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04-Addicted and Immersed

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer Scott Ritsema



  • January 2, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you might know I am making on her behalf when managing demand going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. DY C when a weirdo I started with our part four of this upset in our call to dig in and immerse but before we knew that I wanted to do things with you this afternoon before we start with the audio recording first of all I'm going to have my friend Chad have to have a testimony of your jets from BJ's can share with you something it's the perfect transition point from the previous seminars want the last one was the last time music and there is there is testimony that so you hear that were also in the session talking about addiction and there is the perfect perky connection therewith the testimony earlier a very excited for you to hear that now because the first few minutes and then we will get into the topic of addiction and video gaming was a vital if you're not a gamer if you don't know any gamer that's addicted they will still apply to Google understands how the brain works so stick with us for this session all one more point of business before we get started as well I've been getting this question over and over and over again please spread the word on this for folks who are not in here because I had said it a few times in the sessions but I know the people been coming in and out now the government is hurt so please tell folks that everything I am sharing with you today in all of our sessions is on the DVDs that we have available at our booth belt of truth ministries you'll see media on the brain right there and is combining exhibit hours pick up those immunities and you'll get everything that you missed has anybody been with us for all three sessions all right if you are right not that many those laws do not hope that some I also seen it often and share this material reproduce material to get out there people are not speaking to I love hearing the stories of hay my brother-in-law watched your videos and he made a decision to give up his video gaming is reading his Bible more and I these things just like what made in the Vieira longer Nikon so please get the videos and share them I think that's it in terms of business items on the floor with just the start and I'll take the session procession for the again understanding and learn from our next message and on any humor that I began immediately word thinking when I think you have your last scenes when you're warm you also have the truth every day your Holy Spirit will guide us into nine nine is exalted in the name of Jesus leisurely leaders were among about I think these engineering my friend Vijay here just a little background in Santa Cruz are on your your my yours is okay I guess they don't in any turnout is low than ever a just just as I think you misread my wife and I will appoint him we make documentaries ignore an archaeologist theologians scholars we make documentary films were discovered in our history Channel but instead of the scrap and will give a reason to believe in the Bible to believe in Jesus and the Adventist message and he's going all over the world electioneering and finding it very easy to share the win is when people media can be used for God 's purposes amen God is using for his purposes and to share the message of truth the people desire all media is bad it's that we want to make your number one advertising everything from a media source meaning a sparse television when we want to make sure that we also think I'm learning you reading is a working colony also we need some of the simpler things and we are producing a documentary right now on the help message may have seen some things out there passing a nearly data forks over nice we started this one before anything came out we got busy with work another one I told her we are working on one right now I'm showing the longest living people in the world mixing in archaeology history showing what happens if you go and you begin to put these principles into action in your own life reviewing the address health message and one of the people that is a part of that documentary is my friend BJ here and meet before I could anyone really felt a little bit about your personal pass out when we use me into your profession I my name is these numbers with avoiding Hawaii my profession was also radio artists by the rating music were about close to ten years professionally and singing all over the place now I'm guessing at the real healthy lifestyle probably being integrated granting it tells a lot about those Elizabeth is a drug addict and alcoholic and I ate whatever you eat me first and what are the dirtier health while all been in the lifestyle it just my life went downhill I not really overweight and I'll is very depressed and have a cure to many forms of diseases like high blood pressure high cholesterol obesity I had doubts and so does many different things yeah I love our admirer of you near me I doubt that is a very painful thing regularly see our memory verse Amy Shaw and pain were that output what things with informative documentary with health professionals from all over the place showing how it will begin to leave these eight laws of helping biblical principles of health not only does it make the longest living people on the planet today but it can change your lifestyle for the better did you healthier happier healthier lifestyle even right now now so far what wanting to read the following BJ and Google has nowhere film him now he is good running fossa and tell us some wonderful transformations amazingly so far right so living in the lifestyle this is one of the right been a radar system like this let you know the group analysis particles of the vocalist and composer of the down and you have the number one selling album in all holy and great music and a lot of our music went number one in Hawaii and also the number one selling rate album on iTunes which I was along the Marley 's job along with Lauryn Hill and so yeah so that lifestyle actually I gain weight so one of the transformation is what I was really in two hundred nineteen pounds in the beginning of the program in my own home it will look programming like I was going to ask the entity health program there be more and that health program basically some principles of the Bible teaches on health the health message and I practically apply those principles in my own life as so I'm just not sure about that Chavez shall vehicle I started about two hundred nineteen found that thirty three percent body fat in my four months there I have lost forty pounds I went from thirty three percent body fat down to twenty two percent body fat I no longer have dollars I no longer have high blood pressure I no longer have high cholesterol yeah and I no longer and in that category of people who suffer from heart disease you see my family every male in my family has died of heart disease before the age of seventy so the whole reason why went there because I I saw my life training and weight and salmonella to the program and completing it I no longer and in that category awesome out basically what we know so I'm in a motorhome full time of the road producing documentaries as we had an opportunity to be a remark in a hazardous four-month health program at the not only about living a healthy life I share this healthy lifestyle and the others give you sure you're a human using and so forth and it's been an awesome experience we share the same as we were letting on it's not as if all television is evil they know is the devil I know you saying is for either is good but yes there's an enemy who knew everything and use of renting a premises we can use these things to be witnessed on the world around us and actually any a change from good people change their lifestyle had clearer mind that they sent the truth that we have been given so that part of the aspect of life we want people to be led in the direction and we can use these things for God 's purposes and obviously as it sounds yes salons I have left that drew the really good for now I am part of a Christian music group called revolution of hope singers and yes and I get to travel all over the place singing music forgotten now and in and thank you BJ and we are talking about addiction in this session especially the whole seminar is about media that you and I got the question number of times which is a good question at a group for the sake of time and what were hitting some of the most important information we can find that the level seminar and were getting into you as quickly as we can and will you are wondering why I overcome my addiction what principles can I used you to make sure to find more balance in the gain victory in my brain what the answer to that is on Sabbath heartsick of the seminar so were laying out all the information on the effects of these media in these first sessions so we can wake up so that we can be aware of why we got into the trap we are in the nature of the trap and come session six of the most important session id. and that is the principles or overcome munitions that we found ourselves in mother 's media or something else that you may be here this afternoon and you came to the session if you are interested in learning about the effects of media when you learn how it's about gaming in January might say at as just a big for me I want you to listen to the concepts of how addiction works in the brain this afternoon because it may speak to you in an area in your life you didn't expect to get spoken to you about this was a safe one maybe come to an native and Allen Avenue was on issue and I wanted to be with our issues and lastly let other media are something else so I wanted to spring on what time have to wonder why started our analysis of this topic father in heaven we thank you so much for the words that you given to us so far today and we anticipate more messages from your Holy Spirit as we continue to move forward with your spirit will rule and reign in this place that we would hear you in Jesus name is a quotation from earlier this morning I had it and I left some stuff on it we were here this morning I remember that this is new to most of you know Satan 's work is to lead men to ignore God to sell in gross and absorb the mind that God will not be in their thoughts the education they have received has been in the character to confuse the line and eclipse the true light same does not wish the people to love and knowledge of God and if he comes in operation was an expert games and theatrical performances that will so confuse the senses of the that human beings will perish in darkness while light shines all about them Jean Satan is well please gamers and theatrical performances this morning we took a moment it is positive well on the incredible nature of that quotation that a hundred and fourteen years ago we were warned that the people about theatrical performances how harmful were those hundred fourteen years ago compared to today's media and everything this is a far cry from or experiencing delay with NSS on the part that I left on which were talking on this afternoon James James Hunter fourteen years ago there were some objectionable quality into the games at that time that is not our topic this afternoon but I believe this statement to be prophetic because this warns us gone the last thing people that games will come in and use the census confused the mind eclipse the light of God isn't possible that video games are the fulfillment twenty fourteen 's version of that quotation for us today we'll take a look addiction what is an addiction and addiction is a compulsive behavior that brings short-term pleasure but long term what instruction they got to be careful with your use of the start it is not an addiction just as you have to do are you addicted debridement all you have to do but it doesn't make it in attention it's an invention it is harmful for you long-term so let's take a look at what kinds of video games there are out there which is to have the screen is the first video game system ever the Magnavox Odyssey come into play that old ping-pong where my old-timers inure the seventies there we are and him as a young group I was talking hands but that all game was a simulation of what game that ping-pong table tennis RRR tennis courts it would only want to call it that it was a game that you probably can stay up till four in the morning playing in and lose your job you are in your family always comes up in worrying about and not begun again were talking about this afternoon another thing when not talking about this afternoon we save video games is maybe a simple little educational simulation your plane some math baseball or something like that is not so much what were talking about although it does concern me when I hear Jeffrey take minute Duke University say that the future of education is in the virtual world all of the reward reinforces a dad were for learning will be taking place in gains in simulated environments that concerns me a little bit but I think it in moderation if this is not because they were talking about this afternoon we say videogame addiction and not as if they were not talking about it is like learning how to fly a plane by using a simulator or learning how to do a surgery using a simulator these things that these things can actually help us learn skills that otherwise would be very dangerous the one and you do it in a virtual environment these are great things will behold can you talk to me afterwards community moon will be on the audio but on your knowledge when talking about his puzzle games and virtual motion games like a playing a little bit of a puzzle game that maybe exercise in a certain way and is not necessarily what we talk about music videogame addiction they have a low-level addictive risk but I should say I had a lady come up to me after the slide said Scott ego want to be believable to me I'm playing video games puzzle games sixty hours a week she told me everything I do this presentation every weekend I say you even need to be careful with something as simple as silly as that virtual most days I don't know anybody that's playing tennis on the week that the born morning either it's not so much over talking about today although I don't advise like we do more and more these things again this is not the topic for this afternoon would we say media addiction what we are talking about in games with one of the following two things violence and aggression or high addictive potential anything with violence and aggression is obviously our moral level to be a concern for a Christian I don't think you need me to say that simulate killing people on a screen is not the uplifting Christ centered activities that we should be nation had only to spend anymore time on the net but the highly addictive potential is also a factor for us here such as games like a first-person shooter highly addictive highly vile and all RPG that has a massively multiplayer online role-playing game if you are uninitiated in the gaming garden can be a little overwhelming well before you basically are going on to an online world and your participating in a game in there with other players around the world and there's usually some some some sort of quest or our aggression or domination it takes place in that game as well third manage and control games these are known as God games also highly addictive and real-time strategy games of that I highly addictive so it doesn't have to mean one got Sindelar an order for it to be addictive and dangerous and really sucking people 's life away from so just keep that in mind of those categories as we move forward I want to introduce you to Paris individuals who were my site has some an expert secular testimony on the top left is a Phillips embargo is a sociologist on the bottom Kevin Roberts a former gaming addict and a counselor of game addicts the Council 's genetics and into Neils Clark you're on the top right is probably the foremost expert on the issue of gaming addiction cited by the news in Enron 's programs and so we start with those embargo jocularly called the demise of guys out of a notice today we look around and then a passive manner not what men once were eastbound was a thirty percent more likely to drop out of school the girls will now perform outperform guys at all levels of education two thirds of students and remedial programs the boys there five times more likely than girls that ADV and this is observed sociologist a fear of intimacy a social awkwardness among young men especially with the opposite sex that was always to the extreme that it is today he says he is the reason they don't know the language of facial contact body language in these things because of three things excessive Internet use video gaming and photography stick around for subsequent sessions will touch on that last one just a little bit but today mostly video gaming moving forward why is there such a draw to gaming you my I now understand again we may not be a game on your family members my musings for our lanyards like scratching your head on why what's up with that they're very good reasons very near in your game and Jamie I want to feel misunderstood I want people understand what it is when the dynamics in the game that got you so in person in that it didn't and the first one is that the game offers community and belonging whether the simulated social experience towards the online one with actual players from around the world the brain gets tricked into thinking that you have a real interpersonal human connection is all virtual and sometimes this is not even real but the brain is tricked into thinking that there's an acceptance in a social group in the community when it's not also when you look at the MMO massively multiplayer online game of feudalism and the gimme of things I grew up with it was Nintendo right we turned the Nintendo Wii play Mike Tyson 's Punch out her super Mario or whatever for a little while to return to game on and Mario disappeared right not so with today's games they're always not there always going on in the virtual world so when you're not there you're missing something so if you're in that world your part of playing your part of agility are part of a community and you start saying things like you know what I think I like my gaming time how are your combatants fellow guild members who has been a few about you had us are becoming critical object this is from Neils Clark is a former gaming addict he says his things I heard when I was trying to reduce my gaming time at a basic things like you've got to be at the rate on Sunday you're unbelievable we just gave you the black breastplate of unholy raging fireball if you take that and leave the knock on your house and kill you now is his friend is Fred that your friend your drinking buddies are not your friend you tried to get off alcohol site as I've been going to the bars that's a destructive and immoral are that you look into the same way they did before you said that sentence novel saving with a gaming addict buddies him unleash a torrent of abuse upon you like this no cartels instantly made an experience that or if you haven't yet you got me what you think area social connection your friends real your real friends are people that want the best what's best for you achievement is another thing the game delivers a meeting to give the language of the countless something it's the stuff of poetry in legends on the surmountable and some great announcements but in our actually the game world is shrinking the brain into thinking human something all those victories were planned out for you they were in the game you be back either monster that level whatever it was and it was designed for that to happen nothing has been accomplished this is why there is a sense of emptiness at the end of the day you while you're in the middle of it like I is the greatest establishment in the history of humanity and with that when you decompress and you come back to reality it is why depression goes up for gamers because of his long while is really not fulfilling its also escape Kevin Roberts is counseling a gaming addict has found that one hundred percent of them not all of these bullet points apply to all gamers but this one dies he says a hundred percent of the gaming addicts against counsel were escaping something in a real-life they didn't want to face and deal with its escape Hatch second upwardly role-playing a you can you can be somebody else what a little or what an idea here is only a beginning at the beginning systems advertiser games PlayStation says I live a double life says the gamers I sent morality aside here's another one live the life you've always dreamed of without any risk or danger to yourself so you might not feel like it was a countless person that you feel like a loser in a young lady feels unattractive or what ever you go into the game you can be somebody amazing even be a hero you can be this is flirtatious very popular kind of person that you want to take on these activists in the real world unite you likely are as again as in the case of every gamer but many time this fulfilling a identity that you want to have but isn't taken place in the real world and the counterfeit is an empty façade and shall again reinforcement of aggression we talk about the violence aspect what a lot of it was illegal I get frustrated I'm mad I'm upset about they saw go blow away the enemy in modern warfare it is like who I feel better call of duty whatever it has been a name video games like the little one's wishes on the Novell is a safe dozens of examples but that is actually releasing aggression and help e-mailing on a shopping when you're that is we are probably lots outlet Major Bill Nelson and I just want something like I is angry about something about this hostility was increase both in subjects playing a highly aggressive videogame and those playing a mildly aggressive videogame is the message where I go as long as we can do away with grand theft auto will all be fine because if you're fighting a moral war in all of World War II a earlier this great hero then it's good and moral and okay even mildly aggressive games increase your level of hostility and found in studies interesting the latest brain research actually shows that violent games activate the anger center of the brain while dampening the conscience dampening the consciousness that something wanted it we wanted them as gods people in the last phase underway you want to have a voice and since it launched you wanted to have been a lot more sensitive another thing the game offers his competition of course in the game world is not the only place that delivers an intense hyper competition you may be finding is in the business world are the sports world and talk about some of that later but again it's an incident on the beach you dynamic writers on again victory over you you will be defeated at my Alouette victory at your expense who invented that principle Satan knows loser I I I I I listened to the throne of God and he was a lot from the beginning LII was a murderer when he was about a murderer from the beginning of murder I noticed that a lot of you and I you and you will be destroyed as I can has sent in the greater isn't that the I'm better than you under the BG dynamic the very beginning of the great controversy in heaven is taking place every day in the gaming world not just in the gaming world and can take place anywhere I can take place as she looks prettier than me and I want to know whatever it is only different ways we can competitively lack with our are very insecure minds as long as I need victory and ninety eight again I'll feel good about myself is better than somebody else in the Bible second those who compare themselves among themselves are not wise it's not wise to say I'm better than you discovery these are the real genius gamers but when you got a stereotype gamers that there like some sort of like an old earlier in life and people chambers of the most intelligent people I know they're extremely smart people and is especially these discovery oriented gamers they go into the game and they explore every inch of territory in the game is a reversal of them and you're like to find a hidden levels the tricks of the GNU gave up his experience of yeah I discovered something that you color with a rediscovered things in the real world we can contribute something these guys have talents that God wants to use in a major way in the last date coming up with with new ways of expressing Bible truth evangelistic initiatives maybe just technological things and other amazing discoveries that can be made in the real world all been converted into this other thing is not real another thing the game offers us pleasure I'm usually right I mean it's it's one year there their sexual kinds of games if you're an older person in your needed to know that this is not content this is a whole different kind of thing the video games of today here you go shopping and spend real money in the game and there's a lot of pleasures to be had at last someone maybe this is the most important one story we are in the midst of a great story is with us all conferences about the great controversy with the video game offers a alternative storing a counterfeit story if you will a made up story that you go in inherent holiness in this epic struggle between the forces of good and evil engineer going into the game victory over the evil one aberration and you find yourself in this it's like a fantasy novel or movie that is so captivating it's a story that grabs your attention you why they got their attention if not create us to understand and be captivated by a story and inventory limits on what he has but internally within the hearts of men and women and I learned on the counterfeit star he were missing out on what God has for you to do in a struggle between good and evil is going on right now that we look back to this and this is nothing new in gaming this goes back to the fantasy novels of ages past J.R.R. Tolkien probably the most famous fantasy now writers describe what he called a secondary world secondary world but the human mind can step into and believe in and he called enchantment that the word from witchcraft by the election he says you can enter into a dream that another mind is weaving that some a little creepy to anybody else enter into a dream that another mind is leaving England it was literally a magical thing to create this this fantasy for people to experience and also that the creator of this secondary world middle learned about a videogame or whatever it might be the creator of the secondary world is following the footsteps of the creator shortfall we should be like Jesus and character yet shall we try to be the creator the John created one world for us to live and exist within when we say I am the writer of a fantasy novel of the videogame of a movie on whenever they has I am the creator of the new world and its allies only so many ulcers that he wanted to be in the position of the creator yeah this is not something we need to be a part of the following day we had to this is when you wanted a gaming world this is a secular writer same cast a spell on you cast the spell is really something coming from a secular writer there's something spiritual going on in the gaming world is not just as simple as an item on getting pleasurable was running we will talk about addiction in just a minute but the only game developers if your vision on Scott writing on this issue right game developers create a world in which people live and in that way they are close to godlike powers and that makes me wonder if game inappropriate word any more videogame play ping-pong tennis and then you play Pong it's a video version of the game right when you go into the online world it's no longer just a game you're simulating you're going and living in a secondary world counterfeit reality it's no longer just a game but I don't think it's just the game designers have godlike power a whisper the serpent in this this is amazing this is again feels like a secular writer writing about the experience of being in the game our minds are set free to explore and exercise heightened abilities and senses in a space that still looks and feels real games take our senses beyond the confines of reality at the same time those sensations allow the inflation and extension of our consciousness unique ways of being is about allure is not a promise of something greater way of being human sounds like something that the statement of operating in the garden you can be more than God created to be you can accept experiences of consciousness beyond what God has created and the limitations of his world and go beyond the confines of God 's reality that's amazing that when you're in the game I think that's silly everybody knows it's just again not really experiencing something beyond the confines reality you know it's just on a screen so seen in figure tells us the visual system never learns that television just the pain of glowing phosphor dots in the prison never losing the illusion that there is a world behind the pain 's individual system doesn't know how to discern reality from fantasy when you're watching a movie your brain thinks Israel we learn about mirror neurons from Chad this morning when you see with your eyes and rain receives it as it is your reality and experience singing with again in the human body can release a variety of chemicals responding to gangs as if they are completely real physical experience visually interesting to add the ability to immerse and enchant us with our without our permission these are media they give experiences to our real eyes ears hearts and brains variance is that professionals painstakingly designed to be one breathtaking and exhilarating so where escaping reality we go into this counterfeit reality we find all of our identity our experiences our pleasures are accomplished as a sense of that we are somebody in that game but they know what they're finding when we come out of the game and then cycle University Nottingham Trent University found game transfer phenomena that players in the virtual world start blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in the real world they start doing things as it are still in the game what a scary thought to think about when you look at the Masters is everybody plays a video game to become a master course not but when the Masters of today have been masters if they were bursting with it may not have happened because we know that we're blurring the lines between reality and fantasy people asserted do things in the real world as if they are still in the game we know that the military is for millions of dollars into the deep violent games for a reason right is it it it conditions it is it desensitizes it it makes you a better soldier and that what we are training for we trying to fit up for having addictions are addictions take place as of the product those who are not gamers may not be so with that issue but I want you to understand how the brain works when it comes to addictions personally the chemical dopamine right okay get dopamine triggers the reward circuitry in the brain when you don't mean into a hit into your reward circuitry that the circuit fires often you will feel good about something you feel like you summing up a pleasure now in the traditional way that people abuse their brain and body as their drugs right chemically and there's a dopamine surge in the rest of your day cocaine into ahead of dopamine and you feel great like you something wonderful in life when really you didn't there's a way that they found dopamine is enhanced in the brain and that is through a process or a behavior things like gambling shopping running up the credit card eating super healthy foods in risk-taking extreme sports holidays kind of thinking the other day trader and in a lot of ways do we find it to get addicted to something maybe it's food sex risk-taking problems with acquisition and possessions these things they are finding actually mirror the chemical addictions that we been warning about for decades with they found is whether it's in the general election or a chemical addiction the same genes are involved so that genes don't know the difference whether your pornography addict or a cocaine addict genes operate the same way on a level in the game addicts brain when thinking about the game just like a drug addict 's brain when thinking about the drug war finding the chemical addictions of all and the behavioral addictions that are now being studied are a lot more similar than we used to think I'm willing to take the behavioral ones that much more seriously than ever growing up in the nineteen eighties I'd open up my candy package that I got the diamond sword and say say no to drugs that some people here from the eighties as a notice of Nancy Reagan's they can think that a good Java warning me about drugs I never took cocaine is a pretty rebellious youth I was scared that the driver and defending a good job teaching me about the dangers on are really the same thing gaining preponderantly unhealthy food always other things that people are developing serious addictions to BJ would you say were addicted to the unhealthy food it is a study was a drug addict but you will be good with an addiction for a lesson in many of you have been in a situation we like Matt Talbot are we giving warnings to the people today about behavioral addictions as well by the way I have some good news for the good news is here's your interview dopamine on the little ball between her dopamine is a neurotransmitter and evil costs that you see are dopamine receptors so when the dopamine goes into the synapse where the neuron will fire across the synapse is the neurotransmitter is in place as the memory flashback to chemistry class Catholicism that is biological what what happens is when your brain gets flooded with dopamine you watch the first Bernard Ziegler EE you you you take that first drug whatever it is the brain goes while all oh okay dopamine is so readily available here is there so much of what you need all these receptors to see how the talk to among the shutdown into receptors now that's the bad news is reached some are dopamine regulation system and all of a sudden we need more dopamine to get the same levels of pleasure that sunset doesn't look so beautiful anymore is your wife smile just doesn't do anything to your gives you near the photography and you messed up that dopamine regulation system but the good news is that pizza equipment wraps on cocaine and economic okay within two days they were dopamine starved as they were getting their narrative cocaine right is what they don't they start sprouting new dopamine receptors in the brain 's maximum would become off of our addictive cycles the matter what it is that were struggling with so there's some good news for you to stick around for part six as you'll hear more about a I understand your fears about himself with the chemical addiction within Judaizers are less rock nouvelle green receptors but with a food addiction if you're on an unhealthy diet and you that it takes even longer to start new dopamine receptors so I'm a question are chemical addictions way more worse than behavioral addictions like food gaming in an photography and we don't we don't believe that anymore as a people in an instant a society as we seen enough evidence to the contrary alliance gaming such a uniquely dangerous addiction number one is it socially acceptable if you look at the same way as cocaine secondly there's an extreme novelty to the game the endless risk and reward and again when you're going in there and it just isn't its experiences that never end but it never ends up in the following sense as well there is no satiation mechanism when he allegedly eventually some useful when you take drugs eventually you will need to take more over the game you can just keep playing there's no point at which your stomach is full so you play all night I spoken to several individuals and it becomes a problem long before this that I've spoken with several individuals that would get home on a Friday afternoon play the game all the way until Sunday morning with only a couple hours of sleep on Friday night and Saturday night and all we can ever hold down a job but they were there we can was the game for over for forty eight hours and in fact the cycle you get into there's no satiation mechanism we don't want to mess with the stop there in nineteen million video gaming addicts in America today two million in on the alcoholics are only twelve million that's a lot I should say only their twelve million alcoholics and that is eclipsed by the nineteen million video gaming addicts according to the American Medical Association so we are dealing with something very very serious here for the summer for fifteen okay I'm a mechanism for this visit this is all a little bit humorous I find this and this is Kevin Roberts a former gaming addict if you find yourself saying some of these thanks you might be a gaming addict on display for fifteen minutes more or I don't think that once I get one of my characters to level twelve then I'll go to bed as a species of Islam united again to see if I select intergalactic death Ray went on playing as long as my economic transactions are going dry and we make excuses he says okay here's how about if I make it to the next level and often will relax and I'll be able to sleep better allies I was just out to not be able to sleep Olympic and about again he'd link so I can sleep better of man is that the sun rising and only fifteen minutes are up now but I'm on such a roll I can't stop now this is the best that ever not I want to stop now but I can't the members of my clan are counting on me so noble as I is a good intention never when you backup from adding you look at reality again is there a plan is not it's not real rack and here's one more I must've had the time wrong because there's no way I'm going for four hours find yourself saying that you just might be a gaming addict now I don't mean this as a joke like you might be a redneck if I mean seriously let's look at that the twenty question survey that that that that Kevin Roberts uses to diagnose a gaming addiction goes like this number one if you are not able to tell how long you been playing that assignability can buy the latest in the twentieth you can answer yes to four of these he tells us that it is not as easy measure for an addiction to getting an answer yes to for these if you find yourself lying about the disrupting sleep patterns because the game cravings for the name withdrawn from family or friends losing interest in other things you used to enjoy gaming for more than two hours a day the majority the days of the week declining performance in school or work physical pain blinds of the negative consequences of the activity buying things in the game with real money playing accessory up playing through mealtime glorifying the game having an emotional disturbance when the game is taken away yeah that they wanted in it but only on that one this organism hope to a lot of the overcoming sub again is coming at a part six but I talked to Mike said in a mama and she was dealing with her with her with her twelve -year-old son younger than most of you guys in here but it still gives us all hope because a human being is a human being this kid was a total video gaming attic and she exhibited at our seminars used on waffling on evidence he said after you did something totally inappropriate I dislike I've had it with this is that I did videogame she got through the garbage and the kid sleep it was like a two -year-old temper tantrum she set out even though the kid as I don't know the lady personally she just e-mailed me on it in and she said he was on the floor kicking and screaming and wailing about like a madman but two weeks later she says I see she came home from work and she found him not only she actually did his chores when he was doing thinking and you need to do beyond what she had been asked to do and he greeted her at the door and said welcome home mom how was your day and she said I have a completely different child now that videogame and consumed him and conform to the pattern of this world as would be the scriptural words for that now he's being transformed by the renewing of your mind so give on emotional disturbance when something is taken away if so which I didn't immediately come on any automatic sound like you're trying to hurt you or do something that you we know we might have a problem in Sicily lots you mood swings which are the fighting continued gaming despite serious real-life consequences a persistent inability to cut down on gaming time oh that's a big one increase time spent on the game over time or thinking about the game when you're not playing if you find yourself like so many people that I've spoken to about video gaming I had scores of people economy and say I used to be a videogame addict I think that a lot of the soon-to-be former video game addicts in your you may be struggling with is now thinking there's no way I would build overcome this thing that James is so awesome I just is one you know what if we love something so much that we think we could get up his apostolate things and islands in addition we need to get help these people came to me that I used to be a gaming addict they're not people just gritted their teeth one morning and said to do this there people who sought help more on that coming in part six but will they continue one have you ever wondered how do the game designers do it and make their games so I checked it again and again at this man hours and hours of our time on this thing some have admitted now you'll notice it's one of these it was in an anonymous interview because your game designers not going to say hi I'm game designers also with such and such company and we are doing this to you okay so these are a nonresident is a journalist but here's a lot once that we make it just like gambling that's how we design our game now most people don't have a very high view of casinos we don't say I want to be like a casino owner who's getting to people 's money into the house always wins but they want to get a little victory for something they want to hear that change did you enjoy all man I got the dopamine releasing you got that feeling up on them in a get rich and so you start gambling more and more momentum at a gambling addiction exactly the same way that videogame artists if you will videogame design you are doing the same we make it just like gambling drinking a quick victory effort for something quick and easy effort to start in the reward circuitry in the brain that we are talking about they don't looking at and then you need to work a little longer and a little harder to get that next hit the next being if you welcome to level up it takes more effort more gilding more more more acquiring of a different skills in an spousal and what is Sony and I work hard to be able to wireless things to get that next reward is you now been conditioned to me that reward your brain thinks by the way that this is a survival issue if you're into something and somebody says he'll like me or a loved one they say you want to be free from that addiction you don't let as talented addicts brain you might die that the serious wildlife I need its we think we needed to survive the brain is only require intricate path of his life and had an addict needs to get help another gun on his game designer halogenated so addicting one anonymous game designer discussed with journalists the principle that Madison Avenue uses called the blink rates no Madison Avenue is what is the advertising industry get in another Madison Avenue the advertisers are we setting of this morning on advertising industry is a basically people trying to get you to buy their desktop and that's not good for you and that will destroy her out and they get to make a direct insult is that we don't have a high view of what's happening in the advertising industry city to manipulate all the things we talked about this morning for a game designer to admit and say we are doing it like at Madison Avenue again when there's not raising the bar very high it's saying you were doing and people to get their blink rate to slow down just looking at the pupils dilate just like to watch a commercial there is only seducing a kid there and you know what this is a process that produces dopamine something knowing when what they're doing am I saying that we should wage a culture war against the game designers and Americans are always evil people now I'm not we don't need to play their games we don't need to do what it is that we put out there to help us draw closer to Jesus but to do the opposite right another anonymously resides in the same one said the job of videogame design is all about the dynamics of using adrenaline the easiest way to get a player to feel that it will rust and make you think he's about to die and interviews even back when Mario you know you're jumping from one of that when the blast to another elect will will tell you that you and your brain is going to will I you envisage rental in her eyes it becomes highly addictive and this is how they do it and they know exactly what they're doing there's no doubt about it now pediatrics it is the scientific journal and into the house eleven they did a study by Linda had been as many studies done on video gaming and this is why you had to hold slides this morning on television with all these bullet point television around for a while I would video games as we know them today and how much more than a decade old and so that studies the residual effects of these things we are still coming to terms with how big of a problem is in every study that comes out received things like that we see the effects of pathological gaming and they say these things not just God is not just gamers who have these things already are drawn to gaming mineral gaming is causing depression anxiety and social phobias so serious scientific emotional consequences the more that we do these games another study that was done just over a year ago is a fascinating one they took gamers skimming and they had them play a video game for only one week and they only had them play for ten hours and that one week now if you're not a game you want ten hours that's a lot of time and adults it is a lot of time but compared to the five Marianne Americans who are playing how much you remember from this morning forty hours a week million Americans are placed forty hours of video games per week said that ten hours loudly they can measure very low amount of video games ten hours a week of violent videogame ten hours in only one week they look at brain activity before the game began and they look at brain activity after they the week was over and if so they found a some brain damage they found a weaker prefrontal cortex after only one week of gaming and only ten hours we have a culture of millions playing hour after hour after hour week after week month after month year after year toward developing brain this is going to have serious consequences that we don't even have a clue about yet as a society we know it's been absolving only ten hours damage the prefrontal cortex may now have a weaker prefrontal cortex which is the most important area in the frontal lobe where all these spiritual executive center functions take place yourself control your reasoning powers all of these are prefrontal and is weakened and damaged by just a week in gaming from ten hours I can't stress that study enough that by the most powerful study of scene on the issue of video gaming now you will find out there a lot of arguments on the supposedly benefits of gaming in the full seminar normally go through every single one of the supposed benefits of gaming what you'll find is basically what what Christine Rosen says is that spot she's a Harvard professor she says to find a good gaming opera requires strenuous leaves of watching because you have to do it I am in receipt of until this point and the things that are supposedly beneficial out videogame talk about a surgery simulator and things like that document the standard had a gaming mentioning here every single supposed to benefit that I've read I was really other side of things I want to have a bias and I go into America what are the supposed benefits every one of them either is not a benefit it's like it will train you to be a better soldier or meningitis if you want to do that for your listening by Elwood my kids that they sell is either not a benefit or secondly the suppose it benefit can just as well be obtained in the real world without all the addictive risks with all that all the brain damaging effects without without the risk of losing your life to these things in an and ending up living in this counterfeit reality I agree with her statement I also have before giving out what I want to share quotation with you briefly and him business was at the end of the music once or relates to music but it's partly for our session right now as well and I just ran out of time to the music session as you noticed I was going very quickly at the end that is a quotation from review and Herald May four eighteen ninety seven paragraph ten will remain as the following if we do not receive the religion of Christ by feeding upon the word of God have you heard Chad a couple of guys talk about reading the word of God is that the most important thing we can be doing lifetime absolutely but were at twenty five to life you mislead the first session this morning the ratio of Adventist youth media consumption versus spiritual dissonance subdisciplines of a Bible study and prayer on a five to one ratio of TV and movies and video gaming to Bible study and prayer twenty five Ljubljana balance on studying God 's Word if we do not receive the religion of Christ by feeding on the Word of God we shall not be entitled into an entrance into the city of God having lived on earthly food I want out of earthly women talking about some earthly food today that were living on this stuff is in its Armenian diet having lived on earthly food having educated our tastes to love worldly things we would not be fitted for the heavenly courts we could not appreciate the pure heavenly currents that circulates in heaven the voices of the Angels the music on their harps would not satisfy us repository there is as we ran out of time in the music if you are here for the music thing I want to hear everything that we had to share a music teacher to get the DVDs in exhibit Hall the way for those who were here you will look at the stimulating music is highly in all energizing music to the brain and the savings using this music to engrossing charm the mine he knows which organs to excite all implications of the spirit of prophecy tell us that there is a kind of music not just video games not just to me through the style kind of music not the lyrics style of music that is doing something to us that is going to make it so that when we get to heaven we would if we were there we would not appreciate the voices of the Angels and the music of the heart 's it wouldn't satisfy us are you hearing dopamine and not right and we got so invented what we need the stimulation of dopamine regulation system is all and so that we feel we need the enticing and stimulating pleasures of this world delivered to us by the entertainment media to the point where when Jesus comes again we know all I guess I should've thought about that stop it people will be lost because they are not set upon the word of God they affect upon work earthly food and the music up there as boring music I'm not interested in a minute would like an hundred and the music session we are chatted fundable talk about God retrained taste buds are musical taste I agree completely that was my experience too I played in a rock band I was all into the rock music when I got was first becoming a Christian was all about the Christian rock and pop and gospel in all of these stimulating music that we listen to and I'll tell you something I couldn't stand I couldn't stand in classical music this stuff was so distasteful to me in this quotation is speaking something to me and I believe it's because something to on the last visit this is inspired stop there is a lifestyle we live in two thousand fourteen that will make it or break it for us it says we will not be entitled to an entrance of the city of God why because is not arbitrary is he like you you watch that I don't like you anymore at all now this is just an observation of reality if we are being fitted and trained and conditioned for that in reality reality will there but for feeding America food we would not like it there at all the music would not be pleasing to us deciding on the quotation now to finish the science of heaven would be as an commitment to our minds we need brothers and sisters here's your charge here's your challenge we need to hunger and thirst for the righteousness of Christ which is attained by what our works are they our faith the works follow the fruit follows no we don't say I'm going to become a good Christian by my own works not receive the righteousness of Christ that he implants with Dennis and becomes a reality as he transforms our minds and changes I we need to hunger and thirst for the righteousness of Christ we need to be molded and fashioned by the transforming influence of his grace that we may be fitted for the society of heavenly angels are Scripture text for today has been Roman soldiers to do not be conformed to the pattern of this world whether it's our music our movies whether it's our our our our gaming or anything else God wants to do a work in you to transform you and you for having it's not about getting into heaven it's about fitting into heaven monitors were closing prayer I want to challenge everywhere the end of our day-to-day and we been through four sessions Navy avenger four sessions with us and hear the beginning of a new year how many of you have made a New Year's resolution anybody are IFU I wanted last now about giving things up and talk more about whatever you replace it with how many of you in here want to make a decided effort to limit out this quotation in your life to be transformed by the righteousness of Christ for the human ear can want that for your twenty fourteen praise the Lord praise Lebanon how many of you have some form of media in your life that you think might be in impediment in a stumbling block between you and your Savior access allowing us in a me too by the way I'm making a resolution to be on my computer less useless things for good purposes but sometimes I'm honestly too long maybe we need to just ask simple questions like that or maybe you're struggling with musical style you know is not only are your gaming addict or something is clearly more immoral addictive and an Satanic even in the media and those hands that one up I want to challenge you guys to make a decision right now around time of prayer and I want us to secure the voice of God to set aside every thing else don't worry however going after this what time it is what will you do later here the voice of God speaking to you in the silence of a leave of moment of silence that we might talk it over with God Lord what do I need to give up in twenty fourteen and what do I need to replace it with the word of God they could make a decision about the amount of timing the when and where to specific make goals as we close today our father in heaven we thank you so much for the promise that we get into your word we seek you by faith that you will you will change as you transform your righteousness will become our father we know that we gotten ourselves into it addictive cycle in the trap there are many in here wondering how to get out I pray that you would show the way that that as we continue in the seminar part sex and talking about overcoming these things I pray that you give people the courage to seek help somebody and you're struggling with it with a serious gaming addiction is give them the courage to get help and more helpless to continue as we go through the summer to be willing to the vulnerable before you open for you to receive the impressions of your spirit and weblog right now is really just a moment of silence we ask you to speak to each heart as we all pray to you individually about our twenty fourteen about what we may need to give up we need to replace with give us insight on how to be specific about where we will read our Bibles when for how much and what methods and purposes let me thank you for speaking even now I pray that you would seal the decisions that you would find the devil he's not very happy about the fact that people are coming free from these addictions and seeking our Lord we know that you issue you will make the devil flee from us as we are in submission to you I just pray for our for power for strength and for your spirit upon every soul in here as we face this new year what we don't know how much time you have left we just ask that you would encourage each and every person we know as well to follow the example that we were setting is the last time I now look at us as if we are clearly different plan ahead and I'm on a tactful labor give us trail only some approach with that here is a helpless not to make this out to seem like some sort of a New England situation is a moron of a better life for us pray for your spirit upon every soul business is waiting you may see you supporting Mimi Steve Simmons sanity states he seems I think young him I would be fine for Christians to download the pictures other resources like the Internet I am coming out in the mice even thought I are you are a


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