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him as our father in heaven as we spend time in your holy Bible this morning I asked that you would be our teacher which would help us to understand what is true and right and I ask for this gift name of Jesus and turn your vitals to ask this is the book of acts chapter seventeen acts chapter seventeen of them are going to begin reading in verse twenty five this is relevant to all of you music majors at church were least manuscript seems like issue of worship is a cost that agitated one for my today's experience with you anyway and that's not a balanced picture the Bible says speaking of God and neither is he worshiped with men's hands as though he needed anything the idea is doesn't match the way we think in one respect in America we tend to think of worship like singing praises we don't think of it the way the rest the world thinks of it but if I ask you this question what does Bhutto want from his worshipers can you tell me what is good to want just visualize him and you'll know what it wants though I at the Laguna once and what do you worshipers give Buddha guests and ban that an food money and food and stuff my sisters a Buddhist but the telltale things I what do Hindu gods Mark what people give them a you walk down the streets of Valley and and looking for houses and everyone has put out food for the gods with the Hindu gods want is food for the American gods want American gods are basically American citizens that is the way tend to worship our own desires the Bible says that our God is our Valley so what do American gods want good times exactly a American gods want food and if I can communicate dishonest simply than try to communicate it the foreign gods and American gods all want about the same thing they want to be indulged that's what his numbers twenty five neither is worshiped with men's hands as though he needed anything because heathen worship is aiming to give God some thinner God something that they need but as Christian worship anything of God something that he needs person declares that that God doesn't need anything seeing a gift to all life and breath in all things verse twenty seven got his foot member they are in the world that they should seek the Lord is haply they might feel after him and find him though he be not far from every one of us verse twenty nine for as much that is we are the offspring of God we ought not to think of the Godhead is likened the gold or silver or stone up to this point Paul is describing cigarette worship and I'd like you to observe especially verse thirty welcome welcome verse thirty cents run at seventeen verse thirty and the time of this ignorance God winked out but now commands all men everywhere to repent from this passage of six verses of necessity some questions how does God relates to ignorance worship that's exactly it God does the very best thing he can do for ignorant worship he overlooks it does not accept ignorant worship in this passage God doesn't accept ignorant worship but she winks at it he overlooks it does it wink at it and overlook it forever what to say he shouldn't exactly he winks at it to a point but when knowledge cons has everyone to repent and there are two passages of Scripture that speak about how God relates to dinner at worship this is one of them the other one is in John chapter four is turned there to John John chapter four and were going to look at verse twenty our fathers worshiped in this mountain and you say that Jerusalem is the place where men ought to worship Jesus said under her woman believe me the hour comes when you shall neither in this mountain nor yet at Jerusalem worship the father you worship you know not what we know what we worship for salvation is of the Jews versus so interesting salvation is for the Jews visiting solvation is caused by the Jews I'll tell you what I believe it means we'll have to check it it really so we sent Friday night what advantage is there to being a Jew goddess made them the channel for his words the profits have come the profits have been Jewish the true prophets have been Jewish so that the Jewish church has been the channel for God communicating to the world the truth about salvation has come through the Jews look at verse twenty three but the hour work on this and now is when the true worshipers shall worship the father in spirit and in truth lesson for the father seek at such to worship him what is the Christian God looking forward to the Christian God was a walking worship don't understand the passage with you what you want in worshipers will worship him in spirit and truth was he a sure ability to pay attention while you're eating is incredible and so let's review what we've built on so far we have some steps to go forget to some practical does God accept ignorant worship he can't accept ignorant worship but he can wink at it and tell the times of ignorance are inexcusable what is she looking for worshipers to worship him in spirit and in truth turn your Bibles to Matthew chapter fifteen Matthew chapter fifteen and were going to look in verse seven says you hypocrites so when we read the word hypocrite we tend to read it like like a name-calling like we did the diverse I'd like to soften the word hypocrite for you a little bit hypocrite means after hypocrite is the Greek word and they just transliterated means after Jesus had you actors well did Isaiah prophesy of you saying this people draws nigh to me with there was a say that's it with their mouth with their lips they honor me with their lips what is it that men tend to think God wants what we tend to give him okay we tend to speak his honor speak well of him and we honor him with my mouth with our lips doesn't Outlook people tended to address what is he looking for but their heart is what is at the God is looking for a piece of God is looking for a heart that's close to him and what is given to him instead of after alternatively to that words exactly works not that God despises words provides hollow words are meaningless that's the next verse as but in vain and they do worship me teaching for was a say now that such an interesting thing to connect with worship so not the way we think of it teaching for doctrines the commandments of men here are some ideas for altogether this elect out of the all different sermons worship heart religion doctrines and commandments and I'd like to just was an idea of how they fit together for you to check into what God is looking for in worship is for hearts that are being written in with the law of God according to true doctrine and the false doctrine that is teaching this summer on her same in writing the ten Commandments and the hearts robs God of the very thing he is looking for an worship after the verse said he again but in vain and they do worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men are positive for minute just give you some big picture ideas the kind that each one takes so long to prove that that would make several more lectures has it ever felt petty to you like on a smallish to try to convince a Baptist or in Assembly of God orchestra in person to leave their church and become a Seventh-day Adventist user knows everything that is not petty to me before I don't mean that your think you're right but I'd is feeling like already they believe in Jesus they've accepted it his sacrifice they are knowledge in his authority of the Bible it has felt petty I'd like to give you some ideas that would remove all that feeling of pettiness illustrated some if you see a five -year-old girl play you are with the ball that's kind of a pretty picture especially if she's laughing and happy but put her in a two-lane road playing with the ball in the pictures not as pretty a longer in fact it's really scary because she is not that she's better hurting but she is in danger danger is a way of describing bad things in the future that aren't necessarily happening now is danger bad enough to act on this one of the dangers legitimate and whether you can actually do something about it here is the way that your neighbors are vulnerable spirits that appear like their deadlock once and communicate to them in a very kind and warm way they're likely to believe what they hear from them in the Bible specifically says that the spirits of devils will be working miracles in our day and will use them to deceive the world your kind loving neighbors are in grave danger for that reason what they believe about that sets them up to be easily deceived you can't say they're guilty for that anymore than that girl in the road is guilty but you have to be guilty to be in danger isn't it obvious you can be in danger without being guilty we go a step further your neighbors are in danger if they are in total actually honest with either mental health problems or severe character in the character work being because of their belief in an eternal burning torment they have an idea that God is love and also that God will burn the person 's in hell forever and ever and ever and ever and those two ideas have to be repressed or not thought through they injure people and they are because of the idea are far honorable to spiritualistic teachings that would provide an alternate way to escape from that conundrum that they feel inside their own your neighbors are vulnerable because the end time controversy over the seal of God and the Mark of the beast is one that they don't comprehend and they are so likely to go with receiving the mark of the beast when the whole worlds doing it as it will seem very obviously right not because your neighbors are wicked but because they're in danger so our truth about the law of God and about death these are two of the phenomenal things that set us apart are significant but there is another danger your neighbors are in this is that all of your neighbors but it's all of your give telephone neighbors which is a large part of America and your Evangelicals and Baptists in motion mainstream Protestant neighbors they believe that when Christ comes back that if they aren't quite ready they're going to have a second chance they believe that when Christ performs the rapture that's his first coming that those were left behind are going to have some time to get their life in order to see what kind of jeopardy it puts a man and to believe he's going to have a second chance if you've been in school and just watch what customers relate with a paper to have a second chance your realize that kind of danger this put your neighbors and listen it's not petty the truth of God is commissioned to us as a people to take to the world and there's a reason why God is seeking for people to worship him in spirit and in truth it's because those that don't worship him in truth don't worship him forever looking about as Isaiah thirty three Isaiah thirty three and looking at verse six and wisdom and knowledge shall be Nokia various translations this is one of those verses that just gets slaughtered in many translations so if you have something that can change Romans listen carefully and wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times and strength of salvation with fear of the Lord is his treasure in this passage what is the source of our stability in the earliest I guess I've had this experience now some some hundred and fifty times let me tell you the story on our friend what incidences put them all put together I come into a Sabbath school class people are going back and forth with their opinions I think I think I think I'll raise my hands and shares Scripture just because that's what I believe I believe uncommunicative something by doing that even more than once in the Scripture I share I'm saying something about sources of authority and reliability by doing but when I do that when I'm done some lady with gray hair not always the best of my experience so far will raise her hand will say something like this is not just her because when she said that everyone will say amen she will say knowledge isn't what gets us to happen we can know all the doctrines and I have Jesus in our heart if we know everything he can get Bible studies and we don't have love it doesn't count for anything doesn't that all true and that you know why you always happens is because we want to get ourselves off the hook for how woefully ignorant we are survival it really isn't true that it's so hard to learn the Bible sleeper candidates it's just true that would give us so much less priority than it deserves so what is the wisdom and stability of our times that was yeah I I I asked a question right he went to do well when I asked to run you have to rightly with the knowledge of the stability of our times there the strength and celebration this is or is not that wisdom and knowledge makes you a lead so that God gives you special respect rather it saves you from being duped by the double and the devil doesn't give you any respect at all if I could add a corollary to that it's related to this is that we very much under estimates thank you for joining me on the couch people are so afraid to do that all of my better hair than me as a parent we have really underestimated the pernicious nest of Babylonia connections why does God call people out of babbling when his people are there isn't regularly thinking these people either as look at it from it for your Bibles revelation eighteen we did then we do let's look at this verse which is a little bit of information about that fly I like your question was answered with ZS wife and I just destroy the wicked people now born to save the righteous people know by now that that's an finance that question Revelation eighteen verse four and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her unlike people that you partake not to have her with the same bastard there is a deceitfulness of sin we write Augustine second Thessalonians two about the deceitfulness of sin so that there is a there is a drunkenness or the Bible uses the doctrines of Babel and compares them to alcohol and in the impact of them is what is it in Isaiah Jeremiah goodbye kiss and who need to be in the Bible those doctrines are described as if they make men drunk as they are vital to Isaiah chapter twenty eight Isaiah twenty eight and looking at verse seven but they also have aired through wine and through strong drink are out-of-the-way the priest and the prophet had fared through strong drink they are swallowed up of line their album the way through strong drink the air in vision they stumble in judgment by Vanessa questions verse seven it would be are there false prophets who have false visions that are connected to their false doctrines isn't it very clear over seven but there are false prophets that have false visions that are connected to their false doctrines this might be interesting to you for example that the doctrine of the secret rapture has its origin in the gift of Tongass in England in the eighteen forties and fifties eighteen fifties and popular x-ray clearly a look at verse eight for all tables are full of vomit and filthiness so that there is no place clean then comes the question of whom shall he teach knowledge and who shall be made to understand doctrine why the question because obvious that everyone's confused so who is going to teach was to have this privilege being taught by God it says that what they are weaned from the milk and drawn from the breasts look at the metaphor we understand what kind of humans are getting milk from breasts that is at the end of the word knowledge in verse nine and also get a word doctrine so let me just go on with it anyway the question is asking who is going to teach knowledge and the answer is it's got a be those who are no longer infants those have grown beyond a certain level in their spiritual maturity nothing says in verse ten for precept must be upon precept precept upon precept line upon line line upon line here let's will end their little so there is a a false idea that is prevalence throughout us Christians and today you're sure the word exegete exegetical or exegesis because it's been recorded I want to say unless you about this quite as strongly as I feel others be tactful there is some good some good thoughts and the idea of exegesis visit me it means looking to see it what does the passage say what is the profit trying to communicate exegesis will study this passage not really in connection with the rest the Bible than connection with its context this is the idea of exegesis and the found in theology is that the way you arrive at truth it is by exegesis by looking at the passages seem that the passage says so what's good enough it is good that you do look at the context and see what the passages say that's good but what's the condition of being taught of God and in this passage was the condition of being taught of God taking here a little and their little here let's will and there are little building one precept upon another precept another precept upon another precept God 's intention is that we would be not like infants but familiar with Scripture comparing spiritual things with spiritual and this is why God did not give to one profit the whole picture he gave the profits pieces of pictures so that men trying to study it helped by the spirit would arrive at truth was a say so study to show yourself approved in writing to show the soonest there ways you can see it look at Daniel chapter twelve Daniel twelve looking at verse eight and I heard that I understood not I'm just start by saying that that's not abnormal for prophets in the Bible they can present the absolute truth of God and not comprehend then said I O my Lord what shall be the end of these things and he said go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end many shall be purified and made white can try but the wicked will do wickedly listen and none of the wicked will never when the disciples asked Jesus why are you talking in parables and what he said is because it's not it's given to you to know the things that can of God was not given to them the truth they came to exist what just was alive and then ceased to exist when you got is a general truth of Scripture Scripture was built to be understood by people who are digging us for any treasures depending on God for wisdom and exegesis is not the condition given in Scripture for learning the meaning of Scripture so when Jesus is explaining on the road to amass he begins with Moses and goes through the prophets and shows the things concerning himself and the book of acts several times a find this phrase were says as it is written in all the profits what is being communicated the oh you remember yesterday that the Sabbath school there was talk about the resurrection and if you are there and got the idea that the resurrection it is obvious in the New Testament and then skewer in the Old Testament turns beer bottles to Matthew twenty two yes Isaiah does an Job dies and Daniel dies and invested twenty two dozen away the surprising Matthew twenty two and were looking at verse eight twenty eight twenty eight is that the five tricky little trap designs make Jesus embarrassed and therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven for they all had her I think that's enough rest from the whole story right so the woman died married and married married and married a bunch of brothers verse twenty nine Jesus answered and said under them you do err not knowing doesn't say the Scriptures nor the power of God for the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven according to Jesus you could've known that from the Old Testament according to Jesus to not know the resurrection from the Old Testament was a type of ignorance that was review couple you do air not knowing the Scriptures and the neurologist proves the resurrection of the Old Testament look how he does it but as touching the resurrection of the dead have you not read that which was spoken unto you by God saying I and the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob God is not the God of the dead but of the living that's an argument none of us ever thought of until he read here is an sound like and let you read what it said is set in touching the resurrection and of course prices other places it in the resurrection Abraham well blah blah blah so what is GSA is and it's obvious that when God is on the God of Abraham Abraham to be resurrected because God is not going to speak of something that's merely historical so we read about this already and one of our talks from Romans four seventeen I think the fans are not as though they were of things yet future as if they are present my point here isn't about the resurrection at all it's rather about Scripture that to meet the conditions of being part of God exegesis isn't going to do it unless it's combined with serious study of what the various parts of Scripture say that I said that is generally much more gently than I feel about the trick there are lots of tricks that are right popular the church today one of them does the trick about security what I mean is that if I really am a converted man and I'm plagued with doubts about whether or not I'm going to go to heaven you could do me a real favor if you could show me how I could be confidence and have the joy of salvation without the helpful to me but if I'm plagued with doubts for no reason that does happen to people but that is not how the Bible characterizes the last generation rather than characterizing them as a bunch of insecure people who are really good and make it despite their insecurities it characterizes them as a bunch of secure people who expect to make it and are going to make it of Bavaria so were apply the Ron QR to the problem and can you see how verily cruel would be to teach unconverted man that he has assurance of salvation kill soon I'm going try to communicate for your Bibles to Matthew chapter seven Matthew Chapter seven were women look at a familiar verse verse twenty one not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven the key that do if the will of my father which is in happen the Bible is hard to understand the fact that were so confused about some of these issues has to be because of the intervention of men and not because of the teaching of Scripture I mean this is a simple one who is who is it that's going to accept of the father he then do if the well and it's very clear first twenty two manual sent to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in thy name and in the name of cast out devils and in thy name done other many wonderful works now in verse twenty three we need Riverside three in the world serve and then will I profess unto them I never knew you depart for media that work iniquity that work iniquity and that word iniquity and unless lawlessness yes verse forty three goes along very well with this with this faddish thing today to say that were saved by relationship can you see how verse twenty three harmonizes the idea the restatement relationship so so the real issue your thread three is knowing God is not the cure is the other side of the picture with very apparent in verse twenty two is that this class thought that they knew when to be very bold to speak to the line of the tribe of Judah and say Lord Lord don't you think if you thought you were lost that you would just be ashamed before his face but these people are bold are the bold they were sure that they had a relationship with him they were sure the working relationship was not looking for you can see this illustration very simply if you imagine that you have a seven -year-old daughter and that she is playing around and and you ask her to sweep up the popcorn mask underneath the table because you know Schindler do with it than anyone else the table how would you feel if she would look in the audience say that he I just want to love you I don't want to have to sweep up the popcorn artist and have a relationship with you and with his face you wouldn't expect that have taught for seven -year-old but you would be thinking like this that look on relationship would you like to have her own there is there is an appropriate relationship for a seven -year-old relating to a seven -year-old and there is a different type of appropriate relationship for seven -year-old relating to a father what is it for relationship for seven -year-old to a father when the father gives a command right away yes are you serious assets illustration and title illustrations are terrible sources of authority so that all the enormous that the illustration could teach error as well as it could teach truth and you have to figure out the truth or error by going to Scripture that illustrations are weak for that sonic eyes as to what I'm communicating doctrine illustrate for you we are to read in Scripture and that is that the relationship being look for is everyone look at will my father those that are law-abiding and that is what God is looking for an old so clear revelation know if you can look at this thing Miss Abigail sent out this subtitle this lecture was Jesus is and was and is to come I have been talking about that but just so you know how does she feel if you knew that that was going to be the topic was okay to list your people so I'll go into it right so for you what do it because my studies this morning really focused on is to come in and studying the instant I found a whole section of passages I wrote down way too many for us to look at related to it and so far about Christ's when he returns should look at one more of those men go to that is an wise with Luke eighteen chapter eighteen of them are looking at verse eight I tell you the truth that he that is the father will advantage of them that is his own the cry under him speedily that's the good news this is after that little parable Burgess contrast the father and you with that unjust judge trying to show how the father certainly will avenge you when you when you're being persecuted and oppressed by the wicked certainly in the judgment you're going to win but after he begins this good news he says nevertheless this is a type of conjunction applies that what comes next contrast sharply with what was said before nevertheless when the Son of Man comes shall he find faith on the earth the question of her troubled you what I see in the passage agrees is what I read in Revelation says all the world wonders after the beast that agrees with what we just read in an rope in Matthew seven in fact it agrees with the rest of Scripture and that is not many people are going to make it in the end of time and the deceptions are good be so wild that if it were possible even the was the next word left with me to see all who are the a lot to our the chosen because it is not clear in the past is that the elector the ones are deceived the second Thessalonians chapter two second Thessalonians two and were looking at verse thirteen it says that we are bound to give thanks always to God for you brother and beloved of the Lord because God has from the beginning chosen you that when you see chosen in English the word chosen in the work lacked don't look similar and greet for the same word I guess in English they are the center they mean the same thing chosen elect God has from the beginning elected you to salvation how through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth in her lecture this morning we seen the these two ideas put together where we seem it's been what God is looking for in worship for people to worship him in spirit and spirit and in truth in other words in sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth that's what got us seeking for that's who's elected that's who God shows no fiestas question why did God in the beginning choose those that were going to submit sanctification and choose those of you believe the truth was because of this that the truth is that agent of sanctification that is the truth sanctifies them if we don't move in truth the truth will sanctify us if were not sanctified as if we don't believe the truth and are being changed by truth the matter is we would defile that was just a human serious hardly worthy of credit but what's the certain truth is that when it got choose it shows those that have sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth her shoes she just think what Jared is asking is what is that cause or that the cause-and-effect relationship isn't this the guy chooses them and then makes him sanctified or that there sanctified so God chooses several your asking okay almost like okay so I can answer that but the reference point of Europe my hats off such users looking turn to the peters I don't remember but I found it first Peter one verse two of its first Peter chapter one and verse two says elect according to the ones that say for knowledge even though we don't use the word is a pretty easy one understand is is for knowledge the same as for causing so for trying to distinguish Adventism from Calvinism this word for knowledge is certainly the key for us is a bit business passages of the same principles were chosen by elected according to the foreknowledge of God the father through sanctification of the Spirit and obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Christ that since one is for knowledge exactly so God it looks ahead and knows that those that are his crisis is significant to the doctor investment judgment is invested in judgment for the benefit of God the father on the Bible says that God has set this to his seal he knows those that are his the move was the judgment for their apparently in the Bibles for the Angels they are there books are open for them and then you find Christ comes back that Christ opens the books for his people and then you find at the end of the thousand years she opens up the books for the wicked so that in the Bible the books of record are open for every class of being angels righteous wicked they all see the godson right from the beginning is that what you're looking for you looking for something more lasting thoughts on the direction of least you in this this is a key part of his making today that God never intended that you could buy exegesis necessarily arrive at the truth she intended that you would have to compare Scripture with Scripture and we will have to do that here's how you feel on this is the spirit of prophecy for my goal this morning the student to to give you a Bible study on the spread approximate such a silly boy I had such a star turn in your Bibles to Ephesians chapter four Ephesians chapter four and were looking at verse eight wherefore he saith when he ascended up on high he led captivity captive and gave gifts unto men were moving here away from that is to comment and are at is unwise so what did Jesus do when he went to have been in this passage no chapter four verse eight when he did when he went to heaven right and what else just after that jump is the geoscience he made captivity into a captive and he gave gifts unto men it's pretty easy for us to understand that first passage because we were first convinced fifteen of death where is thy grave where is thy victory so it doesn't say that he'd made captivity one he died when he may contradict captive when he ascended in other words and he conquered death I can make the samples it is in my head seer that passage in Romans that death reigned from Adam to Moses Hunt you're resurrected between Adam and Moses the answer zero Harry people were resurrected between Adam and Moses they were zero so were remembering the inner court they had been her only nonzero because it says so in that Romans five from Adam to Moses death reigned now what about Moses was resurrected how do we know you okay June says that they were disputing out about his spirit but about his or arguing about a carcass and so will become to the mounted Transfiguration and Vanessa be a little perplexed if there appeared alike should enable right and I went to have bothered us it should bothered us on a mission but but who did appear there a large and Moses and we know Elijah went straight and is it Moses is spirit the lineup while from the book of Jude is very apparent it was his body as exactly right now I'm losing my track of thought oh yeah I'm talking about meeting captivity captive Jesus took care of the power of death what about this kid gets in the men the plan like to have in your head first which is a beautiful Gospel point is which meant he gave the gifts to keep a finger here in Ephesians four but look at so sixty eight Psalms sixty eight is quoting Ephesians four that's not what I meant to say that but what I didn't mean to say is understandable for some sleeve the answer you're question is no and here's why all resurrections prior to Christ's resurrection where was the word temper a sort of that word it's were dependent there's a better word independence provisional so that Intel Christ had ascended in his sacrifices accepted in the father and take more time than we have to go and do that when does address a question some sixty eight in verse eighteen you have ascended on high you have led captivity captive you have received gifts for men and this is the part left out Ephesians four EA for that was a say for the reason Valley is also in what gift of God give to the rebellious the end of verse eighteen that the Lord God my problem what gifted is given to the rebellious the possibility of an indwelling signature that's the gift that has been given to the rebellious also now when you read this verse it's apparent that there are gifts the argument of rebellious and then there's the gift giver dies also and that is being filled with that with Jesus the questions lives in us by his salon has been filled with the spirit if I can communicate this idea is simple it is my habit the gift that just went to heaven to give to his church was the potential of being converted and being filled with the spirit so when he went to heaven was the church filled with the spirit know an answer as it was precisely when his soft sacrifices accepted in the courts of heaven go back to Ephesians four Ephesians four hasn't a parenthetical passage that I don't understand well enough to preach on us were just going to skip it entirely that's verse nine and ten are going to go to verse eleven and he gave some apostles and some prophets the word game is referring to gifts in the end of verse eight what kind of gifts has he given to the church is given apostles and prophets and evangelists and pastor teachers I think you consumers know between pastors and teachers that would mean nothing in today's use of commas would need something in the past videos there's a semicolon after a evangelist and there's one after profits and one after apostles and whatever teachers but none after pastors there is a written there's a reason for it it's because in the Greek there is a difference in the construction pastor teachers is one gift that is not to gifts so I will start this Jesus went to heaven he gave gifts to men even manually been rebellious they converted and make price live inside of them by his spirit and particularly the guess that he gave include the gifts of what is it apostles prophets evangelists pastors teachers and there are lots of other gifts in first Corinthians twelve right and lots of other ones in Romans twelve but these ones are limited here for a reason is to say something about a dozen mention tongues there doesn't verse twelve what are these gifts for for the perfecting of the saints for the work of the ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ how long are the gifts with us verse thirteen was an researching until we come to the unity of the faith Sundays are terrible day to give lectures to select testers had to do with this like innocently charged you have like eight or nine cell phones going off in one sermon will hear a companies is that people will read of yours so leaving out the parenthetical we have four passages here that indicate Clinton gets forgiven to end than what they were given for what gets forgiven and how long there given how are they given verse thirteen come Nellis kind is asked group here in blooming time him and will have become to unity of the faith yet now is the getting there and so why has God given to help you get there is a so you know he's giving her is given you the gas after his ascension and those gifts included apostles and prophets and you going on in him day then it says in verse fourteen that we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and cunning crafting this whereby they lie in wait to deceive so if I could ask the question backwards if we haven't been given the gifts what would be our experience we would be exactly that and in this makes the man looked very bad that are teaching error and talk big cocks about their cunning craftiness I don't want to soften Scripture to Scripture is true and all men are liars I'd like you to see it from your own experience I really don't think that these men are thinking how can I delude the others but they are thinking how can I find the verses that will prove and because they're climbing and because they have crafty only seven minutes crafty and I'm thinking about when the Bible said that the snake was crafty you know the snake had the potential to be used by a crafty one and we really underestimate the craftiness of the so we're talking about yesterday afternoon when I had all the all the stress about the avoiding the false teachers when we avoid false teachers well the Bible says to us live here gives a hint of life-sized because their slight submariner and cutting craftiness and that's what happens if we need the gifts of the spirit that Jesus has given there is an article that is written by Ellen White I highly recommend you reading it's called what was accomplished by the death of Christ you can find it it my website can send out a word I haven't there I read half of the total audience a audio verse .org this read it because I wanted to hear it appear partly what shall find you will find that if you read this that Jesus would have died from one center one center would have received him he would've died for that one who was revealed in the article is that even if no center would have received him he would've died to give them a chance and more than that that the angels in heaven ascribe glory and honor to God for the sacrifice made on Calvary is this is fortified which is very clear there and the sublimated with some of the there are actually those resurrected Christ for the sake is you have redeemed us from all kindreds of Nations and Thompson people say that the four creatures had the same thing business logic sound logical to you that if you were able to cultivate a more holy and more holy and more holy character here in Bloomington Intel hypothetically you got to a point where your character was let's use the WordPerfect I'm kind of borrowing from Ephesians four thousand minutes a day for the perfecting of the saints what about perfection keep you from sending how you know what Atlas and let me help you think it through the perfection and imperfection keep Lucifer from sending out the perfection keep Adam from seventy what we learned from it the Bible is that perfection never capped anyone from sending good energy will you sure as I want to communicate that angels that are now having perfection of character yet their security is down and considering the cross that what the cross has done for you is the sampling is done for angels in this respect that has been such a revelation of the love of God and the character of God as when it has our attention as to keep us from sending that is its impact so I send that letter in no wise writings but it is in the Bible some parts of it the part most relevant to humans I mentioned Hebrews twelve yes yes look at it briefly Hebrews twelve a look at verse two and three it says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith you think about him that way this is been very encouraging to me my own prayer life to realize that God started a work in me and to claim that as evidence that he's willing to finish the work in me has been very encouraging to me what I'm working with others that seem to be losing ground after making progress to realize that if God started to work in them that he is willing to finish the work in he is the author and finisher of our faith but assess who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross he despised the shame and he has set down at the right hand of the throne of God for think about him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself lest you be wearied and faint in your is it natural for us to get tired of welldoing the Bible says be not weary in well doing this provide here antidote for weariness it is contemplation of the sacrifice of Jesus meditation best done in a very quiet place by yourself that is what keeps us from getting tired to the point of giving up in our Christian song the Bible says in revelation that he was and is and is to come the wise refers before this experience and it's very relevant to your thinking to look at how Jesus lived his life because the Bible says that we should walk as she walked who did know six when it says that he was and is that he has is referring to like it says in this verse two where is he he sat down to write him the throne of God we ought to be thinking about his intercession and about the judgment thinking about the judgment is a good correct of our life and what it says key is to come though we almost always as Adventist associate Lisa Parcells with happy things have to Mercer wrote down here associated with terrible news these are the things Jesus I just was queen for the Gospels all the references I wrote down the role for the Gospels except ones from revelation and keeping Christ coming in mind is one simple way to obey Romans eleven Maria talked about behold therefore the goodness and severity of God on them which fell severity using the second coming you see at depart into fire and toward the goodness if you continue in his goodness to see that is coming good and faithful servant you have been faithful over a few things I'll make you rule over lunch enter thou into the joy of thy Lord Christ coming is the apparent revelation where we can see it of both his goodness and severity and Venice ought to be thinking and talking about his coming with us summarizes three thoughts and I'll be done with what I have the same Jesus Weiss and attention to his life would keep us from going in so many wrong directions for example many things that he says if someone else said that the day insured should be considered odd or strange or fanatical or liberal or radical or wrong just consider his life is a helpful corrective but most of all that he resisted sin and to what extent did he resist him even describing yes to losing blood even to the death of the cross that's how he became obedient he was thinking about that will change us then he gets out there say that for the rest year of your life will never be a point when you're being tempted that you choose to think about the presence of Jesus in heaven watching you and being near you but your spirit when you choose to do right under that influence that you will fall in fact we give temptation more credit than it deserves do you realize that the most wicked things that you're tempted to do just when another human is looking actually don't even dare do them Joyce Howell the temptation is the just the presence of someone else can stop you there said I'm saying temptation is weak but a utterly overpowers us because we don't give attention to Christ is the lack of attention of our faith then he is to come and live we would study with fellow says about his coming out and doesn't seem less less trivial and everything else seem more and more trivial so that we would have to ask our questions why am I choosing this profession in life why my going for this goal what do I want to of accomplished when the world ends questions in our mind would become much or relevant to the end of time over thinking more about the advice Falluja find in Scripture that went fine and runs that you will be charged percent right that you will be held accountable for what you can know right now about what's important what isn't important if that sounds mean it won't sound mean that from the other side of the fence from your vulnerable neighbors will make no sense to them in the judgments when they're lost and find out the new Taliban they will make no sense to them that you saw them in the streets and thought you didn't have time in the parable of the good Samaritan will appear very vindictive to those of not given the fact that he's coming as much attention as it deserves our life span for prayer our father in heaven I thank you that you have given gifts your church to keep us from being led astray by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness for giving us system of truth that would remove so much vulnerability from poor struggling believers I ask for each of us that you would make us more aware of what is required of those living in this time and she would give us a work to do bless us in the doing of it that you would honor our efforts to think of your cross with the spiritual energy that seems to be promised in Hebrews twelve that you keep us from growing weary in well doing I think you and I asked for these gifts in the name of Jesus and in the way of an and there's still some hardball is always good I know some people have


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