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Left, Right, or Center?

W.D. Frazee


W.D. Frazee

Founder of Wildwood Medical Missionary Institute



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in reading and writing long and that are a little at that humanity rages on who you are morally exalted that he may have mercy on you will go to the Muslims are all allegedly gritty and the people you come to our lens on Jerusalem thou shall know more IMO be very gracious unto the voice of Viagra and he will he will answer the Boulevard near you but rather the birthday water in your show I figured to be removed into a corner anymore but by nine shows the Nike and thine ears shall hear a word behind the saying this is the way while he is a bringing turn to the right and when you burn the last know there is a blessing and eighteen verse for those who love learning weight one can characterize the remnant people of Gaul the eighty of the same penetrations and exhibited and is strengthening the highway brought are those who don't seem to be able to get into difficult consolidation within seven days for assignment on time on it is no .org I don't know Roberto something has to be done so knows that you don't and all the Wii or the work all in John Lorenz there are those who are learning and I try to be learned here Sharon Leslie Lady you see what I'm thinking of all as we proceed further into our study tonight now on the universe allows far I want to read to you and all the next version reboot as translated Mason all agreeing and rendering that he hears he should divide Peter Christ was Canada's scarce maybe your bread and water from the Lord yet New York teacher never leaves you know you see your future or you are so and when you store your right or left you hear a voice behind you registering the latest is the way law here those are Peter Bryant 's bizarre behavior and it is our privilege is saying in gardens and direction from day-to-day in a darkroom no in the twenty first verse we have a longer problem is that when we are in danger of turning to the right hand or the left and dangerous lobbying is not friendly that we will year it lives say though that don't turn in Iraq will go to who is the way all the anyway that is what and you do not learn or I will letter or writer or see which way are you going to this effect is to learn for us to try to the right hand nor to the God of Moses and Joshua that will turn to the right and turned to the night here at the right hand is the same as a you get all world on the right-hand today as I will go to get all hormone that my correct there's just one thing you will provide what is their author of the result of a heavenly voice the defining feature is longingly about energy-saving this is the way and things were to the right had been no dongle that way you and millions worth of the novel that way will involve more page seventy five and everything on God 's call for minimum stability of the opinion relied upon is in danger and product who are strongly rooted and grounded in the eternal he cannot be similar to in a letter will do wrong we found on the right the diminutive word and a writer on the right side never in the right of an their moving Great Wall is nothing contradictory about the right side is in the center will need every difficult thing about this will unit of the people who are all elaborated all over the overall and sometimes identify the sender but the people are on the right rating being in moving to be on the lap and they all identify the sender with that is you are in the center you will get shot over the right and left it it is well known and be prepared for not getting discouraged over go that you are infected during this interview got shot at without shooting back in the law you see that more clearly as we go along the five-year grant those who violate trial with dismal will be those who know how all of the leptin of the right and who are determined that will solid with the in your ability to hire more lawyers and their manager and are going to turn to the right and now I might have you know I I you and you have a tendency to turn to the lavatory or have a tendency to turn to the right butanol human being as long as were many understanding trends in one direction avail but we're told it's even worse than that there is in human nature it is a little extreme than from one extreme to another in fact well don't Bible says let a man examining so I want to give you some little checkpoints you can use to see first I'm going to appeal to those who are compromised you can think of them in the laundry was the laughter even think of them if you want to live the right one aside on the other I'm not concerned with labeling them left or right I am concerned that we understand one of the compromises are not in the center about holiday walking in the middle of the road in the middle of a user the above matters are even more why you are all in the wrong living it is in many their English school in their is wrong for all three but compromises are not in the list below the road is straight and narrow road Jesus that's just his wife is one man and that one man is Jesus Christ compromises are not in the middle of the older you are all ones are sold at no better being in the middle of the road and you see you are going to give your sixth on identification card or more in the first place they leaned toward the world that article nor were there only in the work I think part of standards comes up the remaining on the world lives on you have the engines a friend they were on different second part of indemnification of compromiser is the basic times of change install blog was written in the spirit of prophecy a hundred years ago or thirty years ago can hardly be expected to be applied now going to change some are in educational lines in medical line in the bedroom what is written here not be accepted in in the regular time in which it was written and how well inhumanely guiding principle or today well not really you are actually directed are they your Carla Saha is the hallmark of the online old and I reached two hundred eleven meeting of the manager who had studied guardians of this spiritual mentors of the people in it it's ready there across it says they had taken the position that we need not look for miracles in the market manifestation of God 's power is in former days I have changed the words strengthened our own belief that these is the is the cry from men who will never again live are honest like a trumpet to show the people their transgression in the house of Jacob Thursday there is a serious indictment we should not take into RNs to apply that statement with an earlier version but you and I should individually look into our hearts and see yourself to spirit lurks within article so we should pray God it helps get rid of me as your friend that God from time to time as a fulcrum gloss on this matter not only the vibe of this paragraph to say but from the man that he has in his providence arranged to meet new people I want to know this warning from Elder Watson run number of years the president of the General conference loses from the review of November one in November twenty one nineteen thirty five there is setting in on his people made by worldly which we are surrendering I do not mean to imply that we are not resisting these influences at all but I believe that the measure of resistance that we are putting forth is no we are arrive in being swept backward to be alarmed about our resistance world influences is seriously diminished I am troubled by the direction that our educational and training work with definitely taking I am concerned mother more and more obvious lack of any education and training of our workers we are acquiring more of the world unless the goblin for that statement was given by the president of our general conference twenty years the servant of the Lord your owner Michael anti- wall of outer walk-throughs president of the general Congress on more than one occasion he gave expression to the concern over the world manager interviewing her on December three eight nineteen thirty six he said our greatest danger today is the attitude taken by so many of our people of accepting with apparent satisfaction that are present most virtual conditioning and not being very much concerned about the time has come for the information they collect there is coming of the turntable listlessness a carelessness that is deplorable were your meeting motor runs in the run of the review and Herald December sixteen nineteen hundred and one around zero we aren't also faithful and zealous for God as we once were in the end of the world 's job upon we need revival now it is the greatest of all are the one you sent so I say we have been worn in the Bible and in the spirit of problems today in five areas of our church leaders that there needs to be a turning trauma world ends that have meaning for the world uncompromisingly birthmark reminders news and basically human reason in place of divine revelation I will know that because I read it in volume five page seventy nine there are minimal in responsible positions will be opinions of acute and stated below her so-called are more interested than the truth of the Bible are the testimonies of the Holy Spirit there is a spirit of idolatrous exaltation of mirrored human reason about the revealed wisdom of God you find in your heart the slightest disposition to accept what so called scientists are already reasoning instead of the Bible testimony or other sister was right not to get out of your heart professes to work the comparable another mark of the compromisers is that they ask you is or is in an money-losing example I may want our citizens are living in the public-relations and we should do any compromise will bring a good name for their name and want all that has and will so not recently Junior not be so separate not these obesity just this week my happened is the subject classic example of that sort of reason I couldn't resist slipping and bringing you here tonight this is in the paper Christianity today is close to a large number of Protestant ministers Nelson and paper but if it is Protestant Christianity something like Newsweek or Time is too popular that is the fundamentalist branch of the church remarks but this particular piece I'm going to read is a letter to the somebody had written in a former issue something against tobacco and liquor but this man rises to the defense of both of them as possible means of solar gas according to listen humanity challenged seven are learned the hard way that you can witness for Christ with a cigarette or a glass of beer in your hand if you want the effect that the businessman riding and protests endless fullness this writer has sounded moral will will use operating with a cigarette or a glass of beer in hand than any other we are labeled him and then he had this wonderful jam at the call may God bless as Woodland and practice unity and essential liberty and nonessentials and give us the wisdom to know the different I've heard that before you ever wanted everything in the cigarette and a mug of beer are not the only things that are paraded for as a means of sociability in order to break down prejudices and win friends and influence people Christ is the Christ never heard as I compromise and so when we seen also are prepared to excuse our demand compromise we know that that is not the center of a wrong is all turning to the right and the another mark of the compromisers listen to this that is that they are to those who will not run I will bring a compromise of the Hezbollah organization they will circulate reformers in New Orleans a man would stand up for truth and right and I spent another very interesting mark of the compromiser is that while he may talk a great deal of in new readers in regard to repeated actions of the church through the General conference in calling rather it ensues there is no control that you need and that they are no standards that need exalting are not sung their paper was delivered to the saints there is a very better than upheld in the Bible in the spirit of prophecy and binary data fields from the leaders of the church those are the standards that need a job and I say out there only to organization branded disloyal organization those who are spending more on repeating the standards of this denomination as expressed through the visual mouth we all had begun but it is done again and again so do not be deceived by the Lawhorn expressions of loyalty to organization by those who compromise and see the big church in the world conform that will be the best spirit of compromise what would be the leading end of those who indulge the world were Karen is illegal in the compromises and world conformity operations at this picture even if involving five hundred eighty one the two things about it I hope you notice carefully as I read the time is not far distant when the test will come to every soul the market with the issue of your people will and unity world and American wrong world across will not find in our battery even to the powers that be rather than subject themselves a duration in result threatened a in this time that will be separated from the draw signature child like Rob will be borne away on the wind even from places where we see only lowers it rich we many has far that we've admired for his urgency will then go out and are noticed two things above or there is not when the market would be forced against their finale because of the track very going on some of the radiant stars one children were but the second thing I want you to notice the multitudes of them are not going out on you they remain in the church to lead the church where there are a lot of individual unfamiliar the pressure of the world itself in the enforcement of the market of these wars is that a solid buffer is that a challenge to the individual when I'm reading administration do you not see a brand-new that the presence of even large number of those who indulge compromising tendencies in the church that doesn't mean the church is not you need to really draw you are at the church is the spirit of prophecy says all are seeing today will not succeed in making the church militant is worth the drive to chat at you even think of as a chat that the child will love it will burn the church and request the church on the final visual marketing the sad end of the compromising site in the search you see why that your feature your heavenly feature regular at the right hand doesn't know what will that don't follow you individually and in the way that he is no matter how many laws alone so now I turn to the other side of the road there never was wrong yet what do I get all in our growth says that when you turn to the right and/or turn to the left life as the hallmark of the other side is criticized by those on one side compromise those on the other side critics and what are they testing on it you can check yourself in order not to belong to the class and what you're endangered getting into it every RN word in it I believe I remember they will have all of the community acting unlawfully when we left him alone the first is they will not submit your organization that will not submit your will well I that is their lack of confidence in the church oriented leadership now they are all degrees in the side of criticizing go there all degrees in the side of comparable blood running through all the news on the side of criticizing Israel lack of confidence in the church 's leadership otherwise why would be great you just want to send his army we might read a statement not only got one sentence combining three three goodbye it is hardly possible for a man who all are a greater insult to the then produced by then reject the instrumentalities that he has appointed to lead all those who were spending their time saying things and doing things which we can confidence in the church and its leadership are installing home another mark of his group is that in one way or another Bailey and the idea that God is in our writer then when the movement as a whole and because I read it in volume one eighty four seventy God is bringing holiday people in preparing the use that as long it is the same things on the area prior of Christ for his disciples what was that only the long there are little companies are rising who believe that God is only one of the very few on one fourth of the building is currently in the music that our little company continually arriving will believe that God is only one of the very few the various scattered their influence is apparent down and scattered which the servants build up the I want to move his injecting yourself and warning your soul against those who have the Spirit is to criticize they are implied they leave the impression that a new movement is not the problem those who are about to start and we got a number of goal all along the way of the last hundred years with you on everything bring some of these goods are movements when they're starting they absolutely do not have any thought or there is a subtle variation of these the best it they say why no course not we wouldn't think of having a new movement movement is going through but it's going to have in January another word there will be a new moment in the R&R to the bar revolution in our warrior soul against all the inferences on this I give you one speed but one of selected messages one seventy nine serve the Lord was writing to a minister preaching to our people on Verizon he said he would pay ravages and more management speak of the poems of probation originating among all people and he will call law and you will all have a coming out from the people of a furor over their people it will arrive in all leaders in the we should not needlessly lithic record that will make differences were created we cannot give the impression that the car to get our ideas are not all of it is because the ministers relaxing and probably and they are walking and dark Northumberland Littleton for all tests this is that is they circulate through four derogatory to the church leaders they circulate written for derogatory to the church leader not a report reminding sure they might befall one convenient bull of the women who were born for use of voltage might be possible for somebody Mister in you will recall over a minister in the regular state usability and overall leader in the church and everything you will and right ear is one of the great hallmarks of the greatest when a leader makes a mistake being wrath on a lot of other dog a core and they call you helping your somebody's not going to like what I just I believe the time has come to be I believe we should Brandon with a proper run those who are so eager to gather up average more that seems to reflect upon our theater urgently if we really love the chart we will not long this is the kind of thing are possible and reported to Martha's Vineyard or I will and I'm so glad my wife will revive an old he's not around having about local state and all of your that my dear friends of the church leadership obviously in our hand and come passing around report station radio drama are usually not a problem we know more about making the state and you can help talk to him about what I'm talking about right now if you are not in your drawing not that I was going to be vigilant and move on to more people will do a letter to his wife of the minister back in ninety four letter forty eight eighteen ninety four letter was written on the nitty-gritty and written some things mistakes of other work out of the way you have undertaken to point out the effects of reformers and pioneers in the cause of God no one can trace the lines with you you may probably varies with the effect of the people of God is so little I have this honor God and Jesus cry I was not for my right arm have given to the world on which you have written you have not been conscious of what would be the influence of your somebody that is not in the Bible it tells of a mistake to golf people running the leader gets it done with all of our questions or answers that let God by inspiration Parade the errors of these people are very structured imagination but left off I know with certainty and dwell upon the features of the experience of God people that will happen to the conclusion God will listen to Moses and David and Peter all around don't you like the problem is the data they are as they are rather it is not clear in the light of the new homes the wife God knows when to do about the Longhorn statement from the same letter God will charge those who unwisely exposed the mistakes over and withstand our and you really are the one who makes me the you will already for the body as a leader in you can see why greatly multiplied and compounds in the great lack of confidence division in all our love and I lost even when getting all the room abuse criticism and condemnation of the brethren are counted as criticism and condemnation rock I don't want to get my in that sort of interview brother will close our ears report no I mentioned these reports may be true but sometimes verbal again and again analysis July at supper all report user the leaders of our people today again and again have suffered from both wondering signal map from volume one page two group you are there is a class rest of the Leavitt group who cherish secret feelings of dissatisfaction against those who bear the burden 's work so I regularly see Sherry and circulated reports which have no foundation to destroy the employment of those who are engaged in this work all who wish to draw from the body will have an opportunity to something that arrived and have everyone the greatest living environment just before the gelatine of all bindings are watching brief will be taken off on and refine one half of the compromisers in order to would be usually run the request role in the current of the right I get all if you turn to the left than all yet all


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