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The Good Soldier

Sebastien Braxton


This sermon explores Paul's encouragement to his young disciple Timothy amidst persecution and difficulty. It explores the depth of the Christian's commitment through the metaphor of a soldier. What separates a Good Soldier from a Bad Soldier? Listen to Paul's counsel.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 7, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we are ever so grateful that you were persuading your property and situations in life will be encountered people that blesses we encounter people that remind us of the goodness of Jesus of his love and inspire us in this record we've been inspired we've been moved by the presence of your Holy Spirit we've made some tough decisions we made some great decisions we made some hard decisions for many of us this is the beginning of healing through a lot of painful experiences for others of us this is the beginning of truly sincere and genuine spiritual life in the Bible and we want to ask and pray Lord that he would keep each of us including the preacher close by Jesus aside that we would never stop trusting in him leaning on his everlasting arms to bear us through the times ahead of us tonight Lord we pray that you would use this man one more time you know that he is nothing we know that he is nothing but even if he doesn't know Lord we pray that you would use him in spite of himself that you were not only speak through him but I speak to him me Jesus PC is our prayer in Christ's name and a good soldier I originally wrote this sermon for missionaries that I had strength because after you train people for an entire year you ask yourself what in the world Lenny to say to you I said everything there possibly is to say I last did you I corrected you I supported you are trying to encourage you now that our time is up what am I to say to you and so as I was thinking about what to share with you all because I feel like some of you guys are like my missionaries ask a lot of questions some of you guys asked ridiculous questions some of you guys ask hard questions to me just ask questions just ask questions and you know that's true you can statement and reminds me a lot of the missionaries that I get the privilege of working with from around the world every year and so I thought I'll speak from my heart just as I spoke to them on this theme of the good soldier because we are the only preached the good news and were thankful for what Christ has done him across and with thankful for the love of God it is undeniable that we are in the midst of a war and as we are in the midst of a war the Bible employees the metaphor of a soldier a soldier to describe the Christian life and therefore to teach us lessons about how we ought to carry ourselves and how we ought to move forward in our journey so I take you to the book of second Timothy some of the last words of the apostle Paul to his young site before you die to chapters later Paul would tell him my time of departure is at hand I know them about and I fought a good fight so he 's counseling is young soldier second Timothy chapter two verses three and four when you know you can say men do not daresay have mercy okay you don't have a Bible say pray for me I a lot lower than it has been all week praise God second Timothy John to verses three and four are you there and then anybody else only mercy item mercy said no so I want to give you five points how many fine qualities of a good soldier five qualities of a good soldier as they are enumerated by the apostle Paul was young disciple Timothy this is what the text says Donald therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ no man that rewards entangles himself with the affairs of this life that he may please him West chosen him to be a soldier the quality of a good soldier we find it in verse four and Paul tells Timothy you were chosen to be a soldier in other words recall that in Christianity you are call and he starts off with now in the old King James in the new King James a modern translation is you therefore in other words he is calling us as individuals this is not about your friends this is not about your social circle this is not about your family this is about you and I are individual commitment to Jesus and he says you were chosen to be a soldier value right now when I enrolled in the Marine Corps everyone can get accepted everyone put into a hundred push-ups in less than six sixty seconds everyone couldn't do a certain number of pull-ups in less than sixty seconds everyone couldn't even finish three miles of running and the slowest person this is about twenty five minutes which is pretty slow in the Marines Bremen three miles and twenty five minutes you're running by yourself there are many people that were not chosen but Paul tells Timothy you were chosen by Jesus to be his soldier recognizing that we are in the midst of award so the first quality is to answer the call to be a soldier nothing has been a man who puts on the uniform professes to be in the military and when the time of battle comes if you want to go to war he doesn't want to answer the call to be a soldier according to the military you are considered a coward you are a designer you are an individual is now violated military law and cold and even further than law you have decided yourself those who lack courage I love this statement in nineteen fifteen from Sir Ernest Shackleton when he wanted to scalable the continent of an article and he put out this ad is debate about whether he actually put this at out or not but regardless of the fact it serves were good illustration and he says in the newspaper looking for people to go with him to an article he said this man wanted capital letters for hazardous journey small wages bitter cold long months of complete darkness constant danger safe return doubtful honor and recognition in case of success on my guts are you recruiting people and guess what yet so many people recruiting you could even take the all one when I saw this in the paper they said look this is something that I want to live on the very edge of life that this is something everybody can do that is the Marine Corps 's okay claim to fame whenever you see Marine Corps advertisement what you see if you the problem the Marines why the few of them can be a Marine right that's why they say what is the Army spent for almost Marine like that's messed up but that is the mindset if you everyone can be one and so when Jesus gives this call to be a good soldier to be a soldier at all you remember when that one disciple came up to Jesus and chapter ninety says Master Massa ha ha you whithersoever you go and Jesus targeted him and he said foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his you claim you want to follow me wherever I go I don't even have a place to lay my head animals will fare better than you would you follow Jesus he says it wasn't a barn has announced but eyes the Son of Man of nowhere to lay my head the call to be a disciple the call to be a soldier to recognize me which chosen but we must answer the call and I must speak to the men and the males in this room for a moment because many of my messages are targeting you because too often in this generation men are no longer men anymore we don't know how to step up I called us to be well electronically deleted from women on how to be a man to carry ourselves how to treat a lady how to be respectful hugging or touching every time a girl you need to have some respect for yourself as a man tell you right now when I was even a Christian my dad so you go around caring like that every girl thinks your cheap would you tell the girls she touches me don't put an auto belong to you don't ever touch me again growth whoa I'm sorry I didn't mean anything like that you know why could you go to respect me you'll touch me when I let you know you can but I'm not little flirting type you want to gold which I had on my shoulder whatever laugh and giggle save that for the other brother and I guarantee you listen to me Mark my words you guys that I can like that on campus women will behave different on the when men carry themselves with a certain level of respect I am supposed to be a man of God UN vote on a profit into that Condit craziness you want to start back on the kind of conversation with the preacher while you started with me because I'm sixteen the reason why she starting abuse could you carry yourself like the sixty in carrying itself as a man respect is not just given it must be hard and that is the heart of what it means to be a soldier people see the uniform they respect the knowledge been so too many men just voice oversized voice or maybe you just mail which are not a man my dad would reset me down when I seventeen since adoption was the difference between a boy and a man unlike one year when I turn eighteen a moment my dad laughed he said no the difference attainable in a man that you have to tell a man to take out the trash he takes it out because it needs to be done someone has to tell you what you need to be doing you are a boy I don't care what your ages but when you do what is right because it is right when you do something because it needs to be done then you'll can know I am now become a man I take care of my responsibilities but we want to lead some girl the long have a girlfriend think what I sit here and play around all this kind of stuff that girl gets pregnant are you ready to be somebody's father you can't even handle your own business duly only get to class on time I assert no longer to be real with you I told him to be real which solely talk about being soldiers men always have this mindset about the military gas which ignited when a military eye I know stuff and come to inspection which is the non- he will make you look like a fool how dare you come in front of me as your commanding officer looking like this you call yourself a Marine he will rip your rank off his uniform go back to the barracks you can come see me next week when you're ready to be a Marine disrespecting this branch of service men have died to be in this uniform and think of when you applied that Christianity people have died so that you can have the bite and believe the Bible all the this forgot in my room forgot in my locker forgot in my dorm left it over here and Bible class people sealed the word of God with their blood did you know it was a crime to translate the Bible into English those of the soldiers that before you so now that we come into Christianity these individuals like Melinda Byron at the state for what I believe and men are hiding in secret caves under candlelight to copy the Scriptures and we treat the screen door came at the cost of people 's lives as if there's nothing to be gained and explain to me why this man died so that you could talking about soldiers this is real Christianity don't ever let anybody tell you being a Christian is being a part of being a wimp of being somebody was not strong no the Bible is clear Jesus has soldiers and tonight permit me to remind us that Jesus has called us he's called you to be a soldier and all that it brings with it the second plaintiff filed his the quality of a good soldier as he says in a very very first part of verse three you therefore endure hardness as a good soldier in other words does the soldier inspects volatile difficult things yes or no yes no yes you go into the military thinking like all my have a easy time I can tell you man I remember when I went into boot camp and you had these low guys who are like seventeen Super Bowl Doctor mom to find the waivers of you can join a seventeen yahoo Marine Corps you have met one or more than half of the journalists are to walk then goes ballistic was sitting or sleeping at night these are the same guys crying themselves to sleep on sitting up in a like manner from the city men like you got a du jour going to hear as this can yet will rot Marine Corps tattoos and all this on a stop in every nineties crying himself to sleep what is wrong with two men enter tamales run out the rock on I'm in shock you need to endorse him I miss without a man when one time you know when when one of the things they call in the military when the Marine Corps in your little squad bay to have a front area called the quarter deck in the quarter deck is where you get punished for anything you do you blink you turned soldier not the time the children often look at him you don't respond to him loud enough Braxton Iser luck on your girlfriend Braxton Iser or even whisper to me now you have to yell every time you call your name you don't young decisional aggression okay you want to be a girl welcome to the quarterdeck then I should get up there which are other little fellow recruits they wanted to call you Marine delight your recruitment out of Marine then you come up there you know camouflage uniform they all say oh yeah take your shirt off a significant blouse off since one of your girl take a blouse off level blouse I assisted her blouse off it went alright okay now taken off the dues I located in a push and so he had to special being design hi Russ both of us who can't sit still I was one of them I just don't like mosquitoes landing on my face whatever he would go crazy blasting if you hold one more time and then descend into the quarterdeck figure blastoff Danny get there he said I got a special punishment for using the push-up uses a hybrid to push up into four parts just as when you when you're down on the ground that doesn't count your never to touch the ground seizes you to push up off the ground he's like that's one being a little bit more octets to leave a little bit past half past three and all the way up is for and when I say the number you go to that position so he was a one three one three two one and he did that for three hours where doing push-ups so long there was a slight silhouette of my body on the ground in one of the kids while her pussy right fizzled out there for three hours three two three one four one you guys when a move for one make you move three two and all of a sudden what I said I says to him just a different little too just hovering over the ground right arm the shaking the group was absent so long and is guy next to me there's four of us there he just snaps he collapses on the ground of it all years ago instructor get off my floor wiring on my floor the guys not responding to my floor and were like elementary and if you do what he says he'll leave us alone and I was in the kitchen snaps I want to take this rush is the drill instructor tries to attack him might mean this guy teaches us combat five that's not a smart idea three bone he on the pavement me in the back of his neck yelling and another life what usually there if you like this guy is great easy why because he thought he was learned from the blog and to get a full ride exoticism to be like a low ride in the park and when they blow them out the police had listened digital coming to be a Marine yes or no then you came for the hardest training berries and you better learn to be used endure hardness as a good soldier I remember this story from the early Roman Empire about enduring hardness in the story goes that these Christians were worshiping and all of a sudden they found these men worshiping Christ having a little evening vespers but what we're doing right now except you wouldn't happen in a public place like this so they were hiding somewhere and someone told on to the Roman centurion sent in a single get those Christians is against the law to be a Christian to worship anybody beside Caesar taken the nasty brown as everyone is into a concern he says go down to the river in the middle of the night in the middle of winter in Rome and he says take him to the river take all their clothes off and to walk into the into walked into the river and then on the shore I want to light a fire and as we sat around the fire you tell those men listen here is your option you let it sit in this river in the middle of winter with no clothes on or you can warm yourself by the fire here when you're ready to renounce Christ and accept season passport and so the soldiers is warming themselves of the fine and the Christians within the one didn't take long for the study shivering that in order to keep themselves they got closer and closer to each other in the water silence did as they were there in that water closer and closer they decided to start singing a song to one of them started singing the song forty man of God are we thankful forever we shall be free men of God are we faithful wherever we shall be so then it started picking up there singing bawdy men of God are we thankful wherever we shall be then all of a sudden when God brings the rank he starts heading out of the water they stopped singing shock as he comes out of the water he kneels down before the surgery and he says I renounce Christ and I accept Caesar everyone is like no elderly goals and start warming himself by the finding given the blanket and see the situation as anybody else should one of them said thirty nine minute behind are we faithful forever we shall be and he started singing the and in all the setting the governor heard their voices in the middle of the night singing this song so he wakes up puts on his clothes it comes down to the memories like what is this noise is injurious as well sir these men are Christians we caught the worshiping Christ and we told them he gave the mellow story is I home so he says there for a while and they just keep singing a song hours hours going by and finally the Roman governor source they get off his clothes and after he takes off his clothes he walks into the river and they're all looking at him thirty nine minute on the faithful forever we shall be and he walked and he said no forty men of God are we faithful forever we shall be divided it was when he saw their endurance apartments for their faith that he convinced to give up Caesar and to accept Christ second quality of a good soldier is to endure hardness third quality of a good soldier the Bible says in verse four of second Timothy Julie says no man that force no man I want that Wallace was I mean that means no man got goes to war in other words no man that engages in warfare in other words he is expecting that you as a soldier you go to war if there is a battle to be fought yes or no yes so that the quality of a good soldier as he goes to war she goes to war what does this mean practically this doesn't mean okay honey to go fight in the Lords army get my rifle whatever the no-no that means we need to be involved in inventions it would to be a soldier we are called to be it's wanting to come here and learn to pray to listen to Lisa prayer but I can tell you right now this is all you do your spiritual life will die in your spirit for life is dependent upon the quality of the preacher of the quality of the week of prayer you while making therefore women to be called to be a good soldier Salman answered a call I got engaged in warfare and when we engage in warfare this is when we see the true power of God many individuals many young people are aware of the miracles where is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit when we see the power of God and I told him if you get involved in ministry in evangelism you will then see the power of God the second summer I went call bordering door-to-door I was doing big bookselling that holds the huge blue Bible story books three hundred four hundred dollars door-to-door and like the middle of nowhere Michigan and while I was going good I think of history and I thought for sure for this is godforsaken I'm skipping the street not in a driving godlike I thought you came here to do my will okay fine thoughtful up into the street clearly these people just moved in Italy map grass they're going to have steps into the front door unlike Lord are you serious limited facilities people four hundred dollar books they don't even have steps to get into their house the voices need to go what will you go so I walk in knock on the door and let all discouraged me stubborn though Christine I walk up to the door knock on the door I might hear this there's no steps understanding right near the doors writer she opens the door to hide she has three little kids whatever a CMM work with the blue bottles for a company you know these books are like four hundred dollars you can avoid this always run until the sale I'm trying to killing my Lord is a waste of time man these books are four hundred dollars needed to pay that he's like yeah this is a little speed then all the sudden she says to me without I have to run can you come back tomorrow this excuse on MM usually come back to homes you know we have a lot of the people are interested in the books bubble up I use the canvassing response geez I know no police come back to my house tomorrow I promise I'll buy something from it this is odd somewhere all right I will come back so the next day am driving out and as I'm passing a street Holy Spirit reminds me you killed that woman you to come back to Mike Lord you know people use as an excuse because I want to say no city till you come back when the going on vacation that's what they do so the Holy Spirit site listen boy you need to go back to the door okay I loaded up the back to the door you are God you're the fodder on the clay I go back to the door as I knock on the door she opens it up she says thank you so much for coming back from income increment step into her house she tells ushers me into the kitchen as I sit down at the kitchen table there's a check and already has filled out signature blade just doesn't have the amount and will write the check to locate the sleepy serious thoughtful all the books books on my back so might well just tell her all these books come together so I'm getting ready for my canvas you often she says so I want to buy everything your Mumbai everything she's like everything sure on so I give her the amount she starts filling up the check no questions asked eyeing up at canvasser of this is crazy I might the motive I cannot tell you that she says can ask you one question official asking are you an angel of light now she said are you sure you're not an angel unlike some sure you can ask my mom she might fill you on the opposites of the needs of I am not an angel she says okay I'll believe you but here's the thing this is why I'm asking you this he says a year ago before I moved into this house I just moved into this house last week I live in a completely different state and when I was in that old house I had a dream and I dreamed I was talking to an angel I see his face was just in light else talking to this angel and it all of a sudden when I woke up from the dream I saw the light of the angel in my room and it just zoned out the window so I ran to the window to get a good look at it and it was gone I can find it but she says when I put my head back in the window of the room there was this smell in the room I've never smelled it before and she said I haven't smelled that smell until you came to my door yesterday and when you came to the door you had to smell and she said I was so shocked I said come back tomorrow that's it if he's really an agent will come back tomorrow I'm against women like my jaws drop she's like so when you came back she's is even right now you have the smell it is heavily on online cohabiting cologne this will hot out here this but I left that house knowing this one thing a year ago God had prepared for me to come to the house and to have an experience like that when I walked out of that house you could not have convinced me that God did not exist there is no way how do you explain that what you told us what you're making it up your Tony Jones now in her mind she's like I know what I experienced and because of that God will do these kind of things to convince people that he sanctioned to them to preach to confirm your message engaging in the warfare the fourth quality of a good soldier verse four he says no man got goes towards a view not engage in the warfare he says entangles himself with the affairs of this life the fourth quality of a good soldier is that he does not entangle himself with the affairs of this life you see we have to be involved with the affairs of this we have to go through the various things that we have to do homework ought these are the affairs of this life but he says we should not be entangled where these things have us bound we shouldn't be so deeply involved in certain activities obviously Laura will that we can do the business of another world you see there is a certain focus that comes with soldier you don't three when the military and I send you out on mission you're not always urgent text messages you not only are policing some city in Iraq or Iran or Kuwait or ever you are walking around like I have an issue wasn't my post it on my Facebook are you crazy on your mind you are in a war situation so yeah when you come back from patrol yet check your e-mail write to your mom send a letter to your graph on everyone to do but when it's time to go to war we need to be folkies one of my favorite stories I used to be really much into these were situations battles in battle genre if you will a member reading about the Spartans Spartans are like super inspiring to read about terms of the dedication and the Spartans they have the story about when they were fighting on the Persians and in this general 's name was leaned on nice he said one certainly a nice and the Spartans were so serious that their mothers told them when you go to war if you don't win don't come back home after their mom told us how serious the Spartans were about war and about winning and about excellence but this story always inspires me whenever I read says Leonardi said his men three hundred they were completely outnumbered and completely surrounded by Persians coming from every side in every direction and there was as little wayfarer with passing by and as the wayfarer was passing by and saw this bar is there with their spears with their shields with their armor on and he said I looked like you got one war yes we should stranger where you going to strengthen them going to Sparta he said so me and I just turned to the strangeness of stranger tell the Spartans that we have behaved as they wished us to and we are very when you get to spark told him that before like Spartans and we are buried here and displace an equivalent of soldier tell you right now as a military person the most honorable way to die is in the battlefield is to have given your life in service as the greatest sacrifice out an old volume but if I want to go down if I die in this life before Jesus comes I want to be able to turn to somebody before I die I want to be able to say stranger tell Jesus that I have behaved as he is wish me to not very tell Jesus when you see incoming calls and good soldier and I've given my life in service the final quality of the good soldier in verse four he said those he does not entangle himself with the affairs of this life that he may please him was chosen him to be a soldier the fifth quality of a good soldier of Jesus is that it is his constant pain to please him was chosen him to be a soldier I remember that right at the end of Marine Corps Boot Camp we have something called the crucible three and a half days the most intense part of your life the reason why they call it the crucible as you're preparing for the crucible we have these things called MRT switch meals ready-to-eat nastiest of ever but when you're out in the woods for long peers of time don't care as I said handing them out on one MR regime represents one meal and so you're supposed to get three MR Rees at per day where the author for three and a half days so you should get ten or twelve memories so as a result of that the crucible is you only get enough for one day you get three and Marty's for three days we want you to know what it's like to be in war and so as they had all these mRNAs when I'm taking mine I get ready to go in the first part of the the crucible is about a twelve thirteen mile hike got like seventy pounds on your back your rifle you boots everything everything you need is on your back and as I came to the first match point five-mile we sit down like a guide to sonnet he get some water rehydrate I look at my back I have one MRD what someone stole two memories that one meal for three diggs a month this is crazy and right at the end of the crucible the last part of the crucible small maybe ten to fourteen miles hike we start off at about three in the morning you average about two to three hours of sleep a day on less food with more activity and you marched in to what's called the parade deck and as you march into the parade deck you can't come to this huge army you could call it a parking lot whatever but this is where we do our little drill and as for coming into that place you wait there in a tell you leisure standing you get in line then it's okay you know make ranks and as we make ranks in St. Paul Ray rest of book which am behind your back write your spread me tell you if you lock your legs and you pass out you have to do it all over again so make sure you do not pass as Lazaro walking onto the parade deck couple of my fellow recruits we were talking within other generals got to come out easily give us a speech the first time you get to meet the general as a general comes on to give a speech in Milwaukee onto the parade deck one of my fellow recruits he says Braxton or even a crime you know after the ceremony whatever might not minimally underpriced are you better drive not minimum price oh you know like three four of us when I'm in a crime and would be hard okay so as we get there because us you know to attention parade rest was standing at parade rest waiting bouncing on legs making sure we don't mock him pass out an innate need solutes basically spread out as you spread out you know to arms length whenever then your Sergeant and your staff Sergeant the people who were your drill instructors becoming an angle from Marine to Marine and selected was a calm insult my friend was in front of me as a common front of you they stopped when they say potential and rightly snapped to attention salutes the Japanese salutes he says at ease right so you just can't relax the nappy lexicons of the more frightening like in Orlando even working hard he puts her heart into this thing and start spinning his rank on his uniform decision in a few good Marine he steps back he says good morning Marine and my friend breakdown starts crying up like a post that I made is guys like crying uncontrollably then he comes over to me Sergeant Newman I'll never forget it becomes a front of me Braxton attention I salute him put my hand down he says Eddie's becomes start spinning on my right side Braxton got a lot of heart I punished you and my goal was to break you received it in break season am proud of you be a good Marine these steps back solution he says good morning Marine and I break down and start writing I don't like put there by Fred W like but I tell you tonight these stories to make the point that our soldiers of Jesus were heading to our own crucible the Bible says a time of trouble which has never been seen since there was a niche and as we go this time of trouble you will see all the people for the round regarded in matter if they knew a certain Bible texts wouldn't care if they prayed a startled oil experience with bottom with the Holy Spirit you will find some of the most brazen individuals now belongs it will make many people drop out of the crucible at the startled pornography marching onto some parade deck to meet a general the Bible says to be marching on to a sea of glass as he marched into the sea of glass is not a general but Jesus himself he will meet us and as he meets us just like my Sergeant you will come to every single Christian and he will stand in front of the Christian he will look them in the end Jesus will say well done thou good and faithful 's you have been faithful you have been faithful and you will ring with me and Jesus will take not rank you will take the crown and he will put it on your head and he will step back and say good morning America the next question I can tell you right now are faster people going to cry because why do we cry when the when the Sergeant Pindar rankle and say good morning Marie you know why we cried because he remembered those push-ups we cry because we remembered all the days wanted to quit remembered all the times that we wanted to give up and we'll go to sleep at night and leave the thinking to ourselves what happened to this this was such a mistake announced stock I can even get out of this thing and the next morning they wake you up four o'clock in the morning just the same week after week day after day so as a result of that government ought to just go to the back of the Y because we remember all the times we were testing in which I can promise we get to heaven and we stand for Jesus and think of all the times wanted to give up on the Christian all the times we thought it was too hard all the time to read like the Lord not been a making all the times we lost heart we lost love you started backsliding we felt like we lost our first love and on that resurrection morning when we make the trip to heaven with Jesus and we get to that sea of glass in the company says you Kayla you have been faithful and you know in your mind you have not been faithful to say your money you have been faithful and I'll make you ruler over many and you know in your mind you have not been faithful I know in my mind got not been faithful and yet Jesus in front of God in front of unfallen worlds and in front of Angels evil clown you Lord within you will see in their presence you that's why the very next step is what we could never do it would never take off our rink and laid at the feet of the Journal when it comes to Jesus everybody take the sample business it is not that we have been faced with Jesus the reason why we're here is because you and all you would hear these the words crown him crown him crown him and the Bible says every knee will bow athletes fund will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God and you are not always present since he won the one that has a name above every name you every head is about every icicles by my wife missing one morsel by your heads closer ice now she sings this song this is my view very simple do you want to be a good soldier do you want to answer the call to be a soldier are you willing to endure hardness are you willing to not entangle yourself with the affairs of this life are you willing to make it the purpose of your life please was called to be a soldier for heaven your chosen each one of us to be a soldier but what we don't want to just be soldiers we want to be good soldiers and so we pray that you would teach us to answer the call that we would step up that we would arise to the call that rest upon our life is use as he told Timothy let no one despise you because you are young but to be an example among the believers in word in lifestyle and faith in them off impurity we pray father that you help us to endure hardness as good soldiers we pray Lord that you will keep us from entangling ourselves with the affairs of this life but to always make time to engage inventions and made always be our aim to please was chosen us to be some interest so that one day one day soon we can look Jesus in the we can say you have been faithful I this is on a trust of yarns in a way as an and a this media was not as hot as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to release an audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like this is more so than please visit www. audio verse .org


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