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Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • April 13, 2007
    7:00 PM
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how is everyone is truly an honor to be here on on the campus of Loma Linda University am not saying that just because we had snow last Sabbath and on Easter can you believe that we had snow accumulating snow at death and university in Michigan word Al Gore when you need him just when were talking global warming and then they get this crazy crazy spring winter and when it is an honor to be here that aside it's an honor to be here and now just done today from our because of the passion and persistence of particular young adult Loma Linda University the only reason you and I together the night because of one of your coeds who is taking pharmacy that she graduates just a month talking about any current credibly never knew any before an e-mail from her things last Gary last October and she said pastor would you be willing to come in meet with some students here on a weekend in April our schools over three weeks I'm supposed to be preaching tomorrow I wrote her an answer thanking her for the three dates you gave all dates are just not been worked I almost hit send and my executive assistant Sherry she said you know who I think you need to pray about so I did not shut an e-mail finally back to any okay New Zealand you are my friends Randy Roberts Pastor Randy your pastor right here in this beautiful church way business on last time I saw this place your meeting and in some gym somewhere and this is a mass is great I love as I see you go to view their pastor Randy my friend Ivan Pastor Ivan and you make sure that the two spiritual leaders on this campus are are amenable to some just preacher from out of nowhere coming in here and if they say okay then let's talk further and she blessed are anti- just she just took it handy use you and you went to everybody upset foodchain year and talk to them and got the support of the University safflower you together it took a young adult with a vision in awe her passion is not only forgot she has a passion for the University of Maine have some kids like that advantage University love the school that thereat just like you do love God and are thinking you know we dedicate we got it young adults together we just need to huddle up and have some community of faith fellowship and was just do it and some product anion and against next rhinitis start doing this on a regular basis think I got your letters with you thank you very much for having Karen and I may have my girlfriends that you remember I am a thirty three years or is he guarantees as to wonderful young lady and I have harassed him to course an extra bonus for us was familiar where my mother is living in banding with her husband burdens among them to do this very often genuine birds and and and NAR she's elated and brought me into this world such an honor to have her sitting in the eyes of the on my uncle Robin in that are here and him and really they are not around and that was just because it right over their knowledge is anyway to unite tomorrow morning twice and now once more afternoon to get in the word together the rest of online again on it is not never done before Kazan is a goddess on the thing on hold TV would you mind sharing that stuff with us if we get together and so do this you got a study guide tonight we came in for rumor number one mortgage that's again just a moment but put a little addendum together for rumor one tonight a rumor to some morning at nine thirty and that all of the mall here and I like to go through this this first addendum and the reason is because I understand running university campus I come from university campus I know that not every university student is is going to be as excited as I am about the veracity of this book right here in America based on the same you know I just not sure that this book is reliable and more can't speak to the third millennium proven demand probity right now like to give you seven compelling evidences for the veracity of this book right here which will most likely be seven then nine then known don't have a prayer with you and read to you a letter I received five weeks ago from the war front in Baghdad Iraq five weeks ago I got an e-mail from a soldier rejecting right but first I want to share these seven compelling evidence and I got my little what they want to be praying his works is it done Andrew somebody's doing this in a booth and at the touch of saying that you do it anyways is conduit barefoot together let me share with you at your word from our posture is compelling evidence as you have in the addendum is a slice is only given seventieths using a list by Marty believe I don't have any problems about God you will now have seven region you can share with a skeptical or nonbelieving college associate friend and neighbor of yours and you can just you you can use these seven and passed along a lot of people accuse Christians of turning the Bible to prove the Bible in other words using circular reasoning Avenue going to look through the book how how wise is that SF aired on okay so let's use external evidences first fly through these going to do that first rumor the first rumor we got to hear tonight here is evidence number one Justin Stampley 's number one preeminent of the holy Scripture among all human literatures of type thing twice we got to amount there is a medical end of the second one not evidence number one the preeminence of the Bible among human literature of the Bible is preeminent in circulation is run some numbers by real quick at this and then you can fill this in the Bible is not translated into four hundred languages with portions of it in two thousand five hundred languages in general were not given with a backwater redneck book that is not seen the light of day and invest lost of the human race the Bible is the most relatable corners right talk about external evidence but in this beginning and international everybody knows Getty Museum or tailgating is been there before you enhance his Bible there begins international place and distributed more than fifty six million complete copies of the Bible globally this is the six years ago two thousand one that averages a million copies a week or a hundred and seven copies every minute are gone out into the earth some evidence number one were talking about the circulation of the Bible God you may want to move that the laptop a little closer here is an bunch to do something here and is just not my maintenance here trying real hard in my hand is just area the Bible is also preeminent in its influence over time the premise in nine in literature number two but this is still under that is appointed by will is preeminent in its influence they were this is the belong night there been more upset about the Bible than any other than any other subject more books have been written about the Bible than any other setting a watch this more authors have quoted from the Bible than any other source were not talking about some little some little forgotten piece of ancient literature were dealing with the Bible being preeminent among religious right he went on about the Koran where the whole world this focus is wrong without a cyclist with automatic of the Middle East the Koran over the Carron Abiola 's preeminent Bhagavad-Gita over all religious writings the Bible is preeminent and sometimes they come up to you and say something like this in a way that a book anywhere written by anyway good on any level compared to the Bible that would be one of the most when the grossest statements of ignorance you can make it simply is not true the Bible is preeminent evidence number one apply to the evidence number two the Bible has been preserved under attack and attack one man aeruginosa French infidel the famous French infidel century ago Voltaire in a volunteer authors predict that in one hundred years Christianity will be gone and the Bible will be found only the museum today you can only find Volterra Museum in the Bible is the hottest selling O'Connor so they may tell you that the Bible has somehow been stamped out the Bible has been the most targeted piece of his human literature in the history of the race people have resorted to every chillingly possible effort to destroy that book and it still survives ladies and gentlemen I tell you what you are looking at a shining evidence of its divine origin right are a preservation under attack if you have the attack of man and then you also have the attack time on our minds as good as overlooking a manuscript letters anymore for the Bible are you looking to today five thousand six hundred ancient manuscripts of the Greek New Testament exist their ten thousand Latin manuscripts are nine thousand three hundred early mentions nearly twenty five thousand early manuscripts exist today the closest book in the human race is called celiac and there only six hundred and forty three partial manuscript fourteen don't you tell me that we don't have the book passed on history the book exists the compelling evidences that go to areas as evidenced number three to provide theology go to go to go to Google some time googling the word archaeology and Bible that's all you have to do you have so many websites to spend the rest of your life just examining archaeological evidence for the holy Scriptures I can come from university campus where were very proud of an archaeological museum that we had and his university wide because the evidence is that old writer once wrote that this stage confirms the book of a number for internal consistency is amazing just how many you can about the Bible internal consistently going about well but this up the Bible is a collection of forty authors who wrote over a period of fifteen hundred years and they wrote on the two subjects and nobody can agree about religion and politics and the books survived there is an internal consistency with the Scriptures that cannot be matched with any of the book and the human race in this consistency had explained the only way I can explain it was John is that I've believe God wrote the letter no don't you give this brief article I can understand on the stack I did write the book physically himself I understand that he used Shuman Shuman scribes understand he did not even capable to give them thought they wrote it down but the point is somebody divine has superintended the preservation of this book and tonight I'm going to what really going to that book we've got to have confidence were going to read tonight of course a different perspective you got four eyewitnesses to one single automobile accident I have four different perspectives that doesn't negate any of the perspective doesn't not are a member five no nap over that I believe in the divine office of the holy Scripture made that point you need to listen at your estimates for the last compelling internal consistency regarding human reality and to find truth like that in the only way we can we can possibly describe how in fact book speaks of such commanding authority how to fulfill prophecy now the moment in general evidences I understand we do the external for any internal map and think about prophecy can I guide your bright young scholars during his university think about prophecy itself for example let's is just one one property there are sixty one the Al Qaeda profitability type figure sixty one major prophecies concerning the life of Jesus Christ written centuries before his birth mathematicians have theorized okay if you just ate of those prophecies could be fulfilled one of the statistical probabilities of any of the sixty one eight being fulfilled but put on the screen here that the probabilities are ten to the seventeenth you attend the seventeenth of it is that one hundred thousand civilian one hundred one hundred thousand in time you can get a sixty one prostate all day to come true that would be by the way that would be like covering they say that govern the state of Texas your Texas covering Texas with two feet high of silver dollars and then blindfolding a woman yelling at you when you got into that state of Texas to VIS over Dallas and you find the one that is marked with a red dot on it that the same are for any of the sixty one laser Gemini eight of the wanting truth sixty one of the sixty one you're not dealing with a book of somebody's fabled imagination there is something supernatural between the covers of these old books that we still carrier parent the six expensive others I see men come face to face death and with the stare death in the face and go into debt with a supernatural come I can only be explained by what he took from his journey into this book I seen a woman living hell on earth with peace and explain a woman like that something in the book is tired or harder given her courage I have seen young adults struggle which would mind and soul destroying addictions that would take a man to the desk and I've seen young adults to the power of what they found in this book walked away from the Cheney life addiction the experience of the human race those who had gone to this book cannot be countrymen did it's too overwhelming evidence number six is the evidence of those Redbook and five evidence number seven my personal experience when I was a kid other design kids just saying I think the VI BOE yes that's the book for me I stand alone on the word of God the VI the the two baby boomers here is done I can only testify to you that my life through what is contained between these covers my life has been radically changed American acid on the passage we are about to go into some even have to blow the dust off your Bible you had never been to this passage in your life not masculine passage is not capable under the power the Holy Spirit is present tonight to change your life this is a divine book and you can walk away from it and you can spin on it you can earn itself it and it worked like a text rise up out of those actions every time commending the holy word of God so seven oh by the way tomorrow morning nine thirty before rumor number two seven one nominal benefits that will come to you if you is a unit as a young adult professional of you will take this book any book share with you a strategy on how you can do just that tomorrow morning I'm not a complete difference of the development are at that I promised I would read it and e-mail it right here where the war tonight you know that I know that an e-mail to prove it female happens to come for my son-in-law son-in-law 's a medic with U.S. Army Rangers stuck to my daughter tonight away driving in here first at first the first infantry dog regularly Lord I knew some hundred twenty percent based more at peace as minus my life minus one hundred twenty percent they speak of war but I'm for peace and unfavorable war began he was in favor of the war was when the mess was Sunday got e-mail from him on March seven MA days ago that is March seven thankfully a S SMS and e-mail all attributed frontlines are back and thanks for your letter this will be short like this tough years we get rocketed or mortared almost daily is a Maxis in the life-saving like you were running an average of three trials await lose a lot of people for IUDs not our own unit since subsequent deriding as he just learned this week the first of his unit was killed this week this week for ninety roadside exclusive little hospital for just four that the lab and x-ray with Dallas small but it's one of two level two trauma center to level two trauma centers in Baghdad were kept very busy after why get a God complex somebody put you in check okay got complex means that when you're getting rocket in your you the only one out of the bunker running to get an injured soldier that would be me I'm not sure what it is when you see a fallen brother less than fifty feet from you there's nothing in the world to stop a medical gone out there the last time it happened I got written up against a law firm that could truck to run out for a sniper conviction and that is that I got written up happen I got written up as I was leaving the room I saw the platoon sergeant for the writeup in the trash of a medic and be trained as a life like you people here how can somebody not respond somebody in danger so short on space don't do please don't get me wrong think I would analyze my desk they were going in the second race in order to do something awful the last unit the visit did this last sixty peoples of Euclid 's upcoming Sabbath Sabbath prayer for overseer Andrew is one war used in the North American food that it is no more than it really concerns me tonight I think of the war that has the campus run from Andrew 's University campus where you're from Homeland University something of the weather holds us in its darkened diabolic crosshairs twenty four seven unthinkable war for entry single one of us tonight we are in a war actually survived this war tonight are some rumors coming from the rumors from the East the three rumors will share with us very brief Sabbath together open Bible with me tonight the book chapter that you haven't been to rest ever progressed a long long time about a place to Daniel chapter ten and chapter ten I need to go back to the go that any chapter ten now I pray with you to get into the word together holy father thank you tonight I'll witnessed classicism on the go with it it called that prayer out of our hearts oh Lord take our hands precious Lord please please take our just spent a fleeting moment assuring ourselves that this book that will engage our minds with a few moments is not a cunningly devised fable there is something supernatural that is preserved to this very generation to go to this piece of apocalyptic literature base made the rumors begin to sound from these old and Yellow Pages put us on alert with the joy event is station we pray in Christ name amen then his efforts in Louisiana ten minutes after ten and three together with third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed in Daniel whose name was also called belt assassin only right there you know when a steel sky estimates yesterday because he's a captain when he is writing this you try to imagine the moment you getting ready to go off to university Terrace Rager hometown in the middle of the night hand over your mouth I am thrown into a truck you are driven to attract revenue a plane flown over an ocean to take off the blindfold you find yourself given a four name from a foreign God from a foreign religion you required to join in a foreign language you have never spoken here for the school that will train you for foreign service and foreign government and all of this is the beginning for this writer of a seventy year long and lonely exile from Daniel is Daniel is eighteen and Daniel chapter one is at the end of his life and then attend he's now eighty eight years old old and wise wife in bed man whose name means Daniel whose name means God is my judge call me build this just about every time you call me the name you got was the creator of the living God is much and then you moved to administration she's moved to empires and the Persian Empire notice how in the third dear sire is back to back to verse one hundred year Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel whose name was called down to Shasta the message was true but the appointed time was long and he understood the message and yet understanding of the vision Danielle is about to receive the most comprehensive the longest prophecy in all of holy Scripture Daniel ten eleven and twelve notice a long sentence of pieces or summary of that prophecy of the way the NIV renders that they are the message was true but the appointed time was long NIV renders it this way and more accurately reflects eagerness examining for nuking tonight and if he renders it its message was true and it concerned a great that point so critical is Jim I wish you take the study guide others should administer a guy handed to you when you came in tonight it does for rumor number one is that he got a play here not just a guide you somehow got in and you don't have a study got just a few hands up I don't know what and if there's anybody out there and get it guys enraging and just be patient evening at Adriana but just a little higher than that and to come in and I'm not just go ahead get take out your study guide with Mister justice Douglas be clear on what were about to to read and study together this evening was from the East room number one but laziness and asked if we just go flying through this website Debbie WW p.m. church .tv and that you go to that website and you look under the surgery was from the East and the dancers dances at the bottom of all the safeguards on the website this would you please number one Daniel Chan jutted amply at the introduction to the longest and most comprehensive prophecy in all of holy Scripture remember waking the birth of Christ just as one coming true data the seventeenth chances are good one out in the seventeenth of one came true for Christ could be true here in Daniel ten as well on direct that in and in that which is really just fill in the anti- rightist event after Denver 's one message was truly any concern the great war testing the night wore enough to go to Google and you this is gloomy and a lot of arthritis you go to Google and you tightly at the quotation marks on either side of me these three were dated and encompass a medicament is now in the via right up your dependent and get them to you type the world war three the other one one one guy I I World War III but the criticism my psoriasis is dealt with as a single phrase in blowing out of the water how many talking heads political pundits and bloggers are now discussing the earth the human race moving into World War III you never think about me last summer we had that Israel and Hezbollah we got this one that does business in Iraq and now he got around knocking on the door we have no idea what tomorrow brings why the Middle East is concerned as I was no wonder and the press I understand has has got jazzed up this whole hike is in the American public but the layman we put up a website on the screen for you there no website but rather a stat revision website in a poll released Tuesday this bank was Angus Reid global scan forty two percent is applicable to forty two percent of American respondents think humanity is headed towards World War III and twenty percent believe it is already begotten by the waist not just Americans you surf the web through Google you become to realize their thinking intelligent people who are looking at a cold on the a well I have no idea divided by I'm not bothered by the afraid I'm not afraid that the matter is raw these four eyes on Israel and Iran Iraq on Islam everybody loves rumors on the East will let me come in over a year I'm not concerned about those rumors there are there are instead there is below of another set of rumors that concern the length you and me outside the political realm and those rumors the approaching trend of those rumors that tonight I find compelling so I read that readers would consider great war for whatever's happening here concerns the great war is to get the numbers to in those days I Daniel was morning free full weeks I know pleasant food I don't mean a lying matter that came in my mouth nor did I anoint myself at all free whole weeks were fulfilled she was happen here is a gem is a gang of us are rumors from the West Cyrus the new king of Persia as a fan of the young DVDs of former exiles to Jerusalem and within military by way of the grapevine is that it is going on is going on for these were returned to the holy city there were other running in a roadblock after resistance after I'm fickle and Daniel is asked of him in consternation certain guys prophecies are not then come through in the Jerusalem not come to be raised up again worried sick that the small band of scientists and is not afraid of not being the best thing that does what he does all through this book it's an amazing thing about this biscuit began as a young adult and moved his way up to the third highest political position third-highest as a captive exile and the entire empire Daniel does what he does best read the book justice down whenever Daniel 's face with the crisis when every crisis he goes to his knees we then moved to depend on Christ everyone's crisis over Dinan Chapter one what really goes to his knees the crisis over dreaming chapter to understand illegal whose knees as a crisis over to create chapter six what is being until he goes to me there's a crisis over decision and end of chapter nine what is going to do he goes to his knees as a crisis over a massive difficulty this difficulty in chapter ten was candidly does what he does best he goes to his needs because my my young friends there there are times when the only port hotel resource for you let me just a fast and pray unless sounds old-fashioned and I know it's not in our just not in a fasting and praying anymore but I want to hope that hold that in abeyance for a moment hold that notion in abeyance there are times the reality about you and me if we are so sophisticated we are so self-confident with our Western individualism that we him really is painful for us to get all twitter page and I'm really needing got to that degree so we give lip service for a quick little prayer would be with with a subplot outline figure is anyway got just wanted to let you control we just don't want to get agitated because it might invite closest to the max as we hold back and you know what sometimes if this is true for execution by the way this is true for congregations this is true for faster than this is true for parishioners there are times in life when you have to realize you were up against something so vague that it is humanly impossible for you and a quick little outdoor prayer in the morning to solve what is what is booming and towering real life what you faced each other down and I get on your knees at the point when life gets in your face you must get on your knees humble your heart before God got I know I know I know I have and I've ever really call for help but I tell you I earn this lease need you Jesus help me and by the way death is near you you can practice like Daniel a modified fast you'll have to go the whole nine yards cell block every water in and get it into the was is it about it with anyone without pleasant food he went on Dairy Queen for free result whenever a lot of us to go entertainment without meeting wine and that the scholars believe in fact is indicative of the past over I'm going to celebrate the Passover so if you seem to be included in this whole vision came around the time of the bathroom in a ninety night the land the Passover lamb and often bring the customer wants no I'm on refrain from some of the food that I normally eat and by the way associated you notice that it says I did not anoint myself at all that means for three weeks I did not take a back nobody's recommending after you affect the Lord Jesus in Matthew chapter six verse seventy Jesus and when you fast boy girl when you fast is what you do you go ahead and take that back you put on your attaché to put on a perfume and you and the word has no idea that your fast maybe moving the fastest of any way that everybody sees humans at all what a holy man is as you got your report that you want that's all you want that that little clip you heard in the marketplace was your rework as you can get to the dining modify fasting means there's something that you can go without it just didn't not just isn't what is this improving got answer is no no no you know even I'm in on the movie Hannah God by forcing and moving on a big part of the changes you will now food but we've got is I am so serious that if there's anything in my last all right now that my cloud my vision and block spirits access to my mind I'm leaving it off that includes DQ three weeks three weeks in this modified fast Iraq got up but it is whom mercy discussed after three weeks notice is after three weeks a first for now the twenty fourth day of the first month as I was by the side of the great River that is the Tigris dealer Daniel visited Baghdad Baghdad late endowment as Baghdad fell in Baghdad awarded a phase where the war was shown the Daniel envision a case by the side of the great River that is the Tigris I legitimize and I looked and behold a certain man limited man clothed in linen whose waist was good with the gold of you fastest bond with my girls got a yellow shield fisheries like the appearance of mining as I fight for the fire started like burnished bronze burnished bronze and color the sound of his words like the voice and I Daniel alone I saw the vision for the men who were with me did not see that vision but a great tear fell upon them so that they fled outside himself all these guys knowledge that there is a roaring around like they cannot see what's happening but something ate rice and their just going to die themselves therefore I was left alone when I saw this great vision and no strength remained in me for my figure was turned of Raelian me and I retained no strength right is eighty eight -year-old man must count on my hands and knees about a ways off he used on his face as a result of his yet I heard the sound of the his words as well I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face with my face to the ground would you write this down please Daniel has just been granted a vision of all mighty God himself unbelievable now we know we know because the accounts of these if you want an Revelation one almost perfectly parallel we just read Daniel 's physical description of the divine being that he is just pin you can lookup you think you want some of the time political but let me just show you the similarities Revelation one and that Daniel chapter ten effective written John the revel later and Dana amazing status of the similarities to prevent movement to limit go fast and injunctive templates both of them are in their late eighties is not something both of them are in their late eighties both of them out away are in exile both John the Baptist writers have found a strike that book is about the next will interestingly enough are beside water agency for John Patmos Tigris River Virginia Detroit both received their vision on this but this is a compelling parallel both receive everything understand apparently for the created the universe there are some significant events many reserves for that day this day by the way is you really sure you shouldn't enjoy this in no state is then ejected pursuant to just go back to the verse in those days I Daniel was morning three full weeks the Hebrew indicates free weeks of days in other words if at the end of a three week cycle the only possible and means its own set rights or even vision of knowledge about John relationship to one person you know this I was in the Spirit on the Lord heard behind me a loud voices of the trumpets the Lords do you want your available in this book in what is called the Lord 's day in Iraq got now Mark chapter two verse twenty eight and therefore the Son of Man is Lord of the sentencing this project down into its projected to reach twenty seven 's Lord of the Sabbath what is worth a look at Isaiah chapter fifty eight versus the first thirteen God speaking if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on on what is my unit Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and you are now one day I tied my only can I get one for me today it's my day my day to shoot me you me today both Daniel and John received their comprehensive prophetic visions I'm always not a way to shut this down both of them are visited personally by Christ the distractions of Daniel chapter ten in an relationship to one are simply too too too similar and and and and this is such great news it is a retirement community near you notably this but even now in Michigan we got we got it nice size retirement community there and his University no hour stated that this Allen is our own to draw your attention to this to those of you who are over the age of seventy seventy eighty sometimes any university setting like this you get the impression that an free thing is focused on the young as the honest pastor Randy would say this about that it is for finding memorial church we can raise up for one reason has to minister to our campuses and campuses are dominantly young hallelujah but sometimes because of no strategic ministry mission focused we forget we forget the truth that the older you grow closer you come to Jesus the older you grow the closer you come to Jesus knows of a story on major winner with a degree on of great respect and honor recognized that those who had earned the right to have white hair and Denzel have done so at the cost of old life changing walk with the God of this universe hereby was a junior rise of any called a hoary head west to the hoary headed the gray-haired blessed and at times he is using his citizen is reminded dear friend of Jesus you know what you use old Windows husband that we need to say no because you're old you're so close to Jesus and I'm so proud of you and I'm blessed to worship is why our churches here's my wheel with us and all the children somewhere else is in all University summer out to get you worship ministry does a university check for all agency we'll just compartmentalized and everybody off we donate to help Santa would be reduced for the church finally we destroy the church because the elderly next the young and the young need the elderly so in the great Christ appears in person at two aged friends is where both in their late eighties eleven about a way that there's there's a reason there's there's another pair of Bothell is making both longer faces before Jesus when Christ appears to them is only Jesus to John is a pre- incarnate Christ to a day when Christ appeared before the faces and both hear the words of who I love this do not be afraid no need to fear with the war I'm not afraid there is a war going on old brother were just about ready to move in the heart of it this is the climax but I'm not afraid gases do not be afraid are as published in Christian suddenly a hand touch at face memories it is as integrated these on his face before got suddenly a hand touched me which made me tremble on my knees in the palms of my hands and he said to me this now this is another being the touches that saw one being envisioned as another being now he says oh Daniel man greatly beloved hold on lonely speak those words we know it is present in chapter nineties the same mileage this is none other than Gabriel himself ever Lucifer questionnaire to elicit reality regular now you will learn this universe Gabriel 's and Gabriel 's Angels it was the place God has Lucifer son of the morning now comes Gabriel Matt God 's name he gave touches of the Danube and greatly beloved understand a word that I speak to you and stand upright for either have been sent to you listen to be bought then he said while you while he was speaking this word to me that have been on his face was as low as eighty -year-old man slowly stand being standing in front of them when being sent the whole Roman battalion as dead men right on Asia minor it was not a designer is not some little team that this is a chlorine manifestation Daniel says I stood trembling will you not be trimming to and then he said to me do not fear Daniel for from the first data you set your heart to understand and humble yourself before your got your works are regulated three weeks ago when you try to cram all we heard we hurt you three weeks ago this is amazingly done what this three weeks ago we heard you the he asked for help is hard to understand in our present before God your words were heard and I have come because your words and with you if you are here because of my work and why I have to wait three weeks without modified fast until you show up you are referring to the why would you hear now the veil drawn aside there's no other person all holy Scripture draws a veil aside to the cosmic war and engages this planet like this review got to remember thirteen I was on my way Daniel Drew 's daughter heard to the pharmacy go go but the prince of the kingdom of Persia with securing me twenty one to every home Michael one of the chief princes came to help me for either left alone there with the kings of Persia the only reason I'm here bought this because Michael showed up and because he came I was released the company you this is so rudely hung the river once the second granted to the great controversy this war between heaven and earth can establish just happened here the WMA on that is going on in the universe Lavinia we heard you three weeks ago I was assigned to Company with God 's response but I couldn't because of the dark Prince of Persia by the way worshipers it is a worse person today Iran here and here in Baghdad Daniel thought I was coming but I can career on my way to Baghdad all outer world is going to a run through Baghdad is I came to Iran the way to Baghdad and was held are an evil prince said Perry staff said what you mean it's yours I serve the living creator Doug Moe beside anyone move for three weeks hand-to-hand battle in one venue because the dark Prince of Persia was all over Cyrus and we have to keep Cyrus free if God would have been trying little rented to go back to Jerusalem and be planted and be saved so we fought the dark Prince took place for I couldn't win I was no match neither he from ERI for the soul Michael came and when Michael J place micros are now I'm here to answer your prayer three weeks later but in general this is absolutely a nominal division we are granted to peer into the veil drawn aside for the personal Scripture like Michael shows up gorgeous Michael by the way right now I think I have has in the study guide I think this is a filament like to know Michael is his name means who is like God but the question who is like or can be a statement was like whoever Michael is whenever he wants Raptiva think again whenever Michael shows that I'm thinking who is like was like the who is assigned up to go Daniel chapter ten verse thirteen Z Brody and my French octagon is a is a Hebrew authority of the theological seminary jacket jackets or this would make the PC were there really can be granted he is the first even number one of the chief princes number one whoever you want along all in one who is a left-wing Jude nine Michael is called the Archangel whoever he is he's called the ruler over the Angels whoever he is we also know from first process on a chapter for her sixteenth voice of the arc angel who raised the dead at the second coming and we know from John chapter five verse twenty eight Jesus is my voice will raise the dead what a Eagles being and be seen therefore a utilization which led to brilliant Protestant reformer Melanchthon to conclude that Michael was none other than the preexistent Christ minus brightest Melanchthon 's what he was the brains behind Luther 's Reformation if Melanchthon believe he was the Christ I have a product that they myself was a gem in the Scripture interprets itself you can believe it with confidence Michael is a pre- incarnate Christ bodily justice down Michael only appears in apocalyptic literature which are not going to talk about Daniel Jude and Revelation only three books in the eight hundred sixty six only these three are called apocalyptic and only in the history does those Michael appeared and filed away the only appears when the battle between the forces of light and darkness and also by the way every time Michael shows and jotted down he wins you how to do everything he shows up he wins his Alice's it is a great battle on his resume that this is not and is not like the battle that Michael and Lucifer were in half five hundred and sixty years later I when swept some cool Calvary this is nothing like that to the picture of Michael that's Michael who became a menu where who's like John McCain was like man became one with us when he hung across Lucifer now calls to counteract the series Lucifer now says I will throw every weapon of hell that you and I am the prince of this world just like you to refers only now amended what all of us might find the prince you mount and give you this planet you downtown saying that same protagonist same outcome Michael wins when he shows up it is going on across Dickinson of every human being who ever lived on this planet from past present and future state and all that's in an absorbing into himself the Lord laid on him the iniquity of us all everything you've ever send in your life and syndication this week did you send this week but today in Houston today into that same for me those sins were dealt with by Michael Turner manual at Calvary the letter that delivered across the enjoyment that that that is something about that for the war was one of those a lot of babbling going on yet but that is where the outcome of the war was decided yet seven is labor tonight at seven hundred chain around you some even ready to graduate just a few weeks and you know your friend is voluntary with you wherever you go my friend you better not you you you have no to spend the rest of your life dragging that change clattering behind you you can be set free Michael turned a manual is done to free from the dark forces that hold this plan is still the Prince of Persia 's Prince of Andrews Princeton Loma Linda pieces is a liar but he claims us all Michael died two thousand years ago to set you free hour in a war we are in a war tonight 's enjoyment of how to care about Israel care about Islam and the forces of Iraq Iran a big there is material to me tonight that the greater war is the one that asked me into its vortex just like it has more your door calls for we wrestle not against flesh and blood against principalities and powers arose in high places and that right we wrestle against rulers in high places that are so committed to human freedom that if you want to say noting is a note in the night once a note and a Martin singled an amount still if they know your dad and you aren't afraid because that's most precious legacy you have the right to say no instead of yes I tell you what ladies and gentlemen if his wars are serious as Daniel ten makes it appear than I take it all the time when I intensified my yes to him rather than what is is is anything item state the others now yet this is in your study I jotted down plays a great controversy between good and evil will increase in intensity in intensity to the very close of time back write this down and whether we are in intensification is the operative strategy of both sides yeah you of course even think giving thanks that you roll over and play dead of course you can play with an intensification of the good news is Michael that the Lord Jesus Christ is playing with a greater intensification first on four for greater is he who is in you than he was in the world the same intensification is in doesn't seem like it's intensifying these days around where you live and please I went down to New Orleans you know we resent all chambers were a lot closer to Hurricane Katrina the new words of the opening of the school year last year a year ago we sent a team about the staff RNs gives her all over the place all over the ground there in the wake of Hurricane Katrina I hear me what this last August on the one-year anniversary got invited it was an honor to go down and preach in the church that the destroyed in New Orleans first show me that when a marked the end of the mud and water you can't tell me that meets your self is not intensify even each a planet is intensified and you and your you and I both like I have with its hunky-dory as if we had forty more years guaranteed to us after I retired vitamin a really good series about beans artichokes and him and become active in my community of faith do you know how bankrupt that kind of thinking is do you understand that if you die putting off that intensification in the Ruby who parties call that you why would we put all what must be done now we were in a war and it is intensified through the strategy to intensify intensify intensify intensify theogonies if you missed that attendance about a day as is good for generous standard I know I know you spent a lot more net but if humans in attendance about a day no of my different given what you and I know about this battle I suppose it would be okay to double the ten to twenty you heard earlier apartment heard that room heard in a today I'm on the swing shift data do it I rotations you've been hurt out and say now catch up some other day too many people have yet to find out they haven't caught up yet and is still run in their in their fifties and still run the race will never stop you have to stop yourself and say today now so high Lord Jesus my friend Doug you don't know yet you got game in midweek prayer for us and we did a nice thing together he did evangelism thing maybe some exotic this last fall but in his weekly prayer I think this is a EE using a ration as yet as it is as a dozen guys when you go it all down don't you are much I do not have the little panties little things are going to know about what the point appointed me know I'm ready to be served now been impolite you don't want to see anything is not down your noggin the fact that the light of the more affluent your VCR so every time I know that he was of the slavery you irrelevant attention that you hotel the problem is you and I am going to think and after Libya got as started by the largest little more about me and what the claims this is crazy you know what a few dollars of Oswego it was luckily I caught him out of four thousand eight on a nail and ring after all of our own mom me mom and mom how my intensification is why no one of them didn't too much of our prayer life is summarized in a hotel in now called my class will throw all those weight of our souls against that coordinate reaches to heaven and take him to have you I have to have you the present passion is gone I understand hunger goners and intensification my dear friend power is now intensify intensify intensify were no war you playing for keeps God is and so was the enemy it's time to ring Evans barrels for Michael please Michael come and help me now on we given up you right now given up you if in your heart that is not a call to generate dedication by the way if in your heart there's something inside of you call it the Holy Spirit if you wish it in your mind and conscience and heart there is something inside of you that this same boy when you say we intensify you and me together girl what do you say we intensify you and me together if there's a voice inside his head I wish you would already coverage I have I have paid this screen price for your freedom and your salvation your secure war but I got happy I need I need you where you are being on my side not his side it is eleven surprise surprise surprise they're not three sides there only to decant me on both you can only be on one side of licenses and which you testify Mercedes is that you speak to me you can have me I will stand my feet and you can have me I may mess up I may fall short and I may forget this intensification business but by your grace I'd like to say I'm on your side and count me in on this intensifying or if you would wish to send never to heaven would you stand your feet right now count me in the Lord Jesus Santa I'm not standing up because I make in some sort of be perfect forever promise can do but I'm standing up Michael because you stood for me I am standing up count me got to pray for you and pray with you holy father were all standing of that outstanding nothing great in us please used to Michael turn Emanuel stood all alone on Calvary hoisted between heaven and earth to get the dark forces of the enemy the intensification was supreme in Calvary but holy God the war has spilled over to the third millennium and were all sucked in and we have only one side we can be on your God please we stand for the Michael group stands for us during the twelve one reason Michael was himself will stand up for your people at the end of time believing he is standing father believing Christ our Lord stands for us is our honor our humble honor to stand for him please dear God seal every man woman and young adult teenagers decision right now seal this decision will intensify for the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ who stands for us that all the people say I'm


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