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06-Preparing to Stand Before Men and Angels

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • January 4, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen I got Christiansen I am here from May I be what Maine where it was twenty one degrees below zero last night and my son discectomy is that I hear water running a pipe burst so that the deal with I'm the author of the planet in distress came out in two thousand twelve from review and Herald Tribune Herald is having a DVD come out in March DVD come out in March all on basically the presentation that you're seeing a small slice of and is a television series planted in distress come out on LLB and starting in late February or March my guys on the Americas this preamble in a droning on host to my good friend Doctor J Neel is here from northern women conference I got recognize you J there's a guy here from my home conference I work for the northern New England conference in addition to this ministry that I have is there anybody here else from New England northern New England Reva New England boy I'm so glad you're here J friendly fast-paced overall friendly faces but it's good to see you how many of you have been here for previous seminar sessions okay fair number for number a lot of you haven't and so I minute I apologize to those of you who been here before your minute I'll always easy to go through the background again but if I don't go through the background more than half the audience would come to be scratching their head and saying what and because you know when I held the second session you catch people up from the first session wanted a few minutes but now the web presented five hours of material catching up takes a bit more time on the race through it and trying to does the job I can but that still leaves me with a whole session to bring in and follow after catching people and for that reason I'd like to start right away even though it might be a minute or two early and I would ask that we bow our heads in prayer dear father in heaven thank you Lord oh what a seminar what a session today not a seminar start a session today what what a sermon what a tremendous privilege and pleasure to be here among like-minded Adventist to be to be filled with the spirit Lord hasten your kingdom but I asked that she would bring your spirit upon the seminar that you would settle it on the seminar and all the seminars and all the speakers that you would anoint my lips and the lips of the other speakers who are that you would open the ears of those that are here so that they may hear your message Lord and go out filled I ask this lord in the name of Jesus Christ amen plotted in the stress again a small slice in your getting and slice the rest of the sessions are on audio verse and of course there's and my blog planted in distress .com has a lot of free material for those of you who like free time than all but supposed to push the book I'm not good at pushing the book is not a good salesman but the book is available in the exposition hall and they have several hundred of them for some strange reason and because I sent several hundred of them they cut the price quite a bit so is your one chance anyway let's help we're talking about five five primary points the fact that sin has an effect on the physical world something that you will not hear elsewhere in the Christian world and you won't hear elsewhere in the end of this world but once you start looking at spirit of prophecy and once you start looking at Scripture there is enough London's of material to support this position sin affects not only man and beast and plans sin affects the very systems that God created to support life on earth death from sin extends not just a man but to our planet itself and it's a big part of the great controversy that we have not seen until we could begin to see the accelerating decay of our planet within the lifespan of one human so this is something that we just open our eyes to and your hearing a seminar your hearing information is brand-new and in this world and is unknown and the rest of the Christian world instability in this physical world in his declining causes yes diseases and disasters but it causes instability in man's society our society is built right on top of the natural world what's out there is not separate we are fully dependent and living on it even if were air-conditioned or heated or whatever we're doing today you never separated from it so we've got sin we got instability in natural systems and then we got instability in society and that causes conflict I'll go into that just a little bit in this in this review session instability and man society causes conflict conflict in turn results in disease pestilence famine were seeing it in in spades in Syria right now this is a self reinforcing downward spiral that we see in various stages in any number of countries throughout the world right now we are seeing prophecy fulfilled before our eyes this is the first generation that can chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy and can go even further to looking at the trends and saying that's where it's going to happen next Central Africa next South America next all the trends say this is where and for a fuller explanation have to go back on audio graphic five hours I can only cover so message here but anyway so everything that's happening on the earth is happening within the context of the great controversy what we are seeing is the effect of Satan 's administration of the art what we are seeing more precisely is the effect of what happens when you separate creation from its creator through sin it the result is death death and math that an animal 's death in systems on Windows systems in just a second and then and this is where we are today five one through four bargaining covered in great detail lower income right for a happen in five but there's a responsibility we have more information than any other group of Christians ever in history we have a wealth that we need to share with the world what's coming is terrible but now is the time to plant yesterday was better today is the data plant tomorrow will be worse don't wait for the harvest to be planting as vigorously as possible okay anchor text is Matthew twenty four sixty weight on the unpack this today later you will hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there will be famines pestilences and earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of us of sorrows my entire book is built on Matthew twenty four and the parallel chapter is Mark thirteen Luke twenty one but this is the key key text so these systems God indiscreet things during creation we can create systems these systems and in session while I went into significant detail in these every one of these systems is an staggering and accelerating decline we can see it within the course of our lifetimes this is what underpins the world and these are unstable and it's not a small thing you live in a most of you I know many people come from many countries here most of you live in wealthy societies but there is at least four billion people right now who are being incredibly squeezed four billion and Ellen the last five years and had to dramatically welcome have had to dramatically change their lives because the world is getting so much more difficult for them while in the highly developed world we don't even notice people that we want to reach people that Christ died for their lives are getting worse and worse and worse and it's harder harder and harder for them to concentrate on other things our ability to reach them is degrading with each day so the world was created perfectly and went to complete dysfunction where it is now and of course you know what happened it was a result of sin and here's the logic chain Satan is in rebellion thank you rebellion is sin sin is separation from God separation from God is that everything on earth that God created is subject to death including these amazingly massive natural systems that we just looked at I think probably everybody in the room is played with a child's top and you know what as you spin and it's spinning there is nice and smooth and it's gliding across whatever smooth surface you you put it on but it only goes for so long and it begins to wobble and it really begins to wobble and it topples the earth itself part of creation part of what is at stake in the great controversy what is the most memorized text in the Christian world for God so loved the thank you I I I think you cannot look at on my glasses I will try and read it out for God so loved the world and the world itself is unstable okay I may have been asked to ask people to move to the center rows where it's possible to do so as Ellen White said pressed together because there are more who would like to come in so if you don't move while not I'm sorry moved to the center of the row and and let people set come in thank you for that okay why does it matter that the world is becoming less and less stable well a number of reasons it's because the world for a number of other reasons is unstable to begin with not least is a fact of which of their seven billion of us trying to get to their trying to consume the resources of the world I'm skipping a tremendous amount but I'm trying to catch up the canary in the coal mine in terms of terms of resource constraints is food the reason we have seven billion people is because for so long food was so plentiful in Sochi when you have more food you have more of whatever eats it you have a lot more food for rabbits develop more rabbits more food for now is yellow more cows a lot more food for humans it's cheap and accessible and you get humans all of this being the result of the Industrial Revolution and the use of hydrocarbons so this is the price chart going back to nineteen ninety from the food and agriculture organization part United Nations you can look at this same chart going back to nineteen sixty year I was born and here is where foo cheapest now this food price chart is also a proxy for the price of oil this is essentially an oil price chart you can use it for both it's not oil price chart of the phone price chart which you can use it for both because as an iron connection between oil and food we use six to nine calories of oil to put one calorie of food on her plate if we stop using oil in the production of food we would have a ninety five percent decrease in production but here while you guys almost none of you noticed we had almost a doubling of price in this price spike in two thousand and eight we had a small price by care we had a large of another price spike here that was tremendous this was gutwrenching for the rest the world because you buy processed and packaged food and you don't buy just a handful of it their prices doubled your price because you pay almost the actual cost of the food and what you buy is so small that you don't notice the price of food doubling most of you who come from North America and Europe why does that matter this is the same food price spike put together this chart is put together my next see they North New England complex systems Institute cooperation between Harvard and MIT one two three when you get food price spikes you get destabilization in society here and here are rebellions are the overthrow government are conflict between nations is not always true you get one here this is one death you see other figures they are Syriac at nine hundred is more than a hundred times as deadly now there are more than hundred thousand people dead in Syria and their five million refugees and there is astonishing starvation and disease Justin seriously just chooses one example I'm not saying that the Arabs rang resulted from a food price spike that conditions were really bad but I'm saying it was triggered by food price spike next up central Africa next up South America parts of it anyway and it will come if this is this chart is anywhere near real again this is put together my next see who really smart people and they say this is our trend for food prices given the DD continuing degradation of the earth and given the increasing costs of inputs I think they're wrong I think that curbs to statement this is my curve either way this should have us shaking in our boots the very earth that we live on is subject to sin and is degrading and decay and the very society that we witnessed in his riding that sled downhill time is so very very short brothers and sisters and you can read the progression of the great controversy in headlines day-to-day that's where we aren't history I covered God made systems and then I covered man-made systems one of which is energy oil and an underpinning our societies what we've done on a global basis is we have used energy and and used our effect we were created in the image of God and they were intelligent we've use that to insulate ourselves from God this is Hong Kong where you live actually working for Adra so here we are again partly rushing through the rest of the world can see those are paying attention and that's many the rest of the world can see that something is going on and those who are really paying attention their hair is on fire knowledge has increased matter running to and fro and their hearts are already failing them for what is coming on the earth and as the Earth continues to degrade that sense with their hearts failing them for what's coming on the earth will increase prophecy is being filled right in front of our eyes right now I'm not suggesting that we go out and tell everybody about natural systems in Europe and everything my job is to wake up Ashley is that you back there another northern New England are actually remember my own church I haven't seen you yet I'm sorry to embarrass you but a rising five New Englanders and I give them all a hug and you only you have escaped so arrogant said it's nice to see you choose going from here to start her mission work in Africa amen okay so we have this opportunity and this responsibility and this wealth of information while our world is wondering not to tell him that the work is being to destroy but to lift up Christ and my messages wake up and look around and know the crisis coming soon so still in backup phase that were given a quick does anybody know what this is I didn't hear it might've been said this is phosphate rock being mine in Africa there's very few places in the world the produce phosphate rocketing Florida action this is some but not much there's eighteen years worth of phosphate rock left in the world and what we've done around the globe in the age of industrial agriculture is taking dirt as I take so I'll created by God which was stuffed with living creatures microorganisms fungus which scavenge nutrients and have symbiotic relationships the plant we killed that replaced it with dirt so that we have to have chemicals we have to have the stop and we have to have a oil-based chemicals if we don't have this stuff this is what happens in their we no longer have agricultural soil in any abundance in the earth we got eighteen years left on this is what were looking at were trying to feed seven billion people meanwhile the oceans are crashing okay then I went through financial systems and how they are built ultimately on the earth and how they are growing less stable we just don't have the resources to combat what sin is doing to the world now every time every time I go into detail what's going on there's always an engineer with a mindset or are or so and with an engineering mindset trying to fix the world and coming up with solutions to the roughly one dozen streaming critical global problems that I layout and ultimately I ask this person or this type of person what is your solution for reversing the effects of sin maybe you can build a greenhouse somewhere but seriously what is your solution for reversing the effects of said because that's what were talking about okay this gets us to where we had an early yesterday and I will try to look at my phone every once in a while I might clock and avoid having to not finish so when will they get bad before I show these graphs I want to make really really but I am not predicting when Christ will come that's foolishness and forbidden ground I'm talking about what's going on and its impact on human society and when things will get really bad in human society and these timelines can be extended they can far more likely be contracted because all of my calculations are based on linear progression when many things that we see are going exponentially so actually these are conservative estimates but when will they get bad in human society in earlier sessions I talked about aquifers that are being pumped out all over the world under super cities in Asia I was not very long left in some cases a decade in some cases less in many cases more phosphate which you saw phosphate rock eighteen years left and fisheries the ocean is dying to be blunt about it this huge ocean is dying and will be for all extensive purposes commercially fished out in about twenty years the the oceans are entering something that oceanic science scientists call the Michael C NARA the age of slime if you love the oceans goes to look at it now I have to admit to some sadness when we read in the book of Revelation there was no see my hastily better than what we now also it's all right in this graph below is the really deep red is really really bad and most people will read this is a twenty forty I'll be dead party on not necessarily true with this audience but most audiences I speak to the average age is older but that's not really what I want to take away from this I don't see how human society can function the way it does today or function in any truly meaningful way to live does past about here and only gets worse and it only gets worse very very rapidly and this is based on a linear progression I talked about the Ogallala aquifer underlying parts of eight of the central United States and the fact that everything that uses water in those states gets its water from the Ogallala aquifer the factory got twenty years let twenty years left on his own really about eighteen years left on his aquifer and that it underpins the production of a tremendous amount of food that the world but not just the US but the world uses and the fact that given the drought that we saw last year in the United States three years were knocked off the life that are for it didn't just go I mean it really went if we get the kind of disruptions we been seen in our weather patterns things could really go a lot faster this is our oceanic atmospheric food production climate and freshwater systems and I realize you can hardly tell which line is which one argue that it doesn't matter his two things are important about this graph first of all the fact that according to my interpretation of data and trends that we would see this slightly exponential rise in the course of much less than a human lifetime it would receive this much degradation of the natural earth the top is really beginning to wobble the second argument I would make is that we really don't have any idea what's going on with these systems on the science is really poor but this system is our ocean and we have hundreds of years of good data we understand this system now in session one I went to the creation week I talked about how after creating each component of the earth each system of the earth I would say it's good but at the very end when he looked at everything he had made in other words when it was fully integrated and running and exceed it it was like a fine watch where everything affected everything else when it got to that state got looked at it and said it was very good all of these things are connected like the gears in a fine watch I would argue that every system is here that the news is worse than it appears to be and we had a very flawed understanding of what's going on in the world that would be my argument and that means we have less time than we think less peaceful time that we think in which to work and that means we need to rethink how we allocate our resources including our time including our reputation our willingness to put ourselves on the line by witnessing to someone else I know I'm preaching to choir here frankly I tell you the truth I'd rather preach to a roomful of backslidden Adventists no offense but still I know you guys are on fire but I'm still done and put a match under your access but this is where we are as I as as I've been working on these the ideas that underpin this for twenty years and am convinced that the Lord has led me as best as I can tell this is where we are I could be very wrong but if this information leads me to being more fervent for the Lord and proclaiming him and not this where have I lost a man soul mind you I am not suggesting radicalism I'm not suggesting a fringe views I am suggesting greater fervency in the servants of our service of our Lord him responsible positions will not only ignoring despise the Sabbath themselves but from the sacred death will urge upon the people the observance of the first day of the week cleaning traditions and customs in behalf of this man-made institution NATO appointed calamities on land and sea to the storms and when the floods the earthquakes the destruction by fire as judgments indicating God 's displeasure because Sunday is not sacredly observed these calamities will increase more more one disaster will follow close on the heels of another and those who make void the law God will point to the few who are keeping the Sabbath of the fourth commandment as the ones who are bringing wrath upon the world Ellen White Southern watchman nineteen oh four how would an Adventist fill-in this sentence I will really know it's the end time when I see the blank Sunday law okay and it's going to be cut is going to be disasters that actually lead to the call not a lot of Adventists are aware of this mini disasters Alija DeGaulle have never has there been an increase in disasters all you know you have to be really careful with this graph it says reported disasters per year and this is a this is a database kept by actually the Catholic University Belgium actually but in nineteen twenty where there places in the Amazon where there places in outer Alaska where there places in the Siberia where there was a significant disaster and they weren't reported absolutely guaranteed nineteen thirty nineteen forty yeah World War II better communications nineteen fifty nineteen sixties Sputnik nineteen seventies with Lori land on the moon by now nineteen eighty CNN satellites everywhere I would suggest two by nineteen eighty this is reliable data so let's ignore all this I was go from nineteen eighty where we've seen a tripling of disasters in the last thirty years a tripling of disasters in the last thirty years and I can fill in a couple couple bars your here we are now we are continuing up and really want to get this by depending on how you divide up the data I went every ten years if I went every five years it would be smoother but anyway were headed up after each after each disaster I don't know if you've noticed but there's one day maybe two days where in the media you hear about a spiritual connection that big tornado in Moore Oklahoma praise God more people were killed and God spared us and and and and you'll hear some people saying this is a judgment by God the media doesn't generally cover them but so here it in some places but there's this little spiritual thing we had it after superstars Andy when disasters come one after another that spiritual thing is sustained and you'll get people saying and in fact you can actually hear them saying quoting the minor prophets we have to return to God we have to heal our land look what's going on you can hear it being said in America after all outline calls at the national Sunday lawn of the international Sunday law but we forget quickly but as disasters come more and more frequently then these the time is is the time is compressed enough and the impressions are sustained enough people begin to feel like they are in a sea in the Lord 's cursing our LAN and you can hear the sermons being preached and you can hear the calls being made we have to somewhere between double and triple our rate of disasters where we are now is not a difficult thing and if the rate of increase if the rate at its rate increase increases the price as if we go back to this rate of increase it's going to come more quickly than we are prepared for it be sure to matter how quickly it comes to become more quickly are prepared for we don't have time to waste we don't have time to pursue frivolous things in the United States disasters are occur are increasing a bit faster than in the rest of the world so while the rest of the world is seeing success significant increasing disasters where this this in RSS two thousand eleven they may put that up this slide was identified and put two thousand eleven in the posting up a slide from prepared the slide in like August but actually two thousand eleven went off the chart and two thousand and twelve was down in two thousand thirteen is up just below two thousand and eleven cell were seeing the trend is is up up up and will see more if things and less Lord intervenes as if we keep going as were going if the impact of sin on the world itself keeps going this is what were going to see and hear for or coming to I have I think I have a few of these to hand out if anyone would like them either I hope I'm not pretty false expectations I think I have a few these and I ran out once and that's because everyone's one is great stuff but the Miami disaster lays out very well and this is not time proportional big guys on here we got papal rule right here and and here we got eternity and I think those should take that eternity should take up more of the scrap I think if my understanding of eternity is correct but here we are inside the third Angels message approaching the shaking time approaching the Sunday law approaching the loud cry and the latter rain here we are in the last events will be rapid once Christ prophecy in Matthew twenty four six two eight just read that at the beginning wars and rumors of wars pestilence famine earthquakes has been mostly fulfilled because the earthquake is missing in some countries and completely fulfilled in others what we are saying is we are seeing countries stop moving forward in their development and actually move into reverse which because these countries at the bottom of the global economic pyramid pulled up the rest of the world that should worry us when we see so many countries from an economic standpoint it should worry us from a Christian standpoint which is entirely different or should be to see countries where the conditions in Matthew twenty four sixty way were Christ told his disciples what would happen immediately before he came to see them being sequentially fulfilled in countries with weak governance and had our way should be a tremendous warning central Africa next South America and some parts of central America next if things go on the way they're going it's gone himself and his character that's on trial and gauze character is reflected to some degree and what's coming on the world the rest of the world would say like I had a vacation plan and this happening is not fair on my life should go on the way it's bad you know well know the consequences of sin are death actually God 's character is reflected in the fact that we get any chance at all of salvation that God 's character but because the great controversy is a test to show how corrupt Satan system is and what happens things have to progress and it'll get really bad the other part of the great controversy is Satan 's accusations about God but even in the end time events we see God 's character he's number one he's tarrying he's delaying as long as possible many here have a chance and maybe you will talk to have a chance of eternal salvation because the time of the end has been has been delayed let's go to Exodus let's go to the legs and the parallels that are there really good artwork I forget the name of the artist eighteen Big Blue about the eighteen forties that these were done and over in the Tate Museum in London but I forget the name of the artist self the flags as I think you probably know systematically humiliated I mean not just wiped the floor with the Egyptian gods he received it and they were humiliated and there were a bunch of Egyptian gods that they had they had different deities in charge of different things and he didn't destroy the Malta had so many but he destroyed the primary ones I mean when you take down the Chiefs lead the Indians don't matter God showed that he was a God of everything remember God what is communicating about himself to people who didn't know what our or understand him including most of the Israelites and I'm in our time God will communicate about himself to a world of mostly does not know or understand him I will do so in mercy God the the radio are familiar with Asian culture one but I got them are not used on a razor hand which is typically Asian by the way okay working in China I detained I can understand that but luck was a really big part of that culture in in in Chinese numerology luck is represented by the number eight next time you go to a Chinese restaurant look how many eights they have in their phone number the number number six rich items which yes I got them mixed up you're right the number eight is rich this is six oh lived there for three years and you can race raise your hand or but thank you I do appreciate the correction thank you sincerely I do so for the for the was six but you'll agree that luck is very important Asian culture they'll go to Great Lakes great lengths to assure luck and Bud frogs for the Egyptians were lucky like seeing a four leaf clover to solve problem when I have a good day while and God says you want luck I got I got like three oh turn them into a play to where they wanted no more luck at all the Egyptians believed all I think it was a serious or forgotten I should've reviewed more carefully because of service who is the God the air and the Egyptians knew that it wasn't going saying it was an auspicious thing when I was a fly in the room because the representative of us there is the representative of the God of the air was that fly and the king wanted to have flies around you know when he was doing his business so that the king could hear so that the dog could hear what was going on and could affect things that was those were his disciples of life and the Lord said he wants long and I got a deal for you the gods were turned in to curses while we have many gods ourselves our societies are our our ability to control the earth and to change the earth I spoke about that extensively in session three money but these things will be made into a curse anyone who's watched my my complete presentation and understands how unstable the earth this coming and has done a little connecting the dots and understands how artificial our cities are anyone who has who looked at that and still thinks it's a great idea live in the cities and I've completely failed we have so much wealth from the profit that we have scoffed at on our domain scoffed at will it's an many not not not necessary people here but I've heard in my time a lot of scoffing we just haven't taken amazingly good advice seriously and I I I maybe get a little off topic brothers and sisters but I I advanced the thought that there is a relationship between the rejection of the dice and the fact that a percentage of the young people leave the church I would further advance the thought that by not able my generation not living affirming life we do not give our youth a distinct enough choice between the way of Christ in the way of the world something I barely shame Barb God 's will be destroyed and that is an act of mercy most people on the earth will say that it's a terrible thing this occurs how can God do this I was you know I was almost saved up enough from bands my life was good by their measurement and yet are God 's will be destroyed and as our gods are destroyed as the installation is ripped away that we have put between ourselves and God speaking on behalf of multimillion unit humanity there when I say ourselves that will be the quiet moment that will be the opportunity for the seed to sprout but what has not been planted will not sprout we are looking ahead most Adventist lookahead with fear and trembling to these days but these days are also the time a little trouble is also when the Holy Spirit is poured out when the latter rain has poured out this is an opportunity for what has ever been planted to sprout yesterday was a good planting time today is not as good tomorrow is not as good much worse now is the time and ten years from now will look back to the golden days of now and some of us may wish we had really worked a lot harder yes the bridegroom is Terry Buddy's done so in mercy he's also I had an entire sermon on the on about stuff I talked about the bridegroom carrying in session for Terry and Mercy we are asleep and it should not be a source of comfort that Christ said we would be and he's calling on us to wake up so here we are approaching by every indication that IAC and pretty much on the same timeline unless God intervenes we are approaching a time with little trouble I'll take questions at the end of the Terry that's the delay that's the delay in other words between eighteen forty four and when Christ does come is my understanding of the delay others others may may say well know it's really between when the Pope came back and win the close of probation you when Christ comes there are a couple thoughts there but when they went prophecy had been sufficiently fulfilled in Christ would come the difference between their and when he does come I want to take apart Matthew twenty four six two eight and you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars so this means that we will hear of actual shooting conflicts and we will also hear of of potential conflicts country a is somatic country be but not just that people group a is so mad at people group B so were going to hear of state wars and were not going to hear of nonstate war so can think of a nonstate war is one right now it's in the headlines today yes on one side Iraq right now with the two groups of Muslims under that in that country is is coming apart at the seams and it was in horrible shape to begin with but it's not just states it's also people groups its conflict on a number of levels were going to be hearing about it actually happening everyday he'd be hearing about it almost tapping or might happen or in other words a country world is getting more and more and more unstable and antsy were going to see the signs the rest of the world is not to know what they mean see that ye be not troubled what lies ahead immediately precedes eternity in heaven with Christ and it has to happen only if we are rooted in this world willing truly trouble us all that's an improvement why did we do this if five session Cisco like that well okay another fifteen minutes of it all up anyway CVB untroubled for these things must come to pass it have to happen the great controversy must be concluded the even though all of the universe is leaving with God and it because it is so hideously and so ugly he has to take it to where he wants it to go Satan system must be shown conclusively and for all time to be a complete and disastrous failure or else it will happen again do not be troubled even so the end is not yet know probation has to close we have to stand terrible times and yet we are standing with God nation shall rise against nation that state against state and kingdom against kingdom that's people group against Lebron on you seeing your seen in parts of Africa a lot of people group against people group your scene and parts of Africa state against state you're seeing France fly more troops down to Central African Republic keep your eye not just on CI CIR keep your eye on central Africa keep your eye on South and Central America in the coming year I'll be writing a full blog post on my blog about that very subject talking about what I think we'll see in two thousand fourteen my blog is planted in distress .com there shall be famines Leno think we need to interpret that scary straightforward we see families as a result in instability in the earth we see famines as a result of conflict both and as a result of economic upset so these come from two different directions and sometimes it is a confluence of them as in Syria in session two I explained how Syria has been in profound drought since two thousand and six and that in fact had a lot to do with spurring a big part of the Arab Spring pestilence well it is this disease or is this like the plague it depends on your understanding of it on my personal interpretation and I don't make any claim to be particularly right my personal understanding is that it's both it's interesting people have forgotten and is no common knowledge of it today but they're a long time ago in the nineteen thirties the US was having decibel a dustbowl and a depression so in the agricultural area the crop grow the grain growing Arab United States there was severe drought and the farming practices had been very poor and the door just little way between a combination of the two tremendous wins why was and the soil became airborne and it turns out that were not supposed to breathe so I'll note there's just a whole lot of stuff in there it doesn't belong in our lungs when there were severe dust storms during the dust bowl era there was tremendous death among the old and young very young especially we're beginning to see dust storms in Arizona you don't want to retire there folks you really don't variety of reasons were beginning to see dust storm stress in San Diego when there is a dust storm emergency room just fill out all what is coming is disease as a result of the disruption of the Earth from a number of directions not just dust storms you this there's a whole lot of water in the world that you don't want to swim in that you could have swung it swam in twenty years ago were seen in more more threatening world and were also seen things line up at some point our number is up and we will see flag were overdue we will see some form of folk horrible pirate flag where a very significant number of people who are affected by will we witness to those people first we can't save them will we witness to the first batch the only relevant question earthquakes in divers places what would you do with that when I started this presentation in two thousand and eight before I wrote my book and I was just feeling my way along my explanation was that Satan could not maintain balance when God created that was the best I could do their sense a a book that has come out thirty five bucks I suggest you don't read it it's called waking the elephant awaking that we can the giant a big part waking the giant is written by a volcanologist from the UK eighty percent of the book is evolution twenty percent is very interesting this very credible multi- knowledges give you if you if you strip out the evolution when he basically says is the earth is in a dynamic state in other words it's just it can be tipped any direction it's much more sensitive to small changes than we think as we get more and more as we get warming in the atmosphere we get more more moisture in the atmosphere that increases the weight of the atmosphere on the crust of the earth that change that little change is enough to move faultlines as we pump water out of the earth out of aquifers and increase in it decreasing on water in the earth and decreased the amount of water in the oceans at increasing the water the oceans and change the pressure on our tectonic plates that's enough to spur earthquakes as we have a ice melt especially out of Greenland and significantly and yes we are getting increasing sea levels just that little bit is enough to spur earthquakes but as we get more of that we will get a lot more earthquakes and Hannity goes on to tell a story about an earthquake to happen in two thousand and nine on the middle of Pacific he said it's amazing this is the first time in all earthquakes happen where plates join like on a turtle 's back there's this place where they join what what but this is the first time we've seen an earthquake in the middle of the plate and is beginning to fold and bend and if it does that anymore we will see a total rework rearrangement of the continents of the Earth and Islands will disappear he says it will take twenty thousand years I think his timeline is off but these things really are having a really ongoing on her out of here at four fifteen right now my doing I a few more minutes I'm in a rush so what are you going to do now bear in mind this is made for sleepy church hopefully you guys don't fit in that category but look at look at my recommendations with the mind of speaking to all and by the way this presentation is very interesting to to backsliding Adventists yes but also very interesting to people other secular mindset who would otherwise not entering administered to hear a prophecy seminar I always get real excited when when the we get a bunch of community members two eight a seminar and almost without fail the feeling is reciprocated they are all a lot more excited than my brothers and sisters sitting in the pews I explained that to me I'm it anyway okay the only way to prepare yourself is to get to know Christ as a friend when things come upon us bad things we don't like to say oh I call on Jesus and some may but the truth is most people when things happen will call a friend I know when something mechanical happens I call it a good friend in Maine called name Todd is like three hundred fifty pounds nicest biggest guy I've ever met my wife has her network and she gets right on the phone and then she calls friends with what's coming on the earth we have to have that same friendship relationship with Jesus where is not a concept where he is a man as we are and God as we are not where he is someone that when we call him like a friend we know he'll help we know he'll come and would be delighted to see him that's the relationship that we need to have we need to study the Bible and start up in our hearts what kind of friend is it someone whose letters we don't read the in life you know what I want to say what kind of friend is in we don't talk to and do so every day and familiarize yourself with prophecy and antenna man's on audio verse session four of this is a sermon which I don't think you've ever heard talking about watching and how emphatic Christ was and if you have any interest I urge you doesn't cost you anything when the audio verse comes out from these seminars to avail yourself of that forty five minutes sermon and how it is our profound responsibility to watch and no self how to prepare your family this assumes you've been preparing yourself drawn away from the world decrease your dependency yes I get away from the influences of the world an extension can get out of debt this is where my wife and I are and it's like crawling up a wall with your fingernails man but we'll get there part of the withdrawing from the influences of the world is practicing simplicity and economy the rest the world 's not doing that unless absolutely forced to raise more of your own food spend more time in the garden and in nature while avoiding fanaticism it's interesting Alan White and almost almost all cases says Grove food for health spend time in nature to commune with God spent time in your garden the community but it is these spiritual benefit you're not supposed to do it so that your voice so that you're relying on yourself and not gone in the entire she does say within the context of having been able to keep functioning that growing our own food is very useful when we can no longer buy or sell but were not supposed to not rely on God and if we do what we we have put in place will be taken from us forcefully will be forced to rely on God himself but how you prepare your neighbors and friends again preaching to the choir here draw close to Christ so that people see him in you make him a friend and approach and don't wait until you're there and go out because going out is there to bring you closer to Christ but still continuing your progression so that you get so close to Christ the people see him and you hold up friends and neighbors in prayer and ask God to create opportunities for you to witness you have to give of yourself and interact frequently if it's if it's a friend at work if it's a neighbor who never sees you and all the sudden you show up with tracks and that's all they know about you that's when it comes down to witnessing as was done yesterday well you just got ago and you don't have a chance to do to to be known before you show up but that's okay but for those that are around you that are the most likely targets of your evangelizing give of yourself and as a writer as there are a lot of homes in the world where our church papers go and then there's this thing called the coffee-table process where the new magazine is put down and there's like this time that has to sit you can't throw that magazine away without guilt until one two months maybe I mean you may not read in which a cancer way without guilt until you either read it or it sat there for two months of visit delicate aging process a lot of our books and articles go through and it just depresses me but anyway don't do that have a store of books and articles that you actually read I have them on hand for bearing occasions now maybe you gave yourself a new interacting with your neighbor and help them paint the garage and found out that their brothers is suffering from diabetes just got just got diagnosed although getting I will pray for your brother you know we got my my church is really big in health and it has this program called Shep and actually read verses diabetes you know what I got an article on the ring over printed material is so nonthreatening brothers and sisters even in the age even in the visual age it is still very powerful people don't have to pick it up they can be taken as they wanted it's nonthreatening have that on hand and the DVDs in all the visual stuff in their e-mail address and forward them files and all that other stuff offer to pray with people and present their problems before the Lord but especially after you've done the above so that your real person who really cares and they know you're praying for whatever their situation is this is a very simple step but for a inactive church these are doable and that's why they're there there isn't anyone who should have a ministry I give a couple examples appear there's a thousand different ministries when I was in Mongolia as a director manager a country that is the call has the coldest capital city in the world only has one city at the time anyway we saw forty five degrees below zero and there were thousands of street children's street children long story don't have time to explain the thousands of street children being sold into prostitution being used to get into the small places during robberies everything the horrible that you could imagine was happening of street children they were beaten by the police because Mongolia did not want to admit existed they were driven into the underground steam tunnels under the city the only one place to get to anyway other people including parents would catch them and steal their close to give to their children you had gangs of street children from four to fourteen or so underneath the city living in the steam tunnels sharing clothing so that maybe to go out and bag we had people in the US who were and elsewhere were old women chair bound okay making quilts by hand and with love and we would get these quilts we would get into the street children and happy careful as I explain this because it still breaks me up remembering the looks on the faces we would also hand them out power bars that were donated by the power of our company everybody can have a ministry including someone who is chair bound and how nurse has arthritis and it takes six months to make a little quilt it still matters in action is immoral and nobody is going to help want to explain to God they didn't do anything if you don't know what to do then my advice to you is to do something because God cannot correct your path if you're not moving if you went off in the wrong direction and you're moving God can correct your path there is just a couple things just how my doing on time I have four twelve three minutes all right you guys leave when you want to all right I don't have long left I think I just got like five minutes maybe so food price spiral in my home church in Ashley 's home church on the back wall there is a food bank bearing Western Maine we used to have fifty or sixty people come on the third Tuesday of the month now it's close to four hundred and my correct actually you four hundred B and these are people who are just lazy these the people who really need help and food price spirals this is mostly job loss but for the price spiral 's will hit the US him when we had our food bank today we are running we are running sort out the cars are done by Edward Willett assassin again and God bless you and undergone the Harding elementary charge but some of those people will be interested in gardening and they got in Maine at least they've got a little some property to do so not a big place at all but even people who live in the smallest trailer so much land in Maine were not stingy with it when visitor sometime but we see them for a minute at food bank but those are interested in gardening they need a lot of help they need someone who is willing to go to her house every week for an hour and work with them in the soil a spiritual experience they need someone who has a Rototiller to break the soil cool here doesn't relate to humans well that has a Rototiller whose upfront Rototiller ministry that's a ministry who here hasn't greenhouse and is willing to say you outgrow those those plants in in those four packs I'll do that that's a ministry you may never reach someone spiritually saying here's your box of food and food bank and that's no reason to stop doing that you should do you should should keep doing the food bank but what's the chance you can reach people with a gardening ministry spending an hour a week for twenty weeks then I got all this food what does your church have a kitchen because they need to know how to prepare and how to preserve it and then it's not far from there to a Chip program he got all the food let's show you how to improve your health and if your church if your kitchen is in the basement of your church it's only one flight up the sanctuary only a few but you know what those precious few will rejoice with you for ever in heaven we excuse me for saying so we blow it on healthcare this coming from the candid rubber Loma Linda as far as I can tell our current medical system was not the health ministry that was described in Ellen White's writings there are tremendous not to be careful because my good friend Doctor J Neel is here so I got to watch myself but but I think he might support some of what I'm saying but we did not strictly follow the advice of the profit what I think we get another ticket that can I think with the way health care costs are going I think with the way personal health is going I think with a divergence of those two things that there is a second chance coming up to practice basic healthcare ministry in accordance with medical evangelism as described by Ellen White and there is no lack of institutions that were in Adventist institutions that will teach us how this is a rare calling and it's not an easy one but if you are being called you should answer there are those who respond with address and as a former editor country director I can tell you that when people show up to volunteer at international disasters they are in the way the after people are going crazy we got truckloads of stuff gone and we dug and officials things are just nobody sleeps it's horrible but the only people there were putting their arms around others and praying with them are these volunteers Internet I have a blog I spent about five hours a week on it I post one or two articles normally all along these lines I am stoked when someone from an almost unreachable country goes to the blog reads the article clicks on the Scripture ref click son another Scripture reference clicks on another article I just gave a Bible study I would work five hours a week all year long to do that once what is the Lord telling you into because there is such a hunger for information is the Lord call you have an information ministry twenty bucks to get your website and off you go and for someone like me who prefers writing and thinking that's justice it poverty disease hunger decrease resource availability there are so many service opportunities visit these are just a few little thoughts there are a thousand ministries that your friend Jesus will lead you to the one where you are stoked and this is this is the thing brothers and sisters I'm not suggesting that you take up a burden I'm suggesting you asked Jesus to lead you to the ministry where it's the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning where it is a center of joy for you because it's there and your friend Jesus wants you to do it okay the entire series sin is destroying the world the actual physical world new thinking but profoundly supported in Scripture and spirit of prophecy and I'm sorry about throwing those references of no of their earlier sessions are global complex society session number five is fragile what we have created sinful man is weak and even without the natural world in disarray all complex societies collapse and our global complex society the first one we know of it's ever existed is right at the point of pre- collapse every previous complex society at this point has gone to war that's where we are even without the earth in disarray all it takes is a trigger point integer pointer therein in in abundance so this generation can chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy we can see wars we can forecast wars we can forecast famines we can track famines we can forecast some degree pestilence leaders are attracted and we can look at chart and graph disasters we can chart and graph the fulfillment of prophecy this aligns perfectly state of the world Matthew twenty four and make arthritic chapter thirty six and you heard it so many times in your life and it's become old brothers and sisters keys is really is coming and he really is coming business as we went he went to supporting ministry of the sentencing at a distance since I was young I finally gave twice to Christians to download the pictures on the resources like this please visit us I am coming to my seat


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