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The Pearl of Great Price

Steve Toscano
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Steve Toscano

Ph.D. student at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary



  • March 10, 2007
    9:00 AM
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before me we begin with our heads once again raises God of heaven we are here gathered together as children of the King and father we recognize that this is not just an ordinary day but this is your blessed holy set and father we ask for a special blessing this morning we ask and you may speak to every heart and to every mind under the sound of my and follow letter said it is not about the person it is not about the instrument but it is about your message and your spirit and this is why will likely that your spirit may fall upon us this morning and throughout the activities of the things that your spirit may convince and convert lease five answer our prayer the Santa Fe last week in Jesus name we pray amen the ever Bibles turn with me to the book of the master you the book of Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew chapter thirteen we read this for the Scripture written but it bears repeating Matthew chapter thirteen verse forty five and forty six Re: death of the same Jesus says again the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man seeking goodly pearls we wouldn't he has found one pearl of great price whence and sold all that he had an body Jesus shares this very very important terrible I get in Scripture it is merely shoot versus law and yet so often we are tempted to read this quickly and to not take the word of Christ seriously but this morning by the grace of God we will unpack the significance of this terrible Jesus begins by talking about what kind of men what kind of profession he's a merchant man or in the modern vernacular we might call in a what businessman right and this version that has a special business what is his business verse forty five seeking what goodly the strata again seeking goodly pearls much better as of this businessman has this business and in this business this sole objective is to find good for us and the Bible says that when this man finds notices one world of great price they take everything that he has he sells it so that he can buy this one for very very interesting this businessman who is enough this is also lining pearls of finding many wonderful beautiful prose twenty five one purl from April 's one four he was at this one pro is so valuable is so special that he is wailing noise of the Bible says to go and sell all that he had imagine having a business in which our objective was to find plurals off the Rockland and you're just upon stumbling upon the Perl not soup not three button one purl you make a decision to take everything that you possess your wardrobe your nice car your bank account whatever may be in every single thing that you let us all that you have to and you so everything so that you can obtain this one for a free price the Bible is very clear yesterday meaning of this Perl you see all of us are searching like this merchantman and was looking for things that will bring us joy and satisfaction one looking for something that will offer sees the longest of our heart when looking for something that will make us happy and content so we search for many of many goodly for the Bible says like this merchantman that and we were to find this one for the response that we would have is a manifest willingness to listen carefully a willingness to give up everything how much how much everything without one purl thrown into the loss instructed to Rupert Colossians chapter two notes of the Bible says regarding Jesus Christ's glosses everything we do the same in the word of God says is why would that you knew what great conflict I have for you and for them at Laodicea and for as many as are not seen my face in the flesh restrict that their hearts might be comforted being knit together in love and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding today not on the mystery of God and of the father and of who fries verse three referring to Christ in whom the Bible says our aid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge you see brothers and sisters the Bible is directly in Jesus Christ's and in Jesus alone is in all updates serves all of the wealth and splendor of wisdom and knowledge in who Jesus cry as only thing about the parable of the Pro of great price we must understand that when this merchant man I just write Perl upgrade price he finds Jesus Christ's because it is only in Jesus and that we can find all of the treasures of wisdom and anything Jesus and Jesus alone that we can find the satisfaction that are still so long and desires Jesus 's is the program of great price MN is there anything else racer then Jesus Mister is there anything else of more value than Jesus is there anything else that can S true joy and show happiness in this life Jesus is the pro of replies and the thing I find most interesting about that terrible and Matthew thirteen verse forty five and forty six is the response of the merchantman is you the Bible says very clearly that when the merchant man by this writer Pearl of great price which represent Jesus Christ which represents the richest of the gospel the Bible says that he goes and sells all that he had just so he can sing this one for how many of us are willing to do the same I many of us here are actually women to give up and brief thing in our lives and when I decided my things that you don't desire what I'm talking about bills and student loans in the sort of thing I'm sure you want to get those but one on their cells all that he assesses he doesn't even those things which are most important thing here is to him you see Jesus 's sole value Jesus is so wonderful that in order to obtain this problem of great price we must be willing to make will we must be willing to so render every thing surrender our much every and we know this is much easier said than done we know that for so long we have heard that song I surrender all and yet will we come to church it is so interesting that we are expressing after the fashion of the world and yet we say I surrender all it is so interesting that we can come to church sadness after Sabbath and yet throughout the rest of the week our lives are no different than that of a worldly way we talk the way we conduct us are overt interest in the opposite sex even the things that we eat us and we say I surrender all beloved the Bible is clear while we cannot earn salvation while there is no way we can somehow work our way to heaven the Bible is very clear that if we are to seek for this pearl of great price we must be willing to abandon everything in this world for our use statement without much time here this morning by outrageous statements found in a very powerful book called Christ object lessons written by L and you are antichrist object lessons we find a very powerful yet so boring location Christ object lessons page one eighteen notice with the pen of inspiration says regarding this terrible she writes there are some who seem to be always seeking for the heavenly Perl but they do not make unnamed high gear so render on the wrong hats spacers there are people focused Christians professed Seventh-day Adventist who always seemed to be seen again after this pearl of great price but unfortunately many professed Christians many profess Sabbath keepers do not make a name high here surrender of the wrong she was on her right they do not die to self that Christ may live in the there for dates will run fine precious for they do nothing of the cross and follow Christ in the path of self denial and sacrifice and then she read something that is very very startling she sentences listen carefully almost Christian yet not fully Christian they seemed near the kingdom of heaven but they cannot enter their know listen to this next almost but not wholly saved means to be not almost but holy locks mercy is right you see there are many professed Christians is the honest this certainly would certainly includes Seventh-day Adventist many professed Christian lama what has seems to always seek for this pearl of great price one the what has seemed to be interested in spiritual things seem to have a desire for Christ and yet because they're not willing to make the entire so rendered because they are not willing to give everything to Jesus so they can obtain this precious pearl of great price they failed to take up the crops and follow Jesus Post two sentences I have to read again almost Christian yet not fully Christian facing near the kingdom of heaven but they cannot answer the almost but not wholly say means to be not all but holy that serious enough beloved there is no such thing as being an almost Christian there is no such thing as being almost that of the Adventist in the same way that there was no such thing as almost what aren't they know is they will not win Christ it is either all when there is no middle ground there is no spiritual Switzerland there is no such thing as sitting on the bed why because the devil with Jesus we must make a clear and decisive decision to surrender all orchestrated the experience that many of our people have is that of an almost Christian we come to church on Saturday we refrain from eating pork and other unclean meats we may even refrain from wearing jewelry and immodest clothing amen unless we truly give Christ all that we possess and all that we are unless we are willing to surrender and briefly our efforts to obtain the pearl of great price will be ending because of time restraints give you five examples of people who are willing to surrender everything for this pearl of great price paychecks and profits speaks to us about a man named Enoch but Russian writer that he not do that symbol is an example of the state of holiness which God 's people will present right before the second coming and every star in the life of Enoch the Bible is very clear Enoch walked with God is it even though he was basically on the earth even though he lived in the midst of idolatry and corruption enough head is more on things above and no concerns and Enoch is a symbol of the state of holiness and purity which we as God 's people must obtain in this time simply split we must be willing to surrender everything like you prophets and kings tells us about a man named Elijah alive are alive to like Enoch lived in the miss of idolatry and great apostasy alive to live in a time in which the church was corrupt and the powers of the government had become one of lives are lived in the midst in which God 's people were given completely to idolatry and the Bible tells that he lives with different than the rest of Elijah was a reformer in the fullest sense of the word of Elisha we do then prevailing a negative of said him him alike to with faithful in the myths of great apostasy the desire of ages tells us about a man who do not live in the city but live in the country and this man had a strict diet he dressed differently than the rest of the people this man went by the name of John the Baptist and the spirit of prophecy tells us that John the Baptist is a sample of the way God 's people are to live in the last that had a resurrection tells us that John Brooke had no way or the people to accept Jesus we too must follow and that it weeds you must make the way of the Lord Lane that people would be ready that Jesus is second acts of the apostles tells us about the early church it tells us that they came together they pray they put away all their differences they stop worrying about who was the greatest they made the wrong right and I got serious about yielding themselves to the power of God holy and with great power the message of Jesus Christ went to all the world in one generation and finally we had a great controversy in the closing scenes of the great controversy we learn about a very very special group of people at ISO special that they're not really given a name there merely given a number and want to guess hundred and forty four thousand and the Bible tells us that these people are not the files with when they're not the filed with the doctrine of impure churches they are not the filed with the sale of the world the Bible tells that these people the hundred and forty four thousand follow the lead with them so ever eco- auditor 's of people throughout the eighties that were willing to surrender entry so that they can obtain the pearl of great price and tell others to follow the same brothers sisters as we close this morning I hope and pray that we will heed the warning and that admonishment of products that if we truly want to find this pearl of great price we like the merchantman must be with me to give up every with Jesus it is either all or nothing this morning I want to make a simple call I recognize that you are here and this shows your interest or spiritual things probably you have come from a Christian background or even more likely if at no matter what the situation maybe all of us need that closer walk with Jesus this morning on a make call for the consecration a call for read dedication to Jesus Christ the pearl of great price are we willing are we really willing to give up everything are ambitions and our goals are riches are we really will to surrender everything that is your desire if you really desire this to surrender everything that you half and everything that you are to Jesus as a expensive PS3 racists God of heaven a father you and you alone but the ability to read the hearts of men and human health father the struggles and this writer 's and its implications in which your people have to endure on a daily basis and father we ask that you would make us willing willing to forgo everything that this world has to offer willing to give up the pleasures in the lusts of say with me to surrender everything to Jesus bodily acts that even if we are not willing that you will make us willing to be with these save your people bring this well in our hearts mold us and make us so that we can reflect your perfect terror so that we can be like Jesus Christ father I ask you please speak your children comfort and empower with that same spirit that was manifested in your faithful people of all we follow the example of a large of enough of John the early church anyway be like the hundred and forty four thousand that are willing to follow the Lamb with their soap ever eagle here are prayer this morning strengthen us and empower us so we can be think as we show others the way of salvation May your purpose be fulfilled in our lives or this is our prayer in Jesus name amen


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