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03-God vs. Satan: Infallible Men?

Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • January 2, 2014
    2:00 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen on ahead and we want to thank you so much that we not at least something to eat we pray now that as we feed our soul on your word that you will show us the difference that one man can make Jesus we pray that we will be that man will be that woman it makes a change in this world for you and brings honor and glory to your name we pray this Jesus asking the jewel blastocysts afternoon in your name e-mail well earlier today our first session does anyone remember what we talked about a lot right we talked about each other and is yet being the promise that we are going to be regained in the future Rod and then would we talk about the second very shortly happened using no problem in your name again everybody this is my friend Freddy Freddy Mrs. Amina Reddy 's gotten a slide in the hands are ready to go out they went running this thing just keeps spinning in Spain instead you take now and we just cannot go without their unified genre in front of me know what you are thank you you that facilitate around my friends figure out how to get the paper out a Lebanon cautionary is automatic around all right we train this morning we talked about being delivered from Egypt and that that reality was a promise of what was going to take place in the future bus being delivered from the Dragon or Satan been in our second class we focus on two different chapters of the Bible and as he might remember what those chapters were ejected three and ninety chapter six and what do we discover from Daniel chapter three ninety chapter six similarities similarities in what way I just turn the thing off in my computers are working similarities in what way glad to tell me are on Morgan to go back to Daniel chapter six now so let's open our Bibles to Daniel chapter six Daniel Ezekiel Daniel so where do the right of the book of Psalms Daniel chapter six to the left of Hosea to get to Hosea Daniel chapter six we are to begin reading inverse Daniel chapter six and verse one C it's thinking being a subtitle of today's met well this afternoon 's message according to our program is God versus Satan in fallible man and what we are going to do is we're going to look at Daniel chapter six to see how God I will react in the face of an Alamo decree that is made how they stand up on his kingdom is rewarded by that name on it and jump all the way to ask chapter seventeen in the resume are doing this is we we discussed Len and what battling didn't enter chapter three in the in making this decree that people should worship this false god of this false image consumer to look again at Neil Persia now and Neil Perry said I thought we looked at again in chapter six before India Persia what you have is you have another infallible man or woman claims to be infallible because after all he makes a law that no one can change that's called infallibility right there's no room for error in that and then we're going to look at the kingdom of Greece and were to look at the multiplicity of gods in Greece and how another one man took look at it look at that situation of all of these gods and got converts out of it so that's everyone to do so it's subtitled one man infallible men subtitled one man this thing is ready to work in CRC Google Red Hat and you so these references were going over in this study no fancy Nancy Collins this time to open your Bible to me here in Daniel chapter six I am there with you and the Bible says this in Denver chapter six it pleased Darius to set over the kingdom and hundred and twenty princes now Darius ruled the middle Persian Empire for two years all of this takes place during that two-year period that he is ruling in the Bible goes on to say he said a hundred and twenty princes which in the all are I'm a master you remember how many provinces there were and how many lords there were over those provinces there a hundred and twenty seventy seven Esther chapter one anyway here we are and why I bring us are into this because she is in that she her life occurred during the Medo Persian Empire and your limited agreement was made in Esther a law that could not be changed and had to make another long people to fight back quite interesting but here we are again in chapter six and verse two and over these three presidents of whom Daniel was first that meant that Daniel was the chief of the three presidents that the princes might give accounts unto them and the team should have no damage said Daniel was set up to protect the NATO Persian Empire does this make sense he was sent there to protect the neo- Persian Empire verse three then Mister Daniel was preferred about the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him why was Daniel preferred an excellent spirit in him whose spirit was in him the spirit of God was in him continuing on by the way you saw that same spirit in Joseph everything the Joseph text prospered we sell that same spirit in SC silencing spirit in Daniel is of the same thing and John etc. etc. etc. when the spirit of God possesses God 's people and things happen does this make sense so here is Daniel set up to protect the Medo Persian Empire one of three presidency is preferable those three presidents and he goes on an excellent spirit was found in him and McCain sought to set him over the whole realm Joseph happened to Joseph that in anyway then the presidents and princes sought to find occasion against Daniel Weir and Daniel chapter six and verse for songs to find occasion against Daniel concerning the kingdom now if you want to reflect on your life for now the way to live your life in a way you work at your job the way you handle your class is the way you do your assigned homework if someone were to scrutinize your life as closely as they scrutinized Daniel 's life what they find occasion for faulting you here is Daniel Amanda a few more pants he put his pants on the same way we put our pants on if you are dressy but an address on the same way that girls were just us about you understand what I'm saying Daniel was a man in the Bible says here they could find none occasion or fault sort for as much as he was faithful neither was there any error or fault found in him now there's no era and no-fault found a new one does that make you perfect what interesting is there anyway to you and I can have the same character that Daniel courses away it says in verse five then send these men we shall not find any occasion against this Daniel except we find it against him concerning the law of his God you know there is I pastor a church here in Florida conference to churches I praise the Lord for the opportunity that I have to do this get to see Mister is from those on the recording and well let me just pretend that I never said I pass into churches here for the conference is about to tell you a story about a church here with me right here with me and I don't know what it's like in your church but there are some very hot topics in in churches in general and one of those is adornment and he ever found out to be one of the hot topics it's in a church mightily hand-delivered the I will say on adornment and is found it should be fun well I'm I'm I'm freezing this message from the front a Bible -based message it was just it it wasn't in your face but it was it was almost in-your-face message right was a message about our faithfulness in the way that wheatgrass and when we carry ourselves as Christians and you want not want anyone believe I got lots of green over that mess you know I didn't grieve about was anything else in my life claiming to be like Daniel in the least McDaniel and it was much more elevated and thinking of us on this point the point is that we need to be living our lives so that when we teach the truth when we share the truth people find no occasion of fault in August that would allow them to justify their not keeping the truth does this make sense suspensions are so here we are going on here in verse five minutes of these men we shall not find any occasion against Ms. Daniel except we find it against him concerning the law of his God a lot of them might be said of us that the only thing that is wrong with us is our fidelity to the logon one of my members came up to me I should backup somebody came up to me and Sandra to me and said you know I don't really agree with it but what you taught us of the Bible today came from the Bible and all you do is raise my hands us a Summit two hundred praise Jesus for this because then there was nothing in the message that was being shared and found fault with and when you and I represent God that's the you may want to redress by continuing on here verse six men these presidents and princes assembled together to McCain so what the Bible is down in his walk-in and casually say okay and when you have a conversation with you it says that they come in an ASC along for the king it's almost like they all rush and before thinking like there's a huge pressing matter and this is when they were seven verse six and they send us on him King Darius Lamb forever and they flatter him of course who wouldn't flatter aching and the precedents of making all the presidents of the kingdom the governors the princes the counselors and chaplains have consulted together to establish a Royal statute is that true how you know it's not true but I was not there so his guys start out my lying down but then he goes on here it says we have all consulted together to establish a Royal statute and to make a firm decree that whosoever shall ask a petition of any God or man for thirty days save them excuse me save a Visio team he shall be cast into the den of lions now want you to notice this grammar asking this Persian King to make a decree and the decree is that no one can worship any other God or man or ask any petition of any daughter a man for thirty days except it came down to suppose that these men in that pagan empire do you suppose that they worshiped any gods of their own I think that would be very safe assumption and so these men are willing to take their all their own physician their own beliefs their own in internal contests they are willing to take that enter push into the side to get a common goal accomplish you will you and I sing in the Protestant world today people are sent and it doesn't matter in the Protestant world what denomination you grew up in a one denomination you got your your degree in if you're a theology degree it doesn't matter you noting any charge and start teaching adventure willing to set aside your own belief system in order to answer this common goal God does not call us to do that by the way God calls us to be the one man one woman it stands up in the face of adversity and stands for what is right let's continue here it says in verse seven now a rather verse eight now looking to establish a victory the rising that it be not change according to the law of the Medes and Persians which alters what someone in the Persian team mates Nick Ray and put a cigarette ring and that decree and endocrine the change it could not you and I call that infallibility the belief that a man can make a law that can never be changed it's trading that individual as if they are of God and union meeting with me the first nine wherefore King Darius signed the riding and the decree verse ten now and then you knew that the writing was signed he went into his house minimalist this morning he went to his house and his windows being opened in this chamber toward Jerusalem he kneeled upon his knees three times a day and praying and gave thanks before his God as he did for time as the article pointed out this this morning that Daniel didn't know and have an even more fervent prayer session with God Daniel went and prayed just as he had always pray I don't know what it's like in your life when when I go through difficult situations I don't spin extra time praying because I already pray in the morning now raise your hands just think about this Julio spend time praying every day when that one of us incredible ways to know whether you're praying or any any is in any effective way is if you begins to pray and whatever is your brain about you put on a prayer list and the next day you pray you go over that prayer listen what you are going to find out is that God is answering your prayers you never really taking time to notice that he's answering them and that will strengthen your prayer life and Tonga will talk about that in session number six praying and studying the Bible continuing on here it says that these men assembled and found Daniel training making supplication before his God so we've gone the point that I wanted to get you out of the book of Daniel chapter six Daniel is in this peasant kingdom and his pagan kingdom is ruled by paying a friend Susan and Daniel is one of three presidents that's already hundred and twenty other guys and Daniel is aligning the only one that is found faithful and so and of course you know the rest of the story Daniel was delivered from the lot from the line in your duty to the movie if he said that are not Daniel stands out in the face of a law that cannot be changed and God saves Daniel from the pit of lines never been to the zoo and ever watch the line what you imply Salina Amanda it doesn't matter what that line had for dinner no matter how he turns is still looking at you you know I'm talking about right and you are praising God the whole time you're in the zoo that that line is on the other side of the lot of the fence behind your relationship with Jesus is an offense against the lie and out of your life great controversy page I says this same wound nose that all who need to liens who neglect prayer and the searching of the Scriptures will be overcome by his attacked Saint and Paul St. Matthew needs you to know this indigenous fail to see why safe to get up in the morning by the waves on our schedule morning the emotional time always on you if you do say to you soon and the next morning you wake up and spend time praying and reading from God 's Word and experience where you mean from God 's word and you go and breakfast and you forget that you even read anything I've ever had an experience where you go to breakfast in your life home and what is necessary doesn't happen often Mister Matthew offenses him a photographic memory got all let's suppose that will have you hung out with some people last night you hung out with some people and Utah see you talking about a ice on his hands on you member everything we talked about would you trade that time of hanging out for anything else I asked the wrong person your name is wrong answer so the concept here is when you hang out with your friends and you're talking and talking you do not remember everything that you talked about with your friends is that true and does not keep you from going back to your friends and talking talking and again then why should us not being able to remember what we study prevent us from going back to the Bible to spend time with our friend Jesus again I remember it but wants a naptime for anything else because Satan well knows that he can lead you to neglect prayer and the surging of the Scriptures year will be overcome by his attacked laws Daniel over isn't that there's your point Daniel had a relationship with God that would be on the external stuff he was living with Daniel 's relationship with then just what you and I can see this is why Daniel in the face of a law that cannot be changed and it just goes into his room and you know maybe Daniel had share besides window I'm just thinking maybe he did many Kenyans kneels down on the chair again because he wants to be fully exposed tonight I don't know I'm just thinking maybe this is what Daniel then Daniel didn't change a thing he was doing in the face of a log told him he couldn't do it a law by the way that could not be changed in the Bible goes on to say in the very last part of diner chapter six verse twenty five Ben King Darius wrote unto all the people nations and languages that dwell in all the earth peace be multiplied unto you I made it agree that in every dimension of my kingdom management shredder will and fear before the God of the winch if it be neat if these people that you study the Bible with people you work with people to go to class with just like condo shared with us this morning when we need if people would look at you and say hey friend seeing you need to hang out with this person because they have a relationship with their God the closest the mouse appliance and by the way Satan walks about like a roaring lion seeking to devour you we talked about Mrs. morning he knows his time is short verse twenty six I make a decree that in every dominion of my kingdom and symbol of fear before the God of Daniel for he is the living God instead fast forever and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed and his dominion shall be even unto thee and he delivered the rescue with the work of the signs and wonders in heaven and in earth who hath delivered Daniel from the him or her of the liens so this Daniel prospered in the reign of Darius and in the reign of Cyrus the Persian Darius only ruled for two years in that position now we're going to do Daniel stands firm for God and we learned it was weird I think just a little bit of a twist and where to look at the multiplicity of gods that came from the Grecian Empire and I don't know if you need he caught onto this yet but as the deliverance of the easier is a promise that God will deliver us from the Dragon and then you had this babbling a meal Persian kingdoms that make these decrees these laws that can be changed and to worship a false God and then also to worship a man and now here we're going to the kingdom and women to St. Paul in the face of management believed in a multiplicity of God and Paul stands firm and children were gone and Paul declares Jesus Christ integrate the resurrection were getting envisioned as a second only accepted seventy all of these things that you seen these kingdoms setting up Jesus comes along and wants them and three and half years just once the whole thing asked the seventeenth chapter Matthew Mark Luke John acts the seventeenth chapter and we are going to begin reading in verse fifteen act seventeen fifteen this is after Paul has left Thessalonica and many goes to Berea and the people in Berea listen to Paul and then they go on a study to see if what Paul is talking about was true or not have any of you that please don't bid any presentation to just accept everything they say without going on studying the Bible goes on to say verse fifteen and seventeen and David conducted Paul brought him onto Athens worst happens grace very good American crime on to Athens and receiving I want to Silas and Timothy S four to come to him when all speed they departed Somoza Braunwald Athens are now leaving with a message for Silas and Timothy are saying hey Paul what you were sixteen now Paul while Paul waited for them in Athens his spirit was stirred in him have you ever had your spirit stirred within you are Gerhart when somebody starts to teach something that is just contrary to Scripture I just stopped to pray and I say Lord Jesus please help whatever comes out of my mouth to find you because I can't stand when people take the word of God and turn the word of God upside down just to fit their own fans this drives me absolutely nuts I was at a news convention I will tell you what state it was handed out that Amanda 's convention and we were just talking about men being men in this world and not the study of Scripture and this thought comes up to me and he says so how do you prove you're not close to her jewelry I comes in sizes passing role as to just seven one text text text text text text text and easily note I believe in most know I would know only as it was going on I want to share with you and I will believe anything and he was telling all those people in the class and I was teaching and was all right to do something to God 's word had been clearly said this is not something you should do that just boils the Bible says he now while Paul waited for them Athens is spirit was stirred in him you know Paul could do some real damage to run and he was solved when the persecuted the Christians Paul's spirit was stirred in him when he saw the whole sitting on the wholly given to idolatry why would Paul's spirit be spared him him because you're not so sure do not stress how many titles you have any gods of the God of heaven right is only one true savior we talked about that this morning Paula Spirit is stirred within him when he saw the whole setting given to idolatry verse seventeen therefore now whenever you see the word therefore you need to ask yourself what is that word there for some Paul's spirited startup window and him because the entire city is given over to idolatry and in and says therefore for the reason of that whole city was a small idolatry for this reason disputing he in the synagogue when the Geos does that mean it was idolatry in the Jewish synagogues well could be possible that we have idols in our lives while professing to be a follower of Jesus Christ continuing here he says that therefore disputed in the synagogue with the Jews in the devout persons and in the market daily with them that night with him Ms. Sartre philosophers and the Epicureans and of the Stoics encountered him so he has call and he's targeting on the marketplace he sought to be one synagogue and along come these philosophers the Epicureans and the Stoics I wrote this down and read you just a little bit about the Epicureans have to find out where I put it the Epicureans and their philosophy here is Paul one man in the middle of Epicurean philosophers and Stoic philosophers and this is what an Epicurean believe in a Epicurean philosophy him him all was the payment of happiness how many you want to be happy not to have you and me in Epicurean because you want to me happy man's gold was the attainment of happiness the first step toward nasty Epicurean would say is the emancipation or the deliverance from the idea of future punishment so now you don't mean at a hearing Monday because of Epicurean philosophy contradicts what so here's Paul anything you can understand now why Paul's spirit is stirred within him many industry the Epicureans the first step toward the attainment of happiness was emancipation our deliverance from the idea of future punishment so no matter what you do over here there's no future punishment over there I read this morning and how many choices do we have how many options do we have we only had two options let's go on the Epicurean philosophy step show was to recognize that happiness was found in pleasurable emotions if it feels good do it Epicurean philosophy this is what Paul is trying into the middle of on Areopagus or Mars Hill when read you a quote from Soren Carter guard in something he wrote called sickness unto death and maybe you can identify with him maybe not he says quote in the bottomless oceans of pleasure I have sounded in vain for a spot to cast my anger I have felt the almost irresistible power with which one pleasure drags after it another the kind of adulterated enthusiasm which is capable of producing boredom and the torment that follow the Epicurean while they were in their pursuit of happiness found nothing that lasted in that bottomless ocean of pleasure would you like me to read that book again some of these things it says in the bottomless oceans of pleasure I have sounded in vain for a spot to cast my anchor I have felt the almost irresistible power with which one pleasure shrines another the kind of adulterated enthusiasm which it is capable of producing the board on in the torment that fallen to take a moment for reflection in your own life can you understand at all what sort and pack a goddess Kierkegaard is describing here the Epicurean live for the moment my family and I we like watching documentaries we are watching documentaries on turkeys and there was a guy that raised some turkeys from little eggs you know they they using this documentary this is a fascinating documentary for us and they incubate these turkey ads and the turkey eggs hatched and all of those turkeys baby turkeys and print on this fella so they follow him around everywhere he goes and he just barely moves his feet because he doesn't want to step on them on assuming that's why barely moved his feet then he would sleep out in the big coupe with them it was just quite quite amazing but he sat back and he said this he said the thing I was most impressed about with raising these turkeys with it was that these turkeys live in the moment they were living yesterday they didn't live in the hope of what was going to take place tomorrow those turkeys and then in the moment he said they would see a hawk flying in the sky they just turn and look like while this is your rattlesnake and they just stare and say hey wow that's around us didn't Jesus tell us to be a little like a turkey he says take no thought for the morrow why sufficient unto the days the evil thereof what are you doing in the moments that you have now Epicurean philosophy wasn't so bad if you turn it on its head and think of it in a positive way but that's not the way they thought continuing on human Epicurean philosophy the Epicureans found no place for a higher moral law and your man he understand why Nepal needs third out writer targets during the Epicureans found no place for a higher moral law and thus each laws and is left to decide for oneself what is right and what is wrong grace a multiplicity of gods you choose what's right for you I'll choose what's right for me and they like postmodernism or something like the Epicureans intended to lead to their belief system intended to lead to something called animalism which regards humans as simply an animal species you and I would call that what evolution the Epicureans did not believe in creation or that anything was controlling what was created you and I would still call that luck evolution the Bible says that inverse eighteen seventeen never certain philosophers of the Epicureans not in a little bit more about the Epicureans don't you know creation no higher power no moral law live in the moment however pleasurable emotion that you can find an don't forget there's no future punishment for anything that you did today this is what Paul encountered in Epicureans the model also says that certain philosophers ever of the Epicureans and on the Stoics encountered him in a just a little something about the Stoics misspellings in aiming an unconcern for themselves they were those people met that would pretend to be unconcerned about their own selves and concerned about helping others in and in unconcern for themselves they also lost sympathy for other people like that sort of modernized this match that's not good for me so why should I help that person get what they need which is good for me it's just total selfishness goes on to say in aspiring to ethical perfection the Stoics through the operation of their own will they wanted to be perfect but they wanted to be perfect by doing the work themselves this is what stirs Paul love you heard anything about righteousness by faith they falsely it's assumed that men are able to work out their own salvation this is the seller the third thing we need to know about steroids is that in stressing a perfect life so they're always stressing about how perfect they were and how they were vain maybe it their own profession of perfection the mask for selfish and corrupt lives the Stoics are very very good friends historically when the Pharisees very good friends you can imagine why Paul now is getting stirred up in his spirits these dogs are everywhere idolatry is everywhere you got people that don't believe in creation people don't believe in a God controls things people don't believe in higher power they don't believe in moral law Paul is in what you would call the United States of America on many live in utopia my wife blasts Allawi 's Archilochus right here Google thing our daughter the other cute little thing my wife does our shopping my wife goes and she buys my clothes you know why I hate going to the city paid while we win them all the other day because I needed needed to get something for our communion service it's taking place on center and a philosophy once we got there is just so much flesh in this place it is ridiculous my friends highly you could say we live in Athens on Mars Hill here is Paul verse eighteen in certain philosophers of the Epicureans you know who they are now and of the Stoics you know they are now encounter him jumping on terror lesson in being a letter confirming to care whether you care or not and some said one will best handlers say other sound he seems to be a center for the strange because he preached unto them the right Jesus and the lot and him as the boy and says here in verse eighteen negative he seems to be a setter forth a strange gods is that plural or singular that's plural and then here are the two I may thought they were trying to figure what he was saying into their own philosophy here the two dogs they thought he was talking about number one in Jesus as a number two was a lot the resurrection of the gods because he was he was just showing and other strange gods verse nineteen an angel came and brought him of the Areopagus saying may we know when this new doctrine where a mouse speakers is verse twenty for now bring us certainly strange things to our years we wouldn't know therefore what these things mean for all the Athenian Fenians and strangers which were there spent their time and nothing else but easier to tell or to hear some new thing sort of sounds like the rest humanity verse twenty two then Paul stood in the midst of Mars Hill and said you men of Athens I perceive that in all things you are to superstitious that you may think I'm a superficial here that Paul is condemning them a little but this is actually a bit of flattery for these men you guys are deep thinkers you are thinking about these things and vaccinate many goes on to say him in verse twenty three four and five pass by and they held your devotions I found an altar with this inscription June the know what the unknown God I was coming back from the Northwest I was on a flight that went straight from there I think it lent man landed in Texas remained on straight to Florida but I when it was a Southwest flight uniform Southwest and iPhone Southwest you just first come first serve McKenzie on stage getting a little group of an aromatic chassis in the front you get your number you know the routine and so I'm here I am and I'm gone bad number Andrew all right Laura Marie sent in the middle of some kind no one denies airplanes like and saw walking in his airplane and I turn to the right and you know you into the sampling at the very front turned to the right and would you believe there is a seat open right there in front you got extra leg and some of the night it was sitting on this side of the seats I turn the corner damage and take a whole plane in turn this was an even singing I turned the corner and there's that middle seat and look to discuss at some MSE is its ability note how my life jacket nylon jacket has a little blue guys have this cross in his hands L I FE and the I asked the is a little the little guy with the cross and I sat down he said you must be a Christian sand Christian he said very loudly missed oh he was hard of hearing but he talking very loudly and now so I just mimicked what he did he talked loudly out of the in-home pulses I become all things to some I suggest I'm a Christian he says I bet you believe in a six-day literal no he says so so what denomination are you a set on the Seventh-day Adventist to stop and I forget exactly when building is not all one of those I said yeah one of no use when humane he said so you believe that God created this earth in six literal days I said just a minute I got up we had the plane hasn't left yet rhyming no sooner did we sit down this discussion start I get my bilateral now the bags above our heads fishing on here and went on the market meeting the demand arrived so I doubt and him him him I'm allowing an attorney Genesis chapter one and how ran loudly first day second a third day for David basics they posted six days him us know what you fail to realize is Genesis chapter one verse one is is getting us one scenario and then there is these other things that really don't make a difference I said so what you are telling me as a Christian is that you believe that Mister Bible is the word of God he said all I wouldn't go that far I said when you go so far as to say that there was no six day literal creation he said yes ostensibly we also participated admittedly is the first chapter the Bible is not inspired Ehrhardt on this book is inspiring to understand on no question and Nazis you can reason with him God doesn't say come here and in the Amiga one four as you can reason with me and got able to handle our reasoning Lisa reason that God but remember God is always when in doubt winning the debate is it just happens that way I guess the creator has that right so here we are in this airplane in this guy says so so where else in the Bible does say that God created things and it didn't take long eons of time similar to some thirty three section nine below that's a casemate and instead the command that I only got really goes on thirty three done MSFT bringer in acts seventeen Psalm thirty three and verse six Bible were in the Lord were the heavens made and all the house send them out a lot by the breath of his mouth verse nine for he spake and it was Donny he commanded and it steadfast in his guys like all man I like the new man Jesus created us we just talk and laugh and of course Jesus Dennis and Linda Johnson and Congress on community anyone and the was when Don and the lies not in the him when God all things are made by him but I was not anything made it was an interesting as these as seventy one Lindsay is due to the Warren God uses similar to John one fourteen which says and the Word was made flash and dwelt among us and Gearhart for the next hours this guy is going back and forth he puts out there's this philosophical idea and I might our Lord and I have to listen what he saying a lot gorgeous out the text that we choose to apply it on the site I need whatever you've got to give me a look and we were just one text the text of the text text text and he was going philosophical point of the philosophical point of the philosophical point I knew leaving only the only online that I had to make any issue or any inroad into this man's life was this book called the Bible I know it and I know he was talking at the top of his lungs I will not that loud lady was talking loud and I was talking about and just praying because I'm in the middle there's a guy over there there's this loud guy right here and we landed in Orlando is an online you have is when when the plane when the plane and they put the brakes on your bike up the computer could never extend the length Fiona thought Mrs. loving Lord I'm still sick I'm still a message because I'm right up front so you know you could believe in our family and nuts of these people center like this and people misunderstand what any guy that was made here we were sitting here and there was one row in front of us on the right-hand side the plank and the guy on the corner that the aisle seat turns and looks at us he says that was the most intriguing conversation I have ever listened to in my entire life him setting and if I were going to be a Christian that believes in the Bible and the Bible alone I have to side with you as well praise the Lord I think we should cite the Bible the guy to my left said I found the conversation would never be over but how long of a conversation where the more convinced I was that I needed to starting this book called the Bible and in him and I was listening to the whole conversation and I'm just amazed that anybody uses the manual and I will be a lot knee-high heel and I stand alone as Christians in this world and I believe this book is the word of God being arrant word of God okay some people say things are lost in translation but what do you run a write-in judge what was lost and what was not ASAP the Bible as an range you're wrong the rainwater if you're wrong in excepting for how it really is lastly you can send disease and heart I then all less than you believe in and follow it and it actually turns out right you will in you which is putting your ears and on your hands in the Bible deluged with his wounded they were in heaven it's a foundation in twenty one hundred and management house in London and will will will will and can't create an new downtown Anaheim Museum the word of God Paul in the middle of people that don't believe in creation is Paul and middle of a group of men the belief you can work your own later heaven and work out your own salvation they say in what is babbling and say to ask this center for a strange God him all says in verse twenty three is passed behind the helm your devotions that means is our past behind me help those things that you are devoted to I found an altar with this inscription to the unknown God whom therefore ye ignorantly worship him declare I unto you now there are several particular characteristics about an unknown God not the least of which is that you do not know him and Paul says I'm about to declare to you and God that you do not know and in the face of all these philosophers believe Paul shares the choose the Bible goes on to say verse twenty four God that made the world will have a caring and I and a creator Paul stands up and just says very boldly gone and created the world he just gone he created the world and all things therein seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth Glenn is not in temples made with hands Paul says that gauntlet I'm declaring to you is not garbage you can make it's not adopted you can manufacture is a God that made and manufactured first twenty five meters worshiped with men's hands as though he needed anything seeing he giveth to all life and breath and all things you did not evolve according to policies talking to these individuals Paul says you were created and gone is the one that is in control of your life because he knows you live and breath in all things verse twenty six and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the year what time is all nursing and made of one blood all nations and men for to dwell on the face of the earth have determined the times before appointed and the house of their habitation Paul here is declaring God and God is in complete and total control not only of what he created but on the lives of the people that he created the sadness this was strange to these guys because they believed in God 's on the left hand on the right pulses all the crazy right now verse twenty seven that they should seek the Lord if haply they might feel after him and find him though he be not far from every one of us Paul declares them of God that is personal not a God that is made of stone not God is made of a metal and God that is a personal God truly cares about his creation for in him verse twenty eight we live and move and have our being as certain also of your own poets have said for we are also his offspring far as my CMS twenty nine as we are offspring of God we ought not to think of the Godhead is like unto gold or silver or stone graven my heart I met his demise verse thirty says and the times of this ignorance God winked at but now command all men everywhere to do what to repent their heart when you and I are ignorant of the truth God can we get you know you understand what it means when we get right to overlook to excuse the lack of knowledge that when you and I have the knowledge and we blatantly disregard what God is saying asking for us to do there is no very no sacrifice for the Bible goes on to say here verse thirty one gone commands men everywhere to repent why why why repent because there is no future judgment to the Epicurean I repair walking talking about Paul he says in verse thirty one because you have appointed a day in the which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he had ordained whereof he given up Sharon sent to all men and that he has raised him from the front end that all young and we are just like the animals all we get is this life what are your main mind on an iMac and more just like my job so what is wrong about all of the players in the resurrection of the dead is appointed in which he would judge the world verse thirty two and when they had heard of the resurrection of the dead some malt and others said we will hear me again on this matter some people mocked and other people said I'd like to hear little more about this when you when I take the Jesus that we know and we shared a world that thinks they can save themselves a world that thinks that politics is going to solve the problems of humanity world that thinks that I'm better than you in this is why I want to climb the corporate ladder and I don't care whether you have what you need or whether you don't have what you need to draw a world that believes there is no God some people are going to mock some people use the side of the airplane and an essay a lot that you believe in a six-day literal creation you that's can show you why I believe interesting so Paul departed from among them in verse thirty three how be it certain men claim unto him and believed their heart you are amazing find ourselves in a position where a law has been passed and to go contrary to that law will be the death decree for us you and I may also find ourselves in a situation where people are just mocking it us because sure Christian I walked into the restaurant and it's just that infringing on one walked into a restaurant and asking God to give me someone to study the Bible when I was director of evangelism school and I wasn't studying the Bible and I said Lord please show me who you want me to study the Bible with because secretly but don't tell anybody I should be good to get away this restaurant walked into this restaurant business young man in the restaurant in the Lord deeply impresses me that's the man you're in a study of vinyl with him I'm thinking myself I feel normal it's all through dinner I just get this deep impression deep impression in compression this is the guy Minnesota Bible with single edit I left the restaurant without asking them study the Bible I got out about fifteen steps outside the restaurant analyst likes more you are eating the lanky man just ask what's the worst thing he could say was sourcing exact no time are not harmful Mackinac news I know inside and areas will write about and I gotten his name from Hinduism seven RKO was enriching what are the chances you and I could sit down and study the Bible together he went on I said how would you like getting together for about an Howard and we will study the Bible and its great things for that gives me some I'm in total shock here's his normal guy that wants to study I call him on Tuesday leave a message don't hear from them Tuesday don't hear from them Wednesday don't hear from them Thursday and I get this phone call you ever look at your phone and restrain your golf on this number that was calling me was vaguely familiar Tanya vaguely familiar math science and common sense making the guy on the other lines is a Scott Mrs. Ritchie are met in a restaurant a couple nights ago he said that we could get together and study the Bible when you want to study the Bible together and so Richie and I started studying the Bible together at Starbucks Starbucks is an okay place to go because you can get a soy milk steamer so all you just judge me shame on you soy milk steamer hazelnut oil you go to Starbucks and get one annual giving drinking and you resent how my friends and see me because they don't know that soymilk is and is not necessarily happening which would probably so we started setting is Starbucks which he grew up in United States of America we study salvation in Jesus hanging on the cross in which he says to me back to that is swinging he said I went to a Christian daycare and they played this cartoon that had three people hanging on a cross on in the guy in the middle had liked this light around him was Jesus twenty years old grew up in United States didn't know who Jesus we get to studying deeper into the Bible and I say even Jesus had twelve the site you know what the twelve disciples even with some gas he explained to Richie about the twelve disciples at this point I say Richie we are meant to go to Hosea thirteen chapter he's not and is there this time nothing about the model before we started setting the mile Gearhart there are people in this world will laugh at you when you asked him if you want to study the Bible if they will study the Bible with you Paul didn't care Daniel didn't care that he would kneel down and pray in the face of the driving itself Paula get up and preach aware he wants even though he knew the philosophy of the people that he was talking to on that airplane here's this guy give me his philosophy and I'm just like our Lord give me enough gimme gimme another verse six hours the word of God was just opened in all of these people like I want to study the Bible Daniel and Paul Joseph every last one of them had a relationship with Jesus that rose above a law that was infallible that rose above other gods they had a relationship with Jesus that transcended every aspect of their life in the way that they did is they spend time praying and studying the Bible in the case of Paul he can keep his mouth shut the things he was excited about he told people even if they would mock him the Bible says here in acts chapter seventeen in closing access to seventeen verse thirty four howbeit certain enclave unto him he was mocked but certain claim on him and believe him Bill which was the island ECS the Areopagite and a woman named Americas and others with them you had one of the ruling party that listens to all on Mars you know him and he is converting their heart John failed to share the gospel with everyone that you means and don't delay because that may be the last opportunity they have appeared in the gospel of Jesus Christ statistically someone must hear about the gospel fourteen times before they accept Jesus as even their friend or personal savior you may be the first introduction to Jesus they have for you maybe number fourteen and Anthony may knock on the door of your church like to get on the door of ours and Anthony at your church may get baptized like Anthony in our slice on December the fourteenth they are people all over this world that you may think this offers and intellectuals intellectual scoffers have a domino three RC was a legitimate avenue North you write down first John one nine it says if we do a confess our sins he is faithful and just a lot forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if you are cleansed how is the beginning plans and Jesus cleanses you to get your claims from all unrighteousness what does that make you say out loud righteous if you have many plans and all your sins and Jesus has remained all unrighteousness from you he's cleansed you from being a righteous amount of them says in Romans chapter five verse one therefore being justified by a rehab peace when God are you looking for a relationship NSB Senate are you looking for your soul to settle down and filing the rest that happens when you come to Jesus and confess and forsake he cleanses you and then you are at peace with God it doesn't say you have peace with you you don't have the peace of God it says that you are at peace with God you will refine the contract and is defeated in your life father in heaven Lord we ask that you give us the moral stamina that you gave to Daniel to stand up to a man felt he was infallible a law declared Daniel 's death because of Daniel 's habits Lord we ask that you give us the courage of Paul preached to people that didn't believe in you add me unknown we pray that you will give us stamina and encouraged to declare that God everyone even those she wants and is business as we he went to be supporting ministry of the Center for sanity states he seems I think young people I believe in Christ and to rescind to download the pictures on the resources the Internet I am coming out in my seat .org


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