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The Art of War

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 8, 2007
    12:00 PM
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alright everyone while we paused for a moment of prayer heavenly father we come before you just thanking you for your love for us and Nora 's assassin you would please speak to us today in Christ name we pray amen today's message is entitled the Art of war the art of war and without it as Christians and as jurors we are in a warfare in an and dog God calls us to understand this conflict because it is a life and death battle I want to share with you in the about my past subnet have not seared previously at least in these meetings my younger brother Sean was born in nineteen seventy three my mother feel that I'm unscented and I am my mother was in the drive in she was watching a movie in the drive-in in Jamaica when she went into labor with my brother the movies she was watching was by a then relatively unknown after the name of the movie was answer the Dragon and so seem lame to the hospital has to leave the book the drive-in theater went to the hospital and I say delivered a Chinese baby my brother became a martial arts fanatic as as well as myself and so we really really really got into the martial arts and out of a job I think eight nine mile or actually the earlier my uncle my father 's brother had come from England and he had trained under a general by the name of winged shop of Williams song who was a a classmate of Bruce Lee who were both students William Southern brewski were both students of the Grand Master of an art called wing Chung gave man are you going to their and I get mad talk Bruce Lee and so when we discover that our uncle had this link needs we just felt to see and it was time to begin learning the martial arts and he began to train us in the art of wings on and we were like a set modulus fanatics in New York five o'clock three o'clock on Saturdays Channel five there will always be a kung fu movie coming on of your singles and Jankovic and talk about a new know you know the whole thing and I'm so we practice and practice and you know we would be done for all the years this and forehead so we would get into fights often in all kinds of things when I became a Christian I put away those things a man a man I didn't want to waste anymore time practicing how to hurt people but God begins to share with me that I had to practice how to help save people a man which is why I look at first my first first committee chapter six verse twelve was childless to fight the good fight of faith you know eight eight eight eight eight because I have this this warrior background I think about it in the context of fighting gracefully as possible artists like I was in its disgraceful in the parts of the five good fight of faith in there is a good fight of faith there can also be a bad fight of faith and that it was a bad sign anybody ever been in the best time if you're the best life that that means anything it was that on your front right you were the one that was the lesson scientific disciplines like you were the one that was when he and Paul says don't like the of this colony to fight the fight of faith am calling you to find the good fight of faith the good fight of faith Ephesians chapter six in verse ten always the twelfth also be wrestling his flesh and blood but against principalities and powers spiritual wickedness in high places I know that I could sell you that provided a limited resource on that verse I got very excited he is one because when Paul uses the word vessel when he says we wrestle not against flesh and blood in the time that he is writing he is actually making reference to a Mars so arts that was very popular in Greek and Roman sports called the penetration and when I discovered this I got really excited and I said to myself wait a minute Paul are you using Nomar Solari as an illustration of how the Christian is supposed to fly the good fight of faith not knowing we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places in other words beloved it's as though God is calling us to learn how to fight not just any old fiber to learn how to fight gracefully anyone interested in learning how to fight the good fight graciously a name you know somewhere else all Paul says that I find not as one that beats behavior do not interview there is financing an air purifying as I and others very often are you not contribute us Christians we are intervening unique you not only humming finally what were fighting but it feels like were beating the air also love how once you know that when I find I will be the air on my punches count on levels reach their margin in Christ not because of any power the United and in himself but in Christ he said I find not as one that beats the year and loving you can imagine my my imagination began to soar God are you telling me that you want me to be a spiritual martial artist and a side against another some more things and let me share with you below the Genesis chapter four I found something that was so incredible that are almost as old Genesis four one what is the story in Genesis four are out of our sorry chain and able are about to have a dispute 's year-end of the story able broadband incentive for his sacrifice and pain brought from from the ground and chains offering is rejected and then got comes to him and what he says in verse six the north of the king why are you angry a lot you will Wi-Fi countenance fallen in the other was well sung on not be accepted and found it was not well saying that life at the door and onto these shall be his designer and also loving and so what's happening here God caused the king at least seventeen listen your angry because you haven't got and I wanted that thing is is right at your door and if you make the wrong decision is not available to you but okay I am calling you to roll over saying it was God 's challenge to him it was not saying okay .net sale darlin' angel you'll dominate the list content of five against saying a man the good news Bible puts that mass versus weight and wants to rule over you but you must overcome a there is a farce called to overcome you must overcome it you must fight against this came the NIV says additionally you must master it and as a question does God want us to be masters you are hearing I does God want us to the Masters anybody interested in becoming a mass ruling on the stuff I have got I want you to learn how to Master Sandoval master all over the temptations that the devil brings to you every day not an obvious en masse came you must rule over and down the sides of the word role and about what role of an FAQ to learn my mouth dropped open because I looked at it and the spelling of the word was a asked age a town one and the word means the dominating thoughts will rule over very cigarettes of our English word Marcel which means to war against one of the warlike but rather that God was calling came to dominate school will soon be a tomorrow so his forces and his widow and his strength to dominate the fight against same was done calling Jane to fight the good fight of faith with God taking to be a master with dog quarantine to be a spiritual Marceau are a man and I began to get excited I began to get inside us and I can sleep I gave up on lots and lots model but now I say that I have something better for you him him him him I guess looking to present another translation are you ready are you ready money received from the English standard version if you do well will you not be accepted and if you do not dwell in is crouching at your door hunting and the heating in making this stuff up sin is crouching at your door and you never experiencing cross at your door like Constantine and a hidden one chat you know that eventually the devil knows what he's doing as he creates these movies he knows what he's doing fine you notice and shall assure your customers you know that in the martial arts many of the martial arts styles and systems are founded often observing animals for example there is one that's in that the plane angle was this one from way way way that when he was out in the field one day and see train came her and she tried to create away with a stick in the crane you know doctors had stepped back in a little and she was like whom I see they got to watch the movements of the train and became the founder of what is known as White Crane style or there is a long long who was a solid month who would often start with another gentleman he would always get beat up and just couldn't get the victory over the other guy and so the guy left for a while then one day while I had just finished practicing and he sat down and he noticed a cicada fighting a praying mantis and he wants this fight going on and he was impressed with the way the praying mantis flying instituting each of that praying mantis home and started observing the praying mantis and became the founder of what is now known as praying or consider policy who I was in prison for killing a man and a prison wall the prison that he was in the window in which opened up out behind him in the grove of trees there were some monkeys and he began to authorities monkeys of how they would play in Hollywood five and he began to watch and study them as he studied that he began to imitate their style and came up became the founder of what is known as the drunken monkey stock and but I can't help but think that these physical arts of war are simply counterfeits spiritual art of war because Cheney himself was a martial artist student studying under that old serpent the Dragon you can guess that whole serving the Dragon he had been watching him the drivers have been watching him and saying this man has the characteristics that I can use and even after training another chain was a student of the Dragon he was a martial arts also was able because it is forthwith how the fact table wasn't receiver off the inside the asked Kate was being trained on the track able was observing the team was watching the Amber asked he wants to see the characteristics and even to imitate those characteristics so tables who was a martial artist a bag and another time Caleb where conflict the two asked that the Dragon had their student and the question is who was the better more so not in the world I is taking P1 the Bible tells us that able was the master you see greater is he who masters himself that he masters another will don't mess on ancient Chinese greater is he who masters and see who masters on chain will and is not and so Paul tells us that when I find out oh five is one that beats the year I have trained I have train and you know we got a realized loving that who is our greatest enemy when God is calling us to become safe fighters to become spiritual martial artist who isn't aware last the greatest enemy that we itself that can you imagine did you know that the devil has an insider the devil has someone who knows you and your body this person sleeps with you they know all your secrets they know your weakness is ending a no strings if this person looks just like you that's because the devil insider is due it is self not a person but of how the world do I fight an enemy that I live with how well do I come against the one combat one who knows my every thought my every feeling what everything emotions and moreover who has trained under the Dragon for years and years and years and years because without you realizing we have all strain under the driving master you know hidden Dragon started is right in the Bible Revelation chapter thirteen verse eleven there is a a piece that looks like a lamb but speaks like the one dragging a window is hidden Dragon style is in the lab and professing to be allowed in professing to be Christlike and yet when someone doesn't get online anybody anyone ever trained in hidden Dragon style yet wouldn't all are how the drunken style gallant Revelation seventeen so it says that the world is drunk with the wine of the wrath of her fornication eleven many people are joined with the spirit of this world job with the things of this world and beloved let me tell you webmasters web cell is a master and eleven until you sell is in you with super natural power of the devil that's why when you lock the five South is like the heart your style is silly you come against me is doing all that and let me tell you we may tend to think there is no way that I can master South Logan in the Alaska and I felt like that art of war this is why beloved Christ calls us to share the day before yesterday Christ calls us to change applause he is super natural strength is that I want you to connect with me like finding a master because you've been continually being beaten up we've got to say enough is enough I finding someone willing to do with the bucket and my being was the theme of the week I did with one was able to teach us how to walk now you say pastor living cells is trained under the Dragon and you want me to go to one who practices lands style can be distracting flap beloved let me tell you so will it cannot land be attracted in Genesis three fifteen God comes to cave to exit out and sent out an arm to put enmity or rather even if the entity between you and the giant in pussy breast University in other words God was saying I'm Dennis send a master agent who is going to fight the dragon and he will rules and defeat the dragon on MSN the Lamb are a lot on land that will defeat the Chinese El Paso Hollywood and it happened where was the conflict between them and the Dragon and all you need to build another visible to the book of Luke one Matthew I find that it took place on a hill called Calvary the man and the Dragon shout out the two grandmasters if you will as you look at the cross in the physical I use up and you see the lab on the cross and you say that the Dragon sword being but without it when you Verizon is holding you will see that the cross that was hammered down into a hill called Calvary which means training young holes training young west across being hammered down into and wasn't being drooled at the Bible says Wednesday that it was finished that was a great earthquake what happened to you on the dragons symbolically speaking in the role of home can now be tracked and Ehime as so yes we are to go about it we are to get connected to that great Grand Master Jesus Christ although in no more yours in the Grand Master have long white here and long flowing roles exist in the description of Jesus Revelation chapter one I don't initially these are my disciples Jesus calls us to be disciples but it is interesting that God was given change spiritual advice to become a spiritual martial artist and King takes that spiritual advice and turns its physical and thus becomes the original founder of the fighting systems on this world I hope you caught came turn what God did in my start date in case instead of fighting against himself far against somebody how is the first thirty four the Bible babies begin here the Bible tells us this see that as God sees it my hands to war so that a bowl of steel is broken by my arms that I will learn how to fight with your hands I will choose your head how to walk is not talking about physical conflict is talking about spiritual warfare is not physical poetry has been embraced and started a spiritual ball of the devil 's temptations so when you finish you just PCs in my hands toward such a boneless field is broken by my novel the mother if we want to learn how to war the daughter answered the school a man who nodded the outcome of the student and enter into the school about great Grand Master Jesus Christ and this is way too big instead Jesus day by day how to fight the good fight of the their was a story of a young man would move to a new neighborhood and when he got there there was some bullies and the community in Beijing on him and beat him up and he was totally angry can do anything about it so he's not that there was a karate instructor and went to this instruction asked him would you change in instructor said no monitoring he left in after some time on the instructor change his mindset okay I was paying you come to my home and will start taking lessons so him for this heinous hole and die when you guess they are all he's ready and prepared to learn the martial law and the trainer has him a brush and a spot as always as all he's come to confuse me bring the Muslims in DC the car and he says yes this is your first lesson I want you to wash those as well should any only when you watching your gut up Wausau Wausau and then when you try I want to write about what you dry on the waxy relaxant I want to wax on wax off an easy defense ranking he's been confused someone I want you to address his knowledge of indispensable and doctors can anyway when UK I want you to pay not intended and the student but the family was crazy he said you're crazy I'm not doing this and he left went back out that we had again team back considerably in SLG is there day after day week after week wax on wax off some rust on black salt less on Brasso is not week after week after week until he finally said look I see a positive message that I had enough you're not training the ideas right and is now suspicious and he is gone often on a fundamental three more classes I want to reason and without him even thinking what you think top and black solemn blasts off some rust on these guys and is drastically immunized as Nashville what happened help me to do I do do things like you may have heard the story before many of us are out there getting beat up by the devil and they are trying to make it fit out and we come to the master was a masterly one of the house I had a NASA says okay Siegel CDs in your home you see that you see that you begins about our business and website an online one of the world that's the way I dress have to go with FIFA I'm not doing that online here and we go and get beat up again but the problem with many of us is that we keep coming back and the master says if the brush and legal only have addressed none of them know and we go back out there and give you to get and we are like idiots just going back and forth is using another wax on wax off is a process of signing Salmonella God wants to make us shine and let me tell you not only does each item in the amount style gizmos showing us in the line in stock using dogs trained as to the lands towards people but like the line in towards the way we do it right now we are aligning towards people and life land forcing God wants to reverse the equation but another is going to take us to be willing to do what the master says even when we don't understand why he's saying and that's the problem any opinion but we don't understand so when joining even though we see it while I'm not doing it I don't understand in God 's crisis okay you're free to go and we go we hold another one within the United States in nineteen packages China I find that he thought Margaret is that amounted Chinese girl I can't believe you can my brother was not he wouldn't need with anything but chopsticks seriously I mean we had the ninja outfits and yet everything unevenly has had a menu no other normal kids hypotheses in high school we had a ninja crew we will call the names of all liens in an junior high school myriad sores stories are stolen dogs we run around and do it in long island in the city in Minnesota the lifetime I mean we were just very and would like to make exhaustion China him into one of those schools and is also a monthly it would be having a beloved and those are counterfeit of another school a school that cannot be seen would be our a school that each one of us may enter into by faith the same the first there's the half he began to train this is exciting stuff with the training room ways the school is the schooling of pre- PC beloved I want to blindfold five when we were younger we would blindfold ourselves and we would have our friends gather around a pencil all we had to depend upon how was our reacted strangely here so that we would hear someone coming have to rollout away or whatever it was it was training to fight without singing it was blindfolded five and then we realized back then that the Bible says that just want my faith not by sight which means they are also five by faith not by sight with a blind false items can you locate everyone ready for his physical easy process if you are blind than you would have no sin you know why because the blind dependent on trying right sideline but where is the really Jesus is not much of the master clock five yes to say how do these teeth since you sent my feet and I will teach you and instruct you in the way that you shall go I will guide you with my eyes I will guide you with my eye 's ELISAs you close your eyes can you imagine Jesus has only given this but she got you got to come to the school and done something and by the way this message will continue tonight because this is a part one part two dozen of them were instructed to give you in light of business to take so so please come tonight and a sadist who you know what God uses us in the experience you come from a man so please don't think I will get us talking a lot movies whatever that's just what was failed in my mind and also as a Saudi not at all the things that you are in counterfeits of a genuine it out okay so don't go home and start watching kung fu movies okay try to do that so that when I got into the Latino American I went to do that when I came out I came out okay a name so that's my disclaimer that was one thing that was always lovely to me about these movies in the beginning of the movie and I would end at the end of the document the guy could never find anyone calling out your finding his colleague Debbie about time and you will eventually find the matching gluttonous amounts against me and actually teach and you don't have to like a montage anybody was ready anyone thought there is an identified you now and he will go out and get snapped up again you're fighting is anyone all that let you know he's going to the master thing is certain to me more possibly seems into thinking the sign-on and lonely he would identify the bad guy he Wednesday one day I hinted that he would be so happy about it in any doubt below for the rest of the flight but he may have grab a piece of the guys there and obviously not logged on the lock of his hair he wasn't getting better another dog and he the movie in Mountain View the trumpets playing I hear that climactic music as this guy who once was being beaten up by his adversary is not getting the upper hand in his adversaries wondering what in the world is going on this is not the dog I saw in the beginning of the movie and indicate seemly docs people getting beat entity we confronted them that you save your fight is a beloved once you understand what he means and the school of Christ within and take notes and God is the complete each one of us individually and begin to train us and begin to sell us things that we could never while the government is wanted for a wife he doesn't want you to understand the art of prayer and over the arbitrator is the art of war because it's in prayer that Jesus begins to say things that you like me and asked us to giggle tax profile him were in whisper those trainings you will understand all those things and making American management without a thousand years that have to be gone and settlement of the double one she was complaining because smear we learn to depend upon here do you know what it means safe here the Grand Master speed to hear him instruct to hear him give you the very tools and wisdom that you need to fight the good fight of faith my view of any kind at the end of the move and this is no movie at the end of the great controversy Northampton there is going to be a group of people who care to have become masters of the lands when the four winds are that those they had a universal as guide either watching a movie that will be this group of people who were being beaten and slapped around at everything that came by the amount of the same I now Sunday night in life warrior and the watching universe will watch because the Bible says that God of peace will bruise Satan under your feet who we has some thinking to do but will bruise Satan under your feet shortly it's not happy but the question is are you willing are you willing to live under the model answer that not into the driveway we allow the jack-o'-lanterns are hard to answer the Islamic deal you want to be a spiritual martial artist Lord begin to teach me in your school but that's redesigned you raise your hand a man heavenly father thank you for speaking to us today thank you Lord for letting us know that you as our master are willing and waiting to begin to teach us now and yes Lord we may fall in the conflict but the time is coming when we will not fall the time is coming where we will have the victory only Lord those who enter your school will be able to claim the victory so father make us all students help us Lord not to not allow the school the schools of this world overshadow the school of thank you Lord for hearing our prayer a man


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