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GYC 2013 Final Charge

Anil Kanda


Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference



  • January 5, 2014
    10:00 AM
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for you you may not have the video on her behalf when the meeting unanimously I wanted to as likely to visit us online at www. DY C Mann a money fund thank you so much for sharing you sounded much older than the way you it had been blessed with USC I had been tremendously blessed I've been to several different UI sees I actually went to the very first UIC year two thousand and two and I decided that during some of the seminars I was going to skip them and go hang out with my friends so me and my friend decided after one particular speaker was continuing with this sermon we decided that we were going to go outside and take a walk we had enough our minds cannot last more than ten minutes during the sermon so we went for a walk this is down implying Springs Ranch and then we tell you we almost die what happened as we are walking around the trails and there we saw this fenced off area that said do not trespass and you know what we did not know it we jumped over the fence and we decided to take a walk we went walking for miles like sheep without a shepherd I mean we just went out for miles we're going further and further we were looking at some of the hills and we're watching all these things they were just like nature is so beautiful and as we continue to walk all of a sudden case that the snowstorm came in and a snowstorm doesn't really point out so much snow it was crazy I never forgot that I that we couldn't even see anymore any of the buildings nothing man-made and we got lost and not also forget I can myself I'm not a guy out here Indian people do not die in the snow spelling bees yes it's no know and feel were out there and we were just getting very irritated children everywhere and we're getting ourselves all I wish we never get these seminars ladies and gentlemen used at the seminar and made the apparel of your own life especially on the one on apologetics the other thing I learned if God got us back but we kept walking in the direction me we had no idea what we were going and we began to pray Lord please show us what we should go and we just continued walking and walking and walking and it just seemed like four miles were walking and finally resolve those buildings and we went in there and we were so happy to see everybody at UNC again but I learned a powerful SNL and have thought about this lesson when I was backstage and that is this you skip those seminars not mayhap you up you're preventing the sermon better watch out the Holy Spirit is watching you amen amen Natalie sent with the work friend was asking us to bless us with the Holy Spirit father in heaven we thank you so much for this time we pray and ask that you would bless us God that you would invigorate us as we are preparing to head home but we pray that you would end in just a powerful way this conference thank you for all your blessings in Jesus name we pray amen all right everybody take your Bibles and iPhones whatever it is take your Bible to be looking at a very important part think about the first Peter chapter one first Peter chapter one first Peter chapter one is a very beautiful chapter you can be learning about a very special group of being first Peter chapter one if you're there God said a man awry first Peter chapter one let's start with first-in with the Bible says right here on this salvation Peter yours talking about the gospel is talking about the grace of God Lucas on this salvation the voices next the prophets had inquired and searched carefully who prophesied of the grace that would come to you searching what oh what manner of time the Spirit of Christ within them was indicating when he testified before hands the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow since then it was revealed that not to themselves but you honestly were ministering the things which now have been reported to you through those left preach the gospel to you by the Holy Spirit sent from heaven I want to standardize the asset and see which angels desire to look into Pierce is something so remarkable about the gospel he says this is something that aren't fallen angels long to look into in fact Hebrews says that they want to spread the gospel as well so here we hear about entity one entity one wants to preach the gospel they love to give the gospel they want to look deeper into the gospel but now been introduced you to another entity take your Bible was there a second Corinthians chapter four but with the Scriptures are saying chapter four starting with verse three but even if I was what is veiled it is veiled to those who are what they are seeing a watchword for whose minds the god of this age has what did you do not believe lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ who is the image of God should shine on them no notices the Bible then introduces us to another entity and this entity is purpose to make sure that the gospel should never be known so you have one group that is determined to see that the gospel vocal or you have another group that is determined to see that the gospel is never given and the reason why ladies and gentlemen is because when the Gospel goes to the entire world the end will come sapiens and he knows it if you take one country under warring with another country and that country develops a weapon that will end the wall ladies endowment the under other countries and to do whatever it takes to see the backcountry network transport that weapon or at least distorted ladies and gentlemen we are in the midst of this war and when the Gospel goes to the entire world the war is over he wants us to spread this message in a very powerful way things a mentor that high-level Jeffrey said take about what Ephesians chapter three he talked about a very powerful verse Ephesians chapter three relations appeasing Ephesians Philippians Colossians general electric power company and driving of an Indian rendition of that I can't okay Ephesians chapter three of the other you see something very powerful let's start with verse eight long years begin about the gospel he says something extraordinary to me who am less than the least of all saints this grace was given I preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery which from the beginning of ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ now what's worse than because it's very important to the intent in other words for this reason Paul saith the gospel was given to him now watch as to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church he says the gospel was given to me so I could preach it to the church but what she doesn't end a point there we says next might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places and gently touched on this the gospel was given to Paul so that he could preach the gospel to the church that they could preach the gospel to the universe through the universe they just think about that ladies and gentlemen God is actually using the church to preach the gospel to countless ongoing beings and we have learned so much about this powerful metanarrative this idea that there is a bigger world out there and if you miss that you don't know my in your post more about this huge universe that we live in and there are no aliens that visit oh well just let me know but that's super important this huge metanarrative we live in a much mental world a much bigger universe and all I exist and somehow matters knowing this but I always enjoyment I'm going to introduce you to something much bigger than this metanarrative is all true narrative pacing is up what in the world is an altar narrative is something that is much bigger than a metanarrative amen now go to Ephesians chapter you can alter narrative you are thinking to yourself what could be much bigger than the universe about to show you Ephesians chapter two starting with verse four of the other but God who is rich in mercy because of his great love with which he loved us even while we were dead in trespasses made us alive together with Christ by grace you have been saved and raised us up together now watch us and made us sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us in Christ Jesus ladies and gentlemen ages to come it is not a reference to your grandchildren ages to come prior to eternity in other words the Alternaria has to do with eternity ladies and gentlemen and God is dealing with you with this perspective of eternity in his mind can you imagine the calculations do try to keep is a perspective in which God wants your life and this law great controversy plays out throughout all entire universe God is doing things here now because for all of eternity it somehow matters eternity is a Alternaria and God has given the gospel to Seventh-day Adventist but if you read the three angels message the Pledge of Allegiance or Seventh-day Adventist you will find it starts with the everlasting life and normally we think the everlasting gospel that just applies to eternity past law is not only applies to eternity past the laser enjoyment there's something were missing it applies to eternity to in a recent perspective in which God is working alive with that powerful insight into entity eternity now that being said Ball says the gospel was given to us that in ages to come he might show the exceeding kindness of God in other words there are things that are going to be real for millions of years from now then appoints say so much about God and somehow it was because of things that were taken place today today some conversation that you have with somebody else about spiritual things somehow in a million years from now it's been a matter in some powerful way and just blows your mind LaserJet window something that God is trying to reveal to us about the everlasting gospel that he has entrusted to Seventh-day Adventists it doesn't just apply to eternity past there's something we need to understand about eternity future now Christianity is about a race thing he's a mentor that you know there's this fat I just want to address this bad and rebuke these people have a lot of friends that like to run I don't like the one that's why we have cards I have sometimes friends that call me up in the same no were to be doing a flat cake you want to join us and I said no I'll do the March of Dimes but I'm not running in some 5K I have other friends they said they were not half a marathon you want to join us know to be due to talk much you want to join us and get some training and no not really I like the fact I like going from a hole in the wall June working out and bench pressing out money in people were not made for running we calculate with the winners and the only one who can say those kinds of things anybody else on the uncomfortable Babylon at least grant that and I'm not really just beyond simply saying major endowment is that this is the crazy right now a lot of people liked what exactly people one of my day amen three of you amen it back when I was walking to the registration with the right think you want to sign up for the bike handles like a and they said please sign up and so somehow I signed up with a thirty dollars but I never ran and what you are who guided me to that decision I will pay you back later but ladies and gentlemen life is a race can you say amen to that and this morning I was really impressed with this concept about race like we are running a race in Christianity amen all talks about that now the cool thing about Paul he was in a runner but he was a spectator like me we watched the racist right we don't participate but he pulled out subtly different analogies illustration about people who are writing in fact I never got one morning I woke up and it was sometime last year I heard this bracket outside and I got up a wildlife they came outside and I don't even have a smile on my face default is brown as I walked outside and there was a marathon right outside my house right hi my house if I can find somewhere else is going to Minogue South but this was a very high sort of thinking about that that Christianity is a race it's about money in this journey and thought many times many of us just the back way to win majority many people fall and I never get back up others are going backwards but God wants us to keep moving forward can you say amen to that and if the race now get this for holiness God is wanting us to reflect the creators glory to share more about him to love him and to make a note to this entire universe but for all of eternity can you say amen to that end I never got one day I had to seek maneaters with Sikhs are the ones with the tribe in fact I think sycophancy seek man he was working on my neck and neck problems and he was working on my neck and Olson unusual questions come up with another inning is talking to another individuals like this what do you do for a living and it's usually uncomfortable because when I think Hastert all of a sudden there's just this why it happens all the time so we asked that question what you do for living I said I'm a pastor there was the silence awkward silence and they said why and I said well here are seven reasons to begin him a description of Daniel chapter seven and talking about the antichrist beast and he was like at the very end of a news like so on I think all religions are pretty similar they are very similar ideals and actions in all these things he said this at the corner bids it's all the same and the Lord impressed me that moment just to say something to him I said rather it's not a get it about him and discovering who he is the one who existed before all things I said life is a journey about finding who he asked who he is and then making his glory known to this world a statement that I never got me was just the spear was really working on this man's heart and that is what life is all about ladies and gentlemen it's about running in this race of holiness now when I see a holiness are not just referring to while learning that the same or learning how to keep the law perfectly I'm referring to becoming more and more like our nature can you say that that cannot be those other things are part of the Malaysian government if we focus on those days when I missed the most important parts which is becoming like Jesus amen and so we need to think a good look at somebody who was in this race his name was Joshua take a bottle of the Zechariah chapter three Zechariah was seen as powerful vision of the high priest Joshua and I love Bible passages about Angels amen Joshua Q the Zechariah chapter three we all their aim in Zechariah chapter three site with verse one then he showed me who Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord has been appointed as tacit don't want you to mark certain things they think I'm an assignment fictitious phrases that keep appearing over and over and over again because God is communicating a point Zechariah chapter three starting with verse one then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord and Satan standing at his right hand to what opposing Zechariah sees a beautiful vision and his vision he sees God 's throne Nice easy on the Lord sender by IDCs Jocelyn Eric and Lindsay Satan accusing him a backward accusing your enemies if the word Satan Satan Satan him is not only announced the birth of what it says in Hebrew the word Satan means to resist or uphold our skills and saying was doing my thinking us and with a line about Joshua sent absolutely not the only delight both ends are there any areas he is standing and he is accusing Joshua anything this guy does not deserve a right to your kingdom what happens next with you going briskly now Joshua was clothed with filthy garments and was left was what standing before the angel more nifty going for he answered and spoke to those who stood before him saying take away the filthy garments from him and he said to see I have removed your iniquity from you and I have club will call you with rituals and I like verse five because you can get Vista Bible cites an Indian person and I say let them put a clean turban on his head imagine given that to a seat person right you get a smiley 's and Freddie God Zachariah actually joins in the what's taken place the Lord rebuke Satan and your Joshua standing before the high priest before God and all of a sudden the Angels begin to clothing and central lab gets all just blown away by what's happening is like a just unspeakably green turban on his head to the joins NBC's authors in the ministry and that excites you definitely can tell me when you see a lot of people want by you Captain fire yourself and that's why ministry is so important in groups you are going to find out what happens next so they put a clean turban on his head and they put the clothes on him now watch an x-ray place again and what the next race and do what Angel of the Lord what stood by that's very important verse six then the angel of the Lord admonished Joshua saying them thus says the Lord of hosts he begins again and this little mini sermon I want you to see something ladies and gentlemen in Josh was walk he was somebody who was attempting to come before God and you know we shall not the devil himself but you know what was there the angel of the Lord and that when the Devils God Josh was recognizing this building is an unit was done by him not the devil the angel of the Lord and then went just like it's brand-new clothes it was still standing on your feet Angel of the Lord ladies and gentlemen God is trying to help us understand something and that is fifth in our journey of sanctification God is with us at that point when the Devils wanting to destroy us God is with us at that point when we are recognizing I'm a sinner and God is still with us when we are overcoming caddies they meant that those angels also never abandon us during that time as long as we are heading in that white direction raising Joan and God will continue to keep working amen and this is so powerful many times in my life I have felt like I was at that place for the devil was saying Lucas sends what is done and he was accusingly before God but God do not abandon and it reflects my life where I was experiencing Lord I am a guilty sinner and I can overcome and I was recognizing what was wrong with me and I was saying I'm still by your side and then there were times in my life I was overcoming certain things and I was thinking me I'm right you're still you say meant that enough powerful the Angels of God never abandon us during our sanctification so while you may be at the letter and even atheists raise endowment the fact that you are here is because God 's Spirit is working with you and you may be in another part of your experience when you're back and I think God IM guilty but don't know what to do about it thank you I'm right here with you and you may begin to experience they can praise the Lord and honest though thank you I do not let your sunlight in the process of sanctification in the journey of holiness in the race of life Nathan John to reflect God 's character and his beauty to the Lord he never abandons us amen and was so beautiful about the gospel to you let's so beautiful is watch what the angel says to him when Joshua experiences the peace of God 's righteousness then gave the Lord admonished Joshua said to him thus says the Lord of hosts if you will walk in my ways if you will keep my command than usual while the left judge my house and otherwise have likewise have charge of my quest I want to flash flex and I will give you places the walk among those who stand here raising dumb and clueless standing around Joshua Angels and God was saying to them if you are papal you will walk with Angels they will be her companions and wherever you go they will be and I know there's been a lot of angels that have come to this view I see they could be sitting next to you raise endowment I had about ten feet tall their faces are shining they look like all quarters is what I've been told that God wants us to recognize something that the egg jelly ministry is all about humanity amen and wherever were asked in this march to holiness in this race of life in this marathon is duality God is with us every step like I said before we must never forget this beautiful story because you may get one part of your life experience while you may be another plot but God is giving you the same understanding that if keep moving for I'm still with you equally to combat a step back but gave moving forward in your spiritual growth and as I said before there been times that I have utterly following I mean I have just been destroyed by Satan himself but God was still preserving me during those times when I look at my own thing I realized that I can overcome there's been times I look at my own circumstances and things will work out like I said God I'm so discouraged other times the church itself discourage me and I wanted to abandon things in the field begins to flag a little bit I was getting tired and I said not enough I can keep going but then this beautiful picture of the class up your legs enjoyment and whenever I see the cross my strength comes right back and many times myself I just look at the glass and him I got I feel better now I continually and other times once a week I'm just calling the ultra- negative is Marathon positive look at the class again and I look at the cost and I'm empowered again to keep going there times that I feel like I just think it's spiritually and I can keep moving on I thought to look up to the cross and I saw that cross ladies and gentlemen and it'd powered me again a man raising John and the cloths becomes more and more of our experience and I believe towards these end times the cross is there to take more of a front position in our church do I believe in many of the beautiful to give I believe all the IB God has blessed our church and appreciate what Jeffrey was saying about weirdness I never know when you talk to one individual we would like now we just believe in weird things you think the church is so metered I know what a weird about it feels like well everybody pulls to church on Sunday leave on Saturday my buddy and get back to the thousands in my mind but after talking a listing in myself I than I said something to him I said do you know the difference between something that is weird and something that's unique I said what something that is beer is an attribute or characteristic that makes people feel uncomfortable you know what I mean and I said something that is unique is an attribute that actually slacks and a sentiment I looked him square in the eyes that our beliefs are unique these people were weird in your FAQ God has blessed us with such beautiful truth and they are attractive they are so attractive I know we always be so much about over correcting these teachings and communication at some point but ladies and gentlemen are key dates are beautiful and they attract about what is so interesting about how presidential does one of our seminars you can escalate when Jacob was brought before the great barrel and you let Jacob did he bless the family alliances and conscious superiority he placed his hand on the mighty bill can you imagine this is old man and the sparrow people can look at giga places his hand upon it and the failed bows his head he's thinking wow no one touches me and Jacob prays a blessing upon him what is so remarkable is when he says after that man with the Pharaoh sent you look at them he said how old are you you want to want because Egyptians never let that long they ever I saw this old man of the fight how old are you a man but Jacob was reaping the fruits of the health message and I know about another group of people who live a decade a decade longer than others when people see the longevity racism is attractive I never got we're both happy things for a health fair in the past all these fires out and stuff like that I met some lady edge on the juice of the dumb gives us delicious and so we are there and I passed that she just came from exercising as either as a check this out and you think well enough I want to go to this lift is about and I said if the health bands you like really I said do you want to meet the longest living people meters and she said yes come to this health care and waxing they gently should be segmented how will you what you living this long and it was the signs to attract to the beautiful laws that God has set up to the dynamics of existence that God has given to us and I never got actually what I was flying up on the plane year and I flew from hopefully she was Chicago and the Chicago to Florida the first part of my trip I have always surrounded by non- Africans the second part there is evidence everywhere but the first part of my trip I was sitting next to his professional couple she was a neurologist and he was a software engineer although they were not Canadian those are two things the Indians generally a part of that was sitting there and I was in myself okay I need to be a powerful weakness right now I like to win if I dislike this week as always they are not cycled a dog I want to witness to them and so was praying and I was like all of a sudden like okay got our current type correct and I said excuse me high and they said I'll be up to the bathroom right now now if I go I dropped that wanted their so I waited again and I was like Jesus take the wheel and solid like high party to where you guys going and if they were going to Chicago on the receipt with me about the trip but will so interesting how can continue talking Jesus with me that they were of the Baha'i faith but also had a background in thoracic reason those are two things that are part of India's culture as well now they were not Indian but I said to them I said that's interesting I said I when I went in its use in speaking action toward a Baha'i Temple I saw it over there that this big Lotus Temple and she was just really impressed that I could interest and I wasn't attacking it and then she dies the Drive said when I was at sea are doing some work in Arroyo grande it I actually studied with a couple of people who were believers in the raspberry of them now that's the dying religion because I really believe what it is actually there not allowed to profit times so you very are born into it or you marry into an interest shrinks more and more as I was saying with them I said that that was a lovely couple I study the Bible with and she just her eyes were bright enough that I had respect for her agriculture then I said this dries that you are also interesting about the Baha'i Faith and she said yes coming and I said this digital that the Baha'i faith started around the eighteen hundreds he said yes I did know that know what's really interesting if you want to the Baha'i website they actually started during eighteen hundred specifically eighteen forty four and the reason why is because they are not similar calculation to us if you look on the website or similar calculations that use the book of Daniel to come to eighteen forty four however the conclusions about what happened eighteen forty four is wrong as I'll explain this turns you said yes I'm aware of all these things hence I said so you're aware that the founder of the Baha'i faith the one five five eighteen forty four he said yes I'm aware that and then I said did you know about the rest of Christendom that was funny at the same promptings he said yes I'm very well aware that and it didn't happen I said you're correct but I said to her there was another group of people came to understand something about eighteen forty four and she said who are they nice smile I said Seventh-day Adventists and she's like without them what was their conclusion about eighteen forty four and I had to do a quick Bible study with my hands about the sanctuary Jesus I've never heard that before remarkable she was asked about my diet all of a sudden and she's like that is amazing that you guys have the special diet and also blown away because yelp you have a six-foot tall hairy Indian talking people to play you know you want to be careful that I was brought by the exit door do you don't know my struggle but God gave me grace as I was not in the analyst told bluntly because how quickly she was attracted to this and she wanted to know why Doctor information on the embodiment some seminar in San Francisco I was solved one way lazing down in our teachings are attractive amen and as we share them God will bring people whose hearts are voting into and by the way whenever you want to witness to a person always remember that God authority met that person before you get payment but what's so awesome about all our teaching faith and gentlemen as this is at the cross as New York close again time becomes more and more central to become the greatest of all the teachings and it takes the form question takes the stage and as we exalt across more and more it would be such a Photoshop Adventism to this world when I was a Hindu and people really think to me I did you know Jesus died for you I would say so what can't be done for me they were thinking about the life of Martin Luther King Jr. the bullet for me I can be in this country but when I begin to learn all the various dynamics about the cross about the law about the Sabbath about the state of the dead about the safe sleep all of a sudden the cost of a beautiful picture I had never seen before your flight ECGs are super important because they exalt the class they're not separate from the club they exalt the cross the pinnacle moment where God forever secured this universe to place two thousand years ago and many times in my life as a said before when I'm struggling my spiritual walk God reminds me look at the cross and I love reading the vivacious and specifically a second quote against the power but Joe that will right now they are this is all beautiful they can donate and if you can memorize this list of the most powerful quote out of all the writings when she is talking about the second death that Jesus was experiencing the Savior could not see through the lot plurals of the two pumpkin not present him is coming for the gravy Congress and tell them of the father 's acceptance of the sacrifices he feared sin LaSalle offensive to God that their separation was to be eternal what does faith and hope when old JVM acts as it is expiring agonies of Christ because God had removed all what ladies and gentlemen Jesus did have insurance on the cross he had hitherto adhered to for his beloved son of his approbation accepted tonight even like hope and confidence in the plan which will be his in the future declines out with a loud voice father into thy hands I commit my spirit taken to look at this late enjoyment when Jesus was dying on the cross you do not experience the shines beyond all hope in a wheelchair and he got no sense of his father 's presence these breathing is what the Lincoln are going to spirit at the end of time he was going through the experience of a lost man save men don't cry out my God why have you forsaken me lost men do NSB was going through that experience every time I move all the class and a look at those words my heart is such grant is gripped so much and was so beautiful ladies and gentle Mrs. powerful point of everything this sea was denied are the very things I get when I look at the cross denied insurance when I look at the class Nathan John and I find assurance that I brought home of the future when I look at the class lately don't I feel like I said I still got your future and even when I don't sense the father 's presence I look at the clock and all of a sudden I began to sense the father 's love against the very things he was the nightly 's endowment on the class are the very things we did when we behold it and this is why angels marvel at the cross because how beautiful is easy as I said one might set off they have an understanding of the condescension we don't we just think Jesus came from the sky we look at it only look at pictures and we think what they go Ryan's belt is right here but angels will travel the vast universe see the length of the club condescension they know what Jesus went through them again when we get to the center of this universe motivates me think of a by the way where's our anonymous say I get the Star maps out the storm at Southeast it is not right here yes that's not architecture much smaller net okay where is it we have a special map that Michelle if the special map as they even be able to get Moss becomes so distant and will don a from Donna face and tell me that when Jesus became a man the condescension was far greater than we had ever imagined we are brought to the center of the universe and revealed all that God had created an athlete sees infinite greatness law and lock the condescension becomes greater and greater we realized that using one particular analogy of bungee jumping younger people are bungee jumping they may think you are jumped from a hundred and fifty foot branch and you may say that's impressive order they say to you I jump on the three hundred foot break you would think with that one person but then I think you are done from a five hundred foot bridge with it that's really impressive about incorporating an individual two thousand twelve rate it would be blown away more and more because you realizing that this is what greater and as we behold the greatness of God more and more throughout all of eternity will realize the distance of the condescension was far greater than we had ever imagined before and will blow our minds away it will utterly blow our minds away the class is everything to a place enjoyment and more more and starting to recognize this in my experience if I don't gaily come to the cross I am not going to be empowered to keep going forward and this race speaking of race my friend has a book called born to run the Internet but before that I like surprising people it's a book about the tall model clack of Apollo Morrow tried there different kinds we do not make different kinds and they live in North Mexico in Copper Canyon the Las Vegas researchers have difficult for you to find them because they are what called a running slide they like to want everywhere I would never join the want everywhere and after researchers finally tracked him down what they discovered while their mind this is why ask it to all I hundred miles a few days they tested marathon runners against this slide and a blog the marathon runners away it even test them against ultra marathon runners as they pulled them away now they have a plant based diet important he also did tobacco they drank but somehow they keep being these ultra marathon runners and internal why some more study into that group found out that they like money without shoes they get what they use the sexiest sandal that they make at a tiger that they find one time somebody gave them a bunch of Nike 's youth and they found all the Nike shoes stashed in the Bush later on they like it they wanted that natural feel they start running in Iran and they run and a running groups felt like running individually their family base class about what is also so interesting about this is that they are so united in the running that the women only one forty to fifty miles a day unfortunately there left behind but they are so united the males are in running that some researchers trying to find out how athletic they were the calm super humans they could become our class drive from like ninety miles away is able to put you two together and what they discovered is that there is a commodity that can easily develop that they thought the competition would be able to distance in an and find out what was that when and what they found if they were all crossing the line together their goal is not to win it was maybe it is not full is then went together as a group and another one from these our flag in mind with a deal they all start slowing down one comes up behind him and they like and encouraging him to be running unsafe but it didn't appear anything I had to get them caught up and they continue writing altogether and they a lot lately as groups as part of their family culture they'll like the wind individually and nothing so amazing about this new place endowment but here we begin to understand God has given us the charts so that we can encourage one another amen and when not to abandon the church we need to keep going on because this movement will make it towards the end of time amen as we continue on this journey together as a church ladies and gentlemen more and more web only to discover that we have greater strength than if we didn't individually God wants us to come together more and those who attempted to bind to start with and gentlemen they will fail because God 's Spirit is behind this church right and that will stop the church may even look like it's about to fall but it will not fall it will make it to the end of time enough with the powerful I praise God reason given for the church that were part of the house this beautiful message of the cross but what is even more crazy or raise enjoyment as I think your earlier were not the only ones in this race there actually is others who will join you know I originates how business is called thieving Angels this morning I change it to racing Angels out the white we show that powerful quote it is instruction to the disciples Christ Christ dwelt upon the great gift of the Spirit declaring that nothing was too great to be expected from the coming of the divine spirit he longed to quicken in a large the case hi both by communicating to them if all you come on complete appreciation of God club that they might be able to competent about you get the gifts given by God with the giving of his beloved son they get the baloney spent on all who love and serve God this didn't happen but so what if the Apple client had made provision for all to receive a spirit for you desire to see human nature released from the bondage of sin and by the power which God gave renewed Rexnord raised to a holy rivalry with the Angels made your shocked right now presenting yourself what in the world is holy rivalry with the Angels not talking about a football game of having an amazing gentleman is referring to something so beautiful there for all of eternity also needs angels are to be heading down the same path when I walk these Angels what you think of the kind of product and as we go on this race of life for all of eternity to reflect more and more of God 's unselfish love to try and outdo one another in good works and helping others be exalted above ourselves as we on this race for eternity laden down with angels and humans angels and humans angels and humans reflecting more and more of God 's glory and his greatness it will be a holy rivalry and are you ready for are you ready for it you want to keep moving forward in this race of life last person we are finished even chapter twelve verse one making of a special appeal Hebrews chapter twelve starting with verse one therefore we also since we are surrounded by so great what up with his letter for your five every weight and sin which so easily ensnares us and let us run with what enduring why we run with endurance the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus the author and what finish your outlaw what made ladies and gentlemen the only way to keep going in this law and this makes in this marathon is by beholding Jesus more more by seeing that beautiful cross that will energize us that will empower us to get back to the petty towards these ends it is not the end though we get to heaven beginning of a whole new race another Marathon there will be so much joy raising gentlemen God wants us to keep moving forward onward upward he does want to sustain the same place higher than the highest thought is God 's ideal for his children God says don't say where you're at movement movement if I don't say where you're at desire law Holiness Moran James Morris God 's power more grace more of the spirit to desiring more of God because he has so much to give you need to get a look at the Old Testament ladies and gentlemen you find out that angels are called sons of God and medical service but there is a switching that starts happening in the New Testament you find out that men are all sons of God and of references to angels being all servants why because God is trying to show us what's in store God says keep moving on this race don't stop keep taking steps many you been convicted by the things you have heard today and throughout this whole meet the I got a thank you moving forward and say what you want to do this conference so you can take the next that you may be tested right now ladies endowment you may have learned UMass things in your life that you can overcome God want to hear because he is I hope you take that next step you may be Sunday was struggling with and when you think you iPod genius that you can take the next step the place where that Starfleet and gentlemen is the choice on events sonic appeals I noticed that there wasn't a baptismal appeal yet they sent out in the spirit of God is working your life and you feel the need of God has been funding the baptizer rebaptized please come to the front raisins on the web making it today if you feel that desire you feel like God has been in my heart I want to make that decision you come to the front there's plenty of room in heaven amen many times we talk about these of the size of heaven we compared to a few states and with megalithic that's all that the new Jerusalem is the polyphase endowment of still be room bill still be plenty of room in the new Jerusalem if God is calling you to make a decision to be baptized please come up to the front don't delay these are the times that his spirit is calling people to keep moving full payment to keep beholding the cross of Calvary these are those times the spirit of God is thriving with thriving within trying to get them back in the race ladies and gentlemen please try to get you back up and keep you going forward with the spirit of God is working your life you sense that conviction please come up to the front there's no time delay it it feels very simple assault powerful life-changing if you're somebody that has a burden on your heart it may be the burden of seeing something you can overcome you may be something you are struggling I'm not here to tell you how to overcome I'm sending to tell you how it can start by you coming to the cost account Mason Jonas are sending your life is their burden on your heart something in your life entitled that you are struggling with what you come up to the front ladies and gentlemen I want to make this decision are not insane to anybody else I want to bring us to the cross of Calvary and that is the first step of victory that is the first step of victory and that you and your life ladies and gentlemen God is calling you to bring them to the cross to bring important to him maybe somebody alive that feels like God has failed you in the plans in your life ladies and gentlemen God upon you back to the foot of the cross that you come to the foot of the cross angels behold what you are doing you become a spectacle throughout the universe but not just about the universe but for this Alternaria well all of eternity somehow the decisions you make today affect all of eternity all of eternity there's something in your life ladies and gentlemen that God is calling you I'm human I know what that's like I know with the struggles all about God is calling you the first step to come across new maybe somebody in your life today ladies and gentlemen to have found her you needed spiritual renewal in your life the first step is coming to the cross and God will empower you you might have falling down in this marathon of life that God is saying come to the cross and I will energize you again I will energize your spirituality plays in Jonah God is calling you to the foot of the cross Matthew angels behold it merely talk about heaven and heaven rejoice as one sinner turned from the way and we say during him and him and repent and become lifelong profit and every advance you maintain healthy joints Angels rejoice as one who rejoiced even more than the Angels on the Vita our music scene come on out producing a very special song medley of hands about the cross of Calvary and as we say it keep your heart open to what the Holy Spirit is saying today is not a business this was included in the way see the supporting ministry of ascendancy outages since he seems I think young people and I would be inclined to rescind to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us I am reading device even when a


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