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04-When Did We Stop Watching?

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • January 2, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay feedback this is the fourth out of six sessions and prior to this kind of felt sorry for the audience the likes of executive recession because I'm used to getting my presentations in a weekend series where I'm talking for like five hours on Friday night and seven little break from potluck so that people can go to sleep final session but but I'm used to I'm used to having the same audience is not an audience that comes and goes unused to be able to build on on topics and relate them to each other anyone bring it to a conclusion at which time it's like well for those with more than one seminar I don't want to give them too much review because I'll be bored but then for people who are coming just now for this one time how can I share was really complex with them for this particular one this session if it were a weekend seminar this would be the sermon and then I don't feel so sorry for you because this is self-contained on the other hand the sermon doesn't have any slides and I've been my my audiences than eating a rich diet of slides and data so far so I guess I kind of feel sorry for you but what I've been talking about is the I've been talking about the effect of sin on the physical plant and how this is destabilizing society and how as a result of that we are seeing the fulfillment of prophecy right before our eyes right now not the complete fulfillment of prophecy were were seeing the start of the fulfillment of prophecy prophecy that Christ himself may be Matthew twenty four and how important that is I want to talk you little bit about that I want to talk to you about what Christ told us to do why he told us to do it what happens if we don't want to talk to you about very important things I want to talk to you about our responsibilities in these end times but first I talked about my great-grandmother though my great grandmother was not much taller than his podium she was a little thing and you wouldn't know that she was little she didn't know she was little she was a force of nature have you seen how sometimes that little four pound dog is the one that dominates like we were just talking is the one of CNL comes after I know you know she was a force of nature we call her Little grandma because she was little and my brothers and I with the logic of four five six -year-olds we had my great-grandmother my grandmother were both widowers or widows they lived together mother and daughter and we just knew they were grandma 's weeds it was we were in our teens before we realized that they were related but anyway but now it was big drama because my grandmother was about five foot eleven and my great-grandmother was a good foot shorter than that but my great-grandmother as I say she was a force of nature and she could control a room full of adults kids and dogs with one word and you will everybody freezes what is up with little grandma you know every everybody is at risk until Little grandma 's happy again now when I was growing up in seven to what are you going to Loma Linda my my grandmothers would come visit and they would come visit regulated as worrying every Christmas but sometimes they would have Christmas up in Seattle where I think Tacoma Washington and and and sometimes they would come before Christmas sometimes they come for Halloween we always knew when it was time for the grandma 's to come because my father would get a load of eucalyptus wood eucalyptus wood is for those you who are not familiar with it it's really heavy it's really dense makes a really hot fire and in Loma Linda in December you really really don't need that fire INS is not cold coming from Maine was fourteen degrees below zero when I left there yesterday it will be colder than that tonight with the storm passing through and that's cold we were in six cords of wood a year to heat our house but in Loma Linda you don't need that would at least we can student my grandmother and great-grandmother wanted a fire going he wanted it just unbearably warm in the house so my dad will get the one we kids would have to stack it and it was another thing that happened my father 's big red leather chair would come out of his study and would be put by the fireplace and maybe a table that went by that shares of my great-grandmother selling back to go there there be another table to win in front of that share right by the fireplace so my mother great-grandmother 's the black and white television could go there she would get all set up when we saw those things happening we knew that the time was near where my father would take off the Guinness family car station wagon version later some other car but anyway he would he would fly up to Washington and each year we tried a not get a ticket and the beat the time that he had the year before he fly up there talking him into the bathroom break while there are on the way he was in control of the schedule on the way back he was not because grandmother and great-grandmother when you stop down my back hurts me some you guys might know what I mean by so he and when he got close two hours away and call start the fire in the house one and my great-grandmother would come into that warm house she had writes that big leather chairs settled and she put her scissors sewing bag down to get all settled in and she would hold court she would dispense wisdom whether you wanted it or not there were several things that my grandmother many many things my grandmother told me over the years some of them have stayed in my mind my great-grandmother for instance told me she said Scotty finally walking by and she grabbed me right there by the pants say Scotty looked at me yes Scotty you marry a girl who is pretty and are working well Jack that's good advice young men are as good advice coming from your from previous generations that works I took that advice there was other advice that was less difficult to take my grandmother when she traveled they were come down for a month or two months and she would have all of her stuff with her and as time went by the years went by she come down each year her health was declining little bit and she come down she bring all her medicines with her and of course she needed enough for the time that she was there now back in the day when they gave you a liquid prescription would put it in a brown glass bottle Oregon clear glass bottle and they would slap a label on there and that's what she got later they became brown plastic bottles or clear plastic bottles but back and some of you might remember in the family and bathroom cabinet there is easy models from six years ago to have that much stuff and am and but my great-grandmother she would come down with her prescription I never know those glass and plastic bottles hang the two liter size she would bring something down that she called Green death because my grandmother would get coughing fits and you she would seem to get into managing costs and nothing to a patient coughing cough and sometimes that would turn into a coughing fit where she's coughing coughing coughing two minutes three minutes four minutes were cut going old grandma as we know that she's been a breakout the Green death eventually and she hated that stuff and who knows what was in it I have an inkling I think I know some of the ingredients and they were there for good ingredients but anyway when she broke down she finally had to get into the green Basking Ridge and there was shaking hands she undo that cap and mentioned to pick up the glass with a shaking hand weekends were always waiting for her to spill a drop as somehow she didn't and she should that glass sheet fill it up with that green stuff and should be copied and copied and cooperative finally she drinks all glass she goes for and that's when the advice comes and she say Scottish don't ever get all this while some of my stupid things on the past I mean my blog tempo especially looking at the new here and the energy you have an event is not only will that help that you are my anyway I would love to take that advice but in the beard is gray you know when and I'll be a grandfather and Mary and this is the SoundWorks utilizes his life on this earth my grandmother gave me one other piece of advice that sticks in my mind I would be walking innocently by minding my own business in grabbing my pants that's not enough then she reaches up into Gaza that assures us Jesus Harding watch for Jesus because we will see him come my grandmother did not grow up in Adventist she came up hard when we would get her really upset and we for young kids could she would turn the air blue when she cry and apologize she came out hard she emigrated from Norway to the United States when she was thirteen years old and she was married and pregnant I'm not sure which came first but she was married and pregnant sixteen she converted to Adventism in her late twenties after going to a prophecy seminar and my grandmother who was then a girl converted with her and they were lifelong Adventists married to lifelong non- Adventist anyway my grandmother maintain my great-grandmother maintain her fervor she wanted to see Jesus come and she believed that she would live to see Jesus come with their own eyes before she died she believes with a little less intensity but she believed what the founders of the church believe that Jesus was coming within their lifetime that they would see Jesus come and they had to use their time and they had to use their money and they had to use their reputation and their influence appropriately because Jesus was coming within their lifetimes ultimately my grandmother did not see live to see Jesus come she went to sleep at the age of ninety nine and a half my grandmother was good Seventh-day Adventist woman but she was an altogether dryer personality than my great-grandmother and maybe that's good to know we only need so many of us she believed that she would see Jesus come within her lifetime she was wrong she passed away not too many years ago at the age of ninety three my father is seventy seven and he believes that he will see Jesus come in his lifetime but he thinks Jesus really needs to hurry up because the men in the family lived nowhere near as long as the women in the family and that's just how I believe that I will see Jesus come in my lifetime and I am not looking at the same indicators as my great-grandmother and my grandmother and my father I believe like the founders of the church that I will see Jesus come and that there are certain priorities for how I use my time how I use my resources how I use my influence that I urgently need to be following but again I'm not looking at the same thing my grand great-grandmother and grandmother and father looked at my great-grandmother saw World War I World War II Korea the whole nine yards up to the first week Iraq war passed away in nineteen ninety seven she saw a lot she saw the world grow progressively more wicked she saw the fulfillment of prophecy in a world that was getting more wicked she said time cannot go on so long my grand mother saw what you certainly saw World War II and everything passed that and she was looking at the same signs that she was to have the same rationale the world is getting more wicked God will not wait forever crisis coming soon it's got happen with each generation no disrespect to my father though but with each generation the fervor with which this is believed has diminished progressively so that if you go back to the founders of the church who were on fire some of homework there for the great disappointment in all cool cool not all of them there were Laodicean Adventists back in the day to let no one a romance this but but by and large the people that founded the church it wasn't a lifestyle you know I wasn't it wasn't cultural Adventism it was Jesus is coming and it meant something that phrase Jesus is coming has lost its punch lost power while I'm looking at is what I'm talking about in every other session of this series and if you haven't been to the other sessions it's likely that you haven't some have buttons for punishment I think but if you have the other sessions they are available on on our audio verse and my book is available in the ballroom that the B Florida Adventist book sender has like hundred fifty I don't very often that an act of optimism as far as I'm concerned but they brought a bunch of my books which I do not profit from the author 's royalties go to the building fund of my home church so I can push them with a clear conscience but what I'm looking at and what I talked about in each of these seminars is the effectiveness our physical earth the actual systems that God created to sustain life on this planet the actual decay in the earth that our society and our economy is built on foursquare are oceanic system which is crashing and burning which will be completely whereas scientists are caught at the A.B. Michael seen Arab the age of slime our oceans are dying rapidly and will be completely fished out within the next twenty years one billion people rely on the oceans for food and they don't know what they do because the land-based food is under enormous pressure and are are are for production curve RRR your foot production Kurt has is beginning to flatten off and looks like it will decline while our population begins to grow and if you've been here for the other seminars if you go to my book if you go back to or there's a television series coming on three AVN LL.B. this spring and a DVD coming out from review and Herald if you go to any of those sources you can take a look at what I talk about in terms or global food production and how increases in food prices which have rocked the developing world in the last five years while North America is barely even taken notice that these food prices have caused caused conflict after conflict after conflict some in the Middle East some in Africa Summit Asia but the changing Earth as a result of sin is putting pressure on on human society which is resulting in conflict which is resulting in human migration which has a significantly millions people last year just from being forced to move because of water shortages which is resulting in significant increases in disease which is resulting in significant increases in hunger moving towards family if you have a Bible turn with me to Matthew twenty four Matthew twenty four six through eight and you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines past lenses and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of sorrows all of these including a significant increase in earthquakes that were seen this is Christ telling us what will happen in the end times and as I look at the effect of sin are actual planet and how that is pressuring society and how that is resulting in billions would be billions of people who are resource poor people who make one to two dollars a day and that's all they have and the suffering that they are going on there going under when I look at the increases in disease when I look at the increases in hunger when I look at the dramatic increases in in conflict I go back to this verse knowing that the line the war on going to see an exponential increase in all of these were just beginning to see the beginning of what Christ said was coming on Christ was him in his instructions for this day my parents watched what they read in their Bibles I'm watching everything they watched but I'm also watching information and data that we did not have until this current age Christ would not tell us to watch without giving us something to watch but when we have that something to watch it is incumbent upon us to act let's take a look at what Christ said if you have your Bibles turn with me to Mark and I am going to challenge you Mark thirteen and I challenge you so you should be alert to determine if I have read this correctly now I'm reading from the new King new King James version and it might not be fair because your version might not be exactly the same but I'm reading from new King James so if you have a new King James version hold my feet to the fire and tell me if I read this correctly I also want you to count with me the number of times but Christ tells us to watch crank so Mark thirteen verse thirty two in this verse in this passage of Scripture Christ is speaking to his disciples privately give you more context later but that day and hour no one knows not even the angels in heaven nor the son but only the father take heed watch which once right take heed watch and pray both for you do not know when the time is it is like a man going to a far country who left his house and gave authority to his servants and to each his work and commanded the doorkeeper to watch watch therefore that's three for you do not know when the mouse the house is coming in the evening at midnight at the crowing of the rooster in the morning lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping and what I say to you I say to all watch you know this is a trap so be careful and I read it correctly you almost nodded we know it's a trap to smart people now I can know I'm bitter read that last verse verse thirty seven the reading correctly and what I say to you I said I'll watch the new King James version translated by a team of excellent translators their course are working with original manuscripts of manuscript have no verse and chapter numbers and they have those were established long time ago that we don't change those they have no punctuation and they have to work they have to look at the original transcripts and find out how to convey the meaning to us in the new King James version this team of translators put an exclamation point after watch now the same team of translators mostly worked on the other Gospels and it's a very interesting thing it's a very illuminating thing to take a new King James version on some afternoons on Sabbath afternoon trying and don't give up your nap after after potluck and and and look at the Scripture and probably you guys never take naps on seventh Avenue from talk about different group of people but anyway look at the Gospels it doesn't take long to scan through them and find where did these translators for more to the point where did Christ speak directly to his disciples and therefore directly to us and give them instruct him you will find in the Gospels is when Christ is speaking in third person is telling a parable he's speaking is one of the characters I found I could put a nice summation point analyze their you know you will also find in Matthew is Matthew twenty three you will find all use of poker is all you wrote on my first he speaking to the scribes and Pharisees in astonishingly harsh and blunt tones appropriately harsh and blunt tones and dire absolutely a belongs there nowhere else I challenge you did he speak to us directly within we need to take that seriously look but here we have it here we are told repeatedly and emphatically to watch what I'm asking so were not sleeping good answer are there others why should we watch the sorry it's a good idea there are benefits to it for some more specific but that's okay again okay good so were not taken by surprise absolutely is over not watching it will be as it was in the days of Noah but yes so that we know were looking for I rephrase it is that okay okay yes so we won't yes so we are not deceived these are all excellent answers every one of them thank you to give you another perspective we are supposed to watch because it changes us we will want something and we will be drawn towards that which we watch if we watch the world we will be drawn to the world and we will go farther and farther into the world and as we do our perspective on everything will change until were over here and from here evolution makes sense only an idiot would deny this the spectacular collection of data that we have don't you know we evolved from monkeys and how can you possibly be spending your time in church when you should be out having fun instead you're just following a bunch of rules and with a bunch of just just uncomfortable and tricolor gold people and come on what's wrong with you you're worshiping a fable in the book in the biologist a bunch of stories what's wrong with you and that makes sense to them from here and from the way they look at the world but if we watch Christ watch for Christ and study the Scriptures we will be drawn our perspective moves will change and we will see things that other people don't see not because they aren't there but will see them because watching for them our perception of reality will change because were not being DC and we will go far in you are farther and farther to what Christ until were over here my heart is breaking for these people who are trading in heaven for a handful of goals goal why can't these people see that they are only harming themselves and others in their chasing foolishness why can't they see the love of God and that makes sense from right here and giving our resources to the Lord and pushing his work on and being stepping into his ego and polling until we drop makes sense from here and we cannot bridge the gap between here and there only the cross will bridge that gap only by lifting Christ will people be drawn to him that's it those positions are so far apart only Christ can ring them together Christ had more to say let's go back to Matthew twenty four now if you take a look at Matthew twenty four what's going on is astonishing price will soon be crucified he will soon be taken from his disciples he is having to try and put the last things into the minds of his disciples what the things that are most urgent to him into the minds of his disciples he is in an incredible situation and Satan has him hemmed in and he is under stress that we can't even begin to comprehend and he makes some interesting statements at the beginning of chapter twenty four and Jesus said to them in verse two do you not see all these things assuredly I say to you not one stone shall be left upon another that shall not be thrown down well that was a huge thing the Temple itself being destroyed that was a big deal to disciples who thought he would have an earthly kingdom and they approached him privately Lisa tell us what the end will be like tell us these things and all my in Christ chapter twenty four is of Matthew is in us honest fingers starting chapter he told him so much starting in verse four and Jesus answered and said to them take heed that no one deceive you for many will come in my name saying I am the Christ will deceive many you will hear of wars and rumors of wars and see that you are ceiling you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass in my sixth session I will unpack verses six through eight extensively if you want either listen to an audio version for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom it examines pestilences and earthquakes in various places always at the beginning of sorrows he sang to them guys look for these things this is how it starts and it gets worse he goes on to tell them that they will be delivered to tribulation many will be killed he goes on to tell him that every false Gospels in lawlessness and lovable cold and the can this message will be preached in all the world he is he is quickly covering thousands of years of human history and thousands of years of history of the Gospels he went directly and will be shall be saved in verse thirteen now with any with many sorry processes be happy you have a dual prophecy one that is fulfilled in the short term and one that is fulfilled in long-term we see that in Chapter twenty four because Christ talks about long-term he also talks about the destruction of Jerusalem which comes and is talking to us at when we see the abomination of desolation get out he's also talking to them those who get out of Jerusalem when it's under siege in that brief period when the Army pulls back we'll get out so here we go and by the way you'll notice there's a number of explanation points in these passages and we keep going through Chapter twenty four and he keeps telling them what's coming even if they did not understand it at that time and then we get down to eventually verse forty two watch therefore for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming but no less that if the master of the house had known at what hour is unfamiliar yes Matthew twenty four and Mark thirteen are parallel port parallel chapter so is Luke twenty one three of the gospel writers recorded the same thing in different ways with different points of emphases and only by reading all three chapters you get the full impact of it but here is the message again watch watch watch recorded here with less emphasis on getting Mark but recorded here and then we get to the end of chapter twenty five of chapter twenty four and chapter twenty five starts what happened between chapter twenty one chapter twenty five you all know chapter twenty five long recognized chapter twenty five oh what happened between chapter twenty one to twenty five two nine oh is good that you don't know because all that happened was the Christ of the breath within JC we can change time we can change the weeding change the discussion here is where they decided a long time ago there and that's that's enough let's put in another chapter but nothing else is changed and Christ proceeds with his message the message he was giving to his disciples the message is getting to you and me for this time right now bear with me while I read a bit out of Chapter twenty five then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom where the virgins as the church right ring and was a bridegroom Christ now five of them were wise and five were foolish so the churches split in ours and those who were foolish took their lamps but took no oil with them what is the oil as the Holy Spirit absolutely but the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps while the bridegroom was delayed has a bridegroom had been delayed is this prophecy absolutely while the bridegroom was delayed they all slumbered and slept just like your church today this generation has more information this generation is able to chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy we can see it happening in front of us and this generation is asleep as price and we would be to have more information anyone else to have more responsibility of anyone else and to be sleeping is astonishing but we wake up and at midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming him him then all those virgins arose and trimmed their lamps and the police said the wise give us some of your oil for our lamps are going out but the wise answered saying no lest there should not be enough for us and you but go rather to those who sell now there's a thousand sermons in this passage and I hope you there with me as I don't give them but instead drive toward women trying to make go to those who sell and buy for yourselves and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and those that were ready went in with him to the wedding and the door was shut afterward the other virgins came also saying Lord Lord open to us but he answered and said assuredly I say to you I do not know you verse there teen watch their floor Christ spent and have a chapter in a half trying to make one point and in the process of getting us a wealth of prophecy and information but it is all contained within the context that we are supposed to watch we are supposed to watch because it changes us because we become fit for his service on we gradually become fit for his service because it keeps us from being deceived because it prepares us to be ready because it prepares us to point out the signs to others who are watching Christ was so emphatic on this point Christ does not give us the charge to watch and then give us nothing to watch in this generation and I know I've said it before but bear with me while I say it one more time we can chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy and in my other set I hope you listen to an audio version or obtain in some other way I outline exactly how that's happening exactly what's going on in the world how we can see it now like no other generation before us we have an astonishing responsibility now I do believe that Christ will come in my lifetime and fifty three statistically speaking I got thirty years left whether I have it whether I get better I don't know do I believe the Chrysler come in the next thirty years yes as my father my grandmother my great-grandmother 's founders of the church and here's the thing I could be wrong like all of them but if I'm watching and working and drawing close to Christ it doesn't matter I only when I don't lose and as I draw closer to Christ I give more of my resources I'm willing to surrender my reputation I want a witness to them of the embarrassing inviting the church wanted to think I'm some kind of freakish it doesn't matter being thought of as a free anymore when you get closer and closer to Christ it's like course I wanted introduce these people to Christ and one of the biggest failure of their lives so that's one message and I'm giving it to you in something of a vacuum because you're not getting the two hours of speaking that went before it or the two hours of speaking to come after but there's a lot more if you choose to access that information whether you choose to or not here's my message watch and be changed because Jesus really is coming and he really is coming soon I neglect will you allow me to finish with her dear father in heaven strengthen us Lord sharpen our vision sharpen our minds help us Lord to see the signs in your Phyllis Lord and appropriate emergency except our meager sacrifice Lord and multiply it astonishingly you may be glorified you may be slow I asked this in the name of Jesus Christ this message was waiting for you might be supporting me misty on the sentence he added he states he seems I give young people I believe in Christ and to rescind to download the pictures other resources like these that I am in a game I see that I


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