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01-God vs. Satan: You Decide the Winner

Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • January 2, 2014
    8:45 AM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen morning are you excited to be and you are saying are you mailing why do you sound tired already what whining already sound guy but if you are looking for the composite Christian character development on the books of Daniel and Revelation you are in the right place if you're not and you need to be somewhere else you want to run there because that seminar is starting about right now as well where were certainly glad you are here I'm Scott Mori pastor to churches here in Florida conference the lady that I get the cold present with his condo my longbow and she is right here and she'll tell you about herself I'm sure in the next session what we are going to do in this session is we are simply going to talk about salvation means something understood by the children of Israel as have already happened that's what we're going to talk about the great theme of this presentation is the fact that because God save the children of Israel from the Dragon e.g. this is why you see in the Old Testament book of Revelation God 's people are again saved from the Dragon which is suing the book of Revelation segments absolutely right not in this room you can talk to me if you have a question when I'm presenting I would encourage you to raise your hand I will do my best knowledge you when I come to a stopping point in even asked the question if I don't know the answer to your question also was that don't know and move on please don't get offended if that's the case because I do not have a monopoly on the truth nor Scripture so praise the Lord that we can all study and find ourselves at five A showing to Anne Frank father in heaven we are in this room we are here in July see because Lord you called us to be here and we ask that you will speak to us as individuals please touch our hearts and father we pray that we will leave this place much closer to Jesus and we ask this in Jesus name knowing that it is according to his will amen so the title of today's message is God versus Satan you decide the winner and I subtitled it saved from the Dragon the Dragon has lots of connotations when it comes to the book of Daniel Wilton Daniel in the books book of Revelation I want to open with me to Isaiah the forty third chapter if you want these notes I'm happy to give you these notes you just have to come in and type your own e-mail address down so that when I copy and paste it if you don't get it it's your fault not mine so some people e-mail and e-mail means a one room and using that information in Houston because you typed in wrong Isaiah forty three verse eleven so how do you need a Bible to non-native I will have any but if you need a Bible my my encouragement to you is get one at lunch time of day lunch fast today and go by a Bible so here we are Isaiah forty three and verse eleven Isaiah forty three verse eleven very short verse it says I even I am the Lord and deciding me there is no lot there is no savior look at down in adverse sixteen Isaiah forty three verse sixteen says blood starting fifteen I am the Lord your holy one the creator of Israel your Jean Thomas saith the Lord verse sixteen which make it away in the sea and a passing in the Muddy Waters when the Lord make away Tennessee and a half in the waters when he led the children of Israel out of the media and through the Red Sea or to what it says in verse seventeen which bring forth the chariot and the horse and the army and power they shall lie down together verse seventeen they shall not rise they are explained they are clinched as tall our towel and that's just like blacks it's like pinching out and match John says that I and Lord and there is no other Savior exactly when you read further down as we just did you see that that Savior God that one Lord is tied to the Exodus now go with me to Hosea the thirteenth chapter so where's Hosea year in Isaiah and Jeremiah Lamentations Ezekiel Daniel ending of the book of Hosea C are turning to the right from where you were right past Daniel you have the book of Hosea and we are in the thirteenth chapter Hosea chapter thirteen and verse four this idea again of God being the only Savior it says here in hosanna thirteenth chapter and the fourth verse yet I am the Lord thy God from the lot but they haven't in your Bibles remember okay so so when I pause and ask a question you can get free answer I like insurrection it says here yet Hosea thirteen for Hosea thirteen for after the book of Daniel Hosea yet I am the Lord thy God from the walk again here gone is identifying himself as the savior here is the same test people from wire from agent this becomes very important you hang on put your seatbelt on it says here and I'll shout no no God but may have any dogs should we know only one and that's when she got maybe only one God the true God is one that save the children of Israel Vermont from Egypt continuing on for there is no savior beside me for the children of Israel when God brought them out of the land of Egypt they were saved that this concept God says I am your God because I'm just saying it it took you out of Egypt you are saying this is the concept of the mind of the children of Israel we were filming something personal that I was working with not too long ago and there was a gentleman that was Jewish and he was at Hispanic Jew by Lynn and she said he was a Jew which I thought was very cool and very interesting there just may have spread everywhere and so we were talking about health and an living healthfully and he said to me he's as he was smoking his cigarette he said I don't have to worry about I sent why you sent because I am and you I said so what does this mean he says that means that no matter what I do I already am one evening he sat I'm already sick for the mind and the Jewish individual that was that came out of Egypt they were saved from Egypt now you and I go to discover that the Bible calls Egypt a dragon or leviathan or Rahab which is another name for this Dragon so we're going to say that the one true God and his deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt is I know the one true God is time to the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt look at this and that the saving history this saving history of not being the one from God deliverance from Israel from Asia this saving history was recited in confessional statement this is not in need of our studies we are going to skim through this round and look at one of these verses please note me to Deuteronomy the twenty sixth chapter seal in the book of Hosea 's year to go to your last and your immuno book of Deuteronomy Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy right before Joshua the twenty sixth chapter Deuteronomy twenty six beginning in verse five you had opportunity to sit down with my conference president recently and he was asking what would you do in order to energize a church I shared with him I sent you out I haven't been to the schools of higher education ever since I was converted all I studied is this book and this book has the power to change people 's lives so you may be sitting in this classroom management you may be thinking this guy stalking way above my head I hope that's not the case if it is safe to bring it down a level and I'll do my best run when you expose yourself to the word of God God 's word will change you one way or the other when when Pharaoh was exposed to the word of God as delivered to him through Moses what happened to Pharaoh 's heart it hard and what happened to some of the injunctions shots fired in those flags what happens in Ehrhardt it would mean the opposite of Pharaoh it softened you get to decide the winner in this battle the same sun that hardens clay melts wax it's the same son if the material that the sun hits it makes a difference you need to decide whether you will allow God to save you does this make sense to no matter what seminar you go to your heart take your Bible with you and open the Bible and just listen to what they had the taking if you don't understand because it will change your life securely are in Deuteronomy twenty six and were tying Israel's deliverance from a jet to God being their Savior where Deuteronomy twenty six beginning in verse five and shall speak and say before the Lord thy God a Syrian ready to perish was my father and he went down into Egypt and sojourned there with a few and became there a nation great mighty and perilous what information do they become educated children in Israel this area goes down into agent and he's what seventeen hundred exact numbers are seventy some odd people in the nation of Israel at that point and then multiplied to the extent that they are six hundred and fifty plus thousand and exploiting women and children lean Asian and God saved them from Egypt continuing on here it says verse six NDE injunctions evil entreated us to watch that what's the context here where are the children of Israel in the context of what we are reading we know that this is after they come out of Egypt Moses is here reiterating to them their deliverance from where their deliverance from each it says and afflicted us verse six and the land upon us hard bondage and when we cried unto the Lord God of our fathers the Lord heard our last dear heart understand this and understand it well all it takes for you to meet the Savior if you cry out into the Savior just cry out to him if you don't know him say I don't know you but I think I should know you if you don't have a relationship with him cry out to him and say I need a relationship with you even if you don't think you need it because from where I'm standing we all need it yes continuing on here it says verse seven the Lord heard our Morse voice and looked on our affliction and our labor and our oppression verse eight and the Lord brought us forth out of out of Egypt with what kind of hand with my hand and outstretched arm in the great terribleness and with signs and wonders if the Protestants of this place and hath given us this land even a laminate floor with milk and honey have you ever seen a land flowing with milk and honey rays manager here I've never seen a land flowing with milk and the names present as you know there's this this morass that we need to be made in vegetarians right but don't forget the children of Israel were taken to a land lovely lot no cannot someone is what is it take to make milk what does it take to make account produce milk drafts comments graphs you need to provide milk for six hundred and fifty some odd thousand men plus women and children you need a lot of grass of God was taken into a land that was very very fertile one another while sister you can say it backwards and upside down you call them on right this is cool no land flowing with milk and wedlock what you need to make money when you these needs in a County five and flowers happy well I want some non- was taken into a place that blown with milk and honey is a place where every want and desire and need when the Mac rendezvous and then out of bondage and takes him to a place Lewis as long as they were faithful you decide the winner here so that we just want again Lee Mitchell God is talking to the deliverance of Israel from Egypt this was decided in some confessional statements in the Old Testament book of the center column here this was also recited at beginning of the law villainy once the most famous giving of the law when we find that activists wanted to look at accident during Deuteronomy are going to your last but you're laughing your Bible Genesis Exodus Exodus chapter twenty and beginning in verse one two and three Exodus chapter twenty beginning in verse one again tying God 's deliverance God being the savior to God delivering the children of Israel from Egypt the Bible says here in Exodus twenty verse one and God spake all these words saying let's bring this together I am the Lord got okay let's all read this together it Exodus twenty first two on the count of three one two three five am the Lord thy God when Shannon brought me out of the land of what what is it that made him the Lord our God he brought them out of the land of Egypt and then he goes on to say here now out of the house and what God delivers them from bondage any change them to a place that was milk and honey you know I have the privilege of Monday evenings to go to the Coleman prison here in Ocala Florida Florida who knows where that is is the largest federal prison in the United States they are nine thousand plus inmates at this facility there's a low security there's a medium security in the narrative penitentiaries after people go to spend the rest of their life and my friends knows people at this point are in bondage can you imagine what it would feel like if you had been in prison for five years for them to walk with you to the front door and to open the front door and say you're free to go and imagine that would be like I can't imagine them ever been except for to prejudge it to leave everyone and not Magdalene they tell me don't where I don't wear the suit because it sort of matches what they wear I wear bright colors so I can really take yourself and put yourself in the position of the children of Israel they leave Egypt free and they got much more than just a bus ticket home the Egyptians gave them almost everything they had left just so they would get out of their country because God had proved himself stronger than all the gods of the Egyptians you think you are having struggles in your life your heart God is stronger than your strong here having concerns maybe her parents are having a good relationship right now God is larger and stronger than that now that is going on in your home not here GRC pretending people came here with lots of thought carefree lives we are people that God has delivered through the power of Jesus and we need to recognize that not the point of using the grace of God like my friend that I met when we were videoing but to the point of allowing God to change us we are in our third call of God the one show God 's time to the deliverance of Israel from Egypt and it's celebrated in psalms of praise let's go to some sixty six one three seven Psalm sixty six year turning to the right from the book of Exodus you're going to the book of Psalms and we are going to the sixty sixth Psalm Psalm sixty six it will begin reading inverse ones on sixty six verse one song sixty six verse one range is the first verse with me I went out it when people read together Psalm sixty six verse one what does it say make a shortfall no eyes onto God all you lands was the last time he was a Christian made a joyful noise and we're supposed to be excited about what Jesus has done for us our wait worst to all renounce it seems for the honor of his name and make his praise glorious science and God how terrible that means how awesome are thy works through the greatness of my power shall mine enemies demand themselves onto the through the greatness of his power our enemies will submit to God are you catching this I will never be able to slay the dragon in our lives apart from the power of God it won't happen continuing on its as a personal work all the earth shall worship the and shall sing unto the nations seem to thy name 's in the common see the works of God he is terrible than his dealings toward the children of men and notice what it says in verse six it says he turned the saying and to what we did this happen what is our name 's Savior is for the children of Israel was something that happened in the past they were saying from the bondage of again yet and now we're going to do is we are meant to see how you and I are saved from the bondage of the Dragon ourselves right here we know with me now I'm wary all these verses we got a lot of stuff in your short period of time than on me no one felt God 's time to the deliverance of Israel from Egypt in stating his people out of Egypt God 's will I have been a symbol for anti- divine forces let's go to Psalm seventy four year in Psalm sixty six returning to the right Psalm seventy four beginning in verse twelve Psalms seventy four and verse twelve the word of God reads in Psalm seventy four twelve now remember when deciding how God delivered the children of Israel from the information notice on the Bible says here in verse twelve Psalms seventy four for God is my chain of old working salvation in the midst of the earth thou didst divide the sea by the eyestrain when he denied by his strength one is that a reference to metadata reference to a salvation for major of the children of Israel and goes on to say the outbreak is that I had of the dragons in the lot where was the Dragon when the dragon was slain was that in the midst of the lot if you never read the book of Revelation mission beginning of a revelation at this point is this show I think Alonso lightbulbs going on on your faces here it says thou didst divide the scene by thy strength now brings us that him his shrine there is in the waters now bring us the heads of alumni have been in pieces whose losing patterns where it networks around are broken in the Red Sea it was the Egyptians it was Egyptian soldiers it was the Egyptian Pharaoh it was there there came so I aim in the water now break his verse fourteen number just a heads up Leviathan in pieces and gavest him to be means to the people inhabiting the wilderness God 's deliverance of the children of Israel is described by the Psalmist as deliverance from a piece in the water it is no longer that the books of Daniel in the book of Revelation refer to this beast power that is in water it's no wonder because for them that was the evidence that God was going to deliver them as well all they had to do was look to the past to see Madonna darting down to know that God will do that in their laws then we were going to song eighty nine now Psalm eighty nine trains arrive little bit more salt meeting on verse eight through ten Psalm eighty nine verse eight now how many of you have a Bible it has like marginal readings got little letters that takes you to the center column represented you have your Bibles in your okay shall want you to look very carefully as we go through the SMS asking to share with me what your marginal reading says Psalm eighty nine verse eight it says the Lord God of hosts who is a strong Lord of light unto the ore to thy faithfulness round about me verse nine now rules the ranging of the sea when the waves thereof arise mouse still asked them verse ten of Psalm eighty nine thou hast broken red databases that that the Psalmist says it was broken in pieces commenting on a marginal reading parade how anyone have a marginal reading a Red Hat and your science is a wireless mind Israel gap was itself as an agent I haven't yet got the sake of being tied to God delivering the children of Israel from Egypt and for the children of Israel in the time of Jesus coming argument the landlord from the injunctions is an obvious yes community and realize they can realize to salvation about one for people but don't realize it is not very efficacious is that there were effectual it's their that we don't have it because we haven't taken my Bible says that the wages of sin is a lot death but the gift of God is one eternal life you and the woman decide to insist that you were the one God says that he chooses us out of the furnace of affliction so your life is going to the bad place in a basket I don't know what the slang is anymore with excellent house when I was always and UIC agent can be a huge your life is in a spot that you don't think this is very comfortable in your asking God why have you forsaken me but since I have the psychic and emerging will say it wasn't until I hit rock bottom that I really turn to the Lord ever heard people say that I was a rock-bottom in Manila the rocket debacles as a first-rate instant thought that Jesus Islam when you can rock love you yet exactly what God wants you you says no one falls on top of the rock is broken no wonder the rock falls on top honors crash you want to be broken or crushed you want to be broken yesterday yesterday yes good question okay so here is our guest is confirmed it is anybody else having the reading of Egypt for Rahab anybody else okay we got one to three debacles as mouth of two or three witnesses to the truth is an established verse ten says in Psalm eighty nine now has broken Rahab another name for e.g. in pieces as one that is slain now has scattered thine enemies with our strong arm were going to Burstein is where know now that would mean Isaiah fifty nine and fifty one Isaiah fifty one two turning to the right Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes song of Solomon is in there somewhere and were going to Isaiah Isaiah fifty one versus nine through two eleven and estimates on it when you wanted to go to nine forty five eighty forty five minutes ago nine forty five by it we are Isaiah Isaiah fifty one verse nine says Isaiah fifty one and verse nine awake awake put on strength old arm of the Lord awake as in the ancient days in the generations of old art thou not it then have to cut what Ray Hanrahan is a not a word for white kingdom agent and then Dan Rather look what it says here and won't know what the track gone were the Dragon delivers his people out of bondage and the menu SNS and will need a hard salvation virus has already taken place all you have to do is excepted Jesus how many are hard be willing to let Jesus make changes in your model belongs bursting Bart Bal not yet which have tried to see the waters of the great deep it has made the depths of the sea awake for the ransom to pass over their bar not remaining logged on shouting time to Isaac went singing and okay maybe we do better to read it together shall be reading so this is what the Bible has just said that synagogue slowly was it say there in verse nine are now not it they have cut Rahab and warm in the Dragon you trying to see you made a way for the ransom to pass over the same ten oh two eight promised land verse eleven read with me since the singing didn't work very well therefore is not read deemed on the Lord shall return and calmly sending on July 's I am an everlasting job I shall be upon their lot adds that he shall obtain gladness and joy and sorrow and mourning show up due to heart except Christ as your Savior and this is coming for him do we realize that God is done for us already already he has delivered us from the Dragon already he is given asked the controller of our lives we control our lives you are steering wheel and our hands and bodies asking you to spirit and direction that you want to my prayer is that you will steer the direction of God because that's even though you are walking in the depths of the sea you can still experience his salvation at that time Mrs. makes sense ironic praise Jesus but you know now to our salvation being tied to the slaying of the Dragon we've seen that over there you know intellectually and your minds because you've been studying the Bible for years and you Daniel and Revelation are hot books in the administration our salvation is tied to this line of the Dragon Isaiah twenty six years ago a few chapters to the left from where you are Isaiah twenty six in verse nineteen to twenty one Isaiah twenty six verse nineteen it says here Isaiah twenty six nineteen and you'll see the context you will see the context simply by what takes place in these verses verse nineteen in Isaiah twenty six says my dead men shall live together with my dead body shall may arise what is this talking about sucking a resurrection restaurant sister to talk about the resurrection it says awake and same year that dwell in the dust you lost someone to get to the the depths of the gray you that's horizontal my grandmother my grandmother has that's one of my red hair from it's not it's also ready more turning gray on the sides my grandmother was very in Alabama if you've been to Alabama never dug in the dirt in Alabama it's red clay for the most part its red place at my grandmother with red hair is buried in the red clay in Montgomery Oliver will will resurrection morning my grandmother I can just see how she's become a great all grandmother filed as a all a red metadata file that way on the resurrection morning this is when the context of this passage are you with me right now it goes on to say here what what verses in nineteen twenty six run by dead men shall live together with my dad bought a seventy arise awake and Sing ye that dwell in the dust when I do listen to the doing herbs and the earth shall cast out the dead verse twenty my people enter thou into thy chambers and shot by doors about me hide myself as it were for little moon moment until the indignation be overcast and Ehrhardt the indignation is describing the wrath of God the wrath of God is poured out begin the seven last plagues before Jesus comes and so dearly that the author of Isaiah Isaiah simply saying highly integrated until the pointer over at the St. John's is a frame same thing in Job fourteen hundred fourteen these are the exact same thing highly integrated until your raptors past I just love studying the Bible awake and sing ye that dwell in the DOS verse twenty people into the ounce of chambers that goes on to say little moment until the indignation be over past verse twenty one says for behold the Lord and what's the context of what we just read what's the context is a resurrection which takes place in what event the second coming of Jesus and so that's the context of what we have just read and then in verse twenty one says for me home the Lord cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity the earth also shall disclose her blog and shall no more cover her slain now I wanted to twenty seven verse one and if you don't have a PDA and you have the right to legitimate means the flip anyway in that day the Lord wanted to talk about in that day was at the shop at the second coming that's the resurrection of the righteous in their day in the Lord with his sword and Greg and strong sorry shall punish you I piercing serpent in Leviathan that crooked serpent and he shouts so I know what exactly and that is where you like in the Old Testament the second coming of users hi I delivered from the Dragon magazine to see more of the children of Israel delivered from Egypt will you be delivered from the Egypt of your life you need to decide the answer is not as made it possible not as made it probable not as taken the impossible and made it possible was it Matthew twenty six nineteen forty men this is impossible but with God all things are possible with the same twenty four thirteen you notice I can do all things through what cries they give a lot and if we are using Christ's strength can we destroy the Dragon in our lives absolutely absolutely our salvation is tied to the slaying of the Dragon at the end of time and now we're getting into what you and I are very familiar with deliverance from the Dragon deliverance from the Dragon where Revelation chapter twelve now Revelation the twelfth chapter and it looks like I may have just a little bit of extra time about twenty five minutes left etc. for five minutes okay so we really do some very cool will think we have always been told that things like the reassessment that God did not destroy Satan was because God 's character was on trial ever heard things like that and you know that there are people that are leaving the administrator because they don't feel that they can find in Scripture evidence for God 's character being on trial phenomena show you where that evidence is because I love people leaving the Seventh-day Adventist church because there is no place in the face of this planet that you will find truth as you find in the Seventh-day Adventist church Gearhart you may think that your church is too strict you may think it's too liberal you may think the passes to weld you may think he doesn't have enough experience the fact of the matter is God is leading this charge you may have issues with what different divisions are saying about women's ordination but I'll tell you dear heart God is leading this charge the godly children as well as major in the jargon as well go through times of apostasy please do not misunderstand I'm not saying the seven established churches and apostates some of you blind me as saying that but I just cleared it up for the recording soon it's on the recording where we are processing deliverance let let me deliver Hannah was a revelation L now Revelation chapter twelve so people are saying this is where I was I just got myself people are saying that they cannot control that God 's character was attacked and ministries of a very cool you have heard in the Bible that one third of the angels fell from heaven on men you know what I find this is a show of it where we find related in time and in Iraq Smith their pronouncement of I guess I was like there's is no human Revelation chapter twelve look at this revelation chapter twelve verse four this is not the screen 's actions were not charging for revelation job at summer 's Moore says anything is trail will we got back up let's go to verse three and there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great read what that's what you need to be delivered from by the way a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his head and his child whose trail the Dragon's tail June the third part of the stars of heaven the third part of the life stars one star is symbolic on in Bible prophecy printer with America's scissors on the right track Gearhart understand this the reason the church is boring for us is because you and I are not setting the variable of the church is based on the onion anything are in college classes is prominently humanly tangible embodiment of the way cannot crown on Friday night for the test on Sabbath morning to see whether or not we study our Bibles and spent time with God we cannot do that now is not cramming in God God is a let me gently persuade you in your lives to follow me does you got the answer the stars are symbolic on and what angels in Revelation one twenty it says in the seven stars Nassau Semarang and are the angels of the seven churches notice or so the stars are similar to what Angels in the Bible says in Revelation chapter twelve verse work and his tale whose tally talking about the dragons failed June the third part of the stars of heaven and they were cast in the earth so what does it mean that he used his tail and a new picture in your mind is great red dragon and all the you don't have to know you maybe you will you measure how many things universities and mouse bottom is that I'm still spending keep your finger here in Revelation twelve is not coming back to unwanted in Isaiah chapter nine verse fifteen I want you to see how the devil used his tail to deceive a third part of the Angels in heaven and got them to follow him out of heaven we got this idea in our minds that there was this shoe shoe shoe shoe war in heaven that wired for war and revolution L verse seven is probably mouse your mind our word for politics from that word there was a political debate in heaven and a political debate was over this year Nasir kept none Isaiah chapter nine and verse fifteen the word of God says in Isaiah chapter nine verse fifteen the ancient and honorable he is the head and the profit that teaches allies he is the tale so what was it that Satan was doing in heaven he was spreading lies about the one whose position he wanted to be and go with me to second Thessalonians chapter two second Thessalonians shift to second Thessalonians chapters maybe chapter one when I get there will prevent out when we view shifted to second Thessalonians chapter two verse three and four second Thessalonians chapter two verses three and four it says second Thessalonians chapter two verse three are you there say yes if you're not they went from regular on the second Thessalonians infinity section that's in the New Testament if you have any English Bible the key section of the New Testament is an out in order never Nativity section one which direction the time now you know it's an omnivore an English Bible I'm about other languages is not a safe you speak three languages although your trilingual you speak two languages you are bilingual if you speak one language your American I am American caviar second Thessalonians chapter two verse three it says let no man deceive the Army are you now run second Thessalonians sapping your lines in your unit of failure that you you were like flipping a page and checking ahead by nearly our second assignments to three let no man deceive you by any means in that day shall not come what may verse one says the day of Jesus Christ for that day shall not come except there come a falling away first and the man of sin be revealed the son of perdition personal or school opposed and exalted himself above all that is called God or that is what someone sank it was in heaven telling lies who was he telling lies about God he was attacking the very character of God himself this is why Symbian is teach that the character of God is on trial in Gearhart the character of God is on trial in every one of our lot your member the story of Job there's this meaning of all of these sons of God in here along comes this imposter usurper and that the throne of the earth and he says God God looks at him and gives him assigned on his bragging have you considered my servant Job I never wanted God to rag on you I've never wish that God would talk about you in heaven outcome on not have to you just said that I don't do you wish not to talk about you in heaven of course you well many not just as Satan you're wrong the reason you're wrong is because I got a Job down there in Job is faithful to me and God allows Job to go through the Egypt life experience where he loses everything he goes into a prosperous and he comes out of it twice as prosperous twice as possible that's pretty cool usages in researching a job at twice and everything except children here on this earth you know why you can get twice as many children belittling a double and everything whining in twice as many children because of the resurrection how many joined the Joe Matt Theismann very cool do we back in relationship for now back on track I just haven't had to show you why we teach that God 's characters on trial Satan is telling lies about the character of God and a thirty eight is believed his lies other so much that we could study here the Bible says in Revelation twelve seventeen and there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the home against the likes of Michael and his angels find it so what the original members were delivered from over here that I can listen to you and I are delivered from over here this means balls all Scripture Dan God deliver the children of Israel out of their midst some of them apostates eyes and stop being faithful to God after he had saved them don't answer out loud is this your very own experience is this your very own experience we look at the Bible and we think mammoths an old book and there's really no application for me when you stop to think about what the Bible is saying every bit of it applies to our lives you and I are fighting a dragon is much too powerful for us don't think numbers are given to it because it didn't do the children of Israel it took God bringing them out my strong and mighty hand and it will take not doing that for you in your life it's time to dethrone ourselves and to gain from Christ and I said that was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the Dragon father and his angels and prevailed not in me and I was their place found any more in heaven and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Dell website in which the seaman the whole world he was cast out into the earth and his angels were cast out with him here you have are not a lot of evidence right in the context of this passage that those stars were symbolic of Angels going on that was emerged I keep reading chapter thirteen just doesn't fit you verse ten cents and I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now is salvation and string and the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ for the accuser of our brethren is why cast down which accused them which accused them before our God day and night verse eleven goes on to say and they overcame him José am they are came in trying to find a block on the LAN will you are the children of Israel that didn't put the lie on their dog costs if there were no one on the Dartmouth no deliverance that the blood was there there was one deliverance and do you know that the fame of all of that went even across the Red Sea in front of the Israelites that went everywhere people knew about that notice of the Bible says next and they overcame him the Dragon by the blood of the Lamb and by the lot and by the word of their testimony Jesus changes your life you let Jesus Slaven Dragon in your life and you have a testimony that no one can refute nobody can argue with me and say that I did not meet Donna and an eighteen wheeler going on interstate seventy nine in West Virginia not one of you can say that because I know it's true and I can senator with all the boldness that this little Alabama Boykin must and tell you that that's what happened in my life and every day I experience being with Jesus Christ how many of you don't show your hands don't look down if you don't not look up with a new don't get any indication do you spend time with one every day and if you don't want home after all he is the one that save you from the drawing he wins the dragons had over there he was over here and how was that the wound given to the Dragon over here by the word of God while we spend time of Jesus verse eleven and they overcame him by the blood of lamb and by the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto the death therefore rejoice you heavens and even dwelling them blowing to the inhabited amateurs of the earth and of the sea for the devil is come down unto you having great what rather because you know any happen wow I sure time if the devil has a short time who else has a short time we be hot why delay why wait for another moment to give your life to Jesus Christ in this battle between God and Satan there is an obvious loser over here in Egypt Revelation tells us of an obvious loser at the end of time Jesus tells us that he usurped the devil 's authority he took back this Eric and John L at age thirty one and thirty two and iPod music that will draw all men unto me this spake he concerning the deputy was not model goes on to say here continued on in Revelation chapter twelve verse thirteen and when the dragon saw that he was cast into the earth he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child this is not evangelistic meetings a map and get all the references but what is a woman represent and represent the church it represents God 's people and here you have a Dragon that is persecuting God 's people verse thirteen and the Dragon money so I was cast in the earth he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child verse fourteen and to the woman were given two wings of an eagle that she might fly into the wilderness and our place have you ever just thought if I could just get away from the situation for a moment Anita Williams don't ever thought about or I just need a little respite I need a rest Jesus says in Matthew chapter eleven twenty eight come unto me all ye that what was his on unit labor and are having and I will give you what for I drank it's time to put yourself in contact with one that is slightly dry sorry you can't say in how many more what you can't have the earth anymore people around God will set up a new evil Satan he can't have Elizabeth anymore you looking for me to say she's hiding in a nineteen hundred America continuing on here and too long as we get into the woman were given two wings of a great eagle that she might fly into the wilderness is there a place where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time from the face of the serpent persisting and a servant was cast in the serving cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood were sixteen and the earth helped the woman and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth were seventeen and the Dragon Hill is the Dragon publishing phenomenon and the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan those the Dragon Satan and the dragon was wroth when the woman was in Iraq angry never been angry really really really I do in the Dragon was wrong with a woman what is the woman it is no wonder that you as a Christian have difficulties in your life it's no wonder because the Dragon knows he sorry loss and somebody that knows that they are a Las Vegas start flailing doing anything they can to try to win but you will decide whether or not God wins in your life I wish I could make a decision for you I wish I could find wishes that he could but because he's a God of love and respect God says to you you choose you decide who is going to be the winner in your life the dragons wroth with a woman went to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandment I have the testimony of Jesus Christ you know some people say I'm so tired of hearing how I like this are my online was that another ceiling I call it anymore the testimony of Jesus says Mozilla things that we would use as necessary the Dragon is wrong with a woman with me now to our next reference Revelation thirteen verse one into evolution thirteen verse one reads and I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw a beast rise about of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the names of blast the name of blasphemy verse two and the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard and his feet were as the feet of a bear and his mouth as the mouth of a lion and Dragon gave him his power his seed and his great authority the Dragon over here shaking in the time of Egypt against the agent 's power his see his great authority at the end of time the Dragon has into this beast is power is seen or hissed around and the authority that comes from being on the ground verse three and I saw one of his heads as it were what wounded to death what was it that God wounded over here the same year the one true God he will be the heads of life broken in pieces I don't mean Revelation nineteen verse twenty Revelation nineteen verse twenty Gerhard if you and I will just realize that God has provided the salvation that we all desperately need and some people come the G Y C and had them come to the school but I was running called why they come to arise a computer manual Institute by the way has some flyers unless they have moved and so if you are interested in going to one of the schools you get one of these fires right here where Messiah Revelation nineteen there's thousand will send some way to shrink as we are right I was nineteen verse twenty says an lead-based cool human reasoning this power has seen and great authority from from the Dragon Dragon Satan medicine overhearing age of the drawing in our agent was symbolic of identity answer on the lot the Dragon or Satan oil love life and your you getting all these answers right it says in Revelation nineteen twenty ten the beast was taken and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him which deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshiped his image these blow were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with lab and Earhart have you ever seen like far main I only want to see a lake of fire from inside the walls the new Jerusalem only want to see a lake of fire from that perspective because the scene from any other perspective is to be part of the kindling Bible says here that the beast and false profit were taken they were cast alive into the lake of fire and then it says in Revelation chapter twenty and verse ten Revelation twenty first Kim says and until that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever not to verse fifteen and two whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire Gerhard there are two options for us I was doing a Bible study with young ladies and she said I am just so mad after what he mattresses because what you are presenting is only two options either hot follow God and I go to heaven or high don't follow God and by default I go to the bad place use the word you understand she does a hot place when it the fire is and is not really only two options and giving me my friends those are the only two options available to us was the only two options available for us we either choose not only allow him to deliver us from whatever the Dragon process by default we choose the Dragon the Dragon has his way with us what you want for your I want to choose God terminated Ezekiel thirty three Ezekiel thirty three what we know to do in the next the following seminars as we are going to lay for you characteristics of God 's people and how God 's people overcame the Dragon in their lives and this is just the introductory to all of that exodus not access Ezekiel thirty three and verse eleven Ezekiel thirty three verse eleven this is an appeal from God to you I don't know the condition of your heart don't know what it's like at home for you don't know what you struggle with it work but I know that God can handle all of those situations and this is his plea to you in Ezekiel thirty three verse eleven say unto them this is what I'm doing is simply obeying as I land says the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked but that the wicked should turn from his way and and let how many options does God present to us two options but that the wicked turn from his way and live turn me turn you from your evil ways for why will ye die O house of Israel the heart your GUI see in the reason that God brought you here so that you could have a stronger relationship with his son Jesus that's the reason you are here praise God for all the friends we made in July see but the reason he wants he exists is that you can meet the Savior that delivers you from the Dragon what characteristics do we see in the Scripture and God 's people those that overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony is it your desire again I don't know the condition of your heart just pleading with you on behalf of God and relationship with his son Jesus is it your desire for the Dragon to be dead in your life is it your desire to accept the one true God Jesus Christ our Savior as your deliver not a deliverance that will take place but a deliverance that has already taken place just to accept it and let him working you is that your design is such a bizarre raise your hand religion father in heaven you see our hands the angel in heaven records these decisions has marked these decisions by our name in the books of record we pray Jesus that we will continue with this design to let you slay leviathan to wound ahead to break in pieces Rahab the Dragon that knows he happened sure thank you for recording related on our heart is what maybe there's one or two through the struggle had ended I know that your Holy Spirit does not give a safety father yelling loudly about this balance is the love is there him are you might be supporting ministry on the seventh day Adventist things I think I ended young I think I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us I am the only coming to you I see that I or you are a


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