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GYC 2013 Keynote

Justin McNeilus


Justin McNeilus

Former President of Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)



  • January 1, 2014
    4:30 PM
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for you you may not have the video on her behalf when the meeting unanimously I wanted to as likely to visit us online at www. DY C Mann a UK is a very long walk from there to here they warned me but it's much longer we actually do it welcome exciting to be here so about one third of you are excited to be here about the other two thirds excited yes no was your somewhere else welcome to GUI theme and happy new year can you believe it another G Y C here we are our theme before man and angels the father what you think of it you know honestly within the executive committee it has been one of the most polarizing images we've have for any fee some people absolutely love it and other people 's absolutely just hate it if anyone hate it that's good I I tend to love it you know something I have been involved in planning or at least assisting in planning and see why sees how many times he was easily found Europe of all the GUI sees been involved in this one has been the most difficult for us the plan of attack most difficult and someone from the executive committee and it was just these of you know as soon as we made the decision to hand out the great controversy in Orlando Florida the problems got stronger and more amen God wants to do incredible things through this conference last night we prayed the executive committee got together and we had a very humble prayer you know we have Sue new additions to the executive committee I have a six month old just has a six month old we pray that our children would never have to come to GUI see and comprehend what is being spoken about we want Jesus to come again never have we had such difficulties God has incredible blessings in store for you this is a interesting Bible this is the possible of the president of see why CNN is the last time I will preach with it I've been involved with UIC and on Sunday I retire it's been an interesting and exciting and a blast to serve God through GUI state I was young unmarried no gray hair and I joined CYC are not so young anymore I have quite a bit of gray hair I have a lovely wife and now a son and so it seems fitting to me to retire from CYC but let me just share with you a couple things do you get ready to retire any of you began to survey the landscape of what God has done through G Y C God has blessed us up on Bentley I've had the privilege to travel to five of the six continents as president of GUI seat and something has become so clear to me if we did not have a conference each year CYC would still exist if we didn't have a conference if we didn't have the nice flowers acquitted and have the fancy feather like it or not if we didn't have the screen you are not a video camera for the demand piano if we didn't have any of you think you see what he would still exist because CYC is not a youth conference at Accord CYC is radical commitment to him faithfulness faithfulness and so traveling around meeting different young people all around the world God has a generation that is radically committed to him you take away all that stage and everything else in CYC still exists and so I am confident in telling you the best days of the CYC are ahead of us the best days of July see our head of us tonight to share with you a devotional thought the leg of my notes in order the clock in front of me is a racing down and honestly I don't care my last year put in a God long as we need to go I get prepared for that as of Christmas day I wasn't even thinking that I would preach tonight I have someone else someone also preparing a sermon and and we got talking and then started thinking about that quote philosophic journey we might take tonight and immediately after listener that I realized I needed to increase the methods that I because it's a message for me one one appeal and honestly it's for me you can listen and if you like and I will pray in a moment that God also touches your life with anyone at one point one message and an appeal for me with bright heavenly father Lord here we are the opening night of GUI see it as New Year's and we can think of no better way to spend it with you so we come together by the thousands different countries different backgrounds different ages different experiences but united under you but ask that you speak through me tonight despite my glaring deficiencies and weaknesses we asked if you would shine through that is this message is delivered that is a direct appeal to me that maybe Lord it would touch the heart of one other or maybe many of us we pray that our minds wouldn't be distracted by that will be completely focused on you and the message you have for us order pretty things in your precious name and right now at this moment in time there are about seven billion people on the planet seven billion that makes you zero zero zero zero zero zero zero one four of the Earth 's population in terms of numbers in the Earth 's population you are extremely insignificant and yet Paul tells us in the end is his letter he said you are a spectacle in any uses an interesting word in the great use of your theater try more to get the world the world indoor theater anything you are a spectacle not just demand not just of the world not to see your parents or friends or coworkers not just about what you will and and Angels were insignificant and young we are spectacle to the world the question when asked ourselves tonight is why what is it about you when I do have the of Billy TBD capacity to hold check it even the attention of Angels address answer that question I would submit to you we have to understand who we are in the beginning Genesis one verse one you can try nephew like in the beginning God created God in what created the heavens and the air now right away from this passage we noticed something it says in the beginning God created the keyword there is Elohim this is the same alanine that Moses later asked in the book of activities that our usual are you and I comes to women he says very potently had very small it's a think he's that I am that I and essentially I am your existence no beginning no as not subject to time like you and I are still in the beginning Elohim created the notice is very cool look carefully God didn't have a beginning or in and out of me my aunt did not have a beginning or an bust each shoes that need shoes is to create a a beginning to place himself in human history you missed God did not need it again he does not have a beginning but infused he chooses to create a beginning so he can be a part of your story Elohim comes the book of Genesis in the beginning God created he chooses to create a beginning you can be a part of your life in a part of my shoes is to interject himself and the human history you go out at night he looked up at the stars and most of us go it Adventist upbringing can spot override you look at Orion and on the right shoulder is the tenth largest Star it is legal to Betelgeuse is thirteen thousand times brighter than the sun and ten thousand times light if you replace Beetlejuice with our son if it would extend past the orbit of Jupiter now you look at our Beetlejuice and you can see it but it is six hundred and forty three light-years away in the believer that if you traveling at a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second for six hundred and forty three years and you can look up and you can see but that's nothing with the naked eye when the conditions are right you can look up and see the galaxy Andromeda Andromeda is two five million light-years away from you now that's a large number in my hunch is we can't comprehend a number so tomorrow when you're at breakfast I wanted to do me a favor can you do that yes or no you pull out your napkin and you get out a pen and you write down the number fifteen what number you to write down fifteen to put it in on a napkin tomorrow morning where the food is great at breakfast fifteen after the fifteen you are to write down nineteen zero that's how many miles away we are from Andromeda fifteen nineteen zero 's path and drama there is approximately a hundred billion galaxies each of those galaxies have a hundred billion stars in each of those stars have a hundred billion cubic signs each of those signs have approximately a hundred billion stars in terms of the sheer numbers of galaxies and distant concerns involved you when I are insignificant and yet Paul boldly declares worth spectacle a feature how are you and I is insignificant beings when you think about the vastness of God 's creation spectacles to the world how do you when I hold captive even the imagination of Angels in the beginning God created light light is unique picture with me outreach day outreach today is Friday and let's just say you and I are on a bus going out on outreach your to do that yes or no so one part of you are going on outreach I even got a Muslim man I you and I on a bus we are traveling at fifty miles an hour how fast are we going not to question fifty miles an hour now Jeff he's there and he is directing the bosses just as stationary is not moving is going to your miles per hour how fast is just going zero miles an hour now let's say in this imaginary Friday outrage that you and I are cruising on the bus and we haven't had a bow and arrow in our hand while we have a bow and arrow in our hands but we do for whatever reason let's just say you and I shoot the arrow off the bus most arrows travel at about three hundred feet per second and we could run up to two hundred miles an hour are Aero flying off the bus is getting of how fast how fast you go two hundred and fifty miles per hour now Jeff let's just say for whatever reason he's got a bow and arrow two adhesive different ladies standing still how fast there and go two hundred miles an hour now this fits very nicely with our our worldview are under Newtonian understanding of the universe A+ B we suited it it has the flying through the air two hundred fifty miles an hour now let's just say we had a huge spotlight on this boss again I don't know I would have a huge spotlight but we have a huge spotlight and and we want to really kick things up because you and I are excited yes to get off outreach joints on the bus driver did to crank things up to a thousand feet per second K now we shine the flashlight from the loss or herbalist to a thousand now really can confuse you let's do a thousand miles per second how fast are we going were gone one thousand miles per second now we shoot the flashlight which light travels at a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second were going a thousand miles per second how fast is the light in ago how fast that anyone say a hundred and eighty seven you would assume would you and Tony and understanding of university plus be equal see you don't we shoot the flashlight and it was a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second Jeff shoots a flash site it was a hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second we can get the buzz going a hundred and eighty five thousand miles per second we should ignore the hundred and eighty six just use another hundred and eighty six it does not matter how fast we are going it is going to shoot out about being at the same speed strange isn't it a minute just boggles our mind we can't even comprehend light light defies physics but you and I would walk around the universe and all the Newtonian understanding that we have A+ B we have to live by like a you would think that something like life would hold captive the imagination of the world you would think something like like that makes zero sense to you and I and our minds zero cents to a logical mind would hold captive would be the theater to the world but yet Paul says we are the spectacle astronomers have found this plan is racing through our galaxy at sixty seven thousand miles per hour it the same time it is rotating at one thousand miles per hour you and I we affectionately call it Earth we have a greater light that gives us four million tons of energy per second in an eleven year cycle that Sun varies one tenth of one percent every eleven years one tenth of one percent our earth tilted twenty three and a half degrees you know why does that because if it did until one side of the earth would become too hot so likely be sustained on planet Earth and the other side of the too cool no life on planet Earth hydrogen converts zero zero seven percent of its mass the helium if there is zero zero six converted no life on planet Earth if there is zero zero eight no life on planet Earth where ninety three million miles away from the sun ninety four million miles away no life on planet Earth ninety two million miles away no life on planet Earth thus the oceans have three four percent fall contact your blood has three four percent thought content four percent thought content no life on planet Earth in the oceans Bowyer blood two percent no life on planet Earth our earth is finely tuned to sustain life our atmosphere has twenty one percent oxygen three percent no life on planet Earth nineteen percent no life on planet Earth and there are hundreds and hundreds of these finely tuned I also than life can be sustained on planet Earth carbon levels ratios of protons and neutrons and neutrons to electrons and core temperatures of the earth all finely tuned so that you and I can exist on planet Earth and it's more than that if one of these little dials are slightly off the rest are rendered useless all of them have to show up and be perfect every day for life to exist on planet Earth you look to be finely tuned earth and you would think that would be a spectacle to man and to angels all these hundreds and hundreds of finely tuned dials exactly perfectly executing the will of God day after day after day you and I can't go a day without making mistakes your goals day after day without making a mistake it's somehow is as in significant beans you when IRS spectacle theater a theater not just to our peers not just to our parents not just to our friends and cousins and family members but a theater to the world and hold captive even the attention of Angel and I look at this beautifully fine way to doing everything to God 's will planet Earth and think why isn't it the spectacle you don't have all of a sudden Apple trees producing oranges they execute perfectly every day and yet you and I can't go a day without making a mistake somehow when the spectacle everything we have is made up of atoms atoms are zero zero zero zero zero zero one millimeters in diameter that is let's pretend you and I had a great through just to illustrate how small that is it a great fruit only with neutron at nitrogen atoms or other now we look at that grapefruit and we slice it open we think we want to take a look at all the atoms inside of us great fruit to pull out each atom and we blow it up to the size of a blueberry now looked down at her hand and picture a blueberry in you would quickly quickly quickly I'm looking like you had your picture in a blueberry and returning in my gravy and it's a handout look at the blueberry now we have just blown up every nitrogen atom in a grapefruit to the size of the blueberry how they now do you think are great protested the killing taps away all of those blueberry signs Adams the size of the Earth can you believe that from here all the way to the bottom can fully leave filled up with blue areas now you might remember from grade school sorted BV diagram of an atom you got right a dot in the middle in an sort of circling it is the other the dot in the middle of the nucleus of the protons and neutrons that's with a massively adamant let's say we slice open at blueberry we take a look at it and we want to look at the nucleus where the mass of the atom as you know our blueberry we can't see the nucleus with our naked eye so we blow it up to the size of a baseball stadium and and the nucleus is the size of the you are things that are really really small that leaves are extremely dense stellar let's say we wanted to get something that is a equal density for that baseball size alone and now let's take a box about one foot by one foot and let's start smashing cars into it as workmen to create something out of the same density I will donate my truck will smash into this one foot box and will have everyone in this auditorium smash their one better card with one foot by one foot box leader that SNL is just an example you can do it so that there was smashing a car venting and I don't know how many people there are many three thousand unit of three thousand cars again with a note that three of four thousand cars were smashed and into this one foot box now has been agreed for any dance three or four thousand cars you agree after now one foot box three or four thousand cars you know McCarthy got a smashing their to get an equivalent density six two billion we tell you something France you and I are insignificant six two billion cars to getting equivalent density blowed up to this to the size of a blueberry and it fills the earth and in the eighteen nineties a confidence of you not be really cool if we could get to the bottom of these particles so so they were they got splitting these atoms and and and and they got to something even smaller than an atom a quark and amaze you know will split bad and they found something else and will split bad and they found something else may split that and and and now they believe that there is there's a theory out there that the smallest thing on the universe is ace terrain you may have heard of string theory than superstring theories these strings of energy now just to give you an idea of how small are talking about any strength check this out there saying that the universe to be our of any entire University are and like an add on to a string we can't comprehend that you look at the Adams and that's the density of the nucleus and the Clarkson the leptons in the bosons and the Higgs boson then the strings you when our insignificant you would think that that of the created world that would hold captive the attention of Angels but Paul says you and I have a spectacle theater on theater to the world of the knee the stars you have the start that are essentially dead stars there protons and neutrons have collapsed on each other it would be like if we look up at the side and crumpled like a piece of paper to a ten mile diameter now you take a piece of a neutron star and let's just say we connect script extract one sugar cube of a neutron star and put it onto our hand and seal and I look again and again quickly look at look at a look at it no longer on the blueberry there yes but you have warned sugar to you of a neutron star allegedly got ways one hundred million times one hundred million times you and I we are insignificant against somehow Paul says we are a spectacle in the beginning God created he filled the skies with our there is a bird called the albatross its wingspan is twelve feet and it can fly six hundred miles without stopping the world record for an individual set in New Zealand I think even last year is about half of that three hundred and some miles without stopping that is nothing compared to iPad just get the name I forget it the bar tailed God with the bar tell God what can fly seven thousand miles without stopping that would be like you when I run into Seattle where we held a conference last year back to Orlando and then back to Seattle without stopping you and I are we compared to the fowl of the air my wife and I were traveling one time from Salt Lake City to bend Oregon we had just taken off and there we heard this tremendous thought and and and felt this tremendous thought on the plane that the captain came across the loudspeakers of close we had hit a bird we are to turn around the bird had collapsed the nose of the plane we felt like it was a good idea to turn around they've hit a buzzard at thirty seven thousand feet above sea level seven miles above there are approximately four thousand species of birds that migrate there are geese that migrate five and a half miles above the Arctic turn in a one year cycle travels forty nine thousand seven hundred miles in its thirty year lifespan that would be like going to the moon and back three times the average adult travels about the equivalent of going to the metal and a half of time in its lifetime UNI are weak UNI are pitiful and yet somehow Paul says we are spent in the beginning Elohim created he created creatures of the sea or ocean makes up about seventy one percent of this affectionate thing we call Earth and we have explored almost five percent of it not long ago my grandma and I we're on an exploratory trip down a carousel carousel is an island just north of Venezuela and in our intention was to be down there and take a submarine down and study these shells at a thousand feet below sea level now one morning ahead Marine biologist at the Smithsonian he got up and he said to me said Justin today we are going to take a trap down to the bottom of the ocean now you can imagine my excitement because I think instantly what with the Smithsonian American to take this highly sophisticated trap down to the bottom of the ocean and see what we catch so I go at them over to the lab in any goals any pics of this five gallon white bucket now I'm not a fool because you don't ever judge a book by its cover so I'm thinking of myself will nice and side of the bucket of the highly sophisticated Smithsonian trap now the bucket was the track so he proceeds to drill exactly one whole length of the bucket he puts one five pound weight and then you filled it with Prescott puts the lid on top instead we've got it this is our trap so we go to the submarine reported on the submarine and were ready and we descend one thousand feet below sea level to put the trap out now we take that draft week we put it down on the bottom end and let me just sort of paint the picture for what I saw nothing would like this this highly sophisticated trap you and I might call it a bucket with a whole we put it down on the bottom of the ocean one thousand feet below the sea level and as far as you could see was say you cut the lights and you can't see anything because light can't penetrate that are now and so for a moment I'm thinking myself what a waste of time is that wrong to put the bucket down and we took the submarine off to this other little quarrel had that was there however far away week we checked it out a mini fifteen twenty minutes had gone by and that the biologist he said you know let's go back let's take a little look at that track so we go back in fifteen twenty minutes later and we shine the light on the strap and I will never forget the sight there were fish surrounding the track there were deals that had worked their way into the whole of the trap door invertebrate network swimming and hovering around the trap and an endless and every direction leading up to that you can see these little lines of of snails and crabs and starfish and mold us all working their way to the track these highly sophisticated highly tuned sensory organs leading them to the dead fish in our track for the longest time the Mariana trench about seven miles down the pressures thousands of feet per square inch they had assumed that no life could exist down there it's the deepest part of the ocean just recently been able to some unmanned submarines down there to check it out you don't they found life leave the assumption was that no sunlight rays can penetrate that far down south so what on earth could be feeding that this ecosystem down there what you have essentially what our underground volcano and out of the underground volcanoes you are having bacteria that's not only living but is arriving down there and if setting up these beautiful ecosystems that we are even imagined could be on our planet and they had these two forms to you be need to warmth that I've watched themselves basically into the crust of the earth they don't have a stomach they have two sets of guilt one set of deals extract oxygen from the water the other set houses this bacteria that synthesize the shoulders from the water and by the way there had is at about three degrees Celsius in the feet of these two words of about two hundred degrees Celsius we like you walking around in freezing ice cold water in your head and boiling the boiling water at your feet get there thrive in these beautiful ecosystems down below our oceans electric eels have produce enough electricity to light ten lightbox oysters change their gender and then change their gender back octopus have three hearts in their blood if the color blue there are sponges that don't have ahead don't have I don't have sensory organs don't have anything that you and I have and yet they are still alive and you know what we've only explore less than five percent of the oceans that God created you would think that angels and men would look down at the oceans and say this this is a this is something I want to know more about the Paul said you are the spectacle you are the theater not just a man but to Angels you in the beginning God created you I assume most of you can see me you have a hundred and ten million Collins in your eyes you have seven million rods in a million nerve fibers making that happen that all working with your brain simultaneously are making about a trillion computations per second and a couple hundred billion brain cells that span into these neuron branches to the tune of about a over a trillion if you can extract the circulatory system from your body it would wrap around the earth two and a half times Yamaha under a million white blood cells stored in your body every second your body is killing off eight million red blood cells in developing eight million new ones which begs the act how does my body know to keep producing more of me not someone else all of my blood cells have what we term DNA each blood cell has about six feet of DNA if you wanted to type the code and how to make Justin you would have to start typing now at sixty words per minute eight hours a day and fifty years later you would complete the code if you could line up that DNA and over and over and it would start here it would go to the sun it would come back and it would do that six hundred times my body is hard wired to be me and your body is hardwired to be you and no one else and I would submit you this if if that when he handed the creation account we would be fascinating we would be about as interesting as the octopus with three hearts or the neutron stars that's a hundred million pound cube of sugar or the add-ons or the leptons quarks we would be just equipped land on their but were not just that we been created to be more so much more the creation account doesn't just stop at that because you and I have something that is different you and I have something that is different than anything else God created these things are all interesting these things are all we observe them we we aren't all of them and we feel in significant but we have something that they don't according to the book of Genesis and for a second I like to give you a you a little insight into my field right a little more comfortable than trying to share these facts about the Earth astronomy or your body banking on the banker and I remember very vividly one of my mentors and banking he said Justin you can be successful in banking if you learn one thing if you learn how to say no banking if you are not as they know you will be successful in so to do understand the fundamentals of banking in the fundamentals of finance we will go to the basics the five themes of lending across the world there are always individuals who are passionate to have a great idea to are ready to be the next Bill Gates if they come and to request an investment from a bank that investment is filtered through the criteria of the five C's of London how many seas are there five into the first thing Edward a look at it as collateral someone comes into the bank and and and it is assumed that they have an asset that is going to be a stable value and possibly an increasing value and something that if if they get fallen into a pit and everything goes bad for them they have something that can be a long enough rope to get them out and so they look at the collateral and also look at the conditions the economic conditions surrounding it let's say that you came in and you had this great idea for a newly invented mousetrap will take a look at the economic conditions and understand is there a market for that are there individuals out there who will spend money to buy this mouse trap and are there enough mice in the world that need to be trapped so I looking at the trend and we are looking for a positive shrine were to look at the capital the FDIC has very specific banking regulatory guidance that said you know if if if a person comes in and they had best at least fifty one percent they are considered well capitalized so that is the thing with our mousetrap example let's say you needed fifty thousand dollars to get this venture off the ground if you put in more than twenty five thousand euro be considered well-capitalized according to the FDIC and when I take a look at the capacity once we get the terms of the loan figured out it and in the bank decided to make the investment in you do you have the ability to pay back the term so is set up maybe a nice amortization and every month you pay back your principal and interest but but working a look at the you have to keep doing that and then when I take a look at the character which is arguably the most important of the seas do you have the willingness to pay it back and otherwise when you comment can I trust you as much as you trust me as although the sort of five CVD the fundamental principles of the world of finance and as I look at the book of creation sorted through the eye of the five themes of lending and we come to God with our insignificant human lives and many approaches that praise God not as a banker but if the creator and is a loving God and let me just be abundantly blunt with you God is crazy God is crazy you think about you when I come to God and we say God can you give us an investment and so through the least fundamental understanding of fine as we take a look at is okay okay okay electronic collateral can you offer most of the time we take collateral and it's an appreciating asset or at least something that's that's good maintain its value by the time you and I meet our Creator at the eternity we have nothing of value can't go to God in pleasure house or your bank account or your 401(k) his mother time you meet him in eternity that is worthless so we come to the creation account in our collateral is non- consistent look at the economic conditions is there a positive trend that we can somehow pull out now you and I are we one day older today than we were yesterday we just entered into a new year you and I are stuck in this thing we call time we cannot go back to itself so that you and I have we woke up this morning we are one day older and one day closer to death is not a positive trend with our conditions look at the capital cost would even offer God FDIC has for fifty one percent so that you can be well-capitalized once a loan goes towards a negative direction they have these other categories where you might be substandard or you might be doubtful and very cute worst case if a loss you look at your capital investment you're not investing fifty percent or twenty five percent or even five percent you are investing zero what could you possibly invest in and give to the creator of the universe when you look at the capacity June twenty seven of this year I woke up to my wife same old my it was her body 's way of telling her our son was to be born that day I will never forget the first time holding my son he will never love me as much as I love him because before he had the ability before he had the capacity to love me I loved him you don't have the capacity to love God more than he loves you is before he created you he loved you and character can God trust us as much we trust him God puts his absolute trust in us and we continue to fail him so you look at the five C's of lending and everything about an investment in our screens don't walk away from this investment run away from this investment but God God does it look at life through the eyes of a banker you look at all the conditions he looks it also and significant as we are any signs of just all insects in the terms of the investment they don't even have vocabulary for that and financed because these other things you don't have the piggyback so he looks at us insignificantly makes the most significant investment anyone in the history I had ever had a talented us anything again as we are all the feisty reaming daylight runaway defense okay I'll invented that mind dismisses as including a link he went to be supporting ministry of the sentencing at a distance he seems I think young people and I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures on the resources like this please visit us I am coming to my seat error horror or no


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