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On False Teachers

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)



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the last time this morning at her anything in the end of responsiveness and all right great faith does not feel worthy small faith is up-and-down and I should could have showed you more now than I did that is exactly right and what's the benefit square and what's the benefit of having a space before a solid time in figure yards after they change us the truths would you say sanctify them through thy truth by word is truth the trip has our attention that makes us better people but don't have our attention we bring actually descend in the scale moral worth in other words our inward bent puts us on a downslope without any act of our will if we don't have truth in our attention that we will be getting worse humor anything else all right endurance is required and that I establish that will have the smarter to see that I didn't make that up that it's consistence requirement in Scripture here anything else in our unbelief is the root cause of sin when I'm speaking especially when I'm preaching I really hesitate to quote on white not because I have any doubt that what you rose inspired but I don't know what else has felt so until he went up for this afternoon approved you for the Bible but if you'll read on what you learn a lot more new what if you just listening unbelief is the root of Everson is the cause the infinite universe during the conference on seventy eight rate industry is all sent up somewhere else as notes remember as writing Tanzania it is a mark of great faith that is purposely in our prayer as opposed to talking anonymous like an equal praying to God like a pal might sound warm to you but it's not loving it's disrespectful to a family that was true or not check your Bible reverence of the good word that you couldn't study there anything ultimately said that you don't abound that's all I remove my said so where to start this afternoon between the Proverbs five Proverbs five and redundant RAID the thoughts of someone who is burning in the lake of fire it hasn't happened yet so this is prophetic thinking and you might be curious to know what's a little rethinking motherboard in the lake of fire Proverbs five in verse eleven and they'll mourn at the last when I flash and by body are consumed and say how have I hated instruction and my heart despised reproof and have not obeyed the voice of my teachers nor pay close attention that is nor inclined my near to them that instructed me I was almost in all evil in the midst of the congregation and church celebrated as fun to read someone who is thinking these thoughts too late for them the benefits none archer glad they're here so we can think them at a time turned back a few chapters chapter one Proverbs chapter one and were looking at verse twenty two the question the wisdom asks is how long you simple ones will you love simplicity simple that means uneducated how long will we be happy with our ignorance how long will we be content with what we don't know and how long will squatters delight in their scorning and fools hate knowledge the passage isn't teaching that fools hate all knowledge in this corner scorn all things I guess I been doing this teaching been long enough to know something that I could show you in Scripture people hate the knowledge that corrects them they scorn the truths that stay that there had in the wrong direction there are three tell toast tell tales stories in the Old Testament of father son and grandson in one of those stories are all kings of Israel and one of those stories that King is is prospering in doing God 's will and is living a good life it looks like he's going to make it and that at one point he gets so excited spiritually decides to go into the temple and offer sacrifice and know we all make mistakes we all have lapses of judgment then the priest came and corrected his mistake what dinner realizes that his destiny was on the line at that point he became irritated at the correction and after that he is an enemy of God there is that all three stories in a row are of the very same nature you have the one team starts out living a good life is living a good life and then when his mentor dye seed begins to lean another direction and do Ron and a profit rebukes him for the wrong that he's doing and he becomes very irritated and has that profit kill a man who's been doing well for years but what is it that makes you upset and turns in the wrong way that's how he responds to correction after that is an enemy of God after those three stories there is a fourth one so different destroyed Manasseh Manasseh who starts his life Ron and does the wrong thing all the way along and then a profit comes in rebukes him in the first cup of the dead that was Isaiah and he had Isaiah killed the God sent him other warnings at the last when he was suffering he accepted God 's warning excepted his correction he turned about-face while he was in a prison of thorns out of you imagine would be like to be a prison of thorns what Nebuchadnezzar did to make them feel his rebellion is built a little cubicle and then stuffed it full of dry thorns and then put him in there so that there was no where he could go to get away from the prickle Manasseh is not regretting that it's because of that that he's resurrecting the right resurrection was because of that pain that he saw after God and went the right direction is reversed twenty three Proverbs one verse twenty three turn you at my reproof behold I will pour out my spirit unto you I will make known my words unto you first two thoughts here minute or two promises they both hinge on how we respond to correction what are we supposed to do and I practice modifier life exactly turned when he corrects us and if we do God promises to party spirit on us and more than that he promises to help us understand the Bible the first I want to share this afternoon is that comprehension of the Bible is not a function of intelligence I does it's not that the most intelligent man understands it better than the less intelligent man Bible comprehension is a function of moral rectitude I said on the smaller words Jesus at it this way if any man is willing to do my will he will know of the doctrine whether I speak of myself or whether I speak for God Daniel twelve for the display it says the wise will understand and it says none of the wicked will understand that means an unconverted professor who spent eighteen years of his life studying the biblical book of Daniel I can speak all three languages that are used in the Bible fluently in the two and Daniel particularly if he is unconverted he doesn't understand that because bottle comprehension is not a product of intellect is a product of revelation pressure to do elsewhere looking about the first printed eleven first printed eleven were looking at verse nineteen it says for there must be also heresies among you that they which are proved may be made manifest among you and other English words you would say that there must be errors in the church because those errors serve a purpose of the church they help to distinguish those that are approved of God and those that aren't not make sense because you learned this long time ago study to show yourself approved in the God and it who you show yourself to in this passage the church can see it a man who looks like he's a righteous man living a holy life highness we always goes after a heresy for screenings eleven nineteen says the alert is not legit heresies are for to the flesh in Galatians five verse nineteen questions are nineteen just before you get the fruits of the spirit verse twenty two before that you have the fruits of the flash and one of them is believing errors inside me the first point the first point today when this afternoon is that if I'm going to understand the Bible it's going to be because I respond to God 's correction because when he gives me counsel I turned my life at that point in his promises if I will they will pour out it's a spirit will make known his words unto me the title of this lecture and you got the thing that Abigail sent out is on you know you got me if you look at it the title of this lecture is the ten Commandments another way or a new new view I want to show you what I mean turn your Bible to Exodus chapter twenty so before you read in Exodus twenty which reviews and things turning out the law of the Lord is perfect and what is it do but isn't that contrary to everything we ever hear we don't think of the law as very helpful in terms of gospel according the Bible is where the Bible law of the Lord is designed precisely rightly and it was intended to promote conversion while the Lord is perfect converting the soul rather look at it now but if you look through Daniel eleven between verses twenty eight and thirty three did find there that were speaks about the great apostasy it describes the great apostasy as fighting against God 's covenant with a heart against the covenant and trying to unite with those that are warring against the covenant what is the covenant was the everlasting covenant he was a town in Jeremiah thirty one yes exactly it's a big part of the covenant of the criticalness a gun right along the hearts that's not all the continent are the common also but he will forgive ourselves and that will be a time when you were sounding on because it will not teach every man his neighbor and every man his friends I know God because it they all know me in the least to greatest so the new covenant embraces a long period of time it starts with God writing his law my heart and progresses to me being vindicated in the judgment and it ends with sending totally eliminated the papacy hates the covenant I don't mean that Roman Catholics hate the company is not related those two thoughts for the papacy hates the covenant and an eleven what is it about the ten Commandments that the papacy hates Russian ask what it's about the ten commitments the Satan hates there's a lot in these ten Commandments the other second fourth commandment my volume have more words than the other a commandment put together those of the Commandments that have the content that is the ten Commandments are a list of things that we should and should not do but in the list are some is some information that is relevant to our lives and information is put into the second and fourth commandment in the second commandment is information about how to get to heaven in the fourth commandment is information about how to live a holy life is look at verse six Exodus twenty in verse six it says and showing mercy unto thousands of them that love me and keep my commandments the Masterson questions in verse six is insufficient to get God 's mercy to keep his commandments we have a legal religion in verse six is a sufficient omega amendments to receive his mercy was a sandbar sex chat love is required it's not sufficient to have a legal religion we must love him and keep his commandments in verse six if I keep his commandments and I earned my way to heaven was for six I I need I need mercy right if I love to give his commandments I still need mercy which means I did not earn it isn't sufficient in verse six to just love God was required and if I do God shows me could I suggest you that this most simple concise version of the gospel is found in the second commandment that God shows mercy to those that lovingly obey him as a simple so when the papacy change the ten Commandments and this focus on times on how the fourth one was truncated so that it doesn't specify which day but more violence was done to this commandment what happened to this commandment not the second one that was totally taken out this commandment was removed why am the town was this removed according to Daniel eleven the reason is that this is the one that has the covenant is the one reveals God 's mercy and simplifies the gospel in a way that never would allow the great apostasy to make headway that is not a legal religion not the sentimental religion not to earn your way religion but a lovingly obedient religion that depends on God 's mercy is too simple in this commandment that had been removed for the apostasy to make progress I wish for you more than what the new thoughts for your turn to bring their Bibles to Romans chapter two Romans chapter two were going to begin reading verse twelve for as many assets and without law shall also perish without law and as many as have sinned in the law shall be judged by the law verse twelve divides the world up into two categories those that have law and those that don't what happens to the category that doesn't have law and that verse it's hopeless the Bible offers no hope no hope for any man whose lawless everywhere in the Bible lawless men are lost a man that has no moral authorities to submit to can never be admitted into a kingdom that is dependent on submission to God 's moral authority Amanda hat is a man without law judged by the law in this verse God doesn't hold me accountable but neither cannot save him now what about those that have law what happens to those a half long this verse Sagan which then does not the law here are not judged as if they knew the law I don't know what it is that what I'm about to say is that those that have the law what happens to them there judged by the law and that begs the question to the people reading it will want about Muslims and Hindus and American Indian never had a chance to hear that's the question answered in the next verse next two verses Romans chapter two are looking at verse three and in verse twelve numbers verse thirteen for not the hearers of the law are just before God but the doesn't that sound just compare verse thirteen to what you've heard in your life growing up in units and you should recognize that it sounds like what you've heard described as legalism was justified in verse thirteen is written very simply now does it teach that the doers are under way to heaven was a Saugus that they don't exhibit on it they wouldn't need to be forgiven there justified they receive God 's mercy to who gets God 's mercy positive a lot is at a grizzly regiment in verse six annexes twenty master simple verse fourteen for when the Gentiles which have not the law do by nature the things contained in the law these having not the law are a law unto themselves which show the work of the law are written in their hearts their conscience also bearing witness and their thoughts the meanwhile accusing or else excusing one another so we talk about the class that is lost without law that class does not include every one of American Indians and ancient Buddhist some of them managed to get into this category of with law how to get over here under some of never heard cemented to the spirit let the spirit right the law into their hearts and if they submitted to the spirit let the spirit longer hearts when they judged by the same way you are there just wanted by the law that's good news benefit not as unlimited but I haven't certainly only if they held on because in the judgment what how they evaluated according to this verse their conscience and their thoughts are used to either excuse them in the judgment orchard accused of judgment murmurs the weather living their life where they were thinking as compared to the law that that was written in their heart with a submissive or whether not submissive when those that evaluation happened November sixteen in the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel is the gospel that you hear doesn't include the judgment is not the gospel Paul is a very clear in verse sixteen the Paul's gospel as a judgment in the judgment of men are to be judged by the secrets of their lives and that their thoughts and their at the conscience of any compared to the law of God and who is to be justified and that judgment for the passage the do or the law I really I'm referring to the passage several do what you think I'm making this up I want to does were just looking at what's here the Bible is a very confusing then in this question comes to our minds and what don't people see it how do we start off this lecture GSN the first thought after prayer was that Bible comprehension is not a product of intellect is a product of a short-term need at God 's correction when he reveals it to us of course the correction itself is a type of revelation and when God is teaching us there is a point at which he teaches the those people who are rebellious he teaches them and then if accepted they go on to more like that they rejected they lose even the life that they happen I can set plainly if you accept Adventism as you're learning it and you turn from your sins as you're going along you will see more and more lights in your doctrines but at some point you hold onto an appetite for a passion then things that before looks like light will begin to look to you like darkness and in the end phase is to believe you won't believe them anymore you'll be just as sincere as you were before but you won't be excused your sincerity doesn't excuse you because your darkness came from holding on to send person in your Bibles to the book of James James chapter four are looking at verse four it says that you adulterers and adulterers says no again not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God but the truth you've heard before just needs to be thought of more than this truth has its origin in that God speaking to it even the Garden of Eden where God between the seed of the woman and the seed of the state of the Bible after that Genesis three experience God in the Old Testament John the Baptist in the new or Jesus in the new or Paul in the new are John and the revelation identify people as children of the snake or children of the woman maybe you murmured John Saint you brood of vipers and you might've felt like when you read that that he was just calling names that he was making a very strong theological statement he was saying that you are the seed of the serpent what is it mean to be a spiritual child in the Bible look in your Bible affects John chapter eight John chapter eight we could look at verse thirty one thirty two just as a way of reviewing this morning 's lecture John eight thirty one then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him if you continue in my word then are you my disciples truly did they believe him that make them truly disciples what would be the condition of them being sure disciples that would be the condition verse thirty two and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free what's the condition of understanding the truth in this passage is holding on in your spiritual life is continuing its persevering in your spiritual life looked down at verse thirty eight I speak that which I have seen with my father I love you ever wondered about and what since Jesus was the son of the father I've heard there's been anti- Trinitarian winds blowing around here sometime in the past this is a question one milligrams to what sense was used the son of the father this passage is going to explain is the simply original never need to be confused and you do that which you have seen with your father so you're saying to the Jews I have I have a father and you have a father doesn't make you wonder who their father is verse thirty nine they answered and said and to him Abraham is our father listen Jesus said to them if you were Abrahams children you would do the works of Abraham verse forty but now you seek to kill me Amanda has told you the truth which I have heard of God this did not Abraham you do the deeds of your father than they accused him of being a legitimate verse forty two Jesus said and then if God were your father you would love me for I proceeded forth and came from God neither came I have myself but he sent me why do you not understand my speech is because you cannot hear my word you are of your father the devil in the lost of your father ye will do verse forty nine Jesus answered I have not a devil but I honor my father in you dishonor me I can say this simply is I know how what's in John eight spiritual Sun ship means to do the works of your father so was Adam Calder he was created says that Luke Adam the son of God not that he was born from God not that God had a womb that Adam was like God in character what are you when you're born again are called sons of God as many as are led by the Spirit of God even they are the sons of God Romans eight fourteen what it mean long before there was human birth when you read and gelled the sons of God shouted for joy the sons of God were those that had the character of God and who are the sons of the serpent those that have this caricature and follow his lost into his way in his well and should there be enmity between those two classes by a miracle of heaven that enmity has been provided to keep God 's children from being corrupted God intended that the enmity would exist as a preservative unit and when the end of enmity was broken down before the flied and do not lead to the ennobling of the devils seed that led to the corrupting of God 's children and the entire Earth was destroyed with a flood and as it was in the days of no less so it is already now just before the days of the Son of Man fight review these thoughts before adding a last one in the lake of fire someone can be thinking like this I had a good chance to make it God sent me truth but I didn't pay attention to it I didn't bend my ear to hear it and right in the midst of the church I was still living an evil life your the first five before that we read we meet after that time before that Proverbs we read that we are not to love our ignorance but to chase after correction in it what happens if the responder correction to promises double pour out his Spirit and he will make known his words unto us do heresies serve a purpose in the church they revealed those who might appear outwardly righteous the Pharisees appeared outwardly righteous demand but the Pharisees accept the truth with the exception of Paul a couple others answer is no the truth ended up as a cleaver to differentiate between those that can safely be followed in those it safely could not safely be followed for that leads me to a strong passage but you ought to see it but if you ever put anyone else don't connect with my name Romans chapter sixteen Romans sixteen and verses seventeen and eighteen yes now I plead with you brethren identify those which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which you have learned and avoid them for they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus but their own belly and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the uneducated are placed a few words in there with other words just to help you get the thought is important the high the false teachers in God 's church this passage says to identify them yes okay uproot them well because we run it may not know who was which and I just responded to simply as are both good points this past does not ask you to identify false believers in fact in the book of Galatians there is quite a distinction made between people who are deceived and those are deceiving them Paul says to those that have been due to says why have you so quickly falling about him Paul my eyes affected he would pull your eyes to help me as we said that we were close like this and he says in chapter five I wish there were even disfellowshipped which trouble you gone distinguishes between those that are duped by error and what is a special site is a St. Mark those you believe in error was a say it doesn't just say teach it gives more qualifications was a say and it's those that take an active role in fighting against God 's truths those who exactly and Jared this may be where you're going if it doesn't get your chance do we have a solid basis for identifying them this is really what it's about if we had to identify them by our intuition than you and I would death would identify different false teachers identify me as one of them for example but intuition of course is no good as a source of authority do we have anything it's like a source of authority yet we have we have the fact that this is in the Bible Mark those which cause divisions is proof in itself but it's possible not to be done it might not explain the very best way to do it but it certainly proves that ought to be done okay on the chance that sure group thinks it is a true with every group it is a truth every group yeah it's not and that is going to the editing my as Batman and no doubt about this Romans sixteen passage providers they are significant in terms of the right and it's in the Bible if you're going to do it longer and I have to move be very careful was the same role in Galatians six if a man is overtaken in the fall you which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of meekness but there is a reason why this ministry it was so much harshness Jerrod is because he dared to teach in James the Bible says not many of you be Masters studies teachers in the margin knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation self undiluted you can give me some grace and we can take time to study together but if I dare to get up and try to teach you all as soon as I do that if I have not thickens enough precaution a shrinkage in truth I have really blown it in heaven site I'm a bad man call me what call me hireling call me false teacher of a false prophet I lost teaching a serious business on a will and will and will will will a will and will not as a will a you are or what you are a is a will and will he and he and he aware a is is is a will and beyond I is a a a a is a is a is a is a will and in a you same universe as it would help us for this topic let's look at one of my going verses we have a source of authority and we have a way to evaluates what were saying first Timothy six person with a six hundred thirty members verse three through five underrated just for the benefit of the other end of this recording first Timothy six three through five if any man teach otherwise compared to what's been going on for an consent not to wholesome words even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ and to the doctrine which is according to godliness he is proud knowing nothing but joking about questions and stripes of words whereby cometh envy strife railings you will surmise since perverse disputing 's of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth supposing that gain is godliness from such withdraw thyself beautiful passage was in Romans sixteen one Collier attention to remind of review we lost it was that there is a reason why the false teachers are teaching falsely wrong system says nothing about their motives it does say something about the nature of their heart it says that there still captive to their appetites stir passions their desires if the question is why are they on the wrong side of the truth coin it's because they can comprehend what is true afraid if I call on you to get more hands are going on briefly in all and all the will of the Lord will you will will is is lay hands and no man suddenly lay hands and no man suddenly and in his lungs will say you as you learn will I pay someone to because I want to be nice else wanted more progress on the let Jerry say something about what the JonBenet but John say something runs in the hope that at one eighteen you both be done in them and ignore my comments for while we can make progress the Bible study some turn up the right backdoor hedgers go ahead John heresies he was sent after I do understand how you feel I do not so what happens what about that so far reluctant a point I think is pretty clear that our understand truth is not a product of our intelligence or IQ but a product of our concentration that if we hold onto a Santa Fe the Bible the same time that we will not have God teaching us but we will be learning something and so are we learning is going to be error building on that if we take ourselves to start teaching in that situation we make herself an infectious agent at that point 's our own happiness is not as significant as the well-being of the church now here is a point that's related what Jarvis saying that's true those prophets who came to the Kings that I mentioned and told him they were doing wrong certainly the kingdom believe them and view them as teaching falsehood and factory to the very harshly for some eighty percent of his practice in Romans sixteen marks those were causing divisions and he got rid of them and this is what will be evaluate in the judgment the question on the how did we identify the false teachers wasn't on the basis of our appetites on the basis of our intuition on the basis of what tradition was telling us on the basis of what made sense to us on the basis of what readers leader said those are the five alternate sources of authority to inspiration tradition authority reason empiricism intuition but none of those five sources of authority are reliable was the only source of authority answer right here and on the basis of this if Michelle Michelle Melissa the lesson I are both judging Joe blow and I think is a false teacher and he says it is a true teacher were both using the Bible which one of us should avoid him such is a false teacher in the judgment the universal find out which one of us was making our judgment based upon a consecrated life in which when the church in the sin which one or which one had been duped in which one was studying for himself and disciplined way the judgment will settle those issues in the meantime we have to obey when another point that virtually forgotten because there's something about controversies of so much more exciting lectures but it was that Sandra talked about that purpose of the papacy with what is the pic I sent you look at it look at Daniel eleven Daniel eleven overlooking on verse twenty eight if you study Daniel Levin there's us know when I have time to explain how I get to them and tell you of the later then shall he return in his land returned into his land with great riches and his heart shall be against was a say against the holy covenant and then in verse thirty for the ships of kept them shall come against him therefore he shall be great you can return and have indignation against that was a site against the holy covenant and going on the same verse so shall he do he shall even return and have intelligence with them that was a say forsake the holy covenant and looking down at verse thirty two and such as do wickedly against was a say shiny chrome iPhone reseller backup first twenty two speaking about Jesus being crucified a prophecy about and with arms of a flood so they be overflowing before him and shall be broken he also was the human Jesus here is called the Prince of the covenant I can make this a short and simple and sweet as I know how in Daniel eleven the battle is between the Prince of the covenant and the opposer of the covenants the Prince the covenant is Jesus the opposer of the covenant is the papacy and the opposer of the continent has tried to change the covenant what parts of the company in particular the part that had the content the second and fourth commandment by actual count of words by removing half of the ten Commandments which half not the do 's and don'ts half because you know the do 's and don'ts have fit just well the Catholicism there isn't that much difference in Satan system and got system of religion in terms of do 's and don'ts the real difference is the covenant the law been written in the heart mercy shown to those that love God and keep his commandments and then the issue the fourth commandment of creative power of the ability of God the change in remake Hartson do that kind of work sentimentalism gathered both ignoring them the simplest of truths in that little tiny verse is ever simple mercy to thousands that love and keep mercy to those that love and keep is just so concise and simple that the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul when you say the ones that are as a teacher I know that people stop listening to me at a certain point in our problem is in now this is a you he I can't answer that this morning the sermon the truth is what changes in converts us the ten Commandments is a special part of truth the gun intended to have written in our mind maybe I should explain this point will get a job in the stomach limit hold you for a minute because the introduction of that statement shared is a source of a big problem it was that to me I don't mean okay go ahead which versus and being been put in a stock make you lose your train of thought cognitive yet what I mean is that we have a source of authority as long as were sticking close to what it says were accurate so here we have this axis twenty parsecs we have to confess that that's true if there's something more to level course there is right develop him develop on these thoughts I could be a good question how is it that we come to love God doesn't require that we love God and the passage and that it would be a good question how we come to love him all year this is true so part of that is what I'm saying this morning is so true been talked about so want one verse that's part of what you're saying is that Romans eleven what is said behold therefore the goodness and severity of God why did he hold his goodness this is true he was twelve when two and three they teach looking village land of Jesus the author and finisher of our faith it says for consider him who endured such contradiction of sinners against himself lest you be wearied and faint in your mind that true spending time in meditation the sacrifice of Jesus knows what good is a spiritual energy to go forward that is the truth and will and I was trying to get about with the fourth commandment so by the papacy attack the second in the fourth the second because it has the content of how to get mercy love and obey but what is it not fourth commandment is relevant to this issue power the fourth commandment is God 's power you can see in creation evidence that he loves you there's no doubt about it that in creation is evidence there now the ten Commandments are the story of Calvary surely we would not want to confound those two sections of Scripture as if one is a substitute for the other it isn't so the ten Commandments given doctrinal basis that really keeps us from going off when we are motivated spiritually by the story and illustration that story pushes you forward with power the ten Commandments picture you go the right direction this thing that you said is something that you might want to check into that thinking a lot about do 's and don'ts etc. don't you sometimes contends the smell Senate select make up the quote the thinking a lot about do 's and don'ts is a bad thing in the life is a common idea that they feel it is in those nations when asked little person I did as a holdup in the light of Scripture but look at Deuteronomy chapter six I love teaching the college level for this reason that so and fleshly stimulating Deuteronomy chapter six were going to look at verse five says and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might we give it a thumbs up consider that as a very important passage that Jesus ranked right up there with the most important commandment that this is the ultimate notice for the next verse and these words which I command thee this day well what is this day what happens in this day Deuteronomy six is the giving of the ten Commandments is the content of chapter five and these words which I command you this day shall be in thine heart and thou shall teach them diligently unto thy children and shall talk of them when Nelson is tonight house and when the walk by the way and when the last down and when no right to stop and also bind them for a sign upon thine hand initialed his frontlets between thine eyes nausea write them up on the posted lighthouse and on thy gates of my lymphatic isn't it working out and visit Mrs. Cephas Macias check if I'm not telling the truth on this that this issue about loving Jesus and her relationship with him gets emphasis you've heard it many times in your life now that you've never heard anyone for talking about the other six verses here in the end the Bible these are never separated so it's those that love God and keep but we would like to say love God or keep I don't mean or submit your essay love God 's sake don't keep but this idea Jared that if you love God and actually keep the Commandments is an true visit Julie Lebron actually keep the Commandments what's true is that the love of God will move you to repentance but he will have to take up your cross every day and say not my will but you're well shag is your desire is not the desire like this that you don't want to do the other thing is that you have these two things battling the new and you are moved to another passage every commandment that were in our life the passage the rest were doing this for a talking Bibles and good book for this look at Revelation chapter three we have lights in the Scripture Revelation chapter three looking at verse twenty first nineteen twenty they go well together as many as I love I rebuke and chase this is such not the American idea of love anyways the real idea right is the real thing as many as I love our review can chasten be zealous therefore and repent behold I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come into here on and will sup with him and he with me one condition verse twenty as he opened the door what's the first condition the succulent looking for me I asked that question to hear his voice that's exactly the first condition of verse twenty is to hear his voice in the future his voice then you can open the door to hearing the voice is good right God has with us as a church we haven't given him we haven't given his voice enough attention so when he when he has been asking us to turn in life we haven't heard it and this has made our love very hollow that is that we draw near to him with our lips but are part of a course when just said that it had a sound strange the people when they mean that was immune our hearts are with him were sincerely say we love God this is people always feel like they're sincere whatever they say I'm sure the Internet looking Deuteronomy five what was it about the people that just was vain Deuteronomy chapter five and were looking on verse twenty eight this is just after the people here the ten Commandments and they say where do they keep on and the Lord heard the voice of your words when you spoken to me and the Lord said and to me I have heard the voice of worthlessness people worth of his people which they have spoken unto the they have well say out of all that they have spoken isn't well to say that you will keep the Commandments according to God it's a good thing to say Justin even review the original ruler when he said this keep the Commandments in fact he said no he affirmed that this do when you shall live is that than to say it what's the problem verse twenty nine both that there was such a part in them that they would fear me and keep all my commandments always but it might be well with them and with their children forever and this was the last plans and get to announce I'll get to it now it's about how the laws written in the heart the law of God is not written in your hearts the way that you burn a CD that is released when I do it why burn a CD I put all those files together and then they get all burned on the matter of a few minutes and maybe you've had an idea in your head that Duncan Renan does Avalon 's heart in them is converted is there the laws in his heart that is in so the law as written in the heart incrementally as you submit to it it's a piece by piece business so why is the focus on the log significant is it an alternative to focus on the love of God as a reason not to consider Calvary does it do the same thing as Calvary no it doesn't Calvary is essential health rate motivates us to submit to the writing process but that's in the requires here in the Commandments requires a study of what God has to say and as we submit to what he says at each point the laws written so the Baptist that's out there that we begin teaching about the law when the first point is to submit to is the fourth commandment if he ends up joining us as the law written in his heart yet it's been written in his heart but the process when the law is completely written in the heart that's when we receive what is called the seal of God made even notice it but if you notice the regular Army six listing ten commands and says that they will be like something between your eyes like a mark in your hand you're the still God goes in Revelation that represents the riding of that law in the part is when it's completely done that men are sealed and when they're sealed it's over at all is well nervous about that is in its future church in the minstrel 's church you should know I comments about having a is located on the there is not that I is will is will is in a and you are is actually a sin and a use in a is is is is is I see you have we run a passage this morning second Peter and we started late in the package relate in the passage 's use me in the past we started out with these people who had escaped the corruptions in the world by knowing Jesus alone the earlier we would've seen it there is a battle in the life for overcoming infection Revelation two and three and in the rest of Scripture the blessings that come to man arts over commerce you'll notice in relation to them three the blessings that come to man the parts over commerce but it's clear second Peter two o'clock it's clear everywhere it's clear that there's a battle between Jesus working through your conscience and your reason and Satan trying to attract your will through your appetites in your desires when we talk about a relationship with Jesus we can do really get an idea in our head that muddies this controversy but the converse is not muddy in the New Testament is crystal clear God wants you to submit to his requirements as outlined in his word and recognize your conscience because of the power given you by his spirit one shoe to ratify your appetite sure passenger desires because they are calling for gratification when you gratify the you are a child of the serpent who ran it you would submit to conscience your child of the woman and if you're doing both in your life you have entity with yourself I mean at that battle is still an ongoing problem with you you got your head up forever go ahead they discovered okay okay and will end if you come universally readable hearing on this thing okay Romans three versus twenty through twenty two this is unlike this is a recordings can go on the Internet for the sermon my sermons go online and I'm recording this for such a funny you have to admit it always anyway but there's been so important is presented in people can enjoy lifting of his big empty spaces Romans three verse twenty it says therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight for by the law is the knowledge of sin yes


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