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02-Daniel 7: The Investigative Judgment, Men Before Angels

Joe Kim


Joe Kim

Physician, Yakima, Washington



  • January 2, 2014
    10:00 AM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay 's e-mail a I you made the mind you create a chemistry you know what makes a higher your you know what perks up our energy I pray that the Holy Spirit will affect our biochemistry today that we may build vendor that will enjoy would be fatal block out the thing that this reference we thank the Lord that you are the greatest instructor and through a faulty instrument that has myself your name will be glorified we has to do this would pregnant women Jesus and this one you really have the ability the board and so I still haven't got the logistics and however and then see the board hero don't know and so on is this the angle that both who can see it or do I put in a certain way this board can left right straight good for the platform this way by the way though that those of you listening audio version again TinyURL .com board Daniel talks studies will not be covering completely so that's Israel studies the table of contents same thing that's helped navigate through the studies a study outline is what you want to look right not listening on auditors .com understudy outlined with one blogger thirty one two three four and five and six news wanted to the probe of study for each talk if they are for the convention today Amtrak today later nineties Solomon and you talk to Fran and eleven twelve o'clock by the newspaper Daniel embodiment of the eleven twelve o'clock ad hoc as you got lost on the way to help down the hall to the penalty and loss annoyed about your outside and hear a gunshot in erectile help and against her better judgment you shouldn't run for gunshots either the health help clear runs of the southeast monsoon Allie working with a lot of moaning and done and you get to the alley and you see a man with a gun in his hand and is still smoking is the amount of floor and is blaming the reset and the police come right out of there they're all they care the car my afterwards the fires and everything that happens up and use the Nina the bystander and days notice that your wife tentatively was signed and they ask you what do you see in you consume everything from the sea Adventism has a smoking gun and it's called the great occupancy to call investigative judgment were holding in her hand and it's smoking what do I mean by that if you go up online I don't recommend that your novice in Adventist or coffee but legal online seventh Avenue is difficult you will see some things you will sleep Ellen White's maybe bottom rooms in the planetarium and the shut door your same name fly on gay here prophecy by fraudulently you will see the investigative judgment you will see it are not religious I and what you'll see is this these Adventists a prompt I want at least twice some of the floor time that's usually coming back and it failed and is the greatest cover-up in the history of time they came out that same year he made his prophetic lineage line and OGS with the moron not earth and out came the seventh day Adventist and one of the greatest authors of the investigative judgment he actually refuted and I don't believe anymore when the greatest authors of the landmark papers of investigative judgment of the cozier I'll leave that enough for him and that's our smoking gun and say what did you see world with the world benefit we have a mountain of circumstances against us I found one microphone do about that I am not as if they are not used to being recorded that the government is recording me and I didn't know it might be by the way I have no credentials to speak as I landed I got an PhD and Masters and if so this is great for you because everything you have the temperatures by the Bible you don't consent to the Madeline Duggan literally dozen I don't think that I know I think sometimes the nonhospital event but not to make a loving but it doesn't really matter I don't think that I don't I'm a nobody that you really should but anyway we have a mountain of certain since and one chapter things were right and went and we misinterpreted in the world the thing what did you see them were holding a smoking gun were to turn the tables on that today you will walk out of the day you will you stay awake with a molehill of circumstance in fact after prophesied in Habakkuk and relations and by the way note that the an amount of events announced the mountain of evidence mountains of clear size unambiguous you will understand that needed a lot of them if you don't want to talk with more with that in mind has there ever been a problem in the Bible where people played a part of but not wrong direction in the property itself but they misinterpreted the property he is riding upon a call for the doctor asked for the whole event and hosanna blessed is he that cometh in the name of a lawyer with the first is a you is guidance document is an Jesus that I can or if anyone talk compared within the sound of rocks would cry out it has to be accomplished the property must be fulfilled now let me tell you just because they may interpreted the prop the multi- verse coming that means you never became a man just because they misinterpreted Jesus was death on the cross that means you can die from just because it was misinterpreted that she is coming back that not mean his coming on the thing evidence you would have biblical proof the people who misinterpreted does not mean that will exist there is uncertainty about business certainty about him ministry in a multiple effect the day will talk about that now when unit of the Bible and everything white and seven I look at this little style no I'm a release real stickler for time here eleven o'clock account make sure that we close definite and not miss anything else and seven when you study prophecy or any book of the Bible a good way to study at is to look for what kind of half modern if you missed anything the again TinyURL .com Daniel talks and what was the thing that anonymous when you study the Bible and you see a passage to want to do is see what trouble words or phrases are repeated several times or what part of the problem their passage has committed from it all large portions one being but when I wasn't talking about what a lot of the talking about a word that repeated several times for instance in Daniel seven is dominion dominion coordinating and is written that eight times in some form or language that means it's important when God repeated a property to federal and to all this Johnson Internet wife and daughter Elizabeth and I said it twice it is certain that will happen so got only eight times in a chapter is important to document how much are doing it important and dominion means who write the law who is in charge who will use their so a question you should ask when you read Daniel seven if who will you serve who writes the laws of this land just like when we get to Daniel eight after lunch the question is asked Daniel a is who will you worship with what a later Dennis the Menace who will use their know was that they had overlying theme of Daniel 's seven I had turned a seventh I was premature to me Joshua you must put your biomarker Dennis Senecas it will be a study on the message of the Joshua chapter one verse five through nine still not deserve his purpose I will read the whole passage when you read Scripture sometimes like Western literature where were the climaxing with suspense novel at the end when you receive your literature often times the client is currently in the minimart middleware build up a point of view eight one feet when seeking to give the point in NL backup in either reverse of the same order repeating what it is that for emphasis economist economist in the middle archive committee will deliver the middle of the list talking about some of the other ways that are together than in Hebrew eleven would repeat the same thought is a great way to resound mightily the parallels are there anyway the next point ABC and was back on reverse order CBS on this affect another the number different variation of the general ideas on the middle in Joshua one five verse nine one five nine views these the Lord says I will be with the ECL right verse five right with the on-site my rightness can do they were conversely be strong is that right do you see what you observe the laundress seven these data in NEDs they were law will not depart to see that these the inverse what is the strong you see that that an verse nine the opening of the backwoods of the Lord will be with what I got to get ABC that Lord with the what is the emphasis or this theme of this passage Johnson leaned Israel to vote for nation a lot of pagans or the name of this passage is that all important topics positive aware emphasis can block is a lot of pagans and a lot of religions keep along value nothing is more important but but he was walk away with a thought the last on Thursday I break the law from one to one country you see that does the vision of Daniel seven have the same format television itself is from two to fourteen the rest is kind of a conversational McDaniel and an angel that was listening in a back and forth back and forth Daniel him Daniel this is all I outlined the company that I might as well Daniel seventy is it worth as verse four through sixty three were talks on freebies reverse logistics is a person with a common for these auditors are obligate underneath that study outline funnier have to see what I'm trying to port but it is there do you see in person it talks about the little horn these the inverse catalog talks about judgment nine ten the savers tend to talk about being open these the inverse eleven one a little horn the zoo that these members eleven fourth based PC that is the inverse eleven the medicine specific I don't believe of the other on the method in Finland Iraq the other being is the that it is the rest of the must of been right what is the same of the vision Dennis and that minimum minimum just as chapters suspicions minimally even if we don't want anything mother met in a judgment it is on antichrist that is important the little horn on the same the FEMA than seven is just now such a little the judge know why we told not to get through the parable of the wheat and tears my original not the judge you for the time when I am enough wisdom understanding I don't have that you are nonchargeable to I go to heaven and you are glad that I went outside to you are glad that you don't judge me you know Jack is pointing and you don't judge me by belittling who on earth could have enough was done in understanding the title of the night I live or die for ever and ever more who will look at both ends that have been Hal Haddon Hal I wanted to bother I want to judge we need to use good judgment obviously below seventy bottles and Jill L I could tell you go down and I don't refer to verse by Joe L just with a little slivered Daniel anointed my division to Job chapter who on earth Connelly and Freud who on earth has enough with the an understanding to do this type of work Daniel Job chapter twelve verse twelve with the ancient is wisdom and in the length of days understanding of autism the ancient and length of days I was wise enough and has no understanding of natural budget by the ancient and many days but if I don't thought ancient update cool in the world is ancient of days back into the judgment of your smiling as you know it doesn't answer convention dance and was not so I beheld till from the past done any ancient and of days with the land is with a nice evening about to do just now in ancient times the ruler was the judge when Moses Bookout broke up the fight between the two Israelites in Egypt when it does is a life that will you kill me to who made you print or judge who made you think when you print and charged over the same thing Solomon we got that what you want and when you read the testimony of what his answer what is the second chronicle the first thing that will text there for you and what you want is I need wisdom in one person anything other than I need understanding I didn't win down and understanding to judge so great a ongoing between what I need to be judged to I need wisdom and understanding the child's is the ruler non-Russian that first question about what the question of Erath who is the who has dominion who will you serve digital that if the little Satan to the little horn continues to roll and no one stopped him he will have the right to judge his justice will continue take place here on earth is this world just must attempt child prostitution wars and serious starving children as long as that this man allows that this criminal rule people judge and I tell you he does not transfer there has to end the King of pain is the only fair judge at half and focus the count maybe hopefully in your life might be culpable but not recall lungs is rain must assert out and get upset again ran briefly briefly break down Daniel seven the details are in the notes we know it Daniel seven output it right here this first kingdom by parallel is Babylon but if you religiously diverse the Republicans list and more descriptions that on my foolish talking Jeremiah chapter fifty I did a lot of verses for you in the handout and even more in the study but Jeremiah chapter first forty three and forty five is that the few I listed but this is the Jeremiah chapter fifty was forty three five initial hold about Bowden and the land they are cruel and will not show mercy their voice show more like to see initial ride on horses everyone put in array like a man to battle against the old daughter of Babylon verse forty three the king about one hundred and forty two seasoning I grew that the king of Babylon have heard the reportable quinoa Babylon half-brother for them and it has waxed feeble anguish to in antennas a woman in travail four for behold like a line sometime about that one is not the talked about had a line or the press overtaken to you you can literally soften the biggest ever seventeen percent three and twelve Babylon also had legal wings delivered for yourself Daniel seven the first kingdom is Babylon I think when he right away we saw a line of developing candidate have any guests to make about who it was thanking him need of Persia we know that from Daniel five twenty eight which is says Bella weighed in the balance and found wanting not initially given to the need and the Persians this has got you can also look up Isaiah thirteen oh one and seventeen on your own it just mentions it just says the fighting the needs of taking over we do not begin with the meat and the person biblically that this has been named the country Isaiah forty four evening the person the fire coming you know it is no getting to this it just says neither the Persians and not have want me to Persia Greece activity tonight the leopard his priests will how do we know that guys have eight twenty and twenty one twenty said Medo Persia is that one and are not the next chapter but end in the fall and higher is grace it just says it says you're the Grecian kingdom Daniel Chapter 11 also the same fingers to divorce his Persian kings are there in the grease that we can will follow the just name the country you do not have to guess you don't even have no agrees this it is no graceful mean person and I mean that have a seven month well I'm not going to thought I did say that the Daniel two oh one the ninth of I do apologize it differs glancing Daniel seven if it sat in the study I do apologize on his thumbs and that you've done this if you haven't yet you still being in the again I promise but I don't a lot otherwise there is a fourth kingdom now does all hours a month working the rope with it one thing that you should know is that a little horn proceeds from the that there is judgment is that Jake was big-time for an industry that's down from the federal is little horn if all my judgment and then at the end check for the exhibit these are swaying the face letting them worth distort or the end are really small I do apologize the event revisiting my favorite lip advocate Babylon Beta Persia Greece for him but for the most wrong little horn judgment and in the end and finally at the end here this is certainly very important if you forgot all the details or talk about most of Earth 's history passes would you agree and Alameda Persia Greece Rome was at this he passes behind the little horn fella who by the way of panels forgot little Horn judgment and it only got little poor judgment and a order is dated three times and Danielson little worn judgment in the end I told you that has to happen at the little one has arisen us what's important you need to know that little horn judgment the end you got it down so-called free time so that Daniel again mean that seventy seven twenty ten seven twenty four top of the little horn the unknown order like cold that proves others in the text that little horn John him and then I spend most of our history one of the foremost the sister after most of verses three you got so much already got so you see that if God repeated three times .net around ten three times that you are mistaken so most diverse history the little horn and twenty five so that it oppresses and OPV mode for and in the end now this is our hottie I said earlier this is our 's are smoking gun not always under trial before the big major Democrat now they will listen to what it is right at Mozart's history little more depressed that you have the judgment might send in color in the judgment engineering is I gained that it is easy that was the history that along with all the oppression going on the judgment and then the end is not judgment before most artistry in the middle of most of our history after most of a fifty and then judgment and the and congratulations you now agree with about one percent of the world you really do that much after I third that I would get it by the way both fifty little more judgment be an now this guy on trial with a Jimmy's on trial shotgun like to think a shotgun is not smoking gun we did for the big picture to be the nice guy that got been alone for Jimmy Rooney and got on now in the legal proceedings is what we call dominoes fall when he was only it was with him at the time of the shooting what do recall that when someone is with somebody who was accused of murder recall that at alibi now Jimmy got an alibi that we celebrate in a vein if any at least one further thought I is all I would live you can have an outline is called Jimmy his mother his alibi called Advanta to bluntly mom right that answer is in his first outline given for you tonight Ozma would be cookies not listed I said I facetiously but listen you don't really help Joanne if you can connect Daniel two and seven together you have proven that most of history have happened what adjustments are made available a catalog of storage on chapter nine on the blindness that will yield you will you and you are millionaires annoyed me simple argument right if you can prove down to is that I connected you to lock down the most of our history has passed for the judgment that is powerful the shootout by out my number one is Babylon media Persia Greece Rome most of Earth 's history okay and then the end I'm sorry but my writing it just bored and landlords floppy enemy and visit Jimmy's mom what a great all by your mom is right we know the Bible says on a printed together to grow quickly but as I was not heaven might be missing something I know that combine I noted that a combined or thinking both at home how many kingdoms in cash of the floor beside iron and fourteen among iron rack what else is a young clinician of fourteen people and an everlasting kingdom 's success and wanting and the everlasting kingdom both fourteen and brake in pieces literally those words on the fourteen number and one turned him him go fourteen all that can harness nothing in one and you see a hierarchy of metals in the image of anything upholding the best energy with hierarchy of animals with high load out of range and up in the same property of a number one thing about that when I was not enough and we need to hear the mouth of two or thirty went to the witnesses to call in the second alibi should be shouted from the library and just let very nice you're not a book that was overdue and they just got you on the news ordeal and fifty cents they really very very if their library Nigel Pontus but as the library and maybe library was over with Johnny Jimmy and his mother baking cookies at night on the first beast is uncle which is Avalon projects she's thinking me to present he can record exactly their Persian to says that first one is net administered secondly here's called RAM and it is what reason then we had little porn fellow at twelve while at the same language later so you have most of Earth 's history again you have a pressing power okay oppression and you have this day of atonement then you have the and what they just prove again that most if you locked in seven eight in my notes by the way I would padlock and seventy together in a study number three on page two and three not outlined that online but if a patient who agree how walking seven and eight the once again have a second alibi most of our history something occurs and then the end you not to probably get the most of the earth if you look at the Parque for the compliments you limited the Navy three showing up a third witness not like I like Jimmy's mom I like the library maybe the Jimmy's mom my grandmother thanked favorite so maybe if we had maybe an off-duty police officer and eating cookies and donuts with Jimmy in a month maybe will call the off-duty police officer Daniel copyleft on the right front member came in I will to win three talk about yesterday great talk about the kings of Persia it just doesn't followed by a mighty king with divisions Greece all the divisions of Greece King anointing of the Appellate Division agrees all in hell for sixteen MacLachlan new nation Rome for sixteen another new nation thirty one papacy or the people room and then a whole lot of persecution see how this papacy and it all and will cover the standalone bodily papacy a lot of persecution will peak and then the end three witnesses most of Earth 's history at half and then the judgment and then and three witnesses one two and three listen to their complicated argument against this book starts simple if you don't grow any lock together these three in on a movable data appears up to my pork and but one nail in the middle can you spin it you can leave a Tiffany's visit weber three can you spin it to the city before he only can you spin it him that they have because I have the evidence of three witnesses but you know what I what I'm suturing and operating at the tight tight feature going on in the suit is however late that night so what I'll do now this afternoon is another picture in a you know one is not high together you don't I ask you Patty so to speak so I have Jamie 's mom I have Jimmy's librarian I have an off-duty sheriff after the mayor the mayor he was with Jimmy that night making cookies that called American revelation chapter twelve verse three through fourteen you know religion twelve to fourteen is a repetition of Daniel seven because the same imagery is noted in Daniel and Revelation thirteen we know that the lion of bear a leopard and avoid recent demolitions seven in revelation thirteen what do we see we see a body of a zapper with the feeling of a banner and the amount of a same thing now is not chronological per se but it is twelve thousand and so to speak it is end with Dragon Iraq with the woman thirteen of the quite and it talks about six six fourteen and do the second coming so when you break down you look for the chronological landmarks you see in Revelation twelve for you see a dragon try to devour a child was that Jesus McCain is insane verse twelve six thirteen and fourteen twelve six thirteen forty we read in the previous study woman flaying Linda wanted to appear I found a call that started exactly the follower sixty years whole lot of persecution going on never made a fortune verse that I saw another end of line in the heaven of an everlasting one percent of those one from Bobby Gordon for the hour of his gown I like that judgment fourteen percent judgment and fourteen verse fourteen a man sitting in the sky coming from the clouds with a single cuckoo Kansas six about occupation a farmer the Bible says in Matthew thirteen thirty nine that the harvest is the end of the world 's oldest man with a sickle is Jesus himself at the second coming lately most of our history of H X and those auditors are just writing most of Earth sisters align with each excellent history most of Earth 's history judgment is little Jake and then the NL bodily judgment the whole chapter thirty oppression by the way I mention a pop-up at a later so let's look at this moment of history little Horn unapproachable power judgment the end most of our fifty down to the end Daniel eight North America Street and Daniel seven and the most of our history the end Daniel twelve if fourteen most of our history thank you very much most of us is the correct method revelation judgment with love oppression going on before it the end humans would have no the previous know what Martha Janet on Revelation chapter six that was over six the field enough to feel that the book how books like we did today that fuel the rapid public school and it was open and out the fifth seal after most of our history and their maintenance you most diversity revolution chapter return to myself and to upgrade your hardware is connected versus one through a talked about the other sealed but most of us history that they feel one through four I but history and then verse nine DC were people were slain Jesse lowest of history is yours of divorce laying verse nine six of the field you see that these the inverse paranoid he says about judgment dispute under ten and they read that one and he cried with a loud voice people people who are dead I can't let private with and literally people crying that people crying in the crowd a large loud voice think how long will our holy intruders out not just an event blood on Bennett on their judgment or after judgment grist for the respond number four the response is in verse eleven at the beginning what white robes and then in verse eleven was it within the last one that will been a detailed website that should be Wednesday unto thy fellow servant also that their brother and that should be killed as they were verse eleven do you see that others killed them in an atomic kumquat you and you can reprise of the Congress thought about the second coming kind of the American Botox fix relationship for six hundred mother fields everything is one versus one through a simple talk about the preceding field and picking up a field and then the end of the second coming up in the second coming of the signs of the second coming so this one I want you to miss out on quantities this one is wealthy enough that it's on again though I got laid awake awake update this when you have to look at élan lives they let auditors most of the earth 's just have to see that people are slain in all-out personal saga now then judgment people were given white robes that make sense after the judgment on extent it wasn't at a time to their scope it without going to be killed in a sense a content site about the rest little longer than others Microsoft argument field you see that more time and then the second coming ladies and gentlemen brothers and sisters I present before you the seventh day Adventist doctrine of investigative judgment notes are free at much more will the three democracies it was ordered down move lock solid it isn't just later this is a have to know everything is not definitely not what a happier one two three four five six major lines of profits but you know what Allah Seventh-day Adventist that meant I like the number that was to have the fifth charts filled for happy most of our history has passed on get up what I will get it today all you come to life the debate is not tied up most of it has yet I can't get the incident but most of Earth 's history of past let the fifth charge the flatware at the fifth seal but not the same thing but most of Earth 's history has passed then you talk about him stealing if you're on verse seven three verse five was a say turned myself he that overcome it I'll let the irony of thought fifth seal and fifth church similar things seem to overcome if the same shall be called and what white raiment and I will not blot his name from the book of life so most of our history doesn't work for everybody but specifically told this group is coming and going on with this group of people see the whole cons of all you do not overcome you and you know why Rome another was if you don't overcome your name will be blotted out between two of Tom your friend will be blotted out most of our history the John Smith and the white robed you see them my friend one to three four five six seven we spent a solid locality when I touch the board that will elect on bone bone below about Brown about Bowman are you kidding me we have a smoking gun I was on the some pompous or arrogant I met a while ago I like that either are you out with how was good and in the hour called investigative judgment this talk I literally just want to call you kidding me every single major line of print adiposity and unrealistic point to the judgment and we aren't trial are you kidding me just because we're in the minority we've acted like mice we should not be proud we should not be prompt pompous about that we should be humble neat like our Savior I don't tell you something that is kind of the upset might not be the right spirit and at the end and on routes that two but it just is within you some auditing on feeling that I was to use enjoy with you having said that if the smoking gun mount mount our position is so heated basic that no one shaken Mister R 's are position is solid as a rock now people can fit well at that prophecy is that while talk anywhere about this judgment number Moses after the calf and Scott on deviant new people and Moses said then Martin Avenue and none axis thirty two but he won't forgive their sins pod in other words that lot my name out on the book that most know about a book in a blotting out and he also goes on as it got response and no no no then that certainly blotted out and what is that the transgression of the law and the volatile one can't allow that were under judgment James stuck to only start to a great evening which memorizes James two twelve Romans two twelve to sixteen will cover the car laws that will is the standard of our judgment finally it is an easy way out of the mnemonic to memorize what law were judged by the end now I close a couple thoughts here you must have true questions answered before you leave this room if you don't come back after me I'll reexplain you must have true questions answered on in your mind solid before you leave one want in the world are these people using books and to ignore it on a judgment with them he also gone down seven you see the Son of Man going to the ancient of days to receive glory at the event dominion I think the kingdom two things like many books as second is God the son going to God the father to get dominion and other display house you take this I have an eighteen -month-old son as well the one month of the nineteen month old now and I saw the one -month-old daughter and I clean out the dishwasher with them my son anyone wanting a time out fifty five Taiwan in doing a good enough for the night adopting the whatever what are the father and son playing house here you take his glory and kingdom and the means question number one what about the books regarding books on the bowels of the Lord Milliken that our fingers he knows was written in this book the doctor did anything overstock me twice about everything that exactly are you going to fail if you read the site the phase number party number one while in the world is your God need a book for world revolution three talks about how is confessing his name for the Angels in the father to me about the twelfth eight new chapter twelve two questions one is books and thin question domain chapter twelve and seasoning also I say unto you whosoever shall can we possible can find here pages turning the people and when they hear the twelve eight whosoever shall confess me before men him shall the son of man confess before the angels of God know when this is the word son of man Jesus as a man obviously anti- is needed to be a man to be our perfect high priest when reading papers the one Jesus the son of man confessing our representatives will begin a confessing our names now revelations of God and his angels but this first set exclusively to bring up a point that is consulting on a specifically also to be an inner prison they know that neighbors ever lived never have even like the neighbors you wanted that a modular garner now teenagers to bring a gun now in another window the CFR the smoking people need to move on Angels are the a lot neighbor said and it never did some bad things about the all in fact these neighbors perpetrated the worst crimes other than the thickness of the men themselves these neighbors have perpetrated the worst crimes in the history of the universe and there can be the neighbors of Angels at one of the eleven essay one day when I want to make it you look at the book is true and righteous are the highways of father he deserves as part of the world does need to know God knows but the University to see something demonstrated and why they work and examine my book and read the book of mine and ours the second question what is playing a false I said at the Son of Man means you are representative the Bible said that there is one God and one mediator between God and man and who does it is missing an fact that the man Jesus Christ and Timothy Wright the man Jesus Christ what is a Daniel that the son of man went up to the father to receive it what dominion and a kingdom and of most other things cool did I say if you receive a kingdom ruled that I say is judge no but for the fun that can mean a panel down who is going to be Josh Son of Man Jan John five twenty two said that God made all judgment to the son the review for you I just pulled you shoot yet our charge is beginning once told arch punch is our advocate are you afraid of the judgment if you for ever think or say what you think a result I would be in that day come thou enter into the kingdom of God a particle can be our time as our advocate you do get what was then you cannot lose this document that you contact present today in the doctrinal judgment you will be in the kingdom you might feel as though you're a sinner you have not been done wrong but your connection is your insides you will not fail in this balance on the part that you part of the gospel at the back of the Romans to the UB judge according to my gospel exactly with the revelation fourteen when Angel had the everlasting gospel to preach and the will to begin by saying final judgment of part of the gospel it is a warning but is also an invitation when people take away the message of the investigative judgment my friends there taking there away the mess part of the message of the high priest got in no on unambiguous terms God has shown me the gospel in us we are not a problem for dinner for the powerline that I used to demonstrate this ought to be joyful we all could be confident in the Lord about this message don't get uncomfortable sweating when the people toyed a great in Aramaic and the NOS in Hebrews is this and that you know someone coming to group saw the standout horses there's a raw mother the Gregorian calendar is lunar calendars are often I will be involved in more encounters final death thing don't be afraid don't be afraid by giving a sure foundation don't be afraid you can go ahead and share you want to frame a question to ask about the professor and graduate school who knows a lot about more about the violin you know a lot more about what about the about the need to not be afraid you know this like a blind man will preach when it was a part before we did the data if necessary alignments but nutritious lunch the next two lectures aren't easy the cream okay and into the bread in the nuts in August up in the meatloaf that is the veggie meatloaf afterwards so you can eat enough for me boys need beneath a nutritious lunch and please take a walk it was not raining outside donated organ it is hard then he and the prophetic interpretation that is for father in heaven you don't need an apology when will there be men who is sure who our true principle at the needles to the pool who cannot be bought and sold court nothing wavering what about the release where are these men and women Mark I'm still humble because I'm not able but you were to talk we can all stand on this every single one of his stand on the mighty Fortress of the word of God giving like your son will save she does not hate is not argumentative and share time with my daughter and I will dismiss as fleeting as I went he went to be supporting ministry of the Senate seat energy states he seems I think young the United pilot Dave Feist Realty Christians to download the pictures and other resources like this please visit us online at www. my C .org I


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