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Tears in Heaven

Jeremy Salvador



  • March 31, 2007
    11:30 AM
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well good morning everybody is that it are you glad to be in the house alone this morning and now it's terribly unconvincing I do have a video now the Lord this morning and a man a man lies to her and it's always a pleasure and a blessing to be here and especially to have the opportunity to speak to God 's people I do want to give a brief commentary about the the children story about either don't know that was my brother who deliver that and just resurrected he doesn't tell me the stories that tell me the story so I will I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed that by the way owls are one of the few birds that I have absolutely no idea about so I learned a lot of stuff about about the day and felt very happy for or that children's story block today were going to go over a sermon entitled tears in heaven now interesting story interesting story about how is entitled to while I was asked to speak and then very soon after that with my sermon title was going to become an item he deserve a title so I was worried I needed by this date why don't I got busy and doing all be sorted being that it came time with the deadline was aligning the sermon title and so I was I was kind of immigrants there I so I said that have been having with the first two years and have it like what he is in heaven are you seriously serious serious and what is a good idea that God loves you have it is getting off your love you I am it goes into the bulletin announced back and I have to I have to preach is it entitled two years and have it and it has to be about God and so I straight away so my info via romance and I started studying and I took a look at Scripture to Scripture and lo and behold God bless to the sermon entitled tears in heaven so having said that this movie this is how the servant came about as God the God I I know will will bestow blessing upon his people this morning on incidents that it's been vocalized that I employ a excessive amount of sets of peddling is what that means is people save big words and the I am going to attempt to refrain from doing so this this morning as much as possible and that so that those concerns limited brought up to me about how about those those those problems will will be rectified that having said that I'd like to drive my best to refrain for the use of the roads overly large words but of why don't we go right into our sermon we are at the twelve or you will twelve eleven fifty I can't I can even sleep was that at eleven fifty eleven fifty Wright at eleven fifty and so were going to go writes about twelve thirty and I prepared a lot of stuff I think that think that I get up here at about eleven fifty but I'm going to try to skip through these things are going to speak very quickly because I know all of you are very smart and that you can follow along so having said that why don't we invite the Spirit in our midst the same spirit that inspired the word may we asked you instructive and ask them to be here with us this morning because really when we study the Bible when we study the word of God is not so much about IQ but as it is about I will and so having said that we are going to present our wheels to God in May we surely see through through his word and a clear of more more meaningful way let's not has reported pressure father in heaven Lord we thank you for this morning father we thank you for gathering us your together a father we pray now that your spirit would be in a father in heaven give us a double portion of your spirit this morning and Lord made we see your words as it is true may Jesus Christ 's love for us to be revealed in enormous proportion of father in heaven may you hiding the behind the cross of Calvary father May the words that I speak not be my own words but mighty words from your father I pray these things in Jesus precious and I like to start off with a brief illustration on March twentieth nineteen ninety one at eleven a.m. to was a four and a half -year-old 's name was caught at that time he died and that he died when he fell from fifty three story window in New York City he landed on the roof on adjacent four-story building and he died instantaneous car was in the custody of his modern Italian actress named Lori Bell center and they were staying in an apartment during a during a visit to New York from Italy the boy 's father was also New York is and was staying at a nearby hotel at the time of the tragedy the death of baby Connor was one of those incidents accidents that seems still preventable if you like it should not have happened with hindsight yet yet yet our art imaginable until they happen Basking Ridge just finished cleaning the window and left it open to air the room when Connor ran past him and fell out by the floor by fix opening now by law New York City apartments must have window blinds installed on every window in all residential buildings with three or more tenants but it was oh with three more tenants but a net in nineteen eighty four ruling exempted condominiums from this regulation blazingly obvious of replacing the onus upon the owners of such units to install such safety devices the apartment Del Santo 's and her son were staying in was a condo unit does the window Connor fell through latch but God it was a tragic incidents the death of the of this of of his son had a deep impact upon his father for nine months the grieving father concentrated on coming to terms with the law the problem here in our world is that the world we live in the world where where this tragic incident happened this story is not an isolated incident there are hundreds of baby Connor sprucing in our world today there are hundreds of infants who die their people starve there is sorrow there's hardly his years in the end the question that so many people are or how can God experienced the same emotions we humans have not participated in the very human accident we believe having the God who created us who love us to save this goon nurtures and cares for us allow us to experience evil and suffering having the God who numbers the very hairs on her head and who holds who holds us in the palm of his hands how can that same God seemingly remained attached to human suffering and from today were going to survey the society could an online presence omnipotence on the malevolent God share out the answer is yes the answer is yes and there's a ten is a hymn entitled God we that says it so eloquently and pointedly it tells us that God does not remain detached from the answer is that God does indeed participate in our suffering and not it is when children suffer because of the lack of love or because of physical abuse we we and God we went women are battered and afraid of this rate in anger we believe partly when people go hungry go without medical care I die without cause we cry and got we are going to survey this idea today that God indeed shares are were going to take a look at your instances in the Bible where God Jesus Christ is documented of shedding tears weeping and crying for you we're going to survey those two instances and would like to see why that's important for you and I in our lives today in this day and age gladly said that while we go right into this and we're going to take a look at Christ and who he is for you and me you achieve this Jesus was never moved to tears for himself he further he had no home keyboard insulting accusations of madness and demon possession and instead of receiving honor from the world he knew he was hated despised and rejected men threatened his life and try just don't have in all of this he never it is humility in his humanity he needed love and affection as much as anybody else but when his own brothers didn't believe in him and many of his disciples turned away father is dead of resorting to self-pity he said it not wanting Jesus knew what kind of death he would suffer in Gethsemane he confided with his closest friends and felt in Matthew chapter twenty six in verse thirty eight then said he unto them my soul if this is exceeding sorrowful even unto the Terry he hear and watch with me but his friends felt the disciples fell sleep at this envious upgrade was so intent was was was was he was so deeply inundated with with anguish that wet felt like drops of blood to the in the Bible documents no teeth no tear was shed for himself when they came for him his disciples fled just as he'd told them they would earlier it said to them in John chapter sixteen he told them along the likes of you will leave me alone and you'll you will yet I am not alone for my father is with me so leaning totally on his father Jesus demonstrated the full extent of his love by doing this trial flogging and crucifixion and throughout the entire ordeal throughout this entire thing he never succumbed to read there are only two instances in the Bible where documents that Jesus Christ actually what an crime and let's turn that crap many of you know the first passage am going to is the famously known that the the shortest passage of Scripture the Bible Jesus life Jesus left so many of us know it at the shortest passage of scripture in the Bible are about how many of know how many of us know where it is how many of us know what it was talking about let's do that it sounds in the book of John turn with me to the book of John and were going to look at John chapter eleven John chapter eleven and recently meeting with Burris thirty five and when New Delhi had aimed that there must be some pages filtered in Iraq when it elevated amen reality is that genes us what the liver the shortest passage of Scripture in the Bible famous so why don't we take a look at the context of what this is turned back to jerk the John chapter ten and would start here with John chapter ten and verse forty John chapter ten verse forty it says here and went again beyond Jordan into the place where John at first baptized and then he about this document Jesus Christ and many restored until Hammond said John Goodman did no miracle but all things that John spake of this man were true and many believed on him then so it says here in verse eleven now a certain man was sick named Lazarus of Bethany the town of Mary and her sister Martha so let's find out where was Jesus when when this this whole ordeal happened because it says here verse two it was then marrying which anointed which anointed the Lord with ointment and white just be with her hair whose brother Lazarus was sick therefore the sisters sent that same thing Lord behold he will download this is sick so their individual of these these individuals marry Mike McGowan sent this work perhaps by by a messenger to Jesus and they send this message to message to Jesus that Lazarus that individual whom Jesus love is and everything is when Jesus heard that he is that this sickness is not the death but for the glory of God the son of God might be glorified thereby now Jesus loved Mayor Martha and her sister and Lazarus verse six is when he had heard therefore that he was to give vote two days still in the same place where what so where was Jesus let's ask ourselves that question where it was Jesus that he abode of he abided at the place for two days will be read in verse forty they said that he went again beyond Jordan into the place where John at first baptized and energy about so where was that let's ask ourselves that question where was that the John of John the first baptized piglet in John chapter one John chapter one Peter finger there is still Johnny Lavender going back there take a look at John chapter one John chapter one in order to look at verse twenty twenty six in order to go all the way to verse twenty eight twenty six and twenty nanometer name of the Bible says John answered them saying I baptize you with water but but their standards one among you whom ye know not now notice this in verse twenty eight these things were done and that the borrower beyond Jordan where John was baptizing so it says here John was baptizing in the bar across from the door now look at look at this fifth year that he was across from the Jordan or in the in the terms units used is the is synonymous with that term for for Bethany so therefore John was baptizing in Bethany and and where was that let's ask that question John chapter go back to chapter eleven he was baptizing along the Jordan River John was baptizing along the Jordan River in that place so John was baptizing literally Bethany and it says here John Chapter 11 verse eighteen look at the instead in a enough Bethany was ninth in Jerusalem about fifteen furlongs off fifteen furlongs is about equivalent to about two miles so Bethany was near Jerusalem is about two miles away and so literally he was two miles of walking distance away from Jerusalem take a look at what my Chapter 11 Mark Chapter 11 and working a look at Mark Chapter 11 in verse one Mark Chapter 11 verse one this end when they colonized to Jerusalem unto Bethphage and Bethany at the mount of olives he sent what these two disciples so the Bible song is where Jesus was literally when it says that he was there sitting that widget where word of word by word John was baptizing he was literally sitting down at that or anywhere Bethany is situated Bethany is situated on the mount of all so to Jesus but picture this Jesus was sitting that very close to the mount of olives what facing Jerusalem and the mouth of all his you know is the place where Jesus delivered the attitude so there it was sitting there at by the mount of olives and overlooking the Jordan River perhaps being able to see Jerusalem there and and he can get this to work he gets this word that is this that the latter sister sent that Jesus that that that that Lazarus on the date you feel Jesus was already in Bethany at a walking distance from blue Lazarus use at a walking distance from last is because it says in verse eleven down or go back to John chapter one and verse one is now a certain man was sick named Lazarus of Bethany the town of Mary and her sister Martha so many second many scholars suggest that Jesus was not a walking distance away from where Lazarus was yet he's Dave and verse six says that he abode there for Julie Dave in the same place he stayed there for two days in the same place now let's continue it goes on inverse verse seven then after that they impede his disciples led us to go into Judea again his disciples that they master the Jews of the of late sought to stone the and gather the good there again and Jesus answered are there not twelve hours in the day if a man walking the day he stumbled not because you see in the light of the world of this world but if a man walk in the nineties Dublin because there is no light in him these things he said and after that he said unto them our friend Lazarus sleeps but I go that I may awake him out of sleep so interestingly enough he gets word that one of his one of his beloved followers Lazarus Lazarus is seen nonchalantly stays there for two days and then he said you know why don't we go to Judy Judy to which his disciples are to switch his disciples that are creating a rocket is a what way way way way first of all as is that into clearly if we go to Judea we could be persecuted and killed we can be persecuted until we are now welcome over that diseases like okay well why don't we go and wake up last if you guys are so against us going out why don't we go out and wake of last to say basically that in verse twelve then fit the disciples Lord of East lead team shall do well howbeit Jesus spake of his death but they thought that he had spoken of taking a rest in sleep and Jesus said plainly to vent Lazarus is that Lazarus is dead he says can you imagine the Jesus saves Jesus is conversing with his disciples with no sense of alarm Jesus was conversing with you his disciples as if completely nonchalant is a well Lazarus is in a Lazarus is dead when we go over there over to Judea like Jesus what are you thinking less editing over there we could argue and because love okay let's go wake him up the remain with the Lazarus is you make will your Lazarus is dead because of the very plainly in verse fifteen is and I am glad for your sakes that I was not there to entrance to the intent you may believe nevertheless let us go on to benefits on this which is called vitamin on physical disciples let us know also that we may die with him and the seventeenth of that when Jesus came he found that he had but he had laid in the grave or how many days already I made a reporting so here they call ending after June and sees the thing that he says are let go and they start walking and they arrived there and and he and their report before reporting authority and death that now Bethany was not up to Jerusalem about fifteen or long-sought adverse nineties and many of the Jews came to Martha and Mary to comfort them concerning their brother then Martha as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming went and met him but Mary sat still in the house then said Martha DeJesus Lord if thou hast been here my brother had not die in other words of Jesus had been there the pains of death would not have overcome Lazarus in verse twenty two of this but I know that even now with it I will ask God God will give it to the Jews that their mock thy brother shall rise again my positions and I know that that that he shall rise again in the resurrection of the last day and she is another I am the resurrection and the life he that believe in the mean though he were dead yet shall he live amen so Jesus Anglo Lazarus is going to be resurrecting the ideas going to be resurrected in the last days or month his mother lives guys going to be resurrected in the last day I know these things in Jesus as you don't understand I am the resurrection and the life not constrained to time not constrained to circumstance and then it says that in verse twenty six and whosoever limit and believe that we shall never die and he says something very curious if this will leave this down the interesting very very interesting statement to give her because he is sent to the messenger or home ever since sent the message that last was sick that this statement is not about the bow last to step and now he's saying what you think of this the Montague said to her if you believe in me and you won't die now Marcus probably the mental watch researchers going back and forth when you have told me my brother 's illness was not a death that he was again and I believe that you are telling me that I believe that I will and then here's here's a response that look at the things that she has persuasive she said that Gaylord I believe that thou art this thou art the Christ the son of God which should come into this world and when she had that she went her way and called Mary Ruth Chris her sister secretly think the Masters cup and call it for the as soon as she heard that she rose quickly and came up to him now Jesus was not yet come into the town was in the place where Martha met him the Jews then went with what where when it went world were with her in the house and comforted her when they saw Mary that you rose hastily and went out followers saying she go into the grave to weep there in verse thirty juices this then when Mary then when Mary was calm where Jesus was and saw him she felt honestly think the unthinkable Lord if thou hast has been there my brother had not died when Jesus therefore saw her weeping and the Jews also weeping which came up to her he groaned in the spirit and was trouble so here noticed all of a sudden the change of countenance of the change of the above you that that the Jesus Christ here so he is very nonchalantly staying where he is due to the years that Lazarus was sick and he like wallets goat somewhere off but this is is is is disciples coercing Cokes and let's go to where Lazarus and since it is okay with Goodwood last visit before he even comes to the to the grave where Lazarus was laid market got to him is although if you were here shortly he went of Dionysus that's true I am the resurrection and the life and then you goes back and Mary comes over to the same place where Martha was which means that Jesus was having that he has said he is not in a rush to go to her last visit my thinking to Jesus when he started to walk and he sat down for a month energy of the now married goes at Michael's back benches Marion Mangels advised used in the same place that he was before there is no sense of urgency zero sense of urgency and he is in it it doesn't suggest that he is full of sorrow or weeping or any anything of that nature yet noticed what happened here in verse thirty three when Jesus therefore saw her weeping and the Jews also leaving which came with her he groaned in the spirit and was trouble and he said where heavy laden and the seventh and Lord and see all the sign Jesus begins to grow in in the spirit and his trouble the only thing that changes is the individuals that he sees coming from the only thing that changes the SEC's Mary and the Jews that accompanying her crying and weeping at all sudden there's a change of countenance a change of heart complete change of heart you see these individuals and their and their in this statement he had at the interstate of the area and he himself begins to grow and struggle you see Jesus when he sees this in our suffering and art and art trials and tribulations and the things that break our heart and bring us bring us to the floor when he sees that he feels we noticed this verse thirty voices was reported and said where have ye laid him they said unto him Lord come and see men are infamous verse verse thirty five Jesus went Jesus wept and said here to continue then said the Jews behold how he loved him and some of them said could not this man which opened our eyes of the blind cause that even this man should not have done and Jesus again groaning in himself to the grave it was a cave in the stone was laid upon it and Jesus did take away the stone Martha the sisters of him that was that that he unto him Lord by this time he stated for years been dead for four days just another person I'm not unto thee that if thou what is believed best should see the glory of God then they took away the stone from the place three when the dead was laid and Jesus left lifted up his the thought I think the that thou hast heard me it says here it down to verse forty forty three and when he got spoke thus had spoken he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come forth and he said and he that was dead came forth bound hand and foot with grave clothes and his face was bound about with and after Jesus and of the Louisiana and let him go loose him and let him go some people believe even the Jews you believe that Jesus was weeping and crying for last that Jesus was weeping and crying because Lazarus had passed away but testifies all context of what the passage was a Jesus was not was not concerned with the death of death of Lazarus with you Jesus was not concerned with the death of Lazarus T journey through the lives of the Bethany Jesus was not concerned with the death of Lazarus as he sat with Mike Widmark Jesus was not concerned with the death of lasses would marry because he canceled my that I am the resurrection and the life even believe in than me shall not but why then was Jesus why was Jesus weeping it says here it says here the very reason verse forty five then many of the Jews which he came to Mary has seen the things which Jesus did believe I have Jesus was weeping for the unbelief that we hacked he was leaving because individuals who follow seventy four K and were waiting not with confidence that he could raise raise people raised Lazarus from the dead but believing in the sorrows of the world weaving in a death in the heartbreak that comes with me because of that whole island the struggles and hardships that are brought upon and Jesus is weeping for them with because of the unbelief many of us Jesus meets Boersma Jesus loves us with an unprecedented law Jesus what would Jesus gave his life that we might live in Nazi death yet many of us are doubting that many of us regarding the sacrifice that Jesus gave brought down in his love and that he is coming to restore a stolen we see the heartache and its loyal and the struggles of the world we come with unbelief we cried because of these things and we ask that he might remove the that hears from our hearts but but Christ Christ begins to shed tears Christ begins to shed his owns years because he sees that we don't believe that you can give us PC is that we are audible leaving that crime can give us life and that he could just as he did last creator unfortunately some of us are sitting here wallowing in that the hardships of the world and not allowing Jesus Christ to fully take over take a look at this quotation from the desire of ages this comes from desire of ages page three four five thirty four it was not the cut not only because of the seedlings were before him that Christ left the way of the grief of the ages was upon him he saw the terrible effects of the transgression of God 's law he saw that in the history of the world beginning with the death of able to conflict between good and evil had been unceasing looking down the years to come he saw the suffering and sorrow tears and death that were to be the lot of his heart was pierced with the pain of the human family of all ages and in all lands the walls of the sinful human race were heavy upon his soul and the fountain of his tears were broken up as long as he longed to relieve all their distress Jesus looked upon the scene that was before him he saw the distresses of the world he saw the that seem to have unraveled the sorrow that date and death to bring and he saw these individuals come before him and cry and weep and he began to read to you just a look throughout the ages into all lands in time he said to himself that he wanted to alleviate the suffering not just abandon their time but for you and for me now Christ wanted to alleviate the suffering and that is why he crimes that take a look at another passage of Scripture just adjacent to this John Chapter twelve John Chapter twelve this next question is actually documented all core of the Gospels undergo through these as quickly as possible John Chapter twelve and first twelve whenever your name and then on the next day much people that would come to the feast when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jews of the branches of palm palm trees and went forth to meet him and cried hosanna blessed is the king of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord of the Lord and Jesus when he had found a young ass sat thereon as it is written fear not daughter of Zion behold thy King cometh getting on finances calls these things understood not his disciples at the first but when gotten when Jesus was glorified then remembered the day that these things were written of him that that and that they had done these things unto him verse seventeen at the people therefore that was with him when he had called Lazarus out of the grave and raised him from the dead director from his cause the people he all the people also met also met him from that they had heard that he had done this miracle and the the nineteen bundle is that there sees therefore said among themselves for perceiving how he prevail nothing behold the world is gone after it so here we see Jesus coming back and that any constant is processing into Jerusalem the answers of the process in writing this cult and upon three Conley and so forth work were wavering back and forth is as he entered that let's take a look at this in Matthew Mark and finally will take a look at it Luke and we'll see if we can't find a difference between all those passages take a look at Matthew chapter twenty one Matthew chapter twenty one and what it looked at first one in order to skip right over the verse eight Matthew chapter twenty one first one and when it are living in MN does and when they drew nigh unto Jerusalem and went to constitute our best page unto the mount of all then said Jesus Jew disciples say unto them going to the village over against you estimate straightway ye shall find in half and a very great multitude spread their garments in the way others cut down branches from the trees and straight women the way and the multitude that world went before him that phone and crying thing hosanna son of David blessed he that cometh in the name of the Lord was out in the highest and when they had come in hundreds of all the city was mostly cool is that and the multitudes that this is Jesus prophet of Nazareth of Galilee and here we see the next passage paralleling that of John and he comes into Jerusalem the process is put it spread out upon trees are put on the floor and about their many rides and articles that go to when my chapter Mark chapter eleven Mark Chapter 11 March after eleven noticed that with verse one in way that owning another amen and when it comes to Jews lamented that stated that and Bethany at the mount of olives he sent one to other disciples and said that the goal your way into the village over against you and as soon as you enter into it you shall find a colt tied whereon never meant that lives him and bring him now notice what it says as we skip down to burst five zero of them that stood there said unto them what do ye losing that calls and verse six says that he and they set up to them even on even as Jesus had commanded and they let them go and they brought the cold Jesus Catholic garments on many staff and management a garment of his way and others cut down branches off trees and straight away and and others not and they ended that went before and that have followed and they that followed cried saying hosanna blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord and Burstyn blessed is the kingdom of the love of our father David that comment in the name of the Lord Rosanna in the highest again paralleling the same details in all of these Gospels now let's take a look at Luke chapter nineteen because Luke gives us a little bit of an interesting addition to the story Luke's chapter nineteen and when you have your name will start right here verse twenty nine Luke chapter nineteen verse twenty nine it says and it came to pass when he can't deny to Bethpage and that Bethany to now call the mount of olives he sent forth to his disciples and again they went forth and he got the call that skip down do you want to look at with a condenser burst forty versus actually burst thirty eight verse thirty eight incident saying Blessed be indicating that in the name of the Lord he's in heaven and glory in the highest and some of the Pharisees from among the multitudes and to mastery give thy disciples and he answered instead of them I tell you that it if you should hold their peace the stones would immediately cry out and when he had caught me he be held and he beheld the city and wept over its what was the difference between all four of these passages in Scripture in the last passage in Luke Jesus Christ we now again very counterintuitive to the context of each one of these passages would you say it's a entire process of this parade of the Lord and Jesus answering as the King of David because Ford and these palm trees and palm branches are laid down in closer cathode as he enters into the into Jerusalem yet in Luke chapter nineteen it as an addendum to chew on June to the story that none of the other night of the note none of the other Gospels Gospel writers tell us about and that is simply that he went for and when he had caught near what did he do he went to you what you see here Jesus weeps once again each one of these times by the way both of these instances were within seven days of your group and being crucified but it does not rose forty two saying if thou hast known even though thou art least in this by I do the things which belong unto thy peace but now they are seated from mine are thine eyes with additional comments of the benign enemies shall cast a trench about the encompass the round and seeing the on every side and they shall lay the even with the ground in a child within the end they shall not leave in the one stone upon another because thou knowest not by time not the time of thy visitation and when he went into the temple began to cast out the debit soldiering and brought them and them that Bob here we see Jesus gives an explanation of exactly why he was weeping exactly why these rivers of water run down design take a look at your finger that look at look with me with two songs chapter one nineteen saw in Chapter one nineteen and verse one thirty six Psalm one nineteen one thirty six Psalm one nineteen one three six and what is their leader name of the Bible says rivers of water run down my eyes because why they keep not die what could they keep not by law because they keep not that I'm over and over Jesus means the apostasy is a Jerusalem he sees his people wandering further and further and further away from in the in him was life and older and only Jesus told his years that he was the source of eternal big enough fear from that the last enemy or any other thing because he has life in himself and I can't to defeat death you told in John chapter four every single time we see Jesus crying it is not for himself he had told it's called his followers in John chapter eight verse fifty one he said verily verily I stands you that if a man keep my thing you shall never see that Jesus demonstrated raising the dead heat he demonstrated of plucking plucking people out of the proverbial fire and each one of these times is showing his love for his people Jesus and spent well over three years pointing out and living the way at living out the way back to God as a word of God he was the very proof that the testimonies are wonderful the entrance of thy Word light the Bible says he made the knowledge of God and admittance into the heavenly kingdom available to even the simplest of men but Jesus knew their unbelief and knew that his father 's gift would be rejected he told he told Luke tells of Jesus approaching Jerusalem and weeping weeping for take a look at what desire phases page fifty five sixty six five six seventy six it says it was the site of Jerusalem that peers the heart of Jesus Jerusalem that had rejected the son of God and scorned him score his love that refused to be convicted by his mighty miracles and was of but I was about to take his life he saw that she was in her guilt was in regular read of rejecting her Redeemer and what he might have been had he had accepted him who alone could you get caught the saver how could he give her a Israel had been a favorite people yet the turned their backs upon Jesus Christ and it was in his it is reflection upon those facts that Jesus began to mourn and crime Jesus began to see his people and how far away they had strict finally done with me to Hebrews chapter four it was chapter four in verse fifteen says here the is everyone is living in way that living in this is truly about anyone an high priest which cannot be done to the feelings of our infirmities but was in all points tempted like we are yet without sin our heavenly high priest Jesus crisis touch with the feelings of our own infirmity Jesus Christ could indeed feel the way we feel Jesus Christ felt the sorrow that we feel Jesus Christ was there a few up and cry just as we cry and just like those instances I believe the Jesus weeps for us now he weaves to see that we are rejecting the love which is so so fully bestows upon we hide and power behind our fears of a bit of grief and remorse we don't believe that Christ can create life and with enough we don't believe that Christ can completely remove these days in an guilt and shame from our lives we don't believe that he can begin create our hearts come politically renewed level and allow us to live a life completely without it but turnover to Hebrews chapter six and verse six Hebrews chapter six and verse six says if they shall fall away to renew them again unto repentance seeing day what what everybody crucify to themselves the son of God afresh and put him to an open shame have mercy the Bible is telling us each and every time we sin it's like putting Christ in the crucifixion once again it's like putting Christ through that open shame once again and he plays a little and tears from heaven fall why do my people turn away from Christ continues to drive whether Christ continues to pour out his love and it shows us in the Bible that every single time that we are faithless every time that we as followers of Christ then running just like Mark just like Mary images it weeping because of the consequences of sin every time that happens the same puts Jesus Christ on the cross again and it's years from having fun let's flashback now as we close let's flash back to the story of baby Connor without for it when is war your son Connor died as a result of a fall from an apartment window the famed British guitarist Eric Clapton was stricken with grief looking for an outlet for his first grief Clapton paragraphs is most poignant poignant ballad cheers in heaven his music and change becoming more soft more powerful and more reflective it seemed that every no weighed heavy with a sense of pain and loss that can be only understood by Penguins lost a child but surprisingly surprisingly however Eric Clapton said in a ten television interview use later in a sense it wasn't even this had saw it was a song of belief when it says that there will be no more tears and having I think it's a sign of optimism of reunion the thought of heavenly reunion is powerful indeed for everyone that has trust in Jesus Christ for salvation there is the whole that we will be reunited forever in the place where as in Revelation chapter twenty one first reinforced as where God will wipe away all tears from our window shopping no more death no more sorrow no more crime and most of all it is a place where we will as Revelation chapter twenty two resources the use face and forever be with Christ himself in our times of loss and grief of tears and sorrow isn't it comforting to know that Christ is purchased for us a heavenly home where we were there will be no more tears were there will be no more tears as we live our lives here on earth we have we have that hope we have that faith that surely we live our live as with the love of God this is a quote from an individual member what wonders await us in yonder fairyland the face of our Savior the touch of his hand no tears and no crime no size or despair for Jesus is waiting to welcome when God wipes away our tears and sorrow all of that sorrow will be given away to an internal each one of us here as we close each one of us here have sorrows and heart aches pains and trials and right now God is calling for you to leave benefit God is calling for us all to leave it at the cross I wanted to invite you all to bow your head and close your eyes with me as we close this time distorts and that we been given to delve into his work we've surely seen the light of Jesus Christ we esteemed a lot but he's the stone upon us and with every head bowed and every eye will God is calling is to leave our unbelief leave those trials leave those elections at the crime and except the love that he's bestowed upon us fully and completely if you want to lay something at his feet and at his cross on or about those things that right now the burden upon your shoulders whatever it may be perhaps to a loved one who is sick in the and in the hospital perhaps if a trial or tribulation at your school or work perhaps it's a loved one who is undergoing hardship perhaps you are struggling and you want to lay that Jesus is this afternoon I want to give you this opportunity you want to lay that it is the allow him to control think about what that is and if you want to lay that at his feet I want to raise her answering father in heaven father you see the hands that are raised you know the trials and the afflictions that he and every one of us are going and father just a few weapons at the place where Lazarus was laid and just as you well as you survey Jerusalem and the suffering that your creation is undergoing we know that you weep for us but Lord we know that there is a blessed that there will be a time when there is no more tears no more sadness and no more father in heaven take these petitions that we later to do with them as you will and is will and father give us thing and hoping father may we know all that you have given all over and thought women continue to bless and invite Jesus


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