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04-The Sniff Test: Preterism, Futurism, and Other Bad Fruit

Joe Kim


Joe Kim

Physician, Yakima, Washington



  • January 2, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen I we are so fortunate that note we are just humans that just knows what is to be human to be tired to be weary how long day to want to sleep and rest that Jesus also knows how to encourage us how to wake us up how to get us through how to retain the things you learn we invite you both but once again teaches these things we asked the name of Jesus in first Corinthians in the previous lecture first Corinthians chapter one verse twenty two and twenty three this is the previous lecture I can twenty two and twenty three Street have a high enough Daniel nine you actually have to go a few times its thing of the talk about it it was a big rush but if the top chapter to understand Dawson is a lot because it will twentieth twenty three for the Jews require a sign and the Greek sick after wisdom of mother but we preach what Christ crucified unto the Jews is now locked onto the Greeks foolishness brothers and sisters what I tell you need to study a lifetime price cross Lot study the sanctuary did you know that the thanks you will help you escape great infiltration and thinking in this day and age of humanism postmodernism some of us are your young people in any order you try to sell a high school to college or graduate school or medical school or business school to go to the tries that will work to go to will cut training to go to things up your minds if someone was not too worldly and Adventist systems are nothing you can't do that we need them everywhere for some reason specific items and consider carefully the education you receive there are some educators in the exhibit hall should ask if you're thinking about his meeting in the go to their site what makes you a true education and how can you prepare me to see the cross of Christ in my heart we preach what they do choose to Judas not require sign the Greeks after wisdom but we preach Christ crucified with him to say he was they understand the cross that we ought to understand the sanctuary but it was a planned escape today if the wicked things after your minds some worshiping God on the net rest on Castellanos they'll sacrifice serve him him enough surrender to him on a uplifted law healthy open your eyes worshiping the wrong side is reminded in the city was and he's doing it your education but they are now at the education of our educational receiving a careful and prayerful woodcuts and Steve education on not saying avoid all world is glancing prayerful about it in such a big decision if you are not age to be free not because but will be receiving our brains and minds okay you should have a handout with a chart you have it up better than futurism and some door I really has been yet much heart about fractures of futurism and historicism in hi Fran on January the Lord I don't know if I want to share down to none in my done in a topic and I really put them down to sleep I debate a longtime life mission was not I just thought you know what it is late some feel it want to notice the K novellas harder to this part was that they will be more focused we are all over this guy and I knew that its own ten lecture series B did a good job Singapore it might have your hands up Michigan lecture and I mean of lecture handout also up a handout about the chart talking about the comparison and contrast and those listening on a versa can look up on TinyURL .com Daniel talks all the studies all the table of contents or the want of a content and all of the study outlines are on its to listen to the talks of these presentations you want to pull out a bit outline around that outline for now and just listen and now help you to follow that studies are simply more information with things like I had a wonderful talk with them but the data dismounts either talking about anal controversy or deeper abomination of desolation the covenant things that you might want more information about that we just will happen a covert her in the talks their short one to page Bible studies that you can kind of pick up information about what is this is analogy fit the air if you now what could the Internet out what kind of the current reality about it is a smart go there to pick I could nothing is that the current event yeah so tell me what Outlook couldn't it be could happen again what kind of a pencil lead well yeah I would be really hard among the contract is what I may announce it is the nail yet Al Qaeda being easy creativity lately that to all you pimping the old hamburger yeah I I know those really well in my medical school and college I'm not raising MCAT and after the final page and it might have there my passing or failing Panama when I got the final question right now I got sixty nine percent I is not the only backup and tablet the board and use seventy percent pass in the final question open to it in a genre picture of this anything but then what is this a mind open to the decried the minor put the hamburger thingy and I put your pic in my note went on where you put your GSR each of your MCAT in your Boulevard in your LSAT dependable patent and need to put the answer that is correct on the visit were even appointed nail on no other about thirty five eighty ninety people in this room ninety of the ninety one what nail that would anyone prophecy was not meant to remove a hundred percent down if you want to doubt you constitute property gives us just enough to hang our faith on Hank all are based on if I have to mail and calf of this I will be walking up pruning for greeting feeling fruity good I be getting to medical school that would depend upon the Army that prophecy now you can him anyway want but if you live was riding on it even if they nail I guarantee it right now that the interpretation this is in a litter the controversy of the following is a little bit of really good got my time here thirty forty minutes if at four o'clock to happily be my guess finally this is not class B grade obviously I might go over not too much longer I know that another talk Tecumseh don't feel that but this kind of ego quietly so that people sitting and listening may not be disturbed on understood this is the nail that in the interpretation in the Bible and file prophecy there is one interpretation there are many applications I would amend that if I get ahead of me nice well anything a million exceptions are when I say applications I mean in this particular case I know people you know where the any personal application to my life okay and also characteristic solicitor from a proximity news did the new characters in the province for instance the fall of the attentive falters them by the Syrians and became a flood with right after me reenacted in characteristic in our day to you know by the packagers than by invading armies the innovative characteristics are same on the portal of great price most what applications are like we are the pool of a price that Jesus was left across object lesson says and also reduces our pearl of great price you know applications one interpretation annoying thing that twenty four but that do not populate one interpretation multiple applications some people have the wrong interpretation that all sort applications if I interpreted this mail as a chair I might intend to apply him I be sorely mistaken up interpretation correct first now some people even worse I think I'm the right interpretation and zero application the appealing you're sitting in front of one right now for a while my life not the person next to you by yet another community duty is as dangerous book costs have to have wheels of mixing using gets to get going up in our application was for me my life no question is how to share with people you know AFLAC apply places like that those recognition is a volatile block opening up naming the hammer the nail closing and never building house have to build and apply in on-site application application not out of his delivery application of prophecy though glossing that Doctor Kim's time we need to reapply product inanely myself get me apply to our lives not an actress to play in several instances did you know to me again separately did you know that Daniel chapter two already has McDaniel 's office already has sold let's interpreted already we can do much uncounted if you just read what was interpreting the book of Daniel you have enough not to go all over the place and when I think of it when you read the book it goes this way and how to dream it was attributed Daniel has violated it was intended as a I called to build intended down tenth and twelfth the whole thing on integrated young this fellow much but the interpretation gifts we cannot go all out with which have been led astray in the Bible and on top of this Daniel chapter two he gives interpretation for he knew that the petition the rest that an angel visited to petition button aptitude verse twenty two Hebrew verse twenty he revealed a deep thinker the Dean and figure things he knows what is in the darkness and light blunt with him I thanked me and pray thee O thou God of my fathers who have give me wisdom and minds who gave Daniel the interpretation is not to get together another God does Revelation say something about taking from it adding to a book be careful be careful how you reject me interpret prophecy it was not Daniel interpreted by the way it was not Gabriel who interpreted this prophecy by the way they just handed the message who gave it be careful how you reinterpret the book and understand there's been an interpretation given you out there hearing oh you know what greases this now for the whole and the goat in the snow the he goat is that I'm in the RAM of this I think you know what these days I think the goat represents Iran now you know be careful God-given tradition he gave us a warning would happily take away our activist book on nothing got the study but you'd be surprised how much just type in the word interpreted a strong sequence one density on the findings you find out but God is so much and would become a look on gave a principal ninety one fruit who has for smelling do any gardeners here I got gardening and creeping orchards enough I love it was his intellect was talking about vignette you laugh your garner when I got with my game on the noncompete bad fruit not a good weight I come home with a better shot at the summertime doctor look at the bus the mold growing on the bottom of the time to tell the doctor I don't know what I wish I could pick up more easily and still this type of these well-known lullaby is one of the modern on the topic is why orange undivided and orange the unit every single night Orangina in order that no medicine open as I get enough drive formula works the good orange but after let's elect some Italian by the bot would I will call the sniff test now that does not mean you need to not learn about prophecy that you do over the telephone sniff test a pick up pizza for angle that five I studied more some of you have a call and typist on your fruit of the others of you have the papacy and the sum of eighty others on the safe future antichrist those of the three major interpretations of the little horn of Daniel seven all fruit that and what has not intermittently and when you have nothing to tell me which of the fruits of science think and which is a fruit you want to eat eventually I not only have blindsided after then the binary line at and so on the radio you know which date which fruits think already but all in now this three major ways look at owners of Scripture on atomic is one of them one is simply what other parts about that about it you know if and when you see and prophetic symbolic language about a woman we know a woman represents church we know that the volunteer little their little line upon line there you present his present club with a lot of online right and we know in Jeremiah six agrees and certifies apostolate limited to the church what is going to talk about we also know in this might not be too healthy habits we also know that this is sister like his government 's book prophetic interpretation anything less cheating job a lot selects everyone pulling for you the lovers in the five I wish I could do that without being embarrassed enough is enough of numbers on the side that kid able to build Bali grind enough that something I like the longer the in the prophetic searching with Alan and my eight it's really hard to live off the land if you really try young issues that somewhere a clock like the investigative judgment shall convey continuity the coming of Jesus to God is not some up-and-coming but talking about inventing a judgment when you start the sleigh Daniel seven that is your bumper that number is not talking about the thing coming to something that make sense it is not mean a replacement Bible study it does mean that their bumper knowledge I read on Revelation chapter twelve seventeen the other day when he was talking about Lord Affleck talking arriving on testimony and Commandments and Dragon slayer shall enter every passage à la like about that passage about diverse and is a lot of thousand liquids are reviewed without being repetitive is not hard to think and I've noticed something I made everything a passage I don't have a single passage with a friend to how bacon armies would try to hunt down and find God 's people in anything this property half a million to give I would wonder why both seventeen and fourteen twelve were similar but not the same one says on test my crutches and commands at all that those images and copy ID no effort at all I get it this passes and I was constantly a thought about how things and get instructions the human beings to spiral amendment keepers people have I like the something similar bumpers not edited out and that the Jakarta conclusion on the view bumpers when you want to study another sheep Hunter Realty but the real for you but what would holidays simply the third way to talk about what others say Allawi says in a unique money supply to fit the second rule sort of speak and third within the first thing what is the first in a fully holiday seventy you read about on image and now on those listening I'm right on what image and had breast and arms on belly and thighs legs and feet and then a stone now look at verse thirty eight just read what was interpreted not to know anything else Motherwell just me with that read in verse thirty eight it says this and wheresoever the children and while the beast of the field and column heaven at half he given to us can not have and maybe rule over them all thou art the head of gold euro I felt confident it positively identified the first kingdom if you need help to mumble in a prophetic Sierra Nevada project like a model study data failures in earlier to this morning if you're there all of those the garbage he detected the first kingdom until the Bible says very first time from first on the now are the head of gold and we missed it now with funding right there now long gone now so the interpretation what you want take on his head of gold is up another visit for now okay now going on for thirty nine after there's all right I want another one being done this another key intimidation teams in the Bible and pop the where it fit it interchangeable with kingdom that is silky to an kingdom have to be interchangeable think about this if Daniel economy followed by kingdom with Nebuchadnezzar 's son the Babylonian with the sun new version of Babylonian vocal while the hittable where Persia have to be king involving a kingdom thinking of interchangeable where it fits what I mean by that is not panicking as for adjusting looking like Alexander later in prophecy the work for the half of it and so key people point all Amana since she enough discounted to the antiskid something Jane and kingdom are interchangeable worth it in the Bible Nebuchadnezzar was the head of gold as long as he was the chain of Babylon when Nebuchadnezzar died was the head of gold this son was easy that never goes the head of Goldman he was the king of Babylon is so cheap in the above it was a matter of thinking affairs the user and target ethnicity known for having a person a king that have to be king of kingdom from these verses are here to see that is so that she employing is that there are two interpretations there indents you even if you highlight underline this is your new nail in the two by four so to speak and Daniel to that starting point hot feeling moderately identified the household frequent for you that we studied early this morning and two single genome is so key right here is so lost you can follow things in the profitability not King data seven you read about lion there leopard speedo I a lot didn't wiggle for these and little more care for seventeen Daniel seven speed up a little bit of Virginia for going so fast is that these these great these which are for our four what these this integrity by here these these are things but will now what do we read that things were in the Bible unpromising wittily reinvented kings were kingdoms on the interchangeable kingdom look at so these the arcane personal seventeen verse twenty three etc. for us that he is the fourth beast shall be the fourth one it says it twice now to know seventeen Eagle Kingdom and you'd learn that just by reading I learned to read how embarrassing up I was not therefore feeling of the floated I can read that in third grade King 's English kingdom beast of the king at another without obvious now we'll talk about that and lastly with twenty four the ten horns are ten kings now that he is you know this one I think he'd be looking single the kingdom the key to seven I believe in this you ought to know how to come on show that two and seven are parallel fees at their peril a member I think I should live in the seven other parallel the silver them painted iron keys in our nation that forbids Golden Nugget Daniel Johnson either parallel the author notes pretty easily how to compare the two other parallel path a very important and also you need to know the order most of Earth 's history and what little horn member that and then what the judge men and then what the end in some form so that three times look to do that come Asian be able to parallel data to examine somehow someway and you need to do this is in a three times in this chapter dance seven will surface a little more judgment again little more judgment and victory blocks but ABC and it only don't need the block I plan box for my kids angle on the ABC and it's never that on judgment the end of Kiesel ingrain him on Wednesday to pick the Bible says it you don't have to interpret it Dan Chapter eight is coming down RAM goat little Horn at twenty three hundred days the interpretation first twenty one is a around the zero the round Eagles need a president and Harmon family identifies it a plot under the I think the lifetime the stuff the independent importance the first twenty one then they go isn't who once again that truly identifies and interestingly five it talks about a nation being destroyed with the phrase how without pants similarly kids Daniel two about a nation being created with and by the way but a puff on it we destroyed without hand if you look at verse seventeen and nineteen one a time to the fifty two the beginning or the percentage and ninety one I will when the disruption occurs with a ticketed time of the and that's okay without hand when and you realize that people who think that participants in this business little Horn he destroyed at the end of the storm by two thousand years ago orders I think by the Pentagon to the testimony is looking what he destroyed when at the end a few remedies there about a problem with me or I'm going to go into the kingdom that two of them in a parallel that a little more judgment and an cadre that may represent Greece in the upgrade all accounted and you lock them altogether what you have done just by the interpretations of the Bible says you have put time side-by-side locked together you got to remember our greatest prophetic tool are our time periods is not a Hebrew what it says in the guy should know that is not Aramaic should know that you are not the what is not some historical background even all the dump one need only to study it to my when he first got it when you illustrate things like on why the data atomic and better Democrats spent time that our time but he locked together are our most important and viable prophetic tilt in my doing that you are sure that it's easier Daniel then the kids are getting a computer department locked them together I will have time to lock together on seven Nate there in your studies as well be done that you become much at all our greatest prophetic tool let's get to our for Smith Catholic I and where it nearing for plot already so you have to have God treat time for me but will soon do I won't rush to the Bible 's long debasing first Peter chapter Iris Ducati I got first Peter chapter one okay looking at the time I probably on the notes about four fifty I do apologize immediately run to get you next yes it does appraise large other I think first Peter chapter one the thick before Smith's test that I have for you today again it does not mean that these tests replaced biblical study but we should build available at that off first Peter chapter one twenty seven p.m. society mental block offers effective university suffered any charges which are the most popular one but for starters always have this mental block it says is for twenty four here is knowing this first that no property of Scripture undistributed up any private intimidation but for the property not all in old time by the will of man the holy men of God spake as they were moved by the holy God who gave been in his property by the holy God who gave donned the property got same Holy Ghost now I think primarily discarded about that is done individually amongst the group that we might be wrong question it but does majority always mean that the correct by the way I think another meeting in this might be another application you might call it I may mean that also that no prophecy specially done revelation privately interpret itself whatever that and raise single prophecy and down no revelation is related to my fame or byword another prophecy in Daniel Revelation not if they won't property lies by itself and to have seven Daniel eight at ten thirty nine Revelation two and three Revelation forty six eleven gets little bit around their neck trumpets twelve to fourteen all related to another prophecy by words by sanctuary imagery all is related in other words prophecy will repeat itself and it will enlarge itself now you see me this is my wife really essential into in the last nineteen months and so we have repeated an enlarged our family so not a general beginning as in our children in thing our children and we know nothing about genetics could our children possibly possibly look like this a move on a reasonable insipidity doggedness until the twenty possibly note what I did on the key docs now emphasized the idea of genetic and defies me the and enlarge you may not know anything my genetics but you know you know my kids and I I know I look on a funny lady not developing this idea of my children possibly possibly they are the topless tray and a bottomless trends the three angel by the way that one of the top one is she was just born she's Isabella eventually in the same middle name repeatedly repeated us and they enlarged us you cannot get feminism from prophetic interpretations simply by repair large listen at the end trying to how part attitude would literally what if it am rolled and then on the tanking and I which we know in Mark Nixon Mark Clay 's role in papal Rome okay what is the end time kingdom and remember I'm invented a papacy and end time kingdom in Daniel eleven papacy one of the end time cleaned up medicine twelve through fourteenth papacy when the enzyme kind of in Revelation seventeen eighteen papacy so you had with the papal supremacy primitive fantasy and I have seven and type of business is that possible is that possible defies the our unit of the PLR I told you earlier the most powerful tool of prophetic interpretation we had as a church it are profits the end order of kingdoms lock it down now I was getting us a little bit about the body outline new version grade Rohm it's rock solid if you have those down only and thanking us in the possibility now with that in mind it was not a fruit whose kingdom is starting to stink a little bit I was pink I think it's a little bit of art with which a large little funny I think that the government and at the end right like all the other problems it did all problems and at the end of time before the one sixty four one one one that DC is think a little but doesn't now I'll take a little bit of a sidetrack I forgot to link eight nine I don't doubt how the time you ought to look it up that link eight we are launchers a link out of eight nine together he can do that killing features if you link to seven and eight together killing predators and if you're linking eight nine together you are murdering futures young enough out never be like alignment is no tuneup outside line I might have time to what you have just don't almost prophetic lines if you start on what country nation and Babylon you made a continuous line to how long till the band somewhere in the end and along the way I never did result in the chariot curious piece of time cauliflower sixty days in the middle you just created a continuum from Babylon in and in a funny little time parties visited Peter from Daniel seven twenty five and Daniels twelve seven and five hundred what now you have a child predators and pictures and historicism I will fight for you we should look at it finishing truck on a single by if you take this piece of time appointed for affected by the labels were listening on it if you take this piece of prop time needle and he put it this way you are called a practice if you take this piece of time they don't object this way guess what you are called a futurist if you can read English and you have just read Daniel two seven eight ten thirty twelve I I I picked up by action is like that but if you read in English those passages and put back here you are called and historicists that's basically where this is more to it is basically what this on financially everyone in this period of time on again and thought it was the focus of today's on about why they want to get rid of that period of time what happened to that I will have it in the dark ages persecution now ironically the person that really promulgated a push for the theory of treacherous and his name was the office on Lewiston Arkansas it wasn't his own thought is his fashion and yeah she got from a gentleman a lot of from the Gemini porphyria you for fear he was actually at pagan philosophers you want to prove the Bible they made everything in the past he got his ideas and some of our church follicle a lot of them when I say this that this man name bizarre but it in the past this now name Rivera suspended put it in the future Francisco Probert I think amendments than future where these people haven't come that they were Spanish their governments upon purity discovers made in the late fifteen hundreds to earn fifteen seventeen someone went to law on hollow we now call today and he nailed them to absorb the name ninety five ago my fact is that Martin Luther in the call that the great Reformation be called if the great counter Reformation is it any coincidence that two Julie the similitude just admits for one this way and one this way to make sure that we all forgot about who talk women nailed the small Daniel and by the way nailing limit is a any questions I get about they took about this measurement at the high don't want to tell you what you believe in this type in Lewis Doc Azar Rivera zero two five one two young I don't tell you yet with you yourself you can look it up yourself finally find out anyway with the whole chart have it without the summary of it okay that's go on again now the compare I'm compared sniffing like a garden the sniff test and repeat a large lack of a wastebasket term it's like shape out on the garden with a mock any at all but shimmying and pruning universal but little is a mighty to a garden repeat and like another with a business diver down to if you don't know much about oppositional dancy right when you get a policy begun out that this is gigantic feet and a large is much more to that but it's a hundred what do I know if you are pruning is reporting up a little family for no good reason for like who okay it had a sheet of paper I want you to write can be copied onto a sheet of paper somewhere on a nice and it hasn't excited it yet that is I and on the outside initiated I wanted to draw this distinction you want I think it can have regular exercise this is critical when you're planning your garden whatever you are going good for you on all tomatoes you know it was a leading up the critical of who we did although the stop in our gadgets in the physical ability intelligence account is critical on that you'll notice in the Bible that at the funny thing a prophecy all of a sudden we're talking about literal Jews especially in Dan nine days our people my people by people in a literal Jews and all of a sudden at the end of top if they were talking about worldwide situations and will look at the laugh was what in the world are you talking about Al Qaeda lineages than jumping levels to the Jenna Matthew actually at the Danube go straight to Matthew twenty one and why cannot I make reference to some verses that we were to save time now twenty one number ninety nine it says seventy weeks are determined upon five people who by people to Daniel that relatives and all the sudden the pretenders located at you deny people at the end of time and pulmonology was involved in an attempt to its confusing why the public good is a seventy weeks intimate upon them maybe then the gap with the Jews are again in prophecy you know maybe I think that when we three therefore therefore say I unto you the kingdom of God shall be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof the genius himself that I take the kingdom from you and what you have into a nation bringing forth fruit who is then nation joining about first Peter chapter first Peter chapter two who is this nation first Peter chapter two nine and ten but ye are a chosen generation a royal priesthood a what a holy nation O people that should sound familiar to some of you because in Exodus chapter nineteen don't ever center nineteen keeping them at your finger in first Peter will turn right back to it okay Exodus chapter nineteen verse five and six now therefore you will obey my voice and even keep my covenant it shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people for all the earth is mine and you shall be a kingdom of priests and a what anyone holy nation a familiar God tried to become a too literal and zero they broke it and again accounted to a new people at the restaurant at ninety three that just about the content measured from the what ringer for friend obviously that I've taken and given who was the person that he gave it to connect me about this placed at the back to giving her interest in her l'amour Hebrews chapter eight Hebrews chapter eight not just numbers should make it will spin I take the kingdom from all Jews and judges alike out okay will is gone to get back his covenant relationship to give the community he was at a birthday for finding fault with anything that you call the dance company in the Lord when I will make a new company with the house of Israel with a house Jill I can't imagine from the Jews and given new coveted who who Israel but in the world that need to take it from Israel and give it to Israel with any back procedure now captive to an first Peter chapter two verse five ye also add lively stones are built up a what a spiritual house so are they for they are spiritual people okay for seven unto you therefore which believe he who is that he by the way are not Jesus a cat hunting here therefore which believe Jews especially believe in Jesus there are spiritual nation I believe then in who in Jesus Calisto before twenty six two horses places four twenty six four twenty six older new covenant but Jerusalem which is what four twenty face Galatians four twenty six but Jerusalem which is what where all this made sleeping on a nationality from Jerusalem which is where I'll bought a literal Jerusalem know the homeland is badges and the rest of people that believe in Jesus words before the literal and local people now they are spiritual and literal name is a spiritual and worldwide nation 's data are you would you also in nineteen afraid I hope so right in fact Paul says in Romans to you that your knowledge outwardly but that does not urge you to take up your son David nineteen forty eight who is due on it who are the dues that this on showing the cross sheetrock or that some son of star David nineteen forty eight who is who are the Jews it is time then on this but are not cross and it is worldwide the ones usually given naturism eliminates ninety forty one of the main nothing battle of Arbella three thirty one BC they affect this nation component five David on this nation up at the christening across the month what is it that are the seventh against this started at three thirty one BC how are Bella to three ago Lavinia Anita were not eliminated him as in Daniel eleven Lucky prosthetic right right then you need to autonomy Van across that you need to literally believe anything to prophecy it is Jerusalem's spiritual and worldwide as a literal spiritual law allows a literal literal local fears of spiritual wildlife when he did and they don't have the fracas to the music of them anything about the nothing nothing in my something but nothing do it all across idea or something on the do not want August eleventh eighteen forty there was a eighty five the re- enemy worldwide right stoning is even a victory for this or this or that have to question Saturday that they entered whenever Israel and Virginia on Babylon Libya the date it was literal or Scripture not go before now you something about a piece of fruit that they future antichrist persecutes a literal Jewish nation is advertising no I tell people I see are you a new covenant Christian so praise Lord I am in recovery Christian life he was a eight say that the come as a total jerk with Judah and Israel luckily looking for the destruction I need to close I also want to say but I need to close eyes that I have for test twenty two day here is the third sniff with all in one Al Qaeda day your prophecy and it's much much as please written about it much more than just the video or six numbers fourteen thirty four thirty six by the way they year as much recently really good illustration for the day you okay and awake close with Chewbacca close electro track to talk about a year and number number of them you have twelve or sixty years weeks and now at one hundred twenty years independent of anyone no profit twenty years by the way you four hundred years you have seven years and you have three five years in seventy years is not a lot of time for the flood that the money captivity signal for thirty the thought and on the famine eleven in Egypt Elijah no rain is not north any as a captivity okay on a twenty years forty years four hundred years seven years before five years seventy years these are all local historical topic one visiting Asia one group of people okay four hundred hundred twenty seventy years of time is a inevitable time is six four years okay this is on three five years is ten days so if it was like three zero three years I am thirty got this is five months of that half the year the left upper four years and this is one year one month one day one hour and this is overnight as urban three years and I'm it to them change can I did the two years twenty three hundred days how long it would be for executive how long it would be attending revelation to John five months in the job it the one year one month and then the far night in Daniel apocalyptic prophecies right here the twentieth apocalyptic prophet now to the end of time okay and is not the problem it's not enough to fit within a specific time we got back another these prophecies is recently funny short or the wonderful short could possibly symbol them zero three years on about persecution of the saints and the church next vehicle is five percent more time talk about and say here if I introduced myself and yes now old I was had action right down and I forget this time here and I said to you on four hundred and eighty eight month old visit what a strange guy is changed by Mister mellow door I said I am one thousand and fourteen thousand and twenty six days old will you think is on the Nortel is noticeable identical times either no one said twenty three hundred days nor the time time denying a time when asked how long infinity if I give it up later new for twenty five James five fifteen to three years and six months for three half years but it's not like that but we did today is a strange words are cleared of a strange word for a reason by the way I give exhalation in the in the top five day year on the ought to read but they give it in unusual times I like the one that I'm in time and also wider apocalyptic prophecies do a time to that one year to year after year zero three years in the last end of time when this historical pop the last for four hundred years now read it about a year laughing your friend is laughing your food by holding down with a principal we say that for sixty years that little horn after one thousand twenty six years the Daigle of the year some building with me happy as Antiochus IV three years and probably with a future antichrist lesson three and half years and was noted for his anyone's personality without test only one fruit that should love it when it says twelve thousand four hundred sixty years I did it more than once your bodily day your principle and the fourth principle is eloquence lies one at a time longer thanks one and without I I listen score I I listed for apical ab I'm no longer with him and tells you three hundred thirty three five oh nine is a time when all natural when it all comes is as until lotion fleas only God announces the sweetie what about they are teaching us is that Oregon announces the time of Jesus coming on nothing the foolish enough in a myomectomy on the wrong but if the if we're told there's time no longer perfect time the longer not to be careful but putting prophetic time again they do use the LI court support the site but there's a story behind that is a good exhibition by Patty Tanner doesn't I no longer find a way for repeat in a large who are the Jews year day and time longer have those for you on solid ground on lecture to I said we have a solid foundation height of this all the prophecies this is all features of the sup Petras and try to tear it down if you have those for you have a solid foundation you keep your fruit those of the line I really don't know you do them they were not there the fresher in their again so you can keep it for whatever time you need I know they don't there's been estimating the need for dinner on tomorrow one away on on and tell you a little of the frontline the hallway fell young Elizabeth that both remind all of our talks are on TinyURL .com Porsche Ford Daniel talks you want to join us it can be a variance election on January eleven we really didn't particularly should take a break relax not be much of a hot bath and I dedicate nicely we do hard today Daniel eleven smoking even harder to get a good night rest it all on the election audit residue on Cozumel the look night understand obviously but if you want to listen to it afterwards and beyond according and hang onto their computer audio thinking on the board that will help it be understandable of the better the close up with the with the worker our father we have such a sure word of prophecy as we didn't write it man did not like this could not have I acknowledged before you only go by men like this anywhere and father of everyone holding one fun in the fire and that were hard to reemphasizing other with more than the witness of her yes that will dismiss this was waiting for her he went to be supporting ministry of the sentence the outages since he seems I young me I believe in Christ and Christians to download the pictures on the resources might be I am traveling Maecenas on error or and


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