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06-Daniel 2: Lift Up the Trumpet!

Joe Kim


Joe Kim

Physician, Yakima, Washington



  • January 4, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen I would aside long lost love ones returned were told babies like Nick out of the dusty graves looking for their mothers saints and grandmothers and grandfathers who died that glimmer in there I telling the grandchildren and shall not see them again our own personal angel to greet us telling us of return into this exhibit and me Jesus give us an appreciation for your send this invoice or today that we might be prepared for that day we thank the summits of your promises I spirit we clean up promissory asking them Jesus Christ instructors Jesus now pray amen I lecture on number six really really on attribute lecture number one we talk about only how Daniel Witt out rates and how Daniel did end reach was ever off-line who have been there for all five hope that's far over the next excellent system in having a good mix so the very first went on what Daniels outright and Daniels in the top of the first four chapters of Daniel being his outreach dance up to one Daniel met people at their knees she presented the Nebuchadnezzar and his house being health methods down Chapter two Daniel show I was sure her prophecy was adopted to Daniel in other words we confirm people and the word of God Daniel chapter three the three were these brought these men Nebuchadnezzar to the point of decision attachments immediately through the visiting and was in and attesting to and for data for Nebuchadnezzar truly rely the Daniel love of another so and Daniels process of outreach it was meet debugger needs it was confirming and confirming them in the word of God to property which by the way down to the great way to do it and three is bringing people to the point of decision under four is make sure they know you love them the current outreach becoming enraged in the first lecture right we talked about Daniel had many other others are who may have bowed the knee the preventative who may have tried to write articles good like this and I take a look at and sneering down at the mighty thinners but we know Daniel was not uptight infected nine five says the Lord Lord we have sent he was weeping he was praying between the porch and altar where the sinners of rain we previously has a worshiping in the opposite direction to another God in the fortunate author he was praying in sign and crying for his co- worshipers that are pointing fingers at everyone McDaniel already now recovered the second lecture clear concise evidence of investigated judgments of non- ambiguous evidence that we found firm foundation of the lives of those that came we cover all every single line of Bible probably have to support him on ambiguous language that the investigative judgment and so we talk about the net adjustment really quickly it's much of her sister to prove that we talked a little horn came and oppressed by the judgment and in the end of the world what are documented as an adjustment most of Earth 's history the little horn then the document and then end of the world we did out with them in line the problem the point everything online the point to the judgment is not standing alone without them the problem with aborting it is like an unbreakable chain and we ended Daniel seven with little grizzled furniture investigative judgment we know in advance there was little piece of furniture of this was on deck what on God 's note will and it rolled right into Daniel chapter eight the day of atonement and convenient thanks for without the daylight on a cleansing of nitrate when the angel asked how long till beautiful returning overturning overturning desolation desolation and answer came at a time and at a place when this would all stop destruction of Jerusalem would stop or the Jews especially with stop what time it is not to bring a suit in the Jewish calendar built on it and what place this property is to multiple it by the time with other volunteers is currently our friends anyone give me a slight role in his vendor thanks Ray on this day within people doing they were worshiping they were resting no talking when they were they were afflicting them sold and that we study either did it I mean selfless sacrifice and they were surrendered to God or giving offering which moments while says the surrender himself so poorly the people are excited along the high prison ministry they were worshiping they were surrounded and selfless service and they were resting that was not time that was brought to our attention when the question was that the place is not the most love it in the most distinctive merge animals for this was the octagon that and now come come to commit contain the tank mounted God rolled along the place had got rolled along one when this option and when God 's people and finally worship when they would surrender when they were involved in selfless service when they were resting and then will when they would put back in place and the problem with God broken ten Commandments and would begin things up and we talked about and so talked yesterday about Wendy and the way and mean at the beginning of essentially calling God who would do this over the income he called that the great controversy when we talk about yesterday Paladino topic eleven yesterday when God sources and uses forces and things what I met face-to-face and in Daniel eleven forty five and twelve one and a great controversy ended when a group of people before the face of the universe were transformed from the kingdom of the sub plantar to the kingdom of the over comer big-ticket side those nameless a planter 's name became calmer and that a lot of it makes sense at all Nadia and Bethel refer those who had become in all lectures today if I get to relax the criminal list of the car a lot this election I recover you don't recognize how much it really covers the congratulations though that made the weather all online for those you walked in late TinyURL .com Daniel Daniel talks was over all the lectures are you one how to study outline when it isn't election to follow and you get all that we just talked about enough even when we'll be talking about it be a will to get it defined to become assignment unit in the relaxed that afternoon I had a big meal my kids are here though enjoy sunny dancing maybe I can maybe look find you listen about Daniel to an entertaining way so tell it many miles the data to filing a chapter that we all understand I mean yes the profs do we all understand health care like right here but my notes on unoccupied behind this thing Danny subject so so Daniel two outside of the story is basically a vision and interpretation the vision is from Daniel two thirty one to thirty five I believe and the interpretation is from thirty six to forty five you see them you see a vision and interpreted okay basically disappeared without it if that's what the King Saul and it is with the detriment of the King saw Isabella does a can of vision and interpretation now look check out the vision for our amusement we all know Daniel two looked up at the vision thirty one and thirty five okay rocket reviews and we all know this how many images were there building is not otherwise never did anything on you that one how many spells where there one how many mountains whether okay very good you got this so that the interpretation now how many images whether God is on this how many storms weather good and how many mountains are gone the more you comment on whether good now it with the vision and to petition together Sunday the thinking how many images were there and coming putting them together on the committee is whether one good to the visions of just how many stalls were there how many mountains where there wrong usually one again there are two mountains to argue sure you are you sure you know didn't document the eleven but in this I developed anyone I have never seen anyone get a question I and people know the answer but subject do not mistake do not mistake familiarity with knowledge familiarity of a prophecy will do you no good and in time knowledge will save your soul through faith knowledge will save other people 's levels familiarity will do nothing for us I have not seen one person get I'm sorry I can't reflect that psychologically going to and if you excuse me I wanted to appoint we all need nothing I will get tired of talking on Daniel to when I get tired of talking on the thing I would work as an officer the take-home word or dance with you today and I'd is a reasonable talk is certain to you understand the power down to an action benefits of mental or we don't grasp the power dancing there's there's a power about simplicity no one ever argues Luddite attitude to life in other churches the wind and don't understand and talk about the little horn and talk about the investigative judgment one topic to talk about where this little one came from the seven horns is damaged home in the twenty hundred days even in the morning dawn Chapter nine and is cut covenant in the middle of the week breaking the covenant not never argues them on and no one ever argues about that attitude Missouri the clarity about using understand I found this class is powerful if you have a smart and see about certain things when I first started we never give you information and prophecy that makes it beyond doubt will always need a little bit about it one you get enough person to hang your faith surely on the better life on the buffet you need to understand how powerful up to his villages this assortment to of his death the certainty of his resurrection and the sovereignty of his second coming at us like to live as Babylon and Persia Greece and Rome came and went in the certainty that sees that will come again clearly clearly has a history said that that wantonly got went anyway Claire has made me up early and went clearly as Greece and Rome came and went Jesus will come again that certainty that is all I got to the historical certainty to give you of certain hope of the future you realize how powerful than targeted for Geneva coupon thing you need to we need to realize the power of the opposite but it laughed to see who would come out this invisible wonderful pops up there is only President-elect Leslie someone our last one people want to come and learn to live or die to it's hard to learn anything less than that you know all about uniting upper left not to sit on the user consents and what I wanted to isolate fatal it is hard to rent anything or something ethanol I'm nursing one person change their opinion on type I never see one person change their opinion of women's ordination I don't indebted you know it's hard to so maybe one is that isolated now this is interesting but the second these wise men they can let down to Nebuchadnezzar instead we understand this Lord I would understand this is tossed the vision to petition and maybe we can always identity still okay maybe we can kind of figured you got your first eleven chutney genitive verse eleven and that the court and given response said we can't do it the dog me to help us and they will help us this chapter deserves about two things one is that the incoming signal to discussed too if you read in verse and Hellenistic twenty and twenty one is certain that God is the one that was three twenty one the one that changes time than any removes kings and put on things that have always been an knowledge that God has power and understand okay first is that these bought a banana one his ideas going back and to is that God has all wisdom and understanding the wisdom and might I say those are certainties in town on a world sure weren't anyone got anything but the lack of the level unit comfort for a sermon you gave our Bible study within a hit of Bible Eaton today about the certainty ideas going back and the certainty that God has wisdom and power unity of Bible study medicine in today and now outside of prophecy are there other books in the Bible my certainty that God has wisdom and power are the past and the boundless certainty is many I want you timeout the John chapter one tell me about the John chapter one would you look at a passage that is getting in a certainty that God has power and I wanted a little diversion and to bring it back to dancing to the minutes I use us after the illustration that God is a certainty about God he got all power entrusted the government always thought everyone are most even got everyone house out in the beginning was the knowledge that walk with them it's a sentiment on I love the way God teaches us he describes himself in ways that everybody can understand but no one can fully describe for instance love God is love my my little black nineteen -month-old ministry Angelo third Angel and already signs that I love you you know accurately this means you want them food for that love him right I will never handbook and I definitely will we be alone right to consult God always ascribe some wonderfully put everybody to understand but will spend a lifetime chewing on one of the new love than with you love you remote computing of the old resident it is alive to understand ever that has done him speak love at the way God works seems like it's not like all I got it I have intellect and understand lump sum and with the evidence she wanted was his name all timelines but is like mine my little son of a light would like to let you know you got it handled like a nineteen -month-old he said him and him and take him on gone strategies are most likely to know in a light but forgive me of the many physicists in this room always on all of life the wavelength or particle right I do not lie with a wavelength of my articles he thought it was so gone spasm and one of my must on the way with his life and anything left for them about the permanence of God doesn't he describes himself to keeping and what is known best completes with chew on look at the story in the beginning was the word beginning in the beginning of you began who time and with a begin time and began God will let anybody say that we can have got to understand the beginning of God they are doing with that phrase in the beginning how can our mortal mind who will was born and will die understand the beginning was the word not if you close your eyes you happy and I said imagine a word either a worthy puppy my aunt had all right now what if I need some Iraqis assert right on literally the word we get it that response everything a person as I said in the beginning with a chair in the beginning was the nail in all get an image of something but what comes he might end in the beginning of that was the where when a strange way to describe word is an online object to the things they were not the auto understand wording ultimately bring anything in my mind in the beginning was the word and the Word was God with God Word was God what will that mean I morning on Joe Kamman addresses joking today whether me if I may not edit a medication today what are the main new was gone it was with God and the rest of the Big Bang and don't tell me understand this at all things look as they now those of you have gone on to physics all things were made by him you know that matter cannot be created or her harder and harder and get him was life and so I like to begin a topic I'm in a lecture today talking about the meaning of life for us and him was life and that life was beaten up life was the light of men we just talked alike then we went into the studio for some reason felt the youngest in this dispute or ago the second seven from what happened so that sunlight is not sure what life is and so we understandably by giving so up with this year and he gave him success in that instance in verse turned it and then it says he became one of them right now the incarnation when ally famous Chinatown incarnation the delving too much about it you have to bring that he basically said except that God became man but don't think too much about it you really can hurt your brain and so what he targeted try to show God 's him and said that they comprehend him not ranked and understand him and then lastly were told that they rejected and killed him right lungs were I just gave your passage with word is the word after word I have no idea what beginning word with God created had lifelike incarnation was in the wiki is verse twelve hundred Bibles to first while was recently erstwhile but as many as received him Sue them gave he power to become the one son the God image them know what you believe on his name now and is consequently expended to Yuma in this passage Johnson to one person with reporting it a few verses that you see the content you see his name have you seen up to names were DC event where and what I got some appellation or name like definitely when you do for now nuclear arsenal did anything on the subject where life is relatively level whatever name Jesus takes him to follow that name is Emma Jesus when he likely the warrior you know there lightly Son of Man is in a defender as the representative end of regional so let's just take one item of this passage let's take this name is what happened to that name but the Bible says that if you believe on the name of Jesus and his own received him what will happen to cut without one numbers with power to what become sons of God again if you believe I just name in your civilian figures standing apart from the Margaret Mica all my life what the world does this mean if you leave this room and the flexure I want to at least have left this room be able to split a five -year-old when you believe in the name of Jesus clearly so his name on Marsalis Bliss 's goal is to have this amulet is named us somebody exists a long time ago he was with God he made everything he had like anyone given life like people they became one of them to show them God they did understand so they killed him if you believe that God gives you power be sons and daughters of God not said is not intellectual content of gasoline fortunately we're not going to heaven this am I our intellect of the effort to address this but why got Minnesota deepest was thinking about was his name was new was new was moving all day and when you spend all day that's what I'll call receiving him by God made terms so deep to think about what is his name was his name that could pretty think about exactly same as this is what it means to believe on the name of Jesus and my son becomes three or four years old I guaranteed by Canberra to my son will learn how to believe on Jesus office on the amount of it from the beginning is with God to create everything in her life he gave it for us they became one of us showed us God we do understand them and some people myself believe and you will see the festival 's Atherton 's outpouring that then I got up to the certainty about why this is the certainties of certainty was no guessing what do I believe it or not it will be seen as Lord that if they can hardly think the other day not believing everything in me to fund out .edu sort of thing in mind when you think that awful outreach day you become some daughters of God Jenny Miles went to the top of policy content working Johnson fourteen twenty nine I love concerts John chapter fourteen is twenty nine and now I have told you four come to pass that when it comes up you might want to believe that additional part-time doing the story I'll tell you little problems the above Babylon near Persia Greece and Rome and after you're done study month this problem the incident something Jesus gave prophecy so we can believe on his name Jesus gave the simplest and most certain policy so we have a certainty on his name the even children believe on the name of Jesus even children understand of camping so when you study prophecy is an exciting to understand Jesus is making you more and more a son and daughter of God turn out and talk to them but it I still thought I have a Python he's not in it later on but so funny my design I thought do nothing with them but it actually felt like going back and home on Sunday dance up to Chris Levin this is the reason why man can fit that Chaldeans had a problem the Wiseman it is a rare thing that the king required there is not all that is driven there is not always a shawl before the king except the gods is what quality is not what is another thing to think man cannot do it only God can do it and I'm not helping us basically what they're saying I is on God this month was thirty bottles same chapter two verse twenty seven hundred markets it is responsible twenty seven God is in the answer when Olive is not about to give Nebuchadnezzar dream Gill also told the vision of an holiday television God even told Nebuchadnezzar to Daniel network negative the night before his vision in agreement after that even Nebuchadnezzar had Thursday about the intimidation that God will the extra mile to create uncertainty and its peoples minds I've never read like them now I'm going to be going to bed or anything that some literature anyone up speaking about it never thought junk about it says body in his mind insurgency the problem that has a certain silk anyway the seventh dance in the presence of the King is dead the theater was looking at the matter cannot the wise men and so for the so-and-so unto the king verse thirty but after music it is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have so number one Daniel will finally let the wife and then what the man mankind man cannot do it number one but number two what is what is a nineteen and then twenty and twenty eight then this figure was revealed to Daniel and I imagine the Daniel blessed the God of heaven twenty the system to twenty is supported on if I advanced the blood and have gone for ever ever for wisdom in my art has twenty eight but there is a God in heaven at Realty group so it down a bit pretty much repaid with a wife that man cannot do it holy God we need God 's help but will with the Wiseman problem God doesn't dwell with men about the prescription for together one human pursuit everyone first Peter chapter one verse ten eleven that was a tall man can't do it they need God 's help but their gods were going to help in first Peter chapter one verse ten eleven of which salvation the prophets have inquired and searched diligently who prophesied the greatest to come unto you start seeing a lot or matter of time the Spirit of Christ the best pair of Christ which was what in them these prophets prophesied physicalism what were the Wiseman 's excuse that God do not dwell in their flesh but this province who by definition a lot of those they like the latest electronic time admitted I was stupid pay special attention to special is not off the card I think this prima Faucette evidence that God dwelt amongst us prophecy is prima Faucette evidence that God dwells with men first Peter says the prophets prophesied to the spirit of God that was in them lesson number one Daniel God dwells with you three simple lesson that will be done because it is a hard heart muscle it is simple and to now this whole issue Lebanon can bid anyone really know their commencement of Mickey Mouse versus forty five and thirty four the cable brothers and sisters if I if I file you are not you know me anyway but when you're face-to-face in a Bible study without the border with Lebanon over the Internet and more is on the table about so don't mean to forty five something then attempt to persuade five says force myself on the stone that was cut out of the mountain so what is going on here there was a mountain and there was a stone that was hot out what from it okay that's back up to thirty four it says this now calls to the stone that was caught what without hassle where you come from another given on rank smoke damage upon his feet that were on ironing claim at first thirty five then one iron the clay in the process of an old broken the pieces together and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors and the wind carried away that no place is on for them in the stone that smote the image became a want you do not know there was a mountain of snow was cut from the mountain and in his smashes in Michigan and energy will not guilty that the nuclear two mountains I one mountain was a stone was cut off from without hand became its nastiness and it became a second mountain now the soul in an issue but this second mountain here it says in verse forty four by forty four what business are present and in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom to what is Ramon represent the remembrance of God eternal kingdom the second so you also know this verse turning most of the cover twenty one percent thirty one twenty seven five that cardiolipin up against a lot right here this mercy ought to know this verse otherwise Yukon assuming that the stone Venus images that they come actually lower in this chapter is that I kind by the way chapter twenty one percent thirty one so if you highlight your Bible underline or cross-references might be a good one to know new Chapter twenty one first thirty one so likewise viewing these events on the past know that the kingdom of God is a handler thinking them might be first twenty seven and they shall see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory what is describing below the versatile lists everything of God is the second coming of yellow pad to write them down to mercifully for the good-looking in the corner said that the twenty one thirty one twenty seven that is why we think that the stone hitting this image is the second coming so less number to a simple one it is stone hitting item must not enough room the image is the second coming DC that is the one most of us know are familiar with this limited it should be simple but there should be nice simple things to fill less than one one God dog whether I'm actually everlasting number two is the maturing of the land minute okay I'm done here second coming the Goldstone and listen them up to see what the designers there do not start or talk about now this first this whole business about this person on the top of the rest of talk today and involved relationship formulae stories and e-mails that wasn't touched off a story I think you like this story relationship twelve now long time ago it will do after the beginning it was a war in heaven and in the floor Michael and his angels fought against Satan Satan and his angels dragon and his angels was called the double six they lost this war and was kicked out of heaven and if you look in verse ten this is not and the great dragon was cast not aware heaven that also recall the devil and Satan was the same in the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him at work how is my love is of the three times he was my love be with my loan you would follow if cast out of heaven but you know apparently in Job this is after his cast out it seems that when I read Joe that he was able to talk to people in heaven wasn't it right there with the sons of God network God and then all of a sudden with public faith and talking it seems like the Bible suggests that even if he is cast out of heaven but he could still talk to the Angels of God that involves things like name first and I heard a loud voice in heaven sent and loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation SJ and know what is awarded and the kingdom of our God and the power of his cries for the appears on our brother and with regular brother Satan is with the word passed down that what is taught I love apparently state and was knocked out and he was knocked down again this verse seems to tell us that a certain time apparently when Christ kingdom came that she is in a state of the cast on again apparently you can go back to heaven even talk to the engines anymore when when this happened you would think that means King of God because that's on the second coming on to the next as to what I know the tenor bottles the term bottles to John R that were cast out of cocktail bar logo we just medicine within my love same rumor John L versus thirty one now is the judgment on we go with you in a number to rush John F three one chapter twelve verse thirty one John Chapter twelve verse thirty one now is the judgment of this world now shall the prince of this world be cast out at words at the bottom of same room with them thirty two and I if I be lifted up from the earth will draw what facing your activation and proven false cross did you know that they were the kingdom of God that was devilish by the cross we call that the kingdom of grace at the Hebrew charter forces Liz approach the throne of mercy that we might receive grace in the time of need that help without any feeling of according incredibly now that stone was cut all of that kingdom with what without hand at work without had always means God 's own doing you ever recall a verse in the Bible about handing wounded for our transgressions he was moved bruised by iniquity is what the top ten the suffering and is that but the member in the same chapter where it says it please oh Lord to bruise him he was smitten and stricken God it was God who offered his son for us our mission our salvation without that with a phrase without hand and attitude in the cross of Jesus the kingdom of God was established by the cross of Jesus that was the first kingdom and with the backing in your hearts that's why he said the kingdom of God is within so this this is this the third left is a simple one stone out Eagles couple you confusing agility talking about here was looking about his second coming now the cross Jesus Tyson who was our first king of Babylon that we're never desert was really the first king of Babylon the nonedible allow the lizard that was a great thing to Babylon was in existence it was established well before it became the preeminent number six oh five me appraisal of the King is the help was a battle at times talking was about one most of the needs of the five learned that when it came the preeminent kingdom is set up in an Olympic in the primitive kingdom grace it toppled Alexander the greats in Waller Thermopylae not afraid marathon great in person Star Wars Greece is on the rise all the time they came the preeminent kingdom three thirty one battle Arbella Alexander the great flows arising and premise Roman Empire there called little people in bands of robbers as a one sixtieth second Macedonian Warren Hastings gives me the after that was extended to get begotten war in Macedonia they couldn't govern themselves any more the Romans told him who was ruling how you roll wrong with the the power that rose five oh eight the premises and got an army clothing that was not enough when it examinations was the five thirty and no final kingdom was everything with his joy became the preeminent power at the cross this little tiny mustard seed was in the Bible promises us it will be the preeminent power ever and ever Christopher advocate profit and their now blah what is due out this I have swords and certainly start adopting it's okay to you anyway just all the lobby while that and less questions we didn't realize after the accident tool for us in a very simple verse that our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on our air and then have been times maybe this earth with cascading kingdom the preeminent power I want by having his well done on our cognitive and have been dealing with a bottle call that while we do God 's will to amount to Islam ten forty Mercedes Psalm chapter fourteen verse eight think some enormous restraint I I went on a rush I delight to do thy will O my God gay nine law is written within weeks any within my how is God going to make his kingdom the preeminent kingdom for eternity by rising his law in your heart and then shall the great controversy be and when God has a group of people who's had the law of God written on the heart tried insured and exhibited before the universe eventually and come that close enough at that point Matthew twenty one isn't thank you simple nettlesome with wonderful method twenty one Jesus said unto them not twenty one but which is forty two twenty four two Jesus saith unto them G did you never read the Scriptures what that word again that's the builders rejected that claim is come the head of the corner this is not what some would discredit somewhere this is the Lord 's doing it is that marvelous in our eyes therefore send you the kingdom of God to be taken from you and given to a nation bringing forth fruit thereof was forty four and whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken on whomsoever it shall fall it will grind him you are the customer to chaff in the summer threshing floor does not have similar language will grind into five hundred ballot the beginning of the dildo in Christ the other group who shall or shall fall on this stone shall be broken I grew up in California upgrades we moved in the city I've been regarding their leaving the city from enough practice with a lot of cliffs over beaches that enables customer beaches I get the energy falling on the stone the lady history of civil falling off a cliff I think the folly of the stomach to exit click on system to look it over and onto the rocks in the bottom where the waters when stepping up and I get this imagery of Jess surrender the kingdom of God is within you I said the very first talk escape controversy will be ended on her knees in surrender Jacob and Anaya wrestling Sewall and after his spy was essentially broken right and had to surrender despite physically and he overcame God surrender Poughkeepsie from serving the Lord 's rent when I sanctified you continue in the x-ray is through faith in Jesus Christ surrendered they may have fallen but they've gotten up their surrender their surrender their surrender then shall the the lesson we learned today that I like review that's number one need off with us he died for us he's coming again that's a familiar and John is well worth coming again as it undone the story picks up we want to come look at lab is the accepted members nineteen related verse thirteen it talks a certain man called the word says the Lord forgot anything that is coming back up in the second and finished the story that John one began the regulator the same author or about the second coming it's a certainty but a strict relation nice seeing verse thirteen the word is coming back it currently is a story unwritten and on one that finishes off the story the rest that follow story is that it is working following look at his name and following you get a story each time finish the story versus word of your words doing is coming back to take us all to start the spring father in heaven I think were brave enough I think were strong enough either were wise enough and rich enough I don't think were stranded but we have not prayed my question more we have not let golden idol that we should father by the power of your son free us from these assess each one of us in this room has one or two we all did polishing while week is water a crook we believe in a help now I will that they will receive I is and is being him to you this this is misleading as we you may see you supporting Mimi Stephen the seven seat entities please cc I is young but I think I would be if I squinted Christians to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us I come in between Mycenae .org I


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