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Cost of Medical Missionary Work

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute



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Matthew chapter I want to study with you the cost of medical missionary work a call of medical missionary work I'm not referring to the dollar cost of healthcare literally see the dollars are being poured out in the United States today in an effort to improve the health of our nation but as the New Jersey New England Journal of Medicine pointed out in an editorial during a certain period of money outlay trouble three times the cost to without any appreciable are measurable increase in hell that's something to think about it but it is the price that I want to study with the real itineraries you and I know Jesus Christ let me say before I read our text I believe there are two misconceptions when you have cleared away goes to college can be brushed aside one is the idea that there is a miraculous healing then there is naturally healing other two are quite these separate the truth of the matter is that all truly living whether the sudden arrival whether callings when the minister moves down and praise your whether it comes through the services of the physician and the nurse all true healing comes from God God is the creator God this is the restore I suppose most of his here tonight have a pretty clear novel I will review this evening brought all of our drunk at all another classic this will put it this way why does it cost God to does it cost God the house somebody is then doesn't cost anything to offer in the grand jury says is the default of my host for this is true love don't understand that in creation it costing anything in the sense that I'm studying with you tonight but creation and redemption price are two different expressions of the love of God creation was the fault of God expressed in making seems like himself only and happy intelligent beating capable of understanding love shooting love revealing a one hundred old is the expression of the love of God in reaching down to law and since it only degenerate and raising them up to be one's more capable of appreciating and experiencing and reflecting the love of God so were going to read our text not really chapter verses sixteen and seventeen when the stimulus you are worth whose as the devil and has offices these word and healed all of Moore's that it might be appropriate which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet saying himself took our infirmities and are our sickness nor the sixteenth verse we notice the clearest statement concerning me and to our needs and in all that was manifested in curing all the disease but the seventeenth birds L does recall it says that what he and healing of all those people was the fulfillment of Isaiah the Prophet rule or was it himself our infirmities and their hours to know others better me to carry behold the Lamb of God taketh away that the way the sin of the world John one twenty nine became not merely take away our sin but to take away our sexes into the divine son of God to accomplish bowl in fact sin and sickness better to each other the relation of cause and effect is Jesus must take our sins and carried them in order to take them away from law is that correct to let what the sanctuary should the only way a man in ancient the burden and related online nonetheless must die but our text tonight shows and is true not only of medicine himself talk our infirmities and banner that is carrying our sin is the unit did you know the keys is that his supper in order for you to get well new of your sickness is malaria or cancer whether pneumonia or unaltered whatever your sick Jesus must suffer and die in order to provide an evening for you this is the message they were studying this evening that seems to love the February infinite love of God doesn't feel that it's too great a price to pay to get you well integrated to say here in era your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost you were bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body and yours Richard God I want to read this text align a good review here in Matthew is given one of the other translations he himself took our infirmities and carried away onto the how to get rid of the disease nations must carry it away into it from yourself anymore than you can take something from yourself never was you could just draw something as however if you can in the car and primitive and carry away ardently now live in Jeff verses thirty five and thirty six seasons when the ball was as unlimited as synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing average sickness and every disease among the people no longer think that but when he saw the multitudes he was moved with compassion on cognitive thinking the heart of Jesus Landau and tender love and true compassion in cost easy something to EU Creek and remember the experience where the suffering woman president through the crowd and thought to him in regard body Jesus said I heard saying that virtue is gone out of me he wasn't indulging in fantasies is no exaggeration in my patient issue all he had given up himself for the healing of that warm in costumes of cost the longer review and inspire comment in the book that I may know him and forty eight Christ alone was able to bear the afflictions of the many all our affliction and he was afflicted as Isaiah sixty three nine him all the usual human error or you don't like Nietzsche Jesus never broke the law health does he ever broke tomorrow he was never a sinner sure they are visiting people are saying and suffered the just for the unjust but I'm studying with you tonight he took our six inches in regard to the case suffered for and win the injustices he took hours to live Ms. Sager from seeing he carried our sicknesses that he might have positioned a nihilistic Christ alone was able to bear the afflictions of the minute and all the affliction he was afflicted and never borne disease in his own flesh but he carries the sickness of other with a letter of sympathy and looked upon the suffering ones who press about you grow your business as he saw the work of Satan revealed in all there will any man ever a case of a season of sorrow is known that whoever I have a dear one suffering on the back pain is her view even though you are not sick you have indicated since your mother with a child of a husband or wife with a companion somebody you love suffer yourself to Jesus suffered that way when I have raised suffering long the net in the him Raven and drew you use our messaging is under twenty three Rod and those who belong to the average shopper when receiver is burning up the life current he was in agony all that you ever fell within here is one you will all into every experience going through a time of terrible suffering born with that of Christ fields is infinitely greater way for every son and daughter that every child rise to the wounds of every some wintry humor is burning up the life Karen VCU and this is love this is long analog he now that's what I was reading from the line in order for me to rise the loan was able to bad afflictions of the many in all our affliction he was afflicted you never board disease this is all nice but he carried the sickness of the with hundreds sympathy you on the suffering ones who press about he groaned in spirit as he saw the work of Satan revealed and all that are walk and he may have great feelings of the town of sorrow his own goal multiplicity of numbers distracted in the language overwhelmed him with a power that never quite eat stop the evil spirit the present mind and body will you know who sufferers drilled through his home the lab of pain over the sufferer through grueling years old the usually have not granted for suffering humanity down with suffering humanity the power of love was in all his healing he identified the interest with suffering humanity the densities of his experience with glasses in love from the remember that Martha Mallory both told and when he finally arrived at Bethany old monastery of you have just been here are brother women with users can and while he considered was the right time they went off to the grave and called for sleeping on the costing anything listen in all the conflict with the power of evil there was ever therefore cries the darkened shadow into which he himself must enter ever before and was the means by which you must pay the ransom for the initial when he raised Lazarus from the dead he knew that for that life is most of the ransom on the cross of caliber equally does gold out of the prison house and a preparation in cost in some cost and suffering it caused a day euros p.m. if human beings are anathema eyes this is a concept of healing that he will never glimpse you ever thought once we began to get this concept in her right there is no homework of nursing everything to me was people falling entirely different light medical missionary work you just saw me and we are currently living in his revocation of life medical missionary work is just helping sick people the way we might only say help a neighbor would be having a host or repairing machine medical missionary work is the experience of receiving the life and love of God and communicating the ball without it will die in the Hindu use as long or human DC who will share with the information that experience was oh to these of their capability recording for their compassion is willing to give of themselves that others may know he is longing for burden bearer who upped her opinion and sickness of other than he carried the wolves evolving human pics is medical missionary in India and something when he raised Lazarus from the dead he knew that for that life do not pay the rent on the cross of Calvary yet your friend it costs something in the years ago I was reading about bar who was as you give some blog organization in respect him as one sometimes with friends to your own one-person director to another console the ball I was lying that are on legs and then arranged an issue through his linebacker the blog was passing from hand things over to resistor finally he looked up the one that was looking up and finished as when am I going to die he had thought that this was going to cost him his life but is willing to do it for a sister all my friends this is what I'm talking Jesus never gave a blood transfusion for all his school on the day and remember taking it on the emphasis we are studying tonight that this relates not only to lifting the burden of some of the burden of pictures of routers the results using the same little book that I ran over him page six is that before I read it I wish you turn back to the fifty third chapter of Isaiah Isaiah the fifty third chapter or verse surely he hath borne our very and carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God in I was wounded for our transgressions he was through our iniquities the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his stripes of the next three words we are in the same message is a good thought about it is no some point in magnificent poem is expression of the infinite true healing through the suffering of the strike 's proven that the Jesus Christ know I'm going to read this and that I may know him page sixty seven income into the world into human form in becoming subject to the law in revealing the minute he bore there is six there is sorrow that give rise to become a sinner he bore our sins without becoming a sinner he was sure and uncontaminated by the disease not one state of sin was found upon is therefore the world the spotless Lamb of God when suffering humanity pressed about him he was in the hell of perfect landlord laws does one afflicted with you let me say very sensitive this is a great ministry biochemistry how Jesus could carry our sins and yet never position how he can carry our thinking is not never be seeing all true my mail I hope you and I have a salvation from sin the fact that Christ suffered everything that my sin is ever the only hope I have been easy to use the back to see suffer that's it that is the Army and since he himself has suffered he is able to succor them there can those that are sick those that Lucy Ranches not only is glad all our children health and the holding raised his wonderful name turnout was in the sixty third chapter the nine works we quoted a line from this earlier but I want to use the entire work is beautiful in all our affliction he was afflicted and the angel of his presence saved them in his law of an enhanced CD reading the any better than that carried him all the days of old here's a thought again of varying carrying you and me with all Arnold and Susan six notice it says in a loud and he needed he redeemed another word for review August and the gray price for the day this is the cost of leaving the cost of medical missionary work with we'll be a medical missionary will be willing to give of yourself of somebody says I'm afraid it'll wear me out in an is made in July of one hundred rupees I don't think I'll do that I think I'll take care of my beloved little secret the chapter of Isaiah shows that you really do this with all your soul and bring some strains of healing your life but nothing else your gingerbread to the hungry brain for the past talk you're how old and they have of yourself and practical medical missionary ministry this is the Bible says Rogers I concerned that those pages in Isaiah fifty then God says in the works then shall thy light break forth as the morning and the handheld shall spring forth speedily without their do this if the only reason you doing because something you want some improvement in your health you get tired before you get the effect was to write you a quick before you get the benefit is pretty hard to put on alone you can put on certain motor is true sympathetic love you got to get it from headquarters the phone you've got to come to Jesus you'll find him again in Gethsemane and that is your own heart responds to his love for you you will see that he's longing for you to share that same level of his dear friends when people get his view of the screen instead of trying to keep away from sick people want to get close to them so they can help from the usually him wrong manner of Jackie Michigan at the patient without the person thought because they often gone simple methods of medical missionary work if you look at that are deliberately designed by heaven to bring people who know Jesus in contact with people that need that kneeling the type of the assessments of the nurse bedside in the Senate in the home where were they know I pray that God may give us more of his love of user and the more of this love we receive the more way we were when until finally under the mighty baptism of the latter rain the Holy Spirit will shed abroad the love of God is no longer runway in the hearts and lives an experience of these people and thousands upon thousands of the sake of this world will be shown as they're brought in contact with that wonderful current of love but remember it costs it costs Jesus did when he was even it does now it'll cost you something if you enter into you really want to be a medical mission every one of UK we've come to a time the large message that is when I remember the church integral medical error remember config hold of what I'm giving you deny having provided he doesn't shrink back from the sacrifice now on a practical word is recreation committee in recreation comes in to recharge the batteries only to come back and do more than twenty individual U-boat modeless up Army medical ministry of healing page fifty eight minutes revealing fifty in a live call-in devoted to the good of others this is only necessary but necessarily need anyway it's essential that they will need to show some extra phone electric it is essential what is it is essential necessary in alive movement devoted to the good of others this is your found it necessary to turn aside from season this activity and contact with human needs to seek retirement an unbroken communion with his father as the throng that had followed him depart he goes into the mountain and alone with God pours out his soul in prayer for these suffering sinful meteor by Jesus goal of a nature trajectory chart so that he could come back and he giving up giving up giving you had gone and then recharge the wood of become so deeply having taken our humanity with its weakest he would become so deeply that they couldn't carry a Julie went out there to get rich are the nasties if you see somebody going in one of these great big supermarkets that they had today can you tell are they going rather than going in to get some food or some beer or some Coca-Cola can you tell if they wanted now you are missing the usually somebody going out in the future whether on a long trip resort can you tell whether the lingual knowing you don't have to that is your business you have to believe in God but I wanted that is just going to a supermarket doesn't mean the person is going to come out with who a lot of things in there that aren't full digital am I correct in just arising out of the nature is not automatic going to give people what we're studying about noises you know the greatest motive that is causing many people to go out into nature today they want to have a good time to want to have amused recreation and then I get a certain all physical recuperation were invited they know how to do it without wearing themselves out at will what I'm studying about tonight is not a fun part no-no when studying with you tonight the great privilege of devoting our entire lives and very lucid this is the needs of others and Internet program seeking recreation for the express purpose of recharging our batteries so that we can go on and do better service and view more do you see the world has adjust back then will work whether they work in the factory or an officer in the hospital they will work in order to earn money so they can go do what they wanted to enlist whether it's making automobile or working on a phone whether it's as a domestic worker in a home or a nurse in a hospital is my purpose nor was it my purpose is working even him money so I'm going to do something that I want to do all my work when I as little as I can get the money that I want to get so I can go and do what I want to do my correct to see whether labor unions coming usually why they're not been so successful in unionizing even hospital employees even those who have the care of the sick why sure I want my run I want to work on work of course a reasonable time but then I want to quit and I wanted I've got to go I want I'm going to the mountains and skis arrived undergoing the ocean I wanted to abrasion swim relax I have on occasion appetites maybe what I wanted was golden I thought that a lot of forms of amusement and entertainment my point is whether there was bad or indifferent they still can be suppressed to sell and don't say that merely because people get in their cars involving nature that some depository blessed activity it may be just as selfish as can be the true medical mission is real hard to use not pleasure for step is meeting within the suffering humor create me an awful not to satisfy his selfish heart but to read charges battery so that he can come back really revive refresh with you deeper love fresh energy to meet the needs of the sick and suffering usually regarded here in the same book ministry of healing are already limited to the drawings the examiner and the Eventide during the early morning you went away to the signs were in the mountains or communion with his father on his incessant labor in the conflict with the entity involved teachings of the wrapup left him so utterly weary that his mother and brothers and even his disciples feared that his life would be sacrificed that it was a young man thirty thirty one thirty two thirty three years old and full pouring all his life day by day they did anyone's fault in his life would be sacrificed but as he returned from the hours of prayer that closed the cause of the landmark the look of peace on a state the freshness of the life and power that seemed to pervade these will be from hours spent alone with God he came for the morning by morning to bring the light of heaven to me I may get this viewpoint my dear friend it won't be necessary to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars does running around over the country in fun part of their illicit area in the country other than the playing of the loan we will see that recreation which will cause the least and Monica have accomplished the most for us physically mentally and spirit we will see the revised then refresh as soon as possible as efficiently as possible so that we can get back to the task to which we have devoted our lives sharing in Newburgh himself to already remedies and hours do you see of the prophet of God most of them drinking when she said well I ever been anyone that will ultimately commission all that we may have a true representation of the love of the cell phone or enough of the life beginner world now I'm going to read again but I read your earlier and then I like to hear from someone in the gut I is the large move on your Christ alone was able to bad the afflictions of the in all of their affliction he was in overboard disease in his own flesh but he carried his sickness about with Senators sent me look upon the suffering ones who pressed about with the power that never quite he casts out the evil spirits that possess mind and body while the pain of the sufferers drilled through his will be the power of love was in all his healing you identified his interest was suffering human reviewing his goal was hoping we heard one of our dear physicians LA six although large lead in overtime division that came to his he came in contact with suffering human miracle of God that touched his heart and he who has been willing to use the palace of training just to him them putting going to see the amusing he found something out from the end he devoted his life is I wonder does anybody here tonight as you've heard these wonderful verses in precious friends God moved upon your heart new safe of everything in this message is for me I see that I is to add items to the vacation of my life sorrow the goal is about and to look upon recreation and eating and sleeping at all the other activities of life not as it is merely a means of getting rich are so I can get back at my real job to help the limited visibility seems that God has spoken to you you want to make that visitation with users that are your notes on what it would like to witness just come right out as he went to Isaiah fifty eight her thing that I want my Bible lessons and then here's another nonetheless I did when I got dressed my life down further in verse eleven says Louisville got continually satisfy thy soul in drought was nineteen year in the except I go on both within my body but now my phone the fact that learn and they shall be like a watered garden in the spring of water whose waters fail not going I have everyone with me we Monday and I have is that they are doing the same decision I want to thank you Lord wants me to have a partner in life let's go with ISP your prayers as you will nothing in the detail here I thought it was going to brother is going on over there you really lost all hundred and one pounds in the reconditioning program here as well for the letters that is always going to be a blessing to many who are in similar need this is a part of medical missionary work is visited people that need to understand in love with overweight people I must find here I think that goes on with my life and I'm one half years in prison or something constantly wanting another another that might shock you doesn't mean just to say I'm sorry to say that I wish I is now headed for talking and I have this desire of my heart I will wonder processing drunkards and is thirty nine euros and is powered true sympathy has healing power it's been almost two years that I've been around wallowing in connection with quality it wasn't until tonight I really saw why the Lord would have been a place where fishing there was no other your verse one hundred years I absolutely boundless pizza and against the medical work against our involvement sixty and this is never really been my field the Lord can find the opportunities of being in the hospital is going through the motions of the janitor are working up and you have song service are one of the worst services do more tapping contact with the people I kept on saying Lord I just can't do it she's not working out I am knowing that I have to be on the Internet has to be out on the farm just anyplace else and finally one night about January of this year I just had almost like a complete breakdown I was walking around campus as a Lord I can't stay here if you want readers to have to break my leg as I kept on walking and expected somehow a little enough in the ground somebody to come up and run me over with a car or something but I know the Lord doesn't have to make us sick to make us understand this message tonight and I'm really thankful to my heart tonight to see that he is only interested in the present instrument of him they may love someone else through me and those that are in greatest need of love are certainly those that are sick and I just hope that the Lord will make me a medical missionary worker the dealer at the Philistines twenty eight views I have experienced with a recruitment event at the first line writing a crash and let up in the hospital is are you medical signs Wednesday younger than I was on the floor near a day I can fully understand because then I would land on their island is a very well it was a Sabbath morning I noted that you are just waiting for me I know I'm a little annoyed if you have a mission from his mom I know I think original and vitamin D and honest why he saved me why why he healed me and growth America healing which no children you you grok any start doing what you see outside work is done if all your friends well I want to praise the Lord he eaten enough live music I cannot straighten out there when I was in charge it is lots of things you doing your you don't know the health message usually you abuse your body will then start working on my guitar and I and it wasn't until tonight understood the great sacrifice weight of Jesus to save their now I believe you are users as well I'm so thankful that I had to work with a whole team of workers motivated in the healing of the sick and love you to humbling thing to think that sometimes the healing that God ministers to the patient may come through the him will him us sometimes a farce I used there with the wrong spirit irritated because it wrong our function that is working a miracle healing somebody silhouettes in spite of you rather than because of the time praying that God will help me to have that for the sick but not only that the love for my fellow worker so that true healing the great miracle of love in homes husbands wives workers students and all of us may demonstrate before the universe that God is our event to go to you been waiting a long time to see the candle of institution that even I can do other than age two to three trend in the gospel medical combined ministry and the before I enter to Loma Linda school health I than one month with the single most very well and that the and the other I realized that they will not idle a few times to him and he would permit you to bike commute and that he send somebody else and this time law somebody in my and on the airplane flat feet and the we could share a muscle happy to see and then I think that is considered kind of efficient women do I see you define and then came again in the supplement to in the end the is my school know by writing what he knows the day Los Angeles-area and not my heart was in this shot field up I got those medical combined for this reason that the great walls of Jericho Interpol Idol though implemented within who could never be broken soon you create you will not be in this kind of work saw and output directly out from my Japanese are interested in this kind of a lot already and the and I went into this limited she gotten to spend that Mister Gina Gina R and and a half months in the NDE just went back to Okinawa he has always intended and not to come here but unfortunately engage in corporal or cannot come quickly and I had concomitant but he them I think the interest in this kind of self-supporting Suntory and what saw I'm on the hunt it is just to see the Virginia commission to his wonderful message tonight I've been listening to his tapes and read and got his material and I'm late again tonight listen to his message inspired to you again to afford this kind of file so psychoeducational I want which you been doing I should like to choose my close and follow dutifully and all our Los Angeles area whenever an anal canal and get our heavenly father are hard to finish third tonight as we have caught a glimpse of the great medical missionary we know that he is alive today will hear from the courts above his loss none of those sympathetic compassionate feelings that he has really one of us on returning to Lauren the balance chosen us in ordained Google and leave eyewitnesses of a wonderful thing but I stand on its own arm wash away our sin denied inspire us to go to the end of the work world with a message of love of our heavenly father business economic I blessing in a special way we pray for these you will visit us under Japanese brothers and sisters those in Okinawa millions I went over the self-supporting word be revived in Japan open the way father than the life may shine abroad in the name of Jesus we actually see a


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