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Behold, All Things Become New

Lo-Ammi Richardson
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Lo-Ammi Richardson grew up in a Christian environment, yet, his childhood was far from perfect. Early on in life, he got involved in drinking, drugs, and mischief.  Almost going to prison, at the age of 17, and graduating high school with a poor GPA his lifestyle as a college student did not get any better, in fact, it got worse. However, after attending a youth conference, Lo-Ammi started to find true purpose and peace. Join Lo-Ammi as he shares his life story of transformation through the power of God.


Lo-Ammi Richardson

Harvest Director for SALT Evangelism Team-(Service and Love Together), Orlando 



  • January 2, 2014
    11:15 AM
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for you you may not have the video on her behalf when the meeting unanimously I wanted to as likely to visit us online at www. DY C Mann a left my car a man if the honor and privilege for me to be here all my benefit and our beloved comedy people in a statement honor privilege for me to be here my name is Mohammed Richardson am a chaplain the Bible court coordinator at heritage Academy located in Monterey Tennessee I had the privilege and honor to share the testimony with you this morning how many of us have been enjoying the seminar so far the morning worships a man I hope that everyone has been receiving a blessing and it was starting the new year with with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ if you have a Bible to set no we know because we believe that revival and Reformation comes from prayer and study the Scriptures they may suck you have your Bibles are likely to turn second Corinthians chapter five ember seventeen second Corinthians chapter five and verse seventeen acids may keep me in prayer I appreciate everyone's been keeping me in prayer should be in cloud nine by now as much for his love and receiving his second greatest of the fiber seventeen Paul says there for if any man be in Christ he is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things are become new I'll be honored and privileged to share my testimony but before I get started alike tomorrow heads for where prayer father in heaven I come to you good Lord but that's besides father my only request is that along the richest and may not be murder scene but that your son Jesus Christ to be uplifted that my testimony may be able to show the Lord that you are still in the business is you sold I thank you Lord for everything that you have done for me and allowing me to be at this very moment to your honor and glory my friend is in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord amen it's good to be back home with family and friends good to be back home where you don't eat the good Fulton and health festivities with weight with the people closest to you and want back to the barbershop in getting a fresh haircut without asking what you need right you know the department what what to expect but as many of you do not know I grew up as the Seventh-day Adventists I grew up literally went to church seven days of the week all five days of the school out of the week awards on my local homeschool this activity ever been to a black church of the all day event eight o'clock in the morning and then you have a Sabbath school about eleven o'clock and then you have choir practice a wine in the social and info that we have to find it so I was somebody within the church literally every single day of the week I grew up here in the Orlando area so this is home for me some excited to be here to share my testimony I went to the church upon the charge I can afford to be Spanish when I was younger and Ultima Springs Church of the members here on his website thank you so much for all of all for praying for me throughout the years are just a little background on my behalf my mother was somebody was very spiritual somewhat it was funny and and very committed to God my father on the other hand somebody was happy he was always bear it if you need anything was there and if you need anything he was buried you can always depend on him he was the first person to open the church doors out to welcome members and he was the one to lead on a song service my mother was the spiritual leader of the home she always training to be a God-fearing man to glorify God in everything that I do my upbringing was one of a very innocent child's I was different because I didn't know the dirty jokes I was never because I can play outside my memory of church within a negative one so my testimony becoming and inputting the church in a good light another negative one him a lot of great memories growing up in the church I was never considered a quotable arrival in back child I just was very disobedient hour last word I was always someone went to push the limits I was always in trouble in school growing up and those who know me know that I love to talk and let the debates and guys that I want to use that gift and talent number unit for my glory here I am today those who knows me out of my situation growing up wasn't always the best when I was younger told you so my mother moved to Puerto Rico to take him alone down there because the situation animal wasn't the greatest my father worked overnights and I spent a lot of time home alone my relationship with my parents wasn't always the best you can imagine my mother had me at the age of forty six and my father sixty two so you can imagine a discrepancy between my parents and myself on my microphone I guess I started to turn away from the Lord when I started to watch more music and listen to more music watched television and changes start to happen in my life I was a malicious but I was very rebellious at thirteen years old I got into an altercation about me to end up in juvenile detention center I was in trouble in class I was always in trouble with the law back to father pretty well I can only keep a good faith because I was always the one who had a upbeat spirit although it was smiling a little one welcome people so nobody ever saw the side of the age of fifteen I experimented with nightclubs parting church in a play in that part of my life as I was going older and this quote a quote newfound freedom with God when I was able to get my drivers license and able to drive wherever I please the only time I went to church with only to go visit friends into general socialize with them my situation got worse when I grew up at home and at school and every school that I attended I was always in the room in the principal 's office being threatened to be kicked out because of my rebellious ways I was sent to Puerto Rico you can imagine the little black boy who doesn't know too much Spanish cultures him when I moved to Puerto Rico the only person that understood that the only person I understood speak especially with my mother I can honestly say I hated living in Puerto Rico but where all my mother saw everything she always did everything in our power to make sure to bring me I tell him integral to be a God-fearing man my heart was naturally rebellious the Bible talks about our hearts are deceitfully wicked and evil and and for the most part growing up I struggled my identity and I believe that the struggle that we have here the church with young people is that we struggle with the same thing you struggle with our identity we don't know who we are we don't know where we're going we don't know what what we're doing with our lives and we allow things and and and different influences the common nurture I think on a molded into who we become so for me basketball is an outlet that's what I identified with ICANN the church while the Puerto Rico builds a great youth group Barry and I was very happy to see young people just like you out of the house on fire for God but it's sad to say that multiple nominal longer in the church my church family with a second home to me I always had respect for the church and for me I number out right rebelled and let the church completely but I always visited from time to time because I knew the people know there was always there for my well-being my thought importer Rico spent was all majority of the time was that they would help out with drug dealers drinking at the age of fifteen as was the norm in Puerto Rico when I was there I remember participating in robbing cars and skipping school but again nobody knew about this because I keep a clean safe I'm making is rough on my mother I make things rough for my family for the decisions that I made I never make things easier for her I love my mother but I love to do what I wanted to do much more my grades suffered because of that but I maintained a good enough GPA in order for me to play basketball I didn't know that a doubtful point where I was continue to a combat getting all the things I needed I didn't have no business getting involved with and although the discussion with the month out with my parents is unusable camp so you can imagine I'm not about the double S Denmark up real quick in the book of James chapter three verse eight litigants and their for the majority of people use different weapons people not a fight with my hands with their feet even a hot issue bonds offer majors of the reverse eight describes my weapon of choice Jane Shepherd three verse eight James chapter three and verse eight over there finish up the gray Mercedes says but that's how can no man tame it is unruly evil fold ability poison that was my weapon of choice my tongue my thought was a struggle with and I had out I was somebody who can cut people with my words I was someone who made life miserable of the people what do not respect and I would say anything I need to say in order for me to get my point across but every time I got in trouble bills always look as if the person that was there that was my mother she always stood up for me despite the one I did she always stood up for boy she loved me regards what I didn't my dream was appropriate professionally for Puerto Rico my mother wasn't somebody was shot now my dream was always reminded me low on me always put God first and bring him honor and glory and everything that you do after graduating from Puerto Rico at night I moved back home I wanted to attend Forest Lake Academy and my parents agreed that saw the vicious than me back home get to Florida so my sophomore year in two thousand one I moved back here to sunny Florida I was excited I knew a lot of my friends that were going to attend the school but my time very good at last long I was dismissed after a semester for fighting and I think some things to the principle that is not he was the approved never did I never did well with authority him kicked out for slick economy the public school and high school I was nervous I was scared I high school I was known for having authentic five percent dropout rate on sixty percent of those high school students who started from refreshing it to the senior did not graduate when I got kicked out of fourth Academy I cannot see the bully but I graduated when I got kicked out of eight six GPA but holy and was inquired someone at that woman Murphy through watching for that a my concern in life G what he was popularity might might might might concern in life was basketball and making adjustments need to be made in my life as I is in the public school for the first time and if anybody ever vigilant on the rough area know that you got the role of skin you have to be able to hold your own I no longer attended church at this point in my life when I was attending school functions prom and homecoming than Friday night that our games and basketball games I drank tragedy with my friend but I smoked marijuana I party from time to time and this is the summary of my high school experience I've lost many friends since graduating high school a lot of friends and been shot and killed while never be able to see again young ladies who are our three oh multiple children who don't know the father lives in hours imagine the influence accident had if I just stood within my faith in the face I grew up believing friends shots killed women who anointed with the father the children entertainment for me was about to drink the fight the party this is the mindset of the culture that I was growing up in Fiji wife and I believe in God but I believe the money I believe in the finished success of this world of this world regardless of the circumstances that I put myself in for me my mindset was to have quick money easy money but in my senior year of high school I had summary trials and soils at the age of seventeen was rested once again for all resisting arrest of finally the police officer polemically have a year and a half relation I remember for the warehouse guy gets sentenced by the judge my mother my father bills going to the courthouse with me my mother told me warming I wanted to plead guilty you can imagine the look that I gave my mother as I was going to both raise the judge to plead guilty for something that I felt that I was innocent I remember standing in the courthouse therein and as Judge Rodriguez is standing there he was sentencing every single person to present a more detailed time to get amendment come up I knew I was gone right as all stand before the judge the judge asked me what deeply united guilty meals take them back he was surprised that I pleaded guilty needs a widely blue guilty of it will start I felt like the situation I put myself in I deserve I am guilty about the reason why did what I did was was validated in my opinion and I remember my mother little four foot eleven White Oregon woman looks at the judge as you look at the judge and she says Judge Rodriguez I was Rodriguez before I married my husband and I see I love your above you see that in God we trust and she starts going in about you know God we trust in God Kings instead found judges and I know they got appointed you and my son deserves to go to jail I'm sitting at wondering if I'm scared to death right after the whole thing the judge looks at me and he says if it wasn't for your mother and you got grandparents I would've sent you the prison that they so if there is enough for some a motherhouse like that always will resonate with me though I got kicked out of force that accountable six GPA I was able to graduate high school with more than credits that I needed a man I attended college but the lifestyle never change actually got worse hip-hop became a major influence in my life see here I am growing up with Seventh-day Adventist boy all of a sudden thinking is a drug dealer again neither of the music and government influence of hip-hop and if anybody ever tells me that him play a major party like they does not change a mindset because here I am with seven damages white loft in who he is because of the influence of hip-hop I was raised in a Seventh-day Adventist but now I'm thinking him a hardened criminal dog and you could tell the attitude that I had the changes that I made because of the clothing that represents my dream to pursue about one never ended and never die I went to different community colleges and nothing ever panned out but I slightly local leads adherents are just one area until the opportunity presented itself for me to go to Puerto Rico open tryouts during this time I was working for Fortune two hundred company a pretty good job and job and I remember going to my Boston telling him I want to quit my job to pursue my dream of basketball and I should remember my boss tell me why he put in the job on the 401(k) can make X amount of thousand dollars a year you don't you you you you you can take this money is stated and do great things but you see I had a goal I had a purpose and I wasn't about anything to pushing me from painting to the Golden iMac I've been ultimate to obtain in the same mindset we should have UIC when God calls you into the ministry when God calls you to go to work and not say what little the pedal my degree I wanted the panel my job when Costas goal go no strings attached saws into my dreams out of the five hundred attendees and showed it to the finals of the top fifty after coming back from Puerto Rico and playing their opportunity to move the Temple about Howard Hathaway hear from some of Central Florida things got progressively worse for me as I still attended school I was working two jobs I was partying at every weekend I was smoking banality progress now for me to sell drugs I live in a house I owned two cars and the perception that I was given up that I had everything that's in the world had to offer I have a car that the money I had the success but the reality was always as a hard worker just like everybody else that is new I knew my connections I remember growing up do I see on doing this time frame I had no conscious I remember coming back to handling buying of a vehicle and I remember I didn't want to go registering ultimately back in Tampa so I took a nonregistered car that no assurance and I drove an hour and a half on the highway with three pounds of marijuana and two ounces of cocaine and I remember driving up to the highway and all in all I was thinking of my tire popped Jordan of the pop and a police officer growing up behind me and it wasn't a all you have to do is ask my life and the registration and I'm pretty sure I will not be spending it for you but I can see God 's providence always working on the situations for me regardless of the dumb decisions I made God is always there my states importer in Tampa came to a close as I got into altercation in one of the clubs that I felt it was time for me to move back home I never dealt with my issues always ran away from them I went from church the time to time enough to try to be a good Christian but I never face my problems I never surrendered my heart completely Jesus I remember moving back to Orlando when I worked various jobs after school programs and summer camps and basketball camps my dreams of playing basketball program faded because I wanted to pursue our money and an thing I had the opportunity to be on a reality TV show but turned it down for the fact that I had a business proposal but it didn't work out the way that I thought wouldn't I would have all became my drug of choice for me I would consider myself an alcoholic per se but I was very dependent on the drug everything I wanted to do with it I have a good time over the party out and make sure that alternate living life to the fullest the club scene grew back at times while I was in the world don't remember all the memories and I shared in this one particular incident as we went out the new group of my friends my roommates we went out to a club that night and I'm a friend of my purchase a brand-new car by Cadillac you will as well and will soon enough out of the apartment complex I remember right before we left and want to hold difference in their own different scenery that world can't not accustomed to I remember him placing the pistol in the back of the trunk as we went to the club that night I'll make sure to try to keep our nose clean but as you can as you know there's always situations that happen and before you know it altercations between my friend and I and another gentleman there the club and two people fighting end up being seventeen people against three seventeen escalated to fifty and before you know outside of the club and end the fight escalated to a point where a village of spoiling all of my friends we had was outnumbered and I remember my friend as he's laying down on the curb bloody and I was so upset do I think that on some labels loyal I love my friends did that and I'll do anything one of them at any given time and I remember asking him where are the keys and all my goal was to go to the back of the car take the pistol and God knows what will happen at night as I found the keys and I went to the back of the truck I realized that the guy wasn't there and I know that it was God who took it removed it away because I don't know what would've happened if I had my hand on a pistol I didn't work I had enough money for music the and to kill got my certification as a personal trainer I remember meeting this young lady was always a story of a young lady right I remember meeting this young lady I'll have to check that I was working at an end I remember having a liking to this young lady in my life seem to fall apart after I met this young girl everything that happened for me all the money that had the car that I own everything I put my whole love and desire this one leg and into this young girl but nothing ever panned out the reason why moved with my romance was planning to stay together to try to save up money and it was to branch off into our own things I like the story of the prodigal son the money that I became less and less and this young lady was my prize at all before she left I remember it for the first time in my life do I field asking what does my life Intel wise my life important I remember watching that the TV show the office and see the want to seven and watching every episode announced over the episodes are over I felt the price for the first time after failed problems with but I almost died and continue living you try to read a Bible but those guilds when you reading my car was always breaking down one month there was no cable be on the month is an eviction notice of everything that I have learned helplessness falling apart in my life and I remember mom on Monday my sister always pray for me to make my life as miserable as possible until I get Montague everything that I had completely gone and I remember one evening I do receive a phone call from my sister and she's okay would you be interested in going to do I think she's that even sponsored now little that I know that my mother pay for me to come to do I see in my mother knew myself and if I knew my mother would take our time not attend the conference so I figured I wanted to stop my life on a spiritual note you'll start off the New Year's right with God and not with a hangover so I decided also to attend UIC and my mother she wants he was willing to go completely broke for the salvation of her boy and I wonder how many of the parents here have the same mindset that if you say how many parents you are willing to give up everything that they have so that their son or daughter can make into the kingdom of heaven and the reason why I'm on my mother and I respect that so much is because she was willing to build that broke sell the house that she needed to just for the betterment of my spiritual life was and what I see what I said when I mental with young people what the goals and aspiration repairs as I have a successful career to find the right make the torture to be faithful type errors but he was either so much more your password is religiously the investment that you're willing to make in order for them to be saved the article did you watch the always into traveling do not find how old collecting hats and love to travel to different cities I went to the bus at this church at Mironov the and I remember seeing a whole lot of kids that was at my age that within my age group and I remember one of my friends I was very told me that I know anything about the company told me if the kids conference so you can imagine that the above my favorite hat is on getting on the bus right and another friend of mine Maurice whose year attendance was surprised to see me and he asked the question you know what you're getting yourself into more result that you realize the depth of the question brother because I am I young guy with his hat backwards of the big jacket with questions seeking answers and I remember I pulled up to do I see that so that I got off the bus I knew I do not belong as I looked around that I feel like everyone was to me everyone was outcast housing for these young ladies of the long dresses up for these people where you know Helen C White what you need and phone and praise God I love long dresses I'm striving to become a vegan pray for me as the struggle of the chief and found the time but I saw something different in this conference I saw and any other conference growing up I saw a group of young people have a purpose of living is something that handles looking for something so much greater than themselves they had a purpose and it had a purpose of the mission and that's what drove me to do I see another live .com to necessary here all sermons are or to come bringing God into my life and I wanted to go get information on the seminar that would be going to take notes because if my friends at least debate about religion above all sports and I wanted to make sure I got enough information so I can go back and they the things I learned we had a debate and I remember waking up unreadable the morning devotions and seeing as this brother Sebastian Broxton morning devotions is speaking and I was always drawn to I wanted to his sermonizing because of the fact that I thought we had a similar background I can honestly tell you I will remember the seminars I was always in attendance while they do watching with my brother my my sister and you know the mimesis is arriving but I have a loving and caring she just she suggested I go and meet new people so anyway by myself and I remember Friday night as I was getting my turkey sandwich again before I met Jesus of the elements of design was Friday night and I remember meeting a young lady now courses for the OSS Avenue Winslow apologized but I remember her talking in and in and asking his first time attending UIC and I said yes and as she was very surprised the way and I was talking through the houses being myself I was honest and I and I want to cottages suggest something to do I see the ovals were attendance I understand is that God fearing conference with his people it was never heard the Seventh-day Adventist message that just want to see people were genuine true to themselves and the reason why this young lady was surprised because she was a geologist and God bless brother happy Sabbath you don't matter not all of the lingo that we use as active I was myself so if you see people like you are tend to do I think it's a commonplace for those things will be yourself people are here whenever attendant who feel like an outcast like I was so I appreciate this young lady who took time to talk to me I remember Sabbath morning as we use us in the front always want to sit in the front because I wanted to get good seats I remember sitting Sabbath morning I remember losing her brother-in-law my sister and I remember sitting on lot actually donated us all Friday night I saw Sabbath morning so you know you chart associate sitting probably like around over here statistics brought back some walking down the stage it are down the aisle and I make a short ultimate settlement that role far right so that way you know I can turn around we make eye contact and you know that in a workout in a workout I wanted to do so as I'm sitting up front and I'm sitting there I turn around she's completely gone but I know that God put me and I think was the reason of the a passport that he was in Baltimore I went to the seminar my family when he was preaching and and use he was sharing how preparatory sermon is right before he bespeaks a counsel to the bullpen and he sprinted on Donald Saunders a young lady over here there's a couple over here the young gentleman over here and when you preach make sure to focus in these Pacific areas backtrack to my testimony Sabbath morning Mark Phillies speaks assortment and you remember I remember thinking that some of God 's passion becomes our passion and I remember every question I had you I see it seemed like not much leverage as he does a little robot thing any point that you write and every question I had he seemed to be like out of the thousands and millions of people involved yet so then you does not respect that you are called to be a Seventh-day Adventist and have requested I have had to I think he seemed to be answering at that very moment and is the first time in my life I felt the great controversy being played out in my life here I am a Seventh-day Adventist boy growing up not knowing why the Seventh-day Adventists believe in you nonprofit why can we go to church on Sunday that's the only thing I knew but the great controversy start happening my life because here is the struggle God 's mom was appealing to me if the warming are you willing to give you a heartwarming and here's the other side and on with them I had the doublethink do not give up everything that you have everything to drug problems with what's going to happen in your life and the great controversy started a happy in my life at that very moment in my family was making him feel uneasy he wanted everyone to come up from those workers of the conference and and and late workers and I remember looking up with with tears in my eyes it and its troubled power within my heart and I saw my fifth and at that point you must be a lost if I remember I returned to my sister my mother typhoon and I remembered I never cried if you try on Muslims in this life almost many friends in many family-run without never be able to the again and having them apply like a baby because I felt experience of God 's love that I never had in my entire life can't remember for the first time he was young wanted to make a change and remember after the seminar was all right I came with the rugged Sebastian Braxton and only thing I was telling them I was scared I didn't want to come back home I do want to come back to Orlando because I knew the experience I had and he wants he was real it is the completely opposite of what my lifestyle was here things change and I wish I could say everything was for the better I went back to the club scene I went straight to my web party but something was different something within the same why because I experienced something real I experience a genuine conversion UIC and I wanted that to continue my life I remember working at the Nike factory and I felt compelled to go to I do not solicit school to get their life in Lady Lake and I remember the first two weeks we drove up to best more economy to do by the markings and and barrels able to meet Jeff Marshall the VP of evangelism and out of its ultimate casual conversation we had I can only say that we have a friendship that were bonded forever he has a kid and I'm happy that John came into the world and I'll be the first person to take into his headset into the first line of Microsoft the VCs even if you know it but I remember going attendant and life in my father passed away anything the guy was hard leaving me to a direction where I needed to be more dependent on God and I know if my father were possibly outside of me giving my heart to him he was the can be honest with you I'll know where my life what a consistent and from that time my father passed away while attending life my mother it's a little of my mother in a remote I was struggling with my tuition out two thousand dollars of the day of graduation Outlook two thousand dollars into the beds with their life and remember their graduation my sister came and gave me a two thousand dollars check from my mother that she had been out the savings that she was saving up throughout the years I lost a lot of friends in this life my mother was willing to do anything to save her boy I remember I lost so many friends in the world but not replace them with the friends that I met while you can like that of many here in attendance and I just want to sell love you guys and I told the Lord you need to send me away from Orlando as far as possible so he answered Mark Franey took me all the way to California and I worked as a model Courtney to their fray and from that time I got a call to be a chaplain in the Bible work according to heritage Academy and Lord knows we're going to leave me after this but I'm always open to is common because my life has been in my life hasn't been as exciting as ever Vincent given my heart to him I remember the first time when I was on stage and wheels introducing the at three again in Seattle and everybody was talking a lot recycled rib it were so excited that my mother-in-law the signatures of your she was not just give anybody a combination of the combined applying is that synonymous of and I was wondering why my mother might have acted that way she wasn't excited about your seeing me on stage and the reason why because she believed in a heartfelt and things for God 's chief purpose of hygiene the Mont alto to be the next batch of the notes Mark Finley on his great pioneers of the church she can visit she envisioned that in her boy and I remember as time was drawing closer my mother was diagnosed with cancer acetaminophen from the dilemma share something very personal with you about that I believe it is necessary to share I'm a mother who will anybody knows my mother was a God-fearing woman always active she was up at three in the morning to do her devotion but oh I'm not sure if they done and I remember his cancer was a taking over her life and even the very life the way she was been stricken in bed I remember flying to Puerto Rico and I'm here remember every bad thing that I ever did utilizing every single time that I saw my mother appealing to me in an and counseling me and everything I did I just rebelled against the NFL standing there she was there on her bed she had a glimpse of him look like he was the proudest mother in the world for the first time to West Hills able to see the glimpse of how God 's love is for us because regardless of my past and regardless of my dirt that I have done it in all of the thoughts of a possessory action that I have been gone looks at me the same way mother looked at me when I walked into that room and questions utilizing the Nevada courts is whether or not my mother loved me I question whether or not moment among my father 's questions on human Ya and I remember we had a moment in our buffalo we do watch movies anymore amen but you know there's always a scene in the movie where where it is the intense part of everybody you have become sure that final moment as my mother was there in pain for this ten fifteen minutes I had a conversation to solidify everything is usable on the ontological crime because I know that a lot of findings e.g. this by the tree of life so your father always see you are missing a family over for a therapy together with you that we can agree a person think that a perfect Islamic abalone regardless invisible she told me the lobby regardless of the situation regardless of the friends that we meet the friends of the of loss and the memories we share low wanting it's about faith warming is about faith and I made a promise to my mother that's it mom is going to be my sole purpose to try to snap him on the hell is this on the monthly statement and then I mentioned Jesus Christ and my mother looked at me she's a mommy I know you will enter the letters passed away I don't know what my life would've been if I'd never gone that was to come into view I see these words for my good friend friend who who have to be wanted I know who you are low on the unknowing UK from music together what made you make a radical commitment to God because everybody has their Jesus moments for little time and that we go right back with human consistent what is it and to be honest with you I can't answer that you I see I just know they got placement on the bus and eleven the mental conference was to change my life forever and told his words and has always been a resonates in my heart forever is of longer were looking at you and if you ever decide to come back to us and do the things that we used to build will open you with open arms I just know you will kill your witness about God 's voice so do I see my walk is in my walk every morning I wake up I'm living my life for my friends I'm living my life for those who are around me so they can see that God is really still active in saving souls yes even a wretched soul like me and now being before the universe I can show you can tell people that this fake controversy Israel because it was played out in my life she held a boy with no vision I was a boy with no understanding of why he was calling to the faith but now I have a mission and I have tried to see people get the horse the only person will ever love them and ever care to I think before men and angels isn't just a conference it's a lifestyle for everything that we do were standing for friends before men and before Angels the things that I say the way to address the the way that I think I am now a spectacle to the entire world I was a rebel without a cause but now have a cause to rebel to get delegates as things of the world so that before the world has skeptical a spectacle that God is real and active today my question is when you join me when you join me in entering this great controversy to live your life as it has if you are standing before the very presence of God on everyday moments in everyday basis if you want it's only three years ago that I'll be standing before people in Orlando Florida energy Western Conference share my testimony laughed in your face if you would've told me that now is the well-being of the recorded for the service project in evangelism and associated and I partied into my garden and now that I'm going to go out and evangelize private which I expect everybody on a bus on Friday morning I would've laughed when you see got something social something unique in the something that I can see myself and now I am standing before God am standing before you and on seventy four people worth watching online on stand before them as saying my life is a testimony of what God can do if you just give your heart to him this is my life was full of excitement but is nothing more exciting than being here with God 's people talking about God and living a living for God is doing everything you can for God when they can appeal specific appeal and visit for those who attended you watching for the very first time cool cool goals come to this conference not knowing who they are not knowing what to expect what they see as something that is real basically they felt the prick of God talking to the very heart and they want something genuine they finished it I can't tell you I can't exaggerate how much I am in awe of how I direct my life and I'm standing before you have a very competent in my life it can be healed if you never given your heart to Jesus I'm talking one month if I go to church sometimes on Monday the motion that I'd knowledge that God is good one never fully given to heart to God and completely surrender to him and say Lord use me for your service advise you at this moment message may come of front those who attended the Western for the very first time would never had an experience of Jesus Christ and you said you know what I saw something in this conference that I want to be a part of the one to be a part of this movement out want to be due out what to do great things for God 's will what you have for me but I wanted to give it to know if that is the last that you may come up front praise God I know I was that boy the fifth row I was the one who was listening to the voice of God talk to me I was the one who was what was struggling with the idea should I give my heart to God and I could tell you has been the best decision I've ever made and those like him in affront never forget this moment from the front always go back to this point in your life as a lawyer I'm going to give a chicken against the grain friends are mocking me for the ridiculing me and got patented this very moment I think God I have my live my life as a religion you and I would write in my things for you second if you I know do I see you have the negative reputation with many people would never attended this conference but if there's elders workers in the Florida conference of Southeastern conference would attend this conference of your pastor or elder patients got a skeptical about you I think we do see the army of young people was radically wanting in their lives to God and do great things for them my biggest struggle when I came back into it again it became a heart my biggest struggle that knows nothing for young adults here in Orlando is not result in a new basil no more muscles are comfortable but the ministry that they thought Google don't people want to do something for the city of Orlando and if you are a network of your elder pastor a conference president whoever whatever you thought you I see you saw a glimpse of what Orlando can be on a consistent basis and you want to do something like this in your local charges to invite young people do this right to study the word to hear sermons that comes from the Bible cannot be on silencing Augustine front for those who came of on-topic and directly is going every morning when you wake up we commit come back and similar I don't know what to do with respect to the desires of your heart to God was and I can imagine him looking at her face is hoping to see you appear one day penalty on the great things for my family my friends I'm just the mere mention on the work I want to personally thank everyone who was price for West labor for me I would look at me as an outcast as it is no hoping you see your perception of reality so different from God this is one of those with the WordPress you can buy with father had actually before many mages father we know that the gospel is still real and imminent two thousand and fourteen at the war or maybe seemed to go crazy and offering them worth of the things that we desire the father using the hearts of these young people when you see so much potential in a human could do great things for them in a fun I'm so appreciative for using a broken empty dinner like myself funding than yours I thank you so much for being patient with me and loving me I thank you for my family from a mother who dedicate her life to save Lord I pray that my testimony to my testimony doesn't end today is a continual testimony of father we week there before you before the universe we have entered into this great controversy on the side of course we want to do everything in our power to represent you the best movie I guess that it creates the person must for sending us he was every individual was given a hot date with the phone that is a sad thing so what are you business is avoiding him I went he went to be supporting the history of the Senate see added to states he seems I think young the nightly I would think twice to rescind to download the pictures other resources like this Ethan and I am in Canada Chile seeing that the


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