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05-God vs. Satan: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Scott Moore


Scott Moore

Director of Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • January 3, 2014
    8:45 AM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen heaven is privileged for us to be here to be able to open your word insists that it will whole bunch of other people and we simply ask that you will give us an understanding of your word in these kingdoms and their characteristics we ask this in Jesus name amen unless you open your Bibles with me to lose in the second chapter of Luke chapter two and we're going to begin reading in verse one Matthew Mark Luke the third book of the New Testament Luton the second chapter will begin reading inverse while Luke chapter two and verse while I'm very thrilled that you're here this morning you enjoy your breakfast yes breakfast was good when we have this morning yes tofu imitation of a flagrant topo is pretty good pretty good texture but the flavor was if you want good food what have you given my life outside the Bible reads in lieu of the second chapter in the first verse and it came to pass in those days that there went out a decree from the hope Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed or register who wanted that surround this decree to register or contact me entire world Caesar Augustus was a ruler for what it would hire the Roman empire how do we know this you just have to get out your Strong 's concordance look up the word sees very important and it will tell you a Roman Emperor only tell you just a little bit about Caesar Augustus of you just look on the screen here Caesar this was not temporary at the birth of Christ a first century Roman is sent to send whatever bottom mass when he or she heard same here on the world meaning is Caesar's I'm just a small name was in for a tour Caesar Dean and I feel yes I guess that's enough in my best southern accent and the first part of his name was in character and that was the head of state and the supreme commander in the Roman empire in whose name all victories were won in printer that should and should jog your memory a little bit at his adoptive father Julius Caesar was deified he was amazing to be a God in the Roman world on January one of BC forty two after which Caesar Augustine 's adopted the title deed by alias which means son of the divine so here you had with Caesar I got status you have a man in whose name all victories were won you have a man carries the title son of the divine or son of God as Caesar Justice traveled throughout his in higher his arrival was heralded by a choir investing is Caesar Goss this habit through war and conflict brought peace to the Roman world and was lost known as the France the Prince of peace during his reign Caesar injustice oversaw the construction of fifty three thousand miles of road all of which led where all which led to Rome this is the world that our Savior Jesus Christ is born into a world that already has a Savior world that already has a Prince of peace a world that already has a lot of who has given a multiplicity of avenues to get to where I is as you know Caesar Augustus of course was known as the sun of God you know they went so far as to celebrate the birth FC Zürich justice as the birthday of the Savior quite interesting that this is the world that Jesus finds himself as a baby is born into what limited he knows we are going to look at each one of the characteristics from these ancient kingdoms battle of Medo Persia Greece and Rome and we are going to discover yes it's blank isn't it and we're going to discover that Sega had a six hundred year plan can anybody tell me where in Scripture the arrival of the Messiah is prophesied about okay Falluja was there anywhere else my customer testimonials Zachariah anybody else looking for it and apocalyptic title to a book Daniel chapter nine gave a prophecy that Messiah was going to come in a specific time do you think that that Satan was aware of this prophecy of course he was aware of it so from the moment of that prophecy is given Satan begins his plan to set up a false God a falls along a false system of religion so that when Jesus gets there it's not easy to tell who is a true and who is the fall and so here we go babbling you remember we discussed the battle and that was Daniel three in chapter six and in that presentation we discovered that babbling trying to force and started me up earlier by the way trying to force God 's people to worship an image that's an objective radio reminiscent and attempted three Medo Persian Empire we discussed then infallible on a longing could not be changed we used it Daniel sinks and aluminum to show that in the kingdom of grace we brought out the characteristic that Greece had a multiplicity of God networking Miller has a way that you can be saved and numerous gods that were willing to saying you if you could appease them by now and then we talked about Rome yesterday yesterday afternoon in our last session we saw that realm persecuting God 's people not the least of which was the last living disciple and his name is a lot his name was John that's not say who had been planning for approximately six hundred years to warrant the first coming of Jesus let's see how this works with the characteristics that we found in these world empires in Babylon you had this enforced obedience resolve and then a three and six seconds set up a system of forced Armenians by the successor of obedience is based on lot of God for this force that means characteristic when Christ was born where in Bethlehem by the way whose victory while thick neck took Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem Caesar Augustus then there is one that Satan had set out to be the Savior of the world is this commandment brings the Savior of the world in Bethlehem to be born now let's open our Bibles and let's find this Jesus turn with me to we were reading Luke chapter two lectures reading a little more than chapter two and verse along Luke chapter two verse one says and it came to pass in those their it that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed and this taxing was first made when Cyrene us was governor of Syria and all went to be taxed every one into his own city Santana thought was the greatest plan on Earth to force people to obey a pagan government is exactly what God Ian is in order and he is bothered to Bethlehem so that Jesus can be more according to the promise in Micah chapter five verse two this is how Paul could say that all things work together for good to knows that love God and are called according to his purpose the only think yourself here is her married next year lady was in nine months pregnant and she rides a donkey some may approximately eighteen miles and place them walking three miles an hour when thinking about the rain -based and yet there three days are coming even pregnant I've never been reasonable no one has been pregnant oh and you know even riding in a car is uncomfortable I understand I know nothing of this other than what you shared with antitrust interests I believe it was uncomfortable but gone uses this system that was and not that God needed Satan to do this but Satan had set up this government that you had to obey whether you like it or not and so when they are told that they need to go register or to be taxed in Bethlehem yes whether now they go to Bethlehem so it's safe to thought she used to form the kingdom of God God actually start all right that's the way it is let's use it in Jesus gets to the right place God 's system hello Nancy is not forced obedience is owed billions that is mandated by law but only in John chapter fourteen adversity many of you could quote this one John chapter fourteen Matthew Mark Luke John returning to the rock from where you are John chapter fourteen and verse fifty the Bible says Jesus speaking in John chapter fourteen embers fifteen Jesus says if you want if you log agreement Jim Clements Melanie to become them in front to back axis chapter twenty this is not on the screen that will not mean the notes that are e-mailed to you by the way I want to e-mail you a link to the notes and then you can download those from our dropbox to Exodus chapter twenty two and we are going to read verse five well now let's start at the beginning verse one actress chatted twenty verse one reads and God spake all these words saying I am the Lord thy God which have brought me out in the land of Egypt he regularly studied that are very first presentation not brought them out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage thou shalt have no other gods before me verse four thou shall not make any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath or that is in a water under the earth thou shalt not bow down thyself to them nor serve them for I the Lord thy God and a lot and a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me and showing mercy unto thousands amendment Matt Lalonde Meehan and a lot game I can manage my friends mess it is not until after God 's shamed Israel that he and his men by proclamation from Mount Sinai 's law rights in and will tell my why would he write when his finger and you know if you compare two verses in the New Testament you will discover that the finger of God is a spirit of God doing around study on that is absolutely amazing because of their involvement can write his lot in stone can write his law in your heart today don't think for a moment you gone beyond the compassion of God because God can write in stone and he can certainly run on your heart this law delivers them from Egypt and then he says in Exodus chapter twenty because I have saved you because I brought you out of Egypt and out of bondage now I want you because I knew our love for me to serve and obey me this is not forced obedience this is obedience that is compelled by our love for the redeemed this is the love and the service that Jesus wants if you love me keep my commitment to center drill lyrical so let's go now to needle Persia meal Persia India Persia we discussed the infallible nature of the law in Daniel chapter six when the neo- Persian Empire pass a law that law could not be changed you remember this right got interesting segment had worked to ensure that there was a pagan government revenues in our ability to establish a rule and law that would result in forced obedience so what say you thought would be contrary to God 's plan God showed us the infallibility of his law not with forced obedience met with the death of his son Jesus Christ arrhythmia Matthew chapter five verse seventeen eighteen under the show you the only infallible law effort Matthew chapter five Matthew chapter five verse seventeen and eighteen Jesus says here in Matthew chapter five verse seventeen he says him not Matthew five seventeen think not that I would come to destroy the law or the prophets but I am not come to destroy but to do I think Jesus come to destroy the law they come to destroy the profits that means that God 's law will last how long that means that God 's law is not infallible Jesus comes to establish a law infallibility and that is the law that God says you will keep if you simply love me because I saved you continuing on here verse eighteen he says for verily I sent you till heaven and earth pass one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law till all be fulfilled a need for volunteers for monsters very quickly just only rewriting hanging volunteer teach you the first time and are signing three more volunteers that a fair value on here never okay and what Shauna and one more are in your name Tyson RI itself if you are not saying over there with them I'm a new lady some titles and I'm sorry is specially for one of the tiles and acting into one of you affiliated to switch places in way in usage places etc. okay you are going to represent Jesus who is shooting Jesus you are going to represent grace grace you're going to represent Susan she's not really that bad and you're going to represent the law shaping the Bible says in Daniel chapter seven verse twenty five and he's shopping to change times and laws those times and whose laws is same as changing jobs now I study the Bible with people probably twenty six twenty eight hours a week understanding the Bible of individuals and I hear over and over again that the law of God has been done away with had never heard that now this is the only infallible on Jesus as will never pass away one jot or one syllable I know a way that that's actually what the Psalmist based on the nineteen on his wound and so law we need you to turn around you do not exist anymore the law has been one done away with now the Bible says in first John chapter three verse for that sin is the transgression of the lot worse transgression mean to break to disregard if you have in your translation and King James version will say that sin is lawlessness living your life without regard to the law of God which basically means that you really don't love God by the way and so since we have no law but there two other definitions of say all you are right on target here Tonya but I'm not ready to go there you are good this is it if you can teach when you share the Bible of people you can change in a way that leads into your next point that's all you want is not so they are two definitions of sin and that I'm aware of in Scripture do not they are that is I believe James four seventeen therefore if any man now to know good and good but not to him and his wife it is sin I never been a situation where you're sitting maybe at home and your mom is coming in the groceries and you're still sitting there on your iPad or something you're thinking yourself a whole man I should get up go out knowing single blood in doing it not his sin bin the Bible says is a third definition you know that sound or what that their definition is Romans fourteen twenty three said whatsoever is not saying Islam sin so we done away with the law sin is the transgression of the law since there is no law we do not have one sin praise the Lord Thomas know this for minutes before an exam no law no sin in the Bible tells us in John chapter one verse fourteen the network became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory to glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth Jesus was full of grace and truth but and why was Jesus full of grace if you and I had time we would discover that grace is much more than just the unmerited favor of God 's grace is the power of God that enables you to conquer sin and be victorious in your life but since we are many victorious because there's a lot not allowed to break so there's no sand and we don't a lot grace grace you can turn around as well not if we don't need grace than we do not need the author of grace and that is Jesus Christ so the very moment that we do away with God 's infallible eternal law is very moment that we do away with him please don't turn around Jesus because we desperately need you why is it that we desperately need Jesus because we need his grace and integration tarmac around to all of our common-law sin in our lives which is defined by the Bible is transgression of the law of the loan need to see how detrimental it is a significant event of the death note Suzanne Bowser and can you see how detrimental it is to the Christian experience to do away with knowledge in well you know what the law ministry do away with Jesus Christ himself is not one person on the face of this planet and call yourself a Christian family say let's do away with Jesus doesn't matter what denomination you study when they will say that when the name Jesus because we ran in a world this will want to see transgression of the Marion law and salesman on away with coming in him while studies and Bible studies and if you want to give model size how did you pray for God to give you somebody to study where you got to pray for that you pray for that and God will match you up with the perfect person to get Bible studies to and you won't have to get discouraged because God will make that matches them to school so pray for a Bible study and you just pray for Bible study so Matthew five seventeen and eighteen God 's law will never change isn't yet available all Satanists onto set up one Jesus comes to restore his law among his people when Jesus was here who can't a lot better the Pharisees were stricter who got a lot more strict the Pharisees are Jesus like him why you drink large number message requesting who was more strict in his keeping of the law the Pharisees of Jesus and the Pharisees sent okay did Jesus and who is more strength in the way that he kept the law and is now if I said who was faithful to the law you would answer at all yes it was Jesus sometimes we think that strict obedience to the logon is a bad thing the motivation is what determines whether it's better not God wants us to be motivated by what him our love for him so Jesus is a lot stronger change the antichrist as a law is going to change Jesus has an infallible law and a croissant to set up an infallible law and he failed hallelujah Greece let's go to Greece Greece had a multiplicity of gods you remember what I was talking about Caesar Augustus Caesar gases had overseen the construction of fifty three thousand miles in avenues that could lead to Rome where the quote son of God Lianne McLeod Savior of the Roman world the one that was heralded by a choir geeks and constructed all of these roads that led to Rome last beginning to around minus multiple avenues for salvation and multiple avenues to get to God sing and work to ensure there was a multiplicity of avenues to come to the Roman Empire the false nonadherence at and constructive thinking three thousand miles of road all of which are said to lead to Rome God showed us that there's only one way to his eternal kingdom priests are made in John chapter fourteen and verse six John chapter fourteen Matthew Mark Luke John chapter fourteen and verse six John chapter fourteen M verse six and six this can work for us will start versa John chapter fourteen verse five says this quote Thomas saith unto him Lord we know not whither thou knowest how can we know no way Jesus saith unto him I know a lot I am the way I am a lot smooth and I am in the alive and no man cometh to the father but by me how many avenues has gone set up for us to be saved or I'm coming at you at this Laurent and God sat on for their internecine dinners out for miles where the engine as well you want to know why you follow it and eventually nothing wrong with the St. Mary's anyway this is what Satan set up in Jesus comes in Jesus is on island away I am the truth and I underlie in the language of Scripture the Colorado first five books of the Bible the Old Testament the writings of Moses were no as the way there was no excuse whatsoever for the first century Galilee and people those who are Jews by birth or had allied themselves to the juicers there was no way they could not have known the way this is why Jesus would say what is it John chapter five verse thirty nine was his double double check that reference John chapter five verse thirty nine Jesus says in John five thirty nine search the Scriptures for him then you think ye have eternal life and they are they which testify hope which testify me Jesus note down what he says now in verse fourteen five do not think that I will accuse you to the father he says there is one that accuses new name to Moses Antonia trust in vanity and low way not to arrive the first five books of the Bible and then he says here verse forty six perhaps you believe the mouse is you and what you believe me for he wrote of me but if you believe not his writings how shall ye believe my words Jesus Christ comes not as one of the encounters that fifty third fouls of fifty third zero zero one minus data in a just another road that would lead to the Roman Empire you can is the only road that would lead to the father is his father our father Jesus Swart said the plan of Satan again what you said you thought it was interesting crazy is that we won't want to be interested in the Bible do we accept before and were standing on a Gemini and as well as that you accepted for sister Jesus you can pray for anything to buy accepted for our shelter for beginning in verse ten the Bible says and accepted forever stand be it known unto you and until all the people of Israel but by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth ye crucified whom God raised from the daddy even by him doth this man is standing for you all this is the stone which was set at naught of you builders which is become the head of the corner and verse twelve neither is there salvation in any other name in any other for there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we lost me say whose name is the only name by which you and I can be say the name of Jesus Christ it's not really the next order of that leads to God Jesus is the only road that leads to God Jesus born into this world and thought they had a Savior father had a Principe as a leverage is the second the bad in the when the first century Galilee and or the Roman world talked about Caesar gases they would say all this is the man who by war purchased piece for the Roman Empire virus they heralded the Emperor Caesar Garces as the King of peace terminated Isaiah chapter nine Isaiah chapter nine we just as the holiday season which includes Christmas Hosea chapter nine and verse six Psalms Proverbs Ecclesiastes song of Solomon Isaiah the ninth chapter of Isaiah chapter nine and verse six the Bible says for unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and big government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be waterfall one thrashing counselor the mighty God the ever lasting lot father the Prince of peace who is it that came as Mitchell Prince of peace Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ even forking that before technique not infallibility infallible long before to enforce obedience because the only accept obedience that is that comes from love and hate Florence there being a multiplicity of ways for you and I to be safe there's only one and that is through Jesus Christ himself now let's go to Rome Rome is well known for the persecution of God 's people we discussed that yesterday in the persecution of John the rebel later company in Matthew chapter two and verse sixteen it's very interesting to me that Satan always works through an earthly and sixty two deceived people so that he can get worship Satan always works through an earthly entity to deceive people so that he can then get worship when Jesus is born here in Matthew chapter two and verse bursary going to sixteen Matthew chapter to understanding up with you in Matthew chapter two what is Matthew chapter two famous for verse one you are famous for the last big nonautomated hair okay Matthew jewelers one says now when Jesus was born in Atlanta and Judy Matthews ambiguous about the birth of Christ God is about the birth of Christ so when Jesus is Lord Jesus is more than here in Bethlehem and of course the Magi they come to see Jesus and did you know that the Magi almost two years after Jesus is mortgaging other major did not matter a smart almost to the Magi the Wiseman comes two years because remember of the Magi followed numbers chapter twenty three I think it's personal it may not reverse orbit it is an number twenty three is only one reference in the Old Testament that describes the Messiah coming as a star on Jacob only one reference and so it is when the angelic host just come out and start singing as interesting as I'm singing about the birth of Jesus then there's that great delight in the sky that's when the star appears and so it's not until Jesus is born of the Magi began going to where Jesus is in the Bible says here in Matthew chapter two lines read in verse lastly let's go to verse eight want to see gorgeous CS verse eight says and he that would be Herod sent them to Bethlehem and said go and search diligently for the online for the young child go in search and diligent front diligently for the young child nothing on search for the baby to go in search of a young child and when you have found him bring me word again that I may come and worship him also I don't know how much you know about Herod the great but this is not the least of his phosphatase is fairly right eye this is not the least and the atrocities that he committed in order to get the throne that he was on November sixteen and was there until the death of Herod this is not will go reporting when he arose he took the young mother young child and his mother by night and departed into a get jealous staff takes his family in July into Egypt and it says here verse fifteen and was there until the death of Herod that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying out of Egypt have I called my son I should lash back to the first class that we had here July seeing myrrh sixteen then Herod when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men was exceeding raw and sent forth and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem and in all the coasts thereof from two years old and under why you decided to yourself because that was about the time that the star had appeared two years ago about two years old two years old and under according to the time which had diligently inquired of the Wiseman frequently has improved things like that all right visit here these wise men modeling these Wiseman state their entire lives on one verse of Scripture one verse how much evidence will it take for you to state your life on the Bible how much evidence will take these Wiseman very wealthy the Bible doesn't tell us there were three tells us that there were three types of gifts that were given these wise men travel across deserts to find the reason for that star and of course they are looking for the one that was born King of the Jews this is what upset Herod so much because he was so afraid of losing his throne because that's how he got his throne by killing people in keeping his seat he killed three of his sons I think it was he killed his favorite wife I think was her name just because he thought they were trying to take Islam so he just goes ahead and slays these babies two years old another is a Roman Emperor and are roaming team and he is actually was a Jew but he was working for the Roman government and he kills the babies trying to destroy Jesus then you have in Matthew chapter fourteen one through twelve Heron and success and success I lost all the connections under them this morning that their their loss right now Herne answered this is related to Herod the great heron after this is the one that married I wrote yes I wish I could roll the details is as precocious like all in the family and the Mrs. amassed a crew of people Karen and success is the one that calls for the beheading of John the Baptist because John the Baptist had stood firm and true for the word of God so it may not be like Daniel for us it may not be like John the rebel leader for awesome and you may get it in a boil of cauldron of boiling oil and you maybe try it may not be like it was John the rental later or John the Baptist Sagan that the three Hebrew warranties would say if he doesn't say this a misfire we will still serve him and that too needs to be our attitude doesn't answer you have Herod Antipas slays John the Baptist Herod Agrippa the first takes ahead of James the emergent nation exiles John Laurent the later to the Isle of Patmos Jesus came to implement a benevolent rule of law but rather than to enforce by tyranny his law on people everything that you are seeing this happen the Bible already is going to happen at the end of time a law is going to be passed into an even infallible law one that will not change what I will have to decide whether or not we are in a safe faithful to God even though we die all of this is coming all of these characteristics that Singer has set up a shutout because he is a liar walking about in just a little bit of time and he wants us to hear how he gets you know there's only one way for God to get you notice for you to simply have a relationship with Jesus Christ Satan however can get you in a multiplicity of ways multiplicity of ways not the least of which is entertainment however given that entertainment class why they were here invited into that class that you need to you need to get that off of July see web .org whenever they put it out Jesus Christ came to implement that benevolent rule of loud Terminator first John chapter three verse sixteen first John not John first John chapter three and verse sixteen first John chapter three and verse sixteen first John chapter three verse sixteen the word of God says hereby perceive we the love of God because he laid down his life for us and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren why didn't you I should lay down our lives are our brethren because Jesus Christ laid down his life for us and Gearhart many of us think yeah this personality willing to die for that person but were not willing to live in London this mountain why would a guy for the van the Bible goes on to say first John chapter four and verse seven first John chapter four verse seven says beloved let us love one another for love is of God and everyone that love and what I'm not heading out with God verse eight says he a lot of not know if not gone for God is not God 's model as a journey to LaDonna first twenty fifteen fifty seven twice and religion times prescriptions fifteen fifty seven you remember that there were multiple rounds that would lead to Rome that would take you to the son of the divine Caesar Augustus himself and it was the first part of his name in parents or which all victories in the Roman world were declared victorious in his name was one of his youth talk about he got the credit the Bible says your first Corinthians fifteen and verse fifty seven but thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ how is it that you arrive on had victory in this world through Jesus Christ watching real quick count with me to your adverse credit is here let's go to first Corinthians all is at fifteen thirty yes fifteen thirty one Halley first-run in fifteen thirty one the word of God says I protested by your rejoicing Paul is speaking I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord I die one how often did Paul died to himself now it's very interesting the policies I die daily in order to tell somebody that you die daily you must be one alive or a liar I die daily which means that yesterday when I do I guide in the day before that what I do yet Paul is still alive so how does this work noted relationship to verse twenty Galatians returning to the right path second Corinthians and you have the your house and you only need in the areas were all cousins you have the first and second Corinthians and Galatians Philippians Colossians you have all the cousins there in a row and the Bible says and relations in chapter two verse twenty Paul still speaking he says and allusions to twenty I crucified with Christ so what is Paul in a good job he's crucified he's crying is dead with Christ nevertheless I want Paula 's bipolar schizophrenic for Paul is dead to himself and really alive with Christ in him it's called the mystery of godliness Christ in you the hope of glory model goes on to say I'm crucified with Christ nevertheless I live yet not I but Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the son of God goes straight is it Nepal lived by the faith of the son of God he lived by Jesus say patient was a genius I have an update I will invite you are right Jesus and perpetrate intimate by the model goes on to say that I live by the faith of the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me wrong would presage Joan you know because you refused to obey instead paints refused to honor its law he refused to do when check your own god and not choose one of their dogs and for that reason Rome persecuted you and Rob will persecute us again it is no mystery how many of you are sent they had out and I won't embarrass anybody there maybe some of us in here that are not Seventh-day Adventists and so we haven't studied these prophecies over and over and over again and there may be some of us in here that are seven famines that never studied these prophecies over will you time there is going to be a loss in a passive force you to obey the dictates of a man that comes from a tradition of infallibility and you will be called to stand for what is right Paul said I don't care if I die because I'm already dead and the one that is alive in me is Jesus Christ himself it's no wonder that when you go to a GUI see event and you go to different classes and you have your Bible that sometimes we never touch it home you have your Bible in your hand and you open the Bible and you begin to read it and you go home and you are absolutely she totally on fire for what you learned in July see you may not be able to remember a thing that you learned with the exception of that you went there with one attitude and you left and went home with a different attitude toward this book toward what this book says what this book calls us to do you know how absolutely ecstatic and you're thinking yourself with ad hoc thanking is going out drinking is going how can I keep is going to an end is not just ends up back on the shop is still basic hygiene is going have to he was yelling at how wasn't that I wanted to going to happen the G1 was in so long there and not so fun when I got back home the reason it was fun here and I'll know what attitude you can did you last see with there lots of people that tell me in the testimonies that they can did you last see not wanting to be here but because some other church member dragged him here and now low on the Richardson is given a testimony on the platforming G Y C on the real that's because this book called the Bible all we've been doing is sharing very interesting things from the Bible with you him or her not like to share some interesting things with you for some items mounted on that I need to how many of you want to leave July see Josh as an end being just as on fire six months from now as you are at this moment you want to be absolutely on fire don't forget how easy it was for you to get on fire you may have come here on fire many are even more fired up now anywhere when you got here but all you have done here at GUI see you study this book that's all you've done you I will never have a victorious Christian experience apart from reading this book and again it doesn't matter if you can remember what you read just read it every day and it will make a change in your life I tell the students that comes alive from the other places that I thought that if you want to maintain a eight incredible relationship with Jesus all you have to do is give one model cellulites not summer school class not Pathfinders not a devotional for the the church board meeting water real authentic not a seventh even inmate even be a maximum seventy evidence that would work but somebody that really doesn't know the truth as it is taught by the Seventh-day Adventist church you find one of those people and you give them one Bible study week and I don't care if you read through an amazing facts Bible study guide which is as old as the hills of the mullah all you have to do is have one Bible study we can those people ask you questions and you won't be able to answer those questions and if they ask you questions and you can answer don't make it up to say I will now study you study and next week we'll talk about it together and those people are always and actually connects them to Maria whenever you knew fine about apples somebody in the Bible studies to when you will somebody I was talking to an individual the other day and harass me about evangelism I think I shared this we already know asking about evangelism what I would do in order to to get churches fired up before you hold an evangelistic meeting passing of this is all I know this is all eyesight so when I'm getting it some I fired up about the Bible and evangelism this is what I'm been to study the Bible in so right now I'm sure some things with you maybe you've heard that maybe you have not just couple of minutes here maybe for the maybe is not to share with you things that will get you is the Seventh-day Adventists excited about the Bible by the way how many men administer more than five years anyone here been administer more than five years I've done more than ten years ten years twenty thirty forty fifty colliery videos all wrote dear grandma maybe they've even demanded that have you ever heard it said that Adam and Eve were closed with a garment of life can you prove that from the Bible okay are did you know that you can prove this from the Bible Adam and Eve were clothed with a garment of life you want to see that I now show it to you how many of you knew that in Daniel chapter two you seen the the the allowance for the millennium you can actually find the gap for the millennium in Daniel chapter two did anybody know this would you like to see will show you have you ever heard that at the end of time flush food will be unfit for human consumption never heard that word is that come from that consummate testimony of Jesus doesn't come from the testimony of Jesus Archuleta sail and what price allure I love this lady just as much as most any in this room but I never say Alan White said always say the testimony of Jesus as an I say it that way because I want people to reject was being said if I say this here prophecies and all the last letter gives of the baby boomers are Dennis a Albright here goes another spirit of prophecy club depending on our attitude for this is very promising it is a Ellen White said somebody like an essay on that old lady what the world but if you say the testimony of Jesus Sands no question the right mine would reject the testimony of Jesus quite interesting so we will show you where how you can know that at the end of time fleshly will be unfit for human consumption have to make sure I don't make too many promises with a little bit of time and we have left us we will go those three we have more time then we'll do a fourth when it's very cool the fourth one would be did you know that God the father is coming at the second coming with Jesus he has and it's in the Bible how portable it has nothing to do with Revelation chapter eight verse one will show you another places some of your thinking over anointing revelers anyone who was hanging the company can have something in my voice August the first promise that we were to look at is what many workloads of lot a garment of life now the reason I'm doing this at the talent of this study this is cool stuff now I stuff like this in your heart you're going to go back home to a world for a church full of Adventists many of whom our Lord with the Bible so you just have to take what we've always known his truth anything a little deeper so that you can find a nugget that will get people energized about the Bible said terminated Genesis chapter one has a chapter one and verse twenty six Genesis chapter one verse twenty six the Bible says in Genesis chapter one verse twenty six and God 's speaking here not as beginning God said let us make man in our lot in our image after our walk after our likeness in any given dominion so God says let us make man in our image now in order to know what image adamant he will remain in you and I all what they were closed with you and I simply have to ask ourselves the question what is gone close with because Adam and Eve were made in the likeness of God and they were made in the image of God so if we find out what God is closed with we can know for certain what how many foreclosed with this that make sense the testimony of Jesus was an inanimate evil lost their garment of life when they sin that was assembled the righteousness that God had given to them you're going with me to the one hundred and fourth song Psalm one hundred four song one hundred four and verse one some one hundred four verse one the word of God says in Psalm one hundred four verse one election the Lord of my soul I thought it was weird I heard this preacher preaching once and he was like Lord will bless you want to bless you Lord or just bless you bless you know Tottenham Arsenal with the mouse and less alone on myself blessed to bless the Lord O Lord my God thou art very great thou art clothed with honor and majesty what were Adam and even the enclosed win of the Garden of Eden their clothes with honor and majesty and you know that Adam was crowned King in the Garden of Eden he was crowned king of this error one interesting that's a deep study and of itself go down to verse three who later the beans of his chambers in the on-site nurse to go Communist by self women why as with a lot as an artist of the hottest twelve o'clock I want so what is alarming as clothing nonlawyers life and soul year when how many were created once the clothing that they have a enjoyment of life that is this a symbol of the righteousness that they had now it is it is interesting that Adam and Eve over here in the impurity were naked and not ashamed and but they are clothed with a garment of life around and over here their naked and they are ashamed but they don't have the garment of life and then gone covers them with the road of ski on interest we think that this school so even the home you can show a semi I can approach you from the Bible that Adam and Eve were clothed with a garment of life and anatomy engineered to get excited about studying a lot about setting the model was that he was in unavailable to the secular unit I was at the ninety nanometer member was just the thousand year period in Daniel chapter two solicitor then adjusted to it into the rock from the Psalms Daniel chapter two definitions to an old verse thirty four Daniel chapter two verse thirty four having you are unfamiliar with Daniel chapter two you got me in the head of gold chest and arms what silver belly size of brass or bronze legs of feet of bouquet and a fiend that when I play represented what the ten divisions of the Roman Empire yes and division of the Roman Empire which of course continues them in here you are getting attempted to verse thirty four mouse sized S Stone was cut out without hands which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay and break into pieces what is broken to pieces and chapter two verse thirty four was located in the world more specifically nothing towers that were part of why part of iron and partly clay which is in the divided Roman Empire so during the time of the divided Roman Empire there's anything is strongest cut out without hands and smashes the divided Roman Empire now look what it says in verse thirty five and so you have this occurrence when a sound smashes the image on the feet and then it says this is it was the iron the clay the brass the silver in the gold broke into pieces how together at what point is it in the future at one point is it that all the kingdoms of this world are gathered together for one great battle and then they are all completely destroy at the same time that his acne and of the millennium so Daniel chapter two verse thirty four describes the second coming of Jesus ninety Chapter two verse thirty five describes what happens at the inability is impeccable over here it's just that the towels in the feed that are smashed and then in thirty five you have all of them take down their better smash and then gone sense of his kingdom and it it encompasses this entire world the thousand year period in Daniel chapter two article was the third thing we really know what all he has no flash the flashing I mean I been thinking lots about this the myelin the Bible it has been said that at the end of time flesh food will be unfit for human consumption wheat we are aware that in if something is unfit for human consumption we should not want we should not consume it however there are many days that you consume things that are not fit for human consumption but when I get back technical this morning our turn with me to the book of Hosea to get Daniel wholesale and we are going to Hosea the fourth chapter Hosea chapter four when this was shared with me I thought to myself no way you know when Jesus was resurrected Jesus goes to the disciples and Jesus appears to name in the upper room and he asks authority may give him a piece of what a piece of fish Angela and honeycomb you remember this visionary help and he needs and so for years people would say you have a new vegetarian I think come on delivering exactly was resurrected at the outset all the time onto I went to the Florida youth initiative in two thousand nine twenty one and was speaking and this brother knows his mother knows his Bible and he was talking about things that were neat from Scripture and health and bodily he will be in Florida youth initiative this June it's the eleventh to the fifteenth it's advertised in your bulletin they are that you got when you registered and so that's happening at our church in Lady Lake Florida in two thousand fourteen of course Hosea chapter four and verse one Hosea chapter four verse one says this can hear the word of the Lord new children of Israel from the Lord hath a controversy with the inhabitants of the land whenever you read a Scripture that the Lord has a controversy with the nations are controversy many inhabitants of the land there is yes a primary application for that specific time and there is also a secondary application that Eileen Joss interbeing and I'm time take Tiffany and at times her hair the Lord has a controversy when the inhabitants of the land and just noticed the characteristics of those entering this land it's as because there isn't a lot to John seventeen seventeen says sanctified and monitored not where he is himself God 's word is not being shared because there is no truth there is no mercy who isn't meant as the merciful one every morning I went to check the preamble in its twenty one to twenty three and has every morning his mercies are new and by the way where is it that ministry kind and Lori sat in the Old Testament sanctuary and sat on the mercy seat he's a merciful one there is no truth nor mercy nor knowledge of God in the land bursting for by swearing and lying and killing and stealing they break out and blunt touches that means a summons to surrender would means your mother is just ridiculous that someone seeing in him .com Fox news CNN that's what it sounds like you just look on their annual see all of these things happening verse three says therefore for this reason because there's all the sin of the world this is the end of time and the Lord has a controversy over the nations therefore and we talked yesterday when you see the word therefore you have to see what is this word there for therefore shall the land lord so the land is morning and everyone they knew where dwelling there and shall languish outward languish it means to be sick everyone dwells on the land in his morning shall be sick and then goes on to say when the beasts of the field so what else will be sick the beasts of the field and when the fowls of heaven what else will be sick the fowls of heaven him at the scene also shall be taken away why is that the fish are not fit for human consumption of the end of time because of this standard is in this world the Bible says because in those characteristics that people will be mourning the land shall be said that these of the field will be setting the file that they haven't we sent an official of any sick so at the end of time freshmen will be unfit for work human consumption there you have been Glenn Ensor I'm a firm believer that everything that the testimony Jesus says if you search hard enough you will find in this book and when you find in this book and you share with people truth out of this book and ensure they all know about LNG wine gift that God gave to this woman to our church the remnant Church of Bible prophecy now know about her but they will know about her first because what this book said not because you just quoted one of her books Rogers rumors have no idea I quote from her books all the time what was the last of those leisurely we are out of town your McKay anyway I got Matthew twenty sixty four bit of English commencing at Matthew twenty six sixty four twenty twenty six when Jesus ascended to heaven whose right hand if you send to what you share this trip yes you are sure he went to the right hand of the father in Matthew chapter twenty six through sixty four Jesus is talking to KRS a high priest and those others at his trial in Jesus S Newman Matthew twenty six sixty four thou hast said nevertheless I sent you hereafter he shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven whose right hand as Jesus said on the fathers in this verse Jesus calls him power you will see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven when Jesus comes back he's coming back with himself the model says in Matthew twenty four and twenty five days coming back with all of the Angels the Bible says that the Holy Spirit has already been sent to the service of the Holy Spirit will be here the Bible tells us and not Revelation chapter four verse eight that they are beasts in heaven and cry out they are not all the time holy holy holy Lord God Almighty which was and is in his account and you look at Revelation chapter eight verse one says and when he opened the seventh seal there was silence in heaven for the space of half an hour how can beings that are always in the presence of God always saying holy holy holy Lord Almighty which was amusing is to come in as the stop sign they don't stop saying they're just where he is and he's not in heaven for a period of half an hour prophetically at seven and a half days he ever heard that we will be seven days ascending to new Jerusalem under this theory it is good to take gone and all of his rats and angels half an hour or half a day to get here and many skin and take us on this tool or of the worlds he created for seven days and you and I will celebrate the Sabbath and have been very first day we get there celebrated with God living communion service that may because Jesus hasn't drank grape juice since he left and he is looking forward to drinking that juice new with you and his kingdom that you want to be there you take that the government that was set up by the Roman Empire and Jesus force every bit of it in our next session which is tomorrow what time is our session tomorrow storm tomorrow morning right but the afternoon our session tomorrow afternoon is going to be completely about a relationship with Jesus how Jesus thwarted the plan Satan and how do I maintain this relationship with him many of you been asking us questions about how I study the Bible how do I continue to stay on fire shared attendant with you today about how to stay on farms just as simple as even one bottle study we have anyone want to make a covenant with the Lord Jesus that within a two week time period you will find somebody to study the Bible with you to come up with the Lord Justin I started in Bible in you would like to availability phrase in any appeal how many you would like to make a covenant with God that we minutes away you can find somebody decided while all the more hands when the Bible says is an alternative date well in their first new willing on business to accept of God like you are enough so because you are willing to accept as it is as if you regarding that doesn't mean the rest of how to enjoy this presentation praise the Lord it would avoid outreach praise the Lord father family thank you so much for the gift that you have given to us in Jesus Christ is Lord we ask that when all this shakes down at the end of time that you will not that we will not be able to be shaken out the truth we will find ourselves so closely allied species so the dentists out by it we understand that the most fierce persecution we praise your name Jesus is our hands rates recording Angel market is recognition of the guitar hard time to start a lot of business in the right when you see the Center for sanity 's sake since I ended young I think I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures other resources like these that I am handling Mycenae are you a


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