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Preparing our Hearts for the Events of Today

David Kittle



  • April 28, 2007
    12:00 PM
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I like to start out with reading and from the testimonies were round odd nature and were not in Burton Hall were not in a designated church but for the Sabbath this is our designated church were receiving God 's presence were seeking his spirit here and it's not something that we should take just nonchalantly not just another fund in the mountains were actually here to have a closer walk with our Lord and Savior so I like to read this is in volume five do the humble way to install the house of God and earth is the gate of heaven the song of praise the power of prayer the words spoken by Christ representatives are God 's appointed agencies prepare people for the church above for that loftier worship and to which there can enter nothing that the file us so where we are here is actually preparation for the rest of eternity worrying me God where we are hearts for this longer more internally than so that's not really what the messages would just prepare our hearts for the events of today so I like this out hopefully many you got your Bibles and Daniel chapter twelve if you didn't am sure this is a familiar verse for many of you will start in verse four but you Daniel close up and seal the words of the scroll in solitary and many will go here and there to increase knowledge and that's what Ivy actually prefer the own freaking days later bring that one was male run to and fro nice on increase but seal out in Palatine and the end we are actually in that time again many of the Paul Luther all of them pointed to the wrestled in the far future not something that this was not happier on lives and dad and the second Advent but since seventeen ninety eight we have been in a timely and for over two hundred years and this message is required with strength and power by many of my Miller Joseph why all of these major and my little children it's I got to read this quote fits the center message was proclaimed by years this is then great controversy some of them are not more than six or eight years of age have otherwise testified that they love the Savior and were trying to live in obedience to God 's holy requirements they ordinarily manifested only the intelligence and ability usually stand shoulder that age however when they are starting for the people it was evident that they were moved by his influence beyond their own natural gifts tone and manner change limits on power they gave the warning of judgment empowering the very words of Scripture are God and DeBarge have regarded such as it was to have six-year-old child preaching the judgment has come repent I I can't imagine any other normal kid these are not using what illustrated look like normal kids but when the spiritless and then when they are speaking and convicting these hearts of the people she says that there approved of the fans not only condemning a morality devised rebuking worldliness in morning there hears from a case to flee from the wrath to come the people heard of trembling the commencing spirit of God spoke to their hearts many were led to search the Scriptures is new and deeper interest the work was done so marketing the minister the church were forced of knowledge at hand of God a minimum of the things that the something larger to you now we have almost been wandering in the wilderness our church unfortunately and many other religions when she was certain back especially after eighteen forty four and were got something for God 's way of Russ Rolle forgot so it's in this even brings up more to blame him I was shown God 's people waiting for some change take place the compelling power to take all of them but they will be disappointed they are wrong they must act it must take hold of the work themselves and earnestly tried to God for true knowledge themselves the things which are passing before us are sufficient magnitude to cause us to rouse entered the truth home to the hearts of all who will listen the harvest of the earth is nearly right now this was written over a hundred years ago and the harvest is nearly right so in looking at the events of followed if you turn the revelation and look at for a single message that was proclaimed and with people and the truth and knowledge that is incredible and for us to hold that in and not proclaim this truth is only lowering our own life and extinguishing it so it's but in order to do that when you creation of her own hearts we need to accept God 's grace music set to spirit into his we can do nothing without the Spirit of God we cannot convert the we can't change then we can the more you try to open more drive them away and so we need outlines their menorah forgot where the spirit we have to prepare our own hardships of that spirit and I don't know if many of you heard the message two weeks ago about creation versus evolution and your own heart I don't Germany was eager not Nelson yes also long very powerful sermon on this and God is a far as an infinite being where a finite we we do not have divinity in us but we can be prepared as a channel for divinity to work through us I like to use an illustration of this that God is infinite so would like us outside with a bit of infinity we are finite so they were good and I have five I hated it I have five because the time said sources all this is her personal night but just for clarity only place ourselves above God we iron out again do this but only in this beautiful nature at all anything coming but we do with sometimes later cells but what is I do where dividing ourselves by infinity or divided ourselves that God replaced are sold above God you don't get a very high number on United self-identity edits and zero it's not in your way and I will like to make the second death is that where you claim yourselves to be guided by missiles the above God and God 's is okay that's your choice your grace but the second death comes you can't survive without God 's presence and so you make yourself home so we as Christians I know I saw this better dividing ourselves we had together and so five plus infinity equals infinity and that is our choice were always do is choose which side Ron choose whether or not were dividing ourselves or for adding ourselves to God if were side-by-side we cannot place yourselves with God we don't have that power but we do have the child choice wish that our choices God will accept an annual grant and when we do that we haven't in the power in our favor which we have to have because one more definition in all your powers and you know you're biking up the delight of your bike and all that there it would take a lot longer than driving because the only hazard my power we have about two thirds horsepower for a short duration a very strong person your cars got a couple hundred CDs issued a whole lot faster you can get your walking you get your invite will take a long time so the definition of power his work over time everything takes a certain amount of time to do it we we can't one-time the zero takes an infinite amount power so when we place ourselves beside ourselves with God we have that infinite power and no longer his time at home like it is a murmur can buy ourselves so when we do that is if were to proclaim message to the entire world that's not to take it as a gift amount I'm essentially proclaiming evident divine message without power with a divinity and rock they get very far doing so that's were the value of creating a clean heart in this we have to accept that clean heart otherwise yet it were not get anywhere so it's an example of the this the paralytic and not Luke a single room looked after five he was Christ comes out to him and says get up and walk again laid there until he felt healed you're never got not he would lay there and those that even though he was right there with our giver and the life giver so but he choosing to believe in Christ our and willing to do God 's will he got up even though he did not feel healed as a surprise on my point this out very good that they once he acted Christ work through him and gave him healing so it's the same lateral lives if were waiting for it for waiting for Christ the work in our lives and changes to some state before we can work for him is not what happened we have to work set out in faith knowing that Christ power is there beside us and at that point then we will see it another example is the woman and Luke chapter eight I believe the woman was bleeding for twelve years she had sought virtually every position spent her entire means all of her money the doctor essentially told her that there is no hope the home and little of it but then she heard about Christ and she realized that this is my only hope my only salvation and all she did was touch the Murray Hill of his garment and powerful now with a picture place is amazing because prices surrounded by hundreds of people bumping intros and touching them they were signal power but they touched him more than the slated touch his garment what was the difference the difference was she reached out to Christ whether need knowing that she can be healed where is everyone else was in her own life looking at their own condition or busily hurrying about their lifeline to get some something from Jesus but not realizing their helplessness is a receipt of our one disciples one A is a crisis with touch to why you are asking is that people smashing through a way because I feel powers come out from and never has that been rejected when someone is reached out to Christ it's been nothing more he longs to do then to grant that our is waiting there to do this but we have to reach out and make a choice like paralytic we can't wait until her healed Eric Norland managed a horribly I've always not let like exercising you homeschool your early titles like exercise anything reinforces all the other you feel better afterwards you don't alertness to do it and there is but there is one more own it's true that we can be instantly through the creative power but in the divine power and energy channel but they're still very apparent involvement which is only raw and us if we exercise this divine power through us and there is the Angels could carry throughout the work done in the world on when I really need in so to speak but that's not God 's plan this plan is for us as humans to reach out to other humans because we are suffering from why as some I don't know if it's in the Bible of August unlike passions and so when one of us see someone else were there that's why it anyhow to come than had been to humanity through Christ NEA the human element for salvation he had lived a perfect life to humanity in us so that in the second had been that can be vindicated to us so even though we can be created as an elitist except his creation and all of a sudden that's it I thought once the noise and it's it's the continued action through that power that brings us and others good old lawyer goals bring others a salvation Moses he was willing to his own divine eternal life for the Hebrew nation and forth a group that had you given him an awful lot strife and yet when Christ said when he was arguing on the Mount is that I will make you a great nation I will obliterate this nation from the states there Moses Noah look at your image this will what other carnations and I think of you he was so un- self-centered that he was willing to give I said no let me to me essentially and I still have a hard time with that concept in some ways because that's so centered and saving other people you're willing to have your own salvation but at some old mice of the bats that's where we were truly working for others is longer reach that state and each one of us has also unique reflection of gross character were we have unique experiences we brought up in unique ways we've there is no true strength of the same and one Christ gives us that experience were reflecting his character to not only grow through that experience and it's our duty to share the because if we don't share no one else will that's adhering to France that a goes unheard and the thought of November exactly where it is I think the thing Ray controversy that only their attorney will realize the value of one single lost soul and that is not raise tolls the thought of only want a three tourney will rely the volume that one person that we were actually in contact not some really didn't know what a close friend a close relative that we had the option really can you look back and see those areas where we missed the opportunity to reach out to that person and hence when we have our whole life is devoted to the work and the life they will have that opportunity and will now look at that person in heaven and say God works through me and then to bring this person in dutiful and through eternity so I guess the seventh again this time on the seven outsourcing and gave us an is no physical object Art Walsh pointing this out well that we can't worship an idol our physical substance I guess the Sabbath only a time so we can give give back to God by our choice of serving him the time so what I would like to do is start out with smaller groups break up maybe even individually search your heart pray with a close friend or relative part nowhere refill of the new and take I don't know how much time fifty minutes maybe say and look through your own life and what areas we can get closer to God what basking on a spiritual fasting terms of Internet are not all all areas whatever gods impressed you to take the time and spend more and five Firefox wherever you feel led to do and will get back and by the other two minutes and will have another song and then another thought


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