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01-In The Beginning

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • January 2, 2014
    8:45 AM
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for you you may feel from the other on their behalf when managing you handle going I wanted to like this is an online at www. DY C when a dear father in heaven Inc. he so much for the opportunity to be here to be among people that are on fire for you to be encouraged but I ask that you would settle your spirit on this conference as a whole but I also asked or that she would settle your spirit upon this room I may speak words that honor and glorify you Lord and I ask that you would open minds to hear the message that you want them to hear or thank you so much for this awesome experience in Jesus name amen whenever Scott Christiansen I come from Maine that much you know I am I've been a missionary minute Hydro director in Mongolia and in China worked among the Navajo grew up in Loma Linda and that was a long time ago when I grew up somewhere along the line the teacher or a Sabbath school lesson I don't know where but somewhere along the line came this idea that sin affected the plant the actual physical earth and I don't know if that was from Romans eight twenty two I don't know if it was from some of the writings of Ellen White I don't know if it was another Scripture there are a number of possibilities but somewhere along the line the seed was planted that sin affects the actual planet and this has something to do in the mind of a kid remember this had something to do with the end times in and I couldn't get that I couldn't get that when I was growing up because you know Loma Linda it's ringed by these mountains up to eleven thousand feet nonstandard audio are used trees everywhere is a seasonal streams and and how could sin affect the mountains how could sin affect the ocean we go out to the ocean how outputs in effect these fields in these these orange trees it didn't make sense to me how is there a connection here in I knew soon cause death there was roadkill I saw that my earliest memory is of what one of my earliest memories is of my mother screaming in her hands flying up there in our living room her hands flew up to her face and she was she was ironing she screamed her hands flew up the iron fell off the ironing board and landed face down on our very modest carpet and there's a smoke rising and that was my mother hearing the news that President Kennedy had been shot and I was three years old or about three years old so I knew that soon cause death I know that it was a very bad person that did that in growing up getting a little older I remember my parents reacting to the good body counts coming out of Vietnam just our heads in their hands I know sin cause death but this idea that sin could affect the world now it's too big it's too beautiful I don't get that an estate in the back of my mind grew up got married eventually got out of the gravitational field of Loma Linda and ended up working among the Navajo Indians in New Mexico and that was fascinating my first cross-cultural experience it was sixty miles to the post office it was a long ways out on the Navajo reservation and I got to be friends with some of the Navajo Indians talking to some of them and especially some of the older Navajo I really enjoyed talking to them and added six since I could with the limited me know the language barrier but one of the most fascinating conversations I had and I began talking on this topic to more more older Navajos was their perception that the world was changing the show absolutely the peach trees that are great-grandparents planted shriveled up and died when we were kids and end we tried to plant Moran they were they wouldn't grow anymore you know and that the whole Navajo reservation is changing its becoming badlands the little gardens that we had when we were young during the course of our lifetime they just stopped growing there's nothing we can do the reservation has changed now we are entirely dependent on our monthly check from the government and an icicle what upset me and isolate means it's the end of the world though there will be a new world created this is the Navajo understanding of what's going on while I talked to some younger Navajo and I want to pursue the subject wait a minute so there is a spiritual impact in the Navajo understanding between the decline of the world and stand and the end of the world and the younger Navajo who were Seth Evan is so absolutely and we believe this to but we don't believe it the way our grandparents do we believe that sin affects the world but that it is the end of the world as Christians understand it there is a definite spiritual connection here and we see it happening right now I'm scratching my head and going okay we okay we see something here from there from Libya mission we took a hop skip and a jump and we ended up in Mongolia the first church workers to enter Mongolia as and her director and Mongolia was actually fascinating 's nineteen ninety four long time ago and I could spend the whole session talking about how the word were Lord worked in Mongolia but I I will more mercifully except to say that in Mongolia I saw a huge changes in the natural environment the Gobi desert was marching forward is marching forward marching north at between fifteen and twenty kilometers a year big deal right of desert gets bigger so what especially you say so what in Mongolia where there's just a few million people and this is a large country and their nomads you think nomads they can move so the deserts advancing so what except that in Mongolia these people are nomads yes but they go to the same place every year and they live about twenty miles apart they have to live about twenty miles apart because they have their herds their animals that's all they've got that you do meet they drink the milk they use the fiber they burn the fuel they done they live off their animals and there's so little grass in Mongolia that those animals need a huge area to graze over if they don't have that area these people don't live so what happens in Mongolia when the desert Mark marches north is that people who've always gone to the same place families who gone to the same place for hundreds of years they'll spend three months here six months here during the winter three months here though most of three sometimes four places a year I went when the desert marches North they have to move to someplace they haven't been and even though the population is then all the places are taken so suddenly there ten miles from their neighbor they are taking their neighbors grass what happens while in the middle of night gasoline gets poured on their felt tent called the gear knife fight start people are forced to abandon their nomadic lifestyle and go to the city you saw social stress you saw conflict you saw fighting you saw death because people were forced to move and some look at this I'm going okay Mongolia real is changing its measurable and worsening conflict ever seen hunger were seen strife this is interesting will assault only thing we saw in Mongolia while I was there towards the end of our time there we left in nineteen ninety nine snowstorm started to come while I'm from anger from North Dakota snowstorms XO what you know if it's less than ten inches we just keep driving and induced ignored up and make but here's the thing in Mongolia they get a significant snowstorm maybe once every ten years and by significant I mean four to six inches in thing now Mongolia is the coldest capital city in the world while we were there we saw forty five degrees below zero and whether you do that in Fahrenheit or Celsius it doesn't matter because that's where the scales meet is forty four below but in Mongolia rumored all these nomads out there a couple million of them living off their animals what happens is when they get a snowstorm the animals have to have to Paul at the ground move the snow and then if they find any grass that you death but what happens is it's a negative caloric effort they move the snow but they spend more energy moving the snow than they get back in dry grass during the winter so what happens is the animals starve to death when you get a big snowstorm and these are people who live you don't have a Jeep there out in the middle of nowhere there is no haters no helicopter to rescue them is nothing like that well one snowstorm every ten years okay but they started getting two three four five snow storms a year hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Mongolians had to move from the countryside they got to the point where they were burning their little bit of furniture noma nomads don't have much and when they're burning it to keep warm because there is no more animals because there's no more manure that's the fullest extent of desperation people in March when it's still twenty degrees below zero and there are thousand kilometers from the capital city or from anyone that can help them a music this is true desperation so we saw hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Mongolians moved to the one city the capital city in Mongolia and throw themselves on the mercy of distant relatives who had no mercy we saw prostitution rates skyrocket it's it it doesn't sound nice to talk about it but in the developing world and in the mid- and international development one of the criteria one of the things that you monitor our prostitution rate stature doesn't do that but the development economists you know what are things worth and how desperate is this country and when it's somewhere between two and five dollars an night you know it's strictly desperate and this is why that any list is trouble we saw tremendous prostitution we saw tremendous crime we saw children being sold anything horrible that you can imagine was going on and on and I don't spend too much time on it it was whose terrible we saw a tremendous conflict we saw tremendous breakdown in society we saw it at disease it was separate we saw terrible terrible things and so I'm look at this and say okay we got changes in the physical world we've got a tremendous impact on society and we've got a eight tremendous increase in the impact of sin and we got conflict and we got disease from Mongolia I moved to China and was the director manager there and it was a huge eye-opener I went from a country of about three million to a country of one three billion big change and in China was a whole different ball of wax because it was a matter of resources under constant constant pressure the best way I can describe it is one three billion people milking a cow twenty four hours a day because I had to have the milk regardless of what happened to the count just to give you one example I went out to was asked by the government about to a far province and talk to some farmers and I was told they need help with her agriculture project any help with water and I price I didn't want to go with the government and Chinese and cooperate with him so I went out and talk to these farmers and the farmers said we need help buying pumps for our water and this is not just a few farmers this was a big cooperative over a large area and and I talked of farmers and I said well you know what when he was what's going on and they said well about fifteen years ago we started irrigating and it was fantastic in other plants we just had so much more production and the government we have to have production because of our food supply is very stressed and so we irrigated but then the water level went down and we had these thirty meter wells in the water level went down and then we put in new pumps we drilled the well 's and the water level went down well long story short they said the water is about a six hundred meters down and we need massive pumps you don't emphasize locomotive engines we need these massive pumps to bring this water up and I said well we don't do that what he and I do if you can't get the water and they said well work which is to go to the city and work no problem as so I'm looking at this on the way back I stopped in a of village Chinese village and I was to I I was taken there by the local government Lisa can you help us move the villagers would remove the village and they said well over here in these fields we were making bricks and when that happens the coal burning and scraping off the topsoil he makes it so it's not good we can grow there anymore wouldn't come to realize that that's useless land but underneath the village is good soil and we need to move all the buildings over there so we can farmed this land and that's how tight things were in China in terms of producing food is a totally different concept I was struggling to get my mind around this when I went for a visit to a far province with a very unique man he is a member of the People's Congress that's extremely elite in China he is the owner of a number of companies he's a multi- multimillionaire and he's an Adventist nineties Chinese and he has asked us not a big group of people is very unique man really neat and we were on the plane and he told his story he said you know are flying over province right now he said back back when I was young in the cultural Revolution I was sent to this province from Beijing I was in Beijing I was a college student and they made me go out there because of the cultural Revolution you know I was educated I was the bad guy and they made me go out to this village and learn from the farmers said the problem was at the farmers did not want to see me today I was so unwelcome in that village because I didn't know how to farm I wasn't much help and they had to feed me to those people beat me they resented me they treated me very poorly he said I probably would have died except there was one person there who is worse off than me a young woman from Beijing who was sent out same situation as we weren't allowed to talk but sometimes sometimes we would sneak off at night into the forest we wouldn't even hardly talk we would just hold each other and cry we were that desperate we were that miserable we were that close to just giving up and he said it wasn't for those what I would have died he said actually were flying over that province were probably over that village now and I looked out the window I had the window seat the air in China is always terrible but on that particular day I could see some of the ground I'm looking out and I see villages and icy roads and I see lots and lots of fields I saw not one tree I said no I think your mistaken the you know of this country is done and he leaned on he looked out the window and looked in the mountains in the distance they looked around at experiences is nowhere right over the village right over that area I still haven't a treason he 's always had to come all that entire province larger than states and that ecology Sony said we needed land to produce food well interestingly enough the same place where they cut all the trees down was the same place where the water table was sinking and so going from Mongolia to China I saw resource pressure and I begins it to study this more more what's going on in the world what's going on naturally what's going on from from man society and his needs and I thought you know if there's something going on it's this big but the world is actually changing and it's affecting humans everywhere and it's beginning to erode society how could that not be part of the end times how could that not be in the great controversy how could that not be in Scripture well it is in the great controversy it is in Scripture and that's what were going to be studying in these successions I know that you folks have a choice of twenty two different seminars are probably only go to one of any one but hopefully you'll continue to listen to this on audio verse everything on earth happens in the context of the great controversy I challenge you to come up with one saying it is not affected on earth is not affected by the context of the great controversy we live our lives in ignorance largely in ignorance of this fact that we are at the middle of this tremendous battle is going on and everything everything everything is affected by it including our physical planet and yet were largely asleep being asleep we don't have you're not watching for the signs are all around us and this is one thing that I hope you take away this session certainly the next session that we can see prophecy being fulfilled there's a direct chain between what's going on these are the cause and effect of sin and the prophecy fulfilling events that are happening right now that we can chart and graph action getting ahead of myself but were seeing prophecy being fulfilled in real time around us and we don't even notice it so every talking about the effect of sin on the physical world we talking about how the instability in the physical world causes instability in human society including disasters disease very talking about the instability in society causing conflict and then again you get disease and pestilence and famine is any of this sounding familiar romantic talking about connecting the dots between Original Sin and what is going on Emirates and what is going on in society and what's going on right in front of our eyes that Christ himself told us about toward the end were to be talking about what we can do or what we should be doing right now especially with the this context were going to be talking about what a realistic level of engagement is we don't have the sense of urgency that the world around us indicates we should have this is the anchor text Christ himself speaking and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places always are the beginning of sorrows in later sessions were in the unpacking that verse significantly section five in session forward going to go into great detail on what Christ said in Matthew twenty four and in a Mark thirteen and Luke twenty one parallel chapters and you probably haven't heard that message before self the problem is one of the problems is how do you define your talk about the effect of sin on the planet how do you define sin if you are a physicist which is a small group of people and if you are a physicist to all who studies antimatter which is a much much longer people antimatter which touches everything which destroys everything it touches if you have that framework of understanding if you have that vocabulary than your and you're probably in a good position to discuss in if on the other hand you are opposition and a virologist and you understand how a disease spreads especially a disease that kills everything that it touches then you have a good understanding and a good vocabulary for discussing sent for the rest of us it's kind of difficult because we live in an additive world we live talking about things that that are positive you should add things that increase and not things that are completely negative but sin is only completely negative only corrodes decays subtracts sin never adds despite the fact that Satan has great marketing plan that says that it does power and try to try and talk about sin completely negative hour and talk about the curative effect of sin on the planet we know that ultimate consequence of sin is death we know that what we apply that to animals we plan to humans we plant the plants we never applied it to the earth and its natural systems what God created during creation week but if all the pieces of what God created her dying then are not the large systems that God created dying and we know from the Bible however that sin is not the consequence of sin are not limited to man for we know that the whole of creation grown up and travailing in pain together until now Ellen White said it is because of man's sin that the whole of creation groans in pain okay subject to really get this regard go back got to go back to creation week in the beginning God created heaven and earth right on right okay thank you now he's a man dies with it that was on Wednesday because her weight okay let's go through this God said let there be light right so amazing things happen during creation week and God starts by creating light was he putting in a half day just to get started Mrs. seems like a very simple thing right what was he starting slow I mean he created the sun moon and stars in one day and here we've got light it seems like a very small thing it seems like a trivial at this point actually whatever says God created light and in the morning and the evening were the first day well if you have light and you have time morning and evening wear the first day and you've intertwined them that's something that Einstein has a tremendous amount to say about these very interested in that actually if you have light and you have time and you have intertwined them you have de facto created the laws of physics you traded the framework and structure within which creation will function it's not obvious you have to look at it and ponder it but it's their God the master builder laid down this amazing solid foundation first that he would build creation on any started right and he did everything right God divided the waters the old ten via the old King James version divided the waters above from the waters below God created systems he created our atmosphere the waters above degraded our Hydro sphere which is all the water that is not frozen frozen waters or trials here I will be talking much about that God created this expects really complex atmosphere layer upon layer mind guys if you want layer upon layer upon layer of gases that that and give us the right amount of rate radiation that that keep the heat in the deep night the others thermal layers there's there's cycling of thought I think there's a lot of stuff going on really complex and he created our hydrosphere lakes rivers oceans all of that again and extraordinary complex system and these her sister system he treated them in one day these are constantly interacting this thermal exchanges gas exchanges this ionic exchanges is all this stuff going on constantly twenty four hours a day all around the world these two systems are joined at the hip and that becomes important later if you who you are determines what you see in this picture now when I speak out in Arizona California or some place on the dry West people look at this picture I put this picture people go who especially in the summertime you know when there's used to see in the hills burning and not all that green how I'm from Maine and or when I give this talk in northern New England there's always somebody there's always a logger in the audience who's calculating the number of truckloads of trees and you can get out of that and that's that's not a bad thing is very normal for where I am a seller 's guys make their living 's and we got no way to get more trees and people you want cheap real estate move domain if you are my wife would look at this picture and he would say look at that trail look at that trail it goes through their get sum up my horse got to go for rides some meals would look at this and say I need a blanket and a book and maybe some bread and cheese and I'm on the cheese course and and I'm all set others would say okay Kawasaki one twenty five I'm just delay the biggest spray around corners can be great another as a small group of people naturalists geeks who would look at this picture there is a Le Havre look at at least a day think of the trillions and trillions in transit microorganisms look at those centuries look at the gas exchange the photosynthesis while look at the that the taproot must be so depoliticized those trees and they're going down there bringing up the alkali metals that but Kelsey magnesium cyclamate through the leaves all his stuff is going on while geeks but they're right it's an enormously complex system that God created and it's built it wouldn't do it without that the atmospheric couldn't do without the hydrosphere layer upon layer of us don't machine complexity is being built with a something else that goes on here God created grass trees and all plans and it was good God is evaluating his work and says that it's good how good is good for God do you agree it's perfect perfect MC Escher God traded C life and birds notice that God created in one day the life forms that would populate the sister systems the the atmosphere and the hydrosphere so add crazy life and birds and it was good again he assesses his work coming up if God says it's good as having really good I used to have a picture of a star nosed mall here I'd my wife loves horses and so too to appease her you married guys know how this works there is a horse got traded land creatures which needed the atmosphere which needed a hydrosphere which needed the plant of a kingdom that was created all that again God 's building his pyramid of life and it was good God treated man is only a image and I've heard a couple times people say and and this was the peak of creation well you know it's hard to argue with that because we were treated in the image of God what that's not where God shows to assess his creation it was actually after he was done God saw everything he had made and it was only limited Mary got okay so this is very perfect what's going on here God saw everything a man it was very good we'll here's what went on imagine that God is a master watchmaker and he's good to make the most astonishing pocket what you never seen something God is worthy of make your some things worthy to be made by God excuse me and and so he and he makes the case of solid gold is just astonishing a look that says Scott Money makes the crystal he makes the stem he makes that the spring it makes the winery makes all of the fine little pieces he scares that meshed together that are so astonishingly complex and after each one he says he puts it all together and winds it up and went to his creation is completely enter mashed and works together perfectly it's a very good that's how God treated the world God created in his creation week physics of the atmospheric system oceans climate system freshwater production storage food production and yes even created human civilization and health he told us what to do I told us what to eat before the end of the first chapter of Genesis people say to me you know this one song up on photo essay all wise God so hung up on food let's go to the very first chapter of Genesis he told us right there he created human civilization and health were going to be looking at these five systems that are bookend open-ended atmosphere oceans climate fresh water food forgot him course of this seminar I look at each one of these briefly on because every one of those five systems that God created in perfection is in steep and accelerating decline today as result of sin the world in which you live the society in which you live is built on a world that is crumbling is completely dependent upon the systems that God treated to sustain life on earth we think in our society with our cars and our plans the planes that took me here yesterday with our complex distribution systems with our complex society that will lately live in all cover that later in session five I think we think that nature is out there but it's not it's right under our feet and its crumbling and that is driving the fulfillment of prophecy limited proxy not talking revelation here on talking a Matthew twenty four six two eight and parallel verses in Mark and Luke there are billions that are imperiled probably not you or if you probably very late in the process but there are billions of people that make the last three five billion to make less than two dollars a day three five billion people that make less than two dollars a day and they are already on to an astonishing degree and to agree which degree which we are not aware of they are already feeling the effects of this hugely on recovering that later so we went from perfection to complete dysfunction what happened well you know what happened when you're here so let's cut it with a minimum base of knowledge I speak to some audiences have no idea this by the way is a fairly popular presentation with secular minds and were trying to work to make it a bridge to pull them into prophecy seminars you mind to please include that in your prayers because there are many who would never look at the Bible up otherwise anyway so man's sin Satan gained significant control over the earth sin separates creation from its creator on the consequence of that is death paychecks and profits page sixty seven not only man but they are had by soon come under the power of the wicked one when man became Satanist after the Dominion which he helped pass to his conquer the Satan became the God of this world second Corinthians four four so we know that Satan is in rebellion at Saint 's rebellion was to be a lesson to the all coming ages a perpetual testimony to the nature of sin and its terrible results it would testify that with the existence of God 's government is bound up the well-being of all creatures he is made when the earth is not part of God 's government when it's been separated and Satan has usurped there's consequences that happen to man to beast into the planet itself and that is part of the lesson of the great controversy and it's a lesson that is going to be drawn in starker and starker relief in the time immediately ahead of us because it's happening right now so here's the logic change things in rebellion rebellion is sin sin is separation from God separation from God his death and everything that God created I would say with the exception of the physical laws is subject to death because of sin including these massive systems he created to sustain life on this earth where not even aware of the day to day basis if you look on the Internet for picture of our highly corroded watch this is all I could find you better send me someone to make some a picture where you find if the earth was created in perfection this is where it is now barely grinding on I'm an environmentalist in the sense that I can hardly wait to see the created new SME astonishing I'm not an environmentalist in the sense that we need to save this earth I realize that's heresy with some I we can't save this earth all we can do is save souls and that's run putting my energy that was applied however and mind you it's not limited to man not only had man but the Earth had mice in come under the power of the wicked one and was to be restored by the plan of redemption we don't even think about this earth that God created made the morning stars sang heaven was astonished and God is very upset about what's happened to his earth literally revelations and I will destroy those who destroy the earth you know it's actually pretty obvious it's the most memorized text in the Christian world what is it for God so loved the and you know we always think he needs man well he does but not just men for God so loved the world and both those who accept him and his world will be transformed action will be destroyed re-created so it would be very technical so this is a matrix and profit space sixty two the atmosphere was so mild and uniform and temperature was now subject to mark changes in the Lord mercifully provided them with a garment of skins as a protection from the extremes of heat and cold now this is the same day they send the same day and this massive part of the earth 's climate system was affected by sin immediately immediately did God give them them them covering because they needed to be modest because there where there's yes but he gave them skins instead of sell or something else he gave them skins as protection from extremes of heat and cold the effect on the physical world of sin was immediate so what has happened what has send done to God 's earth well were going to I hope forty five minutes is passed an exit through that too quickly at I might have I have to slow down sorry I'm used to getting this in three sessions and to do that I have to zip through things in our my next session I'm going to start going through the physical systems of the earth one by one and I'm going to start with food production you want me to just keep going because I'm assuming that almost everyone here is good to go to different seminar next time right so you'll may just go on okay that works for me okay I want to talk about our food production system and a trying drive two two one here if someone could watch the clock and just shout out that it's nine forty five when we get there I would really appreciate that you start with food production system because it's the canary in the coal mine it's what's amazing is going on the planet right now right before our eyes that we don't see in the food production system actually soil it's it's made up of a lot of subsystems is made up of those trillions and trillions of microorganisms it's it's it's made up of obviously it's affected by atmospheric system and water production and freshwater system everything else but it is also its own discrete system and we have destroyed on a global basis when God created answer Selena God focused intensely on food production because there is a solid link between man to the effort man has to put into to get food and sinfulness on the planet there is the curse of Adam he had to work by the sweat of his brow to get food used to be they just put out their hand then there was the curse of Cain and the earth will not yield her bounty another was the curse of Moses this planet where am it didn't rain a mist came up at night hydroponics is a close thing I can think of this astonishingly productive planet was rented rendered essentially unproductive in the last two generations we have essentially overcome those three curses by engaging in industrial agriculture which is powered by oil if it wasn't for oil if we had to stop using oil right now in our global agriculture system we would have a ninety five percent reduction in harvest ninety five percent reduction interesting book eating fossil fuels oil is food we use six value listen to between six and nine calories of oil to put one calorie of food on our plates in the developed world not the undeveloped world but in the developed world we use sixty nine calories of oil to put one calorie of food on our plate that includes transportation that includes packaging that includes refrigeration were necessary or canning or whatever that excuse me and includes preparation that includes obviously the league hydrocarbon fertilizers and higher hydrocarbon pesticides and all the work in the field and all that stuff and then insanely we have all of that oil embodied in our phone we turn our food and oil we turn it into fuels that big you should only do it in the US in Brazil it makes sense because they're turning sugarcane alcohol in the US were just insane because this is food that before we turn it into oil for the rest of the world and is put a lot of pressure here is our population spike on who can tell me what happened right around eighteen hundred eight seventeen fifty eighteen hundred eighteen fifty you people have a good grasp of history what happened I think I heard it say that's a louder Industrial Revolution you get in a absolutely fantastic start off with factories beside a river with a wheel turning from the water but went very quickly to call and went from there to oil without Industrial Revolution allowing us to transport and store and prepare and package food we we wouldn't be able to sustain a population that we going from there to all we took the next step feeding plants and protecting them from from pests using oil-based products of how many of you have heard of our gain ahead in the end we destroyed our soil and this is the history of man we think in simple man we got this really great idea with aerosols smart and it ends up absolutely discovering us we we create our own fate I give her the green revolution well the worry about it back in the nineteen sixties when I was just a little kid some really smart people got together and they said we are is such a problem the whole world is imperiled we've got three five billion people that we can't save them all and they were right the world was heading at high speed for a brick wall they said we got a get together we got to cooperate we got a have you nations involved in all universities involved we have got to create better strains of plants we have got to give everyone fertilizer we do give everyone pesticides and that they did and it worked they created strains of plants which are much much much more productive and that's that's what you're eating today these strains of plants are great but they require three times as much water and they require far more fertilizer they don't grow in regular soil they don't grow in what God created leasing they don't give their production without these artificial inputs and so all the world fertilizer was used and in the developing world if it's a real problem with medicine if one pill is good to pills are great three pills is fantastic and it's the same with fertilizer and it's the same with pesticides and so you have this over application of everything and go back to the slide what happened was you have salts from the fertilizer building up year after year until the plants could hardly grow but then you could solve that problem I put it on more fertilizer agree EntreMed 's amount of fertilizer but he got to the point where it just crashed and you can actually see the salt what started out as living these living microorganisms that released the nutrients these these of funguses that that helps scavenge nutrients that have a symbiotic relationship with the plant all this enormously complex stuff going on in soil ends up as dirt is huge difference between the two were losing twenty two million acres a year of soil and that's accelerating going to be losing a lot more while our population continues to grow so we replaced I'm a horse owner this to me is not ugly that's that's that that's a healthy horse poop if you want to know that horses in good shape replace this with this we change the equation and what happened him and we were able to have enormous population growth because we were able to produce food very cheaply those days are over by the way will looking than a minute but we went from three five billion people on the basis of cheap food just more than seven billion people now and were heading at a hundred miles an hour for brick wall and that's important rain with irrigation etc. etc. and this is what we got and it's great it was great while I swear so smart depleting our resources we created superbugs and super weeds we put on a lot of pesticides back in nineteen sixties we were losing twenty three percent of our crops to bugs and weeds today were losing twenty six percent of our crops to bugs and weeds and we are using fifty times as much pesticides that is one hundred times as strong pesticides and herbicides as with antibiotics we had no idea what Ravenna do cover about to lose this battle big time which gets us into famine which gets us into pestilence all these are the things I want what time is it ninth okay think I have time I does one critical point I want to make it halfway through this before you go so climate shifts now take a look this was back in nineteen eighty and we have three hundred disasters by storms by floods and by extreme temperatures drought Forest fire you got meteorological hydrological climate the logical events is with the different colors there back in nineteen eighty okay just thirty three thirty four years ago having three hundred now have nine hundred and one of my later presentations on a talk about what Ellen White said about disasters preceding the Sunday law and this becomes a very important slide watching watching and this rate of slope is increasing its of becoming exponential so were having climate were having yields suppressed and were were running these two races no were trying to not deplete the soil now and were trying to increase yields and at the same time we got a growing population sort yields are that the curve is flattening and beginning to tail off and but were losing more land the yield is on a per hectare per acre basis but the course that's distorted when you're losing tremendous amounts of land area now we get into the point I really want to make because it connects us every insane with Scripture and it's not a useful presentation without that serial global field food crisis I don't mean serial with us he this going back to nineteen ninety and you can look at this price chart by the way going back to nineteen sixty it doesn't change a whole lot fascinating we have in the modern era what scientists are saying is three food price spikes my my laser doesn't work so whoops sorry now sorry three food price spikes this is one this if you agree with them is to and this is quite certainly three I look at it really is to food price spikes and you didn't notice these you didn't notice these now look at this you go from a phone basis of maybe one hundred K back in oh two when the price of oil was twenty one dollars a barrel and you can use this by the way as a proxy for oil prices because the link between oil prices and food prices is iron unbreakable here was the low I been real economic terms of the food price okay I mean it was it was each food was cheap but then we climbed along with oil spiked here and spiked here you didn't notice the reason you didn't notice is because when you go out and buy a box of corn flakes you're getting a handful of corn and a handful of sugar real Jim Oakland by the way real garbage and you're paying for bucks on your plan for bucks and your pain only a little for that Cornel you little for that sugar the rest is luxury housing for Tony the Tiger and transportation and marketing all this stuff when you live and you are making two dollars a day or less three five billion people some of whom are making less than a dollar day more than a billion making less than a dollar a day and the photo and the price of food more than doubles which is what happened from here to there the price of food at least doubles then instead of buying a handful of court have low sugar you can only afford one handful and you notice in the meantime your cornflakes went from four dollars four dollars and twenty cents and on you know what you're not one of the three five billion people who's been incredibly stressed right now as we speak and if this continues will be enormously threatened all I got make it go away before I can advance the site this is from an organization out of all Boston called the any CSI New England complex systems Institute it's a cop is a cooperation between Harvard and MIT critic really smart guys and what you're looking at here is the first food spike second if you want to call it that most foods like and these lines are rebellions governments being overthrown huge food riots they didn't chart minor stuff to Gaborone here with one death one that falls here but what's really interesting is that when you get spikes in food prices people who are desperate become extremely desperate and they become extremely unsatisfied to the point where they will overthrow their government and nations who are extremely desperate will go to war with other nations the entire Arab Spring it's been conclusively proven was by people who were really unhappy with her governments yes but people who were able to live until food prices spiked and they they rebelled out there it has Syria was nine hundred deaths you can tell it this is very old Assyrian debts are well over a hundred thousand apps and here's the thing back in two thousand and six here in the Middle East started this extraordinary drought and it went on and on and on it people in Syria people in the other parts of the Middle East the people in Ground Zero Syria they were you have to make these really tough decisions do we sell animals because they just forage in the hills do we buy seed with a little bit of money we have left these are subsistence farmers year after year after year the drought continued the earth was actually changing the drought has largely continued until things got so bad and they were so desperate for some of them started to rebel in Syria and those people were lined up against the wall and shot now we have a civil war with more than hundred thousand people dead the refugees people starving governments in Lebanon and Jordan and other neighboring countries are in disarray a regional war between the US with the US and Israel on one side and sometimes Turkey and Iraq and Iran on the other side allied with Syria where what were seeing his wars and rumors of wars and famine and pestilence what we are seeing in just that one microcosm and I can point to many is the effect of sin and prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes when we stop looking at our entertainments when we stopped paying attention to all of this fakery but Satan puts around us to do a distract us we begin to see that Christ's prophecy is being fulfilled in real time before our eyes and were asleep and if you look at what's going on and you look at the exponential increase immediately ahead of us you see the people will not just be suffering but like many of Syria will be dying and are we doing everything we can to reach those people with the gospel we can't save them three five billion people making less than two dollars a day I'm not saying the work of data should not continue but I am saying that we do not have an appropriate sense of urgency for people who have been given the great controversy and have everything we need to understand this but who are asleep thank you for your attention if you want to listen to the rest of this on audio verse I invite you to either questions I am I'll be covering this part of the backing up and coming us in the next session more slowly so they don't run through it all twenty five minutes to pace myself through more information and yes I'm this is in six sessions and using one two five sessions yes all this write a book on my book covers much more than the than I do here at its downstairs at the Adventist book center display will not downstairs but over in the ballroom and him appallingly they restocked a hundred and fifty copies which is probably more than themselves I'm supposed to push the book there is a book on LLB and there is in March a television series coming out and in March also from review and Herald there is a DVD with this six session presentation the whole enchilada it's coming out and if you have an interest or you want to present it to someone else and as I say Adventists who have gone out of the church or those were secular minded many among them respond to this who don't respond other things and praise the Lord another question any other questions do you have you will note approach with him were great otherwise thank you very much for coming and got a small business as we went he went to be supporting ministry of ascendancy at a distance he seems I young me I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures other resources like please visit us I am having a lysine .org


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