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06-Preparing the Brain for the Final Controversy

Chad Kreuzer Fadia Kreuzer Scott Ritsema



  • January 4, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for me to believe the delay in unveiling their behalf when managing your man to only plan is to visit us online at www. delay seemed that a we're all learning is starting with our last session and it has been quite an adventure to meet your with you this week coming up here to at least one session prior to this all right bracelet how many others do all I okay as they follow claimant and the one out yet again got well on Florida for the purposes of those listening to the MP3 the way they were going to construct our meeting this afternoon is more going to do a recap for about the first ten minutes or perhaps fifteen minutes so on the MP3 of human listening to all the previous files you may want passwords in the beginning here but for those who many of them are very funeral scene everything we shared this week so for your sakes the rest of you that is I want to call you answer some of the insights that we have brought out on this issue of media and obviously as you can see around you we all know that this is a very very important topic to me talking about we all know that there was a problem with media in the twenty first century and so to address this to help understand the effects of it and to gain a more balanced relationship with our media so that it becomes a tool for the glory of God the winning of souls rather than chains that bind us and it is strange that behind us presently I share once lineman in distant union when some of that and then we'll pray and start George Barna has pointed out that media is the most widespread and serious addiction in America and this is based on data and polling using the American psychiatric Association 's method for diagnosing in connection when I met Jordan mind talk to them about the she told me this is published literature as well that actually majority of Americans would qualify as having in addition to do something mostly entertainment media so as we face us as a people we met up again where we can begin everything in our lives and that is looking to Jesus Christ prayer father in heaven we know that we cannot face this thing on our own in our own strength and solar we just pray that you would speak not to speak but we know you would give his ears to hear and the courage to understand what it is you might be sharing with us that Lori thank you that you given us hope that we have a layout of our traps that we've stepped into thank you so much that we can hear some of that this afternoon as well Jenna Faria but we pray that your spirit would do the speaking Jesus name amen the recap first of all this and statistics on how much media has been consumed in America today mainly in my again by that I mean entertainment media kids age three to five hundred and thirty two Larson television per week ages eight to eighteen will have five hours per day and three and a half hours of worldly music on top of that some studies at the six hours when you account for multitasking the average young person the racks of ten thousand hours of video gaming medieval twenty one and if you isolate out fine of five million gamers are playing the most five million video gamers are playing forty hours a week every week on average of just their video games so were looking at some serious serious numbers with that and you can add on top of that things like spectator sports the average college-age boys viewing eight hours a week of watching televised sports and so it happened than the unit which is probably a ballpark estimate on housing problems in my half amending sixteen hours or those who are watching on average total screen time for the average American child is over fifty three hours per week in the average child the more time watching TV by the end of sixth annual spending time of the conversation with his father his entire lifetime has been set that's a sobering reality now you might be wondering what are the effects and as we go through a lot of help with excellent effect on the mind and the brain I'm obviously not going to be elegant and all five hours what we've covered so far but here are just a few bullet point anecdotes that I found very interesting these are from the study some of you know this but the lifespan becomes eleven minutes shorter for each cigarette smoked those smokers life span is shorter and shorter and shorter overtime by eleven for a cigarette another staff for the twelve million alcoholics in America and another back there is a nineteen percent increase in heart attacks for red meat eaters viewed as serving a red meat per day statistics with our twenty first century media and entertainment the average lifespan becomes not eleven minutes for a cigarette but once you two minutes shorter for a jar of television watched Polly make strong warnings about smoking we should shortening lifespans but our television because you are sedentary about exercising your eating more unhealthy foods are being advertised to a more unhealthy foods and their effects on mind and body for this behavior there are twelve million alcoholics in America but there are nineteen million video gaming addicts in America is importing the American Medical Association and video gaming is a diagnosable diagnosed addiction in America today by the American psychiatry community twenty five percent increase in heart attacks on big game day in London the London hospitals witness a spike in heart attacks right on and on just after the game that number nineteen percent over here for red meat twenty five so were looking at a serious health message on this issue of media but not just that those are numbers that we've seen five hours per day for the averaging taking elbows or numbers from the world from from the broader community I was wondering about administer you so I got all the fifty and an anonymous survey and they were honestly reporting on how much TV movies and video gaming that they were consuming just those things just TV and movies and video gaming and it was four hours per day and I asked about prayer Bible study ideal spiritual disciplines and it was ten minutes per day on average most of the Martin zero but it averaged out to be ten of four hours to ten minutes is a twenty five to one ratio this is obviously a serious imbalance you have to hear it from me to know that so what are the effects of these things it seems that the world seems to start getting some of the stuff before the judge that the American Academy of pediatrics has worn for a number of years that children under two should be watching no television at all the government of France goes even further and recommends recommends rather than in an illegal July center air television to name the children under three public airwaves so they made these vans and taken these vans because of what modern science has shown us a lot about the brain as we talk a lot about the brain chatter body explain the difference between the frontal lobe limbic system and how these function just basically has somehow the frontal lobe of the spiritual elements within the human nature of self-control and reason and prayer will discernment all of these important things empathy and altruism the limbic system being more of the carnal base passions within the human mind and simply put the more television we watch it shot down frontal lobe function and enhances limbic system function us developing our brains in balance way and I say our because all of our brains are changing and developing your more about that in a few minutes but especially for children's widely strong stands and been taken what about videogames look at a lot of things a whole session on video gaming but just a few highlights from that studies and shall trust that would see was increased both in subjects playing a highly aggressive videogame and the well I went best videogame to delete interesting finding to me because sometimes was I was not as bad as such decisive advantage of the violator in life and then we compare ourselves among ourselves with fellow humans and on what they might be doing but you can moderately aggressive medical mildly aggressive video games increase aggression subjects the latest brain research shows that violent games activate the anger center in the teenage brat Abraham while dampening the brain 's conscience is not something we want to give you the most striking study we looked at from video gaming world was one done in Britain and they had a subject of the study play violent video games it was a long type game for a week and only for ten hours over that one week period of time and what they found was that there was actual changes that will place a week later in the prefrontal region of the brain the prefrontal area of the brain was weaker and less active because only one week of gaming for only ten hours member of five million playing forty hours a week every week if we did ten hours a week for one week it would be damaging to the brain another study on daily published in pediatrics two thousand eleven showed that have visual gaming leads to greater rates of depression anxiety and social phobias and this was a causal relationship not just think or relating relationship these were the results of the gaming the Pirates depression anxiety social phobias and this is all really just fascinating with this quote as the backdrop from review and Herald we known this we didn't need the science and Satan 's work is the lead man to ignore God to so engrossed in absorbent mind that God will not be in their thoughts the education they have received has been in the character to confuse the line includes the true light as that interesting when talking about confusing the mind here and we go on to read the rest of the size 's and does not wish the people who have the knowledge of God as you can set in operation what games and theatrical performances but also confuses Leon that human beings will perish in darkness while light shines all about them he is well pleased now certainly we can affirm that James had a moral problem or at a mine confusing problem hundred and fourteen years ago when I quotation was written with a firm that as well but how much more today this must be even more trim and prophetic quotation for our day as these councils and testimonies are for the last thing people games and theatrical Mormons as we've been warned about as a problem in the last days and one of the devices of Satan no it went on and look at the control mechanisms taking place in media with the founder of modern public relations Edward Bernays was a nephew of Sigmund Freud a master of the mass in mind and Howdy how to manipulate and change the patterns of the masses his quotations from over a hundred years ago and is striking I have to hear them again with you as a kind of influence that the media elites had over a hundred years ago if we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind he says in his book propaganda is it not possible to control and regulate the masses according to our will without them knowing about it and goes on and says the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power in our country we are number our minds molded our tastes formed our ideas suggested largely by men we've never heard of and if that was true in the nineteen twenties two more today with today's multibillion-dollar high-tech 21st-century advertising industry and propaganda tools at the hands the disposal of the hands of the media elites and interestingly we look at a quotation that sort of puzzles the reader at first glance was him waiting anymore and remain through the shallow mesmerism Satan comes more directly to the people of this generation who works with that power which is to characterize his efforts near the closing probation so it's been predicted that near the close of probation I need right now safe to use mesmerism or hypnotism that puzzled me the first time I heard that Nick and I don't know anybody that goes to Atlanta so that you can go to these treatments of mesmerism which were involved in that day and I'm going with this is ridiculous is inspiring this is true while how is it true that we let that that the fact that these modern media habit of not effect on the brain not only do because the clever graphic artist on the Internet may begin look like bending and the guys on the graphic but they didn't listen to what Seinfeld physiologist Thomas Mulholland this is this is nothing now been found that after just thirty seconds of watching television the brain begins to produce helpful ways which indicates support and almost comatose rate connectivity out brain waves are associated with unfocused overly recessed in the states of consciousness I should know that the goal of hypnotists is to induce slow brain waves thanks output brain waves are present during the light hypnotic state used by hypnotherapists for suggestion therapy viewers automatically enter a trance while watching television such an interesting insight from the psychophysiology community that literally when you're viewing theatrical style entertainment television the front not only is the frontal lobe turned off in the limbic system enhanced but when your viewing entertainment television your brain waves are slowing down into this business is suggestible highly highly hypnotic state of of of of consciousness and by the way this is not the fact that the case of your watching a sermon after watching Jenna body of Scripture mysteries documentaries which revealed Bible truth in an incredible way to get and share them with everybody I think the some of the best evangelistic stop we got out there interviewing him big system enhancing envelopes oppressing entertainment television and similarly when it comes in the ways I can if you're viewing a seminar on DVD is not the same thing as entertainments under the quick proviso that what about music on and in gaming and these other things new rock style music bypassed the envelope we hear from Juanita McGowan PhD retired chair music therapy at the University and bypass of the frontal lobe and our ability to reason and make judgments about it this music popular music style hung up on just the genre of rock is a heavily rhythmic soffit we talked about two days ago this music like television to produce a hypnotic effect to the same things the gaming although again it's even more of a concern with the typical videogames and today I saw him out like you know you're in a virtual world during a surgery simulator learning how to operate on some cutting them open with dialog the typical videogames on today and he was many hours with them and when they would have the right of the one of the other players playing one of those video games he loses beta wave activity of his brains in one of those lower states of consciousness like we just describe the helpful ways lower when but interestingly with the gaming we can talk about this in the sunrises this is new information in with the gaming whether having end-users when I come out of the game they don't get their normal brain consciousness back right away and they stay out of them the beta frequency about a high-frequency position with the brain they stay out of that as if there's on the game we also talk with a video gaming issue about how they're there observing less on the golf game transfer phenomenon where gamers are leaving the videogame world and start doing things in the real world is a Thurston one nine extreme case but it shows where this can lead speaking of music I we're talking about really nice and heavily rhythmic music this is not a hard and drunk for the grateful dad is one of why most widely known no as experts on hundred fashion please is everywhere you look around the world people are using from you altered consciousness in a message it interesting for two reasons number one is not the lyrics it's immediately rhythmic element within the music and secondly it's not to entertain and to alter consciousness and reason is interesting is that everywhere around the world so when you when you think about musical styles and no culture comes in with a Melissa 's life my culture and when he sang as it is interesting everywhere around the world there is a style of music that is altering consciousness I have discovered along with many others extraordinary power of music signaling percussion to influence human the human mind and body he said that when we think about the influence again immediate and in shutting off the brain altering consciousness and enhancing the limbic system suppressing the envelope all of these things come to more clearly when we see that the statements like Bertrand Russell he was under a British aristocratic elite the post-World War II era and he wrote about a scientific dictatorship how there can be a society that is socially engineered from the top down he said it's not the education system that's the greatest method of propaganda but perhaps the most important of all modern agents of propaganda is the cinema leading to worldwide uniformity the great majority of young people almost all civilized countries derive their ideas of love honor and on the way to make money and the importance of the blows from the evening spent in seeing what Collingwood things going for them and I would add the music industry because that's just as they can influence that I has Hollywood more so than it was in his bed I doubt whether all the churches and schools combined have as much influence as the cinema on the opinions of Leon the producers in Hollywood are the high priests of the new religion we looked at a bunch of the examples of these high priest and a new religion today not to wage a war and attack and criticism on them but because they make public statements about their effects on and influencing the population and values is one example of the founder of MTV him he is not the enemy in battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness and I'll get upset and mad like Morgan on this wagering tax on down but I want as anyone that last year the quotation is in the strongest appeal you can make is emotionally if you can get their emotions going to make them forget their logic Uganda so you hear from if you will the high priest of the new religion that that that their goal is to get us and to get us to not just shut down our lives in many emotions going and to the point where you say the following at MTV we don't shoot for the fourteen -year-old meet on a striking statement it would get no to the extent that we observe this immediately open our minds to it and the influence comes and we're not going to walk away unchanged because these are experts at their craft they know what they're doing the importance of music according to cultural anthropologist AP Marian cannot be all over emphasizing causing enormous he says there is probably no other human cultural activity which is so all pervasive in which reaches into shapes and often with an excellent controls so much of human behavior isn't that something we look at great length in a session on using about how this is a last days controversy the issue of music the devil will be using and you can count on it your new windows for the first time don't take my word for that he should view the material on our DVDs are a captured on the audio in the gaming community gaming industry as this is the same thing the game designer sometimes they do it him or anonymously not that one anonymous game designer said here's out here's how they make that again so addictive we make it just like gambling he said because and I'm quite an admission from the industry itself there are more examples of that will move quickly when we also talked about addiction in our seminar this week we want to understand how the brain works and in and how God designed arrangements you him unbalanced relationship with the pleasures of God is human but what happens when we assault armoring unhealthy and unnatural levels of dopamine from experiences that are outside of God 's law didn't know was our pleasure response and have him in the high school chemistry biology lesson here but on the negatives the on-screen some you're going is that a flashback that I will move forward is very the pain we we also learned that speaking up you know that yet digital gaming and how these things in our pleasure receptors within the popular musical styles and rock music style the same thing that I appreciate Steven Tyler Stines sinks statement on we are scientists is on quoted as well and what he says rock music is on the job in the world I was just speaking with an individual at my boosters yesterday and he said he gave up drugs he gave up his hip-hop new music and is on other music that he was injured I was the kind that were talking about and I said what is heartening about drugs or the stimulating musings of the stimulating music is harder to get Bob is in hit and run like response in the brain when you have this super highly stimulating music so continuing on Satan 's work we did that one already continuing on investment talk about Facebook Facebook and how you post something private about yourself on base but it actually can get a little brought pleasure reward in your brain the same kind of receptors as if you had a sexual response of some sort of super unhealthy stimulating food pretty interesting how even something as innocent as Facebook widget which is innately is not bad can become a problem how many guys think you know some ARI somebody might have a problem with Facebook I guess quite a few and again on Facebook about witness obviously it is not a problem for you get on Facebook witness on Facebook share the truth on their media is good at its core the medium of a video screen is good the medium of a computer a phone and a social worksite is good that this corn God wants us to use these things for good so don't let anybody ever say that this thing is inherently innately bad it may be a problem for you and we've got based on individual level continuing on and talk about how what happens when you have us our relationship yes you read that right with your iPhone Mark Lindstrom of Avenue of neural marketing at Apple he found that people actually have activations in the lot sent as a relational emotional centers of the brain and we're literally level our iPhone buys by the amygdala are also firing off a world where were fearful so this is what love your relationship with this device is met and adware using the word relationship that's a really unique twenty through twenty first century thing we face so we talk about that we talk about multitasking basically Stanford University is now people think they can multitask which worried where that generation her weight I can be on the phone and talking you texting and talking you simultaneously like me doing my homework and on Facebook simultaneously whatever it is a Regina do we actually become worse and controlling memory switching from one job to another or over on our control controlling hypertension all the things that we would think would improve for good multitaskers when you try to multitask you actually do more poorly at multitasking than somebody was doing one job at a time now back to the issue of music with art by the effects of these things in our brain we were in a love relationship with our iPhone and all of these things we also pointed out the top musicologist of the twentieth century his name is Doctor Manfred Clines he was that he was not from a religious point of view he doesn't have a dog in the fight over Christian music but he does have an insight into the emotional expressions of various kinds of music is the one that identified for the world is that you let in initiate an innovator of identifying what what musical saw it what emotion sound like a musical level and so what about if I what what he hears and popular Christian music is not referenced or enjoy our other appropriate emotional expression wayside was music I hear in your charges communicates anger in sacks that's quite a rebuke from agnostic or an atheist about our Christian music he knows is not noticeable signs of employment is not an opinion is saying there is easily emotional expressions coming through the musical and the musical composition in which as we did demonstrate one a laboratory setting which is done in decades ago actually the top conductor of the twentieth century wanted out look I don't know if the church that I understand the music brought into the church the people don't understand the music it is perverse so that pretty much sums up last time I did I took a little bit more than fifteen minutes on hustle through the remaining material and make sure that we have time to talk about overcoming all willingness yesterday where for a few a few insights and only give you study Cornelius Dale is done by the Kaiser family foundation I apologize for skipping some things but somehow why get them to the floor to generate body at Kaiser family foundation found that the more media we consume the less happy we are the more media we consume to let the more board we are now isn't that strange is I always used to go to the music I use is to go to the movies today to the video games to all of these things to stimulate me so that I can have an uplifted my moods I would be less bored me know what leaves us more bored and less happy and here's what is the example I used in the amount of new addicts and their high on Scott Mountain Dew addict anyway within your recovering on new attic writers my people we even do it brothers and sisters of five years and three months or having a drink and the Lord is given a victory at ISAF on a Sunday because it's insane I like without all that really was an addiction that you really want those guys are taken seriously and it is but nonetheless I'm not here to talk about that I'm here to talk about the analogy displaying natives so that I need and enjoy broccoli will you and if you want to give me a bowl of steamed broccoli it was distasteful to me what the analogy will the Bible says how sweet are your words to my taste sweeter than honey to my mom in the Bible sweeter than honey yes but do many of us at times not find the Bible to Ms. Lee's management don't mind to be slaves and here's why Proverbs twenty seven hundred seven thousand that is sated man loathes honey what to say to me satisfied in full software flow with the things of this world it were forward to taking the honey which is the Bible the Bible teaches us the way we get to the points where we have in this case for the Bible is by consuming things that just fill us up with the things that fill us up today this is what is it that we spent our time other than reading the Bible Uganda scientists call it the pleasure trap something specific is happening in your plane and only study in nineteen fifty four identify the nucleus accumbens of the brain the pleasure centers of the brain and the way they did this with they hooked it up a us a stimulator to the mice of the rat 's brains and then they made the rat able to tap a lever in that letter which stimulated signal which would actually activate their nucleus from making them feel as if they had just a countless something right when he went on something we need a beautiful sunset you feel going right we see that the smile of a small child in his last evening I'd recommend I was given at play here or reason you nutritious meal what was not mouse didn't do any of those natural things he does not start this letter is that I just got some awesome here he got I feel good he's just happy and tapping and tapping and no discipline was required was an easy quick fix of pleasure and what happened the evening the rest stopped eating their regular food and they were on the as this is how we stop eating the bread of life because we found a letter in our stimulating media in our movies and music and gaming in on whatever it is and we stopped eating the bread of life because we got what we need so we think we're set for film will write off the field and all of a sudden we're not doing the things that God has called us to do we had no time review and Herald November fourteen eighteen ninety nine we have no time to spend in seeking these things that only please the senses close heart searching is needed with cheers and heartbroken confession we need to draw lines in the he major on to us amen when you need a quick analogy isolated Southern California for five years and I grew up in Michigan we'll have new mountains like this in Michigan I live in Michigan today my question mentioned by a number into this myself my name is Scott Ransom hydrogen Great Lakes Adventist Academy of vital siege that we don't have beautiful mountains like this in Michigan but my wife and I moved to Southern California went there in our early twenties in two thousand and four and we were told that these beautiful mountains there is letting your premises in Loma Linda in Riverside when you look North in the summer you see mountains like that you know we drove into the inland Empire like where the mountains were looking North and is always use it as great a brownish haze and smog stuff and that there is a outline of a mountain above that and we're going while I'm her guess is a mountain there are not deny its existence but the mountain just isn't as beautiful and wonderful and close and captivating as people told me about what you know what happen some awesome climactic events called the Santa Anna winds or the rains in Southern California will compound and not all of that smog and haze out of the area next day you get a beautiful sunset and sunrise a convenient and it's snowing up in the mountains and it was raining down in the Valley and you and it is crystal clear clear that it was in him or me of our new look at those now this is a man they're way better than I ever was told they're way better than I ever thought you know when this is our spiritual life as an maintenance called you hurt your all like how wonderful walking with the Lord is maybe an great experience that maybe it is like okay I know there is a God not atheist and what it is not as wonderful as it could be has as I hear it should be but God wants to do something in your lives for the sisters today gone wants to come in with the win was when Representative John Holy Spirit what is the latter rain represent Holy Spirit God wants to bring his Holy Spirit in our lives to remove the John can we do it on our own do we make a decision just to say I'm in my file works I'm going to live a holy life and get inappropriate things out of my life now we can't do that Holy Spirit will do it Jenna thought Aaron tells more about overcoming and encloses and you guys have about forty five minutes left in public all right on as Chantix is to get them skillet you know that we did telling you throughout wall from the previous two days there and I share something about overcoming and so that's organa do in the next forty five minutes British air on the positive things that you can do to get over the media addiction right because we can't just take something away in our lives and the me that empty right either fill it with something better suited to begin with Cutler and talk about the mind and body but I'm been a share with you some you can you find the body level to help you overcome and cattle come in and share some things about the brain so here we go we do this time seminar on overcoming and we have as little phrase down here you see it has overcome her and it it's a little accurate acronym for people to understand the eight laws of health and we've added one of one two eight so here here we go the first one is open area so important that we spend time in the open air I know being in a conference like this you don't get a lot of that we walk from one building to the other but normally whenever you have a chance try to get outside and get into the open air it's so important for our brains to have that brush oxygen being pumped into our brains then also victory in Jesus chattel share some more things about this but that he and overcome or is victory in Jesus we can do none of these things that were in a share with you right now without having that race from God in our lives nothing can can help coming here you can change a few things in your life right but every addict can tell you there's one area in their lives that they had not been able to overcome and that's only to the grace of God that they are able to do that and something we have to grapple with in order to overcome in those things cause us to draw closer to God because we've had to struggle through it says don't get out discouraged during those times when when you feel like giving up I may share a few things here with you this is a book about the willpower and instincts Ms. said here make an element of physiologists intention him I had just concluded their first Betty of a new treatment for enhancing self control these you researchers at McGuire University in Sydney Australia no worse time by finding while they had hoped for positive results nobody could have predicted how far-reaching the treatment effects would would be the child guinea pigs were six men and eighteen women ranging in a aged from eighteen to fifty years old after two months of treatment they showed improvement in attention and the ability to ignore distractions have we been talking about multitasking and then getting your mind off thing and you think you're multitasking to not will they have the ability to ignore distractions in an age of thirty second attention span that would have been reason enough to celebrate but there was war they had reduced their smoking drinking and caffeine intake despite the fact that nobody asked them to they were eating less junk food and more healthy food they were spending less time watching television and more time studying they were saving money and spending less on impulse purchases they felt more in control of their emotions they even procrastinated less and were less likely to be late for appointments throw on what is this miracle drug and where can I get a prescription the intervention was in the drug at all the willpower miracle was physical exercise is not powerful the participants none of whom exercise regularly before the intervention were given free membership to a gym and encouraged to make good use of it they exercise an average of just one time per week for the first month but were up to three times per week by the end of the two-month study the research is not meant to make any other changes in their lives and yet the exercise program seemed to spark newfound strength and self-control in all aspects of their lives how important do you think exercise is to you when you're trying to give something up like media how important is it to you as a young person whose mind is still developing especially when you're sitting in a classroom for hours on end in each day right very important and that's why God gave this debate laws and health right to have a balance to have a balance and so exercise is our key and overcome her and it's still important on spare prophecy tells us that young people in particular need to have vigorous exercise not just walking but vigorous exercise knowledge to decide what that's come to be for you won't get into many details there then also wrath is so important especially when you're young you know that if you don't eat late at night and you get to bed early you grow taller yes an outside your house on I noticed on a practical level one is whining notices that cause attention on what I know for a fact I stated installer but during that growth rally was happily eating maybe once a day just overworking myself and getting to bed really late in getting up early and so I I totally did that myself but I heard this one Doctor who's into health and a woman she noted that the sun was interesting interested in getting taller him him time is a girl and interested in an is no way to do that there's no way I can you not like I see her jeans her parents are tall I'm not and you know he said son if you don't eat late and you get to bed on time you will grow taller guess what that was an inspiration if any did he fit in a death unit firing on how it worked years ago I told you so it worked he is actually the college and his family and he's not the firstborn is not like you he's the top in his family and it worked so on just a little FYI so important for young people on I I miss you could say more but there's this guy some studies that were done that show that when you're tired your here it's like a mini 's gauge see that you have been that what that is beneath each had damaged his front alone and he lost self-control and many other things it's also like being drunk so so important that you get your rest also see if we made it for control and that would be another word for temperance to have balance okay so I told you but exercises that mean you go out in your dealings no God wants us to be balanced people but he also wants us to abstain from those things that are harmful to us so just just having up the balance in life is very important optimism is something we drew in because sometimes he can be healthy eaters in and doing all the things that we can have a really nasty attitude about it right will sell and does not unite mere stones I just grumpy and nasty and God does not want us to be like that he wanted to be healthy individuals that also have a positive outlook in life and a loving attitude enough and not this is always winning people to your lifestyle and not making them hate your lifestyle though a merry heart does good like a medicine but a broken spirit dries the bones were told all some moisture on the inside and the outside is so important specifically for the rain were to look at something there is a person would have to lose ten percent of her body weight infinitely to be considered dehydrated but as little as two percent can affect athletic performance cause tiredness and doll critical abilities adequate water consumption can help lessen the chance of kidney stones keep joints lubricated prevent and lessen the severity of colds and flu and help prevent constipation so how important is it for the brain very it says as little as two percent of dehydration can cause dull critical thinking in words that critical thinking take place the front of the love your decision-making center you want that decision-making center to be offered at him and I picked out yet so funny whenever I talk about water in a new seminar I always like seeing people picking up the violence I think being in year one of our presenters did the same thing they found so on as little as two percent so when you start thinking about decision-making okay you're struggling with this edition should I do this yet I do that all these that they are taking are enhancing the ability of your frontal lobe so we sat on moisture and also that next see is eat nutritious and we our brains in terms of weight are not our only a few a few percentage points in terms of weight of the body but we can you are majority of the calories he can see him go to on the functions of the brain them access anything so it made a small compared rest of the body the brain but it takes a lot energy to Ryan's if you're in school you need make sure that you're eating well whole grains if you're becoming a vegetarian or vegan be informed how to do it you know don't just go run in there and do it and then gets it in tired and all Babbage's learn get some books study it don't try to do it all at once work your way into it because there's a lot of bad habits people have on eating and then they try to go vegan and they still have a bad habit can help you so that the whole mother thing but in any other thing is radiant sun we had been getting that much here heavily to some of you think Ricardo Flores and Sons sunshine and it's been overcast which is there one thing that keeps us all in the meetings I could all be sunbathing out there they were too nice so on no but on a serious note it's important that we get on the sun which will a lot get out of a database but do you know that those people that come down with skin cancer is the more vitamin D they have in their system the more likely to connect beat that cancer so there's other issues am not saying go out and get you shall burn but expose your skin to enough of it that you're not separable to being burned all the time they can either just a quick little things to do not to continue on that because this is not today's lecture but these are things that you can do remember him overcome or argue a learn new start whatever it is these principles are good to help the brain and chat and continue from here I got a lot of rain him a little bit will roll really talk about already we talk about historically been on the brain could not be changed that what you have been portions of your brain that were devoted to specific functions were stalking me could not be changed science not show the government that is not exactly the brain can be transformed to the physical structure of the brain can change is aware about plasticity the transformation is completely slippery things they discovered it was very fascinating was the two of these monkeys and what they did was once again I don't agree with what they did a study mitigating any organized under the Value Line what they did was they took some monkeys and they sold their fingers together then I said I'm terrible Ryan or monkeys but nevertheless they sold their fingers together as a meal in your brain scientists map the brain and what they discover is that certain functions take place in certain portions of the brain so just give an example I don't know exactly where it is let's say when I move my pointer finger right here in this public network don't let us imagine for a moment when I do like this is going in meaning the energy is taking place here my brain and the way it does work though is that right next to that right next to the portion that goes when I use my middle finger that when I use my Opera my pointer finger right next to that is the middle figure portion of the brain in that lights up that it fires the energy fires when I move the middle finger in the right next to each other there are literally touching each other are right Mexican flag was this that when cookies were being of their fingers now if they would move the pointer finger one part of the brain require when they remove their middle finger right next to fire but when they sell their fingers together they can only walk they can only move to get at the only possibility only option was that they would move together walking up happening was those two portions of the brain that would fire so that it was the pointer finger indicating it was the middle finger convenience of a wire like this when they can only move together those two points in the brain when I went from being separated to be they used together as a scientist came up with attorneys and those things that fire together wire together those things that fire together wire together and so they can think is you may notice that we know Mike Tyson is slow gradual slow blogging and victory over what I never smoked before their very quickly after beginning smoking and Friday are weird to you you are not as we grew up together I think a drinking habit of smoking and you can think of anything they decided to give personality that anything that would get into loudness like it so much I was doing doing doing doing something quick and so I got smoking in the long story short what happens with a lot of smokers as you get to the point where anytime your stress you feel like you need a cigarette right needs a nicotine and permeating our walk form I got it but had to be some form of nicotine and so so then I got to the point where anytime maybe you are you gotten the car you associated that with having a cigarette anytime you had a brief networking social associate I was there in smokers anytime you stress you associate that with a cigarette and so those portions of your brain they can connect and as a scientist they those things that fire together they want to wire together you got the idea so think about this maybe something in your life video something similar that anytime you are stressed and on Facebook or maybe maybe you are facility is addicted to a substance in his room also weaving on Mister Jefferson or other people that's strongly different substances as of late but maybe three was not a substitute yarn I'm not addicted to drugs is a you may not be many people are addicted to television or let me talk about pornography maybe it's on Facebook that you get your constantly habitually going into the result what is happening is certain parts of your brain just wired together that every time you are you know you you have is a moment out of regardless I want to send copies longer this out or whatever and so connections begin to the meeting your brain being on a more negative side some young ladies on young man who was abuse as a child sexually news uncle will say this for point of illustration that these uncle does something heinous to this young boy this young girl and for the rest of that child's life in in their mind many times and even get here the word uncle Jesse negative feeling discrete silver because those things that fire together wire together in the associate that with a painful interest where SMU 's government of his final ball when a year I believe I find I get all kinds of atrocities on the summary else has the the pain isn't wired into their brain interconnection if you became a part of who they are and what you think about this for just a moment so this is an avenue that when you get into sin sin that into you and miserably it becomes a part of your brain sin is not just some spiritual thing often the clouds or some religious idea CNN is physically a part of who you are when you get into an addiction is physically becomes a part of your brain that's bad news isn't it but there's good news also now imagine this for a moment so the scientists infected monkeys and what we did what the monkeys remember their fingers are sewn together so they came in after a time and remember those two forces the brain the pointer finger and middle finger were separately became one that wanted up happening was a singer with a scalpel and they are big on the fingers were obvious in a nice very wanting a guide by painful for the poor monkeys whenever less so the company cut them apart and Bengals fingers began to move separately again they began to move in independently one from the other and what ended up happening that we stand in lacunae discovered once again that brings him there is one similar finance will separately they went like and things will force the one thing had become too as a scientist came up one another very simple phrases that those things that wire apart guess what they wire apart building fire apart wider apart now what does this mean in the spiritual realm crossing about visiting us from him so now we would be nice if I would just come in literally imitate take a scalpel and discount the scene on your brain will be nicely only great in Weymouth and Berkeley healthy something like that for your brain disappears Seligman the magazine doesn't work that way so and so the idea is that this still comes in separate of separation takes place in our monkeys Raymond and others with me for a moment so let's say every time a young man sees young lady with Yost she and all short copper bottom whatever hanging any sense of right or or somebody else on the list obviously some a struggle to strengthen a a necessity think cigarette right or job or water-based living community that you struggle with and as a you have these things connected in your brain would you want them to be connected in your brain and here's the reality you may have heard this quotation is never forget that lots work out actions that needed actions form habits and habits form character so that the city is never forget you all something to think about Smoltz worked out actions within action form habits and habits form character many times we try to change our character only try to change our bad habits and we try to change our negative actions but we cannot because something has not maintained what is that something the author nothing changed and so so implemented a change the Bible says is that the biblical principally only difference here property the final something of Scott Re: fearless Roman Catholic followers to be not conformed to this world would be transformed by the renewing of your mind right is that there is a horrific environment with the forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts return of the Lord so the idea is a good conversation with it occurred away from the old ways you have any change where in the foster will need to be changed and so think about this so you may associate uncle with a painful terrible experience and because wired together in your brain or maybe you associate stress maybe not if you don't smoke cigars when you understand for the smaller the smoker may associate stress with tobacco that has me a little bit of these is up now you want pulsing Semicon apartments and so gone never use a scalpel to cut surrounding your life he actually uses something much more powerful at the Bible calls a sword he uses a form instead of a scalpel what is this all in the Bible tells us in Ephesians six or seventy eight tells us that their something called the sort of this spirit which is the word of God one user something else to come in because remember what needs to be changed when LPR or character newsweeklies are harnessing to begin my things and actions need to be changed but ultimately one easily change the files in the Pulitzer changing everything else will be changed is this right so someone comes in with his new sword on his scalp will be comes in with a sore and what we can do is eating shrimp swarming the brain by transforming your fall 's business make sense yes or no so Kuan uses his word the Bible tells us inversely to jump your wonderfully green which we documented is is being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by word of God which lives in widespread democracy morning final word and not meaning to make sure your natural birth Ukraine the loss of the flash craving the world and crazy boon to create sexy great alternatives of the world and God says I will continue those things in the right sphere by first changing you so that you desire these things in a holy way in the right way because sex is not happening in and of itself is just found out on the biblical context will is not a bad thing in and of itself is outside of the biblical context this is my sentence I don't think one but once you happen to buy one's marriage in the Bible does the marriage bed is on the file marriage is meant to be a blessing but sin has corrupted things I wanted to be got until one has to come in and we have been we have become one with the world those things of fire together wire together in our brain and scene has become a part of humanity is a part of who you want savants as I want to come in with the sword of the spirit and I wanted these things apart so that you begin to desire that which is good and interesting thing is when you desire that which is good enough to follow through on the good things you find the only true peace and happiness that a human can possibly have when I was little I thought you could never be happy in a bar I thought the things of this world draws in sex and always having this is what happiness was it wasn't until I change my life I began to actually find mature happiness really want I wake up feeling totally empty warehouse in the world the party detracts out of my brain and literally couldn't remember getting home and in waking up in the morning absolutely empty anyway so I don't and I don't think myself to sleep at night and maybe now the fact is if you're listening for the world get you what you using them I is okay and is the only differences I didn't good enough job provider Freddie are not girls or ability of positive charges then I'll be happy in his now without Christ it never works in manner actually brings the happiness so why was the changes accordingly I want us to be born again so that we begin to the Americas and I think finding the right person isn't that exactly what they lately what a police as the Bible says that his empathy for thirty three SEG first the kingdom of God and his righteousness but that was a sad and all these things shall be added unto you meaning when you see the person who takes care of grass when we are born again so gone once the company wants to transform your brain and the Bible says that takes place with the word of God number one we need to be spending time in the word of God dealing not missing a day and we party stated for those whom you haven't been here by nature you don't like the Bible and neither did I we don't actually like the ones that were born again I forgot me so we can get this mankind and initially I like the boring black and white pages totally uninterested but I began to read drug is an atheist from challenge me on I was in Afghanistan and is atheist he basically said to me that you believe about yes he's in your Reddit Nolan unfairly in all is a you will be able to an icon yet I guess I look ridiculous doesn't any and any symbol will do what you believe and what what every good Christian family I believe it based on faith but a ridiculous answer I believe it about like crazy that I never ever be printed in the leading affiliate no idea about faith comes by hearing on December seventeenth so that they comes by hearing and hearing by the way what about something counselor about it and you really have anything importing fake anything you have to biblical faith I is that he comes from spending time in the word of God and so so because of his atheist since I read about how everyone I was only enough basically telling the fellow who in a minimalist lighting is written in the Bible and initially I didn't like it I know interested but I began to be airborne again as we springtime the work are using it in new desires elitist for your desires in the right direction as we comes in with a solicitor which is the world law is human intermediate and allowing God to change it as you think that a follower of God as you do that they migrate each change issue he changes your heart increase with any of the new covenant exterior gives you a new heart the Bible says so lesson about the furthest along so were talking about our neuronal plasticity were talking much transformation taking place in the brain now one of the things the Bible talks about in connection with as we are born again by the Word of God notice we want onto something even deeper not just in the beginning if you just visiting and ending injury the Bible evening is not in favor personal experience it if you're not good at reading maybe when you read it read the word of God but God wants to bring us to a deeper experience with meditation in the word of God and a very clear we're not talking about eastern meditation we're not talking about these so-called spiritual exercises of loyal or whatever we find much biblical meditation we actually contemplating what the word of God needs spending time thinking about it as you go it's changing your mind exchanging your heart when you think I'm God daily in his work we are told only those only those cooler fortifying their minds with the truths of God 's word will be able to stand for the last great conflict only those who fortify their minds with the truth of the word of God will be the standard last great conflict what that means is if you are not spending time in God 's Word daily you will not be ready for the initially you don't like it but that's what you need you him change in private this off nothing on so they must even for illustration this is girl you see the transformation of the placement rate the letter you have it handy let's is in the cigarettes an example of that was aggressive towards her own sensationalist pornography when it's anger if you weather is on you in a database over what you will get the smoking and as an example to the one European imagine if this is your shot whenever you stress you feel like you need a cigarette okay for illustration purposes so then instead of on going to the cigarette you find out about Bible promises and the transition comes in so now you feel tempted you feel like having a cigarette because you stress and then you think about things a father you said you prefer the offender thirteen no temptation taken you but such as is common to man but God is faithful who must suffer you to be tempted above that to our evil but will with the temptation also make a way to escape that you may be able to bear and so using the same Germanic linguistic and so not assuming it has as a temptation comes and you claim that verse of Scripture what is changing your thoughts are changing your changing and those new author to create new actions for those new actions we repeat them will become new kind that's in it ultimately he will have a new character trying to get enough his word to replace because it wasn't all of your species every single last one of them stands from it stems from the need the very core of your being that this temptation counseling a loss that on the heart the lust of the flesh velocity pride of life itself when miniaturization comes in instead of dwelling upon the temperature manner really Google for a cigarette all men I should have a cigarette OIC and have a cigarette man well I think I want to come and go smoke a cigarette they also address and what when we discover that our court outline is so even if you do tell account you just don't do that you just say don't do anything generally my singing when you install yourself off to look at that young lady on the lookout of our technology I hope that you see is what signifies the blue something inulin is generally doing it right but what something better what if you take the word of God can bring into mine and you contemplate what the Bible says is a father you told me you told me in segregation service for bipedal weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every one every thought to the obedience of Christ you see the difference when we signaled he was delivering every single file into captivity to hear what I thought I was trusting in you obsessing anywhere and I'm thinking on it I is where an iPhone talking and just one thing about I'm thinking about spiritual and most spiritual thoughts will cause spiritual actions both spiritual will become clear to how to fulfill part of the character you understand God wants his work to be central in our lives we are also told in last events page sixty seven we are told the time will come when many will be deprived of the written word but if this word is printed in the memory no one can take it from us the time will come when many will be deprived of the written word but it is what is printed in the memory no one can take it from him realize he just wasting our time probably not even going this constantly checking the news constantly on Facebook constantly watching even good things on television that if our minds are on spiritual things they can at least keep them busy know the time is coming he knows the intricacies of using and how many laughs in overtime exhibiting the Lord is not away from many of God 's people and how we overcome about the word of God God is calling us to make is more paramount than I like our relationship with him number one that through his word where being connected to any Transformers I want to create within us a new heart as we meditate upon the Lord got billion-dollar rezoning is only number you have any use anything found on any iPod in example four even looking at pornography are looking at a movie out of this act citing a loss leader David said in Psalms one oh one verse three I will set no wicked thing before my eyes I hate the world and then turned aside it shall not cleave to me Psalm one oh one verse three has a meter to its very easy to memorize engagement and less offensive if I was setting awakening of our minor with a buddy who is he was using enable the ability out why has this to say on that she said all his meetings meeting all all his commandments always meetings are enabling studied the command you to do something you will also give you the ability to do it right so whenever we have these promises because it really is important only giving up on my and because you said you have the power to make it fulfilled my life you are the party to come to pass in my life Prince God 's word can be essential but as we spend time in the morning and artwork the changes as we had our last savior in the morning and instead of having our underwater people eating on Facebook right or our visit at or whatever instead of thinking of common placement to spend time in the word of God we begin our day solid round him as we go through in a week we didn't even meditate upon the world that we have is that it is wasting on on worthless a single like the world unwittingly snoring about working on your phone this programs is that you are normally have cards in my pocket you don't and you can look at them they are intermingled through even my store of God 's word in your mind and earmarked God transforms us by the renewing of our dizziness health principles and my wife is not the health principles make it easier to overcome but alternately you are an excellent unknown assailant more things you on this subject is that as you are doing is that the has anybody to you to be honest now I'm raising financing has been happening as anybody ever tried to claim the promise and it went right into the foundation after I e-mailed him rather the claimant is in Gaza will go by now the Bible tells us why it didn't work it says in Hebrews chapter borders to the context of the present of reading the chapter for talking obviously the Israelites that they were not able to logon ask them to do and this is an English chapter four verse two is assessed for loss was the gospel preached as well as unto them the ball think that the word of God was preached to the Jews as well as unto while the people he finds me today but also include us so unsuitable awesome was the gospel preached as well as under the Israelites even with the word did not profit them what the work is presented in common if you are not a common where a product of medicine one house was the gospel preached as well as unto them but the weather where did not profit them not being mixed with faith in them that heard when I when I said a prayer I think all of your younger workcenter subconsultant father but I feel like I need to do in upright like three minutes I'm going by what I feel is that of trusting and will not say you does that make sense three of her life and not waiting how this is the same thing it says that the world doesn't help you unless you truly believe what the word of God says in an example on desires and goals Jo Cruz complained that even useful to Griffin airplanes pneumatic 's being elegant in Canada much of evil smoking right and so the zaniness of the Skynet also signifies returning early nineties of a rebel quitting and I say all are a lot lately I absolutely thought about it he said I put on seminars about overcoming smoking would you do with my questions and things that you can be the that Guy 's All-Star start and sell junk was pulled out his Bible and the man that he was talking with was Baptist but is it all and I tried editing work is that what love would you modify seventy something and he was released after fifteen or sixty seven and fifty eight which are powerful promises great with members of his fifteen fifty seven and fifty eight basically tell us this is not thanks be unto God which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ therefore my beloved brethren be steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work the Lord for as much as you know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord but it begins I think they should adopt which gives us the victory down the text as God gives us the victory and he asked the man when you came in on a massive for him to give you victory you actually believe last time you pray that anything the big three S&L and what he think Amanda is what's because the word of God doesn't profit us and let's is mixed with faith we have to believe in himself so when we comment on actually believing that he will give us the victory truly believe you are not nothing but I don't feel like I'm new to this act I really want to do I wanted with that one yes I wanted to witness him when I bought for about as likely res


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