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Question and Answer and How to Study the Bible

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 10, 2007
    3:00 PM
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the first question you asked Mars is does Satan have power to read what I'm thinking does Satan have the power to take me away from God and since the second question is yes has power to take us away from God and this is why we are called to fight the good fight of faith because it is indeed a fight we do wrestle against flesh and we wrestle not against flesh and blood but we're told against spiritual wickedness in high places of the assets of the second question is the devil can read which you are thinking because we often give it away without body language he cannot read the mind of its SAP have any children that you can look at them and know what they're thinking because of the body language of we want to be careful to again distress the devil cannot read your thoughts only as you act upon only as your your actions reveal your tendencies than the looking pretty much know what when this happens this is how he responds and I know this from from just history so they'll cannot read our minds but he can know what we what he can come very close to understanding what with thinking by the way that we react this question is how do you figure out God 's will for your life if you know you are walking in God 's ways how do you know which of the several good options is God 's will for your life okay that's that's a pretty difficult question and anyone ever been in a situation like that got a couple of good option you don't know which one to choose it doesn't necessarily know that the other options are from you know from Satan it's not like it's either God or red shirt on the Weiser in which one when which are the final Gaza will traumatize the first thing we should do is go to the word of God if it's a moral issue this can be a definite answer there and Doug God has again made us free moral agents which means that we can choose our own color Sirs we can union its things like that where there was no moral significance and I believe in a situation where there is no moral issue at hand then it really boils down to a matter of praying the Lord has shown me what is your will and wish which jobsite take you know what is your will last where on the Monday event and end and that kind of thing and it really boils down to learning to fear the voice of God Abraham learned to hear the voice of God and that so often we just go through life not having partly open to the voice of God enough and if you have a friend that when when when a person calls all the indices hello and you already know who it is I suppose you know the voice months and months or years and years of talking you now know the voice and soul the first thing that we really need to do is to get to know Jesus and to get to know his voice through his Word to get to know his voice as he speaks to us in prayer and that way he can begin to guide us in ways you know in those matters that we do we need his help as much as customers what do you think is the role music and worship will play at the end of time while I believe again as I stated before that music is derived from the word news which means that music deftly can have an effect on the way that we think and the way that we feel the way that we knew as so is doubled in an attempt to use music in the last days to try see what people are very much so all we need to do is look out on what's on television today the guide what's going on in terms of rock and rap music most companies and see that the fruit of the Spirit is reviewing that the devil is using this to indeed bring about us sodomites state in society today discussion is I know God assets to forgive those who hurt us how do you and should you trust someone after they hurt you deeply have a good question our hour answer to that question would be real simple how do you treat someone just as if they never send you know when God forgives us does he forgive us with a watchful or does he freely forget and that's a challenge of Christianity that's why Christianity is a super natural religion because it takes supernatural power to live out the true principles of Christianity so it's against human nature to forgive someone after these offended you the second and third time Jesus says seventy times seven are forgiven stress and and and and on the other end you know when we went out for gives us we are sold we at least should be so appreciative that we want to show God that he can trust us and we want to so God got your forgiveness means so much to me what can I do what can I do and that's where the doing comes in a man the doing comes into us as a thank you for what he has done for us and in the same way when we forgive others that him this very often will help a person the same then I can't believe that you would forgive me after something like this and that his finds in them a desire to want to show you that vacant that you cannot trust them so it doesn't always work like that but you are always work as a Christian a man a last question are the masters could you please give us a starting place beginning how do you keep a versatile Bible study and keep going and because you must learn to fortified get a connection with God how help me make a daily online makeup daily Bible study real or I will take that question and just open up to you some some principles on how to study the Bible how to say the word of God met some of your company and asked me how to study the Bible how you get you note need out of the Scriptures to feed your soul and I was shared just a little about when I came into this shirt in fact many of them is share with you a story that I know have never forget will never forget I was in a mall this is before I became a Christian I was in a mall in Long Island New York authority Queens New York and I remember that allows walking through the small I saw like a whole bunch of people that were gathered around this picture and they were looking at the picture and everybody was going old that it that you could then look at that and so I'm not in this picture and all I saw was a bunch of zigzag lines and I know I began being muscled men these people must be crazy over this no I don't see as so I stopped and I asked somebody know what it is any civil if you know it's a specified picture you have to do something with your I see what you picture is so not now yes how to do things at my eyes and you know and nothing 's happening and then suddenly you know I don't know what happened but but something I did something with Milo it was suddenly back pitcher that was just a bunch of zigzag lines all of a sudden something out into the most beautiful 3-D picture that everything add when I move the picture moved and it was just a myth and how delightful I reckoned at eight oh some out of pocket by the kidney now like I'm crazy the word of God is much like that we open it up and all we see is a bunch of zigzag lines and we wondered if we can make any sense out of it but if you do that little thing with your eyes you know if you asked the Lord to open your eyes so that you may see he tells us that we will both hold wondrous things out of his law amen and so I want to show you a couple of principles on how to begin to study the Bible for yourself whether you want to start with is letting me know how do I look at the Bible how you look at the Bible will depend on will determine how much you get from the Bible now how do you like the ocean to the ocean is beautiful from a distance and dog when you get close upon the ocean you stand right there on the sands of the sea and you looking at the ocean is even more beautiful assists while the good look at the beauty that's here but but if you are to get into the water and you're looking around in the water now you're looking on then this is really beautiful but if you go underneath the surface yet to see some really neat things but if you go all you go deep sea where you can find all the real beauty amen and a lot of times we look at the word from a distance in the same man isn't it pretty it's nice I this is beautiful but what if we open the Bible and it only stops here for us you know this deep one-inch guess how much you get out of this Bible an inch but if you say this as the opening two as it were and how many usable in an abyss in a good way that okay and on this on the knowledge of God if you view this book as opening the door to an abyss of the knowledge of God guess what you have now opened and extended your capacity to receive there that make sense in other words you come to the word expecting to find deep deep deep deep deep treasures and you will find both DVD treasures amen if I could sum it its summit up in one word and more than a begin to look at some Bible principles I would say to you this is what I I didn't when I began to study the Bible in was a hip-hop artist as a hip-hop artist you know in the hip-hop realm if someone says something one way and you were come behind them you could not say the same thing the same way that's just this high work you have to be creative as a poet and artist have to be treated when I became a Christian and began to study the Bible I began apply some of those same desires the same principles to the word of God as the Lord help me to see the same thing in a very creative we can't even think I pray that it was mine was working so I read things like in the double ended that the state 's tail cast a third of the stars of heaven and immediate am going to pay women in their start Hollywood and the All-Stars exult themselves just like these doors which were in heaven exalted themselves above the bond often slow-moving thinking outside the box but yet remaining inside the box in Arkady did that think outside the box inside the box in other words God has given us blessed us all with creativity on a must-have creativity don't come up with things that are not in the word of God amen but yet God says that we can find we can present all shows a new ways and that's what she's the word of God refreshing enough everyone got athletes of the same thing you know Eddie has to said the same thing the same way after watching the same about heard this before when Jesus came on the scene he presented old shows and wants a new way so let's learn to think outside the box inside the box give an example from either a new start new start okay what is new start what at first was a new start and equals what nutrition eighty equals exercise W S T a R T Justin now we say that those are the principles for good what have none mother give this to you but do you realize that those same new start principles are principles that help us to study the Bible right also coming out and somatic universe bread of life Man shall not live by what alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God E exercise finishing the race exercise myself onto one godliness W okay are you seeing this and you can go straight down the list and find that these same prison he was starting his new start the same principles below when you talk about the word of God is like the water of life amen not only should we stay to society we should study and exercise those things that we are learning from the word amen as you look through and go through this this acronym will find that all those principles apply in a spiritual context as well so we want to think outside the box where inside the box there are principles that govern the word of God at hand this is what I love about the Bible is that there are exhausted the Bible did you know that not just the ten Commandments there on laws that that that God has put in his word that help us to learn how to study the Bible and how not to come up with things that are not found in the Bible one of those principles one of those laws is what I call the principle of nothing new only more detail the principle of what nothing new only more detail and what that principle states is that in the Bible after the first mention of something very for nothing only more detail the first promising the mind is given what is the first prophecy in the Bible anyway Genesis chapter three verse fifteen which says that they would be admitting between Christ and who and the starting as so from that point in time from Genesis three fifteen on the rest of the Bible the whole Bible is simply an unfolding of the war between who Jesus and the start so now we just condensed the whole punchline of the Bible the Hall of Fame of the Bible if this controversy between Christ and between Satan and it culminates with the New Testament where Jesus is seen bruising the head of the serpent where at the crop nonetheless the first prophecy in the New Testament come it's Matthew chapter one verse twenty one so call his name Jesus for he will one save his people from their sin not what do we know that what happened in the rest of the New Testament on the New Testament is simply an unfolding of that first prophecy how Jesus will do what save his people from their sing it's a saving the book of Daniel the very first promising the book of Daniel is found in Daniel chapter one chapter two and if you understand correctly the very first promise in the book of Daniel as you go through the rest of the book of Daniel you know that there is nothing new introduce in the book of Daniel only more detail same with the book of Revelation the very first prophecy in the book of Revelation is a prophecy of the seven churches after the center introduced if you rightly understand that you understand that there is nothing introduced in the whole book of Revelation only more what DK so this is a principle of Bible study that we should understand here's another principle but on my two wild I like to well I share with you at and I called it the principle of the second man and this is decided this is as exciting the principle of the second man and frustrated chapter fifteen the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is the second diameter to read that before Adam was the first man and Jesus is the second man he is the second item and the name Adam means lots means that as so if you look at that principle that Jesus is the second man and you begin to apply this in Scripture you'll begin to understand that Jesus was the second add-on selling he was also the second able right policy the second table okay Abel was killed by his brother Jesus Christ came and because his sacrifice was accepted but there was lots was not pizza was put to death by his by his brother not only is Jesus Christ the second able to think about Abraham is Jesus Christ the second Abraham what what happened with Abraham the Bible says that Abraham was sent out into was strange land was Jesus sent him to a strange land yes just like Abraham a son the very steps of Abraham takes Jesus comes in and does imperfection this here is a good one be was Jesus the second day you know think about it David in the beginning of the story David is seen on taking care off his fathers see and why send him a slot machine the Bible says online and there rose up and attack the sheep and David Bidwell he snowed on and they are very sought after David's father sends him out to check on his brothers were in the middle of a fight with a giant named the value date when he gets there they say when you doing here we don't want you here was Jesus at any time ever watching his father his father 's seat in his father 's house yet where and had who was the model number was up Lucifer and his angels and seasons cast him out of heaven and shortly after his father sends him to go check on Heath who on his brothers and what they say when he gets there he doing here in addition I believe we've got it under control and by the way David slays design and by giving him a bruise to his head so Jesus gave Lucifer a bruise to his head how do one more how about Samson is Jesus the second sensing note that these are the sycophants in addition Samson is betrayed by the woman that he loves his eyes are taken out he is bound he is being moved and that he is taken and placed between two pillars the Bible says that Samson put his hands on those pillars and it actually says he thought his head actually says he bowed his head and when he died there was a great rumbling and he's little more in his death than he did when he was alive Jesus was betrayed by the woman that he loved the church he is blindfolded and beaten and then I hung between two thieves the Bible says that he bowed his head and exhaled the goals and we might say that he post and when he pushed that was a great earthquake and by the way Samson the Bible says that one says and pushed the Temple of Dagon fell when Jesus pushed the Temple of the Dragon Golgotha the place of the snow broke an earthquake in the Bible says tells us that Jesus see more in his death though he did in his in his lot so we can go on and on and at identifying these various principles that let us see how opening the war about how studying the word of God can be such an exciting thing than he said he am writing a manuscript might now call the art of war and also those principles are shared with you today but I have assured on them it's quite expensive and it's amazing because what what I did with this manuscript was I set all the elements of you don't earthly warriors so with all my martial arts were talking about the military were talking about all the various systems of fighting and you understand that these various systems operate on principles and and I said let me go to the word of God and seek does the word of God have principles that can fade and die how we should fight the good fight of faith in what you think you now not amazingly enough in every era you think of you can think of in science in nature whatever it may be there are principles of war so I said okay let me see I wonder if there are any principles of war that we can learn from nature and you know what it's interesting the Bible talks about nature in the use of war in the Bible there's lightning there's fire there is snow and even a person sure where doctors have you considered the weapons I have stored in the snow trusted up against the D around what Jesus taught about hail or is there something that we can learn from observing the snow as it is revealed in the word of God well tell you one thing he would like to be white as snow now that God teaches us that are the very elements the sun the moon the stars he says certain things in his word that has been begin to think outside the box but yet inside the box we need to see and are powerful things what about the animals how many remember lying in we talked about the line we talked about the land we talk about the crouching Tiger hidden Dragon remember that but not in the Bible it lays out in terms of warfare even down to the very animals of Scripture the Bible talks about the act do you realize that in studying and you can learn lessons on how to fight the good fight of faith we got to think obviously outside the box inside the Bears also while on the principles of what I like to call elemental warfare or even time zones I think the succulent kinds of the other time zones for warriors and depending on what time zone you're in will reveal why you're fighting is either good or bad okay and any tell you for example there is the yearly time zone I hear the wall you know what you're rewarded as he comes charts on Christmas and Thanksgiving that's the yearly time zone you don't want to be fighting in a year the time zone because then you will likely get beat up well because your war is ending is in the year right but then has a monthly time zone and the market size on its loans also check every now and then it's more than year the majestic less than weekly and then you've got the weekly time zone and that is making all those who come to church every salad as I see on here but the reality is that although we won't be found no week and onto the daily console that's where we want to be amen and I think even more than that we want to get down to the moment by moment walk with Jesus Christ so as you look to your subject and asked what time zone of mine you see you thinking outside the box where inside the box Doctor Melissa that's crazy and on and not found in Scripture but without it allow God to use your creative mind you know I remember when I see when I'm thinking about you know that the gospel was found in the seasons you know winter or fall winter spring summer you know I found a small fall the last few evening was the first changes these fall how do we know that fall was the first change is the one I have is a follow the baseball what what what did the following abilities symbolize the first thing that fell what happened out of had just been so followed really represents the fall of mankind and afterthought what you that's right from from the fall of mankind you not have the coldness of death but other guy doesn't leave us in the coldness of death because he sends Jesus brings forth on the scene amen that new life that new golf about it and he wants to our stress into an internal summer and I like summertime you doesn't score the the board of over eleven the great summertime is when we graduate from this world amen and Jesus and we sent a sea of glass and upon graduation crowns a man of eleven when I learn how to think outside the box inside the box you know there is very sick there is a lot of significance in Bible names are doing a ton over this now but if you look in Genesis chapter five you will see a list of Bible names that are given and those Bible names all mean something and when he tangles my remains and laid out in order they actually make up a sentence of salvation I was not found so if you now but I don't haven't you heard that before has seen before amen and until you another one when was studying symbols in the century not even bring this up now wish I did but if you are going to walk Texas chapter twenty five Exodus chapter twenty five and looked at than this all articles that are made out in for the building of the sanctuary is a very orderly fact let me see if I can convince Exodus twenty five I know I can't thought of no one in turn here Exodus twenty five it says verse verse three this is the offer which he shall take of them gold silver and brass and blue and purple and scarlet and fine linen here now I'm just under the first rest verse number three was gold represent fate what I feel represent cortisol chapter twelve the word of the Lord is like silver tried seven times what this class represents brass representing him off in a positive sense it means to be onset it means to be firm for crimes okay to be impenetrable to be steadfast some amount of money to be one more on the sea where are we know what is blue represent weblogs that the law or what old beauty and a man and what is travel represents royalty okay now listen to this when you put on those glasses that help you see God 's word magnified here's the message here the word of the Lord be steadfast and obeyed and I will make you change announces can stop right there but without a few going on this whole list you will find sites like Genesis chapter five the entire gospel message in the very order of the sanctuary furniture or the sanctuary building blocks that doggie and it's amazing so Yahoo avoids homework to do when you go home get get get get get a biologic that concordance out and begin to look at what these things mean and beloved of intelligence is powerful when you begin to realize that the word of God is a living book is a book that we have known the joy of this is boring no donut the Della tell you that this book is boring amen and then another we can look at Bible numbers that's another principal Bible numbers and studied Bible numbers it's beautiful when you look at principles when we look at the cost of the Bible Numbers and I just one the number three in the Bible represents a separation of no life and it was on day three the vegetation began to spring forth on the art interestingly enough it is on day three that Jesus himself springs forth from the Arthur member that if you look at all the threes in the Scripture however the story of the Butler and the Baker what day was it that they work that there was a separation between life and the life or life and death it was on day three can you think of anyone in any other free stories that deal with life and death sonar who else what else said and Jesus of course the Prince in fact the Bible says that Abraham when he was bringing his son to be sacrifice the Bible says on the third day he looked up and saw the place where his son was to be sacrificed so you can go through the numbers three seven twelve and you can find if you if you use the principles you will find the word of God exploding into life just jumping into life and limit value Hollywood is doing everything he can to make this book boring to you too just not to does our our concept our perception of another the Bible says that spiritual things are spiritually while this are when God opens our eyes we will speak they would surely behold wondrous things out of his mouth let me close with an illustration of the sanctuary you can see the century in your mind right now raising and selecting all right very good you noted to the sanctuary and undiscovered arts you to imagine that sanctuary from a birds eye view with the answers of the sanctuary right here okay and then the most wanted places where air holy places hair out of court is here and again this year now in that sanctuary has six articles of furniture what you have was the first thing you had the altar of sacrifice and then you had the major enemy go up into the holy place and you have lots the seven branched candlestick while Kennesaw bread and the altar of incense and then you go into the Muslim place and you have one the arc of the company now if you can see it is in your mind loving you will look at that the articles of furniture and you will notice that the way in which their place actually forms the shape of a cross anybody is you trace up and is actually the shape of a cross and he'll seen a more beautiful about it is that as you look in the right places in which in which the article the French are set up Jesus Christ received all bone in each one of us placing one of the right-hand one of them a crown of thorns on his head nails in his feet and peters and his son and what's amazing about this is that that also run on on that later which represented all washing the priests were going to watch the hands of the labor and sometimes even with Donna saw blood the water would mingle and the Bible says when Jesus was Pearson aside I came broad and water it has something even more maybe the century actually points out the history of the life of Jesus because remember that Jesus was born where in KY in a manger among animals where are the animals in the Saints Murray brought the art to the altar of sacrifice Jesus was born ready to ready to die and then at the edge authority we find Jesus at the neighbor which represents watching our baptism Jesus is baptized and then the Bible says that Jesus was led out into the wilderness as if we would go out from the favorite when we get to the holy place he tells us Jesus tempted in the wilderness regarding how many articles of furniture in the holy place three what was Jesus first temptation turned this stone into what interbrand where was the devil tempting Jesus at the table of silvery and then the sensation was all care okay if you're the son of God for yourself and offer up prayer disease did to your father where was he tempting Jesus at the altar of incense which represents prayer and finally said okay okay listen I know you want your candlestick that is set on a hill I know that's what you come here for if you just got out I will give you a seven branched candlestick you don't need to back the thing Satan was aware of the sanctuary process of salvation yes indeed the eleven Jesus overcame all the things and then went on to magnify the law of God Dino by God even though the children of Israel out of captivity through the sanctuary was a firstly for the sacrifice a lot of them whereas that take place out on Revlon offer a sacrifice very good and then you find that this trial is that Jesus now leads them all around unread see what is that that's the labor and then when they get to the outside Jesus now said okay I'm done giving a fresh staff exodus chapter fourteen on that arraignment on a down of the genetic Yugoslav table of silvery and in Exodus seventeen and eighteen I believe it's taken the Hudson Exodus nineteen all now says I am going to anoint you and you are now officially my holy nation my royal priesthood that's the seven branched candlestick a city set on a hill cannot be a but then Moses said okay guys were about to meet with God you need to go and prepare yourself for three days and be in serious prayer what is that the author of incidents and that in Exodus twenty one the most holy place the ten Commandments of God gave us watching TV here for you know another hour and just share with you these various principles but I want to stress you have one up I just want to give you an example just want to give an example of how it is we can open the word of God 's think outside the box where inside the box when I decided to say only a little but I know but was studying because God wants to reveal to us deeper and deeper truth so that we can have something to share with the world amen amen let's pray heavenly father we thank you so much for speaking Lord for opening your words was father help us helpless fits into design your to study your word like never before that our eyes may be opened that we may behold wondrous things out of your book in Jesus name we pray amen


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