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04-Evolution, Philosophy, and Apologetics: Outreach in The Classroom

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • January 2, 2014
    3:15 PM
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him as he is facing a time when you need in one hand going flat and is online at www. delay he-man and the afternoon I noticed seeing that the Monday seminars the more deeper my voice is becoming so hopefully by the ended USC I will sell my command okay can you get me up at arriving at their website amen amen let a locking of the day we can digest better in the last seminar today completed a little distracting buying a little bit time for myself and well right now so now my friend Nathan only said that besides anything is in the rape anyway think it's better to stretch and church than sleeping church right the stretch needs your okay are now off this presentation called evolution philosophy and apologetics one oh one how to reach out into that in the classroom and that it can be a very interesting message because what we learned from hands-on break practical ways that we can reach out infect other campuses University platforms arenas will often times it can be very difficult to minister to people like this give me a heads up this thing is not working right now and it's working okay are the future topics include tomorrow angelic psychology one oh one the mind of an angel the mind of an angel and Saturday would alert about Lucifer and the great controversy Ms. is revealed about the great rebellion I'm really excited about number to more than about number one because one away from the fascinating things about the rebellion a lot of questions about the great rebellion took place in heaven you learn in a very awesome way through the timeline but some interesting facts that even many Adventists are unaware up about this good rebellion how applicable it is to when we start with a word of prayer to Mary okay we can break the sign of time even whomever you pay said that father Natalie thank you so much for this class let me just pray right now that's that you have no place in this class this place of learning we pray against a just strong holds the double half water we just pray that the Angels would be here God that you would send many angels to crowd into this room Lord we pray that the Holy Spirit the greatest of all teachers and preachers God will guide us in three practical ways that we can be greater ministry street ministers for you thank you in Jesus name amen all right the classroom is more than just a rumor Socratic teaching takes place it's a place where the future is born ideas values opinions dreams developed in the lecture hall Asians lag upon the classroom global ripples come from the classroom and the battlefield of the great controversy is born in the classroom say it has claimed secular campuses after stronghold for young developing line skepticism atheism and confusion permeate in the schools today and yet with the pulp and tolerant views Christianity is being discarded and they doubt God is calling for a counterrevolution of missionaries who braid will help rabies intellectual arena and reclaim lost souls one of the reasons why this is extremely important to me personally is because IFC became a Seventh-day Adventist when I was in college I was going to a secular college at that time and it was a good friend reached out to me the if I were it was during that time that I did a lot of thinking and changes in my life with endowment so I have a burning and many times from the May place that you are one front is the very place that God sends you back in June to reach souls when you think about you all live anything about weight because the place God reach me at that may be the replacement that God is calling you back into the region sold anything into that amen now let me share with you ladies and gentlemen of the Fed before some really practical tools about how to reach out to people like it allegedly map it back I don't have every single answer there is for evolution or philosophy are some of the issues at play on academics if you are probably looking for something like that you probably need to try different seminar that that really plan me write a straightforward to buy these endowment here you can learn practical ways to reach out things that I have seen personally work and are working I am doing at this very moment and I have seen seen such success with these things the classroom with the secular arena and here you see a lot of ideas form and Christian something mainstream Protestant Christianity is also attempting it out reach into the classroom in fact you see a lot of all Christian apologetics really popping up in what they're doing is they're targeting the secular campuses why because the secular campuses at one time I see you still stand for gospel message if in fact many of them still have biblical writings on the wall some of the most skeptic North worst of these colleges on at rehab things like like Oxford says the Lord is my light they had Christian sayings on them why because they once bounded up by missionaries and pastors it was surprising for the colleges and campuses today but Christian apologists a lot of them are really targeting these campuses because they believe that is where the future is what and if they all in the college campuses sure because Doctor and Doctor in fact what is so interesting that he making a different movies that have to do when individuals were attempting to reach out and do ministry in the classroom numbers are with you trailers semi guys have probably seen before but also with that the music there's really want to your back so again I want my bed I just availability crazy and stop inflammatory run-up back in the disclaimer I do not promote that kind of music that those people walked out and accuse me of things like that of it had it those already I will go to my dumb as I put my bag on a little nap it was a dented icon line now anyway countrymen make this point that on that there is even in Hollywood they visit Santa Fe women how can we reach people in Hollywood I can jump into that make it into helping out appreciatively as were printed in some you guys were probably videos up on man I just came out of the media class of this belt learning the trailer you're okay right okay in the world okay I know it comes to reaching out to people ladies and gentlemen apologetics is extremely important that now projects that some people simply means debating with people that's not really true apologetics is very interesting all about apologetically defending about apologetic men get what it needs to be a Christian apologist familiarizing oneself with the most up-to-date material and communicating in a culturally relevant manner never do seem willing to engage in a variety of contexts i.e. class goes public wireless church in personal settings number three preventing information that removes intellectual barriers to beliefs and number of very laughing at the sweat the most important being ladies and gentlemen the alternate goal of apologetics the defense of the Christian faith is to lead individuals to the truth as it is in what Jesus a lot of people have this idea that we need to be defense of Christian faith in government we need to go on the defense rather we need to be more of the offense is not number one reconciling people to Jesus number two is defending the message we understand that it's not because a lot of times people have this idea if I'm reaching out to people who are more skeptical or secular or people who come from atheistic background I want to make sure that I defend this rather than trying to reach out and this is why a lot of mainstream Christianity in their apologetics is often times offensive because the one thing that they are simply trying to state if where my and your body does not God 's plan either God desires you to make number one the goal of reaching souls the goal of reaching people the whole purpose of this class race endowment is about reaching out to individuals about reaching out to people and things lately how can this person come closer to Jesus and estimate that the first priority you will find everything else begins to fall into place no way consider if we consider the idea of recounts in the classroom on the show you something from the Gospel of Luke Jesus actually a part of his first all kind of ministry reached out in a classroom of the I think I will go to Luke chapter two Luke chapter two very interesting the Bible talks about Jesus experience ranging out in a classroom in the classroom that had a lot of practice and biases that time about this in Luke chapter two starting with verse forty MLM and the child grew and became what strong in spirit filled with wisdom and the grace of God was upon him his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of what Passover and when he was twelve years old they went up to Jerusalem according to the custom of the peace and it was after these days they found him in the temple sitting in the midst of the new in the midst of their by the way when you can go look away Jewish schools vaccine brand but it would be if the program by would be sitting in a strengthening our and the students would be circling him but in this particular context who has taken the position of the teacher Jesus has taken the position of the teacher in fact the rabbis scholars are surrounding them anything in the midst of them both what they can to listening to them and what asking them questions Jesus was aware of the prejudices that exist upon these teachers from these old are more experienced Jewish teachers and rabbis and scholars he was very careful in how he reached out to them that well life is about this particular passage is that had these men accepted the truth she said Jesus the lines of truth that he was opening up to them would have worked reborn even in their day it would cause great revival to take place if they listen to what he was actually saying that time in the model fits all who heard him what what astonished at his understanding and what and answers impacting what the Bible says right after this the Bible describes how after his parents now live -based Golden and human what will they see fit I think they were required what you wanted in Miami and Dennis Gillette and UMNO reply David I must be about my one what was he doing at that very moment that he was categorizing after his father 's business being in the midst of these people and listening and answering them with gospel truths raising gentlemen Jesus recognized that he was the father 's mission to reach out to these people in this classroom and it is our business it is the father 's business for awfully cingulate to reach out to a variety of different individuals as well now when it comes to the secular campus there are a few things that we need to be aware of ladies and gentlemen how many people here actually go to college razor hand okay very good I want you are just make sure you take note of these things because when the show at the update that I have studied that person experienced in my whole life and I've seen the success of these things okay when you are trying to reach out to people who may be atheists or will they be skeptical or later people were just anti-Christian ladies and gentlemen God wants us to never think the fact that we are coming into a context that is far different than any church we barbecued that we are coming into a context when you actually have very skeptic upgrade skeptical teachers were promoting ideas that are very contrary to what you may have grown up with and they will preach it as gospel truth I have seen so many students who will go to secular campus if I see these teachers think some of the most unusual things and I see these beautiful views of their minds are inundated with the based on how you are walking into this kind of context and the bargaining unit member lazing down if it number one you must have a determination to be a Christian ministry that is a missionary if you do not have this determination raising Dominick you are going and with wrong motives number one unit development at what the very purpose of faith I want to be a Christian missionary to this school and back oh well what they're talking about secular campuses not having to stand with the ladies and gentlemen it would be perfectly what you to enter the colleges of our land no watch it if they were what Tinbergen every one day if they were converted everyday she does a newbie or the colleges of the land developers a nuclear harbor giving audio you could even go to Berkeley if you want to you are converted every day this is extremely important principle is endemic if you missed this point you are walking into a trap you are walking into a trap because you will find that there are all called on people who are much smarter than you and affecting you think that you are smarter than the devil you been outsmarted by the double it was that you been outsmarted by the devil so we need to understand is that in it I need to make sure I'm coming in here with the right motives with the right intention and that is as a missionary or the gospel amen the we need to gain the report the teacher you need to be a teachers pet snapper you may think yourself what in the world trust me on this you need today and report the teacher is that what you will find in Scripture right here lays it down it is various individuals who can identify these individuals right here go to the first one began industry friend with the yeah David and Goliath with a for John and the one on the left as and got most to you in the mouth is consistently upgraded brakes and praising its founding and we want in their life what this rate is undertaken Elizabeth is mixing important to their neighbors what so jealous about what Julia was talking I was talking about autograph number to administer reversely what I will give the people what favor in the sight of the Egyptian percent of voiceovers by David speaking about education was eight dollars ninety five favoring eyes and a downgrade for Esther now the young woman please him and she obtained his what they were done in chapter one verse night nothing thought of by Daniel into what Weber and what good will of the chief of the in every one of these places everyone in those pictures I showed you ladies and gentlemen dogs people down with unit leadership they found favor with unit leadership and it was very important because it led to the furtherance of the gospel can you say amen to that so we as Christians we need to gain the favor of the teacher and you explain exactly number one praying opportunities for you to be a blessing to your teacher when you gain the favorite it's a general talk about being a teacher 's pet pigs and gentlemen of bringing the Apple I'm talking about you being a wonderful loving and lovable Christian to your teacher because the teacher is the one who controls the dynamics of the classroom and if you win them ladies and gentlemen a great door will be open for the gospel in fact which alone about this experience I had a local cause an experiment I said okay I'm taken out of philosophy class blessing of science okay I need to put to work these principles and within think I need to reject my teacher thought and reject at the report the teacher are praying about that she had health problems and just to answer in the cancer had stop method to the moon I know what I'll do the one-day I went into my car I had the book I had a healthy cookbook and I wrote a very special message to her and I said to her name was adjudicating like Cain killed Abel I said Doctor Judy I said I got you a very special but if you look at and she says I love cooking healthy grid really and she began to love that book I was so interesting as I try to a printer where I could and sometimes listed as the really bachelor I really tried to defend her and I was intentionally trying to gain the respect of this teacher you know why because I knew God was trying to reach her heart and that one day she says all I just will talk about the last if school were just like a week to bring you to have potluck is a partisan something else but bring food together and I said okay I said this is like that I said I'll bring some Indian food and everything in and then she said but I can't eat really spicy food the way to make sure I get you some stuff that is not spicy Indian food and rapidly got supper and Chiefs so appreciated in that outing what about this a little bit but I wanted to get a look at this late and gentlemen this then you see this consistently upon God young people is that they found in the eyes of the senior leaders these teachers these rulers these governors and allow the gospel to go further and further we need to be more courteous more respect for more time more polite we need to be Christian gentleman loving people to these people a man and you will find the door I will be open to poverty and reverse what a boy in what the Bible says open about his value you think you're somewhat how in the world can I find favor with men and women how can I find it within in a way that is productive if you blow your mind with a large on me this one day the Bible says this problem typically reverses one conform younger statement of your favorite mercy beneath the more time can be a little bit more time door probation lowly closing on the other Arreola Dana thanks Bob or sympathy versus one people at the interface here my son do not forget my law not let your heart keep my what command for length of days a long life in peace it will ask you watch for suspicious local TV you miss all this let not mercy and truth forsake you find around your heart like them on the tablet of heart and soul what finds favor where an Ohio State where ladies and gentlemen in the side of the to see what the Proverbs what Congress is failing this is super important principle that mercy into this in your heart ladies and gentlemen a picture of who Christ is you will find favor in the sight of these people and you will find how this will open up the doors of the gospel to work one of the reasons why that phrase was repeated over and over and over again late enjoyment is because these young Christians these young men and women of God they had mercy and truth in their heart they had a Christlike character to open the door for them to be able to share the gospel anything into that for now Windows NT thinks a part of what we need to be on termination be a Christian missionary never to win you can report the teacher anniversary we need to be chapel of atheistic literature and stay in the word when numbers are extremely important do not believe yourself on this one ladies and gentlemen of the before our if you are thinking that you are smarter than the devil you have been outsmarted by the devil in me as a Seventh-day Adventist pastor I have read much atheistic literature and we just say that there has been times that I question things because of how influential this stuff had the influence a half upon the human mind and you need to be very careful about that ladies and gentlemen is the way comes in this kind of literature that always be there always being mindfulness stop your reading and diagnosing a philosophy class outing myself I'm not really does garbage the United I went on Wikipedia I looked up all the information a good paste everything I just avoid reading the literature cannot document up on this junk in my mind I want the pure Word of God I understand that either Canadian seconds as we often have to read the literature however there is a story of one person who have to study literature that was contrary to the Bible and it was Daniel the Bible says right here Miles that he was skilled in all the literature list of the Babylonians in acquiring the wisdom of the Babylonians Daniel and his companions were far more successful than their fellow students but they are learning do not come by chance they obtained knowledge by their faithful use of the powers the watches under the guidance of the Holy Spirit is an extremely important point when you're a place themselves in connection with the source of all who what with them making the knowledge of God the foundation of their education in faith they pray for wisdom they lived there with prayers and she says right here they placed themselves where God can bless them they avoided that which will begin their powers and improved every opportunity to become intelligent in all lines of learning they follow the rules of life that could not fail to give them strength and intellect they sought to acquire the knowledge for one purpose plays endowment what was that one purpose that they on or not they realize that in order to stand as representatives of the religion amid the false religions of humanism they must have clearness of what intellect must prevent a Christian character and God himself was a teacher in the last part of the most important part constantly pray conscientiously study deliberately conscientiously studying anybody with any being intentional in what they were study and the way they were spending now is that before they were setting up is that they are praying God please got my mind please help me to keep in the forefront of my mind as I'm setting this stuff out I have to be very careful raise endowment part of the deception of philosophy of this and that is it that the whole purpose of philosophy is simply to question reality questioning is good but the pontiff they don't finish up the last part they don't show you how you can lead the lead to the truth that elected him a controversy we should not be using the methods of philosophy to understand the Bible either that's extremely important for the human methods but we need to be praying conscientious study keeping in touch with me I think they walk with God as stated in it and if you follow these principle raising gentlemen you will find that God will give you a greater capacity for this knowledge and that you will be able to share in a way that glorifies God as a mentor that Iraq identity verse one the mouth of the Lord has given me the tongue of the learned Delaware Barneys educated that I should know how to speak a word in season table is very she awakens me morning by morning of the faithful just awakened my money now the Bible says what he awakens me morning by Michael he awakens my ear to hear as the learns when you spend time with Jesus every single morning in the why will they think of whatever study that you come across you will do better in it why because you been blessed with a line of God when I might have come into contact begin but it might've got to have utterly changed your mind and the capacity to learn and to grow and when you have that kind of experience any study that you come across you will master it you will master it but keeping the Bible at the forefront of your study is extremely important God will educate you about this is also nineteen verse ninety nine you want to be smarter than your teachers this is our I have more understanding than all my teachers that would benefit for your testimonies on my what meditation I have I understand more than the Angels because I keep you what presets anything look under she's smart and my teachers is applicable both please find the right because I know she's smarter within these people why because I'm constantly meditating upon God 's word God 's word became extremely important to me because as I began to play Fatima he said I was gaining an advantage even open my teachers in the understanding of things no longer duration the Christian missionary never give Denver for the kitchen with a winning example of atheistic literature and number four Nathan Zelnick we need to learn to be good questioners is where many people fail right here awkward and not working very very we can put antagonistic environment and sometimes the door is open for us to spin out that they share the truth is then that we need to learn to be good questioners and the way to become a good question relates and gentlemen you have to first know what the truth of the Bible lists and when you look at to the Bible if you begin to learn wait a minute I can learn to question other things that are not in harmony with these things is that when my good friend she and she studied the Bible so well I wish you with continuous literature she has such a penetrating discernment and depth to her biting her teacher was stolen away with it if you center how did you get this end she said I distributed to my study of God 's word the Bible gave me a depth of discernment that was really powerful and important but learning to bigger question is extremely important even gentlemen because often times when I did the chances of that school right we learn from alert every age but the answer Jesus is the answer night my favorite this the question the laser had my fantasy I don't know but they love raising their hands here this is extremely important Jesus knew when she was in that very antagonistic environment around a spare season Sadducees these causes but he had to learn the art of watched the he had to learn how to ask questions and question things so that people find out these days they could be let into certain lines of truth that would lead them closer and closer to God in fact with very interesting we talked about a first presentation Richard Dawkins he is debating many many many Christians right and I think the preeminent event to many of the crowds that come to see his debate at Seaside with him we took a particular Christian and in this debate to questions Christians Richard Dawkins that is able to these people they don't even go to church if it didn't even know the names of their own books and I'm sure we can audio recording was the audio back who helped last time they are ready a very talking to Megan I can need you to submit help you understand that a very much now with very interesting if it ever had before when you're dealing with the classroom questioning is very important asking questions rather than just making statements like I said many people say long been existing right now I'm since then the gospel and they don't know how to simply question things that I visit before maturity and experience I had towards the end the seminar but their other individual who when they're coming across it one individual from you guys know him on the mainframe comfort always the best way comes to evangelism however one day you decide to visit a college campus college campus there are many evolutionists including PC Myers who happened to be one of the foremost a look they were separated a gift that in the world today and through basic questions I want you to me how effective he was in getting people to go from one perspective to another perspective and he and he you he you he he is in you is is is a you he is he is a you is in a you will buy you a you a you he and and and and and and and and and is and a you and and and and and and and what do you do in an old and is in and is is is is is is is is will will will him the him the is you is a a a a a you are in a good and is a and he is a is is an and him and he is is is is is is is is and him and when we do is will him to an him and him and him and will will will him will him will him and him alone and him and and you will you be in you and you and you you will will you as you will be in a is he is a a is you are in for a and in a and in and in and in that is in an is a in a day and a is a who is a you is in a thing is that I I that he is in and in I really and the and your news and he is in a and in and in and will and in and in and in a and in a and you will and a you a you and you are not in an and a little of a game in a way him and he is he is and will a you he and he is in and in that he and and and he is in and in him and him to an eye in a and I will and in and in and will and will him and I and you and will is a name and a a a a a a a in a high at the rest on your cubicle elevation versus got everyone shut us just because of Google is just the simple way that he was asking questions he found that many people out of book is not so much on his questioning but that many people do not quite understand the position that they were taking originally and with just simple questions during class or during witnessing outreach you'll find that people often times will just understand them in a minute I don't really believe the things I initially said before and that's why just learning how to give good questions is extremely important than what we learned determination to be a Christian missionary to begin vendor for the digit of the great example of atheistic literature number four learn to be a questioner and number five praying for the Holy Spirit divine opportunities you will find all opened up so many opportunities ladies and gentlemen you are praying for that one day we were having this great seminar on all why help wires and forever and we were showing this movie law Helen mystified at this local place as the wells going to that class I get there in class was canceled due to weather there and so you and I sat down with a book and I began talking to people and somehow they start talking about hellfire and raise my hand I was talking about the deal what I don't believe in help by either and there like what pages open insult which conversation it was such a divine appointment with a show with them the love with Jesus that was manifested up across the now bring their powerful opportunities they can gentleman when you are praying for divine opportunities during your classroom experience and the last one just make sure you have a young adult Bible study group I have a young about Bible study group perhaps many many people that come to this group and have gone on to do some awesome and wonderful things something that's super important ladies and gentlemen to young adult if it be understanding God 's word Bible study and number two community God 's word and community and when you set that up late and generally you will find a wonderful environment for young adults to come to I got a young adult Bible study on my house and I would like a little shack okay and absent on any very consistent about this and we had dinner every Friday night very informal to what happened we've gotten so many young adults I go there right now Mimi at thirty to forty people were showing up every Friday night at and we are setting out the gospel with so interesting that she had recently some homosexual the been showing up that cut at this Bible study course and they are absolutely loving it and they said we are not binding other Christian groups and we are finding in this group we who love the gospel ladies and gentlemen and God can reach people when we set up this wonderful dynamic and if you have a mind to reach full raise endowment in the classroom about music publisher within experience that is not to bundle some indictment of her different on your first amateur with you anyway what happens if I could philosophy courses at the local college and I do that because I'm just trying to work towards a degree I'm always careful about this kind of stuff however I said to myself okay I know to be talking about this in a way to do outreach I said Lord undertaken how to do this experiment I want you to use me to reach out to this class saw involved in philosophy of science one oh one feature sets and she said my name is Judith came up with it before earlier cadence label she gets up there and she's talking about a class on sitting classroom I okay I'm not rental anybody on the pastor I'm going to be an undercover pastor notes as soon as I set my mind she said this on my class Abby tells your name and what you do for living now I'm going to donate a unlimited vent and it comes to me okay will be unusually nonunion person intimate up a bike at all like yeah my names until and I'm a pastor as soon as I said that every eye turned towards me okay and I was a fight and the teacher said interesting that much of the past benefit of the series Seventh-day Adventist church down all down the street on interesting and she moved on unlike a well good I was really good I felt I continue to pray every day of that class replace of the late endowment I have some most vociferous atheist in that class that they were just angry people can add thumbnail but might welcome a quarter to one on the left and endeavor biology students in philosophy student many of them were atheist the teacher with the naked but I was afraid of the David and got to help me to reach these people I heard about determinism at both the biology really broke my heart and I found three p.m. people just consulting new about life and existence and got after hearing so many lies as always this prank gone back to help me to reach out to people you got to help me to reach out the teacher says that in the first class will go to dedicate the last portion of our class in attacking creationism and why it is not science and saw the hype got a new job now is if but the problem is if I actually had to start an evangelist experience in Mountain View California which was an hour and a half away I was living in that had to be in the art to state separately makes classes were Tuesdays and Thursdays I was kind of a guy I missed this I need to be there suddenly prying as I would actually fund raising that after I preach go to class the next big race back to predecease or let me tell you it was only by the grace of God had been a great Dane Dalton's gray hairs during the time when she was going after creationism it was crazy and I visited why some angry atheist in that class I said you know what I'm going to be a Christian no matter how people treat me and I know my number one goal is to win souls to Jesus more than just make a statement as a was interesting as I was praying for opportunities like I've got about opportunities and I was doing the questioning thing that I never forgot she was going over the fossil record that she was going over the fossil record and she says this is why creation doesn't work because we see all these fossils in the record and creationism can account for these things in Jesus he talks about the fossil record and just sort of the lineages of all the animals and that moment one of the ladies with the angry atheist and God she raises her hand she says that these Christians it was interesting she looked towards me she said and these Christian they try to say the thing about tying all the time that that the Bible says there were client that were put on the art you correct that those kinds on the art at all and all these things and see if you would like and outback the question I raised my hand I said that he was so interesting when you look at them also recognize that where are the intermediate Bee Gees were the transitional fossils even state Stephen Jay Gould said that there were no transitional forms in the fossil record as soon as I said that no joke it's angry atheist turned to me and she said she held it in class held this she said this is an Pokémon him David Marr didn't give me mercy of that time I was I felt that was made by or something like that to her but God reminded the canal a loving and lovable Christian and slightest smile and continue look for in a sushi was done this guy with trendy with a law school study was a gift any reason mayonnaise is yeah and nutritious she looks right back at me okay seriously it was my public minimum water everywhere I go see you back in UK and in the whole time he just talking to me okay and he is like talking to the teacher is like that in these creationists what they do if they take a walk in it again as well as six thousand years old because when you take that walk and you as you check if a is millions of years old I think that he was yelling at me and I'll think I got to be a Christian to work me and smiled and I despaired and the teacher was so interesting she actually saw he was disrespecting me and she said you stop right shift to Jesus I want to hear your rent I wrote in my journal that day as she wanted journals I wrote in my site my other sites are not like yet it was an intense class there were a lot of angry people today I will dedicate an interesting mixture of journals and she was a special note on that and she said you're right she said I want you to know I newly appreciate your participation in this class in matters that you are here he was said like this is a woman who doesn't profess to believe in Christ priority no if I'm attempting to minister Gaza repair he thirty working on her heart was really trying out I got these people are just attacking creationism as so many within and Elizabeth I will have time to come yellow red and ultimately printed last day of class a fiercely at the race and we were just doing all these things out like okay class okay and so she let women and with this wrinkle after creation of the moment time the angry atheist two of them happened not to be there at the class a hearing to cut me off they were not there that day of class for their she's like were going on the national finds the regarding of the National Academy of Sciences would go over the criteria of what constitutes real science and she was going over these criterion over the brain of a large plastic to middle-class is that God is a you want me to say at this moment and your help please help me Jesus and all of a sudden it was just like this impression raise your hand and ask a question I raise my hand is now the last fifteen minutes glad this class and I raise my hand and I said a certain number for other criteria national science Academy is that science is as must be observable evidence must be observable and testable I said how do you test great morphological changes over great finally I don't talk like this limited intellectual changes over a few times how do you test that and she says well what you do is you look back in the fossil record and see if the changes are their reality can't test it and I raise my hand again I said what is the fossil record discontinuous and not continuous she said she stopped to talk said you're right about and then I said I raise my hand again it was so strange that we just stopped sentence I think I said don't you think over the last the course of last year 's but there's been a lot of hoaxes to make this a reaction work and she said should your right about that instance only hoaxes finally ten alterations of the day we need before it's finally dismissed and she left and she said well you write about that she says she says this is my one class today is to understand these things she ended the class just like that I really felt like God I felt like I just automated anytime with any last-minute statement and it was just like it was really heavy like something he felt was just it was very thick they like the Spirit of God was present was interesting right after that moment no joke she's a regular class like this is godlike and I want to do just like any other UK and outside our marital when filling out I fabulously thought outside me like I need like Lyudmila do know something I don't believe anything you said I said okay what you believe and he said well I used to be Catholic Moses receiving the ten Commandments of anyway he said that he said on a used to be Catholic and he says not anymore he said I use the bleeding these things I don't believe in that stuff anymore he says on me I just believe in science and I believe what what what what were talking about here and I said have your say the Bible and he said no I said your Slate book of Daniel and Revelation he said no I said in a challenge I said then we stand with you the book of Daniel Revelation and if you come to the end of that study anything I still don't believe at least you could say I checked it out he said that I said would get some Indian food he said I I contacted him we have our appointment when I come back and USC him but it wasn't done as I got back into that classroom this guy right next to me Disney this April is a little Filipino got out like that I got him down and I do know why and he was just I knows that he knows he was just nodding his head the whole time of asking this question found that truth of the good news about it but he was like dating Adventists brightness annexing the whole time that I will so interesting as some of that was that this guy was sitting right here he turns to me and invite what you do your vinyl and I think well I did my final intelligent dividing an appeal for the teacher again something like a really big paper I wrote in house appealing to the teacher to believe in God at the particular paint not to believe in God anyway felt he was like yeah I'm a minor quantum physics of flight and you would check out my paper is a Celtic and bluegrass object that your paper I got information and occasion he construct writing Bible study and was so amazing ladies and gentlemen was that it was just a note last year class that it was like all those times that I've been praying God making a witness make me a witness and the struggles that I went through it paid off and I began to recognize something that if my heart is bound up into the hands of God every single day and I go at this and they consequently with the one purpose of reaching sold regardless of how smart I am out not so smart I am late and only God can use me and if you do someone like me give you someone like you amen amen you are right moment and with a work friend list of questions that wanted to thank you so much this time in the knowledge that you are insufficient in the whole world will but I just want to pay for any and all this is him of what mission you are in time to a business and you and you may see you supporting Mimi Steve Seventh-day Adventist and he seems I give him the night I believe in Christ decreasing to download the pictures and other resources please visit us on coming coming coming to see my seen it done I her a


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