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The Kidnapper, the Ransom, and You

Dave Steward


Dave Steward

Evangelist with Amazing Facts and General Vice-President of ARME Bible Camp



  • April 14, 2007
    10:00 AM
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him I how is everybody that this is the remnant of the remnant here today is that I have ever seen I hope so so potent switches to those that are here this is the deli and if I wasn't preaching I try to be sneaking over to your Dwight Nelson to second understand what is not empty seats and family privilege to be here anyway with all of you and I appreciate you coming it's good to be with familiar friends and brothers and sisters Jennifer thank you for taking three of him sigh about five to ten sided hit you up with that last minute is going to give the worker Shelley differently father where the claimant promise of Isaiah fifty five eleven pitcher word would not return to boy this morning but it would accomplish your purpose but I just have one grown as to list of Jesus Christ 's morning and drawn him and him may you help us with circle in Jesus name amen the time I sent is the kidnapper the ransom and you are a fellow true story I wish it wasn't true but it is happened just a few weeks ago in Riverside I got the call to come out and be part of the investigation it occurred on a weekday there was there was an antifamily husband-and-wife to protect the identity of this column Lisa they are successful business they live in a nice home in Canyon crest and around noon Tom has been got a call from his wife she was in despair and she called and said I'm not falling please come home and she decided that so I rushed home Elisa and she was never to be found and you can imagine what was going to Tom's mind when we go through your mind if you got a call with someone you have was in trouble at Thatcher home in Utah Avenue nowhere to be found that you are mine panic right now he couldn't find his lifetime did find one thing to define the envelope with his name on it and inside the envelope was to put pictures these pictures were not just of anything they were of his wife Lisa she was she had a hood over her head she was she was bound she was tied up and she urinated was obvious in the files and along with these two photographs was a nine page ransom note which arrested this the attention of Tom right off the bat because it was addressed to him the first page said Tom we need to make a few things clear right out of the gate first if you want to see your wife alive again have your last return anything close to normal do not call the police or anyone else if you do so your wife will die he then tells them to read through the document twice the time is he says I know your minds racing that the bottom of the first coaches if you knew the status he said it was obvious at this point we have kidnapped your wife for ransom and he said we are very dangerous don't question unresolved just do what we say don't call the police or watching your every move the FBI has my monitor monitoring the police don't try anything just follow the directions in the note is lousy devoted to time giving him directions on how to get money you got above your banker you can't sound what's going on you have to sound enthusiastic if you end up him you just need the money given the patterns in the grant Tomas which are into any new domain you need it now and I'm discussed by crazy amine weapons he says his remember through address remain calm and happy to have been caught up the inability at times you are about to get something you really want in more ways than I said don't try to do brucellosis and got been a common rest your life until that there would be method jobsites for different sites that he would walk them through newbie instructions at each different site throughout Riverside for instructions to achieve your you and Lisa will come out just fine if you don't you will be lamenting later saying things like the money was an important I would've done anything to get her back etc. well now is the time to knock those policies and then listen to how it ends don't be the guy known for the rest your life is the one that got us killed wife killed over a hundred and forty thousand dollars people may not say to your face but they will always remember it will be understood it preceded you every time you go somewhere that someone knows you it will be your legacy donations the story for shorthanded there to get you on a time without Thomas Pitt upset obviously did not call the police to follow the instructions he did that contact is banker and his banker had enough sense called police and the police went on a manhunt they devoted incredible resources as you cannot trying to find Lisa that wasn't through the call to the police the Riverside Police Department that did any good I see what happened was a few hours later there was a citizen that lives in the Lake Charles area between Cronin Riverside those hills south of the ninety one some newer homes on the owner seven saw that as a woman saw a really unusual vehicle in her neighborhood it was a white utility than it was poorly motorcycle a dirt bike kind of weird combination and she saw this guy go from moving on to the back of the van he kept opening the door he kept standing there like it was a bad smelling their status is suspicious this guy doesn't belong here and so she called the police and deputy sheriff arrived and when he got there to guide the van was gone so then a little later then came back the good citizen called again the police and again a sheriff 's deputy by different agencies and was trying to find least of which was the Riverside Police Department but the Riverside Sheriff again came was that people tell us anytime and he saw the van a solid motorcycle and he saw a man named Mark Warren standing outside the van he said so that I can talk to him said so it's gone you know what you don't hear in Mark one said well I am in the construction business is a good view from here and I'm I'm looking at the view for some construction development there was a motorcycle for I brought that down to get it fixed in a kind of hospital out and that's ultimately what he said an officer looked at his lessons and noticed he was from Victorville and things just weren't adding up so then he said you might develop inside them and strangely mark one says yes sir go ahead him be put to open the macros of them he saw what in Chamberlin and had been built inside the back of the van had event systematic error pump pumping air inside and the duo was pedagogical closing it but not all the way and as he looked through the opening of the door he noticed there was a body inside and he opened the door and there was no movement inside but the story doesn't end there is the investigative further he noticed the woman was actually alive she had a portal 's he took off the hood was on her head and she could finally breathe well again she was hysterical but she was alive and she proceeded to the deputy well let me at that point immediately made Mark one get on his knees and he handcuffed him and he captured the captain and he said the life of Lisa and Lisa pursue this to describe what happened earlier she'd been at her house around noon she thought she was getting a delivery from this manner was in her door she opened the door he rushed and being stunned with a stun gun she was a discussion is good I she urinated in her pants and she was go to the Spanish apologize for doing that he does that's okay they all do that this guy telling a scary stuff it will then be entitled up with zip ties and through in this compartment which had a mattress on the bottom add padding so that it would muffle the noise he threw in there and his goal was to get a hundred and forty thousand dollars for husband and he was serious and police will investigate all the different sites the first site was the Park and ride Metro station where he had a view from where his hand was located with a high-power scope it was found the man that's why he was there he led a view of what the first being him side to the police to another site where they found further instructions one hot and now he is facing life in prison without the possibility of parole for kidnapping for ransom with bodily harm Ms. and that where he belongs that's resources motel room and they found files on fifteen hundred families of prominence in the Riverside Empire check with me afterwards if you fit the category upset if your name is in there anyway inside these photos was detailed information he'd been surveilling these people for months now I know that he had maps of their house directions to their house schedules live music three fifteen cause they drew and I drove schools their children went to he said his wife to a will she make it is commonly so were about six years old even falling surveilling Lisa since November amazing that this case story and obviously I tell the story to bring up and give your spiritual optician the title again the same as the kidnap and ransom and you notice as as upsetting as this story is in it of course it was newsworthy and spend the news even came in on the TV stations came in on the claimant took pictures of the van that the chamber in the van and what is news world news it wasn't as disturbing as it is him or something this will run on its far more disturbing thing that we get less upset about it minimalist as is captured the children of God as Enoch every one of us at one time or another has been a captain of state and the least and we remains captive but God doesn't leave us in our despair he does not leave us in a box with no hope what we think which is good and I am at the end of the story zero touches consolidation of the police I never thought I would see miles and again alive to save us from the box of Satan God is come up with an unthinkable plan and unthinkable plan Satan is asking for a lot more than a hundred and forty thousand dollars he asked for the very life of Jesus Christ and God gave the enemy we grew up knowing that but sometimes we lose the potency of the Atlanta from the start like this when figuring out what I'm doing Tom situation how far would I be if someone I love is lost yet then I think I noticed that according people that are lost in this world do I get that upset about their spiritual condition do we really ha ha I hope how desperate do we feel for those that are lost but the syntax to talk about God 's unthinkable plan would start off with the words of Jesus himself Matthew twenty first twenty Matthew twenty first twenty eight I love hearing him I will turn each one of us I is the Son of Man came not to be ministered unto but to minister and to give his life a ransom for many at the rally wasn't that uses mission in coming to earth to give his life a ransom for many the text talks about the price of the ransom first Peter one eighteen and nineteen first Peter one verses eighteen to nineteen Bible says as much as you know you were not redeemed with corruptible things assuming that from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers but with the precious pet of Christ as of a lamb without blemish and without spot if you add up all the money in the whole world every house every car and bank account every stock account every piece of jewelry would any of that with the title of that equals the price of the sun God and the value that the acids in the world is followed with five hundred and forty thousand dollars and asked another question what is the value of one's soul you have any assets in the world does that equal the value of one's soul and let how do we spend our lives chasing the money like a lot of us I know I've been doing on waterways look at my life and how I've been spending my time and the more worried about my bills and my appetite and I have about those that are lost him and him ask you another question when we talk about the value of the soul are you worth the price got paid for you how many say yes I see a couple hands many of you say you're not worth what God paid for you I see a few hands is at humility or even believe that you believe that most even raise your hand on your undecided right it's hard to think that your work the price of the head of Jesus Christ but you know what doesn't God no value if he doesn't know the price that you were a doesn't think you're what Jesus did Nietzsche himself at you with the price got paid for you and you worth more than all the world put together in terms of everything else but human beings the web is in a crisis I like the way was thirteen fourteen puts it the book of Hosea versus the air chapter thirteen verse fourteen the same as Jesus being our Redeemer and paying and God using Jesus as I ran some what was that famous throughout the Bible from beginning to end Hosea but after the book of Daniel is chapter thirteen verse fourteen I will ransom them from the power of the grave I removed them from death by death I will be that lead I will be thy destruction him to the ground that looked a lot like a gasket that when I first heard about before I start my own eyes that I was described as a casket in the back of his brain that this woman was found that it's like that you have caskets are padded inside in a nice soft area for the super that are comfortable it was like that and then Satan tries to make us comfortable and sellers than me in his box open are you okay a lot of people in the box they don't know what was in the box and they don't know where to turn for help as Christians we have a whole that the world does not know but the world does need to know his God stronger than Satan in this plan of redemption let's look at the text that proves that Jeremiah thirty one verse eleven Jeremiah thirty one verse eleven Jeremiah thirty one verse eleven for the red heifer Dean Jacob who does Jacob represent God 's people Israel right I believe I was writes today I was spiritual Israel for the red hats within Jacob and ransomed him from the hand of him that was stronger than he was stronger marked line or Lisa but ultimately was the strongest of them all that people tell us and that saved the day soon as we think we can overcome sin will never get either threat and be set free as captives while reclaiming the blood of Jesus which is more powerful than the power of Satan who has the keys him him a text Ephesians one verse seven Ephesians one seven you have redemption talking about Jesus Christ and who have redemption through his grab the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of his grace grab the redemption forgiveness of sins and then the power over sin and I described having the ransom why would he pay the greatest price that he could come up with for us with resentment born August he wants to be reunited with us does me with the good text on John one twenty four this is why God is going to much more than time bid and you know that Tom is my together he was planned out of the hundred and forty thousand dollars was prepared to pay his wife was worth it and more streetwise guy doing what he did the seminar with Texas I think I put the wrong site down it says father I will look good also whom thou has given me be with me where I am John seventeen I left off the digit there is a group that John seventeen verse twenty four father I would look at also whom thou has given me with me where I am that maybe my glory which sounds good to me for that one of the knee before the foundation of the world that's a sentiment him where I am time recognizing them and get Lisa back and thank God he did and that's what God wants for us doesn't he wants his back he wants to live forever with us his negligence I don't and I don't have much time left on and on and with a short testimony as I've says the theme of redemption is one of the angels desire to look into the science inside of the redeemed through out the ceaseless ages of eternity and ask a question numbers when we experience the second coming of Jesus Christ and we will see the fruits of our labors I like we do now what do you want to switch your labors to be less when Jesus comes take us home and we look around at the fruits of our labor what do you want your labor to be as many people thinking as possible right I'm living a life like that now I have a confession to make as I tell you a short testimony with the few minutes I have left I haven't been doing my best and devoted primarily to my job I'm a prosecuting attorney my life has been devoted to condemning the condemning people to life in prison with no hope of Jesus Christ that's been speaking to me for some time he's been telling me I have something better for you and you share your bigger prosecutor we need to send people like Mark Warner have a picture of them if you want to see it him ascend Mark Warner to Greg Mark Warner prison they're dangerous we need protection from them but you know people like Mark Warren the gang members among fifteen years old even shooters or scouters they were just with the group that was in my office is trying to send them away what prison for life with no hope of Jesus Christ and down I've been fighting for some time God was called away from my job back in two thousand one and I went to the mission field for a year but I'm a mistake I took a leave of absence from my job which means I had that safety net to go back to I thought there's no risk it all I don't have to go back but if I want to I can perfect that was the wrong move got caught me away from the he wanted something better this is the newness of the experience of Micronesia teaching Bible high school students wore off I could think about was I can't wait to get back to my real job I can't wait to get back to making real money and doing what I know how to do and go back to my comfort zone that was a mistake between my ministry was effective there in Micronesia after that it was powerless I'm shocked that some good seeds but largely I feel like that here was a failure because I didn't completely let go and give it all to God not the scary thing to do that I want to score long time to be white now I work for many years I have a retirement it's building and will continue to develop it will give me a comfortable retirement but you know what God is calling me out of that and last weekend I went to ask for Christ which is the Canadian versions UIC and was described in fighting for some time and people have been telling me and try and encourage what I've been doing the Holy Spirit will sometimes ask for Christ diamonds acquire weapons it is a powerful weekend powerful and down one night I roadmap are speaking he's with the gastric arise in the admittedly my sermons disorganized I'm rambling I don't have time to get reorganized but he spoke what he was real I spoke with passion and the Holy Spirit was there any good this amazing altar call and so many people that he would not stop he kept saying more people more people in the Holy Spirit kept coming and coming and finalized our breaking down and crying and saying Lord these of you now I want you to quit I am actually put putting the captives imprisoned I want you to start setting the captives free I said okay not only do it it's scary I don't know whether teachers go eat but this week I went into my boss before the ironic way too long because I knew I would chicken out so I went to my boss Rod Pacheco and eyes I went and visited him and he so you're not putting our units in action Diane is why I said I found a better boss and I found a better job as possible impossible what is it and I like to be pregnant pause you know make the most of it I was going to serve God I don't know exactly what capacity but one of the reasons why I've been reluctant to step out in faith as I was want to know what the next and be I'm not the kind equivalent job if I've never mind that just not who I am the guide is meant to ask me take the first step I will lead you from said that the first step I said I'm leaving workout timetable on leaving I'm looking in the ninety nine to one of the Bible colleges the summer and I want you pray for me on that but you I admire people that step out of their comfort zone when God calls them to do that and I'm disappointed me so long to do that I got my worker to systolic creators call left medical school is amazing that God will bless because got call them out and double blessing for that is God calling you today to do something different in your doing don't grieve the Holy Spirit like I did if God is calling you to serve him in some capacity other than what you doing follow his lead he promises I will feed you I will close you are to take care of you I will clothe you better than Solomon and the lilies of the field you need to seek first the kingdom of God and always shall be added on to you and please pray for my mother when I went to Micronesia she was really not happy and I'd have had the nerve yet the caller but I will please pay for her ability just in the government side about it and down now the salvation of souls is worth more than anything we do any pursuit we have and ultimately in maternity if God calls you out you will not be sorry you did say you follow his call so praise the Lord just got with a short story that once was a man named George Thomas a pastor of a small New England town the money came to the church during the rest of the birdcage instead of by the corporate several eyebrows were raised and is this and respond Thomas begins big as I was walking through town yesterday when I saw you write coming toward me swinging this birdcage on the bottom in terms with Rubin Albert shivering with cold and fight I stop and then asked what you got their son Justin came the reply were eager to do with them I asked to come home and have fun with and he answered and when it sees him and put out their feathers and make him fight him and have a really good time the title is bit sooner or later what will you do with them there I asked where I got some shots so the little boy like birds I think the birds to them the past was silent for a moment how much do you want for those birds son I widely want to embarrass Mister Douglas Cofield birds not singling and even pretty how much the pastor asked again the process of the pastor as if he was crazy and said ten dollars the pastor reached in his pocket and took out a ten dollar bill in question the most hand in a flash the boy was gone the pastor picked up the Trojan Jellico community alley where there was a tree in a grassy spot that includes down he opened the door and my softly tapping the bars persuaded the birds out setting them free without experimenting with George on the pulpit and then the pastor began to tell a story one -based technologies were having a conversation so they just come from the garden of Eden and he was gloating and boasting lesser I just caught the words that weren't so people down there sent me a chap use date I knew they couldn't resist God of all we can do with them Jesus asked Satan replied I want to have fun and many teach them how to marry and divorce each other how to heal and use each other how to drink and smoke and curse and do drugs I'm a teacher matter and that guns and bombs and kill each other I'm good I'm really have some fun and what will you do when you get dollars in Jesus and will kill Satan glared proudly how much do you want for them Jesus asks well you don't want these people they know good I look at them and they just hate you must new curse you until you you don't want those people how much he asked again to look to Jesus and sneered all your tears and all your blood Jesus said done and many paid the price if your life is in turmoil if you're not at peace with God is a reason why please do not fight the urge to join him in the work of saving souls forever that's our heads heavenly father thank you for giving us a reason to leave what were doing and to serve you if that's what you're asking us to do those of us that are already doing exactly what he wants to do praise Lord for that and again thank you for giving us a reason to be right where you want us to be worth it wasn't for Jews died on the cross we would have no hope that you give us hope how it was to be burned ensuring a hope with others in Jesus name amen


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