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  • January 4, 2014
    9:00 AM
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for the delay in their behalf when managing demand is going I will likely visit us online at www. DY C Mann a soma using good morning everyone we are here for our status will panel discussion and we are excited about the next hour that is ahead of us my name is Israel Ramos and working with you I see as the previous president actually the previous president is now just and because he is on his way out but we have to talk to the future presidents are we happy on this panel found that UIC presidents that have the opportunity to interact with the general conference and North American division church both officers we want to say thank you for the time that you dedicated to spend this with us it's something that UIC looks forward to whenever we have the opportunity remember in Kentucky we had this opportunity and it was one of the greatest blessings of that conference Anaheim but I think of many young people 's experience so we are excited about this opportunity again and were happy that we have this privilege to interact with you in this question-and-answer panel I want to introduce you to our audience on my forearm on the floor length of the table that we have passed apartments are a representing the southern African Indian Ocean division the longest name for sure one of the largest conference of largest division 's fastest growing at least one of them so were thankful other words are that you hear all the way from South Africa next him we have passed a bill not in charge of the review and Herald with thankful that you are here with us as well a pastor Ted Wilson the president general conference and done next to him we have Elder James Black who has been used ministry for quite a bit to long time in charge of North America thank you for what year is not how the wills are not Wilson another family who has no no stranger yet UIC thank you for being with us just so that the audience knows we do have a process that we followed in our discussion here this morning and we want to make that are open to you so you know what we're going first of all we opened beyond the e-mail accounts for people to submit questions some of these questions we had many of the of similar sounding questions and we put them together into one general topic as organ asked these questions in a general format some of the questions that were asked at a specific point and we walked past the point when not directly quote the question just because it's we try to make as concise as possible at some of them will be directly asked as they come to us from the from the e-mails that were sent out the topics that we are dressing ultimately fall under three categories one of those categories is unity how was it that the church can experience unity even amidst diversity and so on that's one of the topics that we will be addressing several questions that go along those lines and other big issue that is on the minds of the young people is the issue of sexuality how does the church the seven Devon 's church deal with this topic of sexuality not just sexual temptation but sexual abuse and so forth and then finally our Adventist church identity economy goes along with unity but what makes us Seventh-day Adventists and and how was it that we can represent the seven Devon 's church together even amidst many different people many different backgrounds many different cultures we were able to have a discussion with it the panelists yesterday to prepare for for this time and we came up with the understanding at the end that there is definitely a difference of the different way of thinking as your more experience we believe that will finally reach the way of thinking on our own bar of great analysts here but at this point we're hoping that this discussion will help bridge the gap and understand the mind of church leaders and help the church leaders understand the minds of young people and so our aim here is to be honest and respectful and at the same time to be very open and we understand and we want young people to understand that some of the questions that we ask we know are shortsighted as a were very open for the church to give us a broader understanding just please let's make sure that we answer the questions are asked so with that in mind we do have the privilege of asking the question were to give that over the first question to our aunt she was a president just McGillis thank Israel for the nice introduction you gave us so the first question I would ask is one sort of a personal nature first a note of appreciation the church leaders got together and a look at what was happening in a GUI seeing you set yourselves at UIC they need a representative at the General Counsel in session and so you sent me to represent that young people here but UIC and so that is undoubtedly one of the highest privileges I have had a UIC president so first thank you for that but second as a banker I would follow-up question with this I think it's safe to say that the general conference stands about five million dollars on that that's fifty million dollars of production from the church and so my question would be as a banker is it worth it in effect Matthew Elder Wilson as our president right look thank you Justin and good to be with you and Natasha in Israel I want to preface my remarks in any of our remarks place leading the we give our answers humbly and we may not get everything exactly right but we do it in the spirit of Jesus and we would come at your prayers I love that song that the quartet sang someone is praying for you in fact everywhere I travel people are saying I'm praying for you I'm praying for you and it just is so reassuring so I hope while we give our answers this morning that you'll be praying for us the General conference session is a large gathering every five years at that particular meeting things are done in a business setting it is a time in which officers and department directors are elected it is a time when the church manual is looked at as to whether some changes need to be made any changes to the fundamental beliefs that we have are only done at a general conference session and some people might say but you know we have about twenty seven hundred delegates or so that will be coming why can't you just rent a small little place have a meeting for four days and take care of things and lot less expense many of us that actually thought about the possibility of trying to do that in short General conference session on the other hand there is something very unique and one has to say the five million dollars at the General conference spends in addition to that divisions spend money for hotels and all of that kind of thing airfares so there is considerable amount of money and this is been rather transparent are Treasurer Bob lemon I think his been very transparent and open about these things we don't want to hide things is a worth the money I suppose I could simply indicate an illustration using my precious wife my wife grew up in Asheville North Carolina and probably knew the president of her conference and the pastor and that was about it she didn't know anything much about the world field because her world was very focused she never attended a general conversation until she married me and when she attended she was absolutely means at the international fabric of the Seventh-day Adventist church and I think probably one of the most beautiful benefits from the money that is invested in it is God 's money is the sense of belonging to a world family at a setting like that that you will never get in any other venue and when you see how God moves and sets out so many dramatic ways then I think we can at least help to justify some of the money that is spent on a general conference session and at this coming general conversation in San Antonio and Mark may allude to this some time were hoping to create a very very mission oriented setting with an emphasis on evangelism on our mission and the coming of the Lord in fact that's basically the theme and so General conference session I think in the long run is well worth the money you know I may just pick up on some of things that will Smith said the question is is it too expensive to hold a general conference session when he considered his five million dollars spent on I guess you could ask the question a different way would be more expensive not to hold the General conference session would be more expensive not to hold it the Seventh-day Adventist churches in over two hundred countries in the world we are eighteen million members now there are three thousand people baptized every day into the Seventh-day Adventist church what if we didn't hold the General conference session what if the advantage church became fragmented as many other Protestant denominations what if this fragmentation led to wide theological diversity much greater than we did today what does a general compensation due among other things it brings the church together in a unified focus to reach the world for Jesus Christ it brings us together as a as a you as a church family he focuses on mission one of the things we hope to happen at this coming general compensation is you know every year we and the general compensation every session at the end of five years we and the General conference session with what we called the parade of nations the sheer we wanted to the march of mission where each of the countries represented in that great march of mission focuses on what God is doing in that particular country to win that nation for Christ and were thinking about ending the General conference session with an international baptism with people from countries around the world why is the General conference session so important because it unifies the church in policy and in doctrine and in mission to reach your world in fulfillment of Revelation fourteen verse six and seven the question about the value of unity is one that the church actually looks at not only a general conference session times around the calendar throughout the year what's it worth how much are we willing to commit to the value of unity worldwide I look at the magazines that I added General conference if you go back to eighteen sixty three has invested millions of dollars in the Adventist review and an Adventist world magazine because it has always placed a high view value on what James White called gathering the scattered flock the natural tendency of human beings is this integration centrifugal force throws us away from each other and God 's calling his church is to gather together pressed together press together pressed together Ellen White says General conference session is just an illustration of a fundamental principle of ongoing unity to which the church has always committed great resources and great time thank you so much insolence or am just one tool on my voice tool but Woods has been saved you see we take this church we believe that these uniformity under five million needs to be together to remain together unto me and give far view of the general conference he is to give opportunity for these funny at least once every five years to become better on tool to CA we are part of these formulae even though belong create a small company a small church far extreme of the earth and who we belong to a church a farm in the church they bonus of the church are use to be maintained on rails to be intentional about these and got close money by the dysmorphic I appreciate the honest responses in and addressing the question and I were to submit also like your wife I left more excited to be in Adventist and I'm when I got there is of a personal expense I can say that now we have a lot of gentlemen and disorganized we just get a few answers to each of these and they were in a time move through these because we has some really good ones coming up I appreciated him his elements regarding the general conference serving as a means to unite people I think it's great you know so mentions the fact that it's like a family coming together you're able to see what's happening around the world and this on the at least one game that's the company was this is all a movement that helps to unite people I guess how would you respond to the fact that sometimes more than that of the General conference are the same general conference estimates its ultimately a large church business meeting and we would think that it is that which unites us to be the word of God I mean that's at the end of the day the word of God is what unites us as Seventh-day Adventists and so forth our understanding is the sound of his church policy is ultimately a representation letter or our understanding of God 's word put into practice and the question that I have is if the purpose of the General conference is to unite us do you feel that it is fulfilling that that goal the goal of unity especially in Uganda light of the fact that it is a general conference sessions that many young people get the perception that unity is not taking place but the opposite is well I think the simply depends on the person 's perspective General conference session is not necessarily a rubberstamp arrangement that people come to a session or two an annual counsel or spring meeting we have over three hundred members of the General conference executive committee they come from every single division they represent administrators laypeople a front-line workers people are free to express their opinion and they ought to do that but it ought to be done in a spirit of intense reliance upon the word of God on the Council of the spirit of prophecy and of prayer and one of the things that we have attempted to do recently is to spend much more time in prayer at the General conference at annual councils that we have spring meeting and certainly of the general carbon session we will be doing that as well where we pray together in order to find the kind of unity that Jesus prayed for himself in John seventeen so when people see that there is disagreement and that there are opinions being shared that actually should not be assigned that there is not necessarily unity but that there is an expression that is open them in the Lord has given us the freedom of conscience and lets us take for instance a a particular issue that is a very high on people 's minds the ordination of women to the gospel ministry and we have set up an arrangement where we have a theology of ordination study committee with many representatives from varying views different divisions are weighing in on that every division has reviewed things and are putting their own presentations to the committee it would be coming up in just about another couple weeks or so we've had two meetings already another one this month and another one in June the issue will be presented to the annual Council where the before representation we are not hiding anything wanting to do things in an open way but there will be differences of opinion hi how do we handle that how do we handle items that are very flammable and very emotional and that can only be done on our needs and done in a very prayerful way and I believe that God will will guide I suppose the biggest question that needs to probably be answered is not necessarily that particular question or other questions that will be certainly coming up but what do you do it let's say that this particular question is and I have full thought that it will be sent to the General conference session to have full exposure and discussion what happens to you when your particular viewpoint in the final analysis is not accepted and you find yourself facing a challenge whichever way it may go and I don't know exactly which way to go what you do is your church and the mission of the church worth more to you then some personal impassioned conviction about something that you have to decide between the Lord and yourself and I would certainly as I understand Daniel and Revelation as I understand prophetic understanding within the spirit of prophecy counsel that the church at the end will be united in its great mission to proclaim the three Angels messages and to help people know that Christ is coming soon so I think as people look at how the church works they should not become discouraged they should pray more enter into the discussion and activities and realize that the Holy Spirit is going to lead this church the victim MNA redefinition of it I just just to point out this is not new for God 's church the longest single portion of the book of acts deals with the issue of unity acts ten to fifteen this is about when God is doing something in the body how will we relate and the significant disagreements are all recorded their very candidly for us so that we can see how God 's church resolves issues at the biblical way to go about doing business and it's one that we ought to be paying more attention to as we move forward toward important decisions on our landscape and get in and out unity necessarily being absolute uniformity of everyone thinking exactly the same I'm wondering if you can perhaps clarify a little bit for me what the difference is between being able to have differences of opinion within the church vehicle to have that discussion in not all having to think precisely the same general conference in response to that versus when the General conference enact policies that they expect the church to follow unity in the book of acts is really based on four things when you look at the book of acts there is a passion for Jesus Christ there is a commitment to Christ the unity and the Seventh-day Adventist church is based on a common commitment to Christ and the desire to do his will secondly when you look through the book of acts there is a commitment based on biblical truth the church in the book of acts so Jesus is the fulfillment of the Old Testament so there was a real sense of the prophetic identity in the book of acts thirdly in the book of act this was a unity based on mission this idea of reaching work with the gospel and fourthly in the book of acts there was a common church organization you look at the conflict between Jew and Gentile and over circumcision asked fifteen and so there was common church organization so that was the very basis of unity with the in that context of unity there can be diversity there can be differences of opinion but commitment to Christ guided by the Holy Spirit of the common biblical truth focus on mission and focused on a sense of church organization now what if one part of the church one entity of the church disregards a policy voted for the corporate church what can be done in the seventh day as an assured should we don't have the yachts that come down from the General conference that dictate what each of the entities whether their local churches conferences or unions do but we can express which we have done recently strong disapproval for a constituent group or constituent groups that have stepped outside of that policy so what can the General conference do if a constituent groups that without a policy it can simply express its disapproval for that which we have done in varying days in certain issues what is policy policy is not doctrine policy can be changeable but policy is our mutual understanding and a common agreement a covenant that we make together as the body of Christ on the way were going to act that's why it's so critical because I would ask questions and what about that what about tonight if it comes how would I would type it into this this whole thing of how you speaking in terms of how the obligation of paying time or returning time or the view of we believe the type for example is you know is belongs in God 's storehouse and there is no biblical off of returning five five one of the General conference the General conference distributor type bag the system of tithing is is a billable system and I've I would assume it's also a policy and so there is to some degree what is their consistency between the policies of the church for example has you to understand what in terms of the principle of tithing and we do take it directly from Scripture there are many studies that have been done our treasury department spent well they along with many leaders spent over I don't know maybe it's seven years six years in a particular commission on time to help define exactly how one ought to approach this what it can be used for and all that kind of think we do believe that tide is for the support of the ministry and direct evangelistic activity and the mission of the church it's not to be used for constructing churches it's not to be used for just whatever someone thinks is a good cause but it is to be given to the storehouse and then I want to return your type because we use the word return is not yours anyway but then that the church would decide and not an individual that along with other aspects helps to unify the church now that the interesting question that Natasha asked a regarding the is the flexibility in how unity and uniformity compare I think that we have to look at step the big picture and realize that there are some things that the Holy Spirit is in full control of another words the spirit will lead us into all truth that we have to believe it theologically under the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will understand what the Bible says that is a big difference between that and what color of carpeting your local church should put in and yet in both of those areas there is an incredible need in a minute Sheraton the sermon as well today I need for humility and submissiveness because if you happen to like a red carpet in the church but they vote a blue carpet is that in a wreck your Christian experience if if something theologically is voted and you see that the entire group votes in a certain direction you're just out there on a limb or even estate now I defiantly stand here and say you're wrong or do you submit to the Lord and to the church as it moves in a spiritual way we can just work back to your question yes please come to me to let me rephrase and an eminent if if my question is if tigers are part of church policy and other you know you have modules women's ordination but you have the issue of sports you don't him in our schools or or music and the sort of things if type is a policy and are also other policies just what Ms. Ornish was mention wiser difference in the way that the church on was a discipline but in other words if I decided to diaper up my tithe or two written written work if I was a church entity or not send forth my target policy when I only get a letter from you know the review held or the or the general conference or whatever I'd probably come by to visit you don't don't simply don't fit Israel I think your deeper question really was behind the question is this where talking not about individuals but entities and I think that's an important distinction if an entity consciously chooses to violate a folded church policy and again let's let's defined what a church policy is a policy is a mutual agreement or covenant that we make as the body of Christ of how we want to act it is our best understanding of a topic at that given time a policy is not doctrine doctrine like the Sabbath does not change but policies can change we can see different aspects of that policies to let me come right to the heart of your question what if an entity chooses to violate a particular policy whatever that policy is consciously as they feel conscientiously in not out out of harmony with that policy okay if they do that they're in a slippery slope although the general conference does not have constituent authority because that union conference etc. has constituent authority here is the slippery slope it's precisely the question you've raised how then do you deal with others who may say my conscience is leading me in time or other areas so I think the question you've raised from a young person 's perspective is a question that we wrestle with in general conference leadership because we him constituent authority each individual group does and I think our concern is this opens the door for other open violations of policy in the area tied in the area certain sexuality issues that people to say look this is a matter of conscience in the matter of a variety of other things so this leads us to prayerfully work together in a process if policy needs to be changed not to try to force that change but I think submission respect love concern for one another that were part of the body of Christ in the final analysis the things at Unitas are far greater than things that divide us if I may discover how to speak sitting between these two gentlemen about the policies of both the government on I talk with thousands of young adults every year about the church and in North America we're trying to a better job of just listening and one of the challenges I think we're facing now is when young people asked the question we can see the process but then there some who begin to adopt the process and I would hope and pray that as we move for what we would can look at all processes because what happens is when you look at some of the things we being challenged by now some already joint adjoined own conclusions in terms of how they think things about turnout is somewhat of my semester figurehead of the war the subject of the process but let's look at it example for a moment in North America made culture and diversity and all those who doesn't practice greatly on distant practices here that you may find that don't take place another possible world I give an example of the very first time a lifetime which is part of Africa she was not accustomed to walking behind me along with other ministers life I'll was very difficult that was a practice that that was apparently accustomed them but at the same time it we come together the same table try to make a decision we have to look at process as to how that brings together in that and that our foundational orientation that base is different we can look to the word of God and by the foundation hope you will unite us now thinking but I think at the same time young people looking at this thing that's look at processes prevalent process because we look at the wealthier I pray for all the was met with a margin of the world leaders because it's a difficult task trying to manage a world feel me I honestly play for them because of how I feel about the process because how do about the outcomes of things I'd was a difficult challenge try to bring everybody together with the same type of thinking but I think the spread of Christ is what unites us so that if I disagree with a position on that meant my charge but will also love of Christ Swedish jumping back and listening to the conversation and I appreciate it but were sort of talking about lofty ideals were talking about General conference session and in a young person may even come to hearing in here the great sort of what we might call best case scenario answers but the reality is there's a lot of young people that aren't experiencing best case and so for instance you you pick be your favorite hot topic if it's music of its women's ordination whatever it is there may be a young person icons and listens to you and sees the policy of the Church manual on music for instance and is very vulnerable with you last night expressed my views on music I really don't care about it which don't hold me against that but I've I've looked at it very objectively and in the reality is if were just being honest they will listen to you but then they go back to the local church in the local church is an following and so what advice so what responsive to have the young people here that their hearing your your greater lofty philosophic ideas which are fantastic and we can appreciate but then were not CNET practice at the local level I've watched over thirty five years now from when I was in college the value of persistence in the life of changing a local congregation 's perspective viewpoint about many things there is nothing so successful and so powerful is godly persistence if you have a conviction about music in the life of your congregation or a form of worship it doesn't seem to you to be following the policy that the churches offered guidelines on what seems to be moving against the counsel of Scripture you've got an obligation of responsibility and I would add a privilege to go and make that case to the responsible leaders of your congregation and to persist in it I have watched young adults successfully change significant policies of the Seventh-day Adventist church because of their persistence in continuing to bring their perspective in front of leadership that works at the local level it also works at the General conference level and that's why many of us are encouraging stay with the process don't drop out don't back out when something in your local congregation is out of line and I've pestered enough congregations to know that there can be things out of life so I'm there is no suggestion that there's some panacea of righteousness all everywhere there are problems that need to be addressed but they can be if were respectful careful thoughtful prayerful and persistent I appreciate that I really do but again sort of best case scenario the relentlessly trying to get there their local church to subscribe to the church manual just give us some counsel and that's not happening even as it would this is a suggestion but then what what happens when that's not happening even after the persistence the genius of the Seventh-day Adventist church is not is using global church its globe in this eye in one study all for example because addition amended by the nose I like a section they are that eighties you walk talk twelve Paco Paco that means a local church is Poppel a local conference and a local conferences he popped all think of the union and the union is the building block of the General conference and was the division is a division of the General conference so these beauty beautiful it is really generous of the Seventh-day Adventist church that means the first thing that I would like to advise humbly he's not we need to hobby strong conviction first that VCs the Church of God PC is the remnant church according to the prophecy these easy prophetic movement it would be know of a denomination often this I think helps us to put everything in perspective when we deal with difficult issues it didn't just let the AAM outreach usually help you come it meant that any additional vision is not the floors with separation then you eat we look at the you sit down and did make it work but you feel you on the committee 's ordinal anything that's all known species not working I will love the outdoors so the first thing is still a strong commitment to the church of postal God entries church these is a remnant church and you walk talk delete I've will go to mention that they first clocked use the individual membership individual members of the local church so you tried very hard to pray humbly unto dialogue and date seems that you don't go through and don't give up don't see all KB 's example says he I am out of here I you continue to pray and you continue to dialogue and the Holy Spirit would work and you couldn't do maybe you don't find result Apple but you us selling his seat at the result would germinate may be off to you so keep going and doing it humbly but with persimmons and the last thing I would like to say set you can see that don't know what your commitment to admission you need to rather to believe more debt in full more and that will have you to overcome any kind of discomfort thank you as we move onto the next top of conversation I have a question here from a young person who e-mailed it to us his name is Joel many young people perceive the church is having become to institutionalize and bureaucratic playing defense rather than innovating all stop the question that continues on but I'm wondering what are things of the general conference is doing in innovative league evangelizing are targeting the world around us so you can share with us as young people today there are many things that are happening including small group development all over the world mission to the city 's which is one of the greatest challenges I think that young people have today to help us to reach over fifty percent of the worlds population using spirit of prophecy methods the comprehensive health ministry that were trying to emphasize medical missionary work which is very much a part of the final loud cry we have initiated a a wonderful program which we hope will grow one year in mission where young people all over this world will be sponsored by their local churches or by entities to give one year in service locally or could be outside of their local area we have international evangelistic activity that's taking place in an unprecedented way we have integrated media evangelism which is rising to such a level that it is phenomenal what God is doing through every platform and format of media today but the most important thing is that age-old principle of each one tell someone and I think we have to come back to that as well but there are exploding opportunities in event one simple example of that later this month I'll be in India and you know India is a country of over one billion people it took us a hundred years to have our first hundred thousand members in India but in the last fifteen years we have gone from about a hundred thousand members are actually than continue to develop our membership but we've added a million members in fifteen years India has more Seventh-day Adventist than any country in the world one six million but Utah for innovative methods of evangelism we have village workers young people going into villages in India now beginning a Bible studies and starting hundreds of hundreds of young people and Bible workers in India it's amazing what's happening there Indians background speaking the local languages and will have the largest satellite evangelistic program in the history to finish church in a few weeks there will have fifty hours and it's CDs involved in down links across India so I think what Pastor Wilson is said is used so clear and that he is the integration of every aspect of the church whether it's publishing education whether it is media whether it's health ministry into a comprehensive evangelistic focus uniting pastors and laypeople this I think is the wave of the future for Adventism constantly focusing on mission in the fulfillment of Matthew twenty four verse fourteen this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations then the end shall come in and I think one of the things that we would hope as church leaders is that if you leave G Y C you are more committed to the mission of the church been going back and arguing about a particular thing in the local church that he would go back really with a passion to be actively involved in some aspect of soul winning and winning people to Christ and winning of the Adventist message I been struck so many times write attend events like UIC early ASI convention how important it is for us to not define the church by the leadership that comes from the general conference that is a portion of what God is doing a significant guiding portion but it is by no means a description of everything God 's doing one definition that someone is offered forward leadership ought to be doing is figuring out what the Holy Spirit is doing in the church and getting in on it when I walk and talk to the exhibit halls when I talk with young people here I discovered that the Holy Spirit doesn't send every good idea to the General conference in fact the Holy Spirit is at work in thousands of minds here inspiring them to move be creative try new media leadership ask for support ask for resources that's one of the things that we can help with were not here to come up with all the good ideas were here to help resource when God is doing in the church you're talking about innovative things in terms of evangelism one church area is even offering special assistance in funeral services for those in a in communities who seem to have no connection to a church and you know out of that they're able to touch lives you can use every possible creative method and what pastor Finley was saying is absolutely correct get involved in the mission of the church and not infighting and in and heavy discussions on things that really are not eternally of great value and appreciate that firing to know how we can get involved in the ignition of the church and distracted living on to another question it was sent in by attending the young woman said how can I believe that the Bible have to say about God protecting when he didn't protect me when I was a child from sexual abuse one of the tragedies of the life of the church throughout time has been that sinful human hearts take their sin and by violence affect other lives in the church has to be very strong in its statement that it will not tolerate this kind of behavior that it supports those who been victimized that it offers a place for healing and restoration the challenge as you've wealth is this question are well stated is where was God in all of this moment Scripture tells us weeks with the expression of human sin but that his decision to allow human beings free choice means that he can't step in and intervene in every moment he continues to work to build up to restore those who are hurt and broken by life experiences and to offer repentance to those who were there of abusers when we wrestle with these issues we come back to the mystery of saying I have to trust God as Job said in the middle of my pain in the middle of my struggle I'm sitting next to a brother who's been through some of that pain and some of that struggle recently in his own life and I hope will tell you about thank you so much it is already I would see a very real issue last year is only last year is two thousand and fourteen as being a very difficult time for me and my funny because I have lost the meatloaf once we started to you all by losing my on Newfield dedicated young man thirty eight years Chet 's elder died a year ago January and then my wife was seek struggle with concept and we did everything we prayed unto deep walled it to commend that we could give but finitely God allowed her to rest but all three months ago and we we batted her that was unknown Sunday and then my sister might my sister died off a few days of the was Wednesday night Betty and was in for a Sunday and then Wednesday night my sister died so please opened once so I've been processing these are why of course the first thing I result is that I should never I wanted to look one and look what it has done for me I've known right and say that no our God has abandoned me so the first thing I would see if your boss rule at challenges and difficulties that they don't know why I need you so much I first thing is that the result by the Chris of what not to blame God said going to the Wii when you go so too ought to know the facts at the swarm easy bottlefeed we got in the middle of great controversy and in a battlefield that comps and you have causalities away should not be that saying well it's happened to me because because of my full and then on top of the grief you on guilt and that would be even more years than you could say let's say some of the keys because of your fourth house also before giving us of God so we should not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the grief of what went by and by the guilt because I just want to read the complete text that really helped it is very clear it is enough Isaiah chapter fifty three it is a very funny text it is said in verse four and verse five said shortly yes born I want griefs and Cody Bella Sotos yet we esteemed him stricken smitten by God and afflicted and verse five says but he will as we follow transgressions he was Bruce for our unique reduce the chastisement for our peace was upon him on by his stripes we are healed so God God bcc to not believe these you go Vida but emotional spiritual so those who experienced abuse was something difficulty in life remember God is easy to find out he is now on golf course the alternate ceiling is when Jesus comes one piece template writing will go under permanent one would will consult take courage don't be discouraged wall of one one by these who come to God and God will help you and be positive in developed think of the roots are of week we do have and we appreciate those of the advice it's it's alarming the statistics that we have regarding sexual sin sexual temptation etc. are some statistics that were e-mailed in forty eight percent of Christian students struggle with pornography sixty percent of these young people are watching pornography on Christian school computers owned by the school on on school equipment or church equipment one in three women seventy percent of men eighteen to thirty four struggle with pornography and self abuse etc. it seems as though the seven down his church doesn't provide or more what is assumed that ministers doing to provide support and resources for these young people in our church today and right now we're dealing with the situation worldwide whereas our entire world is just jacked up on how we think and how we process how we see life before we get to church we have a whole world telling us that if anything feels feels good just do it everything seems to be redefined nowadays people can walk with God teaches it what comes with their own definition the moment someone finishes a dissertation that become social no practice in these kinds of things and I think what they will get back to his business what God intends for happiness in this world right now we have a situation where because of the Internet and access the Internet all you got is plenty already and I could be sitting in a religious service and pulled my phone and see the thing I want to see how well has totally changed and because of that easy access these are the powers will watch her children teachers children trying to children and it was residual uniquely devotional guide for once again get easier access to the stop and so with replacing a different kind of work but having said that I think we have a responsibility to society to be extended for God in terms of standing up for what's right the challenge is a lot of young people now confused about what is whining what is wrong is what they're seeing on television what they hang from their friends parents and the chart on the lonely educating young children in terms of what is white unhappy young man asked me you know how to be a man you would ask me how the high lobby Obama will last and what could you please talk to her and so we are allowing the world and the streets to define while children know what God has intended for them is the candidate confuses a woman come to the to to the cost genders to the homosexual and gay issues and so forth never confuse well but I don't think that means we have to relax and because the political pressure we can openly talk about the issues that face in Outlook and the challenge one thing that's frustrating event now is how it about has been so politically correct is not dependent people well I wanted in the anybody but if someone asked me the truth about what God 's plan is for the life I want to see the truth I'm not entering into a fan on the love everybody but we has issues and I praise God that through spiritual guidance and direction I see formal homosexual lymphoma gatefold come to Jesus Christ and we do not lash out all the time and we have to believe that a claim that they were there such a thing is really crucial when it comes down to self abuse in terms of the homosexuality issue because we got to come to the point where the church feels comfortable talk about sexuality is not doing the nasty we got a top synthesis of neck God gave while good to the marriage institution to get between a man a woman we got to get back to that discussion but I am here young man says to me passive is it okay for me to masturbate and he's looking at me with sincerely he was not because society has taught him if it feels good just do it if some young people of the other is less of a send to do that rather and actually engage with someone who got addressed honestly in it it was someone will create an image of God God made no mistake when he created us he knew what he was going is that was very good the moment you enter Eric the core laptop before workshops want but when you engage in that kind of activity you I engage in the counterfeit UN KC and that which is superficial and it will be put on the vote of confidence is superficial if you are practicing what is not real so what happens is after a life time of doing that as a teenager was talking to get married you have no idea what the magistrates is going to be and we happen to like getting married in the same there was nothing here why because you have lived a counterfeit you have lived the superficial get back to what God says he made no mistake when he made man and woman and in the manner institution we come together to be sexual but what him chose to become comfortable with Liz talking about it and giving guidance and counseling to children and by the way please do not excuse little children when this type of the discussion claims are absolutely durable as it is his version for the ears and idea of being a virgin is not of one word in the more live of God Ascot to sustain normal issue if you want Scripture that is my foundation because oftentimes don't ask me what passed as a pastor how the are you a you have attempted of course I'm a human being and I am and what I don't do not have a trust yourself because you feel spiritual your holy is dangerous ground is what I read every single day James four over seven submit yourself to God resist the devil and he will flee from you joint venture he will join it to you has you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded I don't trust James black I trust God finally I have to say that when it comes to the initial question of the person with abuse in the church comes together to the Rocky Mount if you violate or abuse a child you go to jail you go to jail we have a responsibility to protect children I speak to to many young adults and parents who abuse as children find members of the church that has to stop this understand that child abuse is not legal anywhere it is illegal and if you abuse a child and so forth without culture sport I have to report that as a crime then one is innocent until proven guilty we have a fiduciary responsibility to protect children not just in the Senate is charged but throughout the world I yeah you thanking you for your response that question everything you think you so much we won we won we won the woman of the website is administered once a young person am I guess when wondering as the statistics are are alarming you know all read them again one in three women and seventy percent of men eighteen to thirty four struggle with pornography that means that's the crowd here a lot of them are eighteen to thirty four and is a good mixture of men and women and so I think that it's it's clear to a lot of people that what the Bible says about sexuality and so forth I guess the question was more regarding people who are struggling with these things what is a some demonstration doing to assist them in these situations so we would administrate website and it's very very easy to find out what's the latest news regarding certain items it's easy to find out how the church is divided into thirteen divisions and so forth now the young person close to that are they finding any support for what happens if I am one of the seventy percent of young people eighteen to thirty four that struggle with pornography what what can I do is there any resource avenues resource that supports them that helps them not understand whether it's right or wrong but how to overcome if I may just be very directly in the direct response look at the January nine Adventist review article by Wayne Blakely ministry not magic addressing the issue of how to deal with the phenomenon of homosexuality in the life of the church and being very clear about the biblical response we have the both kindly and clear in our holding to the biblical standard up there as a resource you'll find it online as of January the ninth in a find it in print on that date to the church is actively beginning to move into this area providing resources speaking more directly games are absolutely correct we've got to do a better job Ruby we've got our resources aligning toward beginning to create real substantive help for people who are wrestling with questions that there are many resources that are available from family ministries department of both the division and the general conference and other levels as well the youth ministries department of course women's ministries there's a lot of good information that will help people to those who've been abused I would echo that the viewpoints that have been stated that there is real hope in the hope is not just in trying to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps but it is in focusing and centering your thoughts and understanding and Jesus Christ and in being born again there is hope every morning there is new hope in Christ and I appreciate what Mister Black is said regarding the church and its intolerance to the kind of abuse for children but abuse for anyone whether it is an older and older person or whether it is a young lady at at at at an academy or young men or whatever it is the church institutions and organizations must be very vigilant in holding the Christlike standard high and before eliminating the tendency of people to simply put things under the rug and move on now we must hold people accountable and you know in terms of pornography and everything that's hitting people today are best answer is simply to focus on those things which are real and positive Philippians four chap chapter four verse eight and understanding how Christ give us victory that's what the Christian life is all about there may be some young person here thinking you know I have really been struggling with this temptation or that and I've fallen again and again and I I feel kind of disappointed in myself there may be some a watching on three ABN the feels that way the question is where is there a hole when you know you have fallen more than once and there's a marvelous passage in Scripture we enjoyed chapter two verse twenty five where the prophet Joel says speaking of God I will restore to you the years here is the incredible good news it's never too late to begin making positive decisions it's never too late God 's forgiveness is their God 's power is there God will restore the years not by letting you go back and living the last five over again but by giving you New Year's in the future so the good news is God wants to do for you exceedingly abundantly what you can ask or think if you failed in the past you restore those years and he has a marvelous future for you this is another resource on Evans youth ministries .org we have a listing of resources that are supported there am also new to remember that even though as a church we have a responsibility to two resource and sometimes women have when you have the most effective resource and partnering with other Christian organizations who Bible -based is a lot of great resources out there to aid the church is a restaurant of note of the fearful about it also want to say that when it comes to the question of tomography one thing that really concerns me is that some how close we are to promote graffiti in our homes if you have cable television and him access of things are women's magazines or books the movies you watch people in the red box and an active something is rated R amazed no one has a talk of what radar is in no and what happens is we don't look at a good movie as trauma because we looking at the overall drama as pornography and many times these things to us in small steps and before you know what you start liking it before you know it that's all you do this is been very careful in terms of what we feed on my is is is is was is those we care from God well the evidence of also thank you very much we appreciate your honesty and your vulnerability we didn't share the question that you had a time and we appreciate you willing to answer them in I think out of respect I will get the last question of the Wilson and be very fitting for a a question to come from a president to a president but I'm on my way out and so I'm been to turn the time over it to last question to be asked by our president Natasha a little thing you know I really appreciate the atmosphere you've created willingness to come all of you and speak with young people I think that they sometimes tend to be a perception of the difference between the way young people think in a black and white and the way our church leadership thanks Elaine Doran was your primary advised to invest in young Adventists that as their interacting with their church nurtures leadership I hope with every young person here and those watching on television those who might hear in some way that you are a vital part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist church and never give up on this church one of the things that is very heavy on our hearts is the the out flow of young people from the church and this is a perennial problem but it is a real and a critical one and the church is trying to do something about that and about a people leaving the church in general but this one will appeal to every young person get involved in your local church being a part of what's happening don't just throw your hands up and stay in a corner and to those of you who are older get to know the names of young people include them in activities ask them how they're doing young people get involved in service to the church and regardless of what you may think I remember this beautiful gem from acts of the apostles in the first chapter Siegelman effective visit me here with one object upon which God bestows in a special sense supreme regard to the hitter of his grace in which he revealed his power and businessmen and women he went to be supporting ministry of the sentencing at a distance to inspire young to be my pilot Dave implies increasing to download the pictures on the resources like the Internet I am coming out of my seat


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