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06-God vs. Satan: Jesus, the True Composite

Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah


Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • January 4, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen and I live in diet when I hear it together happened now is a great client service he had a great analyzer in the movie it was otherwise odd build in history as the waiting is an amazing year I think I have a lot I read from and while I I I think that people cannot remain technically at how the Piedmont fable about a year it happened in the environment and one guy even he is very difficult many find that when he had said that people in the way with out and I tested the link at the recommendation on my thinking is that an independent one of them all online and unregulated after that this being the last session a combination we want to add that Kristen Hoffman example of that we happens even then illiterate and talking about what you need to looking at writing and tying his had a stack company mind like some review and questions just in the course of a weekend when they are bottom line on an infant not a hard landing in early and that the limited days while he will be off at will how do I think I will be giving you one thin him away and now he and I is that you have been selected as the men hunted by the Bible because it is the only area I don't have been going on with you but I willing to admit women as demonstrated as I use my template I need to follow white you know think again I think they get her here with me there was really hoping will give you and you and you go home can we do that and learned to turn all their income and went back in time to pray this prayer to be here it is hard to hire this is to show a file in me he said he found yes there is nearly asking Jesus now we're looking hot like even hide them all that electronically is not going anywhere you can deny theory and payload that he was a blanket and I am married and you know he was paid on the reason over one five even if I have been in anything he wouldn't let anything so he was named and finally there him in the main point of the thing we are we have a high priest who is the error I haven't gotten the magazine in Manhattan not in the Bible and again with minimum blank demonstrating the need to anatomy Glickman admitted that when you read the beginning of the age wake me this is the main point of the things the way he wants and he immediately asked what he what have we been paying exactly so when you put in the Bible read everywhere you read carefully all the right of Hebrew it is saying hidden in them they are inventing me I think that telling you guys have been able to go back to what I can find building a case that aid in the communists in the main point I'm making and he with me imagine a career in engineering and baby we do have that I read now and you read brave type in the Bible is anything activity what is it awkwardly is remember to wear out in the book of Hebrews that the rate hike we occur can you not remember chapter seven the others have been vaguely and very new way to go you would go back to the book of Hebrews in the hobbit and I read it see how the human talk about the type the killing me and when you talk to did you know that he would benefit the entire picture what is it they apply behind me and the rest of it here what happened is on I live on the Internet is yet exactly failing after the patent is in the Bible and had taken it into all my typing as you can see what is I can hear how they affect this particular topic ideally you and you and I didn't even complete shack I was teaching my thirty ten then came the human that I cried our site we've been going in and go back to the white is right thing in an alley in the development of information is I'm doing for you that I can put on the command is showing you what you can do in your dining silly reading is made as to how the sanctuary is good I'm an attorney when you go away even he remember that I cannot than to know he's referencing the finisher at the beginning and if anything talking to my season in the century of this retirement was erected and not men for every high priest and was very pissed off about it and then my necessary that this one all things offer but if he went to Paris he would not be the athletes often they give according to the long term the copy and shadow of the heavenly things as Moses was divinely instructed when you can make all all he said see that you make all things he had shown me on them I mean it him allowing them to invite though written his name on the paper and by what the hell I'm season is not anything in the and Melissa was very well made but he was in the lobby lighting the way had the assignment and in the mind now I'm in good condition of the way he was adding is that you would want to know where is that he was according on the menus a law that was told to make money had and he is recording it on pending to leave you with adding the possibility remained at twenty five and be building action I longer here with me in the present tense when you find fuzzy thinking a little of this whole may me I had to join you in a timely now when you think about more than an inexperienced web in August that the Elliott on in life genes x-ray he was educated at the University of Egypt have identical in all it was getting an easy one may not know what an extent of what you admit I never knew going to go in New Orleans yes you can come up with something design company on volition I thought you in the inspection made partly according to what the ad was showing me where in the emergency that means a smaller event in honor we haven't had to go where my pain and when you underlie a lot with you giving that getting married not be like community have will you let me know he was telling me yelling in my life imprisonment I would remain healthy convenient love to Philip Moeller was communing with God he got sober and had got a militant wanted in May all beings I had been telling you anything and I'm sure he is not able to make instruction in Vietnam when you know that color can be used and when England had been carried half in the right and bottom this is because he knows all things according to follow a is spending time in the ninth that he had mother is after having know why the eleventh amendment had been above and because of that had replaced that is more than seven and eight here and recently he was at her and had been on what we should be in Atlanta recently means that the patient is really really found a rather sedate and waited for the history means event was a perfect pattern of what we should be he was an end in the Harry of Christ being described many I can hear he was great that they're not father-in-law he had been moved in and read on he had all the term of the Louisiana yet it was down there and help in math he was elevated about the common will you do not think who is not fighting to save his video down that they generated in the past and not you may end up on the survey in Nagaland and we know in the act or take online classes at .uk he combines con man being beaten in the window in the city of the child is drowned all diving devotion to God with their humanity and using burns with dignity combined with the winning grace and humility may we live in close to her that her character when you think of my wedding mean that Jesus combined in and include the other child when I bet he had commanding dignity combined with the winning great humility and get business climate this perfection of who and what he went in with a magnetic drive and went on his mind and then again is what you would want fitting about eighty at it again how long was that building a century after the pattern shown him in the application mother had to go to the Montaigne to commune with God and his daddy had to carry with you neither way is to find that they named a candidate for whatever reason being him them regularly and when I seem to remember here is long this is sad as a what was plainly meant when I was amazing he then making it faster than you what you are the premise of this document is not well with people yes that would hold enzymes at the Y in the beginning was the white nowhere to nowhere it was with got in the way one time that point in the war and was made by his new out then God when humanity and Judah was God doing a manual override with you my loving and headed to the factory on inscription and as noted in an image of Christ and country I got a very operating out there in everything right but in the went into the mind and community got received at the century there have been the application is you and I findings use that out perfect yes and I just know that we can go into the market in quotation marks need building a living weather monitoring and Elliott and go tonight and come near enough with God calling me and that any of them who is Christ and they are having that happen in the cramping name and you don't even build up that had to haven't seen yet you had that even had a meeting with him then and now that they now anyway definitely financial advisory one guy 's been having an climate to that had that before a great fine-grained having great angry and integrated that would build on that occasion and yet time had been conveyed in the building will build online and build on one building heathenish yarn my nation and our nation it can never be moved that the patient and at my nation attending her that he cannot move the building the ride invented to the internal wrong electable Democrat both passive and had a showing in the last evening prior to go see is that young Montaigne would be the young man here public and that we can be tiny many are in my brain Emanuel November two thousand and nine and later in my young mind meeting in your room requirements that quiet day and you and God and you have been gained by day and a committee at the gate Union Democrat had the how do I do that right there in the evening that he will then you have to take time to find in the quiet phase that even had his employees that even I continue them or even will what I want right now I run five three one my eyes what will I be when I see the light the United and when I close my eyes and silently when you want to do is you is at hand will be our pride that whenever you look away all your being right and wrong anyone in that way you can really be related going green and I have any luck that he was going and he is talking about how had he is even being the last of whom we know that I think I do see them they've got who it is an indictment of the fun and profit in these last days that I found will find an heir of all things that he made the world who being the brightness of his glory and express in her coloring opting by one of his power when he had by himself great time and that the right hand and imagine the on I heart he was so I'm wanting to be in and we had anything began as an crying about adding year the battle begin he was commenting on five and he will have and how do you him him God is not there once he made Israel to wipe why why I say a crying way is not ignorant to the creation of the universe the two and then we all cried and he actually creating the universe is appealing that he is doing you will go on to ask you what scripts have been the prime creator cause is what the one hundred and ten it is caused at one seventeen and the coalescence of the missing them and healed them many times and one in the beginning was the random letters in the word of God as the unit is good when all things were made to any of you that in the future you want he went on camera card reader this is the thing he was the one getting in a few percent be my baby named Lindsay I will need it is not amendment to add the creator is described in verse three as the brightness of God 's glory and rest in a bad person and that is very him I wonder if he wears red to begin reading run by Catholic elite he was so white five zero eight and I gave him his life and that they are by the all guy if I had never coolly taking into the one hundred eight and even not by the highly non- partner in the red why not take name God when he didn't be unique not by their and everything is in relation to God and God but the number is five times the rate age ten the lipid binding the event in God the father beating his son 's address to Congress a bank about all these either I'm going to and God the father these are the address of him had gone and though you did in the Democratic claim to the Jamaican government to find it even got on God again he is gone and he was still in the why is my time the only thing to him that we had cried and healing the pension even let again I think while allowing me as anything environment is tentative even as I thought he would know while it which was the object and the angel on one test and maintain what it is about my father and mother and that you take care of him dominated Campana to know that an angel and I had been made I read a lot of know what meanings or not to accept a student and I in your Bible they but we believe that was made one error in a low the angel on the brink of death crowned with one glory and honor that he had a great time to take that landing in the event either Clinton and little low back pain John and I wasn't even leaving the connection between that and we just make previous evening they are letting me that I love anyway so dependent he came to a minimum of the hoping that I'm demonstrating with you how you can approach environment even helping so just be on the live got a connection and you're reading a climate of the whole chapter so anything is not being yelled in pain and suffering and human him the whole humanity of Christ November fourteen eighty that I shall address how one hate in life and that he will likewise high on the pain that doing that he might destroy him that hath power on the desk as we like Christ is right in line so he was the one Christ in God even the Pentateuch right and then you know a man who invented and reinvented this is how I had the development in the daily Mary on the line to get him into reading and all in our region are prompted to take the statement definitely just when he was wanting to do that is very made by and hidden that may be Christlike high humanity but he didn't eat you later the power of God as the Son of Man he gave up and that will be and I will not begin the one I want to upgrade them there and how well both in happen about that because he is in both God and man we do not fail because Matt God he gives is one policy will be given as an example in the rehab will him how I bought one and that clear and the media Lindsay is a very white being both God and fully man and fully God he given for the example and when they lived and they are going to feel about you when I is an easement of having a bike you can naturally be the case when he and he and Brandon will not make a big difference then Howard human weapon to let him see that he is mentally there and everything I let you know will hit them to get them in writing them humanely and inconveniently landing will make you feel as though you will and you are you remember the example is to collect the following example why we need some growing and growing it is is available in that Clinton is in and he is serving in that we have bullet in the example of the beauty and power in the bait and how we actually live out her life that is in and that there is not a communion with Christ good ingredients there read him anyhow that is three hundred eighty right is a violent thing that we all went okay beholding as in a glass of wine the glory of the Lord I be changed into the main entrance from wine from my reading and learning now when the violent ways from glory to glory what is having him in my half an date and then another and we need to remember that we had grown from glory to glory glory glory and it seemed that we had the game in Mindanao how well it finally faded beholding the glory of the light and the area and identified boutique opening and tingling in the Ukraine that had my nebula a man holding a big it is explained in Scripture and ability to communicate and wildlife in which I will fill out and I ended everything that is not Christ and if it's still in the car and I was watching movies and reading writing or the Bible with no goal at hand given their minority which indeed will be in the integral anything that I'm not crying he has limited the going rate for the him and he and him that I wrote them off as many clothes that we come to Christ someone will be hot and they even anticipated athletic and eleven low-income glory it turns into David Indonesia has to beginning tomorrow the e-mail I have a nine a.m. ago while exhibiting billable and hand me know when I'm in love with reading room out of a big meeting and I wanted and I feel like the materiality and a strong ability to read and what happened if you have any leading in the Army I went on and I may be addressed almost all but everything is coming up in a readable Pentagon to the public library and thinking that were anything I there and I became thing that could not wear my emotions own minds without having to Danny don't know how to have I don't know you and give you a you notice nothing to read another one of the book and you live in Canada but you know what I can how do you right now that I know it is not yet what about Anna and Neil not because of anything you need to get a great guy came to mind not finding it again that kind of thing Denis got it to recognize people I meet a legal load we were and we need to be willing to grow again and you have been battling all my life maybe I him I know you the way and then maybe none way trying to leave we hot but in the Valley than the eleventh bingo interlinking I would envelope the given his try googling trying to give back what ever it is infinitely ample and you will and how it will go out from glory to glory among the treatment plan neither can looking gloating in a very easy because Christ in God and he and Toby holding a meeting with Iranian borders friend is Barbara's three please is there is there in the area there the violent phase this is the will of God in any a white indication in the will of God I is due to be the text God will I find there is grace and God will not have to do it had to cut it down now goodbye with you that you are how many unread writing learning about the period in paragraph is given by Craig and God will him him single-handedly and we had anything according to his well web content that he was the activity here is a ZDNet to a meeting in the will of God is our way communication when we got and were ready for the job and training of inquiry will not hear that there is immediately and will not in their yeah and and it will God willing to give it to God will think you will have been in a Pac-10 after Christ and the defendant is willing to have a confident and have been struggling with an MSI PVS struggle is about England and out white and gray it is not will and resentment even the father you on this is Neil will to suspect I will be leaving diagonally at night you and you is that there are all now and then conveniently left out yet he is made by the unprecedented for the yes Bay Area five yes that the customary one two him for a him please read it are losing team twenty five a share hacker is recognized as America climbs in by causing the negative and I and Mary on the life long to be an reference in fourteen minus ten a.m. and I am moving to Christ and Willie D what you and let me that communication and here is the thing that when I first ran into half a lien on your bad read everywhere and again n a baby and hated as he afforded in a chapter in trouble something that onto a medium is from the heart elect five work with Christ and if we if we do what we can he will know I did I thought with our thoughts and games films and now hard to find things in conformity and well and when they hand you we shall be carrying white oh viewed the again him him him me feel that I'm thinking his name that seem to want to advantage in finding that when I gained that I and my confinement if you will set obeying him because in all however all what do we have to do with it it is very in that it is it can be hard I made an current director energy is saved by one third living out of your life how to lower it it really is the reality but if you just kind them that Christ will do is even a outline the relationship out of your life is not helping you regularly in the back time and I think not they really wanted you all I'm good at lightheaded goal may yet law and watching working out I got gotten so good at even money on our way more than what he literally saved you need permission to allow me to bless your heart young minds with the government into my well when I'll need it you have to say yes and whenever I have entered it into I think the Canadian advantage you don't pay it and when you have what lineup when an opulent wet wet wet illegal in the him I haven't done in after Christ is coming by gives you money in his life he and he being the bread of life probably think any of the many of you are back in anger evidence remember you also go back and it is not only illegal interviewee when we go and immediately cried in cannot think of anything I carried you it will be a noisy night you can rely on and where laughingly carried voicemail e-mail and we went back to it but his grace as an infant when willing to sign having to think about what that means that we can actually be like Christ and what he is going to an August happen as the people that he had three practical things get in my name anything he hadn't had anything that is an surrender and say yes and behold him prayer Bible study and witnessing three very simple things on which to rest of Christendom pray meaning that God will continue to guide and allowing God to the field by building things in your life and go Bible studies taking the time not to open the wine ingredient of finance that bowling unit studying them and it wasn't was a student there all of you have any of the engineering meeting in are you when you will pay you see my name is Mary and I have any chemistry and when you are writing it you don't open you are at their modules do you have now all you do is say that an entity in the way you look and you have no idea how is taking on here during my tenure highlighting underlining the money that I hear and fill in the holy Bible which finally writing the mind of God is the anyone wiser than God doing your Bible you will see you immediately been created and there is Re: the reading of God you wrote this night admitted that he had not been definitively either not however filling your environment and who the notebook paper and come quiet activities that he inquired eyeing and used that he is aware into your beholding and ended invalid in that way he is the executive the change is that how you train Miami anything that began when he went witnessing that you is that you it allows you to see God working in my life and it keeps you on your toes the and when you see I got all transformed in light Shannon and I got it coming about also I call you that the update of my life I went on my mission effectiveness in making him be him they are hindering your behavior whether you are a fine time later in the classroom the Indian missionary you go to see in your classroom in your law that they really need to hear the gospel and when he was a friend if you live in any environment with an thing you know somebody will ask you a question idea that I really don't know you many in emolument Ukraine Vienna and I might have anything all night and then headed and believe it or not everything imagine as I call an island mentality for me what is going from home in Michigan and died in the North and and and and and believe me you wanted to my mind now limelight and they know and I can review the shooting and healing me I cried and I is in but then I keep calling and I've never made an event going to those during the night what you will need literally trying between and on every single door and vandalized and angry because I mean diluting idea when you want growing green during the way in you I think you are a fair pilot study and what is that the tripod and have been getting all three in on his I will not help as nice as you have existed and I think you meant that affects activity grade when you read about how I highly grade a little crazy to trade when you go on and she had that way I can't remember whether I believe in prayer the area I know he's worried very very deeply and went with his life mission hiding the grace of God that in the pattern we know and have impressed upon an ingenious wedding night in prayer when I incinerated in the history of the engine doing what he did any setting in I know it is inground pool and satellite event dealing crack in the anyway around here to read the statement Harry and Congress is not determined by one time thing and then one step directions it is an education of the act Vincent Enloe and even good or evil right time this can be learned only by attending the hearing by learning and manage time and inability good and Gloria him you believe that I have written in the here and prevent out God acting matter how long this thing is that I came to understand the grace of God and that we not take lightly and testing arcane Billy got taken off giving us of thinking that you may does not mean the twentieth I cannot understand the will of God for you and your enough communication console remember right find the Amonte of the mineral and find you a unneeded and that he had long to you close by reading it he was born in question in the United he was born and everything seems from reading this are the reason for getting confused after reading his but I have never in a manic phase being that that would have a great type who is hot Jean God that all of that profession then sixteen but we dutifully had I read it cannot be asked with an elite allied armies but was called I haven't been like as we are him for convoluted Endres now and in the Bible again and leaving while the enemy and what not that I'm with you on your reading I love that you read everywhere and it ever yes I know that is innovative and laughing out in Iran anyway I went over in any environment they need to read every single word family over the bond is formed this team has therefore now here is a way to man all lighting and then I think they made and previous and then big he he was the floor in the page number one four cement is made for Lee I agree with the highest with an inner life or leave it at all I like the art therefore because we had such a high priest because he had tried to the highest Glenn and then I think then I began we had an high priest holding a great family man and I see great things so we have all of the carpet in the kind of when he is in the way that one hardly the government even found one time he given them because he and I will exactly see all my came weekend I will say that really carries you him how I learned English building money when your dad is applied to Randy is no one and I can't believe my blanket Betty might get pregnant again increase the annealing and then God said being one there is no one sure that you have an you have an print and share with really really mean that in all of that Glenn revealed Christ hear him why and he will and have the confidence to try and because the increase you will find me and it was ingrained in you when you know what strongly identify an incumbent beginning in that time of need the integrated help remembering that what you want and need is not more plastic Christie and I wasn't cherished and everything is okay I'm back on all carbon it even will it's either yes we can track the ninth of the old and beautiful today and begin betting guide that the wiring microblog that they need more plastic Christie when we need it right existing people away their elite thinking they might become like Jesus because those are the people who can impact the people I want to use and the people that God is coming back him playing shanks that will bring represent you I really really remain significantly degraded in their they may grow and not even worry Clinton had before leaving our strengths and our immediate ruler and then there is no NLE I gave out and I met either reality on the cost might not enable ordinary hell making a kind that you are praying alternatively things you read that that's why you are a you and timing as I will hate them on our planet they are real and is in a business is waiting he went to be supporting ministry recently added to states he seems I you young to be my pilot Dave tried to rescind to download the pictures on the resources might please visit us on coming coming coming to my seat I are him for


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