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04-Holding Nothing Back

Sikhu Daco


Sikhu Daco

Student, Andrews University Theological Seminary



  • January 5, 2014
    7:30 AM
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for you you may not have the video on her behalf when the meeting unanimously I wanted to as likely to visit us online at www. DY C Mann a way the remnant in an you and then you hear men have been uniquely this is innovative thank you icy expanse that we especially getting to see the great conservation see all working out in my own life you know I hate talking with a friend of my insisted on praying for you and am praying that the path that God would make the great controversy reality I why they never think I don't want that I it's a blessing to represent God in all eyes is a blessing to two via an argument in this controversy an argument in favor of God to see that God is worthy of our trust and because you trust him we obey him and then left blessing and privilege that we have this morning on message is is a is a culmination of the messages that we've been sharing together in the morning select our hands and will get started loving father adware thankful that you call us to be an argument in your favorite look we pray that the waning of I would be the way that his life thank you that Jesus came to be an example for us and that because of his example and because he triumphed not be half we can also have the victory we pray that as we opened away this morning the Holy Spirit would be a teacher that you'd be the one to speak to our hearts and our minds we pray these things in the name of Jesus amen to the finals to face close chapter nineteen chapter nineteen is all had been in apostasy the worst king ever Ahab and he had to stand in the nation into a half apostate state decedent married Jezebel was the daughter of the priest another God was not there got and his decision that he made to marry this woman was not on Israel who is not one of five people had a huge impact on the children is in good about came in and she had all of God 's prophets kill as he instated her own profit one hundred and fifty the bail so that the decisions that we make when it comes to that very important decision and the marital union huge and it impacts on our ministry on our ability to to reach people on our ability to have an impact in the world for Christ and a had made this decision and it had brought the children of Israel into a terrible state but then so that I like to prophet of God my the man of God and he came and he told Ahab that Dylan got to be a famine in the land for three years and thereafter God did something he called it a happen he told alike that call all profits together onto that mountain and then they would deliver that try to be with God or the real God and they brought their sacrifices and all those profits of bail on the trees became an end said when we want to see the blog will onset by fire and so the eight started baking their God to bring fire down to burn the sacrifice and no fire came as the day wore on and he kept trying and trying to solder cutting themselves and you know it's I love the Bible I think the Bible is the oatmeal yeah because the town was that I like to start making fun of them all I allowed a medium size meeting as a cry for longer finally they gave up either comes he makes the situation even more impossible than it had been before pouring water over the ALLTEL the sacrifice and then they pray he praised and God I said I fire consumed the sacrifice we all do everything around the music up on the water Niger mighty men of thereafter the devil doesn't that these high-end after the God-given supernatural entity to run ahead of the Kingston area of the main comes out and golden seats outside the palace and get the value is with this happened she is not happy and so she threats and a lifetime you know that these are not empty threats though he gets scared and runs away you know what I was saying as he ran away he said I am the only one that I'm the only one that I have tried so hard to obey God I'm trying to delete things and nobody else is following God and it just me in the last time to do the right thing it just me and he felt sad and felt alone you know sometimes I know I had this experience in housing college going to non- Adventist college and tenure there and tempers and sometimes it feels like you are the only one there the only one who cares about special thing the only one who was with got abandoned to Sinn Fein 's of messages on your campus and any can feel very only because of the experience I like it was happening or in the workplace the corporate office and ended it seemed like there is no one out and you want me only one you remember what God said to Elijah in response to that he said I have me how many seven thousand who have not bowed the knee and then that even in those moments when he feels like you are the only ones that says I know you can't see it right now but I have seven thousand women found to be I have a seven thousand as all our story boy this morning actually start off their life is updating a praying in India is that still small voice that God speaks to him and he gives them such an instruction selling first thing chapter nineteen by fifteen the Lord said unto a light goal return on they way to the wilderness on Damascus and when thou comest anoint Hotmail to be king over Syria and England the son of name she's salt thou anoint to be king over Israel and Elisha the son option five domain for life shalt thou anoint to be profiting my room and it shall come to pass that hinted it at the thought of Hotmail Sunday Lucy and him that a statement from the flood of devolution relicensing yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel on the knees which have not bowed to bail and every mouth which have not kissed him until he left from there and he went to find a license now and I said was in the field working with his father and you know how God has said I had me seven thousand when about the need at that movie was actually one of the families of those who had not bowed the knee seat even though it seemed like everybody was in apostasy there were some people were not as though God said eligible five this guy as I said and as I sat and his family have been faithful they had been faithful anything that had been doing it illegally I sat and I save plowing the field now think about someone that God calls large triangular people are doing huge great amazing thing I dared there there are daily preaching Majesty theories and the like yeah that's the kind of person that God would pick but Elisha was in the field plowing the fields that I said for when he got called in because he was being faithful in the little thing he was being faithful in the things that in the in the in the WAC that were closest to him he was being faithful in doing his homework he was being faithful in doing this assignment is that inflating them he was being faithful in his relationship with his siblings he was being faithful in the small thing that sometimes we think are insignificant and yet if we want to do great things for God is stocked with faithfulness in the loving his faithfulness and in the small things that are closest to us that read great things for God began and that's a problem that we happen to me what we wanted it needs to do amazing things and gotten saying I want you to be faithful with you why I would like for your life in your new current experience to to be an argument in my favor because because you treat people find the faithfulness and small thing so my challenge personalities were going back home soon for us to be faithful in the small things in taking exams in the way we do a homework relating to reconcile classmates faithfulness is a small thing in a relationship when you treat people faithfulness in a small thing that it doesn't be the first and greatest talents and meeting the state I live so was there and he was working the field oh by the way you know when faithfully small thing you know the story was as a young lady who says taking a history class and she was faithful in her classroom she did all my homework she had been in assignments on time she paid attention in class participates in and at the end of the semester that she was attending a secular university at the end of the semester she went up to the professor as it had in the great controversy and she said profess that this book has been a blessing in my life and I think that you'll appreciate the content of this book and what do you think you think you took the book or indeed did not take it to get into the blood and he said students at because it's usually giving me this book I am likely to meeting a man is even evangelistic tool it is an opportunity for people to live intensely well this is tentative in not stupid for them to be something to want anything them something to them that into their life because they see him reflecting on your life and in the small claims in putting God first and only allowing a possibility there's something to that I think it's part of what Jeff you have been talking about no thought for the other nations to come out fighting off he think you know what you have learned a currency they say you know I know how it is that you do well in this class but I want to know what you have that experience once I thought I was super lost length of the class sitting badges lost in the plot you know and and and several classmates intimately sixty two could study with you and I said yeah okay yeah he does he just looks like you have it together but man lost in the plot becomes an opportunity to share the garden we have missing a lot even when I don't understand I pray that God would give me understanding you see before I study every single twenty five crack a book open to studies I pray that God would give me with them because it had gone before them all Linda and if anyone left with anything from God who giveth liberally any agreement not in Italian that people are in the small things at the light with nineteen the son of stuff I was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him and he went the twelfth and I liked it passing by and continental upon him and an action on the lines of shopping and mantle upon and that you need that isolate and running after I like that he recognized something in the event in that act of life and happiness mental upon and any numbers are like me why why would he run the profit because he had saw incompetent mental upon but as I said recognize the call of God in that action and how is that possible I don't know any of the story in the Bible before this with your photo the Continental upon upon the individual and that represent the group how do you know except to say that Elisha had nine how to understand the voice of God he had designed what the voice of God sounded like it's our privilege to learn the voice of God so that when we see the microglobulin to stand and stop calling no one when I was in my senior year in college I spent that God was calling me to take a year and get training campus ministry because I'd seen the potential and I thought if I were better trained maybe I could be more effective if I would manage but this was in congruent with the plan of my life and I struggled with this decision until finally came to a point where I knew that if I didn't do this it would be blatant disregard of God 's will for me at that time I knew it until finally I gave up SLK no neck on the dream job and do this campus ministry training thing but it wasn't easy because my family also had plans to meet the demand and I'm talking to my sister and she said you know I don't know what it is that God calling you to say you know sometimes when God called you you the only one will understand what he's calling you to because he's not talking everybody is talking to you that that Moses Moses had an advantage could ever want they belonged to the people of God and yet she had been training the best goals so why the ungodly wanted to live in the unit every advantage of every protection because his mother was the daughter of Pharaoh and his adoptive mother and an infant all these things he says that Moses decided that it was better to suffer affliction with the people of God and to enjoy the president for a season you think the people around him understood what he was doing getting a look at him and said I make a lot of sense no it may note that but most new calling into anything you want out of calling into and enact taxes he recognized the voice of God and he obeyed so the challenge becomes that we need to learn the voice of God and that doesn't happen in an instant that happens on a day-to-day basis spending time in his way of morning and evening devotions and throughout the day many training prayer nice and recognize the voice of God and he follows until he tells us that in his twenty eleven Fiat plan Enron ran off the lights and said that the act crazy kiss my father and my mother and then I will follow the and he said unto him go back again for one of my done to be an accurate statement Elijah was saying you are not carnivores need to come with me this am how can the it's up to you if you want to follow this if you want to do this and so he went back to us anyone and adding to the OpenOffice new them and while the vast the instruments of the often engagement of the people and they did eat you went back through the offerings that I am done with this light no turning back I have set my face like a flint and am not turning back I made my decision to follow God and I am not turning back no turning back and we have to a few examples of this in the world what twenty fifty percent of marriages ending in divorce in the church we don't even know what commitment is anymore is just what I as always I will do something and we don't do it because I saw connected he made a decision and he wasn't on the time back on that decision and that ability the hard part the decisions that we may thank you I see the divisive that God has called us to the heart heart and we set out places like that I was a no turning back I have decided to follow Jesus and I'm not turning back even when the going gets half I'm not going back noting that the Dyson made that decision then he says -year-old and went off to Elijah and I sat when he left to go with Elijah he didn't leave behind bad thing you follow these easy his parents were gone even when not in Chinese officials seem to be in apostasy if parents remain faithful they were part of that seven thousand and so what is isolated leaving behind was not backing and sometimes we think that could follow God we have to be leaving bad thing isn't it possible that sometime God calls us to leave things out even good at either you came down to this and on one account is that the liking to the world and end the .net country and did not do you think of anyone unappreciated that he was honest I sent an end it seemed like nobody do anything you wanted a following the next minute they are not an end and the multitude itself echo what did Jesus believe in heaven adoring angel who would do anything for him he left the love of a father with whom he had always been committed in a part when Christ came to this area you did give a bad thing he gave up good thing so yes you must give up the bad things amen but sometimes me God calls us to give up even the good thing to follow him wholeheartedly even if the life of Abraham Abraham had the son of promise of whom it was said that in Isaac shall thy seed be that and then God tells him a man I want you to take your son your only son Isaac and I want you to sacrifice into me people argue with God as they know it doesn't make any sense even though dad got called a sometimes to give up the things that I even good because you know why because we love him supremely and that's why Jesus came he came because he loved us so much that even he was even willing to give up both things that would you need to have a solid foundation are you willing to do that father and fearful of saying this because I realized that it's true that maybe some of us need to get up at really good job because we know calling us to something out and the problem that we habited in five this is a good thing I pray for the thought to get me to stop and then God said you know I'm the one who gave you that job did it back to me you know that I am the giver of all good gifts get back to me and to become visiting whenever not just giving ten percent of all income but God says what if you give more and for some of us in this miserable war at end knowledge that the extent is about knowing God willing it easier in life to understand that is him peeking and once we know that we have to follow and one glance trying to say is that as possible that it is his voice that is asking you connect all something that you know is a good thing that relationship and you know what good on them often thing is and maybe may be maybe I needed to give that up right now for the sake of the cause as possible but I'm saying and solar lights if all of the runs off the light and the Bible says that he ministered unto him out for me when I thought about no a life and death Eliza I thought you know it probably landed in you know he became like the assistance profit work associate profit and paying ran he got to do some miracle to an end of high school grade of but the Bible says that I like to follow any mental state unto Elijah he went and he was on the sides as personal assistant means I can know back in the day the walk in the dustbin in the database and have washed their feet he be the one washing his feet so that I is black women some parameter as loudly as so often they are nice as he went from plowing fields being faithful in the small things to doing small things and he was willing to go on being no he was united the son of the father so everything the father had if you is essentially enough on that devoted a small thing and as I struggled with for years in my ministry I went for that enough law that when you graduate their sudden expectations of what you go to do with your life I hated going to reunion type of you know like when a friend gets married and then you have to go and meet everybody I hated it why because every time people if they want to you going and I be like all and you have for the church and in a like night on the United Nations outfit all know we don't implicitly my church on the secretary and the gimme like home and education to be a secretary why do you study by Timothy Russell and now an end my friendly deal at all you know him just now finishing up on the PC part of my NDP HTN and then the five residents even my cardiology opinion on that because it felt to me like I I last my could potentially have been deemed amazing things at least at the walls these amazing to be a mean at a neatly is at work yet Secretary of the incarnate secretary and I took me to get to the point where do you live what that means anything better is one day in your courts out elsewhere that Iraq could be my God want me to be asleep by inviting them I want to be there and we still have an idea of what greatness in an review greatness the win while the greatness and because of that we want do what God is calling us to do one thing that what frustrated me from my I told me how at seminary actually do not end the seminary that ended in a different part of the world that you will rule both the seminary to become a constant if those people who failed at everything else that one of my friends went to the seminary because he couldn't get into his accounting program I want to undo the last evil what to do great things of my life in and that's a small small for me but God wants people with engineering brain with the history brain biology brain if you want people who whine their agent in their work in his ministry I'm not saying that everybody needs to go full-time ministry understand I'm not saying that I'm saying that why God why unless some value in I then every other way why is it that when we think of pastoral ministry only think about you know personally authenticate a contract offer the link is not this or that well while you know that you do when you can't do anything out one that we have a problem our value system is off because God work in the highest order work this means that the secretary not a secretary in the convent father claiming the secretary or idea content are all acts of the man-made that all committee in the about conflict in the workplace every dime of the level waking regardless of him of what circumstance where in that number one thing for us deal godlike that that is what we been called to do so that if he called us to do any thing more you will obey and are some people in the air maybe God is calling to full-time ministry but because of our our our skewed value system using game while I haven't failed at anything everything else you got sometimes enough to deduct from it that will fail at everything else that he can call us to to to do that thing that he wants to call us to why does it have to go that far but we distracted when we hear his voice oh baby and so Elisha comes any mistakes to Elijah until finally arrived it was called up to go to heaven and he saw him ascending that carry now gone once something from a laptop the radio about faithfulness is a small thing talked about hearing his voice and open a even if it sounds contrary to logic something more from a God once all of us yes all of us but all of us hold you you want on you you want for your whole life to be surrendered to him as a sacrifice that is living about once a month story about a little boy who brought everything that he had to Jesus and the daily then there were five thousand people plus and the people are hungry he was needed to feed them as a meal than anything and so give asked me what what what what what what what do you have in your hand like nobody has nothing that while the little boy and he has his own second lunch and said he is advancing at little boy brings his lunch to Jesus thinking what is this little thing among so many women know how is this small sacrifice that I have what's my zone life compared to do the needs that I see the world and American driving on storage writing Boston was a Friday evening and I don't looking around me and all these people and I thought I didn't even know that a Sabbath today and I felt full small but what can I do I guess me and the whole city here where people have no clue no idea and I felt so insignificant but even though only a small when we bring are the lines of thinking that any given all he takes that and he blessed in many black pigment and multiply and multiply me become the blessing to so many more people what he needs from a set we would bring all that we would give him all that we would commit how something would say you know why it seemed like nothing and I feel so small and what does it matter what little decision that I made at any price commit my life and I say okay I gave my calling and I know that it doesn't have to make but what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things and how we may feel the concepts I want you to bring all to get me all of you give me all the and if we would just give them all of us maybe you could bless and multiply me now live to be a blessing to somebody out I like to invite us to make some decisions this morning I would like them to be premeditated the thin the Negroes had anything you been thinking about buying and speaking to your heart you recognize the voice you want to obey him it may seem a lot but you know that it is God calling you and you want to come yes I know that you know God is calling you to would like to invite me to take a stand and sing God I want to make that commitment when I leave here many people in the small things when I leave here I want you to use me I think I feel like I'm small and insignificant on that huge campus I wanted to use me maybe one person will be snatched from under the enemy I want to use me I'm not inviting you to come forward I'm inviting you to Stan Lee you are and make many little things that they might understand where you are and as you think the song commitment that were making in all heart it is finite Elizabeth music that he listened to the way that that that this commitment that we are making will be says that if I buy the widely varying will me not only a affiliate on the phone however he is seeing and savoring mom Manny moving season I need a snack gaining and why am I in him I have one man is nice and I is hey a thirty p.m. on date eighty nine times I can be in that long I knew you are you staying on as long as you are being my hand and will will will game losing is in rail on and being that him I lensman and new lines in leaves and they need a lot of new things all my times a painting being in a non- initiated had would you know is on time and is being used to and as he and I live you and Lisa in nineteen Windows games though a it with freedom on its moon and I can now have times when I need to night sanding and is an and me in on to him on time known a lien liaising and have an move you will and by the way we would give all seemly that you gave a empty heaven in that one just as Christ so that we can have salvation made available to us would no sacrifice is too great in response to alcohol if you can call us to that could ever amount to anything similar to a crisis center done for us the light you see all the individuals was standing in the Riga you know the commitments that they are making offhand that you would feel these decisions in heaven with taking decisions and make them a reality by your grace the real power see Jesus come back soon father be part of the police in the retail volleyball and I in argument in your favor the way you swing him on offering may be a violation of any of our phone lines in a train on the business is willing to wait he went to be supporting ministry on the ascendancy outages since he seems I give young people I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures other resources like this these do this I am gambling the delay seemed to


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