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The Divine Process

Sebastien Braxton


In the Bible there is much to learn about who God is and how He works. Yet there is no better place to discover the inner workings of God's mind than in studying the unraveling of His plan to create the world and man. The unchangeablility of God makes these principles revealed in creation timeless and most relevant to His work in our lives.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 5, 2012
    11:00 AM
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five been there in this one blessing that brings the real lesson in each free the value of one's soul no one can ask and so Lord there are many souls eagerly awaiting to listen to God not Sebastian and so we pray father that you would speak you speak to me that you would speak through what may you use this time to create change to give momentum to our spiritual lives and help us to know as it is our privilege this is our prayer and we offer it up in Jesus 's name and Genesis chapter one we have gone first look at the fact that the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and so God decided that he was going to deal with the darkness verse and so we talked about the spirit of God moving in the midst of chaos in us the spirit of God moves then God speaks and after God speaks we recognize yesterday that when God says it is so and therefore reality is based on the word about not based on our feelings the statement is a blessing that reality is not based on my feelings you know sometimes when your preaching you feel like people are not listening but I don't believe that's reality feelings have a place they have a role but the role is not determined beyond now or at the same time we continue long in this discussion of Genesis in creation and these lessons beyond just how little it follows the world in and we look and the fact that ended in Genesis chapter one the Bible says in verse three then God said let there be light and there was light and God saw the light that it was good and God divided the light from the darkness and God called the light Day and the darkness he called night so the evening in the morning were the one the first day now is as you say the first of something you're assuming there's going to be another season of the first day in the first whatever it is soon as you say first resume has been in the another now this is the question that I want to use the catapult us into our reflection and not as this on the first day of creation what did God create its knowledge request degraded now here's the question going have created everything in one day yes or no so now we look at the fact that God took six days to make the heavens and the earth again on the first day he could have created everything in one day but he decided just to create light and the Bible says I'm going crazy like he divided the light from the darkness he called the light day the darkness he called night in the evening in the morning with the first being it's almost as if God did this early on in the day he created light and it's like an evening in the morning were the first so this gives us insight into the fact is that God on the not doing the day what he can do what God does and again when he plans to it's not that God is not able to create all of the world in one day and still have time to spare when you can speed things into existence you don't need a lot of time yes you need a lot of time to say let there be light but to give you seconds that there be a firmament took a few seconds that the trees are yielding seed entries after their kind another few seconds let there be a son and a moon the stars also let there be birds in the area fish and animals on seeing another VLAN animals involved in creeping things and let us make man in our image those things don't take long to sync what got looks and he says listen to me when I am creating something when I am making something when I'm working I will do everything in the day that I can do you see this reflection immediately transfers off into the concept of the fact that the Bible says if any man be in Christ he is a new creation have you ever heard that before some of you have some of you may have knocked some of you have forgotten second Corinthians five seventeen when the Bible talks about the need to be made or born again that we have been begotten to the crucifixion of Christ unto a new man a goddess making you all over again in your creation says his number one I don't not do everything in the day that I can do you can look at your life in the mirror and say Lord there's a lot of things you have to do to make me exactly what you created me to be in God looks back at you when he says listen I don't do and then I can do everything that I plan to let the same token while it does not take a day it also does not take forever what that means is eventually going to work things we see this is significant because as we think about our salvation as we think about the work of God in your life and in my life we can sometimes get this garden is almost as if we do not see what God is or we may get discouraged as a man this thing 's been issue after issue after issue day after day year after year you may be sixteen dollars new maybe twenty six later on and you're still dealing with a temper you may be married with children and your children are grown and you're still dealing with angry thoughts or feelings of jealousy in your life Lord how long do I have to deal it is in Los Angeles and Sebastian everything I can do I do not do in a day but trust me it won't take forever eventually I finish what I start and that's Paul builds upon this in Philippians chapter one verse six and he says he that has begun to them as one begun a good work in you will complete in front of the day of Christ God wants you to be ready for the second coming the eleventh reach again up and tell you Jesus is coming soon you need to get your life I need to do it's true we do but we don't it is not our work it is God 's work and God wants us to be ready for the second coming he wants us to be ready for the day of Christ but he's also letting is not a safe creation teaches you God works in a process I'm not in a diligent anger your loss your vanity your pride jealousy all when one day I could do that but that's not monthly my plan is to make life in himself for tomorrow my plan is to make the atmosphere and to divide the waters and God is satisfied for the things last to the question when yesterday you might've said out of three temptations overlying I I overcame two of them but I failed in one and glasses you know what unsatisfied were making progress to where I want to go and this is what I can do today but the only difference between creation and offs is a begin limit would want by our choice to not cooperate with and we can so you know what Lord I'm not been alleged to work in my life we can decide when God says you know what I I can give you strength I can give you power as we talked about last night and we can decide you know what I want to surrender to this display and as we make up that decision we tied the hands of God because the darkness can't argue the firmament can argue but we can set you know why I don't believe that you can do this God I don't believe you have the ability to change my temperament I don't believe you have the ability to give me a decider and a love for the Bible I don't believe that and because I don't believe that God says I can't do it because I need you to choose the survey I need you to choose to believe that I can do it then I can know it and so in creation on one side with a lawyer okay how do you need to learn patience to see that God does not wonder that what he can do but God does in the day we play every day of your life God has a plan to bring you to that place where you once you and I to be but he also tells us on the same token if I have begun I finish don't be worried if God is not a finish his work from creation he says listen I went from without form and void from chaos to Paradise and sixties then you go over to the cross of Jesus dying on the cross he says it's is finished I made an agreement with the father and the that I will come down and I will pay financings and while he was there breathing his last he wasn't talking to Roman soldiers he wasn't talking to Jews he wasn't talking to a century he was talking to his father is finished I have completed because if a begin of impulses being confident of this one thank you has begun this is God 's track record some of you you may say you know Jesus I just have a front appeal or maybe my family just switched over to becoming Adventist or maybe you know this is how my journey started it doesn't matter how you start the Christian life I can tell you that right now many of us love to hear testimonies all this guy was an homosexuality deepening draws and gets led with the one thousand nine praise God this is what God saved them from but guess what it's not how you start the Christian life it's how you finish not at all not even how you finish if you finish if we finish the Christian life is not a race get into the swing it is not a personal growth the fastest that's why there are people in this class in this room right now everyone looks as amended by super not spiritual this garlic soup are not interested in God and come to find out later on this girl is leaving some powerful youth movement is some country winning all the cells in your life I would've never have thought why because you're looking at how fast and the people you think are so spiritual you find out later on the bed in which the one you never complain everyday problems of the Bible teacher get all their homework and you wonder why is this person struggling I can tell you right now my mother is utterly dumbfounded by what I do utterly dumbfounded of all the seven children on her firstborn from the very beginning my mother would be after I get expelled again from another school then the next will several be kind you know will will suspend him a few times and then expelled and I remember you once I'm in third grade in just that and I was terrible I was a hell you and I remember coming home after getting suspended a friend of mine said you know we aren't sitting in gym class PE and were sitting there eight nine years old and weird solace in each other to cut some girl inappropriately I'll just say that any said Sebastian I gave to doing online on the scared someone to do it I synonymously you not to Scott back from being suspended so not try to get in trouble my mom 's Mulligan and my life if I get suspended again he said remember we were worried since he does not even looking so you know back in my day you know if you want to really get a person to do something you say I dare you write and nobody wants to be a punk and if you say non- then I'll happily do it right so that it's okay I double dog dare you write that's like homemade your real talk and you don't do this and that if they really want to go away I triple dog dare you to do this inside this point in time of an object handbag don't have to do this and so I did ensure enough agenda PE teacher across the gymnasium will will cause the over go to the office they can reach my mom sent me home their greater walking home my mom is sick from work single mom wasn't taking my sweet time is no rush to get home at this point I know with waiting for me on the other side as I get home my mom calls me in the room and as I come in the room among right what happened and I was very honest child sides well this guy did you know how to do this civil fit within whatever slack why would you do this he'd learn to respect women on the third-grader need to have a respect for women need to understand that abound like I know I don't sorry him him him to start crying she's like I'm so tired I can't even spanking just go in the living room just one delivery likely tired and a funny thing is I'm nice to get beat daily commute Elizabeth had taken I can count the days I did not get to be in my house nothing had indications that they know the but out of all the time that I was twenty the one time my mom decided not to punish me defending in the other room because he was so tired reach my heart faster because the see my mom in that condition all the men this is really breaking my mom this is really breaking in to go through all that experience and my mom looks and says the industry you preach to other people about God yes about integrity right honesty usually the worst liar known to mankind super violent irrational to go on and on down the list and him him him she's thinking to herself this does not meet these because if you look at all the children for sure I was not high on the list for preacher you know traveling the world in meeting out in some youth movements it would never have crossed her brain and yet now my mom looks analysis telling other siblings you know you can be more like Sebastian and neurology I like what you serious right now and the irony was as we got older and started switching started switching and it seemed as if my sister was the one really mature for her age out always get old you must be the older one oh Sebastian 's people couldn't tell so immature now as we and yet now most of my sisters look at my brothers she's like it doesn't really take note from Sebastian advancing my brother did join the church one of them were wearing them down to speak gone does not do everything today God works notice in the passage it says this was the first day that means God does his work day by day God does not prepare for Tuesday there as I let there be light and also can you start getting the stuff for the atmosphere writing today God doesn't do that he says I have worked for the first day and that's all I do for today but on top of that for Tuesday God says I do things day by day in the new tell you why this is so important significant for you were not because the way we engage in the Christian life is when the creature is making an appeal when thinking about all of the things that we have to change were doing about all the things we have to do now to go all the way which uses never got to give this up change my music project my clothing I can be cursing anymore I can't even be lying a candidate is met I really enjoy watching these kind of movies it just overwhelms the mine and God says guess what I'll do my work for ever in one day I do things the by date and trust me it won't take forever I know you feel like it will take rep but reality is not based on your feelings it's based on the word of God and God says if he began he will complete but here's an important point in verse for that there with me the Bible says and God saw the light that it was good I want to pause on the stock for this reason one of the reasons why you and I do not are not aware of how God is working in our individual lives as we don't take time to look seek to combine the previous point and this one is this if you and I sit down let's take a beginning of the day or maybe the night before and you said okay tomorrow is Wednesday September nineteenth this is what I have to do on Wednesday and much of us this is what we do after we said okay here are the eight things I have to do on Wednesday and after I complete those eight things it could be five o'clock at night it could be eight p.m. your attendance is we start thinking well since I got these eight things done on a start on the other ten things I have going for tomorrow today and as a result of that rather than stopping and analyzing that which has been done we begin to move on but boxes before move on I stop and look I evaluate I reflect on what I have done and when you and I stop and think not just what we have done what has gone and we don't see his work as we don't stop to look I can tell you right now there is no greater danger than for a general you will understand how to have silence people are afraid to be alone in a quiet place by themselves just uncomfortable and you know what a case to bring us to that place tragedy then when a friend has died or when someone has given up or sacrifice their life will be brought to some tragedy renewable is that when he takes death tragedy suffering in order to bring us back into that I need to think about life but God has each tragedy he just needs one thing to have been and gone says Lucy look at my example every day take time to reflect on what you have done take time to see what has God done today it would take time to do that every day we start seeing the progress but if we just Ross Ross busy busy busy busy busy busy iPod on the way to class delegate the classics of the class and a lot of class it's an iPod back on it I thought back on and went around going and when I get back on a libel on the Internet nozzle money at home listening to music while my Internet while typing a document while working on my homework and also my friend is actually Saddam on the Internet of an alert work on assignment listen to my body texting a friend at the same time inflating as you all do this is it is not and yet when I said out loud and it's crazy like that sounds like insanity I'm not speaking to you as one what has arrived on guilty we all know it's the funny thing is the things that we tend to hate on things that we do what things I hate is when I'm talking to people as when a conversation right even if all beats or something and if I can because that other like a yeah is like all filings in the middle of the conversation midsentence got mad because yes so long and are presented seconded on Appalachia was going on then there's another thing people want to do you have no way man yet so I got a voice and I don't want with it you distribute we were talking we are talking is is like an emergency are you a medical doctor are you saving lives is that someone was going to dibutyl responded as I cannot only do they need to cesarean right now in it to make sure that his baby comes out immediately otherwise known an OU or fifteen sixteen seventeen twenty one you're not a doctor therefore the person can wait and while I simply think Magnus annoys me I watch myself with other people consider talking to Raleigh to keep my phone on its own silent yet it's like I have a emotional connection to my phone I just know when someone is faxing me maybe so you know what I'm talking about it's like a heartbeat it's facedown I'm not even look at the screen and the way original souls calling on no meds crazy Ashley I just know to pick up the phone we are one but the problem with this is that don't get time to build it on to think one created each of you with minds with the power to think and to make decisions and based on what you think and I guarantee you your decisions will change if you just set aside I would even challenge fifteen minutes a day just to think about what you happen what have I accomplished today what if I actually engaged in what I complete and to see is it good God saw the light that was good what is good in England does not mean I know that's pretty good God is not average God is nothing is good enough that works I can make better life but it works know when the Bible says God saw that it was good what it means is it was exactly according to what he said God being when he intended to do exact he says that and you ask yourself the question the date was my intention was asked why he did I do XYZ did I not do XYZ if I did not do XYZ why didn't I do XYZ what is the reason the last LSA on this stat God in giving us an example of how we ought to work at home on leave even look at his work and understand his process because God is love then when reflecting on the things that were talking about were talking about how love behaviors in one of the first attributes of love according to prescriptive seven thirty and I love suffers long every time I read that I would say to myself suffering long are two things young people he could they suffer and he thinks to be long in my telling the truth especially write a boring sermon is a combination of both is long and I'm suffering this is so boring and yet the Bible says love suffers long to put it in different terms of what were talking about today love is used to dealing with long periods of Houston want to conclude with this story Sonora three minutes and saw the quick one of my interests recently on has-been reflecting on the level born as pictured in the Bible especially the Old Testament is a lot of people who claim that the Old Testament does not reveal the Gautama someone a journey to disprove that and what I think that you find in the Bible is that God uses a lot of marital language in the Jewish religion onto the bumper on a lot of Jewish people what you find is this is that when Jesus makes a statement in John chapter starts out it's I'm sorry yet John thirteen a does not Last Supper right with the car take a drink and he gives the disciples the cup to drink from you know that what I'm talking about this over the communion from what you do know that when a young guy is interested in a young girl what he does as he goes and tells his dad in the Jewish culture and after he tells her dad I'm sorry just got his back will start that this is a my son is interested in your son or daughter assigned him him a three headed that on the recording my son is interested in your body this is what happens when I try to rush in so I think on then he says okay your son is interested in my daughter he says what they deliver all banquet and after they throw banquets all the family members either of the family on her side the family on his side and have a nice little table banquet table right there up front and as a steady stable you have the bad signs that you have assigned and you have the daughter and you have the daughter spent sitting at this table and everyone is there and everyone knows what this is for this is his proposal crazy run a soul advances at some point in time in the festivities he pours the drink of grape juice and he drinks from the copying he slides it over to her side energy drinks the cop Denny sheet sets his proposal if she slides it back she does not accept his proposal is a lot of pressure God so let's just say for the sake of our story she drinks the cup after she joins the club right everybody celebrates bring you have a marriage going on this is awesome and you know what happens he says these words there he says I go to prepare a place for you in my father 's house are many as an reading this I'm in shock right this is where Jesus is getting this for if or not so I would've told when he says I go to prepare a place for you and if I go to prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you want so what happens if she goes home to her mom to learn how to be a wife and a mother to do the things of the household and while she's there beside both days how do you have to build a room for him and his new bride in attachment to his father 's house I found one thing and as he builds this place it is not finished until his dad not him when his father says that is worthy of your bride you can go get your bride sonar on the right side of town these buildings really is why not you think you don't slowly or quickly vision brother review needed to build a house in order to get your bride you'll built you will not get distracted you will not answer your phone no not today on the other side of town she is with her mother issues learning all these things and she doesn't know the day or the hour that he's coming to get her so what you do every night before she goes to zebras in the daytime she's awake she felt about so becomes an event size you like I'll see him and I'll be ready but if he comes at night when I'm sleeping in order so that he knows two things one that I still love them and I still want to get my affection to him into where to find me at nighttime lights and lamp and puts it in when she make sure that it's filled with oil so that it burns on but if he comes in this is why we can come at any time because I seems building there's got to be like all right son you did good you can go get your bride you can even wait for the morning no other building itself from a uncritical get my bride tonight is not as good it's worth a all right let's go so they start walking through town and as they walked down if he comes in a house in the land is now burning each age she has fallen in love with someone else she is now waiting for me but if the lamp was burning Ben knows that her room and she's the one how tragic would be when Jesus tells his disciples he tells us ongoing to prepare a place for you in my father 's house on building us a place to live together and while he's building this house these faithful to do what he said he will do it on the flipside you and I become in love with someone else so when Jesus comes he doesn't see every lap Bernie our lives are not burning which means we have fallen in love with someone knows he doesn't need to come from love is used to dealing with long periods of them as that woman waits the afternoon being trained by her mother she makes sure she wants that Lebanon reminds waiting for him saw the guys come up with a notice are not married normally we every artist about every eyes closed Morgan over times have to make this quick are you discourage going to work his process you feel like going going to slowly but could it be the going thing I'm trying to prepare a place that my father can improve that God is a limit to everything in your life maybe promises that he will finish you wanted to be ready when Jesus comes in this morning USA Lord I'm convicted I need to take more time to reflect to evaluate my life my decisions on a daily basis and to evaluate what you are doing each day and say I need to take more time to reflect school and razor I need to take more time Jacob which has down secondly I want to make an invitation for person a says you know Lance I fallen in love with this world there was a time when I was in love with Jesus but right now my lab slip is not burning and maybe your pricing with lost their first love you've lost your love but today you want to renew that commitment when we knew that love and then going to teach you through his Word and Spirit to grow that love for Christ Sasser designs to watch instead as for see my lab is not very bright I may have once been in love with him I'm not as in love as I was before and wanted to record it renew my commitment to love when we knew that Robin Robin thank you for these extra minutes thank you Lord for your word and thank you for your example of how you manage time father we pray that to raise our hands that you would keep us accountable to the Holy Spirit to take time to reflect even if it's just fifteen minutes a day to look at what we have done the choices we have made it to see the activity of God the Lord we've also stood to say that sometimes we get weary and we waiting for you to finish your work and so we started to ask that you would renew our love and our commitment passion that it would be fresh and that it would be strong and will make sure that our last this is on and trust will is a media was brought by Nautilus a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. done on universe .org


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