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05-Angelic Psychology 101: The Mind of an Angel

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • January 3, 2014
    8:45 AM
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as you might have seen a time when you need to review and then going flag is online at www. delay he met a wanted me that law was weakened by grace string power in times of need Lord Jesus we know that the ministration of angels is extremely important Lord we pray and ask that the Holy Spirit would be present God to teach us to guide us we pray that angels would be present Lord because we desire to know more about them we think you in Jesus name amen awry welcome to angelic psychology one oh one jelly psychology one oh one we have on our seminar after this and that is tomorrow and called Lucifer and the great controversy mysteries revealed about the great rebellion I probably more excited about this presentation than all the other presentations I've done prior to this because I believe there's some beautiful things are going to be revealed during that presentation a lot of things even most Adventists don't know about us I really want to just encourage you to come on out angelic psychology one oh one is about learning more about the mind of an angel the constant interactions of these heavenly beings about opening the door on their mysterious activity although this class is informative and by no means fully exhaustive what we will discover what happened practical applications for our existence today the same into that Angel quiz up with member we are in a course right is not an easy question to go when do angels have wings when you raise your hand I will call upon you when you Angels have wings if you get the one answer I will embarrass you just get him your hand is slowly being raised and re- rated end up I went to Angels have wings win in the presence of God okay very good anybody else yet there are many times you don't inevitably automated settlement when you do see them but when it is when they are primarily in the presence of God that is when their wings are revealed that the only time in Scripture elections the Angels appear with wings only when they're in the presence of God other times you see them disguised as you know just young man or a person but you don't really see their wings there only in the presence of God you see the wings revealed and perhaps it has to do with their part of their glory you know but we don't know until we get the added we do know in Scripture it's only within the presence of God do they appear with we okay Mary God reproductive name the top two creations in the universe yet angels and men that's exactly right now like the next in the angelic beings the human family formed in the image of God are about what novelists of the street it works very good UIs are very smart class five p.m. to get you guys who have been involved in Angel in the Bible raise your hand if you think you know the answer yes Jesus Greg will balloon was not an angel of John the Baptist eleven pony .net nothing in the face of an angel right now you David J God is exactly right Jesus as they represent an angel of the Lord and David was called Angel action by the Philistines a attempt to be a generic term depending on the context okay very got the report what two places as Gabriel gave his name and why two-part question so if you know where his name is giving you up and tell me why I would handle that no yes there do you get the first part of the question right the point anybody else okay he appeared in the gospel of Luke and wealthy appear yes those in the Gospel would we also appeared to Mary to that felt wealthy appear that this book of Daniel in railways and go talk to a question that they need the book of Daniel any appearance of the gospel of Luke Domaine Zacharias why day and read that I have to do with the method not a prophecy was my first life the book of Daniel in the gospel of Luke Daigle appeared the second kind of loopy implying the messianic property damage and Daniel that's not what one inmate not in Daniel was near fulfillment when he appeared to Daniel he said I'm Gabriel and that when he appeared again to Zacharias and Mary Ann announces name they wanted me to thought that the messianic prophecy found in Daniel chapter seven was nearing fulfillment it was very precise and very intentional by Gabriel and that's why he announced his name the second time he was showing that the messianic prophecy was being built okay and every other number five where Angels right now presented that you know the answer yet that's exactly right there in every meeting where the word of God is taught Angels are presently endowment so where are Angel Bigby sitting right next to the to the person on your right as they left the Caribbean angel ladies and gentlemen no joke it would surprise you some in the NL picks up that person but here's the thing ladies and gentlemen Mike Tyson often a vaccine encountered angels in our lives and probably throughout this conference in many ways we probably come across it we did not realize who they really were angels are with us in this meeting as we speak now and it would surprise you they are basic elements God wants us to understand something very important about the ministry of angels angels are essentially categorized as a race of beings were created by Christ the Bible speaks in different places about these mysterious creatures angels carry out God 's purposes and plans throughout the whole universe also indicate that these creatures are nearest to the throne of God Almighty the most significant phrase used to describe their identity is ministering spirits throughout Scripture various kinds in various ranks exist among these creatures the introduction of chaos and death in our existence also started with these Angels although these beings can appear as flesh and blood their actual compositions beyond the current realm of understanding however there is much we do know about Angels today we take a good look at Scripture ladies and gentlemen you can go look in the book of Genesis using angels may present there in the life of a program was considered one of the greatest page anybody know about Angels appeared in the life of Abraham yes with that's exactly right winger on the way to destroy Sodom tomorrow right by the way GLS else Abraham pray for you Grapevine Angel of the Lord to lead a servant to find a wife for me to bring them on prayer faith endowment the Angels was outside and active no doubt you find angels they present in the ministry of Christ by the way ladies and gentlemen winged angels appear in the life of Christ actually see them right after he was tempted angels came and ministered to him and when was the next time angels acceding if she saw angels yes in defending the notices Angels were always present about the ministry of Christ but specifically when he knew that they were there it was in the wilderness experience and within regarding defending what I was so I went out to in bills expenses so interesting what are they having chronic it was when Jesus was at his weakest that the Angels actually manifest themselves in a very visible manner very important for us to understand and endowment because these Angels are present what that somewhere most difficult timescales they meant that the belt like this right here day by day the conflict between good and evil was going on day by day after day also the people we do not understand as we should the great concert going on between invisible agencies the controversy between boiling disloyal Angels evil angels are constantly at work planning their line of attack can fully ask commanders kings and rulers the disloyal human forces I call upon you are not ready for the last great controversy for wake-up you are not watching for that which is sooner coming upon your human instrumentalities under the control of falling Angels are seeking to gather in their harvest those who would find themselves under the protection of the Angels of God must live holy for God 's glory prepared to stand in their lot in their place over every person good and evil angels dry it is the person himself who determines which only know what she says right here I call upon the ministers of Christ to press home the understanding of all coming within the reach of their voice the truth of the ministration of angels if there's ever a time we need to understand the ministration ministration of angels Mason done with it is now because as we got closer and closer towards the end time the devil and his angels Laguna manifest themselves in a very strong and apparent and deceptive way and God Angels are going to manifest themselves in a very strong and apparently has the Lord wants us to understand after we both that I met closer to these times unless we do not discern what she is doing we are going to miss his guidance during those times we need to understand what God is up to now many of us if I ask a question tell me all you can about bad angels you elected the most in the razor Hani would say the attempt they anoint they deceive people they do also they do false miracles and I think you okay what you know about Angels and probably most of you would say they check little Christian topics and I thought you know because we hear every single sound for children's story but that's the extent of it God wants us to understand there's more to the ministry of angels and we need to understand a little bit about the way their mind works in fact take your Bible and let's go to the Gothic look to the book of Genesis publishing something elsewhere about to dive into the psychology of Angels the book of Genesis chapter twenty eight Genesis chapter twenty eight this is chapter twenty eight it's the story of Jacob the story of Jacob interjected twenty eight talks about Jacob 's life essentially ruined everything in his life he attempted to steal the birthright from this brother he deceived his father everybody in the camp was now in sort of this stress mode because of all the things that he caught he was now being sent away generations prior when Abraham sent his servant the way you sentiment like the camel and a huge caravan now Jacob was being sent by himself to go look for a wife and so Jacob felt cut off from his family he felt cost spiritually he was in a place where she felt that he had reached the lowest part of his life I mean heating up a pillow to sleep on ladies and gentlemen and they are out in the middle of the desert he has a strange encounter for a man who was felt she has destroy God 's plan in his life while Susan Jensen twenty five percent now Jacob would often be issued but I went toward where Ron and Sally came to us are in place and Faye got all night because the fun in effect now want to keep it one of the stone the best way to put it at his head he laid down it given that place a fleet then we drink and behold a white allowed within upon the earth and its cop reached to heaven and they are the angels of God I want justice for a precise were offending only because they never going to fit that they were ascending and what descending is very precise the wife of the biophysics and behold the Lord stood above it in fact I am the Lord God of the apron her father and the God of Isaac the land on which is why I will continue in your defendant tendered defendants shall be at the dust of the earth and you shall spread abroad to the west to the east of the north to south and in you and all your seed all the fans in the arts shall be blessed behold I'm with you and will keep you wherever you go and bring you back to this land why will not leave you until I'm done what I've spoken to you then this is very precise thing about the place enjoyment Jacob feels like he has utterly human is actually one of my friends thank you site and to call you late anybody comes late to the seminar we will call them out a man I like the thing about this ladies and gentlemen this is extremely important okay Jacob has just felt like he is caught God 's plans out of his life he has utterly ruin things okay and then he has this great vision and inefficient what does he see one of the first things our children a ladder but not just a lot about what was happening on that ladder will him for coming up and they were going down he was able to come in on a nanny with the Angels come down and then you know what he was singing at the top of the latter he saw God they are right and it is very important if you are walking by a construction site and you see a bunch of ladder of any see a bunch of crazed and it is completely empty and there's dark and Dawson the trash cans are full what do you assume about that construction site if there are nobody no people there whatsoever what you said about the construction and construction has stopped because of the day off the construction has stopped because there is no more money it's just been abandoned but you know what Jakob cc next cc 's Angels going up and down the ladder if you were seeing that same construction site and you were seeing people going up and down the ladder and the crane moving and people inside the crate when you assume about the construction site is in progress so different about this he was actually thinking of going up and down that ladder that was the thing that gone children do angels need ladders to go up and down to heaven like that the latter out we need to go back to heaven now do they need less absolutely not but it was designed to communicate a message to Jacob and that this was the message God was saying to him I'm still working on your life the construction is still happening he showed in a Angels are still working on your behalf and that's why he was handled going up Angels going down Angels going up because God was still showing in instruction is still taking place and was so beautifully he sees Christ at the top of it raising gentlemen Jacob was not only given a revelation of Christ he was given a revelation of Angels when he felt like his life was under reply and got my cutest conference were raised but the reason because he wants to renew purpose in your life anything that now about to let a little bit more about the minds of these angels let's find out what the Scripture says that angels do they do service to God Hebrews chapter one verse seven says that they deliver messages they carry out God 's will they report to God can give account they worship God and they comprise God 's Army they comprise God 's Army there's some of the names of angels there called sons of God that heavily holds the holy one solid angel that called watchers in my layaway also makes references to Angels bring home watches as well please see this throughout Scripture these angels have a very special purpose and may she says right here talking about Angels but it had been service is not rendered in the spirit of what legality and illegality mean raising gentlemen innings are constantly looking up the rules in one case that everyone deals with everything obeys winter driving when you constantly having to do check your speed check the sign right because you're aware they are these laws that are very present right with the inlet valve against the law Jehovah the thought that there was a law came to the Angels almost as an awakening to something on fun of know why was it such a surprise to the angel when God revealed by the way you are boundaries to heaven what was that all of a sudden a second shock like what nobody knows the answer there were pulling motivated by love the logon within their heart there was no need for a lock to just be articulated and expressed because it was already there the machine because you fit right here in their ministry the Angels are not a servant but at what son there is perfect unity between them and their creator albeit instant and no drudgery lover God makes the service the joy so every so learned Christ the hope of glory twelve his works are reechoed I'd like to do thy will O my God made by law is within my heart noticed this late enjoyment is the first thing we need to understand about Angels and that is this there is perfect unity between them and their creator and it is because the law of God is written into their lot their natures into the very heart by the way when you bring the Lord 's prayer and you pray for God 's will to be done deal at the paper God 's will to be done in heaven what you don't have the brink of God 's will to be done haven't you had to bring the gospel to be done in heaven of course he got his right I really do that to my church by the way of you like and who was the son of God like Jesus and I said are you sure were necessary more that inevitably the evening they think youngest extreme importance we don't need to pray for God 's will to be done in heaven because heaven is a place where what God was being done thy will be done on earth as it is already been done where it had in fact when you look at the rebellion Lucifer what does the Bible pinpoint about the rebellion Lucifer in Isaiah fourteen he says this in his heart what I will I will I will I will I will in other words whispers plotless he was no longer will will will will looking thinking his own and when the discordant heaven began within to begin to a lot of housekeeping now going to understand what makes an angel happy to find out what makes an angel happy never know what in the Angels in heaven think a poor helpless beings who are subject to temptation when God 's heart of infinite love yarn send them ready to give them more than they can ask or think and yet they price a little and have so little faith the Angels what love to bow before God named Launcelot and near him the source of life and light and love they regard communion with God at their highest what what is the highest joy of Angels ladies and gentlemen it is communion with God not using your highest joy is at the highest joint were going to be companions of heaven Mason Jennings Associates of heaven one day is communion with God our highest joy and this is extremely important these angels they love to bow before God they look to be in his very proximity to them there's nothing greater than being around God Almighty is find out what else angels love that God and his angels witnessed the testimony of the things and the Lord was well pleased and was glorified by their testimonies being repeated weekly in other words she was describing a prayer meeting the Lord and his angels long simplicity and what humility I thought I'd gotten into Stephen Angels grape that progress heirs of God and joint heirs of God Jesus should suffer precious time for one way in their meetings ladies and gentlemen when you share a very simple humble testimony from God Angel starts smiling they really enjoy when people testify price of the genuineness of the heart and in my motives and that is something Angels true the singer well eight how with what loving it where love and expressing what they look indeed in the place where angels love to manifest their private and a hollow door see my rays of light from glowing ladies and gentlemen often if I happened to people house who are not really godly people and as soon as you go into the house you just think this kind of strange uncomfortable and the feeling that you just need to leave I have been into the house of some of the most gone leaves people the one in my arthritis is icy like my Christian monkeys out of Southern California every time I visit her mouth she does have a small apartment that she is a few pictures of Jesus and she is a prayer warrior you go into the house and you immediately sense presence of Angels or maybe single people ladies and gentlemen building our house making a home that one thing that angels can dwell it is extremely important and they love to dwell in the house that have loving where love is expressed what worship takes place ladies and gentlemen that is the place of my lambs going to the script must open over to achieve talk about Angels law Holmes liked it a really adorable like this figure myself wondering in the world with angels like homes like that you know the answer yet that God is not okay this spirit is manifest right it's like being near him right any other reason that feel like having enough the conclusion I came to his little taste of heaven for that we another have raised the throwing evidence not so much a location of that is a what if an atmosphere mind right we can take heaven with us even the worst circumstances can we write to find out wealthy of love the Lamb of God can take away the largest beadwork which heartened Roosevelt mother is not limited and we shut ourselves in with him we shall grow more like him straight will be given to subdue the inclination to speak and judged harshly we shall be enabled to make straight paths for the left delay be turned out of the way Dupuis will yield heart and mind into the keeping of Christ if we will control our thoughts bring them into obedience to his will our work will be such as the Angels lost a lot sheer and will bless all those whom we come in contact with ladies and gentlemen God will give you a very heavily present as you minister to other people you know there was a man by the name of Dwight L Moody American 's and advances from the old days this guy was such a simple matter but he was such a powerful preacher that there were thousands of o'clock when being confronted with them from when I is message every week in fact there's a story in one day on this rate I just sitting on the strain and this young man's just like on the other side the train was just looking at my bet is that Dwight L Moody 's will it is like this guy was just staring at me this young man was just staring at with this book the whole time on the train ride and you know he was over there he was just like making eye contact or looking away you look at a New York subway unites the people right directly staying at you is like looking and also to penetrate right the young man comes walking up to him and this money system he says Sir I don't know who you are and you don't know who I am but your very presence convicts neomycin and your angels were around the ladies and gentlemen I'd have been times when I didn't know Southern California spin around my family and my app you don't want to doctors in my family ER doctors and their so stressed out all the time and I never got one else talking my brother lines ER doctor bills doctrine then I think I got it going and that the only man is like I just sense peace around you you really you are not really invisible guy in the bustling economy but I guess I just never about that moment I realized well Angels are less things are just surrounding me right now and help minister to this manageable and funny when I'm saying to the guy legs and salmon more and more as you are doing the work of God more and more as your heart is coming into union with God the presence of heaven will be felt around the case amen to that Angels will group around the Biloxi Angels we understand the psychology of Angels mummy Angel sat to yourself well have you ever made Angel said before let's find out Angel several loyal and true sought to reconcile the money but that is a angel to the will of his greater talk about this for his rebellion particularly set forth that Jesus was the son of God existing within before the Angels were created by the way for the grandest presentation were going to get into the psychology of falling Angels and what has happened their minds since mind that since the fall no one with a part existing within a block the Angels were created that she had ever stood at the right hand of God and his mild loving authority have not hitherto forbidden question and that he had given no command but what it was his joy for the heavenly host execute they are sex life receiving special honor from the father in the presence of the angels did not detract from the owner that he had hitherto received the Angels the largest the Angels wet they anxiously sought to move thinking to renounce his wicked design and yield submission to the creator Wednesday and began this great rebellion many of the Angels were seeking to convince the suburban small and they were trying to convince him and asked he rejected them over and over again they began to weep because they knew that he was hardening his hearts they were starting to see where this rebellion might mean ladies and gentlemen and that is why they began to me that was now discord in the heavenly family the heart of Angels ladies and gentlemen to feed their own brothers fall away from the worship of the creator and so they went and they began to meet more and more chuckled and what about that rebellion back to his son will he reveal his secret purposes and that all the handling family and having session had not accepted or required to yield implicit obedience saying boldly speaks out his rebellion and points to a large company who think God is unjust in not consulting them to be equal with God and not giving him command about Christ he declares he can not submit to be under Christ's command that God 's commands alone will he obey going angels weep to hear the words of Satan and to see how he despises the followed the direction of the Christ they are exalted and loving commander in practice to give you heads up in the next session that we cover this is something for blow your mind when the something a lot of people don't understand and that if this many of the Angels did not truly understand who Christ really wasn't they did not fully realizing she was and this is why many of them actually turns not because of something that God did are some deficiencies but because they rejected the life that God began to reveal more and more about the character or the mission of Christ the position of Christ's angels will be being to see say is just rebellious words come out more and more angels also let that the fall of Adam when Adam fell into sin here these angels are brokenhearted about both you know how one third of heaven falling and now they see another planet fall to begin a begin to weep over and over again because they looking at I think the endowment sorrow filled heaven as a wise real-life Batman with law and of the world which God had created was to be built with mortals doomed to misery significant depth and there was no way of escape for the offender now watch what he says maybe Angel week I was shown the light of brother be in his family angels wept as they view in his course at home I think you'll be unlawful to wife who receives no respect from him whose duty it is to love and cherish her as his own body even as Christ has loved and cherished the church he takes pains to make her defects apparent and to exalt the phone with them and judgment and to make her feel her interiority and Company and a low intermittent on a couple and this couple in Finland and will be just completely salting the S thousand right in front of everybody else that makes angels weep ladies and gentlemen because the loan response to be the greatest picture of heaven the greatest picture of God under and angels weep when they see just over and over again those who profess to be followers of Christ no longer represent that picture and that's very important for many the single people as it is thinking about the future it's extremely important that you do a lot of prayer and counsel not just rush into things are home yonder is the place which to prepare for the home about if there are such temperaments in the family that they cannot live in harmony here they were not unless converted be in harmony and heavenly family there is altogether too much careless talking century fault line in families that profess to love and serve God the unkind words the irreverence disrespect found in many families make angels what we might have developed at the airport okay this is after like two days ago degree days ago that I got the plane enough to let its place we did a luggage rack everyone's been there is a five hundred the luggage and stuff like that and all of a sudden we hear in this lady 's grave okay everyone turns around because the reason why she scribbled this with you that actually might be turned around she said that she she was yelling at her little cobbler to screen everyone just stopped and just stared at her and I just shook my head I was like I hope he is having she just yelled at a very just defensive child and she just the way she spoke to the ladies and gentlemen what happening I won't say that the devil is seeking to destroy any picture of God under a nephew question if you have an ex-girlfriend or exploit for they broke up with you because they're very angry at something you did and a month later they found an old picture of you but with a detailed picture of you but whether it was said that but said that now that's love reason for target practice right thing about this when the devil rebel from heaven and he was kicked out of heaven he found pictures of God your those pictures and artwork it was the marriage relationship with rep which represented the personal side of and it was the Sabbath which represented his omnipotent power and those two institutions he said these are pictures of botany solve those two pictures and audio and thought it burned destroyed them and ladies and gentlemen those two institutions from the gardening had been more tact and they will be attacked even more as we get towards the end of time Mason Jones why because the devil hates these pictures and these pictures are very clear about revealing who God is okay here we go now he also makes angels we can take the work should not be left prematurely talking about new members or people bringing the Gospel to see that all are encountered in the truth of that within the fake an interest in every branch of the work before leaving them for another field and then like the apostle Paul visit them often to see how they do old black work that is done by many claim to be conditioned of God to preach as Wharton makes what angels meet in other working out a lot of people can't get back evangelistic series right and in what happened the advances of long gone in another country another state and a bunch of people and you have been so many of those people what happens to many of those people you have a fallaway Angels have worked really hard in getting those people there so that the church can help in their growth all of a sudden Angel see the church complete abandon them as they welcome you use find the documents five your part of us now and that's it and angels are like no no no you got to keep this one point we were very hard to get them year this is extremely important to understanding evangelism that when people are baptized the work has just begun and we as a church need to really just come around people like that I just help them to grow Angels have been involved in the Bible one very important always to carry out God 's purpose and plan at first thought this may be as simple people unborn holy beings but there's more than meets the these angels are working with ball and imperfect and stubborn man in accomplishing the things of God they are in a wheel time in which angels struggle to make things happen in our world today oftentimes this is overlooked or not understood but as we learn more we begin to understand the great controversy is more real than we have ever imagined before what am I talking about talking about that in our world today that they are is that why there are nations that law guarantees that come onto the scene thinking that radiculopathy and they are dictators that and they are dictators are taken off to our president who become private people become president the people who are agreed from being president all these things raising dummy we need to understand the world is heading in a second direction the Bible says right here and gone changes the times in the season he removes kings and he raises up things he did with them to the wife and knowledge of both love understanding the Bible pinpoints that why is no one responsible for keeping these things in position and then taking them off the removes them and he raises them up angels actually pray a very special welcome that many under different circumstances have listened to the voices of the inhabitants of other world that can't act a part in the flight their spoken assemblies and open up before simply human history and have done works which it was impossible for human agency city of time allotted time and time again they have been the generals of armies can you imagine that an angel leaving a human army because it was necessary in one part to understand the purposes of God were being fulfilled their they became the journals of both armies can you imagine that is set forth the Clinton White House special is that he got the humble born of families often they have appear as weary travelers in need of the shelter of the night ladies and gentlemen the Bible tells us we can indicate Angels unaware I know the only timeless but they most of us think that angels around us when we see homeless people right like that's probably an angel in disguise right answer driving away your check in your rearview mirror to make sure there's got it locked away right looking to identify what type you I I I read to discuss the matter and talk about the guys what do you think I'm a member he was an Angel and the like he was really rude to us he was an angel and I think I would get every man outside the number I still see him until we could require that I came him about like that within a day out really think like Iraq but here's the bank Angels do more than just appear as homeless people doesn't make sense we need a kind of gold beyond that and Angel were coming across angels every single day and they play a special wall in our life when it be so shocked when we get to heaven one day I'm going to realize that these beings have manifested themselves every day to left in a different form if you bore my delay but God wants us to understand that these angels were by our sides to our whole life and then help helpdesk and the purpose of God visible and all the rulers of this well know it's not yet on it in their councils Angels have been what spokesman President Obama doesn't know it lays and gentlemen but there's an angel in his cabinet that might surprise you but the Bible tells us that big God sets up to and he takes them down on a thing that makes me vapor of its present businesses that have nothing to do with it all and simply saying is that they are greater purpose is being fulfilled and Angels are playing oval in both purposes Angels have been spokesman human eyes have looked upon in human years have listened to their appeals in the Council law a court of justice heavenly messengers have pleaded the cause of the persecuted and the oppressed they are undefeated purposive and arrested evils that would've brought long and suffering to God 's children to the students in the Hadley school all this will be unfolded in fact I never got was that there was a church member that he got arrested and that he was just a young man and we had to go you probably wanted to say something as being a young pastor I never got the judge was there and then this long list of suspects the criminals would anyone call it and he was just sentencing them one after the other and then I'm just a minor infraction that he was going to England over thirty days ago jump thirties are going to operator jumpers but he was as difficult really quickly okay my love I been there six and the role of people that were drafting a point to take nice orange jumpsuit that is where they were and he had never thought I was over there watching the judging of the board send your Angels by his life and your angels bright affect users going so fast and just really just like sentencing people without even giving people just the benefit of the doubt and he was just going through it and all of a sudden he came to a church member and he was looking at the paper and the forgotten watch the whole thing and statement of judgments praying or minister to him the judge looked up he looked right at him exists on what you go said the beauty days of probation thirty days probation and close it the file and then continue stamping the other ones off I knew then and there and his mother knew then and there that Angels had interceded Goss and his angels and they were whispering that John H that moment ladies and gentlemen we need to understand this that angels are on our side and we pray God will send them to help us can you say amen to that when I say those involved in it comes to leadership and government in the thirteenth century was established the most terrible of all engines of the papacy the Inquisition the Prince of darkness while the leaders of the people anarchy hierarchies and in their secret councils Satan and his angels control the minds of evil men while I'm seeing in Angel God taking the field for record other iniquitous decrees and writing the history of these two horrible to appear to humanize Babylon the great was drunk and with the blood of the faith the mangled once the millions of martyrs crying to God for vengeance upon that possibly power the prince of darkness with controlling the rulers about role in the world legs and gentlemen they were very private the Bible says when I present just flesh and blood in your method with principalities rulers and just wicked I am because we can host you know so we need to be understanding these things ladies and gentlemen it's more than just humans that are making decision Angel survey pricing to as well now do Angel struggle in this work if they do that from the first highly with convicted that Jesus was no common man he believed them to be an excellent character and entirely innocent of the charges brought against them the Angels were witnessing the scene mark the convictions of the woman governor and to save them from engaging in the awful the delivering Christ to be crucified in angel was sent a pilot 's wife and gave her information through dream that was the son of God in whose trial her husband was engaged and that he was an innocent supper she mainly sent a message the pilot stating that she had suffered many things in the dream on account of Jesus and warning him to have nothing to do with that will be meant the Angels saw that part was somewhat convicted and they said we've got to prevent this guy from making from leaving this deal that will come from putting to the son of God to the class and they attempted to stop you from that decision but the pilot listens that decision-making gentlemen duty-free Jesus Depp to be crucified absolutely what does that tell you that even angels fail in this work now they just show you how much of my real-time experiences it think about with the book of Daniel is very interesting with the book of Daniel is a clear case on this they told how they deal with government leaders and payment if you have been attempted since I would present Daniel had been praying he is wanting to understand some property is coming out he spent three weeks of rain remix of fastening no answer had come to like what happened than Daniel N starting with percent and suddenly a hand what touched me which made me tremble underneath it all upon some I had anything to me all Daniel men greatly what beloved bilinguals in the Bible called below John what would be done Revelation and what the book of Daniel and of those two people called beloved very interesting about those two people had messages for the entire keyboards Daniel man greatly beloved understand the words that I speak to you and stand upright why am now been thank you wall he was speaking the word I stood trembling and it was like shaking my own way is there listening to Angel once this is so beautiful he said to me do not fear Daniel on the first day that you set your heart to what understand to humble yourself before God you were what was isn't that comforting to know that for three weeks Daniel had not received an answer when the angel appeared to him he says look we heard you from the very first day you were praying and we want you to know you are loved Daniel we are hearing you and any explains the reason for the delay but they going to do something very interesting to give up your data from the first day that you set your heart to understand to hobbyist up he forgot your words were him gone because of your word but you know what there was an interruption here the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me hunting a ladies and gentlemen what was Daniel doing for the last three weeks he was praying and cable was caught doing what he says that the Prince of Persia withstood him in other words Gabriel had another ministry that was going on he was dealing with the Prince of Persia in other words they were popular events taking place and Gabriel was involved with dealing with this profit event in fact we says right neck next he says but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty one days the reason why is that the kingdom the king of Persia she was struggling to restore the people of God that time to let the Jews Gulf War can complete the restoration and there was a titanic battle to complete a spiritual battle to complete the devil was less than with the ruler of this type and Gabriel was sent the one of us that the strongest of Angels he was then to try to keep this principle going and there were one direction and then watch what happens next and he will Michael one of the chief princes came down the flight had been left alone there with the kings of Persia not come to make you understand what will happen your people in the last latter days for the vision refers to many days but what happens first fifteen when he spoke in such words to me I turn my face toward the ground and became speechless think about this glory from this angel in Daniel you just begins to fall apart onto the ground right he can't even speak right no words were coming out of his mouth he was just around this powerful angel and it was just too much for him and for the biophysics and subtly one having the likeness of the sons of God touch my lips and then I open my mouth and spoke faintly enlisted before me my lord because of the vision my sorrows have overwhelming and I have retained no strength for seven my war talk with you my Lord asking for me no sleep remains in me now is there any breath letting me then again had the one having the light implement such week and straight communities that old man greatly beloved not peace be cute be strong just be strong and spoke to me I will strengthen event that landlord before you have strengthened me know what's with this writer silky birthweight infants you know I have come to you and now I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia when I bought what indeed the Prince of Greece will can't I will tell you what is noted in the Scripture could not luck with it about this Michael character again no one upholds me against the knees except Michael you're what great in a working thing the battle was so intense nobody could do this Michael your friend he now has a little bit more theological understanding of Michael in fact it will continue an imaginative chap Clark Gable says Michael is the great prince who stands for your people he says Michael and the chief priest and ninety Apple of invoices and Michael your parents and then you have for the voice of Michael the great prince who stands for your people more white he was revealing to Daniel who Michael really was but this is extremely important you see this picture right here this is while that was happening are very real way table was actually having a hard time ministering to this day that Jesus himself axiomatic did most of the site accepted in payment NEDs able to do the work that gave Bill Clinton not do laser minimizer to be open with a Emerald to be solved one way when we realize that struggles these angels hath that were there greatest struggle comes from like I had a lot of struggles of the convert it was the hardest that's super important because daily they are trying to lead you closer and closer to Christ NBC the stubbornness of a heart him him unable to refinance them I think the fall would only fit right in your face has been in amazement out of new condition is critical he looked upon the Angels go with him were once so happy but would been expelled from heaven with him people are there fall not associated discontent and why they're perfect with now all seem change countenance which have afflicted the image of the maker were gloomy and what spirit with which he says Meier 's drive to sport and bitter recriminations were among them previous to their rebellion these may have been unknown to them in heaven now save able to keep his kingdom together but the Bible very points out something very interesting that when sin affects of body ladies and gentlemen there's going to be consequences does not impede the vision and import group that have been so much in them it could be inevitable to see that they are as well as though you are you are late and him elected in the biblical and you think that strife discord and Peter recrimination is amongst the Angels of Satan jewels little bit more same sentiments as soon as the o'clock Angels to rebel that he might suspect your cooperation in his warfare against heaven there was no dissension between himself and the body don't ask regards to their hatred of Christ but while on other points that with this court they were firmly united in opposing the authority of the ruler of the universe they make it very good she makes it very clear that there is discord amongst them except when it has to do with stopping the gospel of Christ warning for why because it is present in their heart the long thought that was once there that maintain unity and harmony with the dynamics of love was now broken and Morgan their very souls what was the substitute page sorrow discord suspicion there was no longer there when the love was no longer there henceforth is why they have issues and some other issues that when Jesus path that something is right to point out the demons they said that I suddenly cried out saying what have we to do with you Jesus have you come here to what had you clear to what torment us before the last before the time you with these angels are living in fear of their living in fear of judgment was on the minds of these angels is judgment in fact in what the Bible says in second Peter chapter two verse sports is this for God did not spare the angels were anything but cast them into hell and committed them to change this is an ESB lonely darkness to be kept on the judgment in other words they know that judgment is coming upon us they don't know when the judgment is coming and it freaks them out and so these angels live with a lot of fear in their lives these fallen angels event was very interesting to check papers thirty one since then and they begged him that thing that he will not command them to go into the one obvious outward appearance one of the place the word of this it appears in Revelation twenty when Satan will be cast into the bottomless pit work on the spirit is the word of this they know judgments coming they are aware that an extremely important to understand about this topic about fear they are healthier love but perfect love casts out fear they happier because they no longer have perfect love ladies and gentlemen because fear involves what format receivable fears have not been made perfect in love these angels now have this kind of nature because of their rebellion against the law God all we could see and understand the repentance of one full said you will join all the host of heaven nineties called one from the heart of every boyfriend voice and because another name is registered in the book of life another like a fatal design amid the ball doctors of the corrupt world the Barry family to talk about with person if they spread consternation among the bondage of one of the board conservationists these fallen angels experienced consternation when a soul is saved the Lenovo consternation yes you remember it's the kind of anxiety they experience and I wired to experience anxiety when full estate because what effect are good very good anyway why would they experience anxiety when soliciting okay that's true write the things that you were saying a video why did he start doing this consternation yes it brings joy to have an okay yes these people are taking their places very good advocate for another step closer to have that person disabling the Gospels make another step forward in Italy Gospel goes for tall bins they are Jesus the end and the Angels are aware of it ladies and gentlemen they are aware of it now it comes to Angel video were coming out to the end of this Angels and new what can you understand about Angels what kind of do you have a guardian angel is appointed to every following five hundred miles of Christ and Abner raiser wow there are a lot of Guardian Angels here in definitely want to heal the righteous and the powers of the wicked one this they did and some recognized week that doesn't help your doctor not have you not made a hedge around and about his house and all that happen inside the agency by which God protect his people is present in the words with vomit the angel boardinghouse roundabout them that fear him and delivers him send a Savior speaking of those who believe in him take heed that you do not despise not one of these little ones by thinking that having their angels always behold the face of my father the Angels appointed to minister to the children of God hath at all times access to his present labor another angel Nathan Zalman in this together and that you have right here you have a recording Angel having that warnings over proofs neglecting wasted moment unimproved opportunity the influence exerted for good or for evil with his Farmington we thought all our Quantico by the recording Angel ministering angels will relearn our dwelling and with joy carrying on where the tidings of my fans in the divine life and the recording Angel will make a cheerful happy record with some amazing when you read that verse in chapter fifteen percent the verse that we always talk about with a people get baptized a faith haters enjoy having the presence of one of the Angels would want to repent that I'm coming to understand every time that you make in advancement holiness Lincoln County Angels of God rejoice is just not when Joe Schmoe gets baptized it's every step that you are making in the progress of spirituality all of heaven is rejoicing and they could join as they record what's taken place so you have a guardian angel you have recorded Angel lift Angels do for you the Bible talks about how angels were sent to lead people to minister to other individuals the story of Philip the Bible describes counting towards the to notice places with very interesting is when the Angels for Philip to go to play you do not even tell him what he was going to encounter an event out of this place I thought about that okay in the Bible event this was desert that means this was after yanking this was desert there was a desert place in Angel sent him to a deserted place as they do not have all go to this deserted place to look around and in their disease you'll be gotten over the next instructions often times angels will lead us into certain places for the main purpose of ministering to others the angels of heaven are moving upon human life to arouse investigation in the themes of the Bible molesting the very important today while the humble worker forgot his following his employment angels of God stand by his side listening to his work noting the manner in which his work is done to see larger responsibilities may be entrusted to you individuals are doing them around your nursing if you're responsible and nursing of your people because whatever you do if anything messages anything is right he's ready for the next step Angels are around you for that purpose as well see if you're ready other responsibilities and that's a high and holy privilege ladies and gentlemen all right I love this quote right here there is no line of work in which it is possible for the Eucharist the greater benefit all the linkage of ministry are God 's helping hand they are coworkers with the Angels rather they are the human agencies to whom the angels of competent mission Angel Spiegel Mrs. points Angel speak to their voices and work either as a human workers cooperating with heavenly agencies have the benefit of their education and him education and experience you have the benefit Angel eleven I think that this Avenue means of what education what university course and equal this got the PhD of Angels ladies and gentlemen by your side see Bill Clinton when he was speaking to a group of seminary students and in your masters degrees I love this you said that the people developer they did a graduation is talking like you guys are getting your masters of divinity any awfully like you'll be back to just hit the podium is at the podium he said that you guys are getting your masters degrees Julie Dugan after WC is what he told them believe that John and what's so interesting it through the ministry of angels you can learn more about divinity more about heaven more about the things that happen in this world because of their education and their experience God has blessed you with faithful teachers were by your side they are more than just being who protect beings who protect little Christian fathers ladies and gentlemen they are being God has sent you in to help in the work of redemption and with this story were done if you question ill when I went to India about Daiichi go to this cause is speaking over thousand Hindus and Muslims are okay and one of my friends who became the president that school told me that when he first got to that school there were a lot of strange things happening bullets are strange things and he told me that many of the students the females when they would look outside their windows at night to see headless women walking into the wall also reported Monday he said that I think I can access already like you probably want to thought even what what did you think you want us to instinctively look inside the chapel and we saw Alexandra that is sitting on the pews they got scared he ran he told me and he said why went over there the lights were on and no one has the keys I turned the light off I went in there he said and repeat I saw the same thing is that he came back to time they were dealing possessions that were taken place all sorts of crazy things that were happening on that campus ladies and gentlemen you know what to do these are praising God when we need to do got impressed them each give twenty four hour fast does twenty five past students join in an airplane prank played for hours nonstop in the name of Jesus that with the ligand is a Muslim signed up to be part of the twenty four hours is like he was like come to let a bit of rain Christian anything that happened is praying about it and got impressive if they pray in Jesus name God is telling I will answer their prayer if they pray in Jesus name and the students that will do that that he started crying twenty four hour straight okay and things begin to die out in this college but a month later it was registration happening that day it'll line the students and their parents immaculately have been dismantling from these different ways like you said to him hey you need to go back he's like you to come up to my house because my wife is feeling that she's foaming at the mouth design and also so strange things happening in identifying with all these kids right now Sprint point is that all of a sudden my head elder set up out L Dunlap is the VP of the school he goes there any theories like trying to exercise his demon out of this woman Jesus foaming at the mouth gobbling Levite come out of her come out of bread it is not coming out of her know it in any other don't make a big new light the Pentecostals alike government because it would then try to move on what if one of moving on and finally the effect in the name of Jesus I command you to speak principal and where are you coming from and the woman spoke in this voice came out in the voice said her sister sent me and it was revealed that when she became Adventist her sister was so upset she went to the local Hindu priest at a person upon her and then he said you go back to where you came from the daily laughter but by before he left her he said get out of her he said this the demon spoke to the woman and said where can I go I'm no longer allowed in the school bullets makes even more crazy two days later her sister died mysteriously now this whole story takes place about a month later people come in the middle of the night because they hear that their profits I think they can get kids into becoming Christian they come with porches and Indians were still like living in the Middle Ages and so like they come with porches and the astounding they lined up an Aardvark defendant have one shot okay to laugh on the law also prevented from Domino like that Ahmad Reich and you said they all showed up and he said their rights are burned on the stories that I went out there and I talk the point exit we are not proselytizing these kids relate to other of age and they can make their own decision making and that will bring us a list of the bathroom and indisputably ministers were fully respectful of that note Doctor Goss is completely right they are not proselytizing a we make our own decisions here the mom who left okay next they wanted to just go down to town he comes across one of these mock people in the system he says no we tell you something you says when we left the school we're going to come back to hours later burned down the school from the back that you do so what would you guys been he said we went around the back and he says this song use the work talk about the strong these large muscular man six feet high set in you hi it out safely I and they were standing he said six feet apart all across the backfield and they were in this order and they will complete all just completed the recording that back but if anything we thought then and we got we got committee says were did you get these on this army and the teacher recognizable with going on that they work for us and we can call them anytime that's when he told them and they never got any pump again from the community that the community beginning to really fear the school they began to fear the school because of all the socket of the things that were taken place these people were set up right in the midst of Hinduism and they were going forward with evangelizing these people and all the angels were there ladies and gentlemen asked spiritual darkness both more more we put ourselves in the midst of the bow to be a witness for Christ Angels will be by her side I will manifest themselves in the most powerful woman amen how many people here want to learn more about angels in their lives amen right bought anything to let this time let me just pray and ask that you would understand what the minister giving you help waffling and offering her a business as we him are you supporting Mimi C added to the seams I am young but I believe in Christ and Christians to download the pictures on the resources please visit us I am coming to see my scene I or


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