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Chain Reactions and the Verity of the Third Angel's Message

Ivor Myers
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Ivor Myers

President and Founder of ARME Ministries and Pastor of Templeton Hills Church



  • March 10, 2007
    11:00 AM
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the Sabbath it is good to see your name out there a blessing to be able to be present together and worship the Lord together this morning a man you went home last night thinking about your wagons in the eleven this morning we had a very crucial net and I believe that this message rightly that the rightly received an annual will change your life forever I say that with all confidence that because the Bible is our confidence amen and so I wanted to ask that as we prepare for God to speak to us this morning that we would search our own hearts and aspirin of dogs and Linda to open our ears that we may be able to hear a man slung within the other hand when asking about your head is not very heavenly father thank you Lord because you love us so much farther I'm so excited about the message you have to share with your children this morning 's things are possible may our hearts burn as you draw near is our prayer and price me a name the title of my message this morning is a long one when I will be remembering Shane reacts and a very key of the third Angels message chain reaction and the verity of the third Angels message on my feet open your Bibles to Revelation chapter twenty Revelation the twentieth chapter and we will begin reading in verse one the Bible says and I saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great one make sure you have your Bibles in your following me so when I caused that means you speak loud amen all right let's try to get ice on angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great Shane in his hand I would fight but before you read any further that the devil is terrified of this chain some of you know why some of you may not but you will understand why as we read on the Bible says and he later hold on the dragon that old serpent which is the Devil and Satan and then walked down to him thousand years anybody waiting for the devil to be bound and he cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years should be fulfilled and after that he must be loosed a little season burst forth and I saw thrones and they sat upon them and judgment was given unto them and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and the word of God which had not worshiped the beast neither his image neither had received his mark upon their foreheads or in their hands and they made the march came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years it becomes obvious that we're talking here about the resurrection the resurrection is is is synonymous with that in and on the angel with the chain in his hand bounding the double because both of those events begin the period of time that we just saw seen or known of the one thousand years amen so at the same time that Jesus returns is the same time that those who died for Christ are resurrected and caught up and it's the same time that the devil is bound with this one saying and so beloved the question is what is it that brings about this event in other words let me rephrase it could there be a change in he said that leads to this angel with the change in his hat and that will in essence bound Lucifer let me rephrase that another week what if the changes reaction that brings about the binding of the government this morning I want to share with you that chain reaction it begins beloved that the final advance the thing that springs off that chain reaction they are so much begins with the person we had Prince was this morning turning your Bibles the second Chronicles chapter seven second Chronicles chapter seven I want you to notice verse thirteen and fourteen when you get there please say amen the Bible says if I sent an heaven that there'd be no rain or a find command the locus to devour the land or if I sent estimates among my people if my people which are called by my name shall want humble themselves and do what pray and seek my face and turn from their want weight in ways that I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land but other than the end of the events that have called this chain reaction that brings about that Angel in Revelation chapter twenty when the chain is an bedbound the devil is God 's people actually getting together humbling themselves charming from their wicked ways and praying for God to pour out the rain we are told in the book of Joel you don't turn there but in the book of Job we are told call a song home on assembly sanctify the others and goes on to describe this this is the sign of a family medicine take place and if you restart without all the Bible says that when God 's people doing that he was sent to than the former rain and a walk and a Maori and you know the devil fears Nevada rain I want to digress here very briefly to tell you what's happening some of you know what's happening some of you do not I just want to show you very briefly a few months ago a grassroots movement started calling dogs and Tiger sharks to pray for ten days for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit Avalon in this moment that started from the grass roots has now found its way to Australia I forgot to England to the islands it is spreading rapidly and I can just sense that the devil is fearful now the date set for this event is an show twenty seventh to July oh seven it is like a net and then but without a keynote speaker who was a keynote speaker at Pentecost nobody they got together and why pray nothing else what training no beloved I believe that we have gotten to the place in discharges history where we are now focused who's obvious leader no speaker all okay then I guess no need to join us ten days there was no king on speaker for the early church I did was get together and pray and so beloved we are seeing what could possibly be the beginnings of a worldwide revival when anything happened during those ten days guess what I don't no none of us can predict when God is minimal when God will do what he does that send our time but it will work to get ourselves ready amen it's interesting that Ellen White wrote these words invasions on the night representations passed before me although great reformatory movement among God 's people is there to be a great reformatory movement among God 's people in the future yes she does also say many were praising God the sick were healed and other miracles were wrong experiment the session was seen even I was manifested before the great day of Pentecost is down to me a time in this church where there will be a spirit of prayer that was manifested just like it was during the great time of Pentecost you I heard voices of Thanksgiving and praise and there seemed to be a Reformation such as we witnessed in eighteen forty four that's incredible to be a dominating forty four hundred years just previous to that there was a global movement people from all over planet Earth worth a man's something that happened when I saw what it is but can't fire at a spread throughout the whole globe is about to happen again you probably knew looking forward to the day I want you to realize that love when this event happened and this may be any event it may not we may not be right but when this event as prophesied in the Bible takes place what will happen is that because there is a long ball movement on God 's people praying for the front of the Holy Spirit that while bowel movement will lead to a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the book of acts there were a hundred and twenty five was praying in one area Jerusalem and the Spirit was poured out where in Jerusalem but in the last days we are told a part of Revelation Chapter eighteen verse three that the glory that will fall will live through the whole Morrow which would mean that there must be people across the whole world praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit amen I saw them in the global cried to God the global pleading for the Holy Spirit would lead to a global outpouring of the Holy Spirit amen what is that the new global outpouring of the Holy Spirit leads to a global loud cry and ask if I get up here with you now if asked the whole front row to yell with me would it be louder if I asked everyone in this mold to yell with me within the allowed if we ask the whole world to yell at the same time if we asked the hall and starts to shout at the same time would you consider that allowed crime can you imagine God sure it's in every city in every village on every continent praying at the same time for the same thing having the spirit of God pour out at the same time as a matter of days and weeks they are out in their own abilities Theron Finney 's preaching the message with power can you imagine everyone in this room something about what that Pentecostal power that allowed Peter to convert three thousand people in one message can you imagine that happening across the entire globe at the same time you know beloved that says to me that God 's people would get to the place where they no longer waiting for our top evangelist or inventiveness to go to Africa to preach a message when weighing the television and do what God is waiting for us to do I saw that you've got this global outcry for the Holy Spirit and then Uganda's global outpouring of the Spirit which leads to a global outcry and women in the global outcry when the needs of global accident revelation eighteen the Bible tells a thousand the Bible says there got the message the golf forth in this I her my people now but I want you to imagine you don't those people and those are the fees you can China reach with the gospel message and it's just been so difficult in another when the spirit of God is poured out upon you you know those people women worshiping this God and those people will than worsening back I all of a sudden your wired identity solves failed with the spirit of God that these people will be converted by the thousand who own King him by the devil when he does see this chain reaction all all of a sudden thousands of all the religious bodies on the world of identity losing that members of May and another I want you to understand that that while we will be celebrating it has phrases on the numbers of incoming and genuine conversion with others there is a downside to because you see this global Exodus will need to global persecution you see when the leaders of the various movements Marseille where are people going what is this and only we doesn't count without what's going on in government is not the resolution of any other religion 's entitlement under all wondering where's is all coming from when suddenly there a attention will be tired to a relatively small group of people are these the one that in a matter of days and weeks and months have robbed us of our meets your powerful statement taken from the great controversy the apostle Paul declares that all that were the godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution what is it then that persecution seems in a great degree to slumber the only reason is that the church has conform to the world standards and therefore awakes no opposition you want to know I have a good right now you want to know why she people in the initial positions of the world have good things to say about you right now that's the relation which is tried in our day is not of the pure and holy character that mark the Christian faith in the days of Christ and his apostle it is only because of the spirit of compromise let's say because the breakthroughs of the world indifferently regarded because there was so little vital godliness and the charge that Christianity is apparently so popular with the world now here's the kicker sent that there be a revival of faith and power of the early church and the spirit of persecution will be revived and despite years of persecution became the why are we not seeing persecution right now here in America why are we seeing prosecution as the cause of the spirit of one from but I'm not here to talk about that in particular this one and I want to make the double metaphor that allows okay so some accident activists came yesterday once God 's people put away the sand and get ready and cried out to God and once they are they complement out rainfall than once that I cried all sports and once the global Exodus takes place then you have this global prosecution and would actually told no this is amazing this exhibit great controversy page six oh six in amazement this is turned on I'll try and amazement that a that is those who belong to Babylon who are sincere at heart and I think they hear the testimony about from the church found another forever is insane because of our rejection of the children sent to her from heaven and the people go to their former authority ask the people for their former teachers with the eager inquiry are these things so the ministers present fables and unpublicized small things to salute their fingers at the quality of the awakened conscience but since many refusals to be satisfied with the mayor authority and then I been then explained I said that in order the popular ministry like the Pharisees of old film with anger at their authority is questioned will be announced the message as of faith and will star opposite involving multitudes of Brabant and prosecute those who proclaim the truth some of the non- tribals for the people say wow remember things like this are made on credit before but it just didn't make sense that I have only been able to the mighty diverse as they can some of these things really so and with no answer to the it will only our rales your at it is this your read that now remember beloved listen it was after easy or after Israel that each of Donna Ramos Farrell 's fury to destroy the seller likewise the lot price going forth the Fioricet will will imbue his messengers the satanic fury and now all of a sudden global attention is focused on who but praise God when global persecution many of whom I think I want to be one more quote from the great controversy page six oh seven the power attending the seems that allowed private matter ring tone what I mean that those opposing the cards he will push for the superhuman efforts to shadow and light message in Charlotte on their farms by every means and at their command they want to damage the present discussion of the vital questions everybody don't be talking about the charts appeals to the strong arm of civil power and additional pages and Protestants unite as the movement for Sunday enforcement becomes more bald and decided the new law will be involved in combat in the seabirds not chronological the family law is specifically because of you if God doesn't want through some of it you know I decided I'll be good we do that okay now do you remember when Daniel was being faithful in his kingdom and in the kingdom of the Babylonians and the Wiseman said you know what sonic and Daniel down excitedly but we can't find anything wrong with him weblogs have to pass a law specifically targeted to get Daniel in trouble he's enough of your Islamic state of the many of us are waiting for a Sunday law this spring is an accident there is the fact that I'm not a scholar where went on a Sunday law and the son-in-law 's wedding on us so we've been here for a common unit one hundred and fifty were to go back to eighteen eighty eight then we can say a hundred and almost one hundred and twenty years we've been waiting for the funding and a Sunday law is waiting on a signal to the Sunday laws not passed until the people get so infuriated with that I say what can we no prosecute these people intimately get rid of the way well making the Sabbath the funding on chain reaction but undoubtedly known praise God that when Daniel Russell Sunday law is passed when that global prosecution comes to my blog on persecution raged to global delivery will and you know what blood is delivered is not her Revelation chapter twenty eight that Angel comes with the chain and instead of it I like the colony operator change the Vatican was the prayers of the saints that set off the chain reaction that brings about the angel when the chain in his hand that says now it's time to buy is about the government people shown me that they are ready Shane reacts but I believe we need to get this prayer chain going amen and that as I'm looking at what's happening around the globe incessantly signed with you the website is www. operation global rain .com I have say some I sent the website my everyday because I was so excited to see what's going on the present map on the website and I'll think on that now annual in a matter of life like I think it was maybe fifteen days and already had subsequent word-of-mouth but already at over two thousand visitors just a word-of-mouth and I will back there and I am just amazed to see how quickly this thing is spreading it is God and God of only now moving up on his people to partake of the SCR ten in the beloved and I said we may not be ready always say this is maybe the beginning of a yearly event bubbling it could be the beginning of that chain reaction that brings about the devil 's downfall amen and so Satan then must feed God 's people from trying that said that shame that language sets off a chain reaction this second Chronicles seven fourteen I said before second Chronicles seven fourteen and fourteen must become to us what Daniel a thirteen and fourteen was to the early advent movement did you get not non- wrestling Daniel eight thirteen fourteen that is that has had a significant and still doesn't always love you I leave for us now we are not waiting on God God is waiting on our to fulfill second Chronicles seven thirteen and fourteen so it's amazing that that as this this vision has been shared that you know people have said that you know a pastor that the problem as some of you have even seven years in announcing yet but there's a problem pastor that's it there is a problem that's a nice grand vision online yet but they have a problem you don't know where we are you don't know what the on my sorry ass you don't know what what the conference is doing here are all one or what's happening over there you don't all data that will never happen and you know when the needs on you that is a great dilemma because of it you will realize about strategy which turned it with me please I'm sheltered to us the second chapter and verse one I want you to notice the condition is for the outpouring of the Army rain acts chapter two and verse one and when the date of Pentecost was fully come let's read this together they were all with one of four in one place nominal value the difference between the early rain and rain in this verse the only thing that changes about this verse is that it must read for anyone read that one all in one accord in many places that will be the only difference such a challenge remains then how in the world do we get the seventh day Adventist charts to the online October will cause a heavy car I mean think about the dilemma some people say he is rock music is all right yet others will say no it's not our some people saying hey it's okay to wear whatever you want away another same noise now get away with one word and some people say hey and human nature of Christ was a priest Paul Simon something that you are wrong it was pretty and had enough to cause what we wonder how in the world if we are waiting as we are waiting for that size to agree on all these points before we get together and pray how long they would not be here we will be here forever what is the problem how are we wanted DOI 's estate with this problem is a beloved option the devil he knows what he must do to stop the chain reaction if he can keep God 's people define it if you can feed them from getting on what I poured the rain will never follow up of another praise God we are told that that's not the mounted sonar and other random to figure out how it is because the word of God has prophesied a net so we can be happy and rejoice we can know what to say knowing without knowing how I'm not going to happen but I have faith that it's going to happen a net but without all an assistant excellent news with you this morning because I can tell you how's not happen you can know how are you a positive signs for the that me tell you beloved how it happened how is it that the charts with all its different from all factions can actually come together unfulfilled Chapter two verse one the answer is found in a nutshell in Romans chapter five and verse one Romans chapter five first one what is it then we unfold and the strengths sure you one of five the people of God notice what it says in Romans chapter five and verse one are you ready for the Bible says being selfish by by a we have one piece not agreed about were actually means one and they began to stride again we have one oneness application is when you are genuinely want flooding and tasteless with someone you are doing a lot one that somewhat when being told here is that justification by Friday brings us peace along oneness with God and therefore would bring us oneness with one another justification by faith not nonmedical about here in Iowa recently bought Bethany Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve the Bible tell the something powerful here we know that and our understanding the administrator 's commissions again how many messages during the three Angels messages and as the last ride is actually on another angel that Angel revelation eighteen joins his wife when the angel with the far Angels message amen I'm Angels message reads Chapter fourteen verse verse nine the third angel followed them saying the Milan was if any man worship the beast and his advantage and receive his mark in his four-hitter and has had the same shall drink of the wine of the rapids and one of the want of eleven just brought out without mixture into the company of indignation and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the lab and the smoke of their torment offended up forever and ever and they have no resident on my worse of the beaches and is and who's ever seen in his March and we like to stop my guess is that starting his message if you are symphonies you will be destroyed by one of the third Angels message does not end there I want you to notice the next verse here is the one the patient's of the things here on a vaccine the Commandments of God and I want to say on season not accept bad that as we preach we we believe in my climate of vodka and tell the world student a lot commandments of God and Simon and tell him you have been breaking the commandment of God and we can we do that and we've done our that are not and then we had done all that we need to do my beloved I want to share with you that there is a reason why we are to preach the commandment of God and the one the faith of Jesus the cellular reason why go about in Romans chapter three Romans chapter three verse nineteen I want to notice one Romans three first nineteen said when you get there please say a name Romans chapter three I want in my office here now we know that whatsoever things lawsuit to say to them while under the law that every mouth may be stopped and the whole world may become guilty before God therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be while justified in his sight for by the law is analogous and otherwise we can go out there and tell people that you are breaking the law and they doesn't weld would like to to be named why would he hesitated Jean Malone no no this is what it says many rephrasing cheat the law in order to be justified okay that better because the amount of the volatile events a lot keep the law amen but keep the law in order to be justified no because by now by all no one shall be justified by the deeds of the little list of items on the site button now verse twenty one but now the righteousness of God without the law is manifested being witnessed by the law and the prophets even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ why do we need to influence the faith of Jesus Christ and that an outcry because when we tell the world you are guilty of breaking the law and they said well what's the answer and we say the phase of cheese the righteousness of Christ also I thought the five days and it says this in verse twenty four being justified on what is justified in any way was as if I may it means being made lots right somewhere going on I think the regular law and well I do not want to be made right to belong no yes see them all but that's not what dominates you write you are justified by the state of Jesus you are justified by faith in game a man and so beloved we now understand that the third Angels message is the message of justification by faith not listen to the analyte noted event of the page one ninety or rather review and Herald April first eighteen ninety she said several have written to me inquiring if the message of justification by faith is the third Angels message and I have answered it is the third Angels message in their routine the third Angels message in every now here is why we are not ready to give the mantra this this assault will not have to write it down and make sure I sent it right this is me okay that Iraq I'm not really I'm just telling you what I think you bypass the right sort comes across right okay ready right we cannot do the third Angels message with power on to me first name the third Angels message with power and autism in the world will know what the answer you are justified by faith by faith you may be made right with God and by being right with God do not install them onto the commands of the phrase like I can judge you on and you know those two guys are talking head with what you got different groups and over what way would you just told me that I was guilty of breaking about God as we learn this and achieve a long time actually means to love my neighbor and to get along in peace and harmony to all be on one of our and knowledge is there another judge and you are on the ticket is assuredly I got another chance you'd disable nothing we can't go out there and came to the Angels message until we first is a the third Angels message now I want to listen to this powerful powerful court this is I think this is the most powerful court in all the analytes right I said not as easy this is amenable face on a bar page one eleven the thought that the this is a prime into his wife not because of a merit on our part but as a free gift from God is a precious thought the enemy of God and that is not willing that this truth should be clearly presented for he knows that if the people receive it funny his power will be broking if we fully understand what is justification by faith means the devil will have no power over you seek justification by faith tells us apart a route assigned one this is what brings God 's people into why oneness remember the disciples before Pentecost they were arguing about who was to be the greatest I am better than you cause I'm a vegan so God will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven waiting on the Winnifred fog tests are not falling on on peanut cookies always get themselves in trouble is not a guide on the side that several I saw very this crisis going on among the disciples who will be the greatest and listen to me they are just a finding but for a disused justifying why they should be the granite and then we are told that this message of justification by faith according to the Bible rightly understood brains that want me that God can then pour out his Spirit upon his people so to begin our message this morning and you saw the time I want to share with you to crucial points of justification by faith number one justification by faith is that she told one of core it is the key to one of core let's see this from across crimes justified us up across a man not justified you've probably heard this before justify would mean something like just as in I never say selling price justified at age three thousand staff at this time never say now that she and that's crucial but the Romans chapter five number six want to watch Islamic was an amazing thing that Christ justifies of the prompts of an amazing thing but not now known as Romans chapter five I want to know something even more amazing Romans five and verse six four when we were in net with string in due time Christ died for the godly wait a minute although I think it will go on why thank you I know that you're not let me justify that when Christ died of the cross was willing to treat me on God and the just as a they never seen myself for scarcely for a righteous man will one die and yet identified then someone even doubted by bug .com then it is not to want out and got wildly why you act sinners Christ died for us much more then being now justified I will we shall be saved from wrath through him for an land we live we were reconciled to God by the death of his nominative is not to say that God save everybody at the profit now there's a safe and now it's a matter of them losing their salvation no God offered a name at the cause he offered this fall and free justification and all we have to do is accepted by faith is not justification a specification by say you don't just get it you get it by faith may want to know something amazing crimes justified us by faith you just cry I said I know that your wicked rational medicine right now that I have faith that year that I sent my justification sub tries to let the other thing that you deserve the company justified now allowing a tough day of Christ's for me I feminine specify on the screen him just as he never said not he may not happen like that anyway containable delight had to live that is you know be rejected in the last final analysis but nonetheless I will treat him like that so to be justified means to be part of a name the to be justified needs to be pardoned now felt by both Hamilton that we actually received that anything some the devil right now is trembling because the Internet that's my craving for the double trouble the devil right now is trembling at the word about mama not my words it there words of inspiration amen this is the devil 's power is about to be broken if you watch this God says as I have justified you somebody got it so I want you to show us the five as I have treated you just as if you never same I know the guy over there is listening to what you believe is on the right thing that's not but regardless of that I still want you ensure him him as if he'd never seen the rhyme I can pray with him because he's not following the Council and I'm not alone I know we where not talking the Dudleys humiliated and like the guy who came to the sentence into the master that now I'm all you are this morning please forgive me and the mouth of a cabinet immersing you and I forgive you and he wants out singing praises to God and then see somebody that holds him money on benefit compared to what he had been forgiven and he grabs I'm sixty moment but but no divinity and how many times the receipts are brother and sister your devotee forget and not your gut pay your that a problem you see that if we actually experience justification by faith here is the evidence that we have not surely experience justification by faith when we refuse to forgive when we refuse to love despite what they may be doing is wrong you save another one thousand and thirty hey man I know that you are this and I have that but you know what this is so important that you fire our differences and that can't together answer each other 's houses is not never said I just pray that God will open our eyes give us your grace give us your spirit that we can come together on one accord on all the other thing justify and you realize how we treat people because of the coloring of their pass did you hear what I just said in a husband and wife live in the house together and has gone mad I know you see so shouting your liking you know exactly what that means I know what you meant to say and become at each other with everything connected from the do you imagine how many can you and there is a harmony problems will be solved if husband and wife said okay to start exercising justification by faith on the street you just had an move just as if you had never seen just as if you had never wronged me now that may not change that person may continue on you but I because Jesus forget me so much that it's renewed just as a just a you know what that means many reaching phase out and buy one another and what is justification by faith it is the work of God in making the glory of man in the and join from than that which is not in his power to do for himself when they see their own nothingness then they are prepared to be clothed with the righteousness of Christ using him as our glory that was a tossup process up and says wow you have an improbable for me to fly forget the warmth on satisfaction my wife brings before we say well who am I you to come asking for game that's not hard to our glory has made in the dust and we now see all nothing that men are miserable wretched blind and needy and so are you hey guess what we can unite on how miserable this RX and yet we can agree on that and if we can agree on that embryo have to work on anything else we agree on that I think a lot of my armies about what you know what they who can't develop the consignment is a net and no was not that thou liberal potency that thou are miserable wretched naked not us you can send the Liberals at all he doesn't understand he doesn't realize of us talking about hitting that will miserable wretch and nobody wants a claim being miserable and that's why because we have not understood justification by faith is raised in glory of men and adults so now whether you are never alone while conservative we are all miserable wretched bride and making outside of Christ and now we think will that's where we can unite next night on our nothingness and that we read again when men see their own nothingness they are then prepared to be cold with the righteousness of Christ the devil doesn't want you to understand justification by faith because when we understanding his how were these broken amen but there is a second team to justification by faith and daddy that justification by faith is the scene to victory over saying it is good to see victory over see you say how so pastor this what does justify me it means to be made while Ryan Aiken also mean to defend right to vindicate a unlimited fabulous also find on the executive is funded that's what the word testify me and I want to show you below that the opposite of justification by a is justification all so you see in mankind 's biggest dilemma is that he is always seeking to justify is anything wrong with justifying now he is always seeking to justify but how justified by sound a bunch of talking is also because it was because me there is a lot there is a reason they are they come in an attempt to want why did you need to puppetry answer because every been in an argument will either win the argument because the memory something to you and here is another statement of the demo that is trembling performing this is if you get this you have the CD to victory over sin that's on a site visit for this saying is adding Schroeder for whose presence no reason can be given it is mysterious and unaccountable to execute a test of the offending car excuse be found far it are hardly sorry for its existence it would cease to be same as great controversy page four ninety two ISA concert what does that mean it is what it means the devil has checked the assault us that when we sing there is a reason in other words start watching them in a pornographic magazine well because of the page that was on the front what are we just don't jive even knowing I was wrong we justify why we did the action to guess I just in other words we say there is a reason why I should love and this is the reason because of what's on the front cover and United using love incest occasional salvos of the child specification by faith simply says whenever I said there was a wall they reason now let's flip that around the time that scene from another perspective if I deem me that there is a reason to same then I will want say but I begin to come to the understanding that there is never a reason to sing Joseph don't you know what I hear is a woman who was coming off the Internet or reason to just go ahead and just followed the temptation you know it's also seventy is my all well at the same you any good this way I see it on cable here and I just went like and it's what he said to you that DC resistive watchable gunfighter while you say well that's a reason if I don't write authority nor is it if there is like shrimp and then somebody said hey man you know he doesn't deserve that once you a one doesn't get a whole bunch of people in this bonus I speak not an engine using the same format is missing beloved when the devil comes to us with temptation we respond by saying yes that is a reason to do this is all I said I do but without them if we can begin to think like Jesus thought listened Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days hungry hungry seventy five Donatella said Jesus you are hungry not I'm sure that that is a reason for you to turn these stones into bread and you know what Jesus said he said hungry that's not really even when God says no need will have access to exciting and so many woman and testify concerning those stones into bread the cost am hungry that they are not an online marveling at facsimile magic some reasons are doing but we are told that there was no reason for why said suddenly outstripped them to thinking that that there was a reason and because we are always looking for the reason that said we fall into the sin itself without any Peninsula formula for you where there is no where there is no backpack and I do with the original Kong there can be no a say now when you have a way this equation there was a reason of the same when you send out away from the devil when you examine some of the exciting new content not that I love you are we the same you have just broken the devil 's power something watching the last years of demonstrated not justification by faith all rights Jesus here you are and the garden about several missiles have just come around you can rescue up his specification you did not know no that would not be justice soluble the defendant justifying that okay well now I hear you are on your cross and I'm watching you Jesus and they're telling you come down from the cost if you think you're the son of God Sergeant Jesus that's a reason to get angry and to do what you need to do and she is in the cross as well that's not justifiable that's not a reason to get angry at them that's not a reason to get mad and as always as all changes is my love now got very own father as for thinking you Shawnee that's a reason to send he forsaken me but how can I justify sending because God is forsaking if indeed interesting you see that other what justification by faith does is it gets rid of all of our justifications to say same now I can only behave and do those things that are justifiable by God that's what it means that Barnes is like doing that oh well here's why online specification not comes from the lot this is what it means as soon as the justified a name that means everything that I know is justifiable in cry so now is one of the day okay the you know somehow provides advanced with the cannot justify this in cry out can justify solo doing but you must do it because your body is calling out for this and before we would say yes my body is calling out for this and therefore that's a reason to phone into it not least while my body calling out for this is the reason for me to do my body calling out this is the reason for me to thinking here is the reason for me to fall into the second I can testify that if I want to live the life of justification by faith the Bible says that faith comes by one carrying and hearing by the word of God saw that I am justified by faith which comes by hearing the lot word of God so when the Democrats got Jesus Jesus didn't justify himself but he testified itself by the same eight days written that specification I think you take away the reason for sin and sin has no more dominion and power in your life that's why the devil is so fearful that this will be understood because the moment we understand again not religious and we go out active listening flat I thought that's what the human race that Jesus I know when I am in you I justified faith in charge I grant you how more power and power below is based upon the words in is written in fact ninety milligrams to ten says that it was nowhere it is written that Christ met every temptation of Satan in the wilderness and I just went to the good faith of the enemy sup .com and no farther and do not get this that's why the Bible says by your words you will be sensed to see the hollow words needs to be a ease rate as long as we do everything before answering then were good that means justify name Charlemagne ourselves right I'm right you're wrong Jesus forget about just a case of myself and align yourself to be justified by the word so when people are accusing you and say around around around around you can say no and that I am justified by faith I understand to you why I'm doing what I'm doing with the word of God is in the word of God has value they can get me as guilty I am afraid I can still love you because I am justified by faith have been justified by Christ like intrigued you know you never say and even though you just got me the devil knows that his power will be broken if we justification by faith have you ever wondered how it is that Jesus could quote them he has been having all right that's the data is written in the game and never having come all the long long moderate have you ever set in our icons on the home of Oregon on the floating and huge shortfall in the visible temptation to find those as well Paul I know and Jesus I know but what was your name again actually somewhere in London until you want until you are Jesus did not only for the word of God he was helpful case in the beginning was the word and the word was what with God and the word was God Jesus intelligent yet the quotation marks Jesus was a few not only for the quote he was inside the quotation marks he was the twelfth and powerful he wasn't twelve he was aware and so when he pointed he wasn't calling something outside himself he was the very thing that he was quoting Anderson to this blog was a need for restaurants on the presence page one hundred faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God the Scriptures are the great agency and that's transformation of the character you are than your character is to be transformed and it has been transformed but it is why it is written the Scripture by the question is what is it to be transformed and so singles honestly the Holy Spirit comes in because there I think that springs up in the heart works my love to Christ conforming on in body soul and spirit to his own enemy I want charges are to be transformed or comes born into the image on God 's son a man with the benefit of the Stanford the unit is not okay what is that you needs of God 's image of God 's son is that it needs all the word as I can take the indicates of God 's son is that it needs all the work so what does that mean that we tell you what it means the flash became word by me rephrase the wire became less so that the flatness could become where all men the love in the flesh became the word became flesh so that the flask could become blurred when you're not already transformed or conformed to the image of God we are supposed to become the wall the word of God is the CIA met what do RNC struggles orangey side of the water of God is the seed of an weird photo pier one twenty three that we are born again not corruptible seed but not a lot Florida on on one of the flesh is one flesh that was one of the Spirit is life very that which is born on the word move is where are you were when people see you they see the gospel are you outside of the house China the twelve is alone enough and it's time for us to stop phone and the probably outside the polling and become fully inorganic means let the word of God will richly can you and another when we look home the word talking about the war that I am the word please don't walk around saying I am the word okay don't but when we allow ourselves to be transformed into his words about the facts way we are ready to give a loud crack if God 's people accept justification by faith we will be ready to unite together we will be ready to gain the victory over every scene and we will be ready to give allowed crime I wanted you another you have heard the third Angels message in thirteen when we go out to the world we can't just tell them you're guilty of breaking the law of God they need an answer what do I Juan Rincon on the content development team the Commandments to be justified in going to the commandment but that's not what justifies consult today in new are treating someone just as easy you are dreaming someone is asked how you would not want God to very somebody that you're not talking to them among your breadmaking is not how many times want to get my Masters and Mike my brother seventy one sending a note on the finale said that customers for Jesus and whatever you want and you are gathered together in my name anything you ask I will answer and energy tears as well one of one of my brothers who you want to gather with what he's defending the audit I get together with you was unified with inventing AT&T doing the same thing over and over again and nothing Jesus is seven seven but seventy times straight game just as I treat in your your liberal and in your heart because he was concerned you you you have you have been living on the edge of the church because you are just that and watching the conservative brother just as hard when not want Christ to treat you when you send an metabolic and conservative human we can just get rid of those liberals the Holy Spirit will follow the shaking with current David Johnny your site we want to say is we can get well my laundry residing on twenty North and not one soul will not once all be shaken out and another that I say that is understanding if we come together on the basis a vibrant dog will bring us into unity on everything else because all hearts within a humble and brings receiving and so you are treating someone tells us how you would not want me to do and you want to make an open confession before your brother and sisters feared anything more I need to be testified by sea and expand justification by faith to the guide yoga means charge last evening 's freedoms as though he never yelled at me would you submit an entry I don't think they're justified to the justifying yourself and if is not given don't come to you I want to make another of you is a very special of you you have been young I think it is impossible to get history overseeing the reason you have the back is because you have set for yourself there is always a reason to send I am human heart I will say of being human is not only you can stand before God and their domestic author my understanding is that because the human is not lying if he wanted to let you in but not even holler and sinfulness is a reason the sin and not defame the problem to begin to experience justification I think I will normally justify why I will not apologize that you would you another many tell you true perfection comes when the glory of man is made in the dust because we cannot be perfect vote will be cannot be perfect it is Jesus in us who is perfect and it is Jesus and Haas who will want out that perfection and that's why we won't always be miserable wretched I need you I will never change I am still the same I thought I was back home in the world but it is Christ in me that you see below so no it's not about being perfect it's about letting Christ the perfect one in to work out his perfect will in your life and see who could create new rises as he made righteous we maintain a man and eleven the value we take this home with us to do the demos our using the room or and I see that chain reaction will be Dean's office planning and they will not being that the enemy of souls can do to stop my brother my sister remember we are a way to love you just like I love my last run and lifeless brother without getting with some crazy thing I think is crazy theology I would still love him just see or refund we have earned a third Angels message in very the very thing that we must experience before we can do will not it is hard to believe that even after yesterday you can just asking we never say or know what a free and incredible true maybe not that's true and our lives treating other you see things and call things that are not as though they were so fundamentally treat others even though they may not be delighted it's not about whether they does our Lord it's about justification by maybe be able to unify public shirts and even great entrée now nor as a world sure despite our many differences mainly night on our own wretchedness and and then father finally I pray that you would make us more transform and conform us to the image of your son reminders always wanted that there is never a reason to say because if there was a reason they would no longer be say by testifying thank you father for speaking to us today thank you father for the incredible work you are about to do through your people in these last me on harder rule to strengthen this prayer chain then we may bring about that angel with the changes I made a double down even now for my lies in creating in Jesus name amen


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