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02-God vs. Satan: Death Before Dishonor

Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah


Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • January 2, 2014
    10:00 AM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen I I strictly writing and that I wore a gray area and wearing in the and highway and in and do you and how you can ask me angry but in any face having that rule amending the yet even good the only one who's not in writing he has been doing readings a high rating on the brain began to getting to know so far is that in this session we are going to be the winning hand with the middle looking at and about in the convent of the Caribbean on the hate I love you will thought he'd ball on than a year I think they will tolerate your lack and then I might need to thought Harry says and in this measurement the lot size and how can I recommend that you ran and getting ready for the reason that they together loving father he beautiful for the time as well as ringing so far here at zero the ninety nine hundred eleven him well and I never even other non- and aware and Bailey had each one individually landholders her hair is not encouraged crazy as me and so hiking here in the way I know when you think back to the closing of Daniel and Revelation I physically cannot this view and knew that all law and I haven't understand that neckties and leave room and laid them out on the theme and the significant harm incompetently I believe you through each one of the law and passionately hate that they can't hit I was made during the time and many that I can see how it may be in conflict even when you let him glory of their time in this session we weren't solidified now the Kenya all great year on the way Indian independence to carry on doing it and on the way I going to be late young and now Yahweh and five yes yes you will when I covered that in my feet now but in the end lead back on her own and then delete that delete delete of what many this morning now President Barack Obama on game-winning points eleven and while you live in and when Hitler and the will I know the last and I will be gone across my mind that even if I believe that there is nothing new under the and I know this is rhetoric about not using an American built lad was something that she never had by cats in the book your kingdom on you will not see Nebuchadnezzar has magnified and I think I will outline the first law and probably find hot lightning of zero ninety seven and the climate of the book of Daniel not significant evidence to give you anything that going here by in the way in which he built it was actually built to last forever and he's up there with music on my conference but by and in the way and if you have been in the boat that it was late on where and when Xavier vitamin E can take share hot lady that he built by the long lively square measuring fifteen miles on both sides twenty five minutes of of of of who you then have them come here and I gave him an American friends who live in London but I and the wall of violent estimated to have been applied three hundred feet high but when you are needed as an independent in the this was a huge strain and the wallet know why you want at the cardiology clinic patients now why is it we area right on top of the wall side-by-side can you picture it that's how big the walk the Bible and read it on the kingdom that built them up forever now him that and burning him I'm delighted down and hitting the truck that went at an implement and dragged that no enemy can activate Gail the law of the city making great accurate and had gone a bit off I mentioned are on the city and he got it with water and make sure mailing it up anyone even come near it along by getting an example in book eight year built and one of light it is provided by the great maybe that will handle the law got into the middle of the city and an interesting fact for you but do it in a pen of the head at him Doug Beatty and big United in everything that he thought it had the last paragraph ten make sure that even if even at his bidding would be the inhabitants of the eighty five hundred with the pipe going into the year and the permitting them to our and this is the content in which we find me environment on the great this stone at the template on their information from one kingdom and when they decide that it actually read may last forever which was a waste of kingdom cannot of course we know that that did not happen but he didn't back have kingdoms that of laughter and pain on a lot of the WikiLeaks United Nations is unique including the crime I have been delete with you not authority and view the video couldn't carry to me here is yet another very end of life that him why would anyone exhibiting them to live what manner now given the background black horn in on the ranch and he was given in the kingdom but you can take your Bibles with me since I have to learn and remain to you haven't read MSM and people but and know that the one on the weekend every defendant is that they might be in I think I'm going to be there I came pleading is taking children in the third year of the reign of the client thinking of Gina Hamilton the king of Babylon came to them and the fanatic that I live the King is the underpinning everything about him coming to the big city and thinking like an captive of captives with whom that the native cadre music Nintendo power time ago I collect that these have at the time of the DNA was very young even the teams and when you want to take it whenever you than anything you go there for them arranged by God and that he had their life history and human advancement I am getting in the ring on your life you know your you really think you are you thinking him why he even let you know what you wait on you like to do again like a maniac in the monotony of life and tragic event happened you know it having to take the difficult journey to foreign you are a lady in waiting I don't know people are you going on and I who's been locked in the related moderate and everything and everything difficult it must have been running into people who want to take a look on my secondary I believe I read that the Bible means I listen again and the King is then asked them that he needed to bring up the children of Israel and some of the king and unavailable young man in whom the land known as via mail away and I will attain Enlightenment Buddha and mainland decay and then you can get intimidating but it really made me get increment but they would often get that in all white window things are not always as quick to understand that we live in the community but if you are looking for tonight is our ability to have an aching heart I read the language and that it can cause you and making them ideally to the king 's delicacies and the line we sit around the rehab of training from them though that at the end of that time they might go before the king now mind those of the attendance is down when Danielle and I am excited out and as area in the area of elite chosen one the client and he revealed that traction in the University of Vidor we can collect and they went to learn the language and literature and an unending it would be trained and why I came to liability train so I highly knew was not no Scripture it was anything but Scripture now as you can combine their lives in the likenesses and he says anyone named being the place and being faced with a related but the apartment line in everything that comes to our eyes OS X which readily hydrolyzed and unknown in the book of Daniel chapter I know I sent anything apply our education about the dread and guide everything on my bill on what the radically different from what they had been actively until now you will know in England in the way that God gave Israel very good instructions about their diets did not yet any of the icon of a diagonally top of the tenth annual chapter when we brought in really it that I really but that you find the conflict of a died in the land but God was very late and then got out that it is not in session about their education instruction warship their education at manual and it is good friends with opposed to refute him by the arm was so I gained the greatest thing they had evidence ongoing candidates will enjoy the full God and then Scripture that is hot in this environment and everything again but they learn now how do you get the most of the day him how you are handling in many of you are going to school and you are not in school in a public university line nine hundred and eighty years old but you learn things in your classes and biblical doctrine practically nothing I mean you are if anything have been ruled out of religion yes I know and it felt that that you know fantasy and other immunoglobulin hybrid and in one eight five counties across and I love my energy and management of a written and ninety who is talking a lot DNA replication and RNA and the enemy I love Anthony McCarthy led by Timothy a microphone that unite them that they had and he probably left out when the when the body is making unit markings and reading off the irony the dividing hundred an amazing blow my mind the great conflict in when it done I think the proxy and proofreading enzymes the bunny a similar business in time that I can be proved we find the picture in my garage parking and how amazing is that drugs that have been made if the reader know and that somehow maybe it was the other eye and you not in and in and in everything that he can't let it affect we might we know nothing is amazingly unaligned and when he got been met if this really believes in me and I thought this is no good and even acknowledge that hot maybe possibly him all over the Internet how independent and happened and that the grant that will be a lengthy anemia method your you in the loosening and him and him and he was in the lead on the new phone and you and lot meeting knowing that you and the way in which they do carry my following and even in an environment where my husband school in Boston thank you it was connected a crime they are mixing and blending ninety nine commission zero really believe that elected the creation and young they feel maybe I see I believe it was an conference on my right I don't think the money I'm committed in connection I am a resident select committee here in impression as a young professional you me the error of the unit that you have been that you may how many of you are raking any evening finishing five in your office there you are during the heart how applicable I mentioned them how it is that the law be an original of the world draft diet voice and everything how they can actually base that should allow me know what time it invites you to get them thinking there would be times of the night between I wanted you and I see going to have you ever went on the first and even if you think it is listening for hi wow and on point it is conveniently not in and I got sick and dying all was that we as humans tend to react in and going out with his time than you can think of it and I write and then parallel to the plane and all ability to preliminary and things began to him six you have and you have something in the bundle are all and a pilot in all bills to a climax and a very top of the fence in a in the very main point that I think turning me an extension of the book of Daniel in the re- and they operated by the Nevada are out and out there that help very similar story from legal drying applications my life today and why do you think you and you give I don't have my seminary cumulative attempt talk about the width that people are right and right next to you and I'm still going through down to three feet in clicking here going three times are attempted to be an attempt to make you want to think about what I meant figure notes to chapter giving you a couple questions and guide you hear anything back out even trying to get back at the Greenville United Kingdom by rant about you when you read what's happened again I know you read it before yet the meaning within the word by telling you anything about what I have I seen the captain and then I this story and I facility that is sent in a community of you sick men on deck with what do I hear you when I is not the entire content is to drop a note are indeed an in-depth parallels to you in that job but we think I'm unrepentant and in the past clear leave them five minutes I think I'm back together again I'm done talking but in the end and I really can always talk about it even after writing in the week ending October nineteen ninety nine he is meeting people is very great volunteer for the year ended right by the late charge and letting all in the enjoyment are aligning in England I greatly will hear you die and no I am a big right or wrong with letting again a year on the design am and I mean in their history is any read you this is ready by however you are on you and you are comparing it to try adding honey how to anybody unless in writing you will see what happened I go then and now I think I can thanks they did not have anything that they are out there and he has been volatile in and leave you in a minute they are a theme that you need that you can think of it in about a year though victory at the alley are very very very domestic happen in old and will you saying is that which I intend to be with the aim never ever since the only thing I know I missed a we have with you eliminate the pavement was beginning to marry a nine ball scenario that everybody and me are you living your dream factory what happened in the life in language satellite that are not going to be an annual study as you looking at that and then read on for you to write one and I want to get into not being at the end of the Bible is not a direct question in it if you are not writing up paper aren't enough young and I think you'll find it by underlining and all of the highlight that Christ ended up finding him how do I carry the high they emphasized that and they get that in the Bible any deeper than being repeated that he is really important going to raise that being repeated in nine three two Nevada State employment of the King management of what go with hike I think the cubic and it went even he that he did what in the plane of view on the first three numbers to the end of drifting into another way to get together that have demonstrated again and confident educated and either the magistrate all the bishop apartment sitcoms the dedication of the United Kingdom and had what that makes me that he can't influence it has begun a confident educated inside the United States and on the official of the property that began the communication of inmates in nineteen and had that breath for another him in the morning the hot Latin in Indonesia with all kind and using a cell phone in Western and not doing that you had that electing here was that he and his pets Daniel I even be in an ideal kingdom in the volume in Alaska and I will not like last fanfare and the three of the book of Daniel King and then they basically did the revelation of God and that he only said a United Kingdom will be an idea yet that he had been up here yet that the difficult commitment and it has been even better rate if I end to the revelation of God and often times when we set up an online that are in direct conflict their mission of God and that careful that the latest data and of the commandment is given that they should by John into the thick of Daniel the command of different lighting commandment given not by human sympathy and editing thirty year money and then maybe the mail I personally find it right seven by replacement into regional president Mrs. Qingdao to eliminate the presence of the eleventh and hence the conflict he can send the new Kingdom area live by Amber on the government of the kingdom that visited the continent the environment topic together with them and going back to me I'm decreed to have him got on they are that you are paying habitat and select an online of the decree on the command I made it and I know it made an offer only indicating I know I've got cracked now in the screen then and made lingering election than the indication of the punishment that will be given for those who think that they yet in topic three wanting to management and indicating that an intercepted they will be the management is an ally and not go back with me how do you how to do that you know it we ran refined to this command do they bite on the image to read what happened and having fun I mean immediately you actually read the whole thing being that apartment after I say that three hundred and I went want to hear their response from a sixteen hundred eighteen million anonymously to a chapter again and by the state and after their questions and pointed out what he has to did not benefit in the next one is about it Michigan Abednego and that they can call them independent but we had no immediate leaving the matter is that if the case Alan got only been able to what do they left the burning fire him there is another very in question and I'm cracked cannot deliver I can't imagine I sat outside the limit got ability and Symbian Clinton family life I had been in and in and got them in upcoming England on the clinical Outlook vacation guide and even though they be sure that you want anything our God belief that is a multimillionaire and more than able and heal well in advance from you looking to rent a buy it now that he knows Eli King that we do not deserve your God nor will it want typical imaging with you have that up again I went the nickname without God is able to deliver but even if he does when anything more significant and you me more of that ball kind of point because we we going now I got ability to deliver a lethality crime in Québec and in them and expect them to get your work I hadn't been there and in God and God why am I in the right and then it got really allowed me why hasn't you delivering me then we don't need the ability that his goodness and his heart to why that's not that requesting it from there and expect them to botanically known the three Cambridge point in Hawaii and other private and then sat right with Abednego is even in England in Québec in whittling their games with the you got him I got the membrane is able to imagine him and he felt God God did maybe is not in him and him then he will go to them and they didn't like paying on it and then a full year refilling in the friend Nathan and I didn't know much exciting going on in England and now I'm naming him and me and I met growing into the brain and looked very handsome and looking to save and make money on the follicle that can handle at this you really hate and focusing confident feeling I had how many men the reason by the fire they that have been making true of the economy war men in the lucky amendment of the fire and they are not her form on the boy is like life I think you will find that he been painted and when the company is not publicly while it is made to Nikon so they go into the furnace variety phase I North then God will burn them then I prevent them from getting into the brain know when and when they step into who showed up in the version gave him a him that you have to reseller out in America and immaculately said earlier it often happened that God is cool but taken away why don't you make it not as a kind of get a blending indigestion and twenty nine and range thirteen east right but when they find the fact that God is actually in the thread immediately and we have a complete adherence and he showed what better than to have the son of God right there with you in the hearing is that he kept hot and yet it in her a lot is going through it alone and you couldn't give the son of God is right and what he'd do if he doesn't run because they look we cut inbound when I see them walking then her and they're not fond and there is an event sitting there wondering even higher the only thing that I have earned the way around the island and then you will see that in the fire I would rather be hanging out with me I would rather be linking the island and I was not there in the pilot that I mistakenly see this to be a Anaconda snuggled to speak to the then how are the him I will degree is made I even know anybody that you are probably thinking right hand ring as they now went down young you are writing like I do want home and a proper room with an open like there was no gain now you need it we thank the great and gave what you've got as while he can't stand in thirty days to get attention anything that he paid before God as he bid up fourth time yes now I'm new and thanks for reading the point here is that Daniel not been increased by making a little happen to him if he prayed to God yet he gotten praise to God as he did for time in a month and let you when difficult slightly trading morning that I write an honest anyway trying to guard every night in the NBA is utilized when a family thing and I got for LI what don't you than any commitment and increased airline he did say that he did more time and the way that we create in those difficult times to be how it always pretty because that's how much we need to know what happened here today and thrown into the line and again ignoring the lion and the thinking that happened then I set up the line and guy like that make it a name nine ninety nine bowling in the line then we shall him will him down the line in is Marvin Allianz then landlord according to thrive in Iraq are the five things I absolutely think there yet you think you meticulously reason I was able to visit after the keynote two you must have been nice if I would even have everything okay my God and he aimed and shot the lion who had not hurt me to get up on him again before he went on about a content time not wrong before you and in no time showing up in the iron of England Baghdad ASAP and I have my baby unharmed I know they didn't even print them up other than that God doesn't always take awaited trial we have complete assurance of his wife is present to you and I have been there in the line and an end and the angel of God you got been particularly guided by your MySQL server on which you and in fact even if even in the God image even if you doesn't make it and guide them through an undulating than I expected I got is right there with now then you have any here in Athens it happened to think about the sympathy of annual we didn't get the point here but the realizing that he him or him one of the elect of God and he brought out when them and then you let an opinion and do what you want out of the barn and rest twenty eight three God is a good friend and what is it they came they vaguely is probably taking on electrical disconnecting the Internet personally I think twenty six two nine hundred fifteen write twenty five team area both all people and nations and I'll even go on and he a lot like you I made a decree than ever the meaning of my kingdom that you must do what and it wasn't God him that I know what he is the living God I'm taking just one chapter in the beginning make a decree that no one do what anyone is in any God on my and making a difference increase that they should tremble and the eggplant that there is not on their reasonableness in any event he nodded in agreement your God and a human kingdom you have the power of God because under the invalid situation I believe he is acting this deliberate we couldn't think of anything even after that the mother is any a visit Danielle Goodlatte hot back in the ring the range of price and making me this degree dining out across the entire writing really could be better I definitely must have been reading the same thing happens to suspect that single intensity that may be put in the violently making it what they came from Monday who had read an income I do this in the competitive threat that limiting an output on your end the way in which enable installation of the McCain who made the command I decreed that related to Washington that CB by planning ahead right now the commander degrees and made a related question had I'm God people were that they will be faithful in this environment got people are people in what situations they do not unexpectedly I think Daniel Craig God acted in the point I'm in there definitely is going into Baghdad three Bennington and then him very by not showing up at five five five and they got an angel into the lions den he maintained me I remember in bullet time designate a black and five ingrained that they made proclamation I decree that the question what in God and these people and God 's people prosper and in promoting and good dinner on the way when men use the events happening in Scripture had when we happened in them apparently enlightened a Bible and will do what makes command a degree relating to the one I sent an obit in the paper that got people to try when I'm not in the same way that Jesus showed up in the myth of that he can do the same five and delivery seemed a willing system may yet which got ability I even can't keep thousands what will lead you will still be paid for by the grace of God according and this is not the question to be defended in this controversy and as we read in a first position of possibly stated that we let her go in and we decide where I will be faithful and and read essay to allow God to lead up into the trust that he will be faithful in any case it is him him I have gotten everything they know we went to another probably not do it to happen in the area and when the reason and what is the best choice you know what I may end many elaborate on why they you know it I got crazy I will be leaving for you because they want to believe Lehman we do not hear it will be grateful today in the then acting like anything highly regulated the people in that bigot I morning and I figure that I went to bed early all of that fun and lighthearted and China mainland that the link below to help me get and I went back I think great but we haven't even trained them ringing in picking the committee Mister and we leave you found the believe one that I will bring in fragment at the moment of the lifetime and great output emotions and we expect that when you create me willing people think I'm begin this is then that he really did that in dialing this leads parents attach a statement of how frantic note that while waiting for this to happen will happen we can do anything apply to not get a look behind to be faithful and that if we are faithful to the placement of volume event will always thank God it just yet unknown yet just like the human king I cannot let God to see the paper he bought the volume equipment we invited and got will having the whole area when you happen the question is how we carry our weekly meeting faithful it can be involved in a thing is waking up emotions this study and prayer believing you know where you know it then I think that elemental actually how I can make out the character I will outline this day have been counting down no hack to make every single day in evident things I did today that time I was back in nineteen and I printed out all the individuals and friends in women they will when we had before there is no accounting for the number ten has a highlight is they not having open area when it can be brought to acknowledge God because I think that is not counting what that person will be in outline I posted twenty hours in school the student and I was a funny and considering the when I first went so I crave what did on admission on to get my grave and I think we go again he admitted in a single of his athletic event and I I got cognitive long very and I'm getting Montana's ministry leaders in my life but didn't open I see the realization that God was hunting with you my friend Stephen and my being in school website when it knew the need to reach my classmates and professors and when that resignation came it came time for everything my people he sent me think everything is happening and in any class in inorganic chemistry lab with an independent insurance him hanging on my lap and I were reading my reactions of many things even you may have to wait for Ethan to winning I was given right on the top on the list of everything that waiting white face it and you are right that we might my lab partner out of the blue in the face and he and I made the revelation here is that Jamie and I had heard about eight hundred thousand Revelation of Christ anything that they cannot harry library of commonly at night as he has committed to me and intermediate don't permit anything and ideally a man of Revelation known in a claim that they never meant to live in the back somewhere and I had it been taking the moment this is again a catalyst to and I made it revelation and not Christie and she was not even a believer at what I them in organic chemistry classroom in prison right now who have questions about the Bible what are the odds Lou Lindquist met this lady and is in England what I want to give after we met up and say to open public didn't have a gunman paralyzed from the commission wife Ethel Kennedy within the next king of the best plan is listed as our report who really late and living in the dorm room I is our important she him about why I like the nonbeliever and I think Harry is actually going on the main theme in the present right now if I do that I might will not famous lover how do you manage that no it's strong enough to pray with her right now in flesh silent and be very shy that I learned how you frame it is right and he literally yeah yeah we know please pray with me I only know God I tried the diamond trade and other he had ever made an ally Emily and I pray you think that you take me there died in a tiny use don't know who live in areas when the conniving I is you don't know that has made the end date I then maybe at law as not getting back with yet another test will be but how and when the market has that is in the area and would need to acknowledge God because of your people don't wait amid the fact that they had it coming but many people today how how God will find you a full when that final big and will attack the Huguenots again in the classroom in your office in the family when you are maybe will say that my camera handy phlebotomist person that he is eleven and God is I think I know the minute he can use you again in the class in this battle good witness in your life to whom it is unwitnessed because I think I made you choose to place your weight on what I backpacked in Europe and what all Macy and they that are not a man and identifier to be faintly mocking that when the final test before a value heart prayer in finances music close to bother when one is on the wrong way and I think will do it all and then I answered growing and there was no me know the kind is one day that will make you in this message was waiting for me you may see you supporting Mimi 's chief of the city the energy states he seems I think young people to be knighted by Woodgate 's ice cream to rescind to download the pictures on the resources you need it I am in family income below my seat him her errors in a and


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