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I Need A Miracle

Sebastien Braxton


Have you ever wondered why the Gospels of the NT are so filled with the miracles of Jesus? How are these relevant to the gospel message? This question is answered through a question raised by Jeremiah the prophet regarding the nature of man and his complete inability to change himself or his moral condition. Ultimately pointing to the greatest miracle of all: a changed life. Do you need a miracle?


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 6, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we are just reminded that the Bible says Blessed is the man that walks not in the counsel of the ongoing noncitizen the seed of sinners signboard stands in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of school but his delight is in the law the board and in his law doth he meditate day and night we shall be like the truth planted by the rivers of waters father we pray tonight that you would give us some movies from the tree of life for the healing of the nations that you would give us the gospel the show was Christ as Jesus is lifted up or that our hearts may go out we pray to bless this man who was was nothing in that somehow falling he would speak through him speak to him we only this is our prayer and we trust that you will help this to be our experience we ask in Jesus name amen Revelation chapter sixteen Revelation chapter sixteen I know you brought your Bibles amen to see them I see them praise God some of your MMC with the Bible you come with the Bible tonight God answers prayer Revelation sixteen we are in the six playing in the Bible says this in verse thirteen are you there say that is not theirs have mercy okay people are still getting their you don't have a Bible say stop praying for me a of this giving Revelation sixteen verse thirteen the Bible says that I saw three unclean water spirits light frosts come out of the mouth of the dragon out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for they are the spirits of one demons are gathered together King James version performing signs or working miracles which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of that great day of gone Almighty did you know that humans can work miracles there was a story that I heard and ever since I heard this story it has on deeply moved my mind and my thoughts on this issue of miracle as story goes like this this woman was an Adventist woman and she had a friend was Pentecost you know speaking in tongues the whole nine dancing around the church and saw her friend would always invite her to the Pentecostal kind of camp meeting ask events and she would always say no no no no and I can I can come to the meeting I'm not interested in that kind of stuff in one machine on a car accident and as a result of the cartridge was paralyzed from the waist down so she's wheelchair-bound ami even crutches or not can work this out suggested in a wheelchair to slip a very active life now she can be a bizarre Pentecostal friend comes by to visit her bring her flowers and try to encourage her and visit letter notes that of the all right he says you know we have another one of our revivals coming up Uganda come out because people get their blessing people get healed at these meetings and so on her Adventist friend thought about it and she would like her knowledge to look one gigahertz this is okay fine how come I single out at the meeting the preachers of course going crazy and is yelling someone's got to get the blessing tonight in an office and he says your sister the wheelchair I want to heal you today right she's like oh no we go to that I don't believe in this stuff is all false it's all televangelists get you to sending a money nineteen ninety nine for this holy water and you'll get your blessing is so she's like this stuff is always upstart is left field but he keeps calling her sister come get your blessing come get you blessed analyst by speaking in tongues and finally they start to get behind the wheel Jennifer and start rolling out front is good she's why you doing this I wanted to sushi rolls up to the front of the preacher the fight was assisted you have a Jesus continued so she looks at him and obviously she wants to be healed by the same token is Pentecostal queen she's like I know there's nothing to these people fake it all so he says listen in the name of Jesus rise up and walk their any touches I had she feels this forthcoming to our body and she stands up out of the wheelchair and she started walking around people started yelling screaming I do it all the stuff she goes home people stop buying her different shoes jogging shoes running shoes basketball shoes and a few movements kills whatever issues like drug you can walk you need to show this thing is the blessing and so while she has to go star charts seven administration she meets Darren Morgans arrondissement look Pentecostal community got healed so the pastor says Jesus did not deserve the praise God for past so she comes into the opportunity thinking to festivals going on he says you know on I heard about your story this is amazing knowing including you know your your ecstatic you're excited about any open the Bible to Revelation chapter sixty first thirteen and fourteen in decision of the devil can work miracles as well Mrs. am not telling you this is from the devil but this is one of asking to do as you pass is not how don't I know you don't want anything with the devil because whatever the devil gives he doesn't want something in return he doesn't give you stuff for the snow house and works so she goes home she is a little bit south once I was on my past mean why can you celebrate with me but I see sleep and it keeps turning in her mind and turning in her mind she's like I want anything from the devil would you call another from the devil so of course he was asleep she prays she says Lord if this is not from you and this is from the devil I don't want to if it's from you he continued to walk in Jesus name artist Richard Britton a management sleep wakes up in the morning and the sooner she wakes up to get out pain shoots the Rolex 's paralyzing her Pentecostal friend came by the alcohol you can help available for lunch today to celebrate the blessing of these lexicon images as I can't walk your way talking about can't walk God healed you girl you better have faith get out of as I know I literally cannot move my legs feet talk to a friend he tells of his stories is loose in my pastor told me even the devil can work miracles and I prayed and I told on this is from the devil take it away and I woke up and couldn't walk and Pentecostals friends that your pastor is from the pits of the reason why you're not walking schedule David God as you have enough face of God took his blessing away my movie Jesus does not I tell you this story to say every miracle is not from God but to even boldly more basic question what is a miracle what is a miracle the one miracle it comes from the Latin word never already did he say that Merari and I are a R I never already it means one you know the look on the child's face if you ever read a fantasy book to a young child before and after reading to them right here you're going to send around our something and I like and then was almost midnight and midnight Cinderella 's coach would turn into a water pump and the little kid is like let's see what happens next syndicated like you're right there I installed this this is doable this is what I'll miracle is something that causes wonder but even more deeper than this is CS Lewis wrote a book on miracles and he basically dealt with the fact that there is people in the world who are called naturalists whether golf I was interested in the well called supernatural with what I think so you got the first one was the other one is very good so naturally is believed that you see major is all that there is an other words when we talk about a miracle were talking about something that is supernatural to what you need something that followed this definition of natural God which calms of its own self something technical run that wage comes of its own self can you say that sentence that relates columns of its own self is what Napster so a naturalist believes that everything that happens claim because of the nature there's nothing super natural that means outside of nature that acts in nature are you still following me not lost in the fall so now you have the naturalist and the supernatural it's a settlement talk about the word natural this technical definition is what we mean that which comes of its own self and explain you see just to use a couple sentences to illustrate how we use the word natural rights alleged to say right you went to an old lady and you said excuse me are those your natural teeth I don't recommend to do this but when I when I asked that question what am I asking either keeping your mouth what we mean real from your own sound right the ones that grow your gums not the one he got a pop in pop out right hope nobody has those in this room please forgive me if you do but a case in point is on your natural teeth another thing that we can use in you know I is going to meet his girlfriends or fiancés parents right for the first time is allowed he's going there to meet his girlfriend 's parents for the first time they're walking up the porch steps and he said she can sense that he's a little bit nervous about meeting her dad and you should be nervous amen I thought he's walking out the door and turns them and she says honey just be natural what is she saying are thought to act normal be yourself which means as if the fact that your meeting my dad does not change your behavior by following the if you want your natural self acting as if nothing external to you will shape how you behave I still like this so in the same settlement talk about that which is natural that would cause of its own self nothing externally happening which means this right if a man steps out onto water that will naturally happen you will think right yes or no so when Jesus on water and he started walking he was working a lot a supernatural or a miracle right this is not what naturally happens like this is not what comes of its own self there must be some power outside of nature acting right are you still with me this is very very important for the sermon tonight that you understand the natural versus so now turn with me to the book of Jeremiah with will there again tonight we were unable to Jeremiah chapter thirteen Jeremiah chapter thirteen when I look in verse twenty three so please remember we just talked about about miracles are natural and supernatural it will make all the difference in certain all the difference Jeremiah thirteen verse twenty three are you they meant to not daresay have mercy case some people are still turning what existed have mercy justice and have mercy found to do the Olivia of watching them off from the recording from so Jeremiah thirteen verse twenty three the Bible says this can be the beginning changes while standing on celebrity it's spots then they you also do not require custom to doing what evil the one thing I like about this verse is when I went to Ethiopia to preach for the very first time I think I have to preach on this verse in Ethiopia so when I got up in my translator standing there and we read the tax right he's not smiling when used when he's interpreting website and I said I have to preach is in Ethiopia because the Bible says can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard his spots so now let's thought and analyze the question a little bit when he says can the Ethiopian change his skin is not asking well the Ethiopian change his skin this is not a question of does he want to change his skin is not saying surely change his skin is not a question of Michael Jackson or whatever should a person change the color of their skin and it is one at this and very earth itself he says can the Ethiopian change the question of ability question of what time you think you said you is the question that you turn to the leopard can delete or change its box what's the answer to that question can Ethiopian change his skin now so I went when people are born right in the United while you are in the womb before its delivery day a kind of combat with a little to no hanger rack of different skin tones like okay Sebastian it is not your birthday today to get all what you think I'm not like the Middle Eastern tone but you know I'm feeling the Donna you know maybe a little bit lighter than that and so we had to choose right what I skimmed Tony's anybody have experience in this before I came out I decided none of the matter is time you realize you have dark or light or whatever sport tone of skin you have any by the time you realize exactly this question can the Ethiopian change his skin the question of ability we say no this game came upon him how was that I heard it naturally right it came on its own so yes or no so if the blades as well as outright says let my parents my father 's Ethiopian my mother 's Ethiopian their skin is a little bit darker therefore when I'm born with honesty and a monograph logo Doctor Josh Josh natural this question can be fueled and changes or the leopard his spots notice the issue is the external skin spots this is all external to the individual can you change this extra element of your life is what he's asking your skin now they notice what the rest of the process he says can be the only changes into the leopard his spots the clearer answer to the question is now so then he says that Mayhew also do good will accustomed to doing evil he says okay it is easy for you to start doing evil when you're accustomed to doing evil it is an easy way to changes in is as easy for you who has been in the habit of lying to stop lying as it is for the leopard to change its box every year the Albion wanted to change the skin or the left wanted to change its spots it would take a while a miracle yes it would take some power outside of himself would it not yes or no so now in analyzing is the title says in Jeremiah this is an indictment on the people of God that they are so accustomed to doing evil that have such a tendency in them was the wrong study says it will take a miracle for you to do the it takes a power outside and about yourself in order for you to what that means for us you and I can there are some things that many of you don't do naturally many of you don't naturally want to bring my telling the truth yes or no many of you do not naturally want to study the Bible is not true after all a self right that maybe some of you that you know I just I just love studying the Bible but there is some of us are like it takes a lot of work to get me to open the book sent down into time turn up the phone client down the road don't respond to the activity around me and focus on God 's work and study for ten minutes it takes an enormous amount of effort to get some of us to go out and share the gospel with some readers don't naturally want to go up to strangers you know my younger brother TJ he naturally wants to talk to strangers the Lord had called me into ministry because I don't like to talk to people I really had no interest in talking to people and if it wasn't for the fact that golf and a nutraceutical into the church and intimacy are willing to let I just wouldn't do it but my brother are brought into July see he wasn't even Adventist yet is is walking around the whole conference was going on and I am I teasing you know I never met her before what looked like you're planning a second or had given her life you known this girl for ten years of my devices reconnected yet yeah I know men I know that felt like okay then we passed a legal connection that he was going eighty million on the cause my brother naturally is to talk to strangers I know it takes effort we had just been there at the gas station while you're at the grocery store lie know you're there on the train on the subway and the Holy Spirit is like a mutually popular leading Gothic below tracking your pocket until emitting aglow track feel so happy elements to become a pocket knife I know this is no way I can get to it in time she was I should get off at the next stop I'm overcoming the Holy Spirit and Ahmed does not do the work I'm a preacher now you give me that same lady in an evangelistic series offers my heart would you put an action on the train I find that little total you know I will e-mail you doing this is a something to encourage John canceled I think this is my stop flip-flopping and I know angels must laughingly delight all Mister big bad region that shaking on the train whites are now discussed this is not natural for me just like for some of you if someone told you you're doing the next recovery some of you will start shaking all was not supposedly doing this this is clearly a mistake and when I finish a is that not true some of you think this is clearly a mistake they had your name you think this is clearly a mistake and I would tell you right now if I walked into a church and had my name listed for special music this is clearly a mistake my wife's name is Candace Braxton not Sebastian you confused not only argued office number that you don't talk to for the one saying this is not to be funny but were laughing because we identify yes or no more like that before I've been on the train I been at the gas station business of the person ultimately witnessed tonight which is meeting all because each but you see we move to deeper things less humorous more painful when people happens my drugs like lying like pornography like hatred and anger like jealous like it is as easy for you to overcome jealousy as it is for the field changes it will take me we need a power outside of ourselves and a lot of times you may wonder as I used to wonder what lies is that you can seem to let me keep falling you continue to let me to repeat the same sins to be a custom to doing evil when you get the point when you have a habit that's a bad habit and you do it solace you stop thinking about it you have to start planning your sins somebody thought of talking about your planning you may be sitting in his legal threat with some of you are thinking about this and you're going to commit and went into the committee yet as with the present blessing them but I can't wait till and him into MSs hominid do it in plotting to figure out how I can get caught that is pleasing to the human nature natural of Martin's the Bible says you were nine need a power outside of Angola continues to let us fail and fail and fall and fail until we recognize I need finish of twenty a miracle I need a miracle I don't actually want to study the Bible I don't naturally want to pray I will naturally want to witness I don't naturally want to start doing this thing if you have me alone you didn't let me in academy you can tell me to go to chapel units on the head I have to go to Bible class many of you would never pick up the Bible and your natural limit assuming no X close to your life would you do with your time how long would it take for you to be separated from the word of God before you realize Matt I need a miracle to come to study this thing I many times do we have to all into things and we fully recognize Lord I need power outside of me there's nothing in the interim I was saying listen to me O house of Israel you may do good as soon as you can can change you know there is a law in physics one of the laws of motion this is an object in motion will stay in motion unless what acted upon by a outside and has to be at least equal right so some outside force is not a tax upon this thing it will continue in motion and it seems as if the singer Jeremiah you are not we are a simple motion and that upon by some external force we will continue Wednesday in most so you can sit down and ask yourself what is the greatest miracle in the bar is the greatest manifestation of some external power coming into change that which is completely natural words of design regions the greatest miracle is a change is a change but she also says please listen very carefully where ever wherever the principle is held that men can save himself or woman can save herself by his own works there is no barriers there's only two religions in the world John Calvin 's cousin told him the belief that only Christ can see in the believe that man can save himself by his own works so in this passage right here and my thirteen is the dividing line are you a naturalist are you supernatural do you believe you have it in your self to change all my do you believe that the power comes from within you of my own self into this or do you believe I need a power outside of myself the Cummins listen to me get real real with you tonight to tell you why I'm a Christian because I hated Christians are all hypocrites are probably said that at least five times a day are all hypocrites you did the double life and I told some of you this personally myself here I was secular completely worldly people were Christian and I was going to school in Atlanta down in Georgia the Bible Belt people just walking he honestly argue same brother and my Safeway on perfectly fine no are you saved by Jesus Christ to bless in our favor on you you didn't get about my face that's all I will pray for you son pray for me people say why you so angry with Christianity why so angry with Christians I say let me tell you why because Christians will try to preach to you that I come to my face in high school and these guys are sitting in front of the senior class dies on over graduating I know this is a public high school we need to come to God men read from it out of the class need to pray you to seek the Lord and I'm thinking to myself this is the same girl was at the party last night dancing on some guys laugh I him I was on his way into the prayer meeting was bumping Jay-Z outside in his car with his new friends on his on his car in his low speakers in the back talk about weeping before me you have the will and the audacity to come in my face and tell me to get my life to Jesus while you know what I'm doing at least I know that I'm with you and so for me there is no way that I knew that was in no way through a Christian democracy he was rebuked the church you have to be living a spotless life but the irony is going use a person who was a backslidden Christian that I renewed my whole experience cannot tell you I was dating a girl with Christian started dating a girl who was Christian when I was dating this girl we were sleeping together but at the same time I was going through my introduction into Grisanti 's on reading the Bible for the very first and hesitate long before reading the Bible you get to Exodus chapter twenty and rightist says thou shall not commit adultery unlike adult is just like married people like you know the use even around when you're married before you marry but you know diligent researchers so the Holy Spirit was working on my mind 's eye when they studied might know this commandment isn't just about when you marry even when using sonic I'm wrestling over these terms of my mind and want to see my girlfriend saw Mike a on reading the Bible she's the Christian we can be sweeping what do you think I cannot of course got me new one to follow God this is the irony of the situation it doesn't turn me off say I listened to the message of righteousness by faith that there's nothing I can do to save myself that Christ can give you a knife the power over any and everything facing today unlike this is crazy and I'm listening to the sermon the bridges like lesson brother when you're straddling when you're battling the temptation why do we wait to talk to God we have to fail after the guilt hit us and our land transport Authority Larson and on this he says look talk to God into temptation don't wait psalmist into the Son of Man is powerful so now begin downloading them to be super Christian righteousness by faith men my girlfriend comes over the next day fall maybe thousands like a lunatic I wasn't depending on the more correctly so I know she comes on the next day falling in a Michael K Lord made a suitable leave this discussion situations a couple days go by and references hey can I come by on Sunday night absolutely come by on Sunday right my whole family 's been a be around for sure nothing 's going to happen so Friday I get a little note when I wake up in the morning from my stepmom since it altered the kids to visit grandma will be back in a week if you and your data might lease my dad coming home Saturday I wake up I've had to leave me a note on the fridge continue education gone for two weeks house to yourself I met the devil is setting me up setting me off so Sunday rolled around my brother like him and even in our lives about forty minutes away from me sigh I did that assignment writing it are pocketing it I was into it as many times likely may not seem to hear some more so I keep listening to that sermon she arrived right online and she comes in the house are you doing in all whatever going out to the room and at first not sitting on the bed watching TV she doing all mortgages rising to the bedside moved to the floor this most of the floor cycle to the next this Moses Donald 's edition most of the next room that I go upstairs you never seen a person avoiding the girlfriend like I was in the reason why is because I wanted to be faithful I don't want to keep falling so eventually she got tired of the cat and mouse game so should okay I'm in a call to my sister 's birthday and I thought okay cool whatever jumped up started packing her stuff for her this is great I'm an avid day while actually overcame Basson I thought some packing her stuff she decides not enough this noggin happened so she becomes a little aggressive that's the word I would use an unlike all my okay on six one hundred eighty five one ninety Marine 's girl is five feet there is no way you can amaze me that's all I will say so as well going back and forth we start having a dialogue and I might listen this is wrong he on Christian University this is all reason and be doing this in the wealth coming out of her mouth as if the devil himself with she says come on just this one just this one your parents aren't home siblings are known to be gone for two weeks just as one euro many people lost their virginity because it has been just human people are addicted to drugs because that one statement just this one normally people in prison for killing a person just this one time and as we capped going back and forth back and forth from pushing his girl literally physically away from the potential for a similar I can't resist this temptation forever to do something hard enough and of itself you know what was the point of fighting Moniz was his yield get this thing over with be done with maybe there's nothing wrong she immediately when we feel like Christianity is not delivering we start questioning what we believe maybe my theology is off maybe you know there's some things we just have to learn to live within Jesus covers that with his bizarre moment in time the Holy Spirit brought the son of Doctor my mind a set talk to God in the middle of the temptation so instead of focusing on dealing with our athletic talk to God in my mind a similar please do not help me from going to fail on the falcon on a wonderful and heard nothing complete and just when I was about to you God is my witness all this I feel this power come over my physical body at this power came over my physical body I lost all sexual desire in that moment I post this girl bought me another few minutes she finally stops she starts crying in her next words are big on possessed with a demon on men I just got into the streets of the updating of growth process of the defendant 's elected on possessed we need to pray right now so we stopped praying you hours then after that she like hey you know maybe maybe we should break up you maybe we should break you did have possessed I think I'm good example as we have that dialogue I start walking her to the car a man good to let people stay the temptation will come back to list on the go walking up to the concentration of the all right Chris here is the question trying to pressure the unchristian men to sleep together in the Christian and non-Christian and if I know this is wrong so not much like I just completely destroyed my witness this Friday so she transmissions are you sure you're okay but I'll be perfectly fine good night user stuff and I came back into my house there was no one home but me and I sat on my bed and I said this Christianity stuff is for real the Eucharist will be increased because I felt the power of God deliver gauntlet of power came in to my life and helped me to do that which I was unable to that's what righteousness by faith is all about is gone Jesus doing for us that which we cannot do for ourselves this was about anytime you think you should do something ourselves Inc. this message right now that means I need a miracle and guess what the Gospels are full of white miracles to show you what he is willing to do a just man is aware that happened to have a winter faith this woman is an issue of the definition of last toxicity Jesus is willing to learn lyrical is willing to do for you what you cannot do yourself Lazarus cannot raise himself from the grave the black men cannot give themselves a fight only miracle was teaching us the principle of Jeremiah thirteen you and I need a power outside of ourselves and Jesus is that power he is the one that is not just the one only one that will not have a place tried blue one hope you can help you personally help you go I noticed until those spiritualism so if you think that it will not help that they got so mad you are accustomed to doing evil is only one one three every time you think you've had this natural for me to often high school students and teenagers say I wanted to be natural to feel like I want to study the Bible before start studying the Bible you play games you will never feel we don't understand our condition we do not naturally seek after God of our own selves no one can come to me except the father cloth designers are spiritual beings or prayer or Bible study for any thoughts were talking about things that accompany pain from the best of everything with you nor will since I is in a media list audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me I want to write to know more about how universe is more certain than please visit www. .com universe .org


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