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02-Can God Trust You: Death Before Dishonor

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • January 3, 2014
    7:30 AM
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for you you may not have the video on her behalf when the meeting unanimously I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seemed that a I have been adamant that they sent but it was annoying into that good but sufficient amen now and in I am excited for the message that we will share this morning I'm excited with apprehension and the reason I'm excited apprehension is because this is the method I struggled with the most repairing for the apprehension is on the struggle parts and the excitement is on the struggle part so it's both wives struggled with it the title of the message this morning is can God trust you me death before dishonor I read to you a quote from messages to young people page eight see paragraph two to the poverty reproach separation from friends or any suffering rather than to defile the full within death before dishonor for the transgression of God 's law should be the motto of every Christian I wrestled with this because I thought there is no way I can prevent this this is my motto and I didn't know if that was as I was willing to accept some excited with apprehension and I I invite you to join me in my apprehensive excitement and will begin with the letter ran down into the light of God by units of loving father we know that you are softly and tenderly calling to your site the euro holding God and Simpson not coexist with you and so you want to cleanse us of sin so that we can being a present but is not fair that we would make this commitment as a spin timing away this morning we asked for the presence of the Holy Spirit to bring conviction to help us to make that decision clear our minds of the distractions that maybe we may be experiencing help us to think because some of us I tried it already at the end of this mini CD the more clearly producing demanding payment take your Bibles in turn with me to first Samuel Fasano snapped a thirteen SNL Chapter thirteen I will read from verse one excess SMS advertising from this one it says Saul reigned one year and when he had reigned two years over Israel Saul told him three thousand minutes as well wear off two thousand would fall in Micmacs enemy Nick Massa missed Ms. smash in that place and in Mount Bethel and it sounds than bullets on a spending combat of Benjamin and the rest of the people he said every man to his tent so I'll had been two years at seeing and what he decided to do was to call three thousand of the men before this and the chapter that comes prior to this the Holy Spirit had come upon Saul because it are people who are in trouble and they needed help anthology inspired by the Holy Spirit to motivate the people to God and quite maddening the Army together they got three hundred and thirty thousand people the problem is thirty thousand Pontiac and became together ending plot the battle of the Lord and the launch time and it was all excited super excited solidly kinky anybody would be assembled together and in Samuels they had in retaining statement ceremony and the dedicated solvent after would all despise all despite the people and he called the three thousand two things that but they haven't finished fighting the battles of the morning so it was a little preliminary footfall to have dispensed the people 's army as of now they find themselves fall has two thousand and eight under his watch and his son Jonathan had one thousand men under his watch which by the way Jonathan is my favorite Bible character next to you after the next is my number one when I am a super emotional person on the belt of MMO not emotional to hunt this is the ever present him emotionally and who and when night when I was reading to the desired eight of whom I got to the last chapter look at the techniques I was the Yankees finished the last few chapters of the diabetes economic want you to die it was okay dammit I know the story that I'd like going through an experience like this I just keep rates low artistic one one paragraph at a and and and I cried a lot noting that I invite the person one other person who made me cry about having most of the Jonathan I cried every single time I need about when he died I I read like like like I lost about sixty eight it is like so deepen me know because I'm Jonathan is one of the reasons violent on this three it said and Jonathan looked at Janice and other postings that living together and the Philistine heart of it and probably the time trumpet throughout all the land saying they let the Hebrews here so I have been despised Jonathan has just one thousand men and they go in and be in the hat and the like the men of action is not the kind of guy that sits back and bite I wish people would just like no get up and is like that of white and an active picking nitty-gritty battle with the item for the thick of fighting right again the battles that need to be blocked Jonathan said that going to actually read the next chapter it's not worth one thousand men medical device you think you are there and the two of them together anything you know what the gall and not try and see if God would prosper in this mission so they pray they face you know God will give the sign in API for this they will do this after that we will do this and think over to them and put themselves out and they say use of the in what ever way you went you know it's so easy to complain the baby will all complain at the neck of the Israelites that special is at the same problem as the real Israelites had complained that my name the name any off anything I see what man if only the tightly man and when they become easy to find fault isn't it but it's hard to be the president gets up and said I'm not the falsifying guy can use me to help solve this problem and you know what Jonathan anytime and at what they do when they go in the next chapter Jonathan says that goal pretense because because God can save by many Arbeit you sometimes visited Chandler waiting for that to the five thousand of us to blot out the executive if two of you Internet when there are a few about restocking Godlike because they had a handful of us all well-documented problem things that is just me Jonathan was a man of action of the Minuteman and that's like writing an excellent focal Jonathan gets up and because of his accent because he gets up and does something solid for us to get up and do something as well you know I never met a pastor in my life I'm never met or seen or heard on the past that will just nag that that such member is doing evangelism I've never seen it in my whole entire life which is so long but never seen it never admit I know people say oh no some people and liberals on people competitive across the board you know what happens when you don't need to evangelism manual in fact with baptisms of those count as I have invested in an amount if not a numbers game I think is no way you'll passed that will be manicured because you have tightened fifteen people every year on the strength member of annoying I connected growing lack happened to you that's right to complain all the medicine I think nine-member when I moved to a new part of town are living in the Boston area and I moved to a new apartment community made an out walking around the neighborhood I noticed the struts of the few blocks from my apartment so I thought no I submitted attachments is not being able to printmaking so I went to the federal Trinity has put in the building I noticed that the sign was in English he said he a DWP 's visit seems you up something like the food was okay while the militants and friends in college I think of all managed that posted on the group of ladies standing outside the like you know the book of society and women's ministry with administration and they were talking outside regarding and I thought where Mike get up for I want if the thing had to be and I walked in I post an end the closer I got to conceive a litany and thoughtful man I had to go around them to get into the building is not is not recommended even greet me busy gossiping on the meaning of hobby gossiping and I walked into the church and a few people moving around in the lobby and out on the agenda flexibility for Kate felt under the put on my lost faith like I have no idea where I am going I put on my I and I could see them essentially bound to walk around the egg and although I look lost and someone talk to me nobody talks to me I got even more security is so easy as I went into the sanctuary and they started the brand meetings most times anything about it if anything could be don't really pray until the end of make-believe but then another speaker started speaking and I thought surely he will tell them I am a death and it turned out that it wasn't a friend sent limitations that slogan was Jan and I sacked him I thought of the Anderson wanted to whether I'm straining to try and comprehend what this person is saying and lots I can feel it in the moment maybe the people recognize me of the gas and nothing about a time when having our printing partner that by this time I know in my heart of fire and brimstone on this date the most readiness is up and I had an Adventist and this indemnity happens in the nonmoving but it happened as a lesson to me because as I left him and walked home I was talking to God about it member state of Maastricht is now a date and monuments in the building people ignoring gossiping outside the door once you can't nobody can't lately you anymore I was so mad and in that moment the life of music the group went into talking the and he me and is generally limited to the none audible voice by the way you how is your amendments that your Seventh-day Adventist and the Adventist times in your home and complaining that all the evidence that is unfriendly as a part of the solution may take you home on the people Dan made a commitment that I say not wherever I go for change and wait for someone to welcoming me up again into the comment home is about a miracle I think you are the case Alex had a sip of these types of the trust gotten him into a sitting around complaining about all the things that are wrong maybe we can be part of the solution is learned something from the life of Jonathan and Jonathan I can't believe you actually solved a small active meeting this morning all is okay say that fall had smitten the garrison of the Philistines and on attendance benefit Blackwell it wasn't fine with me no and that Israel also had an abomination with the Philistines and the people will call together off the salt to go about eleven hundred facelift in something that he is fine that's my confusion in that opinion I forget which one amusing the first gathered themselves together to fight with Israel thousands of the numbers thou then carry six thousand horsemen people how many this and is on the sea shore in multitude numbing God promised Abraham lost and lots of defendant but when he couldn't unite started having these people like this and to get by the seashore i.e. you can't count them so when the children of Angela looked out at this force that was coming against them they looked out at the enemy they could even number how many people were coming up and I said when they win a flat alien who is behind it in thousand of them opportunities think that the sand of the sea that means three hundred thousand if the drop in the bucket I could even count three hundred thousand downloads I see all that said and not surprisingly that is a likely intimidated the most recommended by me there missed five of the six when the men of adults thought that the people in the street for the people were distressed the people did what they had themselves was so intimidated by the enemy and went into hiding no one at light says that in each of them profit from the tapped but David is a fugitive she says that every failure on the part of God 's people is due to a lack of faith every failure on the part of the children body of the telepathy every failure because that's one of himself don't know what happened in the moment hope I does one of victory I happens all the time I thought that something that people forget was so scared that he and and the Pentagon intimidated as a negative massive enemy that was coming at them and and is not highly and as the week progressed because it was supposed to wait for seven days for Samuel to come and give the sacrifice and make the offering Anand Samuel had told all at that time that he would give them instructions on what to do that they wait until seven days they got more and more discarded because that that the longer that the way that the fewer the became because more people get leaving and you know more people easily you become a smaller number in the well enough while lending your name and it did not work and way and was there for me and from what the Bible account that it mentions nothing about what followed then about he was sitting there waiting for Samuel to come in and over eighty and ended up waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for them to come in several this didn't seem to be coming until you get to a place where in virus eight seven seven seven and some of the hedonism over Jordan 's eleven dad in Gilead at the fall he was getting dark out and all the people followed him families away everything behind and anyway and he tarried seven days according to the set time that several had appointed XML came not to go about and the people with stacks and from him we waited an hour while found himself in a in a etiquette in the diadem had to the enemy in seven days and end with the posted fight but I haven't come with the book make a sacrifice I don't even see I think the fact of my end and the people at leaving an end to disguise but many of them and admit that I've been feeling kinds and then we could I am an associate at a crossroads I think all eyes are on him because you believe that I run all one in Albany do what you do when you come to to to a height that you like between a rock and a high plate what easy to do that need to first Timothy chapter two is Timothy chapter two I saw yesterday my favorite passage in the Bible in Genesis chapter three of this minute we can read effectively decapitated when we look at Genesis three that he started talking with the flippant attitude nothing doing Chris was walking around the tree with you should have been doing with a husband that you should have been doing and I think that having a conversation and she got to the point where she is holding to the glass of fruit looking at it thinking I actually think that the fruit is good for me member that from yesterday yet okay she thinking I actually think that the roots is good for me the event that that ninety five Timothy chapter two that fourteen child was that an Adam was not deceived but the woman being deceived was in the transgression is not like from the fact Bible said that he was deceived the people get mad at you now he brought them into the work is the rewrite and I think it is anything but but the Bible says that men on the other hand was not just the elected evening to be deceived you got the point was he thought she actually thought that this thing that got instead was not good for her was actually good for her right to let the crazy thought it was that the fluid that is desirable to make one life but I did not have that experience is not to be at the fruit and think all I think this is actually good no full well that Eve had just sent you will allow that what CDM and that upon that a new daddy and yesterday I like the statement of his novel the third without a woman in it from the infant independent life that evening and he thought you a precious gift from God she was straight from the hand of God most beautiful woman that ever grace the planet and he looked at her and thought what would my life be without any remember that time when when when he had a life without you and he couldn't imagine life without her but now he's sending a crossroads right using the Diana what he wanted to animate the leader of your home is between a rock and a hard place his love for his wife is off her body and an end and through the meat him is that he went through we know what happened in and the bimetallic that even came to her husband also with her and he did that even now he wanted to be used down a problem when a problem that comes all the way down from an assumption you know that Iraq and rebuild it anyway and look at that talk the Cape for moist I know it eleven thirty five to be keeping anyway but because they fit up the late hungry again and think it is once topic Kate Macbeth might see how it will depress the immune system and with unnecessary calories but I'm between a rock and a hard we will not will a wee problem they problem I know that I said and they in but Nowak consistently know no single men in my chart I might do no know it's wrong though he did anyway the only reason I dwell and understand I mean not even God I reread N N N N N the new rationalize it and go through the whole process and I had that experience is that a negative evening a litigant is on you know that even within wrong and yet he and he is the fruit permit me to Matthew the four look at my number one favorite type in the Bible and in my life met each other before that at the first temptation yesterday and nothing about the great controversy in in the wilderness after Jesus was baptized an end this confrontation between Jesus and Satan you think especially thinking great controversy over the congregate crazy it felt when yesterday the five temptation they look at the second one as it's recorded in Matthew chapter four and the first one that I think income payments is litigious situation how can you trust God laid given your circumstances and he said I trust God when more than my necessary food and and and and there is a similar role how I get to hang end of tactics to fight the devil taketh him up into the holy city set him on the pinnacle of the Temple and sentencing him is probably the son of God cast thyself down for it is written and he shall give his angels charge over the consigning the him and basalt daddy out there at any time best buy but against the stone and the devil thinking I got to see him when he is scripted I can use scripting to which incidentally know we said before our full disbelieving things that people say it's in the Bible than I said Ellen White said that every failure on the part of God 's people and it selectively identified Technion that on the ninth two not spent what if I asked him you know when Paul Paul leave extempore ventilating the theologian when Paul went to prefer the baby and they says descriptive to check Paul and if they first attempted to type all I want you taking me who said that scriptural in the Bible for myself and you will love this about five respect of prison if we find that wants to understand his leg the Holy Spirit to give us understand that it is not what are your biochemists I'm sorry in the biochemist Audi speak to that inmate is is not like that your heart that want to understand in order to abate he won't sell you wanted to I love that about five the Bible from now understand how sound of the word of God then not it is really discouraging that in this age we have all seen the light Bible in various languages I brought my phone appear I have five all in in in sum then ingrained silently to Greek Bible on my phone and I felt an affinity for it but I have them the spirit of prophecy and I'm so glad that easy like writing at rehab on since we have all these needless and theological issue in the settlement of the emergency we need to prophecy in the driveway to make sure that what you hear from the book they are people saying in the Bible the devil came to see that the descriptor and try to use drugs at the May Christ stumble and I see a franchise that is not studied the one about the threat we don't study Broadway and the devil said all didn't God say an end what wasn't thinking about it was when he said in the likely various cell from the voting God say you've got to protect you it looked like they could look like trusting God trusting that that that why I am on my way down somehow and I will not fall solely like they never look my faith to Adam God is so good and loving there is no way he could really need people and I even when you gave to me that I love I like a few actually trusting God 's character but then do the name the seven Jesus said unto him it is written again thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God is that you think that descriptive because sometimes you know people and yet all of these goods as they say you feel like life to change tactics out the Bible is sufficient if it all the tenth the dealer came back with Scripture again and he said no is it then so I know what you're telling me is not true because the Bible says don't temper yourself in a situation where Donovan called you to go from idea to give in the dating example of a my age the delegates in convention athletic events dating and deliver it I cannot describe you said may not like they may look like trusting God actually trusting God needs obedience trusting God needs to obeying God that is what real trust looks like and everything else is a counterfeit time back to Samuel debates and we left all standing at the precipice of this colossal decision all eyes are on him all in as I was looking at him probably the enemy that you have him as the leader of the intellect but even they do and what about that and Saul said bringing in the about offering to me and peace offering and he often the bank offering anything to pass that as soon as he had made an end of offering the band offering behold Samuel Kane and Saul went out to meet him that he might physician and you think it's a console sorry I felt like I guess it was an emergency act of me had you would think no sounds and while much of what you said because I saw that the people was gathered from and that thou came is not within the day the point that it's your fault with that cat gathered themselves together at McMaster that the situation just demanded some kind of accident therefore I sent the Philistines will come down now upon me to go thou and I have not made supplication unto the Lord I need I needed to get it to be something operating event I forced myself therefore I had to force myself to do that to offer the best offering I had no choice you apologize he defends himself I force myself if we could do that incentive had to fall thou hast done foolishly now have not kept the commandment of the Lord thy God which he commanded be fun now that annoyed have established thy kingdom upon Israel or at the moment is fallen standing there with his choice to make you realize what was on the line didn't realize that in this one decision he was going to determine that that that that is of his reign and his descendents are going to sit on the throne are not even realized what was at stake in that moment and I don't know if Adam realized what was at stake in that moment for him I realized that that how many is down we would be sitting in suffering that all of this end and the pain would would result from that one decision he realized what what the weight of that decision was read good for me to quote the quote to you from paychecks and profit this is page six twenty one paragraph five because media not know what great interests may be at stake in the proving of God there is no safety except in strict obedience to the word of God all his promises are made upon condition of faith and obedience and the failure to comply with his command off the fulfillment of the Reds provision of the descriptors to think that there are things that God wants to do for us that he cannot do for us because we had the obedient that we close the box is a blessing because the at what walking the opposite direction and want to share reason not to follow him home not rely on the investment of men we submit the revealed will of God and walk according to him definite commandment no matter what circumstances may surround God will take care of the results and definitely trust it I struggled for much with this method until I read that statement in effect in the conversation with a friend of the laughing on the preparation of the blame for the messages and a handful of anything on really having a hard time with this method and as you said maybe maybe the focus is a little bit off and let out a praying about it more and then the realization hit me after that I started seeing it everywhere everything that what God needs that must the part that we play in the holding drama is to trust him to get that case though God is huge and he's powerful help household that he is only potent super problem I am an trust him because not only easy powerful but the habitat without he wants to left that but when I started thinking about the idea Pentagon trust me I thought I can trust me I like there will be gone trust me properly how can you trust me to obey him outgoing capable and then I realized that no time want to try to do what the trust five hand to say I trust is not much that I owe you because I trust that you will take care of the consequent gauntlet take care of the result my faithfulness to his way the main time of trial proved before men and angels at the log cabin trust in difficult places to carry out his will on his name and that people men and angels are looking on and in that moment that was that was in the chapter that element writes about the thing constantly talking about with fall to do that in a moment I thought was standing there with this decision intimate didn't realize that he is able to walking he didn't realize what was at stake and in every decision that we are called to make we have an opportunity to prove before men and angels that God can trust that but not trust us because were super powerful than what I got so amazing that God can trust us to trust him because trust result in obedience to one of my favorite hymns trust and obey it is not going to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey then you just obeyed it's hard when you try and because you trust your bank your happy in vivo SNA we can't a lot about trusting God part so I think we haven't an idea of the general victim what was ultimately they trust God and to them saying trust God so much that you obey him and through the active obedience then angles look on and bring honor and glory to his name he brings blessing to his people might question this morning will you trust and obey will be obeyed because you trust the ready proved that he's worthy of your trust we join you this morning and a commitment to God for prayer will be a loving father we know that time is short and you're coming you send and that this great cosmic conflict called the great controversy is going to be wrapping up soon what's at stake if you character can we be an argument in favor of your character and this morning asking you can trust us to trust you but any come to those crossroads we come to those decisions whatever they are not academics in our relationships in in our workplaces in what ever decision is that the company comes across with any field I put it in a rock and a hard place but it do not desire than you well I think I want the new wealth whatever the decision I'm not we pray that you would help us to remember that you will why do you want fast and that we would exercise the kind of trust that he will be not the presumptive kind that look good on the outside but is devoid of the obedience to come from refracting the train that will make this a reality good now the hang on this is not appropriate like I will now I will dismissively waving in the he went to be supporting ministry said the energy states he seems I think young people he would be in place for Christians to download the pictures on the resources please visit us on coming coming coming to my seat


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