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now I exhort you to be of good cheer for there shall be no loss of any man's life among you but on the ship that would probably be a good series line for almost everyone would be cheering for the captain have to share a two note is to live as a good thing verse twenty five wherefore SARS the good cheer Fry believed God and that it shall be even as was told me then verse thirty six then where they all love was the same good share and they also took some read food asset items represent us to simple thoughts this morning and one of them is illustrated well on this story we have around us in atmosphere and atmosphere it may be charged with the life-giving power of faith and hope and love which is such a beautiful quote that can nearly become a cliché because we say and stop thinking about that but what I mean by that is that it's very nice to be around healthy people yellows are very nice grown-up people and it's just a simple step from that common sense to realize that it's courteous to be nice that's not what I meant to say at all we tried again it's courteously nice to be happy that was less turning out there is a time when this type of courtesy requires no self-denial it's easy to be happy for example you're given a carrot coconut cookie is there are five when being happy requires more self-denial for example all when you're about to jump into an ocean that with angry waves and little pieces your ship breaking to pieces with a bunch of other criminals and mean soldiers and want to kill you just a few months ago for example and what did Paul say to all those people mean soldiers than bad criminals is a bit of good cheer I recommend you to be of good cheer Jesus said something like that instead be of good cheer for I have overcome the world then he said in the world you will have and then comes the adventure doesn't it but be of good cheer to you have tribulation but be of that's just Curtis at best the first white megaphone have to but I think the courtesy of self-denial I really just mean that not to let your feelings of liking where on your weather caught right here another as a special place in the Bible where you can find a bunch of practical instruction if you have Bibles turn nurture Romans chapter twelve Romans chapter twelve this is for all of all kinds of little tidbits of life ideas about how to live Romans twelve and were going to look at verse eight is so interesting over my skip the first seven words because I don't make any sense to start in verse eight we don't want to start any rumors that sort of a goat that were sent to that given he that get that let him do it with simplicity of your marginal reading there doesn't liberally again generously you flee is just not really giving an hand that rule Glenville intelligence Nelson the slot heart so interesting gene that show at the mercy with others say ever said or heard something like this I'll forgive you this once I find presents you that when you forget people like that with a stronger voice like a pale forgive you that your forgiveness sure no problem forget about it when you forgive like that it doesn't still like to their person is forgiven your calling them feel like it so useless to show mercy to people is showing how should you show mercy that has no problem that he forgiven that's over half if you show mercy that with a courteous because you don't as I feel like that is still a good idea to put down a verse ten be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love and honor preferring one another kindly affections I almost guess of your more about this sometimes works for the existence of such a feminine verse to be kindly affection so I'll talk to the man from men this verse says that we should be kind infection one toward another as those means and one for another right kindly with what you love to motherly love looked down at verse twelve it says it rejoicing in hope this is part of the first thought self-denial this involves one I have that feeling I had an illustration my head I have time for I was looking for specific talk to be general there are times when there is an unwanted item may be a piece of trash for example and the someone that ought to dispose of it so someone will pick up the site here this is a gift not given some of you have and if you are responsible you'll say nothing about the past but if you're playful you'll get someone else there destroyed on the nighttime exhaustion I got I like the illustration is not courteous what I mean by that when you are you have that little piece of trash and your domain something that you really do not want yourself that's not nice but on the other thing that when you receive the thing you know it is courteous to do it cheerfully discourteous to put your feelings down is going to take a probably been the without a good time to give a little extra courtesy not it would be better that time to adjust take it I guess I want to illustrate naturally different thought from that story that is that we all have an online negative and when we have a negative that a little negative feeling her thoughts it's very tempting to do something with it we just sort of get out the sort of share with your group of four five people and someone shares a negative what happens in that whole atmosphere is it just feels less pleasant the atmosphere is degenerated by discernible negative people aren't as happy if you have a negative and you want to do something with it wait until you can dispose of it privately don't thought someone else because they're likely to throw to someone else all by yourself you can get rid of it quietly in your head is the best thing to do with the negative is look at verse nineteen Romans twelve verse nineteen dearly beloved avenge not yourselves but rather give place in the wrath for it is written vengeance is mine I will repay saith the Lord therefore if thine enemy hunger feed him if he thirst give him drink for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head can you see in verse twenty that no one feels like doing verse one what do you like doing here at a editor very mean you feel like punching him and if you have a habit but if you're pretty typical you feel like ignoring or do like talking about him when he's not around or slicing him when he is around us I would typically feel like doing for what is this attitude for enemies it presents a type of warfare that we don't think the you fight your enemy by killing the enemy nestled him and his you do nice things for so nothing here perhaps the specifics is new but maybe this idea is kind of a freshman courtesy the idea of trying to live the way to make others' lives more pleasant and more and pick Butterworth and pleasant to bless their life is all hiding my boss and my feelings my feeling of a negative what I want to do that little piece of trash for cash no I want to quietly put it in the trash which is where the trash belongs what do I want to do the atmosphere around me when I feel kind of down that some trash disposal this is a candidate actions for the right company just turn your negative feelings off like that so you feel negative so you have some crashes like a piece of paper I don't feel so bad in some trash his life rotten beans I sprayed some of those recently and so the press is worth right this growth regardless you don't want to get negative value can rather than and if you have an enemy be nice for him that involves self-denial and the other thought is when you forgive someone how should you forgive them cheerfully as if you don't feel like they hurt you anymore when you feel like they hurt you just as much as you did before with him to our father in heaven I thank you for the many exhortations in Scripture to be of good cheer I ask that you would teach us how to put down those negative thoughts and feelings the cloud the experience of those around us were dependent on you for that kind of power we ask for in the name of Jesus and


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