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03-More Consequences: Conflict, Disease, Famine

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • January 2, 2014
    2:00 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay feedback your father in heaven so much Lord for the thrill of being here with fascinating and wonderful people that we meet the conversations we have for this rich rich spiritual blessing thank you Lord Lord I ask that you would make your presence manifest not just in this presentation but in all the others that these she maybe said Lord we may be all drawn closer to you or me Laura Bassett you anoint my lips I may speak the words that you desire and that your will may be done in Jesus name amen so as I say this is a new perspective and it's necessary just launching an those of you who will not bend other sessions would probably be year I get lost might be disoriented because as the welcome we jump into the middle River Summit a backup just a little bit cover some material covered in previous sessions and will get into new material all about the great controversy everything that happens on earth is affected or happens within the context of the great controversy can anybody think of anything that happens on earth in any sphere economic social natural environmental that is not affected by the great controversy if someone threw something back to me and said the amount of solar radiation that is important into the earth you know the amount of no sunlight that were getting from the sun I have a hard time responding to that AI had maybe maybe maybe but everything else that I am aware of every other natural process certainly every social and economic process is usually happens within the context of the great controversy and is affected by and all of these things have a rule in the end times what most of us are aware of the fact that were in the middle of a pitched battle when the centuries go to sleep in the Army released way back when back in the Civil War he went to sleep on duty were shot you are executed back with it and I think it speaks tremendous volumes to the character of our Savior that we've is really ragtag rebel army that he has enviously and yet he loves us forgives us and offer the salvation of this battle is raging around us and we don't see the battle and we in particular don't see the real-time fulfillment of prophecy the prophecy that we're seeing right now and that's what this seminar is looking at the fulfillment of prophecy and the things that are on the horizon and the drivers behind that prophecy were going to be talking about the effect of sin on the planet on the physical world on the natural processes of the world on our atmospheric system our food production system on our freshwater system and it sounds like it's an environmental presentation and in a sense it is but in a real sense it's not because our modern society are industrial processes our economy all of these things are built on these natural systems that are in steep decline because of the accumulated effects of sin and what we see well get ahead of myself will him to see instability in the physical world through sin causes instability man society we see as we get instability in society we see increasing conflict we see increasing disease we see increasing natural disasters all of which aligns perfectly with Christ's description of what will happen before he comes he told us in Matthew twenty four six two eight he told us in the parallel chapters in Mark and Luke in fact in my next seminar at three fifty nineteen I'll be talking about the tremendous detail that he went to and how we're supposed to be watching so instability in male society causes conflict which results in disease and pestilence and famine this is a self reinforcing downward spiral we see more more more of it we don't see more and more and more of it here in the United States yet unfortunately we don't keep a close eye most people in the US don't keep a close eye on the rest of the world but we see this in abundance elsewhere in the world and if you have an interest in looking at this more deeply I covered this to a significant degree in session number two and it's going to be on the audio verse so within the great controversy we can see Original Sin we can connect the dots to what's going on in the world now and we can connect the dots to Christ prophecy all within the context of this enormous amazing battle between Christ and Satan that is that frames everything we do and everything that happens finally and this is the point a return to time and time again no this is the generation that can see prophecy being fulfilled in real time and can chart it him something no other generation before us is been able to do we can chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy and in response to that were asleep which is astonishing it's not an excuse by any stretch of imagination but Christ said we would be and he said we needed to be we needed a wake-up so we can see what's going on in the world we don't have an appropriate sense of urgency we don't have an appropriate allocation of our resources whether their financial or other there are time others are reputation that we put online by inviting some of the church we are not putting ourselves into this battle and don't have a sense of urgency that goes along with it Matthew twenty four six races our anchor text and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there we families pestilences and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of sorrows I take that text apart piece by piece is very interesting in section five and I touch on it heavily in session for the section that follows this okay so during creation week and were still in the review phase I catch people up during creation week systems nothing was recreated all the elephantine on the giraffe and the finish in the bird but more than that systems were created and I went to this heavily in the session one are atmospheric system well of course our physics in God 's natural laws but are atmospheric system motion thermal distribution climate system freshwater system food production system soil and its subsystems also human civilization will these five in the middle letter book ended by physics and human civilization these five systems each and every one of them are insisting an accelerating decline these are the systems God created to sustain life honor and when Satan when we send Satan to gain dominion over the world and came between creation and creator the results of being separated from God his death and it's not just the animals it's not just the leaves it's not just the flowers even these astonishing massive systems that God created are dying because every piece of them dying things are becoming less and less and less stable and this is the world we live in and the and the foundation of our economy and our society is crumbling away as it crumbles away we get more stress as we get more stress we get more conflict we get more disease not just from mental stress stress on society people 's conditions become more and more and more deteriorated and we see the literal fulfillment of Matthew twenty four six two eight all I did that the thing though on this slide all of this is going on right now in real time and were not really noticing it here in the US but then we got resources we got buffers there are three five billion people who live on two dollars a day or less and who don't cannot buffer themselves from price increases cannot buffer themselves from economic predators cannot buffer themselves from conflict three five billion that's three thousand five hundred millions three five billion that are imperiled and asked us right now the rest of us will get our turn what are we doing everything we can to pray for because the prayers of a righteous man woman ability much are we doing everything we can to pray for and to witness to these people or are we remaining in our North American comfort so the logic chain here is citizen rebellion rebellion is sin sin is separation from God separation from God his death and everything on earth that God created subject to death in earlier sessions I went into spirit of prophecy and scripture in great detail reduced just giving you a thin foundation here if you'd like to go into this more deeply addressed to push my book it's in the exhibition hall a Adventist book center displayed in a lot of you've all played with a child child's top spot it watched it if you imagine do it right which I only deliver the time yelling to spend so perfectly and so smooth and it's like it's just dripping and gliding their but you know how it ends you know that while begins to wobble that wobbles more and more and more and then it crashes the earth itself the systems that God created have begun to wobble and this frames not the prophecies in Revelation one to be very distinct and clear in this the prophecies in Revelation where God intervenes and reaches in and pours out the bowls and and and is is a direct intervention in human society human affairs that's different but before the close of probation where it had three proven that Satan is system is on and result in death it happens not just humans but to the world itself this is a huge part of the great controversy and until we could begin to see the earth change within the span of one generation until that happened we can see this and even if we're even when we can begin to see it it took a long time to connected to prophecy were just beginning to do that and this whole concept in my book and everything else bearing in okay so what to do now own only restored backup site on the last session I entirely devoted to global food production which seems like the weight food production in Scripture prophecy read-only list yet it's not intuitive but this is one of the systems that God created soil living soil with okay move you many got so living soil microorganisms on another stuff how God created it to be productive in any Christian three times person Adam so that the earth was not so astonishingly abundant man would have to work the curse of Cain Earth would not yield restraint against the production was neat was suppressed and then the third person persons no where the earth as it was created with this message came up from the ground at night what sounds very much like a hydroponic system ideal for growing plants that was changed and the earth has just a shadow of what it used to be but even with this shadow that's left we managed to destroy we managed to destroy us well it turned into dirt on a global basis with only fifty years of industrial agriculture because when we put on so much fertilizer and were little better in the U.S. Senate than the rest the world on where in the developing world where fertilizers over applied but when we put on a lot of fertilizer salts accumulate and we put on pesticides it kills off microorganisms along with the fertilizer and we end up with soil it won't hold water it won't grow plants were losing twenty million acres of Earth of the soil each year lower had a growing population MS soil loss will only increase as we go on seven billion people and the only reason we got seven billion people is because writing here we had the Industrial Revolution that allowed us to transport food and processed food and then here starting right here we had and you can see would see what happened we had industrial agriculture which gave us a lot of cheap food when you have a lot of easily obtainable food you have a lot a lot whatever ZDNet true with rabbits true with birds absolutely true with humans got this tremendous population and right here in two thousand and two was our pretty much our all-time cheapest ever food we pretty much that was that was the height of the agricultural industrial agriculture this price chart which is the FAO index FAO food in a book organization part of the United Nations can also be used as a price chart for oil because we use so much oil in producing food six calories of oil for every one calorie of food goes on a plate so we got in two thousand and eight is huge wooden price by and satisfied here there's like here I did notice is no reason why you should notice because when you buy a box of corn flakes you by handful of corn and a handful of sugar I hope you don't buy cornflakes and you're paying four dollars for that you're paying four dollars for almost no food you're paying for that rocks your paper luxury housing for Tony the Tiger a paper all this other stuff processing manufacturing advertising people who actually buy a handful of food and are only making a couple bucks a day or less or less than a dollar a day for a billion people when their price of food doubles they go from two handfuls of food to one handful of food and all over the world there are billions would be billions of people with the last five years and had to make extraordinary changes in their life and don't have any flexibility left the kids of been taken out of school as they can afford the uniforms they walked to work instead of the four mile bus ride sneakers every eighteen months instead of every twelve months other falling apart they don't they are there eating cheaper and cheaper food is less and less healthy they don't go to the doctor this is happening right now all over the world with billions of people while we watch not just that though this comes from the an organization out of Boston which is a cooperation between Harvard and MIT really smart people working on this the New England Center for the stout New England complex studies Institute see any CSI this is the first food price spike this is the second this is the third the red lines up and down our conflicts rebel in wars governments overthrown we got one over here other than that they happened when food prices went really really high when we got the spike and work and the trend but C5 yes this is the trend but next he says were on if nothing else sobers you the fact that our food production capacity is decreasing in our food prices is expected to dramatically increase as we go forward and this causes more rumors of war famine and disease as a direct result it's over you because that it's happening now and that's what Christ was coming going back here the entire Arab Spring was not caused by food price spikes was caused by despotic governments but it was triggered by food price spikes you can tell this is an old chart because that nine hundred by Syria that's the number of deaths in this now over hundred thousand identity identity extensive description of what went on with Syria and how it's related to drought which is related to a changing earth which is related to send and if you want to hear that you can go to audio burst for the previous presentation will take your time with that now we got things to go on to but I disagree with the people and not see I don't think this is a line Ron and so I have rather clumsily drawn in my own line but is not much comfort but still an accident to increase and the future looks extraordinarily grim for people that Christ died for that we are supposed to be witnessing to and whose lives are getting more desperate and they're getting more hungry and getting sicker and their dying are we asleep are we not that completes the catch-up and now I'm going to talk about other systems that are part other natural systems on talking unmanned systems later session number five but talk about other systems that are failing that are affected by sin I want start with fresh water what we've done is in and this is a travel extent I worked in China for three years and traveled extensively this is easy to see in China where they cut down forests the size of the state in the US N-terminal and agriculture but what we've done is we've taken these things that God created as his backup plan because it's not how the earth was originally created but his backup plan was to have it so that our forests are grasslands absorb the rain on an irregular basis Arena 's income for two hours every day not where most of us live anyway they comes him come lighter will come have a look on Boonville B weeks in between sometimes months rain comes irregularly and healthy grasslands and healthy forests discharge rain regularly that's how they work but we can make a little bit of money by taking these systems apart not being aware of their long-term value in China and I was asked by the government to go out to province I was the director venture in China back back in the day and the bee don't ask me to go look at a project and help some farmers and I didn't really want to but it was the government asking so off I went and I got out there I went I was out in this province back of beyond and it was this vast area where they have farmers Cooperative really large area size of the New England state and the farmer said you help us with water pumps pressure will when he me help you with water pumps as so the province has been force-fed and they cut down the forest because they needed to grow food because the nation needed to be fed and because the Chinese government is extremely aware that if people aren't relatively fat and happy that there will be problems there will be people rising up there life for the government officials will be much more difficult they really don't want to Silicon Valley 's forests and they turned it into agriculture they planted it and they they irrigated with Downey 's Wells could put in these pumps in the irrigated and things were fantastic and Venus the soil was just being real productive they put the fertilizer on home really great than after a few years ago yield kind of tailed off the soil is beginning to get tired they were over fertilizing but their biggest problems that they after few years run out of money I run out of water sorry and they needed with their wells deeper and need for more fertilizer on the land is only W Wells and that was okay for a few years and they dug wells and that was okay for a few years they got new wells by the time they got to mean their wells were six hundred meters deep nineteen hundred feet and they needed pumps the size of locomotive engines to get that water out and they add and they said you know we never had this problem when the forests were here before us are gone in and in the waters going away well I but Tom Klassen wait until when the water is gone you know what you mean I don't see the option for you in a similar school in the city and get a job his work in a factory like everyone else China's resource problems are fascinating I cover those in session number five but it's not just D man's changing the surface of the earth when done that a lot it's also our aquifers these underground lakes that a been there since the flood or have been there underwater sea again over thousands of years regard to how we does and how it got there in each individual case were pumping and drawing the flood as far as I know are not scheduled to have another global flood I think it was a promise regarding that and and for those that didn't come from the flood it takes thousands of years to recharge and were pumping them drive some of them in less than forty years where millions of people rely on them and this is really bad in India New Delhi Mumbai you got tens of millions of people in megacities and their water runs out in less than ten years with no foreseeable option self this is a problem is not just a problem in other areas where other people lived we can ignore all books okay I'm setting up my slides out of order two out of three people on earth face water shortages by twenty twenty five two out of three seven billion two out of three twenty by twenty twenty five of the eight million two out of three that's a lie on his over six hundred Tri-Cities in China that are have populations of over a million veterans severe water shortage water shut waters being ration all over China right now huge problems there and water is the source of conflict if you don't have enough if you are the source of conflict or is really exacerbated by conflict and unfortunately water problems in people that are desperate to begin with unfortunately people Christ died for so as I was saying it's not just other countries where those other people live this is the Ogallala aquifer it underlies parts of makes you in most of Nebraska gets under union college are close to it everything on top of this aquifer relies on this aquifer for their water it's not like there's a bunch of really big rivers that run through here there's a lot of other sources if you are underneath this out if you're over this aquifer in this aquifer underneath you this is what you get your waterfront all the industry all the agriculture all of the livestock production schools houses everything this aquifer has nineteen years left in his school it's already drawing at the edges this is part of the grain belt and feeds the rest of the world this is a significant amount of global global food production right here if however that's not the timeline it'll necessarily stick on because if we get droughts as we had last year the United States then maybe we have twelve years and it's just one of dozens and dozens of major major aquifers this is the Ogallala but as you can see all over the US Army would hear all Mississippian and Arkansas Central Valley in California the vegetable basket of American produce is an northern southern Arizona where we get a lot of our winter produce were running out of water very rapidly there in the Central Valley however the problem is bigger because of the buildup of salts from overuse of fertilizers and pesticides are getting nitrites reaching critically high levels in the water so that people especially children and pregnant women should not be drinking that water and the plants are getting to the point where Sunil be spitting it out so whether we use all this water or whether this is possibly polluted and we can use it is a tossup but it is those days are coming very very soon where is your even here in the United States were being pressed on part of the work I did in China was environmental remediation for address it sounds strange but the government wouldn't let us in the latter incident wants and and yet they had these huge environmental problems and through the influence of the Lord I was led to I was led in my reading and let in my studying and an excellent with a plan for one of the government high government agencies in China and I said look here are four projects that will clean up the parts of the environment and will make money and will help poor people possessed we do and will do all three at the same time and you can't make more money by not helping the poor people you know you can't pervert these systems a very hard design but we did it the Lords it and the Chinese government called me a couple weeks later the agency I was working with someone very high needs to call up and said okay we want to partner with you you can come into China and we will pay half of your project cost can start now the rest of the story because we had no money the rest of the story is a miracle and it's a fantastic and amazing miracle and I don't have time to type but the Lord works amazingly he he am outside in one minute or less he put on my desk a bag of three thousand of the rarest coins in the history of Hong Kong that without my knowing it I was just I will send them to the bank and got rid of them were worth more than eleven hundred dollars each when made but that's because there'll hundred known to exist and when this news of this bag got out the market crash but we still got the money we needed for the project for the Lord work Magaziner was okay so in China if you are poor and there are hundreds of millions who are this is what you're cooking with this is what your children paid with this is what you big baby with toxic lead polluted water and we really don't understand here in North America how it is in the rest the world how close people are to the line where there was this thing called the Green Revolution in the nineteen sixties and there was huge push because they could see that we weren't in heaven of food for the three five billion people we had there was this huge push to develop new strains of plants and to use fertilizer everywhere we basically sowed the seeds of our destruction these new strains of plants yes they produced two or three times as much but they used three times as much water and now water is intensively used in agriculture we have to have to have it and the slowly down to the soil makes it so it doesn't retain water when it comes to water were in this huge huge problem and it's chipping away at our weak societies around the world and the weak societies is what the strong societies are built on that's our system Lake Chad in fifty years go on nineteen sixty three two thousand and one nineteen sixty three there were twenty five million people that lived around that late in these four countries there are far less now and every one of these countries around the lake where these people had to disperse where the economies of falling apart with as many significant increases in disease and significant increases in food production all around there has been destabilization especially in chat this is the are a see and it's a much shorter timeline on this side nineteen eighty nine to two thousand and nine twenty years going on the RLC was not named to see for no reason it's not like they had waterskiing boats on that volume water this is what's going on and the water that you cannot possibly see no longer sustains the city that's right behind his photographer it's happening all over the world the effects of sin don't just affect man and make us do bad things the effects of sin within the context of the great controversy show what happens when Satan takes over to the earth itself and yet so many people are so busy chasing wealth or chasing status or chasing a new suit are new sneakers in the case of my son but anyway not resize my son but we are so distracted by such little things we really are okay conflict bringing it closer to directly bearing on Scripture it's not just enough that people are suffering we know that was going to happen for you we will have with you always but it's conflict we look at India and when you look at China and when you look at central Africa Central Africa would also has tremendous food stress central Africa is already blowing up and I'm predicting will continue to blow up in two thousand and fourteen and this brings us to a sobering point this generation cannot only chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy it can see ahead to the immediate future just by looking at the trends no other generation has had that benefit no other generation has been able to see so much and no other generation has been so sleepy okay this is kind of a joke except that it's not twenty thirty to twenty thirty nine this was put together by the national Center for atmospheric research here in the United States they are very serious people take a look at Australian numbers of all down here if you get into the violence that's really really really bad but anything below green is really bad now you can take a look at the Middle East it's in the violet help you talking about the Middle East and it here in Australia part of his violet most of its red and orange if you take a look at Australia in twenty thirty twenty thirty nine given long-term global climate trends it is expected to be in a much worse state than the US ever was during the dust bowl melt the US this would be a joke because no data is credible going on except for the fact that sensate developed these maps every year we march closer and closer and closer to this reality and if it's not somehow changed were seen astonishing devastation you're talking about all of Mexico being uninhabitable you're talking about United States being uninhabitable all you have left is me where I live and don't y'all dare come see me but that's what will happen you're talking about Brazil losing its productive capacity Brazil and Argentina are grains from for me for a large part of the earth and our fresh fruit during the winter you're talking at the no longer productive here in the Middle East Israel is not taking is taking this extremely seriously Israel radio her latest threat not one I heard the Sea of Galilee okay same place different names it's called Lincoln a threat in a current local local love anyway is the latest rent when you're there latest threat is the water source for Israel and long ago they put in these these huge pumps it with these big pipe deep in the late and they taken a lot of water but it only made more will come in water will come out the lake has fallen so much that it's less than eight inches above these pipes are used to be deep in the lake Israel has launched on a crash program to put desalination plants in by the ocean so that using huge amounts of electricity and huge amounts of oil to take the salt of a saltwater or more accurately to take the water out of saltwater these are extremely expensive and Israel has come out and they have announced IW way the Israel water Association for agency Israel water agency has basically announced look as far as we can tell the Middle East is going to be on long-term drought they validated this map and are putting billions of dollars into crash building these these days desalination plants they didn't do it because this man but their actions and their announcements validate the map they can't do that in Syria they can't do that in Lebanon they can do that in Egypt they can't do that in Libya look at all those people without those resources and probably the chance of war will go down because Israel has water no one else has water right okay that was ironing you who is it escaping but this is truly serious if we don't have any other problems and I know that younger coming on a third session and you'll go to another session great that's what you're supposed you'll go to some other session is what you're supposed to do so I know you're just getting a window here among my successions but there is a convergence of about art I asked the systems of the earth decay as a result of sin things of this magnitude are going on all around us and it is absolutely astonishing and this is the reality that we live in so when we get water 's failure water system failure impacts so we get massive human migration last year fifteen million people had to migrate because water problems fifty million yell in northern New England were about five million in in in our conference and I just came think of fifty million us ten times the population of our conference S California California has to move and assess the start international resource wars dramatically increasing likelihood you will hear of wars and rumors of wars nations when there is resource shortages the diplomats go home and the gloves go on that's how nations work in the fighting starts disease is already increasing Rory seen a lot more disease as we see water scarcity these things go together you'll see increases in pestilence flooding and soil erosion are already increasing that doesn't make sense does it well actually it does because when you get drought and they needed heavy rain in Colorado early lab earlier early last year on the net dry earth are driving dirt really if it's been agricultural so just washes away you can't you can't take that that Internet increase in moisture and it was so fast it just goes away water will continue to be commoditized and sold some of the smartest people on Wall Street last twenty years have been working to control commodities there are aquifers all over the world are or areas all over the world where a large company an international company I didn't say Pepsi evidencing Nestlé but you know hey but these large counties local and ultra large wells no bottled water and all of a sudden the village four miles away they don't have water because water can drop but that great company is there to sell the water if the rich of the people I get the wrench of the world could they would put their hands over the mouths of the poor and charge them for each breath backs that's the answer guy and me talking but that's the reality that's the best what happens in a sinful world that's the great controversy right there and the poor are suffering and dying and it's going to increase dramatically and there is almost nothing we can do about it except we can reach them with the gospel Patrick and do a little and we really should support address what really before people die and while while they're not in extremis is a Latin term but while are not in just horrible situation where they can't even listen to the gospel message presented Ali region and now while we can because it's been a be more and more difficult to reach them climate changing I realize it is a very political thing this is not a political presentation I try very hard to not be political this lots a he in no light at all it comes to politics but here you see two buildings in Alaska Aer Lingus each other like a couple drunks in Alaska the people are really no because of the of the permafrost is melting they really know that they're getting their climate changing the problem with climate change is in our societies are built on assumptions here was a good place to put the farm here was a good place to put the route here is a no good place to put the schools but when things change we can no longer make those assumptions and all over the world societies including societies that have no where near our wealth are being stressed and are having to to come up with resources again and again and again to meet the type of in the Philippines to meet the type of in India to meet earthquakes to be tsunamis there has been a tripling of natural disasters in the last thirty years and Ellen White said that one of the key things that would usher in the Sunday law was a dramatic increase in natural disasters that would lead people to say were cursed of God we have to return to him we need to we need to have a day of worship that is the chain of this generation is watching disasters increase off the chart or watching it from our easy chair with her Beta so warming seas equals larger storms again result of sin climate change the problem with changes in Jesus the decline of every other system all about systems are interlinked in my first presentation I compare them to a magnificent watch for all of the gears and her mesh and it is just a downward spiral but we get food production failure with climate change we get freshwater failure oceanic system decline human disease tensions conflicts the Center for Naval analysis this put out a report you never heard of them and you're not supposed to you're not a government agency they don't advertise on trying be known by you your mother customer your government is but the Center for Naval analysis very well known organization very serious organization without a report it's on the web to put out for public consumption in two thousand twelve saying here is what the gay impact of climate change will be on on global stability and there were Tennessee's wars all over the world and other impacts you can find on the web CNA climate report you'll find it Florida and the UK have parts of the UK but all of Florida have been declared uninsurable by the Geneva Association that's a group of insurance is an insurance industry body the UK they took action they put a tax on mortgage holders and they said well okay to put a pot of money together in Florida where we are right now nothing but what would happen I'm a mortgage holder I'm required by my bank to have insurance what happens if we say Florida's getting more insurance it would topple the US housing market certainly cobbled floor market and it's a problem that we are completely ignoring so anyway climate system we see increased pestilence increased disease increased flooding increased drought increased storms increased migration etc. etc. etc. we see just from this one small impact just from this one system we see the fulfillment of prophecy and it's happening now I like the ocean I love your books I love the ocean grew up in Southern California body surfing also if you love the ocean go see it now because is dying scientists have called this the Michael seen Arab Michael C means the age of slime were entering right now where very soon they expect nothing but the fungus and some invertebrates will be able to survive in the ocean the ocean is huge I used to work in Mongolia and China I would take off from LAX fourteen hours later I would land in Beijing thirteen hours later someone a long time and all that time I was over the Pacific Ocean this is one ocean in all that time I was going more than five hundred miles an hour it's huge but even also vaguely loaded it up and overfishing on a global scale this is global fisheries data and it shows that in the next well that these are the commercial species okay and we had collapsed at this point time about forty percent of the commercial species in the world the rest are under enormous pressure this study is being updated and changed and it looks like our ocean fisheries will collapse right about here this curve is getting steeper not shallower about matters because there is one billion people whose primary source of food is the ocean right now people whose ancestors caught fish this big are eating fish this big the babies and no fish as their next step meaning that one billion people over the next twenty years fifteen years really are but have to transition to land-based food we arty have a crisis thing after thing after thing on the same timeline is converging in the fulfillment of prophecy because of the effect on society that the singer happy and we have pressure on society we go to conflict it's what sinful humans do this is carbon dioxide in the atmosphere steadily rise and axes this is far the entire that now just over four hundred now this is the acidity level of the ocean because it absorbs most of the carbon dioxide and turns it to her carbonic carbolic acid on the chemistry but what's happening is some of the small crustaceans that animals feel and especially whales all of Wales Krell go through a larval stage where there just about as big as a mustard seed and their shells are melting five more years cruel won't be able to survive give or take when that happens there's whole species of whales that don't have any other source so are all shows are actually falling apart something that big something that astonishing RC levels are rising and their pass the tipping point in every audience with every problem I present there's some good soul who has an engineering mindset to say okay food production all right we turn the state of Arizona into one big greenhouse and we do hydroponics and we do desalination and weekly just plug the whole state and we just truckload after truckload tomatoes well I really get your phosphorus but if you look carefully at what they're talking about the tomatoes would be about six bucks each which doesn't help anybody and mother but there's nothing we can do nothing we can do that is a realistic solution because for people who want to fix this let me ask you what is your proposal to reverse the effects of sin so more than a billion people are increasingly forced to switch to land-based food supplies would possibly pressure right now without that million people in coastal and low-lying areas subjected to greater and greater storms and flooding forced migration estimated five hundred million people globally coastal economies weaken and seas will become more more hazardous to navigate nations looking in perplexity at the roaring of the seas Luke look at the atmosphere this is a twit of the ocean and we don't have the data I mean we have really good data on oceans but we don't have good data on our atmosphere we had we've had shifts before that votes no sitting on the ocean and taking measurements of having experience in we have historical data and letters from sailors and we we know approximately what the seas were like at least in terms of their superabundant life for you four hundred years ago we know they were astonishing we just don't have those measurements for the atmosphere and yet it's the twin of the oceans in creation week the waters above were separated from the waters below on the same day got traded them as twins because they are constantly interchanging back and forth if things are so bad to the ocean things are probably as bad with the atmosphere not to be called here tomorrow night there is gold is my home in Maine in my home in Maine it's going to be twenty one degrees below zero they say at the coldest at in the middle the night can be really cool and what does that have to do with changes in the ocean what does that have to do with changes in the atmosphere what is something called the polar vortex and it's this win that circles around the North Pole and basically creates a bowl in which super cooled air is held over the North Pole and over the polar regions but when we get a loss of snow and ice in the north in the northern regions and we get more heat absorbed ball begins to break down and then in the winter this super cold air spills out of the pool makes it way it makes its way all the way down to Florida and gives dramatically and and winters to the northeast into the northern Asian regions we're seeing like a domino effect system after system after system you'll be hearing about the cold in the newsroom at couple days so we can fix it on at all of this remember is because of sin you'll hear the world talk about politics you'll hear the word taut world you know and and argue back and forth climate change no climate change they're arguing about that they're not really arguing about the ocean for food production of these other things are arrogant about this thing here and let them argue but you're not could hear the world talking about sin and you're not here the world talking about how increasingly the conditions in the world reflect what Christ said they would be right before he came were also told that when when probation is closed will wish we had done so much more we will lament our inaction it is because of man's sin that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together in my next seminar actually not my next in my fifth seminar this is three next is for so tomorrow sometime I'll be covering our global complex society and this is one more converging thing every complex society that has ever existed has collapsed and every complex society that has ever existed has gone to war before it has collapsed in a so far as we know what a society who don't have record on and insofar as we don't really don't know what happened for the flight binary talking about global global complex society where we are on a horrible even if we don't have all of these other pressures in a seminar six I'll be talking about what we should be doing right now on some of which are fairly obvious as might not be the right crowd to honor but in my next seminar I'm going to be talking about Christ's charge which was astonishingly emphatic in which she repeated time and time again that we're supposed to watch and what that means and it will be a sermon on Matthew twenty four and Matthew twenty five and on March thirteen and Luke twenty one that you almost certainly I'm actually good I'm certain you haven't heard before if you care to you to come or listen to it on audio verse so this is a generation that if we all our eyes can see the result of sin can see the fulfillment of prophecy and charted in graphic and see it coming this is the generation that has more responsibility and more information than any other generation has any questions or inputs to sleep thank you for coming if you do have any questions on the back to sleep your person and may God bless this missus was within the deranged as the supporting ministry of the sentencing at a distance since I young to be violent I believe in Christ oriented Christians to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us I am coming to my CPAP


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