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02-Ellen White and UFOs: The Truth is Out There

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • January 2, 2014
    10:00 AM
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for you you make a movie on their behalf when managing your man to only plan is likely to visit us online at www. team I see when I wanted to write you a pastor church and you have found difficulties with helpful ideas that you have my church when something is nothing the found rehab are a big boot on the balcony everybody just stops and stares at the balcony and the right have found it works I just stared at him Solomon was there and they need to know today there are proportionally understanding through non- all right he does enjoy your morning seminar whatever was a man got his gun right it is so much to be thankful for reset with a work plan there were to begin this presentation with the Holy Spirit let's break father in heaven thank you again for this special time thank you for being such a gracious God to us we does want to pray and ask that you reveal your glory to us and Lord pray that you would open up the heavens and show more and more about this great plan that's taking place thank you so much Jesus for being part of our lives and for Providence in bringing a few to understand this message in Jesus name amen I write you this presentation is called Helen why and what you both I know happiness of a curious wondering what you wanted to talk about probably another court review of everything yourself I will find out if he's an apostate maybe a little crazy on the on the way that the craziness I am a little bit crazy to me that but I really believe that this is going to be very unique message and it's going to expand our horizons going to expand horizons about the gospel now if you look at the bullet and you and I have booked against it I don't say what is she presenting him a little bit earlier from the tiles had been changed and here are the changes in the title the very next seminar after lunch is called from Krishna with remarks administered in new people so if you have Mister Singer Mrs. Patel with the next unit meters up how do I reach them you want to make sure you can't do that the next day were recovering after that is how to witness to evolutionist and philosophers in the classroom on the share little bit about my classroom experience and some things you can do to reach people in the regular classroom but there they were coming angelic psychology one oh one the mind of an angel the mind of an angel you don't mind if that and the last popular driving to be my favorite Lucifer and the great controversy mysteries revealed about the great rebellion mysteries revealed about the great rebellion in fact and also to have one of my good friends Nicole Parker assist me with the Q&A time afterwards the political progress he's a troublemaker she's right there also felt RI maven gentlemen fell into place in the year nineteen ninety seven study might be familiar with SMU on unborn but what happened in nineteen ninety seven apparently strange lights begin to appear over the skies of Arizona not one person saw it not to people saw enough hundreds of people thought literally thousands of people actually saw the strange lights in the sky and they want a triangular shape the life then shut it all in different places in other words they were not stationary my uncle when he passed away within Arizona that time and he saw the exact same life with anybody near Arizona with the place okay well I'm getting a B-29s and opportunity those lights right now because it was recorded be impressed one thousand people solid nineteen ninety seven with Arizona precisely right I need in with a guy with a because with a lot of curse words and a little interesting about this is that a lot of people in our world today we believe in UFOs they believe in alien enabling all sorts of unusual things and more asked astronomy has discovered new things in outer space they begin some more and more just applied about their beliefs in aliens and UFOs a backup and imposed a survey about people in the United States will actually believing you about and they said according to the new survey fifty percent of Americans think that there is some form of life on another planet the fifty percent of Americans while only seventeen percent think that there is not another thirty three percent that were not your in the hopping and post you couple a quarter of Americans that that they think aliens have visited our quarter a people in the United States while a third said they have not the rest of the respondents were not sure among those who said that life exists on other planets forty five percent said that aliens have visited her aliens have visited are so you see the United States leads endowment for a lot of people who believe in UFOs there's a lot of people who believe in alien life on other planets and are many who believe that their neighbor might be an alien in disguise ladies and gentlemen as we continue to learn more and more throughout this presentation were going to understand the truth behind these things steaming hot things is considered by one of the greatest thinkers of all kinds that this to my mathematical brain the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly what rational he said no what is it real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like a vacuum in other articles as well he's afraid that if we contact outerspace aliens that they may not be as friendly as when we may think maybe maybe one of the world 's greatest thinkers and nation not be contacting aliens because they may be aggressive and they may steal the resources of our world a interesting all clock that people have even from the most wisest men in the world Walesa and gentlemen as I said before astronomy has definitely opened up more fields of research and outer space telescope to become more and more advanced asphalt to become more and more advanced we are seeing more out into the universe doing ever seen before ladies and gentlemen as it is utterly astounding to understand that in astronomy what we can actually absorb and what they are making theories about on those observations is what they call the observable universe they're not referring to what they call the rest of the universe only to turn after the universe and so when it regularly translations by galaxies and about how you can stop there many times not taken into account the rest of the needed universal only that which can be observed in satellite called to telescopes they think element are different models of the latest universe works in fact the Hubble ultra deep Field telescope when it became more and more advanced they took snapshots and what they found in that picture right there ladies and gentlemen these are live there over ten thousand galaxies in that picture alone into the smaller picture clip about one and in that they tend over three thousand galaxies that they actually believe are out there at the meeting and yourself there is no way they can tell by that grainy pixelated picture but there are that many galaxies well ladies and gentlemen more and more astronomy is becoming advance but with interesting as we boarded begin the truth about these things amen amen what one astronomer says right here the Hubble space telescope site estimate that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe I will independently know the difference between our galaxy and the solar system but still limited education astronomy can somebody tell me what a solar system it may raise your hand of talking without raising at what is a solar system I let you young man that's exactly right it's sort of all the planets are certainly not that the minimalists are right here what if a galaxy can somebody tell me what a galaxy is yes Univac very good a group of solar systems okay now this is interesting that what they're saying right here one there are hundreds of billions of what galaxies in the universe a recent German supercomputer simulation estimate the number may be as high as five hundred watt billionth of a resulting in November for two astronomical you just wait five hundred billion that with many older than the Milky Way con observational wisdom among astronomers is that they are seventeen billion archive planets in our galaxy they don't know yet how many of these worlds are in habitable zone but the implications of this discovery are standing simply bought if there are seventeen billion or five world in our galaxy alone in our galaxy alone is clear that the universe has the potential to be what Gmail with life may remarkable ladies and gentlemen and SS drawing of expanding the field of understanding out into the universe no wonder people are coming to these conclusions there must be a lien upon any note into the universe there must be life on other planets and many of them have survived that many of these individuals are these aliens are creatures that are out there are actually visiting our planet in fact there are many people up in ponds and kinds of books about these things one all of the life of my thoughts are not mingled to manual funding level section all sorts of stories about people being a lead role of what people have their cows mutilated no job ladies and gentlemen their people I was so scary about evening out and actually visible evidence of these things may begin yourself where is he going to go with this method can just wake me despite I will return an object that is related to live we need to understand more and more about this phenomenon because we are going to confront the ugly Morlock now going to give you for what I believe are four possible reasons for all this phenomena right here is you can solve your UFO sighting pump abuse for possible conclusions number one it is a delusion that they are delusional in other words that there's some kind of issues they may have the right fact no doubt number two they may have been dismissed identifying something else out in the sky it could've been a priority could have been another kind of playing number three it could be a satanic delusion they may be seeing something that Satan himself is producing and number four which I believe is coming more and more evident that what they are actually seeing is government technology being tested in fact within declassified recently for interesting is that the government was encouraging conflicting reports when they were testing their craft in other words they were encouraging people to come out with reports saying this and that any alleged people say this at all yeah it's all you of all your most people think about when a few select up with a talk for like that you get exactly right think about this later job in practice are black red whom Blackwell was actually being tested and they were encouraging conflict in part why because they needed a way of testing it out anybody discovering what it really was what really was inventing a little bit of research on this and you can go to your National Geographic there are many documentaries about this operation paperclip in her operation paperclip nobody's ever operation paperclip with operation paperclip on select it's like when you have little kids but he answered nothing Jesus every time that is the answer I meant is the answer but Gonzales and so is not right operation paperclip is a well-known operation that took place right after World War II where the Americans basically transported scientist working for the Nazi regime and what they did is they brought them into their own scientific establishment because what they wanted to do as they wanted to progress on scientific advancements in technology specifically in regards to warfare and what they found out is that the Nazis were actually seeking to develop various kinds of aircraft now the expense that we don't know much more than that but we do know is this that much of the left over sightings against a place they took place after World War II and may be pierced to the Soviet Union other things like that nonetheless that they were actually all these fears began to spring up in all these while small things begin to happen and many of them connected to what they were probably testing ways and John what people are probably seeing his government craft being tested government crap being tested that still leaves us with a question is there really intelligent life out there oh interesting if you actually got into the unit beautiful community they actually half a high regard for allegory getting itself what the you of upcoming action of a high regard for life in fact they do look at that one of the founders of the seven Dallas church Ellen White argued in eighteen ninety the locals passing from start to start what warning according from her suit any law and on earth and became incarnate to save the human race it was a messy with the less intelligent you are what while the fire to understand in the nineteenth entry new private movement which one might expect to be narrow pursuing this theological perspective because you will take place during the dark ages Middle Ages the twentieth century he won the universe and asset begin to expand more and more some of these qualifications or private entity was still attached to this rate happened understanding of the universe and what no one began to talk about he says wait a minute one of the only planet near you on the world out there and guess what a beautiful ballad we found in our quite strange more than hundred forty books dealing with the question extra to run territory life has had appeared by nineteen seventeen the confidence in the upper Valley a century earlier that the universe gave up I had seriously diminish it seemed that they were given up hope the hypothesis that implied a large number of planning however after World War I the discovery of multiple galaxies to the passing of more than social the possibility of other intelligent life reinserted felt it back what will another UFO expert says as well but unlike it was founded on the go to find okay such a deal of life elsewhere may already have been transmitted the description is read by Ellen G White a religious leader and visionaries here who many believe to be singular inspired by what he said he's quoting from her now the Lord has given me she bought a few of the other what world we forgiven me and an angel attending from the city to a place that was bright and glorious the mathematical putting green and the birth wobbled a sweet song that happiness of the places runoff type this noble majestic and lovely people and express image of Jesus and account is being with holy joy expressive the freedom and happiness of the place then I was thinking to world which had seven rooms I begged my training Angel when we were in place I cannot bear the thought of coming back to this talk will begin the climb to think that once when he ends with this just think what a contrast between such description and the climbing portrayal of television movies and science fiction paperbacks networks of Weltman in unbroken harmony and mutual allegiance on such finality of death on split by pollution and why was a great than what has been the undoing about Nathan John and much of the questioning then wait a minute if all these most suburban Muslim world and what you are discovering there are many people in this world we may feel as complete lunatics because they may believe a certain thing ladies and gentlemen the Lord may be working on their hearts amen what if the violinist was actually a Princeton professor who did a study of people who began to believe in extraterrestrial and the belief about the various century and look what he says about whom I invested so remarkable I love the school records for a light provided a theology that involved extraterrestrials in which he says there is life on other worlds including the document that can only occur on our very important but let correspondingly quite came to our planet and sheep Mountain one of her books the story of patrons and profit it was the model of all the universe that Christ humbled himself to say Ballinger that he will have to start us off what the world superintending all that took upon himself human nature was amiss in which there was a just mother will desire to understand this theology not only provided a way about paying 's dilemma finally the income is painless but put it on the screen right about with the feeling would know about anybody else and that's your prerogative utopia there was not about a Linux in don't know what Ivan Malone but googling okay and tell us the answer is but a most atomic like the one yelling laughing in her writings and she asked he addresses the age of region and what he did he basically took people on a biblical theology the thousands millions he said to the understanding of the subject that was bought out there but he doesn't really care for our planet and part of his dilemma what if this was one the primary reason why he he rejected biblical theology and she provided a way around it this was his reasoning is that this may begin to discover that the University bigger and bigger awareness is much bigger the other plants that are probably inhabited because we look at our plan is messed up the Bible says he said that creation was affected by things that he says wait a minute it must be our planet and all those of the planet therefore Jesus rapid thought our planet then you have to go and I prevent anything that just sounds really illogical he actually bases rejected upon this proposition and without my visit is long long long long we are the only planet that found in her theology that she began to develop under the spirit of God actually provided a way around Payne 's dilemma Thomas Paine 's dilemma that much of Christendom without she accepted physiology and only provide a way around painful and it also presented a remarkable cosmic conception that seems to be enhanced the attractiveness of this new religion while white denomination has continued to grow an impact speed spread throughout the world current membership being about four four million eventually the government that's old school right was written several years ago with the current population of the the fellow that is close to twenty million is close to twenty million honey of them are committed as an aside how can adding Jason and the university 's endowment how do we understand this universe as Seventh-day Adventist how do we understand all the wealth that are out there while you look at it happens it's only my ideological perspective that is very compatible with the love we are living in peace amen to that one thing that really patient having a Seventh-day Adventist is that it barely relevant to the world that we are living in even what science is discovering ladies and gentlemen it's like it's very compatible with what Seventh-day Adventists believe from biology to astronomy everything they can to my work found ones that are inconsistent with the advent if they were ever broken anything into that Mr. Coffee provides a high level theological framework for all the universe passport of inhabited planets very distant from plan from her finds have begun to observe the countless world light years away now would you look at what she says about these aliens got government included not only the inhabitants of heaven but of all the lot well that he'd created and Lucifer had concluded that he could carry the angel in heaven with him in the rebellion he could also carry all the world but how many world I love the chief is right here this world is but a little lot by the way using out of the evangelion units and what you think about a world is a little and then elected Tennesseans in the scope of all the universe in the past domain over which God presides to grow even stronger in the language writer should all the inhabitants of the world refuse obedience to not to be left without glory because with everyone on the face of the earth in a moment and create a new race of people in it and what I think God is not dependent upon map on the gridlock till the starry host Annette had to know what millions of what the world of from enough authority nearly and gentlemen over there with that theology that understanding to rate a song of honor praise and glory to his name if men could see for a moment beyond the range of finite vision if they contacted glimpse of the journal every mouth would be stop this posting man living in this little atom of the world I find that God has what on what on number twelve how big of a number network unnumbered and there's not a number that could be used with infinity but I should look like there is it is a number that cannot be invited back I won the biggest numbers out there is the Google blacks to get up and has Gould of God under the well-settled beans with water conducted with reference to his lot is glory in fact yet she described with some of these aliens look like in a little green men with big plays in doing busily that doesn't work that will follow but that the Lord has given the letter if any of you Motherwell winger getting Angel attended me from the city to a place I was planning glorious the graph about how place with living green and the birds for their birds are while they sleep thought the inhabitants of the place were all sizes they were noble majestic and lovely they board the express image of Jesus and their countenance beamed with holy joy expressive of the freedom and happiness of that place I asked one of them why they were so much more lovely than those on the earth the reply was we have lived in strict obedience to the and I'm not want my disobedience like those on the men I thought two things one that looked like the tree of life in the city will look beautiful good about the beautiful but one by one they could not keep their power in about what they were forbidden to even one in my tiny angel said to me not in this place had tasted of upper bigotry for if they should eat they want what he continues what she is right here that was a controlled world which had seven million they are still good although in who had been translated on his right arm he bought glorious each name was written victory around that with a doctor like me and leaves on the weekend in the middle of each was written what CRD and around the leaves were stones of various colors that shone brighter than the stars and cast a reflection on the letter and magnify them about the reason with a lovely what town is shone brighter than the sun I asked in the watch is extremely important I asked him if this was the place he was taken to run the earth what does the spot if that is not what thou what city is my home and I have come to let a good dummy knocking it was doing there your unit was doing it was doing what unit did unit is set in it was doing went in again you even would do when he was on this planet she would go out and he would minister to other places and Emily Dooley 's endowment he would go back home to what community got anyone been better so don't you rather thought that his brother still doing major damage he's outgoing visiting out other wealth and incomes back which tells of your ministry that you have on our permit continue for all eternity in a greater way amen New York I want to travel I would be traveling that is okay he moved about the place as it was perfectly oh what you see right here back when you come to Angelica called one oh one in the last session in a little of it what about the rebelling what if I get all had into a deep and joyful interest in the lot creation of the world and of man elected human beings what he knew and what in other words there was no other creation that was like humanity in the market she says right here next to the angelic beings the human family being born in the image of God are the what noblest of what were the two greatest works of God angels who mankind those two are the most noblest of all his creatures nothing is visiting to yourself and I feel sorry for those other aliens in this video but lays it down if she was talking about perfect humanity right then it says she was referencing imperfect humanity because it enough their left noble than we are right now than the Java plug-in in human failings and dragons of our okay very got now good to go look at what the Scriptures are teaching you what contributed to understand a bit about the work got made to be very careful about interpretations we need to make sure that these things are very biblical however I believe that as you study the Scriptures more and more God was being very open with this idea however she can only give life based upon the capacity of people to understand that life 's best super importantly 's endowment some people think of no culture is not part of hermeneutics long culture is part of hermeneutics we need to understand the culture by which things were being spoken at that time that helps us to write me understand how relevant it is for us the word of God is universal can you say amen to that and what you find in Scripture raise and gentlemen is you'll find indications that God created not just this world but a bigger universe and a look at somewhat the stooges are teaching the what do you find the best places passed by the fathers by the prophet hath in these last days spoken to us by his son whom he has appointed what terrible things to whom also he made the world 's very good he was one hundred three by faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that the things which are seen were not made of beings which are visible you don't first Kings twenty two I saw the Lord sitting on his throne and all the luck on the lack host of heaven standing by him on his right hand or on your flat leaving the Angels Angels around or possibly the mouth of name I can't member six you alone of the Lord you may be having the heaven of what heaven is taking place with all their lot holds the everything on the season on the defendant and you present them off the lot host of heaven what worships you don't own it for you about this one part of the human neck and in his vision is live in if that was not possible for me to both I will come to visions and revelations galore I know a man in Christ to fourteen years ago and loves to talk about himself but in the body I do not know whether out of the body I do not know another way for invasion sometimes it's hard to see with happening of a physical thing God knows such a one was caught up to the lot ladies and gentlemen wherewithal taken but was partaken with the rest of it and I know such a man whether in the body or out of the body and do not know God knows how he was caught up into what felt when you have an excellent paradise to come with all sorts of interpretation there day at third Avenue and I heard inexpressible words which is not lawful for a man to raising Delaware third heaven but they say the third heaven twenty Revelation chapter twenty two West Paradise I said when you read Revelation and Revelation West Paradise is where mouth is a revelation of the last chapter the throne of God and the River of life is so in other words were published that up was specifically where raising your location what was he he was caught up at the throne room of God we understand that if not in a sense of vigor we need to understand that okay seven is what I was here illegally economic damage acreages commented so they got beaten pretty technical at technically three heavens you have the first one atmosphere you're the one guy throughout what's the second Evans finance its outer space raising gentlemen the first tentative atmosphere the second heaven is outer space the third heaven is God 's throne blazon downward in the end follow-up with what is a level where a funny guy come and tell me where the support is a bottle of length are you sure okay so all in all the world 's live at the great throne of God Canada but my teacher Professor and professor thing are located again where is the third heaven how do we know it's gone about because of what the rest of the verse it talks about what paradise using Revelation Revelation tells you what paradise is right it's where the throne room of God right you are the first hadn't gone through the heavens in Europe referring to the atmosphere right is well believed by scholars that the second heaven is an application reference to the rest of the universe it is space ladies and gentlemen by implication working in Falwell 's length they live out in the segmented Nepal living thing the second heaviest faith you would simply think that you have an interest in and use those words but he was implying that outer space that's what we know as bubbly and Christian views on Paula world action agreements very interesting that we don't something interesting to think about the Job chapter one Job chapter one by the way what the book of Job about the job you guys answer with questions Moses about the book of Job Moses doll is made because of the arabica flavor and was written by Moses and white makes reference that Moses wrote it as well but it is because of the remix baby conceive a interesting throughout the Job of the gel cap one Joe is very important to a pleasing domain application these things are very important I'm feeling a little bit of understanding about the book of Job Job is considered the greatest men of the E3 and to N yet cemented their favorite TV Martine R Medardo N we got a solid verse one through the national randomized name of what job in Annapolis platelets and let upright and one who fear God and what shiny million seven thousand three what an awkward position to send out and keep me doubt camels under yoke of oxen five hundred female donkey and a very large what household so that this man was the notice greatest of all the people of these headphones were going be in there what houses each on their point game with friends and invite their three sisters eat and drink with them that's a good found ladies and gentlemen is the you have this man will latest tally right he has three sons and needs to be something they sure they take care of the Mrs. America like that you can't even imagine what that didn't have any loan you had left him don't worry about it you can't say with us right I think that if you thought Jo Jo Huntley driving a van that those little family stickers in the back the gel would probably have a bumper sticker that said I love my wife using the bumper stickers I love you like that kind of person Job was he was a family man and the Bible talks about how God has blessed me solemnly different ways yet so many of its wealth and riches and it seems like he has the most part make life delays endemic year we discovered that one of the most on-demand was blessed within the next circumstances enough very intentional by Doctor Joe Parks represented as up having the most to make of circumstances there is an intentional contrast being sent there with you going to get one for six now there was a day when the sons of God came to what they and what for that present themselves before the know when you read the book will you find the genealogy of the gospel would write what you find is that Luke is very intentional about raising Jesus from the line of Adam but do you know what the Bible says about atoms when it when he comes from whence it proceeded it is not how dumb is that talk about how Adam begets that add Adam was a what son of the God know what we understand with a little bit more Bible study is simply that what these people why these inhabitants that were visiting God speed individuals or representatives of unfallen world in fact the Bible says right there that there was a day when the sons of God came to what the other races present themselves is found throughout Scripture the phraseology is constantly there is an insult present themselves present themselves present themselves in fact you found that when Moses was about did you take all the elders have been present themselves before me when Joshua was about to die he had all the people Israel present himself radiology appears many times in the Old Testament and you know whatever first two it were cars when people are consecrating themselves to God again no notices it is extremely important that this plays into what happened none of the day when the sons of God came to what present themselves before the Lord now watch it and Satan also came among them it will look like there was this heavenly worship service that was taken place people were going to do new things these oddball and welcome representatives were consecrating themselves and move the process I know when to show up and leave and gentlemen of the this is here as well he showed that eighty cents up I know what I'm going to I went to cost issues right now I want for his issues are also saying came among them and the Lord said to him from where do you what come and where you coming from what planet are you rappers writing what you are saying that they can fit next thing after wrong going to NY admittedly everything that brings going to and fro throughout Scripture it appears several times and you know what the reference to old knees searching searching for the item load went to and fro looking throughout all of Europe by talking book of Daniel many will run to and fro looking at the Scripture basin Johnny say anything something based on what I am searching the art is when he is saying right now but that wife was the next and walking back and forth these acts and conduct two okay perhaps radiology if I was giving territory about that and he let loose with a minor you think I am walking up and down on the planet even flying there was nobody can test my authority on this planet and that is precisely why God says in the book of Job to get a look at the rest of that primary there the Google that this is extremely important first eight then the Lord said what have you what considered what he got within just provoking him God knew what Lucifer was saying when he said it he said I'm walking up and down planet are and I have no challengers got that you're wrong there is a man by the name of the Job and violently to the rest of this is even more amazing you considered my servant Job that there is none like him on the air of a blameless and upright now wonder what fears guidance on people know what was in fifth thing as a blog that doesn't help your God or nothing here he knows about Joe and I believe that you had surrounded around his household and all that you have a blessed the work of events is saying how about Joe he knew that Job was protected by God Nathan jumped the devil knows who you are to and the more that you are grateful to God the devil is a greater target on your you see the book of Job is so remarkable what takes place in the book of Job is extremely important even down it because what he was doing he was speaking to attack God 's law be with everything about everybody on the whole universe is intentionally this meeting because he knows is right across the universe about God gliding thing to take your the only reason why Joe always not because he loves you because you explode the devil has upon with God 's law and you go to the great laugh in order to learn a little more about that later enjoyment the end of the book of Job as the something remarkable God doesn't did Joe the answer of the innocent child told by the way it has been the devil has been attacking you the first things that God chose Job is basically they maybe say what niche is all about and then he chosen the universe I just felt that you can't understand the universe how you went to Anders spiritual one day will be independent by leaking on the book of Job Job says this all that there was a book written about my life he says that and you know what can be so funny is when Job gets to heaven and God said I have something to show you the book of Job is a mentor that enough was so remarkable Mason Jennings is extremely one because show was not just a foreplay he was faithful for the rest of the universe with you to discover more more late enjoyment when I preach on Sunday I will be talking about how God has raised up the church to send a message to the rest of the universe of get going I was not the fifty first floor one out of you having a hundred sheep if he loses one of them does not leave the left ninety nine in the wilderness and go after the one which is Lofton five in late endowment as we begin to undersell a bit more about astronomy and set about theology and are said about this universe creation we begin to realize that God is much bigger than we actually realize before his creation are much greater the mouth of the heavens declare the glory of God and we understand that lets what writer raisins and that means greater glory of God amen and we have yet to see the Honorable Wobegon is created you had a theology with Gala Dali was persecuted more with the geocentric view that all that what it's really important and all that was what you are little solar system and everything around them revolved around God this planet and this is God 's heart right here he created his planet it was the center of his universe right here and then Galileo into China said no no no we are not the center of the universe is much greater than we imagined he was prosecuted for that ladies and gentlemen is extremely important because what we begin to understand is that there is a big picture in the great controversy on much bigger picture than you have ever not to be bought and your life matters the reason why another narrative is so important thing picture is because it builds in the hole he asked context number two it justifies universal issue in a society so diverse and produces relevant still content that may deny meaningful ultimately norms for it they won purpose to their livelihood enjoyment and when you bring the gospel to people you are bringing purpose to the maven the stabilization is provided probably committed the society rapidly changes and fluctuations we know what the Scriptures say that we've stand on back anything that that ultimately the greatest reason we need to set this universe is so big my extremely important is because the gospel begins to take on all whole new dimension about this late endowment and we get to heaven one day America God takes us several days we get divided to heaven that we are in the midst of this gigantic shoes in will be able to our time to be like when we were with planet Earth and the like are you okay will get out the Star maps to get the Star maps and digitally diffuse universal day is the planet refusal clattering your definitely smaller that the planet is actually much smaller than that indicated me if you have these special maps because the Angels get lost it will dawn on us that Jesus left all of heaven purchase were planning before one soul in the midst of this you should gigantic universe it will blow our minds ladies and gentlemen we realized that the condescension was not what we had originally pictured at left at the condescension was much more greater greater than we have ever imagined before think about this in a leaving about bungee jumping right you secure bungee jumping not by how low you go you message your bungee jumping by how hot you want we can assist you they said Matt I just jumped off a hundred foot braking was a wow that's impressive but then I think you actually I jump up on the bridge I jump up a two under the bridge the couple of the more impressive and then I think you naughty just double-click to incorporate the jump off a five hundred foot bridge I like all my goodness that's crazy and then sit on by Republicans I jump up a thousand club regulars now loading up in Delhi they don't want ladies and gentlemen we don't discover it as we explore the universe one one percent understand that Jesus didn't just condescend from about five hundred foot bridge you can't affect you what why when you are then we run out to be more and it will add value to your cell late endowment when we realize how do the universe really is and that the God of heaven and earth became less than a suspect for why this is so important about what you've is right near the valuable soul who can estimate it would you know it's worth going to family and their walk with Christ both hours of anguish when he's what other were great drops of blood look upon the Savior uplifted in the clock here that this bank find my God my God why did for safety we look upon the wounded had appears five marketing remember that Christ is all for our redemption which itself was imperiled having it wasn't held at the foot of the cross remembering never one thinner client would lay down his life you may estimate the value of your soul you may think to yourself there's no value to your life you are utterly long legs and dumb enough like angels are just astounded when they see people reject the gospel because they have somewhat of a measurement of how big this universe really is all we see is the start of a picture later enjoyment but the Angels have explore the vast domains of this universe enough wonderful shot at the rejection of it at the dawn of the universe became sole soul little for human this world is put out in the bathroom in which God resides yet this little fallen world the one lost sheep is more precious in his sight in the ninety nine that are not stray from the fold like beloved commander in heaven records still permit highest state later five the glory he had with the father in order to save the one loss world for at the fillet weld on high the ninety nine that London and came to this article be more newborn transition to be Bruce Barnett we find Dave himself if not a few might have the joy of receiving back the sheet that was lost and what the Bible the way that John you are precious in his sight you are precious in God 's sight in those moments when you feel like your life has no value it means absolutely nothing raisins only look to the cross and you will see the value that God has given to your life and this is extremely important ladies and gentlemen this is why understanding of the greater universe is so important is much bigger than we had ever imagined before the gospel is much bigger the music is so much bigger than just our little world that surrounds us God has given so much to redeem us from the simple plan Jesus loves each and every one of you with a very special law and I just want to challenge you about this team I think we pray God help me to respond to that love that glorifies you amen besides our prayer father in heaven we just thank you so much as one day Lord protoflight throughout all the universe who went to see the throne of God who went to realize that you left so much so father forgive us our replacing less value on your side on the great God and one boy he would take the center of our hearts as we come to Centerville for all I I thought having on him or her business is leaving him I think he went to be supporting the history of the sentence he added he states he seems I you are young and I believe in Christ oriented Christians to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us I am coming out in the delay seemed that I or a


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