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05-Daniel 11: The Sabbath Controversy, Before Men and Angels

Joe Kim


Joe Kim

Physician, Yakima, Washington



  • January 3, 2014
    8:45 AM
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as he is facing a time when you need in one and only funny when I visit us online at www. delay he met a timeout having a darling of the left heart but decided to review the cover so much yesterday and thought like reviewing so when people trickle in they will miss an election itself but those that came in early on will deliver to you good morning we have the Daniel on the outline talks in the back I really really appreciate you being a child we do not believe the rumors she makes a noise at all I have a nineteen -month-old Anna six week old city and he must marry my son does at the declines came crystalline and the cylinders at all the family I was sick of about awaiting joint lecture on good morning we have handout in the back outline number five the lead cover today you will also be able to find outlined in TinyURL .com Daniel talks on there is all there all the studies the table of content and also on the study outlines when you listen on audio verse one or listen to these talks with the study outline in hand that way I'll be following the study outline format with the coldness of beginning a talk I am to do a quick review because we covered a whole lot yesterday 's eligible trickling in on on time they will miss any lecture itself another thing is that I address in the dark with the children in the room makes a hard on your watch but government watch I have no idea what time it is by the way so on it is only the clinic that water does the timekeeper for me what time is it him twenty honors and is not mired in we will I saw okay I is not my view okay on yesterday we left of the major school the major prosthetic tool we have in the Adventist church is our continuous line of prophecy I can't repeat that enough this single most major problematic tool we have is the line of property from kingdom the kingdom to kingdom if you recall it is not what you have missed a thing to be walking around his reviewing if we give a call we positively identify kingdom visit and we not we start from the beginning of Babylon would much always did and then if you are able to wrap up chapters two seven eight buying them to gather in a continuous line from Babylon come on and we haven't started yet the review that you're able to wrap up to seventy together with only church that does then you completed a cycle from Babylon to the end of time in an on can unbroken chain of events is able to combine the three chapters which was only church that God and we don't make it out and I showed you Bible verses that go for us thou art the head of gold bought interpret the front God in the stores this and he made the unbroken line of property from Babylon to be an if you can just read it you are a you are and thesaurus this from the beginning to end so that two other prophetic late major prophetic lines take pieces and songs and pop them off in the past which makes you a what a preterite hot pop infused pop of a chunk in the middle pops in the end you are a good RSS is the meaning a lot of everything the one thing and does name is Eunice fall the line of coffee that you just read that God just interpreted for you and Daniel you have to be the untreated artist he does read it and write down what you read and that's what is that Babylon near Britain Greece Rome BN if you understand and believe that by combining two seven eight you you have averaged its greatest tool again I was dismayed to fill in the on broken chain of coffee from Babylon to the end and you can do that by combining two seven and eight now the forecast of bad fruit and we have outlined the back one outline five today come on in the four times one was repeated and enlarge it Chapter wants also to come to thought it was a step in a talk ultimately if ever ten to twelve thousand pages as the last kingdom if that was well before the time for the papacy if I can help that's going to talk about the papacy and I was seventeen the papacy managed in a guitar but there's a identity dance and is not talking about I thought if the bitterness it repeats itself and largest like the pictures of the facility and have to yet they where is it improperly defined a blind man in John nine where is this an probably if you try to make of them it's M Daniel seven it got been in the book is no private interpretation with PLR another one liberal and spiritual Jerusalem if funding is having Ethiopia Libya three years ago is that prophetic note it is not because we are living a time when it is worth with Israel worldwide and spiritual Jerusalem which is about so hard they are getting in the prices that the new lead talent please read the day your passage Doctor Shay in his book the exile commentary by the day year you could I become references in mind studied the failure people are sometimes when you apply day year if you find everything you day in the Bible still at William Miller did apply it always you have missed an event lecture by looters reviewing apply it always literally on the interpretation forces you to apply spiritually always apply literally unless the interpretation forces you to apply spiritually like my mother did in other words you'll have to make them to be spiritual because of it but not last from Persia to Christ it doesn't you have to make a spiritual half a day year you have to make we can hundred days virtual flight under six years of my last from Persia to the end of Tyler the house but what I found in thing you have to apply spiritually it was noted that day your great great tests one repeater hardware is about the Bible to spiritual literal Israel three day year and I give you a bonus one was that if we let the time longer that got the calf about twelve ninety thirteen thirty five the interpreting Sindelar at the time the longest time but the quote in your hand on your handout in the studies online several several several quotes time no longer that was the last and longest province the point that it is that the civility that now this is part of you in a prey with darkness we will pray we need the Lord your violence our father the said yesterday too many people have already passed and gone to resting I want to sing a song and you stop in the numbers look in the clouds this is a little class coming in size of a fist one Peter Winnie living on extent we know what that's having a preparation to please let me for the Holy Spirit to begin the preparation in our lives as you already have complete this within us we thank you that the Holy Spirit can make things that are complicated for you said two men of God moved by the Holy Spirit so if you'd written by it this is been by one Spirit you give us a spirit in existence we believe the afternoon and you okay Daniel seven I said that a part of the property we saw wheel right and this will represent what the funding and moving immigrants right into Daniel chapter eight minutes where we are tension was brought to a time and a place what time and what plays were what archives and brought to when a question was asked how long will the overturning the overturning overturning the desolation the desolation last four dynasties all these bad things in the English how long what time will work with our attention brought to the yesterday lecture time of the year Gala Tommy are there but almond bark I grew at a high prison is cleansing the factory and has been but on our or around around the sanctuary the people were doing what they were getting a worshiping them up but the missiles are other set of their today they were participating in selfless sacrifice or how topless service that the initial they were offering off rings again and that Romans twelve one it also render of your heart it's what I often represent the case and they were laughing arresting their worshiping the arresting that were in the health listserv and they were surrendered public him bring it to multiple it by animal sluggers what was the PFF are some of the financial peace of matter the law got so what slaves and time it have to come from when the question was how long the definition of a laugh when God 's people will worship when the old rest when it will participate in selfless service one may well surrender when they'll put back the broken blog it's my place Daniel eight bring us to the beginning of the and of the great concepts or speak Daniel eleven brings us to the end of the conscience network today at the summary it's a lecture now a lot of this might go politically here and there above the heads at okay but not mean that you can't understand me and be discovered so much and is ultimately to visit you in one lecture will have it in my notes on attracting a lot of ways were then by twenty hours of notes in one session I did forget the clock that is easily what you appear all right so this is the map of the United States this is a map of Florida if I had to give you what my location to relative in Korea I think of it this is catalytic country I'm in and you narrow it down this is the statement and into day anyone know if this was done in that course got it until my and my trainer out there why am I from the United that narrowed down I'm in Florida but they are now the Monmouth County called orange county grew up in California rather than the Orange County the other one but where are you Joe I'm in the building you know what this building is right advanced building at the Kennedy center so what are the to enter an era not to say that where the center of the universe even though it will tend to believe when they are under the universe but to cover narrow it down Longhorn are important because when California license date whatever else on the big-ticket narrowing down get someone to somewhere which is this convention center that's what we'll do in Daniel eleven today we cannot file all the details I could write a verse by verse in the study that you can download and TinyURL .com Daniel Cox but on mortgages focus on the great controversy and how we got there in the big picture free big narrow narrow narrow that God detailed will have left off not good and not as important because a focus on the great controversy today with that big of a major issue in Daniel eleven anyway you do pretty good if you go home to signora Smith Daniel Levin dropped about chapter and verse thirty one to be pretty well from thirty one forty five Yukon on your own but are not resource the pickup it participated together to get pretty good detail about the rest are so big picture although I've been using my PDA to use of the Bible and my nineteen month Alexa don't join a story on the PDF do it when the hotel room it is over back to the Lord today so do the properties are shown Chapter ten through twelve kilometers out and then better understand the important chapter we will unfortunately it will cover in detail but it's not prophylactic effect the whole story is on Daniel ten through twelve and urea Daniel ten verse five it said that I listen up my eyes and let everyone is certain and Lennon who was clothed in linen in the Bible priests were if you are not fancy as the holy place ministry identified people of the any funny stuff like that from a prophetic line give you what they call method turn with me today at twelve verse one Fuji in linen as a priest or a high priest twelve verse one and at that time shall Michael stand up every time you read about my Jesus name as Michael because he is not to go to war and warfare or in conflict when you read into Michael wrestled with bacon about the body of Moses right conflict for his people Michael stood up whenever he separates them up and and him Daniel eleven you read about seeing standing up to take the kingdom you know the other words Michael is no longer a priest he is acting as a king in other words now listen mom and that's a lot of money for some ecology lastly the tenacity what did you learn to meeting and you tell them you know mom and dad I learned about Daniel eleven while as of this in level one the big picture big picture you can go home and it is that you know what the big picture is that she is not changed ministries at some point somewhere from praise to King big picture okay that letter number one energy to change garments we read about in the Leviticus up with that passage is as high praise you see how the hybrid to take off his garments and he knew his delegate home ministry and he wasn't at King single intelligent than the authorities than a thousand don't get to hear anything or not Daniel eleven thirty forget the reliability layers is that if you are using some along the layers as you would have gotten from people who would've gone through Daniel eleven okay whatever there I drop you off somewhere that if you speak I did not I can order the defendant tries not to laugh Henderson three minute video at times applied in this way the valid letter number one the whole thing came to ministry will not in each layer in the transition that occurs again at the effect now have raise watch that first step in a beauty K their number two is a doozy and I knew they don't lose heart will get you back up and affect is when it's kind of a doozy I I want to is the reason why I shared the nine dozen nine yesterday I really struggled lecturing it or not about sharing or not yesterday because it does within a scrimmage oh eight I knew that they get along it hard to focus is the reason why Daniel eleven from first to weather probably start in the chronological order of hopping the curb and Persian King always did and a time except for a couple of exceptions and maggots so I wanted to look at some scholars some critical scholars say that is too precise it's so precise that Daniel could not have been a real prophetic book critical scholar Veda it's a two percent noted that this had been the longest what about the past it's quite illogical until verse twenty two indefinitely really funny executive twenty two at talks about certain print orders they happened to that eleven twenty two of them happened that Prince Gay also the Pentagon will happen before it shall be broken who was the Prince of the covenant when everything print print print management in the Bible and I don't talk about other than in data were talking about Jesus and the covenant so what if I would talk about what you're about eighty eighty thirty one practice crucified so we got the Persian King bring up a talk about eighty thirty one and the other curious thing I thought of all chronological about the Persian King the greeting that the coordinator then to a court order court ordered stopped and in verse twenty three that's an interesting and after the league made with him he should work deceitfully that of talking on regardless commentary about the rolling league with the Jews in one sixty one BC I noted making knockoff but listen here why does this prophecy go to eighty thirty one backstop about two hundred years angle for again within an odd thing happened there there is a reason in the reason of this would open up much as it is the view that breakage the board does that sound familiar to you some new Bible scholars Persian kingdom to about the death of Christ that the cutting off of the Messiah backing up to about the time of the rise of Rome to the destruction of Rome the ring a bell one more time Persian king some of the man made a decree to the time of the Messiah but commonly with cut off and went back at like relations these this topic back to the rise of the Roman Empire pagan Roman entire empire and with the fall of the papal Roman Empire does this sound familiar to this unfamiliar it should because to do twenty two talks about seventy weeks prophecy if the political events of the seventy weeks off the dislike the then we pop the indent and night up at the spiritual events around you him because the pocket and then the little horn of Daniel eight C Daniel eleven this proves one of the reason it does it proves that Daniel eleven is a reference nation and enlargement of Daniel eight and nine if you get lucky the way but in the note and about three three Monday to be reading again you get an ally he is everything got onto otherwise a fence after the lecture yes yes most of it this is little boy comes in verse thirty one by the way and then I saw anyway so the transition between seventy weeks prophecy executors of and then know that if I lost don't worry about it like I shipped on a couple a month family promptly little more then Daniel is the repetition and enlargement of Daniel eight nine does it repeat analogues what would just open about talk me off with a happy go on the level of the output it do the right level three but the Chicago level in between from benefit anyone today eleven forty five within the paper I do knew then it is some of you to go deeper okay from thirty one to forty five there is a transition bull's-eyes that talk about the papacy now that my bath the fate of the Catholic life when I favor nurses to the Catholic so when I thought more people you for this and seminars should realize were talking about that system right it that it might so when you want to wonder what aware talking about the people the papacy itself again now Turkey might be right repetition and a lot of other M à la fifty the French Revolution where we're not talking about that I would think without my papacy began now from what I come up is that each layer of the transition if you look at verse forty oh what is interesting first forty at the time on the angelic king of the valve push at him not allotted in my study which is the time to prove the defendant agreed so that improvement don't believe this Joe Carico Lake and study again but for the time and it will look on seventeen ninety eight the time of the Angela King without a shadow that is talking about when the deadly wound was given to the papacy sympathetic and ninety eight and obligors only interesting so up until thirty one to forty one all the activities of the dark ages of the primitive day 's foil lame captivity sword persecution tried and why is all the activities and murders in crusade whatever the people drifted in the described pigs feet and thirty one forty minutes of the Atlanta Falcons AAV is the crap pushes advanced in other words at the very mild with I think pushing able to me that attacked the papacy effect offers an interesting letter word on bingo to tell if it punctuation when the punctuation after supper Saddam in the fold with anything in the north shall come again like a whirlwind the deadly wound was healed now after the deadly would completely feel today now that's a long call out your name this layer world longest Doctor Niemi from the author for different of the long seventeen ninety eight and two thousand thirteen and is the if that the King is also push at him and anyone else of value and feel like the world is the call over two hundred years here's the reason why you should read thirty one before I will never forget never forget what Carnation were talking about here you want to read what it says in the character Anne and the paper if you forget the controversy don't you ever got with Carnation were talking about what kind of person prosecutions occurred and were told it will it will do the exact same thing in a comeback on whirlwind the beginning part talks about the characters were to account for sixty years but we cannot forget that Mister is the government of Satan and then the and part from for his wife I told what is going to do in our date name of Billy Winfield once again the first part of what it did its characteristics would identify it with an account of what it's going to do in our time at the deli with the field you see that the transition now got even sometimes not against Catholics obligate against a is my my wife and have a child in the far ten-year anniversary is that I would settle on the hills outside Rome it recognizes the Sabbath evening worship in the next in a park to enjoy your day eating our Italian food in a park bench reading it conquers and allows reading that shattered figurines of his/her thing I need out he is with the Miranda theater at it and make it hot down the toilet fifteen years make you forget what kind of character without their number four verse fourteen to twelve are the activities that happen to you and to meet you fervently be the remnants not be read in verse forty four experiences but Heidi 's and the ease and nor shall trouble him but can't we talk about here the Taiwanese and North are we going deeper now I've lost it I lost only when you think I'm afraid I will bring it back in attendance finally okay you're okay you're okay though it were a cognizant that you cannot listen to Mozart this chapter the King of the one when the titles from the East and North upset someone from the north when the be good news if you are the king of the North on kinds from the north upset is an imposter son administrative not Joe Junior ministry that they enjoyed and you got going up you got seventeen eighteen years old and I said honey I mean I thought trader in charge that cares about on a car with their failures because you love asleep whatever and then take a look at our Job Junior and I believe that they take all of his girlfriend hey I don't get Karnataka cardinality is not the NN big lobby got my car they go to the nicest restaurant out my credit card and he had my ID and we maybe would say my time at seventeen I hope so and I showed them his my idea my credit card that forgot the gambling of the NN trade sitting there all proud with his girlfriend must be fit in this restaurant and another they sat him right next to me then tidings from the north are in trouble my son that he's been exposed as an disheartening trouble now there are lots hiding some the East one of the second coming companies when he is taken and is in the East for prophetically speaking Doctor Coddington the East one is and where revelation seven and eight a consummate ease with the seal of God is still about it the Sabbath if I taught me about the Sabbath in the field God would explore this awful mark of the beast do they know what upset imposter my plan was hiding beneath are there in Revelation eighteen is Babylon is fallen upon come out of her my people the whole world is filled with his glory and when EV do that before you can get about much today I again all in your studies looked with me about the Vega forty three to about open them up if you do forty three the character from an backward as was awkward to success at that afterword he brought me to the gate even the gate that looked toward the east and behold no one glory of God of Israel came from the way of the gays the whole world know what is going to glory Isa came from the age allowed cry came from the East you can get a message that has come out on her my people without that the king of the North media methods that this is a field on the Sabbath as will your mark come out of her my people need out upset the paper thing it will make them angry and of the trouble now this layer about two constables one of the most difficult studies I had to buy will try to differentiate between the little trouble would call for the jubilation and take the title I bent over and over and over and over again not because of I outlined for you after keeper studied the Byzantines in the reason why the appellee violated sleeping pretty things of no difference which will he does not know when the end of provision comes in his frustrations out to the end I'm according preconscious really when you have time him a few notable confessors and is not know that if you have enclosed the provision ending to continue the same sentence in Italy it looks very similar idea speaking outlined the two time a trouble than the difference between the two DCA now have in the back outline five had in the back and the back so the little time until I have the references for unity look up again to something I do apologize a half after going it all note that all online little time of trouble there we some delivered what we call it when there's a church thank you thank you when there is a church but some are delivered not all of my delivery what do Anaconda process with only some are delivered to this persecution call that the shaking of the writings I some are delivered the central issue is the founder there will be marchers and there is still some restraint by the Holy Spirit and I've outlined in the back he see that central issue the Sabbath Google is taking all soldiers checking before the available now hope you are being called and if one were even in Moab are being delivered like a reverse the relative of the man now the gathering up as they battle someday people in and out another reliability town literal faces no such thing and want anymore Jordan is not a sin of the month I was the no more per thousand years by the way that the sign-up time of trouble all were gone Jacob trouble the central issue is still the Sabbath that may cause three chapter thirty nine and was a great cost to resist up to thirty eight the people already gathered no one will be killed but is no restrained by the police not put them study questions at the end of the study in appendix not in the handout but online so that if you so if granted because if they found a believer not two thirty and that difference is a very similar anyway so that it is approximately the first one to shake out in the diet but what without motherly controversy why would Jesus cultivation have any kind trial like this and director level five the preconscious when you look at chapter eleven verse forty five and twelve verse one you read about it it cannot be caught a lot as of the two blips one of the worst twenty two and twenty three were backed up it cannot be chronological eleven forty five and twelve one wide I said you see eleven forty five and twelve one and a filling out their County Y eleven forty five and twelve one cannot be chronological it cannot be identity much time did not have enough of the muscle makes you think you can't do it and in twelve ones of Michael Shell stand up obviously much with that of the bring into that these are parallel verses in the parallel verses one side was taken through his army doing outside the God of his people are doing is a parallel because of the parallel of the great controversy Satan 's forces cried and his forces eleven forty five and twelve one are an illustration is not about unified layers many need though that I love you wake up now the deputy controversy here with everything you could still get a lot rapid rate conference enough then forty five and four one if I had to put in the eleven vitamin linear fashion if you just want to put up other when the logic but the unexpected it plans in the tabernacle are not about talent lawyer telling him that so much controversy about it in the note you can read about what my thoughts about our feet planted another unit can attack Michael Spann is uncommon how you can see that the birth of the interlocked Platonic embedded in eleven forty five the data is in that order that I believe that the final event becoming it would make on for the backing that up to each other and that is down eleven in layers I put proof texts I put verse by verse commentary in the study itself is not the reader for the sake of time let me ask you this question how in the world again this mass imprisonment controversies inquired with a wire you want to starve or even a friend of mine winter and why are you afraid out on Sabbath how do we get in this mess where the company don't like mom and dad are fighting now you get into your room will happen here to me about the first on seven three not only are we in the middle of the mess would I determine this mess by God 's grace first John chapter three now God can examine this but easy to use us as soon as I should say with no power to determine on our own you can use this magnificently first John tablet three first eleven every display time here on the ring finger for this amended away her for the beginning that we should love one another to Adams it was eleven another decay would love another digital hot aunt do not always allow another chance on love one another Reformation love one another on our targeted love one another the message from the beginning to get us a specific message to Mac converters to beloved now are we the sons of God and it doth not yet appear what we shall be we know that when he shall appear we shall be like him for we shall see him as he is what were these people expecting to happen and Mister terrific to see him Jesus Hall then before then clearly in fact that when the market folly but the mother of no expect to come back so listening to accompany a people expecting Jesus to come back and get a message board on we should love one another in the beginning and yelling on another we should love one another dealer that would love one another but he followed that bursts while with the authorities failed addendum not as being those of us living it and the time the messages of the family and love one another find a caveat make sure you don't love as pain that's interesting I indicated one of the great lovers of all time Romeo Frank and arcane pictures of you both another thing we learn about the story of handwritten Genesis four fine and doing what with his brother they are what what formulated what possibly going under there were worshiping and what relation the cable have with each other they are brothers they were call worshipers and their brother people sitting right next to them call worshipers and brothers not only that within the limits of the container but the other two o'clock p.m. on and Dale both that it was God though not as a loud horns to be a worshiper but Kane needed able it says in verse twelve who was of the wicked one and slew his brother and what were forced locate him because it all works were what evil and his mother writes now in our lockout messages righteousness by faith it can make some people varying to proclaim and live in and that the storm you wonder why the knowledge of the storm today actually but a mental angry first for the fifth reverses him reassessing so first fifteen whosoever hated that his mother is a what okay the you have a brother but you hang them your called a murderer Chris John chapter four verse twenty first on form is twenty it immensely I love God and what he does whether he is a liar of a hitch whether you are a murderer is that he is not God the valid worshiper design worshipers as they love God but you have to buy the UI life that you are even say love God so you are a murderer and you're a liar but the interest on two nine three eleven Osgood eleven ninety nine later he that Harrison 's brother is in Auburn nine he says he is in the light and hit his mother is not I never like this on the worshiper I'm in the light of the article here then darkness of the person they are a murderer and a liar and in darkness that want to persecute you as the done thing make sure you don't love that will be that now these are people who really thought about John five acres forty four John eight forty four you hear me I hear he's mumbling out that you know the resumption John eight forty four ye are of your father the devil and full time goes so fast I do apologize I just only like three hundred six and the lovely father you will do the work they want a murderer from the beginning and bullet will not ensure because there is no truth in him may speak of the line 's been out of California as a higher and the father of it the devil is a martyr and a liar I heard the birds we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers darkness of this world he is a murderer a desire and the ruler of darkness who is angrily representing that is that that's his army industry conference it came to see that pain is a representative thing actions and participation in the great controversy know what is our role from that Novalis two welcome the fact going to evolve back to Daniel Chapter 11 was the one accomplice in this week on Thursday you missed on some great half of the life of electrolyte of the lecture is not a great controversy Daniel eleven was an try to accomplish you'll read in Daniel eleven verse twenty eight verse thirty verse thirty two he keeps on trying to attack this word called us that the covenant now I put a Bible study by the Connecticut thirty three plot to think about them on the company for the sunrise it in Daniel nine four three two nine nine four thing is angry about the covenant and Daniel nine four with the say and I pray the Lord my God it made my confession and that all are the great and dreadful keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love him and to them that keep his commandments I second cup comment Bible day-to-day limitation has very good loving God and keeping his wife is they I thank God 's covenant for his commandments when we are told in moment six sixteen you serve who you all day and see the telling thing to get behind when James diced bacon in the wilderness with a temptation is that you show all worship God and only him you shall serve in other words you thought you slurp will you all day you serve who you worship in other words China get it without obeying anything that I do feel about obeying God is ridiculous sorry not to give up worshiping on why because Satan wants to listen to control your turn to be one version at that Michael given that enable with the question happened annually who will you worship Satan wants worship at the bottom line of thinking even if you don't mean that on hand for a value for it if you do mean it he just wants to worship and but in trying to stop the attack law with our fanciful twelve one consensus at the time shall Michael stand up in the great prince which data for the children of thy people and are to be a climatologist at that does never what that was a nation even to that same time that I think are the people shall be delivered everyone has to be found written in the book is the above undergoing persecution here same game fighting orders and that was involved seventeen is a drag was watched with a woman painter Don and went anymore if the rent whenever state will keep was the mount of God and the testimony of Jesus and his marching orders all of our unifying attack until the commandment about Andy 's testimony and is now less than you can go to someone for the pitchfork I kill someone I think yes Mister Kim deal the love you mama object argument commandments no one can tell me can honor my mother and father jumping no one can kill me because I didn't see him I fasted nothing known until he connected Condit my neighbor 's cow is only one commandment that Billy Joe Bob become your house and kill you for that even with their own eyes can see what is that the one command that can identify you as the computer a person like me can work seventy seven one maybe I don't need God in vain but the only clear one is simply so others want there's one is that and have the testimony of Jesus now part of testimony is is is the will of called beef a policy development is no Billy Josiah Alito Ghana kill people who are Sabbath keepers and level profit your thing of the business is pretty easy I think it's the twelve seventeen South under a lot of procedures that come from to lose their my thirties say this is compared to Jacobs trouble at work Jacob is young cold beneath the plant place up and going to come out of what was he'll was equally obvious he saw a soccer he was ripped off a deposit surely you can name the right names of planter for these the passing me twice he took my birthright do porridge he took it again to applying that your name is supplanted within a given telephone name was changed from Jacob was the answer to Israel was that me became a health plan through to and overcome but you know it wasn't the first deposit in the first a planter was the theater to get something similar story and then at the thirty fifth in more like a promise to pay fifty nine much does the fifteen Genesis three fifteen it that this and I'll put an end with Eugene V was fine with the flip of a specific thing and the woman and between thy seed and her seed it shall bruise thy head also rose to heal I coded Jacob Jacob means you hold that where he'll is in the .com to bruiser had had the bruises heal I can't same root word is still symbolic of thing nail to snatch up and bruised use limits the plant looking at the plenty from Adam 's authority you know like trickery is happening here to get some trouble his name is being changed and Jake up to Israel before the eyes of men and angels the world and universe will see a generation of people who had been transformed from the kingdom outlet the planter to the kingdom of the over comer and there's great controversy will be ended and then will the income usually there is no all we want to Taiwan alliance Jacob Heinemann travel grows and grows that there must be a great controversy to be subtle on the life is ridiculous why would God allow people to go through that kind of privatization starving hunger sadness a lot of what amounted the matter by method for a man never done if I got too far why would God do this and on top of document and be killed only were not in the Tomasello killing will be a merciful thing believing you won't be the disguise of shoe on the dead why would God allow you that he loves so much this cherished that the apple of his eye on equitable to go through this the controversy must you cannot write the second the whole universe not need not to see one not to know three people in it needs the generation of people transplanted from the kingdom of the supplanted the kingdom of the overcome concerts today that I started out as I have them another thought is our father we like to thank you for being a lot of a part of the Congress of the even and I said I have no idea what lies ahead Lord I thank you for Jesus I think if you give them enough great today to get the trial today and with the endowment of that promise we know he'll give us enough grace for tomorrow no matter the trial no matter hardship I wrote then at the north of the Jesus kingdom India king in the kingdom of Satan father and him and the client is not uneven are prayer line I may will settle the fund is raising the ditto here many decisions for Christ on our need about before you behold the great really needed at all feet and a will businesses within an he went to be supporting the Misty Simmons Ashanti 's tunes and he seems I learned that I will be in place to receive to download the pictures on the resources please visit us on coming coming coming Maecenas or


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