you those two references are desire of ages six seventy one and signs of the Times November twenty five eighteen ninety seven it is all about God 's honor God 's good name and vindication of his name God will win will we be with him when he wins let us kneel in prayer place father in heaven we thank you so much for opening the curtains of heaven just a little bit and allowing us to peek behind the scenes those events which began the rebellion and then your great plan and what you are expecting to happen at the very end of the plan to finish the great theme of Scripture Lord help us the plug-in help us not to wander about in the deserts of our own experiences daily living wondering what the future might be help us to be preparing to be sealed may we make one purpose in our minds clear that nothing matters but being part of God 's team as we finish the great controversy together gone and I'm sticking I pray this in Jesus name and


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