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Christian or Adventist?

Dennis Priebe



  • March 24, 2007
    3:00 PM
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before we start this afternoon I've gotten in the habit in recent years adjourned a few news notes that come across my view about where we are in the scope of time history and closing events I thought this was very interesting as you know the old recently got himself some difficulty with the Muslim world by some comments that he made and it was very interesting when he said that Islam is a violent religion and it's very interesting that in their protest against what the Pope was saying they ride of the attack Christians of Mikael is very interesting response to his claim of a even issued a a five law to kill Pope Benedict for his blasphemous statements about Mohammed and so he thought he needed to mend some fences and believe it or not he did a Muslim type of tenants he went to the blue Mosque in Istanbul any pray toward Mecca show that he would be in harmony with the with their interest and the cameras focused on Pope Benedict as he bowed his head and began to move his lips in silent prayer the only sound you can hear the stillness of the grand Mosque was the slapping of cameras is news networks instantaneously being the startling message image to televisions around the world and it's very interesting I thought that you have to go back to the year ten seventy seven to find something similar to that King Henry the fourth the King of Germany crossed the Alps in the dead of winter to do penance for offending the pulp and once of the castle were Pope Gregory was aghast the king stood for three days barefoot in the snow before the king would give him an audience so there you have a king doing penance for the Pope and now you're Pope doing penance for the Moslem world very interesting times in which we live market another interesting news notes and official all three media website Imuran has posted a message heralding the coming of the Shiite messianic figure figure you mom mod the noting he would arrive with Jesus by the spring equinox so the Imam messianic Mahdi will come with Jesus he will appear on earth Mahdi will be the leader while Jesus will be his lieutenant in the struggle against oppression and establishment of justice in the world so that is the latest in their predictions from their perspective is what's going to happen and again interesting things but now more close to home the folks that are wanting to promote morality justice honor and faith in the United States there's an interesting perspective from the book the changing of the guard looked biblical principles for political action Christians have an obligation a mandate a commission of holy responsibility to reclaim the land for Jesus Christ to have dominion in civil structures just as in every other aspect of life and godliness but it is dominion we are after not just a voice it is dominion we are after not just influence it is dominion we are after not just equal time it is dominion we are after world conquest that's what Christ has commissioned us to accomplish and we must never settle for anything less keep in mind folks that in all the rhetoric all the things that we can agree with as for the concerns of our fellow fellow brothers and sisters in Christ it is more than just the voice of persuasion that they are seeking it is dominion and if that isn't the image the beast I don't know what is receding at form in front of our are another interesting thing a church in suburban St. Paul a congregation of five thousand members the pastor boy is his name he lost one thousand of its members twenty percent of his church left his church how do you lose one thousand or five thousand members by saying things like this America wasn't founded as a theocracy America was founded by people trying to escape theocracies never in history have we had a Christian theocracy where it wasn't bloody and barbaric that's why our Constitution wisely put in the separation of church and state I am sorry to tell you that America is not the light of the world in the hope of the world the light of the world in the hope of the world is Jesus Christ and he lost twenty percent of his church for that kind of rhetoric that is not what they want to hear and that's how you lose membership with your pastor in one of the large mega- churches today we are seeing it my friends if we are getting serious about the times in which we live I don't know when we will ever get serious this is the time above all that we are seeing Revelation thirteen fulfilled in front of our office now couple of analysis so we know where were headed together number one we had to meeting scheduled for this afternoon the first meeting will be more of a sermon presentation the second meeting will be more of a classroom presentation is there one or two of you that know what that's like around here and so we will break in between the two meetings and then after the second meeting we will do the time honored question-and-answer so you'll get a chance to ask the questions I can't answer that will do that after the second meeting also again we always bring with us our tapes CDs DVDs we have advanced into the big category of CD and DVD almost exclusively vows we have all of that material and and in addition to that the reason my son wasn't with me this morning was he was over two buildings removed and Doctor Rose Sabbath school class start of his scientific and approach to Sabbath school and and he presented his newest presentation called the blind watchmaker account for this very famous book came out a while back about the blind watchmaker and how it can solve the problems of life backup blind watchmaker really can produce all the things we see around us is the theme of the book and so his presentation was on diversity and design in the animal world showing how the evolutionary method really doesn't have good answers for that diversity in design so that was what he was doing over there and when I got done here I said where where's the rest of them and we went over there and they were going till twelve fifteen over there with questions and all kinds of things we got out on DVD as well just put it together and so that is available as well so we have some new productions in that area in addition to that I always bring with me some extra study materials little booklets and pamphlets on various subjects pertaining to the things I talk about and if you would like to have something extra to take home with you for your own personal study that I do not hand these out broadside you ask me for them and I'd be glad to share some things with you so ask if you wish to have extra study material and lastly again my website is available for anybody wants to dig deeper into some of these things the message I shared this morning gone on trial is on my website and many other subjects as well and you're welcome to access it IIIB .com Dennis IIIB .com is for your use if you find that helpful all right ready to begin this truism is that you have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to receive salvation and become a child of God the only Seventh-day Adventists have their names written in the book of life are there true born-again Christians and other Christian denominations to be clear on that aren't you turn to the book of acts with me acts chapter sixteen there is the famous story of Paul and Silas and they singing in prison until midnight and the great earthquake and the jailer ready to kill himself verse thirty finally when Paul said don't kill yourself were all here and all was all he kept all the prisoners there apparently verse thirty he brought them out and said Sirs what must I do to be say and they said believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be say and thought how it's and of story no doctoral studies abilities no going through twenty eight doctrines believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be say alright if it's true and you're right that a person doesn't have to be a Seventh-day Adventist receive salvation and it is true that happiness are not the only ones to have their names written in the book of life and it is true that there are born-again Christians in other churches throughout the world then what is him into the Seventh-day Adventist church that becomes the question that the result for Minneapolis there has been emerging identity crisis who are we and why what is our special purpose even came across an interesting article in a review article listen carefully to the words here we are part of a great Christian community that includes people of all denominations maybe we need to stop counting accessions the church membership that come from faithful Christians of other denominations and focus our energies on the real target of the great commission wedding lost people for the kingdom of God that's the focus the ones in other Christian denominations are not lost therefore we shouldn't focus on bringing Methodists into Adventism or Lutherans and the advent is a more Catholic than the Adventism but we should focus on those who deny any faith and they're the only ones that are lots we are all part of God 's great orchestra to conclude all of us part of one great orchestra singing God 's praises or someone wrote in a letter after that article was printed and said I'm glad the author was not around to persuade the early pioneers of Adventism to remain in their respective churches or the thousands of Christians including my mother who were convinced they needed to come out and join the remnant church there seems to be a loss of understanding of why God raised up the Seventh-day Adventist church I think it's important both as individuals and as members of a body of believers that we do come to grips with why in fact we are Seventh-day Adventists in the past years the conviction was held at the church the church at all life and death message to give to people it was not accepted people might well be lost but we didn't share this message they might not be say we spoke much of allegiance to the message or the truth don't hear those words quite so often these days do we the message the truth a key question emerges just clear is the church that God bring this church into existence to be a means to an end or as an end in itself that becomes an issue that everyone of us have to think through a little bit history teaches us that unless we are careful what God designed to be a means to an end becomes an end to itself discontinue its own existence for its own purpose we are here we can't die now we can go out of existence we got to stay as we are gone did call the Jewish people into existence as a means to an end or as a net means to an end reveal the character of God to the world around them and bring in the Gentile world to Jerusalem all of a sudden that means became an end in itself and now you had to be Jewish to enjoy the benefits of salvation and the blessing of God in fact when Jesus challenged the Jewish leaders look at their responses in the book of John John chapter eight after Jesus had just said you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free but their response John a verse thirty three they answered him we be Abraham 's seed and were never in bondage to any man is not interesting since the Romans were in control of everything they did write that but nevertheless we the Abraham 's seed and were never involved hey Matt verse thirty nine they answered and said unto Abraham is our father when Jesus said you are not free you are slaves they said no way were not so were not were not slaves we are children of Abraham when your child as to why you are a Seventh-day Adventist you go back to William Miller or do you go back to Ellen White God gave this message a profit God led this message out into this movement out from the Millerite movement we are children of men that's why we are Seventh-day Adventists could weave on the same track the Jews did we are the favored ones of God you are not therefore where better than you are as the coming of our Lord and Savior draws closer and closer I believe that Seventh-day Adventist Seventh-day Adventist church is not to be just another denomination in the denominational scene another is him in the many isms that there are out there we are to be a voice crying out in the modern wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord that is what we're called to do our mandate goes beyond the what our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ have been doing for centuries we're rather new on the scene Billy Graham has been responsible for bringing tens of thousands of people to Jesus Christ convicting them of their sin convicting them of the necessity to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior but the message God gave to this group this movement are pioneers was not just a message to call sinners to repentance better than done by many in past centuries but now to prepare those who had received salvation so they wouldn't be to see the minor events of the closing time and that's what I want to focus on right here the message that God has given this church is not just to save sinners for salvation as important as that is but primarily to keep us safe from being lost as early winds down into the closing probation to keep the say from being lost let's look once more at that great commission in Matthew chapter twenty eight the one that we always look at when we say what is our mission what is our purpose Matthew twenty eight you know where it is nineteen and twenty go you therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Ghost teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you and low I am with you always even at the end of the world is our message primarily reaching and baptizing or that his taskbar message is in the teaching to observe all things not just the basics not just the fundamentals but all things about the way God works and how we respond and especially he says even unto the end of the world for hundreds of years Jewish believers believe in the coming of the Messiah they were not all clear as to how we would or the circumstances of his coming they had some different ideas on that but for centuries that lack of understanding wasn't a real problem because as long as you believe that the Messiah was coming that he was going to be a deliverer and he was the one who was the appetite of the lands being sacrificed apparently it was enough even when they are thinking was a little cloudy about his mission but at one crucial moment in the year A.D. thirty one it now became important to understand more than that the Messiah was coming they need to know what he was who he was how he was coming and what his mission was and because they did not understand those things clearly they crucified Messiah all of a sudden what was allowable became treason against God and they were rejected as a nation to seek at crisis times truth becomes critically important if I get by with error in less critical times Martin Luther taught some errors about the character of God and yet God used them in a mighty way but those were not the crisis times in which you and I live just before the closing probation many of our brothers and sisters in Christ love the Lord Jesus with all their hearts they are committed to Jesus Christ and they are obedient to him as best they can to help their names are written in heaven there's no question about that yet many of them are overburdened by traditions not founded in the word of God and God has taken upon himself to get a message to these beloved children of his to tell them how Satan is deceiving them before the end of time and what it will mean at crisis time so they will not be stuck to the site 's errors this message is designed to strip away the errors that accumulated along with the good things throughout Christian history and our mission is to prepare the way for Jesus to come it is bigger than just bringing souls to salvation some people are saying that a Seventh-day Adventist we as the church ought not to preach doctrines just preach Jesus that's what our focus should be well the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist I believe are lashing out the gospel of Jesus Christ were not a life-and-death issue in past generations for instance our great-grandfather are great-grandparents who live and die with the newly that when they die they would go to heaven immediately and many of them lived and died without belief of them it may not matter but they were misunderstanding a crucial teaching of the Bible it was their faith their honesty and their hearts that matter but now in a generation which is amazed by apparitions of the Virgin Mary in which this will become a unifying force around the world to draw Christians into total unity and with perhaps the Moslem world as well it is now becoming critical to understand the truth about life and especially that and appearances from the dead at crisis time you see a doctrine can make a huge difference in the direction our lives in doctrine some people like doctrines very well doctrine is simply a statement that one believes it holds to be true for instance one could say that God is an absolute mind from which all ideas emanate that has to be a doctrine about God used your mind only it's another to say that God is the ultimate good from which all sense of value slow the doctrine about God another person to say that God is an absolute impersonal force permeating all nature and ourselves and we have defined this God within us that's also a doctorate about it all and sundry deny the existence of God altogether that is a doctrine about God but doctrine is simply a teaching about God as someone else might say no not as a person is infinite in wisdom he's loving he's caring he has created beings in his own image and then when I got the trouble is that his own send out the dive for them in and give them a chance to live eternally it makes a difference which Doctor Ridley in terms of our lifestyle our attitudes our perspectives the belief system the worship practices the relational structure and the ethical norms flow out of your concept of God and are shaped by your doctrine of God we will live differently depending on our doctrine of God how we perceive them out evenly we understand the in fact let's look at Matthew chapter fifteen Matthew chapter fifteen of us be very careful not to denigrate doctrine as some are doing Matthew chapter fifteen in verse nine Jesus said to the people that he was having trouble with in vain do they worship in vain do they worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of their and we got some commandments of men in our world today among those loving Christians that are in gospel to life the book of life and will it cause them trouble they'll malign so we need to think about our doctrines very carefully some Christians again say don't confuse this with doctrine what we want is Jesus well then which Jesus is that the profit that the Moslem world will accept just a good and proper a good teacher urgency is he a good teacher one of the many incarnations of the absolute force that Hindus would expect is the other mod all person better humanist would say I want to be like that you have good values or is he perhaps a radical reformer who tried his best to reform the system and failed and died as a marker which doctrine will we believe which definition if you believe that Jesus is God taking upon himself human form thinking our sins upon him as sending again to sit at the right hand of God ministering in the holy place and coming back at the end of time which doctrine do you prefer to believe about Jesus Christ it makes a difference doesn't which Jesus you worship without doctrinal clarification you won't know which Jesus really is the true Jesus at all it's not a question of Jesus versus doctrine it's a question of Jesus in doctrine Jesus cut through all doctrine can one be saved by believing a doctrine John Wesley said well the devils believe and still remain Devils salvation is a result of accepting Jesus as Savior no question about that coming to him placing allies and him walking as he walked living as he lived trusting in all life grace and power if salvation is coming to Jesus and accepting Jesus as the Savior do we need the doctrine of Jesus we want to make sure we go to the right Jesus don't we turn it into one vortex acts chapter four acts chapter four and verse twelve neither is there salvation in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved the only salvation that he this is in the Jesus of Wigle portrays Jesus of any humanist are Buddhist or Moslem theologies this is the only Jesus would say it's been even a false Jesus was a Jesus that never existed and you will believe in a false gospel guaranteed it is critically important to believe in the right Jesus Jesus of the Bible and some even to try to make a distinction between Jesus and behavior came across this interesting little article I will even go so far as to say that even if it slows down behavioral Grove it is supremely important to stay more focused on Jesus than on behavior interesting thought even if it slows down behavioral growth we need to stay focused on Jesus is not possible if you stay focused on Jesus with your behavioral growth be slowed down how's that possible this database is not available if you're focused on Jesus your behavioral growth will shoot up like a abandonment of a trade by that very thing even if it slows down behavioral growth we must focus on Jesus saw madness even want to say that we should baptize people into the body of Christ that's the Christian core and after they've been baptized into the core teachings of Jesus Christ then the Adventist essentials should be talked about gradually along the line well with our pioneers think too highly of that back in the early days after eighteen forty four they talked about a body of people committed to Jesus Christ and our pioneers made no difference at all believe me between the body of Christ and being Seventh-day Adventists we lost that the remnants you know what it is Revelation chapter twelve seventeen you don't even have to look that one up Revelation should well verse seventeen the Dragon was wrong with the woman in way to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ and again a defining matter there and of course we think about Commandments is yes we administer the ten Commandments but let's listen him a blessing fifty five Jesus proceeded to show his hearers what it means to keep the commandments of God that it is a reproduction in themselves of the character of Christ at commandment keeping anything short of that is wanting to keep the Commandments hoping to keep the Commandments wishing to keep the Commandments the character of Jesus Christ the name Seventh-day Adventist should tell us something shouldn't it that this means faithfulness to the teachings and lifestyle of the body of Christ as he taught it for instance if we believe that we should just have a core of doctrines that are essential for salvation which doctors will be choose to leave out these are core doctrines this will say these are nonessential doctrines of salvation which are the doctrines we will choose to set aside in that area will it be the Sabbath with the baptism by immersion will it be Christian behavior are they not also Christian core essentials as well as the believe in Jesus Christ as Savior the entire doctrinal system must be true or no part of it is really true it all it's got a hold must discover unity here not just picking out parts thirty first John first John chapter two verse four first John chapter two verse four remember again were reading the apostle of love data set I know him and keep if not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in a but whoso keep up his word in him verily is the love of God perfected hereby know we that are in him that we are in him he that saith he invited him ought himself also to walk even a seawall is not crystal clear deleting the hedging about that if you're saying I believe in him I abide in him I know him we have to be living like him and Christian behavior is involved in that and Christian standards and Christian lifestyle that is not one of the peripherals that his heart and soul of being part of the body of Christ but then what about acts chapter sixteen thirty one believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and also me say it's all there was no doctoral set of beliefs would you quit smoking when you quit drinking etc. etc. believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shall be say one little thing to remember here there weren't any huge heresies going in the first century like we had today huge heresies it wasn't until later in history with the onslaught of paganism and Greek philosophy and all of this coming into the church that church leaders began to bring in totally wrong teachings into the Christian church totally false teaching Sunday worship salvation by works infant baptism immortality of the soul all the things began to come in does that not make preparation for baptism today just a little more complicated than it was when Peter was preaching and Paul was preaching I believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today you have to disbelieve some of the heirs of Satan that a become commonplace Orthodox and mainstream in the Christian juror and we have those things the base revival of these foods does not make them at Venice particular they are Christian beliefs and their core beliefs not just useful for entry into the Seventh-day Adventist church as I am hearing but useful for entry into the kingdom of heaven and that's the only reason to teach anything the only issue for truth is it true and has it is it vital to salvation and I believe that's why we bet what that's what we must fly we will not speak about two modes of truth one to enter the Christian faith and be saved and wondered and are the Adventist church and be a part of the church there are not two modes of true there is one mode of truth all of our doctrines are just expressions of the truth as it is in Jesus one more text Matthew chapter four verse four Matthew four for another familiar text to all of us he answered and said it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God we can't pick and choose here although we like this one this seems important and that doesn't seem so important you know that Seventh-day Adventist church is a twin sister will be absent Christian church exists today the Advent Christian Church both Seventh-day Adventist and of the Advent Christian Church share our common roots within the Millerite movement both came out of William Miller 's teaching but they never accepted the Sabbath they never accepted the gift of prophecy and they never accepted the site word message when we believe in a Seventh-day Adventist and their ardor for the second coming of Jesus Christ it got a little DM over the set over the hundred years of the past I want you to hear what they voted at a nineteen sixty one at the Christian church state conference in which it was unanimously passed this resolution a little thought should make it very evident to any of us that we can never again preach the kingdom message as our fathers preach it and make any impact on the church or the world we don't understand the time we still believe we were basically right about the symbols of Daniel and Revelation and yet the whole subject of predictive prophecy is so involved that it is utterly impossible for any Adventist preacher to go to the world with a deep conviction and sense of certainty that our father 's death and because we can't and don't it seems to the church that we have lost our message and our reason for being you cannot rejuvenate the ad that Christian people and will unless and until a sense of certainty and urgency gives wings to our words and we can speak with confidence uncertainty people often ask why don't we have any great prophetic preaching anymore the simple fact is that such preaching today is utterly impossible for prophetic preaching to carry any weight with intelligent audiences in our day we shall have to know a lot of things that we don't know and can't know but to keep our self-respect and when the respect of the people we must refrain from pretending to know what we do not know you keep on saying that he's coming soon will impress no one least of all the kind of audience that we have great need of reaching that's our transistor same roots same prophecies same urgency to preach Jesus coming soon and now can't tell you all know maybe can't be sure and all of a sudden there is no possibility to breach with urgency and certainty and truth be told some of our own Seventh-day Adventist members and some of our Adventist ministers share kindred feelings with these dear twin sisters of our and we can't now can't reach with certainty anymore you can cry wolf too often it's not it happens allegedly back off and live in the present see what God will do I say we lose activism if that happens when Elder Robert Pearson retired as president of the General conference he gave one of the most stirring appeals that I've ever heard in my lifetime it was nineteen seventy eight as he retired and here's what he said regrettably there are those in the church and now is not talking about the Advent Christian Church he is talking about the beloved Seventh-day Adventist Church of which we are a part regrettably there are those in the church belittled the inspiration of the total Bible don't get yourself through your who scorn the first eleven chapters of Genesis who question the spirit of prophecy short chronology of the age of your and he was subtly and not so subtly attacked the spirit of prophecy was the right is the right there are those who point to the reformers and contemporary theologians as a source and the norm for Seventh-day Adventist doctrine there are those who wish to forget the standards of the church we love there are those who covet and would court the favor of the evangelicals those who would throw off the manhole of a peculiar people fellow leaders beloved brethren and sisters don't let it happen I have healed he was earnestly as I know how this morning don't let it happen I have healed and University to the seminary to Loma Linda University don't let it happen we are not seventh day Anglicans not seven day Lutherans we are Seventh-day Adventists this is the last church with God 's last message you are the men and women the leaders and God is counting on to keep the Seventh-day Adventist Church God 's remnant church the church God has destined to try please note the phrasing to keep the Seventh-day Adventist church doctrine and church we have no guarantees that we are going to be the remnant church we say we are but that doesn't make it so the remnant church keeps the Commandments of God has the testimony of Jesus Christ and for doubting those things than questioning them are we the remnant church and so he said we must see the Seventh-day Adventist church God 's remnant church well Elder Pierce is no longer with us his voice is silenced and now it's up to lots every one of us to keep the Seventh-day Adventist church God 's remnant church is not someone else don't depend on the president of the conference the pastor of the church this is our job to keep the Seventh-day Adventist church God 's remnant church and in his presentation he quoted to statements from Ellen White review and Herald November November five nineteen oh three God calls for men who are prepared to meet emergencies men who in a crisis will not be who in a crisis will not be found standing on the wrong side what happened to the Jews they were standing on the wrong side in crisis time are we going to stand again review December six eighteen ninety two we are pressing onto the final conflict and this is no time to compromise it is no time to hide your colors when the battle weight soar let no one turn traitor is no time to lay down or conceal our weapons and gives Satan the advantage and warfare so are we going to retreat into the greatness of Christianity are we going to stand the light shining for Christianity that's the question again selected messages volume two page three ninety one what a wonderful thought is that the great controversy is nearing its end in the closing work we shall read the perils that we know not how to deal with but let us not forget that the three great powers of heaven are working but a divine hand is on the wheel and that God will bring his purposes the past will gather from the world of people who will serve him in righteousness do we have absolute confidence that certainty that we are called to bring that people together into unity to receive the seal of God are we sure about it if we have doubts we can't give the message with therapy with certain and we will be like our brothers and sisters in the Christian church one last little thought from the spirit of prophecy review and Herald November twelve nineteen fourteen one year before she died the Lord has ever required his people to show in all their habits of life now were getting close to where it hurts my friends were not talking about doctrines now we're not talking about church release were not talking about you believe in the seventh day Sabbath you believe in tithing were talking about our diet were talking about the other things we read were talking about the things we do for entertainment the habits of life the Lord is ever required his people to show in all their habits of life a marked difference between themselves and worldly analysis ask ourselves honestly the question are you seeing that today in our families from marked difference from the world 's values and our values in the video games we play in the movies we watch and music we listen to read etc. etc. in both the old and the New Testament the Lord has positively enjoined upon his people to be distinct from the world in spirit your attitude in Perseus the things you do in practice to be a holy nation a peculiar people that he is not farther from the West that are the children of life in customs practices and spirit from the children of darkness and we began to understand that concept these is not farther from the West than God 's children from the way the world lives were not talking about separating from people in the world because we have to ration were talking about the practices of the world the values of the world the participant of the world participates in and this distinction will be more marked more decided as we near the close of time to read that again so we get and this distinction will be more marked more decided as we near the close of time reference is review and Herald November twelve nineteen fourteen and that is exactly the opposite of what is happening in our families today the distinctions are becoming blurred and you can't talent that is Christian from anyone else much less even another Christian or not a Christian at all as they walked down the street and that should not be that should not be it is not a profession of faith or a name registered in the church book that constitutes as children of God it is a vital connection with Christ and remembering again the customs of the practices in the habits mean nothing without a vital connection with God that's what needs to drive our habits we must be one with him in viewed with his spirit partakers of the divine nature why the world would a direction then lusts renewed in knowledge and true holiness God requires of his blood bought heritage the sanctification of the whole being purity like the purity of Christ perfect conformity to the will of God be therefore perfect as God 's word to us and in order that we might obey this word he sent his only begotten son to this Earth to live in our behalf a perfect life we have before us his example and the strength by which he lived his life we also may have even lived that life because he was God he absolutely did not in fact his own desires when contrary to the will of God because he said I came not to do my will but I will be at this every day not my will but thine be done every day and his strength derives solely from his heavenly father is the strength we can derive from Jesus Christ today there is no difference not a shred of difference so my friends is given a precious message to this church Seventh-day Adventist church and to this message must be true to go back now to being as good as they have been Methodist or Baptist or genetic generically evangelical is impossible if we want to be Seventh-day Adventist today the gospel I'm afraid our gospel the gospel we are hearing the gospel we are believing is becoming more and more evangelical every year and less sadness he said all went away when Desmond four disappeared off the scene of that and doesn't know it went underground and now it is five times stronger than it was when Desmond Ford was my colleague Pacific Union College we are far closer to evangelicalism today than we were early in the late seventies and early eighties as darkness continues to cover the earth and gross darkness the people we must grasp the fact that God has called this movement into existence for such a time as this we are esters in crisis time and if we don't carry out our mission we have no reason for existence this is no time for us to become generic Christians let us be Seventh-day Adventist what is in


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