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05-Man’s Flawed Plans

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • January 3, 2014
    8:45 AM
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for you you might know from the other hair women nude teen in Amanda going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. DiMasi met a and I'm sure they mean it but this morning I really mean it because five minutes ago no one was here and I began to look at the schedule wondering what seminar I would go to the eye this seminar is competing this morning with some very popular I'm sure there are signs outside some rooms and completely full but there becomes very popular seminars this morning elsewhere I went if no one had I would still be giving the presentation to an empty room because the primary audience for this series is on audiobooks there are one hundred and thirty seminars and you get to go to six of them and so the ideas that people will choose what they want to listen to and access it primarily on audio verse so but it's so much better to be giving the presentation with people in the room so again thank you for coming my name 's Scott Christiansen and they told me downstairs that I need to push my book which I'm not a salesman so I'm not really good at this but this I I called the Adventist book center here in Florida I knew they would be in it in the display area in the in the ballroom I knew they would have books for sale and I said look I'll be there and I'll be speaking and could you get a few of my books because people might want them and him and they got four hundred of them and they sold just a few I only expect them to sell a few and they support the books you want to take always not but the good news is if you are interested in the seminar and if you want a lot more information is a lot more information the book they got a really good price on it nine dollars here nor normally it's twelve so they really don't want to carry them all back but four hundred and what they were thinking were going to be talking about some very interesting things this morning which I hope are a significant blessing to you in terms of what is going on in the world the prophecy that we can see being fulfilled right now and our role and responsibility in light of the fulfillment of prophecy let's begin this seminar with prayer dear father in heaven thank you so much for the privilege of being here this morning thank you so much for being surrounded by people that are on fire for you Lord I ask that you would reveal your presence this morning that she would settle your spirit on each and every one in this room not just in this room lowered within the other amazing seminars that are going on the wealth of information that is is being presented please Lord bless the speakers and bless those who are listening that you may be glorified in nature kingdom expand in Jesus name amen me that my clicker here I'm going to go through and with the sexy pretty full seminar 's issues imitate almost all the time allocated and yet I need to go through some background for those out of your vendor previous seminars okay I'll well that's about half for those of you getting to now for those you been here before for those you haven't been here just to throw you in to the context of the the proceedings it would ruin without the context of the preceding seminars you might not get it so let me just go through this quickly if I can everything on earth I think you will agree everything on Earth happens in the context of the great controversy ninety nine nine nine nine nine nine nine nine percent of the world has no feel it all for the fact that there is this raging war between Christ and Satan and we are both the foot soldiers and the stakes that are at up for grabs in the war actually not up for grabs since the cross but prior to that up for grabs and even among Christians and even among Adventists there is not a daily sense that we are involved in this raging war interestingly enough if you go back to on the back to the Civil War and if you go back to the first world war those who are asleep on duty were shot and it is a signal of the character of our Redeemer that we are asleep and yet constantly offered pardon I not only pardon an astonishing reward and yet this things going on all around us if you are that if you were to identify anything in the world that is not affected by the great controversy I challenge you to come up with anything anything in our economy anything in our industry anything in our society but what this seminar is about anything in our natural world if you are to say to me the amount of solar radiation that comes to the earth from the sun is not affected by the great controversy I would not have a counter argument to offer what I challenge you to come up with anything else is not affected by the Honduras including in the natural world this idea that sin has effect on the physical world is novel what you're hearing today is new it is not discussed in the Christian world certainly not discussed in the Adventist world outside of the seminar and the other media that the item than working in and yet once you start looking there is abundant proof in Scripture and there is abundant proofs superabundant proven spirit of prophecy that sin affects the natural world we've never look at it like this maybe because were asleep okay but more than that because prior to this this is a first generation where we can see and measure the changing of the earth in lessening human lifetime where we can talk to grandparents and their sand this is so different this never happened before somewhere is going on and from recognizing that there's things going on to connecting that to the great controversy that's taken a while but were doing it so sin has a revamped MSN and its profound effect on the physical world were going to talk about how instability in the physical world affects society it causes disasters disease and instability in our society were to follow that chain through instability man's society causes conflict which again results in disease and pestilence and famine we got this downward self reinforcing spiral so we got sin we got changes in our natural world and in previous sessions are gone and that some significant depth in this and then we got changes in man's society resulting in conflict disease famine including interestingly enough resulting in earthquakes and I'll cover that in the next session so we've got just went through that we've got all these things we do and we can connect the dots from sin all the way down to what's happening at your world fulfillment of prophecy were seeing fulfillment of prophecy I say how is that while we take a look at conflict back to think I need to jump ahead conflict disease here we are Matthew twenty four six zero eight this is Christ speaking to his disciples Jesus himself saying here's what happens just before I come he will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of sorrows this is the first generation and those who have been here before you heard me say this like five guys out this is the first generation that can chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy not just I think I see something would be able to chart it and graphic and not only that but say I think this is where the problems are coming next because of the trends and because of the patterns in this case the problem coming next would be central Africa okay so during creation week these were the systems that were created their book ended by physics involves natural laws and book ended by human civilization health all of these systems were created in the creation week Genesis one but it's those five systems in the middle that I've been concentrating on and looking at the astonishing decay and decline accelerating decay and decline in these natural systems and how they fit into prophecy the fact that these natural systems are decaying and decline declining in the fact they're having impact on society it hasn't affected you much at all assuming that you are from North America or from Europe and yet there's three five billion people in the world and make two dollars a day or less one billion that make less than a dollar a day these people are affected profoundly at the last five years had been squeezed taking their kids out of school reducing the amount of food that they eat reducing the amount of money that they spend at every opportunity because of the changes in the world and because of the tremendous spikes in food prices there are billions of people and their people are forgoing medical care that could hardly afford it in the first place the world is entering a time of trouble and if there's anything else that happens these people that have been squeezed have no plan B this is not your life but it's the life of billions of people that Christ died for adding their lives will get much much much worse as will look at and it will be harder and harder and harder to reach them with the message are we working now or are we cruising along this probably isn't the audience to speak to in that tone or in that with that message normally I'm speaking in front of Adventist groups where a slave to see in church were asleep or speaking in front of secular groups who connect without this message very well surprisingly but you guys this is a little bit like preaching to the choir anyway so the logic chain we went from complete per from perfection to complete dysfunction what happened well here's the logic chain Satan is in rebellion rebellion is sin sin is separation from God separation from God his death everything on earth that God created the subject of death even these massive systems that God created when you when sin entered the world and Satan gain dominion creation was separated from its creator and sin is the result and when every part of the system is dying system itself is dying so you've all played with tops you know how it works you spin it it's if you got it right which is hard for me and I'll never get it if you don't write it just like his glides there on that table or that floor whatever service is always beautiful but you know how it ends it ends with it beginning to wobble and then really wobbling and crashing and right now the top and started wobbling as wobbly a bit more and you will see it you know how the story ends more and more and more will we see it crash no less those days were short and no flesh should survive we won't see it crash I spent in session two I spend a great deal of time talking about the food production system one of the systems it was created during creation week and I did that for reason all around the earth during the age of the industrial agriculture we have destroyed our soil we turned it into dirt we loaded it down with the salts that are left over from fertilizers we've killed the microorganisms in the fungi that had a symbiotic relationship with the plants and helped everything grow we made it so that we produced a huge amount of food but it's like milking a cow twenty four hours a day that that story doesn't end out well for the tower the people are doing the melting we turn our soil integer we made it so that we have to put chemicals in to get anything out and that story as we will see shortly is not going to end well we've got seven billion people to feed and this is a food price chart that goes from nineteen ninety on the web you invited back to nineteen sixty we had very much all-time low food was really really cheap in two thousand two so was oil the price chart for oil can be almost directly laid over this because we used six calories of oil one calorie of food on our plates oil is a huge part of our food production system in industrial agriculture so this is a blue chart but it's also an oil price chart uses a proxy for one things are going well in two thousand two they're going extraordinary poorly in two thousand seven two thousand eight at this huge price spike another little one here a third one here why does that matter how does that get into the Bible why do you care because of this this is the same food price spike the same chart but at a condensed here's two thousand and eight this large massive food price spike massive truly massive here second little one here there are largely these lines that go up and down growing me here this is a national rebellion this is a war this is a conflict this is the number of deaths and you can see that there's a perfect correlation between food price spikes and societal instability over here Syria with nine hundred deaths you can tell it this is an old chart that's over a hundred thousand now in fact in Syria which is turned into a regional war with the US and Israel and more or less turkey on one side sometimes the Europeans and with Iraq Iran Syria and kind disorder rush on the other side you got millions of refugees out of Syria you've got disease ravaging the country you got starvation ravaging the country you have prophecy being fulfilled in front of your eyes and Syria and to a greater degree you have been fulfilled around the Middle East but what happened in Syria is that they had this huge drought that started in two thousand six the longest and severest drought in the written history of the Fertile Crescent which is a lot of written history and that drought continued year after year after year with people getting increasingly desperate and having to sell everything they had talked small farmers just a few few flocks and herds and modest little farm is really headed by their seed they finally got so desperate sold everything they had killed off all their flocks which were starting anyway got to the point here they got so desperate that even though they had this tremendously despotic government some of the youth in the country people your age started scrawling slogans on brick walls and those same people were lined up in front of the same walls and they were shot and thus started the Syrian war the entire Arab Spring maybe people were sick and tired of their despotic government but the entire Arab spring was triggered by food price rises conflict wars and rumors of wars but where but is it over is is it all done no this is the same chart put out by the same organization I failed to tell you that there the organization he made that last charter may discharge the cold necks he New England Northeast no New England complex systems Institute 's cooperation meeting between Harvard and MIT this is the trend that they say food prices are on that trend if you understand implications should scare you to death in terms of impact on the world I disagree with them this is the trend that I think Ron this clumsy line that I put in this more modest line scares me to death the world through the effect of sin the actual physical world that we take for granted outside these walls is falling apart and this top is getting more and more unstable as time goes on and through this line you can see significant instability coming if you take a look at regions that are already having some conflict and regions that are or that the sparks are there in the fires about to really start Central Africa would be next okay so that gets us that was for those of you who see more the one session I was really fast because he got into significant detail ahead of this but always done in the previous sessions is cover this pair met up here global system the client been absent affecting the natural world this seminar is about how man of the plans of man are so terribly toxic it is very ironic that sinful man through the ages whenever he comes up with this grand scheme like the tower of Babel or the Federal Reserve held talks in a or the green revolution for those of you who are in previous seminars man comes up with these plans and they really backfire on us we're going to be looking at resource depletion and complex society collapsed in one seminar room you're looking at the two remaining pyramids we spent the bulk of our time on the natural world but they are because there is so much interplay between the society of man and the plans of man and the natural world these things all fit together started talking about the systems of man the decline of global man-made systems oil and money to talk about resource shortages which are very very real were going to talk to complex societies which is a little bit about talking to fish about water we are so immersed in our complex society that we don't recognize it it's there it's like like the area sits there we don't lesser really thinking about it you don't recognize it or talk about complex societies ever going to talk about the mercy of God were going to talk about how complex societies collapse the society that you're living in an over going to relate that to the mercy of God because I'm going to relate the mercy of God to the plagues on Egypt people in Egypt had their chance in the in the us essentially the distraction of Egypt to recognize God they lost their distractions all other gods were not just destroy they were humiliated in front of them they had their chance in mercy in the destruction of any unraveling of our society and the unraveling of our economy people will have their quiet moment to reflect our society our modern society will lose its distractions as well recovering starting off with oil and money we are gods with a g we can change the world we can terraform the earth China's doing a significant week after taking the place of these of land the size of us un-American state okay granted small in Vermont New Hampshire but they're taking a piece of land that is called the lowest plateau have taken a bit worried on this they created valleys where there weren't valleys it created mounds where there were mounds they took an area that was had been dramatically overgrazed for or hundreds of years had been passing desertification and the reason for this area of land which was hundreds of miles from Beijing from the central government the reason this piece of land got the attention of the Chinese government is because there are massive windstorms up by the Gobi desert which lift up San and carrying hundreds of miles and then deposited on Beijing and this is how you get the effect is the advantage of the giant gummy deposit millions of tons of sand on the streets of the capital city and so this can't happen in any guys in Beijing said I yelling this is it wheat wheat we got to stop the sand thing so they terra formed the earth is a huge fleet of earthmoving machines changed the topography of an entire area the size of the state they planted millions and millions of trees and bushes are the ultimate work is not just that one instance terraforming is going on in Africa terraforming is going on here look around you the streets of Dallas of the way the water drains Matt has changed the surface of the earth wherever he has populated and in some places where he hasn't really populated it such as the lowest plateau in China we have more power than we've ever had and we've used that power to glorify God right this is Victoria Peak in Hong Kong a peak that I've climbed many times will client walked this little trail it may have it's always been hot and sweaty and I have no doubt that on the night this picture was taken that this is hot and sweaty photographer but this is Hong Kong manliness Ground Zero all about money all about all the time and not to pick on Hong Kong because other cities are not dramatically different but Hong Kong is probably the farthest out on the scale we have built our complex societies and we have pushed gone aside we have used our power to build societies to do pretty much whatever we can imagine we've used that to insulate ourselves from God this installation will be stripped away so we've used our oil dry power to pursue the desires of our heart I like Ferrari to the Lamborghinis with the nude just me but our desires generally don't our charitable desires our desires aren't generally as a begin inquiry here but but as it is a church as a whole and as a Christianity as a whole serving the world as a whole our desires are not usually focused on executing the will of the Lord is our highest priority so this oil if it has given man so much power what's its status well this is called a something called the Hubbert curve it was developed by a guy named King Hubbert yes that's his name King Hubbert and he was oilfield geologists worked in the thirties and forties and eighteen figured out the production curve for single oil well and they don't like this up and down and usually when it's on its way down yet they're having to work harder and harder to get that oil out usually they don't come passed out right about their there's oil down there would so hard to get so he figured that out for a single oil well if this had been done previously and it was a big deal for the oil companies because they knew how much to invest in that well that we only would a pipeline arena just truck the oil out what really do should we drill more it they were able to make a lot of business decisions based on his pioneering work he went from the air to figuring out the production curve for I had an oil field and the production curve look pretty much the same as so the scale was just different also that was extremely usable oil companies and then he died and his intellectual heirs figured out the production curve for release the theory for global oil the amount of oil is available billable globally and were right about well actually were right about here according to that theory were very close to the peak of the peak has been significantly upset by the discovery of the tar sands up in Canada and by the discovery of a techno- technology such as racking and yet when you take a look at the discoveries so you see the past discovery of oil here is my past discovery of oil here and you've got kind of a stairstep and this chart goes to two thousand and eight I apologize it's not more updated as best I could find but if we included tracking we have another stairstep down it's actually not that different in terms of global oil notices a five-year oil price chart and if you look at this you probably remember very well paying four dollars and whatever almost five dollars for gas back in two thousand and eight and then you may remember that the whole thing went away in oil price crash let me ask you this what year had the highest ever year-round average price for oil seventy two that's even very good historical memory but it's not actually correct but that's but it's as close exhibits a five nonunion 's guide I remember it all I won't wind my memory who don't have time for that it's a real good membership member riding my bicycle in watching the people in line in seventy two so where is it it's on this chart which year was it's not two thousand and nine right-wing Lemay two thousand and nine is not two thousand and ten is a two thousand and eight no it's not because of the low here two thousand and twelve is exactly right two thousand and twelve which is only thirteen months away from where we are now right behind two thousand twelve at two thousand thirteen we have sustained high oil prices which means we have sustained high food prices and even though we have these new technologies you were even over getting more oil from some places and even though we've been through this tremendous this great recession price of oil is at app world record high in terms of year-round average this continues to be a resource which is dramatically pressured and when you take a look at these growing economies that are competing with the US and everyone else in China for oil and when you take a look at what's going on in the natural world that threatens the delivery of oil you began to be concerned about the fact that our society I love everyone call our society the society of the world the society of man in the world has to have this with what's going on the world becoming increasingly increasingly unstable the society which would do we assume will function well is increasingly threatened and of course the speaker to turn off his phone while somebody I know who that is I apologize so we go society the world that we live in the world that we assume will continue to function while we witness is becoming more and more stable through the impact of sin because the very world that our society is built on is crumbling through the effect of sin and yet man has designed something that without sin in the world we never would've design the society that man has built is not the society that God ordained then and envisioned when he gave his instructions in Genesis chapter one therefore it is completely unstable it is completed it is doomed to failure because of sin so we got nations competing for oil and I don't just mean you know shouldering each other they're using guns the primary reason we went to Iraq was for its oil because the targets there were better I realize I'm I'm wondering into politics at night I detest politics have no respect for you not get into to my presentations but if you take a look at historical records primary reason we went to a rock was for the oil we are in the United States we are very good warriors maybe not the best reason for pride but were very good warriors there are however better businessmen who has the oil now who has outmaneuvered us and sign the contracts for Iraq's oil after we spent trillions China absolutely does an international audience I shouldn't say we when I say we having the US but nations are competing for oil and there's the thing about competition nations are very diplomatic a friendly now very accommodating until their interests are threatened and when you see resource shortages the gloves come off and the guns are picked up you know what this is going oilsands as a good guess anyone else it's a desert environment and if you know it's a desert environment that which I is not oilsands but it's a good guess calling myself recall of smart people that's not cool this is phosphate rock being mind in Africa ate at Tanzania is one of the few countries that produces phosphate rock phosphate rock is dirt in August it's just stuff and that's it's ugly and it's boring and there's an eighteen year supply left and unite in the book in the world China is one of the countries that has phosphate rock and in commercial amounts significant amounts when the few countries that export it they stopped exporting it because because they're down there buying phosphate rock from the rest of the world and China they are very good planners they look ahead here's the thing in the Industrial Revolution we started using all of these chemicals and fertilizers all over the industrial and agricultural revolution we started using we started really globalizing agricultural industrial agriculture we made it so that we couldn't use soil because we we only had dirt we had to put chemicals in this is a chemical that we have to put in plants absolutely required asking a plan to do without phosphorus is like asking us to do without oxygen it used to be that the soil was full of microorganisms and full of fungus that scavenged phosphorus and and and had a significant fungus had a symbiotic relationship with the plans and delivered small amounts of phosphorus exactly where it was needed now we have to saturate that soil with phosphorus we can grow food for seven million people without phosphorus we have a two-year supply left here is what happens with and without phosphorus in my seminars I go through a dozen nightmare scenarios some as a result of our own failure in planning human society sinful society some as a result of sin and the natural world any one of these dozen nightmare scenarios should have the total focus of the world and certainly should have a total focus of Christians going okay the clock 's ticking you know what were getting a wall we need to be about her father 's business this is just one this is just one in the previous seminar I covered the fact that our or oceans are collapsing and there's one alien people will have to go to land-based food in the next twenty years because our ocean species commercial species would be completely depleted down to zero a billion people now get off my soapbox so the link I have phosphate rock we've got I have metals and minerals and rare earth guy have energy supplies I worked as a missionary and the director manager in Mongolia with their nineteen ninety four really William Holden Maine when I when I return US will in advance like how the banana belt now Eileen is nineteen degrees below zero in Maine this morning my house and that just a calm warm winter day in Mongolia so here's his empty country was always me with just a few people scattered in it and down that they they knew they had no resources in Mongolia they know that no natural resources because the Russians who dominated Mongolia in fact Mongolia where the part of Russia but Russia wanted another UN vote and so they didn't they they kept them separate under Stalin but Russia dominated that country completely ruled that essentially at four seventy two years and Russia had done these complete surveys of Mongolia Mongolians know that the Russians had sent over very qualified geologist they given them excellent equipment a given excellent materials and given them an abundance of supplies they gave them guides they gave them all the fuel they needed to give them all the food they needed to give them all the vodka they wanted and these geologists when are the countryside they didn't really use the guides that it really is the trucks it really use the maps they use some of the food they use all of the vodka and they conducted nothing out there Amanda headache after the Soviet Union fell and the rest of the world was allowed into this country which had once been hermetically sealed the Canadians did with the Russians did it again they brought in really qualified cold area geologists and they gave them those the trucks and the maps in the submitting about and come back into the capital city on the weekend and make a ruckus so that I couldn't sleep because of the hotel next door but anyway the Canadians found medicine amounts of uranium world 's largest copper supply one of the world 's largest iron supplies massive coal supplies some oil a lot goal some sober and the Mongolians are now really really really regretting it the Mongolians in China have had a very poor relationship for a long time which is evidenced by the Great Wall Great Wall by the way was meant to keep out the Mongolians but the Mongol and horses it was built to keep out the V rating bands that surrounded the time of Genghis Kahn and because Mongolians without their horses were not a threat but that is for relationship and Mongolia took over China and then China to return the favor and the annex Mongolia for time and I after the Mongolians found all of this mineral wealth something changed the Chinese did not want the Mongolians to come into China prior to the funding the wealth then all the sudden Mongolians not only could get into China but they didn't need a visa they didn't even need a passport and the Mongolians said to the Chinese Y Y B longer required reason they said well you've always been part of us wanted and Mongolia with her three thousand man army with China next door they just quaking in their boots because for China and be a very simple thing to take the country over and all over the world nations are looking abroad we don't have enough farmland are farmlands going away and you have been using yours responsibly obviously cannot responsibly you lose it all around the world were seeing the increased likelihood of conflict as these critical resources that limits begin to be hit plenty of stuff peace critical supplies war and that's the era that we're entering that's the area in which you will live in a rate when your ministry dramatically increased difficulty in reaching people immediately ahead today is the easiest day to witness yesterday was easier tomorrow harder that's the world you live in Ellen Weiss says that we will see them and we will see disease on many area in many areas and but some of it will be caused by war or conflict because and your scene is in Syria right now you're seeing prophecy fulfilled in Syria right now when you have war you can have normal agriculture you cannot have normal health system delivery and were seen dramatic disease not just not just in serious are certainly but were seen received okay that in this resource other of the short amount of time and money to spend on resource shortages our financial system I'm from Sacramento and on the good news folks but our financial system are global financial system is built directly on our natural world our economic system functions because the natural world functions of the natural world doesn't function we don't have a basis for our industrial world we don't have a basis for the financial world is built on our industrial world eventually everything get back to this world that God created even awareness nice air-conditioned building I will heed today Bandai your condition yesterday at it all and him and all that stuff outside and we feel in our complex society especially in North America and we are so separate you know so separate from what's out there but we're not in the effect of sin absolutely affects our world including our global financial system so as we get more stable in the world financial systems become more stable can anyone name a country that is financially stable today I know the sign always got your vertebrae thank you appreciate that and at and I hesitate not to take it at his your generous to speak up but having worked and lived in China China on is a most of China's smoke and mirrors China's financial system is extremely unhealthy yes they are the leading producer of stuff in the world there there they've they've done an amazing know from when I started traveling there in ninety three they've they've it's been just absolute astonishing what they've done what their financial system is fundamentally corrupt and it's smoke and mirrors more so than our Drexel Burnham meltdown back in two thousand seven and there there next their their their catastrophe when it happened though their turn will come is there another nomination for financially stable country yes I just I give this talk a lot and since that always comes up thank you thank you for that but I would argue that a country whose economy was built on handling other people 's money which is unsound is not a cell phones out as myself sound is adding if if their business 's finances and mostly is and everyone else's money is is fake money is funny money how can their economy be that would be my counterargument when I accepted them as her another nomination Norway Norway for a while was a petroleum state and petroleum states are doing relatively well since they can turn brown liquid into cash or gold or whatever they want but Norway's North Sea oil reserves have dramatically declined in Norway's costs basically their welfare state I'm Norwegian in arming hate I cannot rather live there than here on most days but Norway I would not say is financially sound because they are high spending and their tailing off of oil revenues is really catching up with certain other I heard to a hurt Australia and Canada very few Australians that you talk to will agree with you if that's indicative and they are this this this pattern of deficit spending that we love so much in the in the US is catching up with them I heard Canada and probably actually the Canadian dollar has gone from sixty US cents to one hundred US cents yes are you all right in well when it comes to when it comes to fretting and we comes to tar sands I mean was handmade happening in Alberta Alberta really is shouldering the rest of Canada right now yeah he got tired yet that'll that'll supercharge we won't get into how dirty that oil is won't do that but but you didn't get sick and tired of waiting for the US and your pumping into the Pacific and you're on your do-it-yourself I became a close I used to work for Canadian company be keeping a close eye but I would because can a candidate is a vast reserves and is a petroleum based economy while there is certainly not perfect as our Canadian friends will will acknowledge there probably one of the few strong economies today but the major economies even countries forget China no way Japan absolutely not still stalled US now and here's the thing these financial geniuses long ago I got even went back to Bretton Woods said okay if we link arms if the countries link arms together that we won't fall you know me one country falls and we can support them in and will have financial stability instead of a domino effect and it will be great and they were right if one country fell other countries in the world could put you know hold them up and support them what if two countries fell it turned out that everyone fell it didn't take AAI will gather on join together and when is enough way everyone gets pulled down the veil fall down we almost saw it with the EU we went through extraordinary lengths to avoid a global collapse we in fact increased the US debt government debt by fifty percent in the last five years while spending in order to try and and not turn a recession into a global depression as a result of this there is no extra money to pay for adaptation there is a note as the climate the climate but as all of the systems that God created become increasing unstable climate is the most major to the most talked about and the most argued about so actually can avoid that topic so we don't get a political but as the world grows increasingly unstable through the effects of sin as the great controversy is seeing in our natural world the effects of Satan 's government are seen in our natural world it society will become more and more stressed and we don't have the reserves anywhere to deal with that Molina what can we do and and and what resources will be used to adapt so that we can continue to be insulated from God so we can team can continue our society I want to turn from it it's been long on finances as I'm just touching on these other systems and man-made systems and how they relate to natural systems are not going into significant depth on any of these complex society like our complex society complex societies are fragile man builds complex societies a complex society well you can't explain this okay prepare to raise your hand you are not a member of a complex society it you produce all of your own food you produce all of your own fiber for your housing for your clothing or every for good shoes for everything else you buy no food from anyone else you buy no material from anyone else you do not trade with anyone else you are entirely self-sufficient in medicine education transportation you do not interact with the broader world raising Iraq raise your hand part of a complex society what people do in complex societies as they specialize and except for a very few people in the highlands of the poet New Guinea and in the deepest jungle what's left what little is left of it in Africa everyone is part of a complex society for the first time in no history because we don't know what happened before the flight for the first time in known history we have a global complex society and here's the thing complex societies always collapse always every known complex society has collapsed and they go through this definite growth arc start out they get increasingly complex so that more and more people specialize in you get more and more professions that are that are reliant on technology and you get this thing building up that requires more and more technology and have larger and larger problems which require more and more expensive solutions against the point where spending a tremendous amount of our societal resources on huge problems and the tax leave the financial burden is so great that or the or the resources that are critical run out and the whole thing just kind of collapses and you go through this definite area growth maturation free collapse collapse now this pre- collapse as one that were concerned about today because when a society is in pre- collapse of complex societies and pre- collapse it always does a couple things it always tries as hard as it can to find solutions to these enormous problems problems including those that we been talking about and it always fails eventually sometimes it can keep going for four decades but always fails eventually to solve the escalating problems and therefore it always takes as a last resort the easy way out it tries to get the resources it needs he tries to get the stuff that needs tries to get the money it needs through war every complex society lapses before they collapse they go to war and were right here in the growth and maturation pre- collapse phase were right here in pre- collapse on a global basis and we can see the end of our resources and we can see them coming and that's the world you live in more importantly that's the world are trying to witnessing yesterday was a really good day to put a lot of your resources allow to your personal energy your own reputation into witnessing today is not as good tomorrow is to be worse and more difficult that's the reality that you and I live in technology is our friend right while technology is what every complex society uses the best example would be the Romans Pokémon they had these the errors in all I may never vest not technology as it is technology all yes it is technology they had shields that were a little better they had spears that were a little longer they had bows that shot little bit further and the Roman Empire was built on technology we might laugh at it today while you're holding your iPhone I treated my son told me iPhones are for old people and you got a have up there whatever needs whatever form he has but anyway whatever smarter and more intelligent cooler phone he has I have my old man phone but anyway you might laugh at versions of technology but the Angels are laughing at what we think technology is so you know but every such every complex society uses technology and in the end it is the fact that we have bigger and bigger problems that we solve with more and more expensive technology technology is the solution until it's a problem and we are at the phase wears technology with requiring more and more of our resources to solve our bigger and bigger problems is no longer part of the solution as part of the problem so all I did all that okay well that change your there's this guy named changer Joseph Junior he's written he wrote the book back in the late eighties I think early nineties collapse of complex societies fantastic and here's what he says the root cause of the collapse of complex societies is a consistent overinvestment into complexity in an environment of declining marginal returns all books like that I've read the book right I might fall asleep once twice maybe it's a fantastic book but it was also it also sprang from his his doctorate thesis and thoughts it's tough going but basically the coed leave the cause of collapse is more more investment into really expensive technology when you get a lower and lower bang for your buck on that and yet you're forced to keep your society going you're forced to keep investing in these these schemes that will solve a bigger and bigger problems and the world is throwing bigger bigger problems at us everyday what will trigger conflict to stave off collapse will choose your poison it's all around us I mean you've got an abundance of choices if you been listening to the seminar itself accurate in this complex society we are also running a Ponzi scheme the nation was at the top of the pyramid and we all we just boy are advanced societies North America you know you're up and were so well-off and our technology in our universities and the rest of the world wants to come here what we don't really recognize is that for the nations at the top of the pyramid to continue in their abundance we've got to have the nations at the bottom of the pyramid grinding away we need their intellectual capital the really smart people that we invite here we need to their resources we need their cheap labor we all about for the top of the pyramid to go the bottom of parent has to be there when we don't have that bottom of pyramid risk of collapse to complex society the risk of collapse to countries that are at the top of the economic pyramid is increased dramatically when nations reversed their development let's let's think about this for a minute agent Libya most of central Africa and northern Africa Lebanon Syria Jordan others Haiti only goodness but a basket case when nations reverse their development from first Northern Ireland fifth okay but when they go from first to reverse in the bottom of the pyramid is crumbling Madagascar are wow Molly and there is a long list of nations that are gone from low gear to reverse in the last three years and this if we didn't have any other problems if we just were looking at this one things global Ponzi scheme this is a tremendous concern and this is the world you live in this is the world that supports are very relatively speaking opulent lifestyle here in North America and I guess I recovered this sorry some of the slides I'm used to them being in different order and I annoyed it but again we don't have a solution there's always an engineer in the audience or so with an engineering kind of mine who same weight but what but we could turn Arizona into a egg greenhouse and we could do desalination right at the coast we could grow cucumbers and tomatoes all over everything live on cucumbers and tomatoes and and we could you know solar cells are doing real well I know we can't turn those in the chemicals like we do fuels but we must be able to open a file feels well I spent ten years in biofuels and it didn't it has a lot worked for anyone yet but if we could turn plants into biofuels and we stopped using oil within three years we would've used every tree and shrub and blade of grass on the earth will we would've used every resource to turn in the field there are no solutions that I'm aware of but for those of you who are thinking about have an engineering mindset of thinking about problems let me challenge you with this if soon as the problem what is your solution how do you reverse the effects of sin if you want to find a solution that's outside of Christ how do you reverse the effects of sin because that's the problem so we've got our physical earth in accelerating decline in our society writing right on top of it like a toboggan this is current reality and for the rest of the world very handy thinking about basements full of food definitely thinking about how big a gun they need to be thinking about moving away from population centers there to be thinking about alliances in an you know what what can I do how can I survive the Christian mind the question should be how can I grow closer to Christ because he is our refuge nothing else in the storm it's here not coming this here as a hit you yet but it's here how can we grow closer to Christ and how can we work diligently feverishly even in the short amount of time that's left a lot of people can hear presentation like this and and is a know when it'll is in bytes might affect them a little or might leave them with questions I never really know for the majority of the audience what goes on there my but one thing that keeps us from responding to looking at a world full of disaster and doing anything besides is normalcy bias no normalcy bias is a psychological state where we see something coming and any help just in this one slice of the pie presentation at your senior talk about phosphate talked about are our financial world we talked about art complex society we talked about impending large-scale conflict all of these are real but because we've never seen them before our normal psychological state says we won't see them has happened yet is not can happen normalcy bias we have a biasing for normality what happens now will be what continues happening but the pattern is denial the company by a total lack of preparation followed by panic and anger for those of you who are aware what's going on this is the state of mind of the rest of the world now at what point in this pattern will you witness to people denial total lack of preparation or world while their panic and anger that is okay I would say here's my argument is my counterargument to have a seed sprout here you've got to planted you will labor for Christ with no return you will work without anyone patting you on the shoulder and Saint Adam Blake you will witness without people coming to you you will you will be unfulfilled you will be unrecognized you will be on motivated on till the latter rain is poured out and you harvest Christ harvest and you have to accept that this is how it works and you have to keep going all of these things are going on in the world and even though we deny it a haven that we got Arnold normalcy bias going if you look at the accumulated events you see that they're completely unsustainable and were very near the initial stages of collapse will we go into complete disarray on a global basis no no we won't as it was in the days of malt no others can be a lot of partying going on we will have an economy we will function in all the US may not be may be economically challenged by China I laugh when people say China's get bigger must mean crisis coming on the house at the dots I connect but but no it won't secretly complete collapse times will get harder but the wine will flow nobody marrying and giving in marriage my getting close and I been joining on forever making close to the end of the time is a nine forty five him hi okay heavens will vanish away like smoke the earth will grow old like a garment and those who are dying in like manner but there's a promise here my salvation and my righteousness and will stop there entire seminar in England is business as wooden as he went to be supporting ministry since the United States as he seems I think young people driving by with these feisty with the recent to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us on a little gambling my Stephen


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